Blood Drive (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Finish Line

1 Previously on "Blood Drive" Ain't no laws no more.
Where is everybody? Everyone's in those fracking tubes.
You're becoming human.
You're right.
They're never gonna stop, Grace.
Not until everything you love is gone! [SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] [ROBOTICALLY] I'm your friend What the fuck is happening? I built a new you.
This might sting a little.
Give me all the mods.
The race is over.
I'll ease up a bit.
Don't bother.
The city's a graveyard.
Nothing left in the streets but gutter punk vermin and drug addicts with blood so toxic, not even Heart would put them into the fracking tubes.
Nah, you go right ahead.
Grind 'em up.
You'd be doing them a favor.
Is that their end game? Put the whole world in fracking tubes? They're powerful enough to destroy two of the greatest cities on the planet.
What makes you think they're gonna stop at LA and New York? The Scar: the source of all hard-tech power beyond our comprehension, and that whole building's one quasi-sentient inter-dimensional death labyrinth.
They'll know we're there to hurt it.
Oh, I'm not gonna hurt it.
I'm gonna kill it.
Ooh! Slinky like the new Primo Arthur.
You know why I'm glad? Little bit of fan fiction.
Starring you and I.
Very steamy.
I don't know why you find this so funny.
There's a 99% chance we're gonna die tonight.
For you? 99.
We are careening towards the greatest corporate power on the face of the earth.
Cut off the head of the snake And the rest of the snake dies with it.
Yes, but this is no Mayhem Party.
And there'll be a thousand employees there tonight whose only job will be to stop us.
Please hold.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Well, that was anticlimactic.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
[ROCK MUSIC] Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
The hell happened here? Heart Enterprises.
Please hold.
Maybe somebody beat us to it? Looks like they were all trying to escape.
From what? [SCREAMS] [SLOWING DOWN ROBOTICALLY] Heart Enterprises Heart Enterprises, please die! [MALFUNCTIONING INDISTINCTLY] She never validated my parking.
You know every scumbag in this world.
Who did this? Definitely the work of a singular, deranged mind.
Very little blood.
This way.
[DEVICE WHINES] What the fuck is going on? A security measure! Heart architecture is like a time warp continuum.
Kind of like M.
Escher on acid.
If you'd listen to my monologues more, you wouldn't be so confused.
BOTH: How can we be in both places at once? Exactly! Shall we? This is too weird.
No way I trust him.
Stick to the path.
Otherwise, you'll get lost in here forever.
No! No, not that way! Now we have to start all over again from the beginning! Slink? Where'd everyone go? Gone.
Flushed out.
Or, to put it in Blood Drive parlance, the building took a shit.
Well, let's quit dicking around and blow this place before we disappear too.
Ah! There it is.
You want to make the building go boom.
I was wondering what the hell you guys were doing.
- Karma? - Hey, sis.
Did you guys like what I did with all the pussies who worked here? They were trying to leave.
Can you believe that? Where's the corporate loyalty? Little something from the Heart Lab.
Can't wait to show you what else we've been developing.
Karma, stop it right now.
Just come out.
We can talk.
Is anybody else wondering how this is possible? 'Cause I saw her go in a blood engine with my own eyes.
Surprise! The blood engines, they're prototype Soul Reclamators.
But without a soul, she would've spun right through the vortex and landed right back here without a scratch.
I underestimated your assistant.
Here I thought I was finally done with her fuckery.
Now! Follow closely this time.
She's the head of the snake.
- She's still my sister.
- Not anymore.
If Karma's in charge, all the more reason to bring this building down.
You know I can hear everything you're saying, right? She was so innocent.
Tell that to all the people she killed.
Hello? Hi.
Remember me? We need to go.
What if I had given up on you when you went homicidal? Barbie? Hey, is it okay if I call you Barbie? I really hope you're not getting too attached to her.
Grace likes to get rid of things when she's done using them.
- Fuck off! - Ooh! She sounds upset.
