Blood Lad (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

She's a Skeleton Now

1 You know what a vampire is? That's right.
It's that monster who wears a stand-up collar cape and goes around at night sucking human blood.
And that's me, a descendent of the vampire.
YOUR SPELL IS INCORREC Damn, I messed up! This is why I hate games with passwords! Whoa, easy there I love stuff made by humans.
Especially the ones from Japan.
They have my total respect.
That's why I can't imagine leaving this place to go to the human world to feed on their blood.
Huh? Where is this place? This is the demon world.
From what I hear, my ancestors used to go around sucking human blood.
But if you ask me, that's crazy.
I mean, I hear that the sun is really strong in the human world.
Plus, you need money - and a passport to go there.
- Money! Okay! Besides, I may not look it, but I'm quite busy.
Hello, this is Staz.
One Tsuchinoko please! Who was that?! What?! Hey Boss! You're up? That's unusual.
Oh, it's you, Deku.
Say, did you get the DVD and figure I asked you about last time? Errno, not yet.
But I've got something else that's interesting.
Like what? You're not going to believe this.
It's a woman A human one.
SHE'S A SKELETON NOW A human woman?! I don't know the whole story, but it looks like she wandered into our world by accident.
We're at a loss about how to handle this.
So we figured we should report to you I mean, this isn't the human world.
Is it okay to apply the rules of the demon world? The rule where once you've entered another person's territory, you can't complain what they do to you.
Boss? Are you listening? A humanwoman A womanin the demon world! A human! Bring her here, stat! Your territory boss orders it.
Yeah There are various territories in the demon world.
And I'm one of the territory bosses in charge of them.
I try to act and talk like a boss 'cuz of my position, but right now I get to meet a human? Even better, a human woman! This is like a dream.
All right What do I talk about first when I meet her?! If she's Japanese, then I want to thank her people for making that awesome video game console! And cell phones! And manga What kind of manga do you like? Oh yes, music! What kind of music should I have playing? Yikes, my clothes! None of the stuff I bought in the demon world will work.
They're all cheap imitations of human world styles! They don't even come close to the real deal! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! SUSHI Maybe I went a littleoverboard? SUSHI - Boss! - Huh? Here already?! We're coming in! Wait! I'm not ready yet Uh Boss? Good work, Deku.
You can go now.
Huh? Just go! And don't let anyone in! What was that just now? The instant our eyes met, I felt like I was being sucked in! And I feel like my heart is being squeezed! What is this feeling?! So? Is Boss planning to eat her all by himself? Who knows? But he didn't seem like his usual self.
How so? Hmm Like he was excited? Come one, come all! Here's a rare plant you can only find in South demon world! You can keep one as a pet, or put one in your room as an ornament! How about it? You don't look familiar.
Huh? Who gave you permission to set up shop here? I need permission? If you plan to do business on someone's territory, you need permission from its boss.
That's the way it goes in the demon world! Oh, I'm very sorry.
Then please let me see your boss.
The boss is busy right now.
Come back another time.
I see It's not that easy to see him, I guess.
That's too bad.
Well then, I'll just have to force him to come out.
Are you serious?! That game already came out with that many titles?! Y-Yes I believe so.
There's nothing "Final" about it then! I-I guess not.
I'm so happy to be able to talk with a human like you May I ask you a question now? Oh, sorry.
Just a minute.
What?! A territory crasher?! Yeah? A plant did what? Okay No, sorry.
I can't go right now.
Yeah! I just said I can't go, you idiot! Huh? Yamada's near death? Never heard of him! Aw man, this connection is bad.
Sorry, I can't hear you.
Can't hear you at all.
So, what were we talking about? Umm That phone call sounded pretty important.
Nah, I could care less about guys like that.
Huh? We get those from time to time.
They crash the territory and try to take the boss's head.
Boss's head? I'm the boss now.
But whoever takes my head will be the next boss.
That's how it works here.
Stupid, huh? Yamada! Yamada! I Huh? To be honest, I'm still not quite sure where I am, or why I'm here.
It's almost like being inside a dream Yeah, I feel like I'm dreaming too.
Imagine memeeting a human.
I don't mean it like that.
I'm not sure how to put it But I think you should go to your friends.
It's happening again When she stares at me with those eyes I see So that's it Um Are you okay? You're You're cute! Huh?! I really like you! And so, I don't want to hurt you In fact, I want to protect you! That's it! I really want to protect you! I don't have any urge to bite into that white, soft-looking neck of yours And I'll do anything you ask of me! That's why I'm going.
