Blood Lad (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Back Home, But Not Really

1 Hold on a minute.
Is that thing for real? The Black Curtain A portal that allows one to travel between the demon and human worlds.
The human culture I've always dreamt of! This magical curtain will make all of that come true! How! How I've longed to go to the human world! Weren't you going to bring me back to life? All right then To the human world! BACK HOME, BUT NOT REALLY What is this place? Well, it's my room.
I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU This is where you live? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU Are you in jail? Excuse me?! I mean, there's like, nothing in here It's nice and neat! What do you usually do in here? Meditate? I'm usually at school.
And after I come home, I study, so I keep my room clean and free of distractions.
Uh-huh C'mon, enough about my room.
You're here to Right.
Let's go To your school.
H-Hey, just a minute! You're going to come to my school?! It'd be fun.
We'll say I'm a transfer student like they do in manga and anime.
So, you're planning on enrolling? Fuyumi? Dad Where've you been? You didn't even call.
And who's that boy?! He'suh I'm told you didn't go to school yesterday! You'd better have a good explanation! Do you have any idea how worried I was?! Oh Good to see you, Staz-kun.
Getting ready for school? I'm going off to work.
Don't be tardy now.
I'm off What did you just do to my dad?! Oh, that? See, vampires can control the humans they've bitten Using the substance secreted from these fangs.
I diluted its essence with water to create this Basically, it's my saliva.
Stop that.
Relax, it doesn't work on demons.
On demons? Sunlight! So this is sunlight! I see It never struck me that I'd turned into something else My skin tingles all over.
But I'm no longer human You're okay in the sun? Huh? Um, yes I see.
You're accustomed to the human environment.
But you're a demon now.
So let me show you how demons get around in the human world.
First off, humans fearing demons is a thing of the past.
Not even the strongest demon stands a chance against the sheer number of humans and their technology.
Therefore, demons must move stealthily in the human world.
Try not to draw any attention, got it? If you say so Cars! So many cars on the road! Trains are awesome! So fast and comfortable! It's like a moving room! We're at school! This is fun! WHAT ARE YOU SO EXCITED ABOUT? Okay, say cheese, everyone! WHAT ARE YOU SO EXCITED ABOUT? - Hey, stop that! - Cheese! Cheese! You are totally sticking out! They can't tell I'm a demon, right? That's not the issue In that case Hey there, excuse us.
CAFE THIRD EYE Anyone who disturbs the peace here in East demon world will have to answer to me! Can we get you to sound more like a slacker? Just relax, and try to look more goofy.
Ya know, I'm like, the boss of this territory, yo Ya betta listen 'ta me or else How was that? That was perfect.
It all happened in the blink of an eye.
I'm gonna go around spraying this a bit.
Apparently, anyone who gets sprayed by that stuff doesn't find anything strange about Staz-san or myself.
My normal daily life came back, as though nothing at all had changed.
All right, Yamada, answer this one.
Sensei I don't have my textbook.
Or my notebook or pen You're okay with that? Hey! Don't bring manga to school! Yeah, whatever Hey, how long has this series been going on? Hey, Fuyumi.
What happened to you yesterday? You didn't come to school.
Saku-chan What're you talking about, Sakurako? Fuyumi was totally here! Huh? Really? No, I didn't come.
I wasn't here.
What're you talking about? Listen, Fuyumi, you don't have to go along with what this idiot's saying.
Come on, that's when Oh right! I remember now.
- They're talking as if - We ate there, right? - I was actually there.
- Yup, we did.
The three of us on our way home.
That's right.
It was crazy, huh? Yeah.
- Wait! Saku-chan, Mayu-chan! - I ended up eating too much.
I know, me too.
That's not me! If everyone's memory has been fabricated and there's a me that's not me, then what's going to happen to the real me? It won't make a difference if I'm here or not Will I become like a real ghost? Are you enjoying your time here? Boo.
Why're you crying? How could you do this? Do what? If I'd just told my dad and my friends, they might have understood.
But then you went and took it upon yourself to spray everybody What were you going to tell them? "I died and became a ghost.