You know, when I died, I wasn't such a fucking brat about it.
Now, let's go! Let's not let her get under our skin.
So, guys what's the plan after the big climax? A nice epilogue scene? Maybe start a new adventure together? I'll settle for gettin' you to shut up.
So angry all the time.
[CHUCKLES] I bet Grace likes that.
She loves dangerous guys.
And a few girls.
Guys, girls doesn't matter.
None were me.
I don't care if this is the corporate headquarters of hell.
We're gonna bring this building down, and there's nothing you can do to stop us.
[SNICKERS] Wanna bet, bitches? Christopher, why did you ask for this? These modifications are dangerous.
Please talk to me.
Don't leave me here alone.
Come back.
Wh-what have they done to you? - [GROANING] - I'm so sorry.
We have to leave this horrible place and never come back.
I can't stand thinking what I did to you in here.
[GROANS] If we're going outside, we're gonna need supplies.
Every city's in chaos now.
I'll be back.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Where did you go? One thing about Heart, they're cheap bastards.
These stairs are only used by the Aki units.
There's no cameras or microphones.
Should have cost 3 million.
Instead, they only spent 1.
Don't want to waste expensive tech on their slave labor.
Bright side is, Karma can't see or hear us.
How do you know for sure? Well, I-I used to be a janitor here for a short while it's amazing what you'll find in executives' garbage.
For instance, the central beam that holds this whole place together that comes down, the whole building comes down with it.
How do I find Karma? Well, she used to haunt the boardroom on the top floor.
And where's the central beam? [GIDDILY] In the basement.
She'd kill you without thinking twice.
Doesn't mean I have to do the same.
[QUICKLY] Ticktock.
We came all this way and made a plan.
You want to throw all that away? I'll help.
I want to save her.
No, no, no, no, no, no-no, no Shut the fuck up, Slink! Okay.
Better get going.
Boy, she gives you anal on the first date, and now she's got you wrapped around her little finger.
Watch your mouth, or we'll be meeting your next clone.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SLINK RUSTLING] You want to play Primo? Fine.
If we're not on the same side, let's see who wins.
[DEVICE WHIRS] How does 30 minutes sound? Heart will be destroyed whether you're in this building or not.
[QUICKLY] Ready? Set? Go! What's wrong? When our parents died, I tried my best.
I didn't ever want to raise Karma.
Guess she saw through the bullshit.
Despite everything that's happened, I know how much you love Karma.
Yeah, and somehow, I'm still the reason we're all in this mess.
You're not responsible.
You didn't create Heart.
I'm not talking about Heart.
I'm talking about myself.
What if she was right? What if everything she said was true, and what if I can't care about anybody other than myself? What? You're not gonna say anything? I don't care.
What is that supposed to mean? Even if Karma was right, which she wasn't, I don't care.
You saw something in me I couldn't see in myself.
I want to do you the same courtesy.
You're welcome.
Now, let's go save your sister and get the hell out of here.
I give them fame, fortune, make them look sexy what do I get? Aggravation.
How utterly ungrateful.
Help! [COUGHS] Someone, please.
I'm hurt bad! She went crazy, man.
She broke into our lab.
Sh-she took everything.
Stuff we-we haven't even tested yet.
Who? Karma? She didn't leave any Aki units running around down here, did she? They can be quite pesky.
No, no, she-she shut everything down, all-all the programs.
What do you mean? What do you mean, all the programs? Even the Antigua Research Lab? That's classified.
But you have access? Get me access to that room, and I swear I will avenge you.
I'll make her pay for all that she's done: destroying the labs, for killing all the employees, for cutting you in half.
She cut me in half? Jesus! Fuck! My legs! [WHIMPERING] My legs! My fucking legs! Oh, Jesus! Call me an ambulance? Hello? [INTENSE MUSIC] [DEVICE WHINES] As soon as we open this door, we're back on the grid.
She'll know we're here and probably doesn't want to be saved.
