Blood of Zeus (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

A Shadow Emerges

Heron, you're no bastard.
You're the son of Zeus.
I'm going to kill her and her bastard son.
Her life will remain
in the hands of the Fates.
My name is Seraphim.
I'm the leader of the people
you call Demons.
How do you expect us to obey
when you don't?
Seraphim is her son too.
Your half brother.
Join me, Brother.
We can end the reign of the gods.
Zeus can undo what's been done to you.
How dare you bring
that bastard to Olympus?
Hera and the others have fled
to the Underworld.
And is my brother conspiring with her?
Hades remains neutral.
You've used my bident well.
Who are you?
What greater wound is there than betrayal?
To be betrayed by those you love.
Zeus and Hera made a fool out of me.
And for the sake of peace,
I stood by and did nothing.
But I can no longer
bear the horrors of this place.
The suffering our family endures.
All of this ends today, Persephone.
The Fates have presented us
with an opportunity,
a war in Olympus.
As the gods fight amongst themselves,
my Shadows will retrieve
the great Eleusinian Stone
from Zeus's temple.
With it,
we can free ourselves from our torment.
This spring, we will be together.
You will never have to leave us again.
When two souls are meant to be together
Nothing can keep them apart.
You know what to do.
Yes, Master Hades.
We'll make our stand here.
And rain down fire on them
until there is nothing left but ash.
No army has ever taken Olympus!
And no army will!
Go. Leave them to us.
It's time, Heron.
This is how you show the world
who you really are.
I always wanted to fly,
but this is not what I had in mind.
You don't have to do this.
You can stay and fight here.
We know.
But then, who's gonna save you?
From the moment we met,
I knew you were different.
That you had been touched by the gods.
I'd seen it before,
in some of the other students
Chiron trained.
It's an honor to fight alongside you.
Bet that's the first time
in your life you felt small.
Hestia. Athena.
I need you to go to my keep
and retrieve the Eleusinian Stone.
We can't risk
it falling into Hera's hands.
Bring it to Gaia. She'll know what to do.
Moving it may be riskier
than keeping it here.
That's why I've chosen you.
Go. Now, sister.
Make sure she makes it off the mountain.
Who approaches the great Eleusinian Stone?
Who approaches the great Eleusinian Stone?
Hestia, sister of Zeus.
Virgin goddess of the hearth and fireside.
And what is it that you seek?
To do Zeus's bidding.
You may pass.
We need to move swiftly.
When I move, you move.
Do you understand?
Good. You're heading south,
but we'll descend from the west,
with the sun at our back
to disguise our descent.
Pray you go unnoticed.
They're getting away.
Follow me.
What was that?
I don't know.
Watch out!
Let's go!
You all right?
Yes. I'm fine.
Someone's after the stone.
But we have to keep moving.
On my signal,
make your way down this escarpment,
but don't take off
until you're past their lines.
Do you understand?
I still see them.
I have an idea.
The Keres,
the eaters of the dead, are here,
and with their help,
we may still succeed.
Stop Hestia and retrieve the stone.
I told you to be discreet.
Tell me, what do you see?
Where is she?
Hestia is heading for Crete.
Have no fear of perfection.
You will never reach it.
Get him back to Olympus.
Did you see that?
The lightning he called down.
Could he be the one that was prophesized?
You've done well.
The battle has been won,
but a war looms on the horizon.
You must retrieve your father's sword.
The one he forged for you.
To save your brother.
It being here can only mean one thing.
Take it.
I wish to be rid of it.
I don't blame you.
Power always attracts the worst
and corrupts the best.
I will do as Zeus wished.
And prepare his son for what awaits.
What happened?
Hestia took the stone to Mount Ida.
By now, it's surely in Gaia's hands.
And knowing Gaia,
she's taken it to the Hidden Realm.
She can try hiding it all she wants.
We'll find it.
And with the stone,
we'll undo the injustices we've suffered
and take our rightful place
atop the throne.
What is it?
Maybe there's another way.
Seraphim has passed away, has he not?
And he's part giant, is he not?
We can use his help.
Does he have passage to the Underworld?
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