" "But things will still be the same so don't worry! Tee-hee!" Is that it? That's naïve! You need to embrace the fact that you're a demon now! That doesn't mean you had to involve everybody.
I get it now, okay? - Please, just turn them back to normal.
- Did you do your homework? - Please, just turn them back to normal.
- Yeah, but you can't see it.
If it's the same to them whether I'm here or not I'd rather just disappear! Oh, is that right? So ghosts really do disappear from the feet up.
Stop it.
I'm being serious! Take a look at your body.
It's mostly gone.
But why?! Without some resiliency, demons can't maintain their existence in the human world.
That's especially true of low-level demons like you.
But I passed the examination with no problems To come here, yes.
But he also said a long-term stay wasn't recommended, remember? Now that you mention it But isn't this still too short?! You wanted to disappear, right? What's the problem? No, wait That was just a figure of speech.
Don't feel like disappearing, right? Listen I wasn't doing any of that to be mean.
By doing this, you'll fit right back into your daily life when you're brought back to life.
You'll come back to a world where no one knows you died.
Staz-san Lick it.
What? You don't want to disappear, right? Y-You're bleeding.
I did that on purpose, you idiot.
Butwhy? Just hurry up! I will bring you back to life.
Until then, I'll be your blood bank.
How's that? My body feels warm and my head feels dizzy.
Oh, I have hands.
My face feels hot, so the desk feels cool.
Guess the magic in my blood was too strong for her.
I can't believe all the crap I just said to her back there What am I doing? Am I just going to let her go back to the human world after I bring her back to life? No way! I'll suck her blood until she turns into a mummy! Oh yeah? Well, that's great! I know, I'm so glad I didn't give up.
- You're telling me.
- That's weird This place is filled with living humans.
- But I haven't felt that urge - What? No, I don't want to! like I did with her.
- Oh, come on! So she is something special to me, after all I'd better find a way to resurrect her soon or else I'll turn into a mummy first.
But before I do that Huh?! What do you mean we're going back to the demon world?! I feel fine! You are.
But I'm not.
If you're short on magic points before the boss battle, GOOD MORNING.
YOU WERE UP LATE! you go back to the inn, right? Wait a minute YOU MEAN THE TERRITORY BATTLE?! What do you mean, a boss fight? I mean Akihabara! The cyber city I've always dreamed of! I need to be in the best condition to take this place on! Where's your mom? She's not around.
She dead? I don't know.
By the time I was old enough to understand things, she wasn't there.
I asked my dad, but he wouldn't tell me.
Hey, welcome back.
- Who are you? - Who are you? Man, this is cool! I might just be house-sitting, but right now, this is my room.
The boss's library! He sure has good taste! So cool! Deku-san! It's fine to get all excited in the boss's room, but you need to stay transformed.
You never know who's watching.
Don't let your guard down.
So that's how their boss was able to come here.
Good to know.
Who the hell are you? I'm Hydra-Bell.
The owner of this Black Curtain and a top-level spatial magic user.
You can call me Bell-chan! I thought things went a little too well You purposely left the Black Curtain out there to lure me to the human world and take over my territory That was your plan! Let's dig in! Sorry, I wasn't listening.
IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE A RICE BALL? "Free" Now there's a nice word.
Huh? That's right! I can create space anywhere and go there at will.
For I am a traveler through space who can be everywhere at once.
And my hobby is treasure hunting! I'm free to come and go as I please between the human and demon worlds in search of treasure! No one can keep up with me! You certainly lost me.
Please take off your shoes.
Did you think you'd get away with using my Black Curtain without permission? It was your fault for leaving it out there! I didn't enter by choice Hey, I didn't leave the curtain there because I wanted to, you know.
I did use it there before, but I'm sure I put it away properly.
So why was it left out? That's the mystery.
It's called forgetting to put your stuff away.
The point is, if you're going to use the curtain, then pay the toll.
That's 30 million yen in cash.
You're going to charge us?! There were two of you, so 60 million yen.