I guess Slink was wrong about something for once.
Bye, Barbie.
[ENERGY PULSING] Arthur! Good.
Now we can finally talk in private.
What are you doing? Dad's gonna kill you.
Dad already tried.
Please don't go.
Look, kid, I just need to blow off some steam, okay? I'll be back.
What if he wakes up? After ten beers? [ENGINE TURNING OVER] Any T-Swift in here? Who? This is music.
[APRIL WINE'S "JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME" PLAYING] Time and time again Can I take a turn? Smoking? No way.
Even worse! Please? The car's named after me.
Karma, the car was here before you.
Think about it.
This feels good.
It feels like freedom.
I wonder what Dad would do if we never came back.
Baby, I know our love will be [WINDOW HANDLE SQUEAKING] Just between you and me Always I know Hey! That was my last one.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [INTENSE MUSIC] [BLADE SHIMMERS] Are you fucking kidding me? I don't believe it.
Grace d'Argento is actually in love.
He must have a magical dick.
[PANTING] A blood engine couldn't kill me.
What makes you think this thing would? I really don't give a shit what you think anymore.
So what's the plan, Gracie? You gonna kill me? Again? Or let me guess.
Try to reform me.
You want me to change my mind.
Be a good person.
But you bring nothing else to the table.
At least this company sees my value.
You destroyed everything I ever loved.
Including yourself.
I guess it's karma.
Karma's a bitch.
[SIGHS] Son of a bitch.
[GRUNTS] Arthur Arthur! Arthur? Hello? [WALLS SQUISH] [LOCK BEEPS, LATCH SHUFFLES] Hey, Julian! How's it going, buddy? Sort of burned up all your clones.
Sorry about that.
Had to do it.
You might be the only thing that could really threaten the company.
And yet, here I am.
Yes and no.
You are the last of your kind.
There will never be another one, ever.
I made sure of it.
You know, it wasn't easy figuring out what would hurt you, but then it hit me: you've never been afraid to die.
So here's the news.
You can either bring down the central beam and destroy the building, but you'll kill yourself in the process really kill yourself or you can just walk out the front door without getting your revenge.
But you can't do both.
You have to choose.
To be or not to be that is the question.
We have to move fast.
They're gonna blow us up.
[GROANS] I'm sorry.
The rainbows, I Right.
Hey, um you happen to see a a guy come by here? He wears a top hat.
Deep voice.
Kind of looks like a magician.
The walls are alive.
All of the whispers, they-they see 'em moving.
[GENTLY] Sure they are.
Yeah, sure they are.
I have to find this guy.
I have to stop him from blowing the central beam, or he'll kill Grace.
- That way? - [GROANS] That way? Okay.
Thanks, I owe you one, buddy.
Hey, I'll get somebody back here ASAP for you.
You're gonna-you're gonna be fine! [PANTING] Oh, shit.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING SLOWLY] Christopher! You're [GASPS] Hey partner.
Yo! Where's your lady? Thought we were double-dating.
She's not coming.
Said she wasn't feeling well.
The three of us can still eat, though.
Unless no, I'd be I don't want to Just hold on.
Just hold on.
No, no, no.
Just hold on.
I'm sorry, babe.
Can we meet back at your place? Who says you're even coming back to my place? [CHUCKLING] Okay.
Your call.
Don't be too long.
[CHUCKLES] You didn't have to do that.
- Where is she for real? - She left.
Said she doesn't want to marry a cop.
Forget her.
If she don't see the real you, you don't want her.
Still sucks, though.
Of course it does.
But as my grandmama used to say, women are like buses always another one to ride.
Didn't know your grandmama was a feminist.
[CHUCKLES] Pentecostal feminist.
Used to beat my ass to Kirk Franklin.
Let's get drunk.
What about your girl? Ah.
I'd rather hang with you.
[YELLS] Ain't that a motherfucker? Me being all tech and awesome? And you still being a skin sack? Christopher.
You're making a mistake.