Since my silly buddies seem to be in trouble! Huh? Hey, but that window I'm off! Why'd I lie to her like that? Why didn't I suck her blood? I could've fed on her.
Boss! Well, well The boss has finally shown up.
The one whose name is known throughout the East demon world The vampire, Staz-san.
Vampire Yup, that's me.
- I hated it.
- I heard you're pretty conceited - This thing about sucking human blood - because of your family lineage - because I'm a vampire - So I've come to take your head.
and belonging to nobility and going around wearing an old-fashioned cape Be careful.
If you get too close, he'll pulverize you.
Boss? Coming straight at me like that? Are you crazy? Yeah! I'll tear you apart! Huh? What the I'm a vampire.
But I can eat garlic and a cross doesn't scare me.
Huh? Because before being a vampire I am my own person! M-My heartis being crushed Heart Constriction! ZIP! Boss Staz, that was amazing.
You're awfully strong today.
Oh, let me guess.
Did you feed on that human's blood? No I didn't.
Good, she's still inside.
Hey Boss, you seem awfully happy.
Don't be silly.
That's right.
I don't want to suck her blood because I'm a vampire.
I want to as an individual.
I'm back No way It's a joke.
This can't be! Boss Oh no, what's going on?! Why am I suddenly naked?! Hey, so what's going on? Is this someone else then? Did it only swallow her clothes? First, can I have something to cover myself up? Stillit's weird.
What's weird? I don't feel any attraction towards you right now.
I wonder why? Oh, now that you mention it Huh? I heard that when humans die in the demon world, they turn into something known as "ghosts.
" That triangular headpiece is the mark.
A ghost I see.
So that means I'll never be able to see her again as a living human.
No, I can't give up so soon.
If her bones and her soul are intact I just have to do something about her flesh.
Boss? I've decided I'm gonna bring her back to life, no matter what.
That's my blood oath.
Um Can you please get me some clothes? The fact that I'm dead really hasn't sunk in yet.
How did I get myself into this mess? Hey! How can you put away my bones in such a place?! Is there a problem? They'll get warmed up! Say, can you lend me a few more pieces? Only a t-shirt and boxers are It feels a bit airy.
I see You're ignoring me.
Just put up with it until your own clothes dry, okay? What a nagging ghost.
Staz-san I'm told he's the boss of this neighborhood.
But to me, he looks like an unemployed good-for-nothing.
Oh, I know this manga.
Hey, don't touch! Just because I turned into a ghost, your attitude towards me is so Be quiet.
By the way, what's your name? It's Fuyumi Yanagi.
Oh You said you'd bring me back to life Are you really serious? That's what I'm checking now.
But that's a manga Once in a while, there are stories about resurrecting someone.
I'm looking that up.
You're relying on manga for that?! This is no good! At this rate, he'll start saying he needs to collect mystical balls that can grant a wish.
I have to figure out something myself! Staz-san! Found it! This is it! You're wrong! A dragon appears and! You're wrong.
Please put that manga away.
Hey, I'm trying to help you here.
I just remembered! Your spell of restoration?! No! I remembered how I came to this world.
Huh? I-I'm not going to fall for that trick Then I'll go alone.
Huh? O-Oh yeah I'm out of shampoo.
I have to go get some.
Hold on a minute.
Is that thing for real? I'm positive I passed through this.
This is known as the Black Curtain and it enables you to travel through space It's the highest form of spatial magic.
It's the first time I've seen one too.
Well, if you'll excuse me Wait.
You don't even know just how amazing this thing is, do you?! But it's right there.
Huh?! Oh, yeah! It's there all right.
For sure! However This thing appears only when the caster uses it to travel between the demon world and the human world.
And it's supposed to disappear afterwards.
Not only that Now that I've seen the Black Curtain, I can't just let you go back alone.
Huh? I'm coming with you! Huh? What about your shampoo? Who cares about that?! I can go to the human world from here! Do you have any idea how much I've longed to go the human world?! All the stuff I've wanted! The DVD Box Sets, the limited edition figures! Manga! Games! Everything! They're all waiting for me on the other side to be possessed by me! Just wait for me guys! I'll be right there! O-Okay, I get it! I get it already! Say, do my clothes look tacky? Like I'm a real yokel? You look fine.
Just fine.
Why'd you say that twice? Don't you say things twice when you mean just the opposite? Will you please calm down? - If you're going to go, then let's go.
- Are you stupid?! If it were that simple, I'd have gone ages ago! Huh?! I'm going to have you go through a check up.
Follow me.