We don't have that kind of money! Then maybe I'll sell some boss the info that you left your territory.
- Why you! - Think fast! Where am I? There we go.
Staz-san He disappeared?! You see, all I need is a frame and I can make humans disappear with ease.
I'll make you disappear, too! You're gonna disappear.
WHAT A DITZ At least try to move.
This definitely looks like the human world, but That woman Is she planning to keep me here so that she can sell the info about me leaving my territory? Non, non.
I'd get next to nothing for that.
It's you! That's why I thought I'd make you work for it.
Damn it! Yoo-hoo! Over here.
You're gonna have to do what I say.
The joke's gone too far Go down the stairs of that building and bring me back a certain item.
A certain item? You'll know when you get there.
Looks like taking you hostage instead of his territory was the right move.
Why're you doing this? Want to know? Then just for you, I'll tell you.
What I'm going to tell you is just between us girls.
What're you doing? What is this place? This your first time here? You were able to come in, so you must be a demon, right? A demon? But isn't this the human world? Yes, it is.
You've come to the human world location of the demon world clothing shop, ONIQLO.
I was told to come and pick up a certain item.
Oh, that sort of customer, are you? You should've said so sooner.
This way.
What you're asking for Is it this? See? I can't put it away.
I didn't put up this curtain.
The guy who stole it from me did.
That's why I can't put it away.
Then, who did? That's who I'm looking for.
The guy who stole my magic and made a fool of me like this.
And when you find the person? Isn't it obvious? The guy had no trouble stealing my magic.
So he must be ridiculously powerful.
If such a guy exists, I'll seek him out and make him my husband! Your husband?! "Ogre Undies.
" This legendary underwear was worn by us Ogres for centuries, and it never tore! I really couldn't care less.
Admiring it is no charge.
But if you want to purchase it, now that's different.
These underpants choose their wearer.
Huh? Only a man stronger than me is fit to own this underwear.
My, you're quite fragile.
That punch befits a guy who desperately guards a filthy pair of underpants at a human world shop where only high-level demons can come.
Did you just call them "filthy underpants"? Those are fighting words— I won't hold back.
Oh dear, I can't move my body.
Still, you're not much of a threat if my stare works on you.
What a joke.
What? What did you do to me just now? I'm taking this.
Not that I want it, though.
What? How cruel! Honestly, I don't want it either.
But nice work! What?! Bell Why're you here? Didn't I say there was something I wanted here? What were you fighting with the shopkeeper over a pair of underpants for? I trust Fuyumi Yanagi is unharmed? She's right here.
Step away.
I'm going to smack that woman.
No, wait a minute.
There's a reason for all of this.
Bell-san is looking for someone with very powerful magic.
That's why she was testing you, Staz-san Say what? I nearly killed the shopkeeper.
Scary Well, I sure learned a lot.
Huh? Like how Fuyumicchi is a really good girl, but Staz is a total jerk.
Right, Fuyumicchi? No, she's kidding, Staz-san! So the two of you became friends? I told Bell-san that you weren't the one who took out the curtain.
Hey Fuyumicchi! That was a girls' secret! And when I told her you were looking for a way to bring me back to life, Bell-san said she knew a way.
I sure do.
As I recall, I once found a book called The Book of Human Resurrection.
Where is that book now?! I sold it off.
What did it say? - Don't remember.
- Why you! But I remember the place I sold it to.
Where?! If I recallit was over in the West demon world.
Wolf's territory, I think.
Did you sayWolf?! You know him? Yeah Better than know him Wolf-Boy the Werewolf, the territory boss of West demon world.
He's an old friend of mine, and my rival.
YOU HAD IT ALL ALONG What's Wolf-san, the boss of West demon world, like? YOU HAD IT ALL ALONG I don't really know, but I'm guessing he's an idiot.
YOU HAD IT ALL ALONG Staz is an idiot, too.
Most demons are idiots.
YOU HAD IT ALL ALONG N-Next time on Blood Lad, "You Had It All Along.
" YOU HAD IT ALL ALONG There are only bad kids in the demon world.