My only mistake was being your partner.
You haven't even asked why I'm kicking your ass.
[BOTH GRUNTING] You're not kicking my ass.
'Cause there's no iron in your bones.
Guilt makes you weak.
[GROANS] Okay.
I've been looking for you.
I've been trying to shut this company down.
[IMPLANTS WHINING] [METAL CLANGS] I watched you kill me.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] It wasn't you.
It was a robot, obviously.
[YELLS, GRUNTS] You didn't know that at the time.
I'm a Yankee-Doodle dandy Yankee-Doodle, do Or die.
[EXHALES NOISILY] [DEVICE WHINES] [WHISTLING] Good evening! Gentlemen, I'm Julian Slink.
So pleased to make your acquaintance.
Before we can proceed any further, I shall require the proper dress: not quite steampunk, but not quite retro; homemade colors, preferably not from nature; boots made from calf skin; underwear, sometimes; shirts from Persia, silk or panda wool; and finally, something dramatic on top, some flair, a bowler no, no! a top hat.
Yes, a top hat.
[GROANS] He talks too much.
That's the third nurse they killed this week.
Why do they want 3,000 of 'em? Should've focused on my design.
It's much better.
I thought you were two weeks behind.
Managed to merge the code.
Had to leave a little bio inside, but not worried about it.
That's dangerous.
She-she manages to access that code, she could unlock her humanity.
Never gonna happen.
Not unless she figures out how to have an orgasm.
[BOTH LAUGH] [DEVICE WHINES] To die, to sleep.
To sleep, perchance to dream.
Ay, but there's the rub; for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come when we've shuffled off this mortal coil.
I never understood that.
Until now.
I thought all the Aki units had been shut down.
I'm not an Aki unit anymore.
I'm just Aki.
I am.
Ah consciousness.
How unfortunate for you.
You've lived, haven't you? I have lived thousands of lives, my dear.
Then you know.
Know what? Why I have to do this.
[GRUNTS] Fucking hell.
Guess I'm not fully human yet.
I still have some strength left.
I can't let you bring down the building, Julian.
You'll kill Christopher.
Where's your compassion? Please.
Just because you're human doesn't mean you're good.
That's not true.
I have real feelings now.
I'm a person.
[LAUGHS] Big deal.
You got tingles in all your dangly bits and a knot in your stomach from all the terrible things you've done to him.
But that's not empathy.
That's guilt.
It's a waste of your time.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Tell me where Christopher went.
I don't have access to the security cameras anymore.
I can't.
[GULPS] Then what use are you to me? [GASPS] Ah, ah, ah! You tamper with those bombs, I'll override the timer.
We can all go, right here, right now, including your precious Christopher.
[BOMB TICKING] You better go find him.
You only have a few minutes left.
I've just severed your spinal cord.
You're going to die in this building, Julian Slink.
[BOMB TICKING] [BOTH GRUNTING] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] You left me to rot in this place.
But look at me now.
What do you mean, this place? I thought you were back in LA.
[GROANS] This basement is infinite.
Can you wrap that turd you call a brain around that? It's connected to every single Heart building in the world.
You can't imagine the power of this place.
Oh, yes, I can.
[YELLS] What happened to your dick? Fuck! [LAUGHS] You let her make you more awesome, but it cost you your dick.
What's the point of being awesome if you can't screw? Maybe you're not the real Christopher after all.
Maybe I did kill you.
Maybe you're the shitty piece of hardware they used to replace you! [GRUNTS] You're such a goddamn pussy.
All those years I wasted listening to your do-good bullshit were a waste of time.
It was all an act.
You weren't a good guy.
You were just a coward.
[GRUNTING] Gonna write about it in your fuckin' book? [CHRISTOPHER WHIRS AND HUMS] Whine about it like a little bitch.
I trusted you.
I looked up to you.
And now I'm gonna kill you.
I got a better idea, John Deere.
Say hi to the fuckin' Primo.
[BOTH YELLING] Primo fights like a girl.