A-A check up? CAFE THIRD EYE Another slow day? If you're gonna waste my time, go home, Staz.
Then, two ginger ales, please.
H-Hey, Staz-san What? You didn't say anything about coming to a cafe.
How can you bring me here when I'm dressed like this? Hmm You were eager to go back to the human world dressed like that.
And now you're embarrassed? W-Well I understand that you're anxious and want to go home.
But when you go back this time, it won't be as a human.
You'll be going back as a demon.
Does that mean That demons can't wear clothing? No, you idiot Hey, hey The minute you step into my shop, you start arguing? Give me a break! Here.
Th-This animal's talking! Not only that, he just poured some juice into a cup! H-How cute! And he's so fluffy H-Hey Staz Who is this chick?! Now then Knowing you, Saty-chan, you probably know why I'm here.
Can you look her over? She wants to go to the human world.
Cut it out! There, there Well? Do you think she can endure it? Well, we'll have to take a look first.
Okay, let's try it then.
Exposing everything and seeing through everything with our third eye The All-Seeing Search Eyes! What?! What's going on? They're so bright.
It's always so surreal We've figured it out.
From what we can tell, you used to be human, right? But you've just become a demon, so your existence is very unstable.
Th-That's amazing.
You're right.
This isn't fortune-telling.
Also, going no-bra and wearing male boxers You're a pervert.
You got it all wrong.
There's a reason for this Aw man, shut up! Well, can she go? Oh, there's no problem with her going But I don't recommend for a long-term stay.
That's all I need to know.
So? You need her to do something in the human world? Actually I'm going along too.
Huh?! Going along? What about your territory?! Should be fine.
Are you kidding me?! If word gets out that the boss is gone, all hell will break loose Hey Staz, are you listening? Oh, Deku.
Got a minute? Hey, tell him yourself! I'm Yoshida the Mimic.
And II've always respected you, Staz-san.
Please let me join your gang! Never mind that, Deku.
Hear me out! This idiot is talking nonsense about going to the human world! Huh? Imagine what'll happen if the other territories find out.
They'll start a massive death match over the position of territory boss! And what about puny, weak animals like me? We'll be the first to get captured and fried! Okay already, I get it.
You do?! Yeah.
I'm resigning as the boss.
No No, no, no! I don't get it! Neither do I.
How did you come to that conclusion?! It's not good if the boss is gone, right? Then someone else can take over.
Right, Tsuboi-kun? Oh, umm It's Yoshida.
Oh, okay.
Yoshida-kun, starting today, you're the boss of this territory.
What?! Whoa! You turned into me! What the hell are you?! I'm sorry.
I have a habit of transforming into things I want to be.
You can do that? Hey! So while the boss is away, Yoshida can stay in that form.
I see! Oh! Boss, you can go to the human world, after all! All right! Yoshida the Mimic will be my body double! - It seems things are settled.
- You outdid yourself, Deku! - It seems things are settled.
- Thanks! Well, it all worked out and I'll be able to go to the human world.
Also, let's welcome Yoshida-kun into our group.
With that - Cheers! - Cheers! I need to take a leak.
Deku-san Is Staz-san always like this? Huh? I mean he's so unrestricted and irresponsible.
Is he really going to be able to bring me back to life? Once he makes up his mind to do something, he'll always see it through.
If he decides to go to the human world, he'll go even if it means abandoning his position as boss.
It's like once the switch is turned on, he can't turn it off.
As a result, we're always going crazy because of him.
That must be tough.
Which is why I can tell you this.
That moment he said he's bringing you back to life I've never seen him look so driven.
I-Is that so? W-What a strange guy.
That felt good Huh?! Hey, who said you can eat my Tsuchinoko?! This is my favorite! Saty-chan, grill me another one.
You can't! Why not? So anyway, this day ended with - a party that I didn't quite understand - Is my Tsuchinoko ready yet? - a party that I didn't quite understand - Tsuchinoko! The Tsuchinoko was actually very good.
And the following day My school uniform was completely dry.
All right then Let's go to the human world! Yes.
BACK HOME, BUT NOT REALLY Let's go to the human world! BACK HOME, BUT NOT REALLY You'd better bring me back to life.
BACK HOME, BUT NOT REALLY Sure! I'll fit that in while I'm getting my precious DVDs and figures! BACK HOME, BUT NOT REALLY "Fit that in"? BACK HOME, BUT NOT REALLY N-Next time on Blood Lad, "Back Home, But Not Really.
" BACK HOME, BUT NOT REALLY There are only bad kids in the demon world.