- [GRACE YELLS] - [CHRISTOPHER GRUNTS] Was that supposed to hurt me? No.
But this will.
[MELLOW MUSIC] I thought you were dead.
Seems to happen a lot around here.
Do you want to take a minute? We don't have a minute.
You sure? He was your partner.
That thing wasn't Christopher.
Not anymore.
Let's go.
Better go find Slink and stop the countdown.
[WHEEZING] [BOMB TICKING] How do I turn this off? Can't.
It's called "fail-safe" for a reason.
No take-backs.
No second chances.
Then how do we get out of here? Wish I could be there for the big boom! Karma d'Argento, open this door right now! Sorry, sis.
It's the end of the road.
If you're in this building, you die too.
I've got a Get Out of Jail Free card called the Blood Gate.
See you on the other side.
Not! Karma! Wait.
Whaaat? You-you remember that guy you liked? Lucas? He asked for my number.
Go to hell, you fucking bi - [GRUNTS] - It's a sliding door, Arthur.
You got any better ideas? [CHUCKLES] So I guess this is it.
No lollipop? Death calls for something stronger.
Wait, fuck this.
Heart took every happy thing we ever had.
I'm not letting him take what's left.
[GRUNTS] What are you doing? It needs a charge to detonate, you know.
I know.
Little trick the Scholar taught me.
[DEVICE WHINES] Whatever you do Don't come near me.
Arthur, no! [GRUNTS] Holy shit.
You did it.
It worked.
[STAMMERING INDISTINCTLY] What's wrong? Twenty seconds left.
Probably won't believe me, but I never wanted this to end a tragedy.
I was actually hoping that you two might just make it in the end.
Guys? Hey, guys? My bad.
- You asshole! - Yeah, actually I need to hit this little button right here.
Oops! [TIMER CHIRPING] - You asshole.
- Asshole! Please.
Just because I'm rooting for you two doesn't mean I have to suck all the tension out of the ending.
There's a pipe.
Green stripes every 30 feet.
Follow it.
It'll be the fastest way out.
What? All those people I killed this is what they felt like? Yes.
I wish I had my hat.
Let me see.
Let me look at it.
Oh, God.
- Stay with me.
- Almost.
You're gonna be fine.
It's not that bad.
Listen, I'll get some help.
There's no help.
This building won't even be here in ten seconds.
What you really need is one of these.
[MATERIAL CRACKLING] - [ARTHUR YELLS] - [KARMA GRUNTS] Oh, we can play all day, Barbie.
I can just open up another one over here.
Dick hole.
[GRUNTS] Okay.
Let's get you to your feet.
Let's go.
There's no time.
- Grace.
- There's no time.
Slink was probably bluffing.
He was dying.
That's normally when people start taking things seriously.
At least we had each other.
- Four.
- Even for a few seconds.
Ladies and gentlemen, bastards and tramps, bloodsuckers, motherfuckers - Okay.
- Okay.
Road trash, and vamps.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Did you really think that I, Julian Slink, Master of Ceremonies, God of the Stage, would let a timer steal my moment? He's not gonna do it.
This is Slink we're talking about.
He finally has his spotlight.
I was born in this building, and now I've returned to destroy it.
The Prodigal Son meets Oedipus Rex.
Sorry if you're binging this, but no more bullshit fake deaths.
No more clever surprises.
Just good old fashioned catharsis.
[GLASS SHATTERING] We have to go! Grace! [SCREAMS] Grace! It's too late for her! - I know.
- Grace! Please, don't leave me! I love you, Barbie.
You stayed? I'm never leaving you again, sis.
And Scene.
The FBI is still investigating the attack but have released a statement claiming the disaster was the act of a single terrorist working alone.
According to Heart Enterprises, the culprit was one Arthur Bailey, well-known to the public as "The Primo," a controversial television star.
While the fate of Mr.
Bailey is unknown, the company has assured the public that he will no longer be a menace to society.