Blood of Zeus (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Weights & Measures

Save him.
Find the sword.
Seek the Bronze Giant.
Save your brother.
Join me, brother.
We can have our vengeance
and end the reign of the gods.
They're more flawed than we are.
They've ruined our lives.
Our mother is dead because of them.
Don't you want to avenge her death?
You are either with me
or against me.
He got what he deserved.
He killed your mother.
The Fates are calling.
Seraphim might have been a monster,
but he was right about one thing.
The gods are more flawed than we are.
Why should we listen to them?
You've used my bident well.
Who are you?
It's far worse than you can imagine.
But I can help you.
Save you from the fate
that awaits you there.
I just need you
to do one thing for me.
What do you want?
Don't you want to be free
once and for all?
That's what I'm offering you.
Why should I trust you?
Because those that ruined your life
ruined mine.
And let's be honest,
you don't have a choice.
It's either eternal judgment
or me.
I choose judgment.
Show me your hands.
Keep moving.
Do you know who we are?
The kings
who stand judgment.
You have sent many to stand before us.
More than any other mortal-born man.
you will stand in judgment,
like all those you sent here.
This is but a small taste of the fury
you unleashed on the world.
Not since the 30 tyrants
have we seen bloodshed like this.
You killed guilty and innocent alike.
Mere association
was enough to draw your wrath.
And then, there is the matter
of your mother.
And brother.
You didn't know who they were
when you first crossed paths with them.
But you recognized their anguish.
You bore it as a child.
But instead of showing mercy,
you tried recreating the pain
and horror you endured.
To light a fire in the one
you wished to convert.
But the breadth of that weight
is not yours alone.
It's shared by another.
And while your life
was filled with horrors,
you were not without some small kindness.
In fact, with her,
you showed true philotimo.
And dare I say, agape.
I've seen years of brutal villainy
redeemed by a single act.
One truly good measure can be more
than many make in a lifetime.
Your fate is clear.
Do you repent?
Listen well, Seraphim.
All men make mistakes.
But good men yield
when they know their course is wrong.
They repair the evil they have wrought.
Thus, the only true crime is pride,
which you are most certainly guilty of.
Repent now, so that we may show mercy.
I refuse.
Repent, you fool.
If you don't,
your punishment will be far worse.
I want nothing from them.
Or you.
We should cast you into the abyss!
You will suffer an eternity in Tartarus.
May your fate there
burn the pride off your soul.
Do I get to speak?
You're cowards.
Who are you to judge me,
bastard sons of Zeus?
Let him speak.
They were all born kings.
Given kingdoms by their father.
And what did you do?
How many youths did you feed
to the Minotaur, King Minos?
And you, King Rhadamanthus,
did you give freedom to your people?
Or was your love to reap
what others sowed too great?
And let us not forget you,
pious King Aeacus.
Zeus made ants into men,
so you could rule them.
But they were better off as insects
than to be ruled by the likes of you.
If the Underworld reveals truths,
then here's one you can't deny.
I murdered and pillaged
because no one was free.
No one was secure.
It was impossible to be decent
and survive in your forsaken kingdoms.
I thought bringing you the light
from the world above
would bring us solace, but
Each time I see it,
it just reminds me of how we must part.
How did it go with Seraphim?
He has a grand distrust of our ilk.
Can you blame him?
I do not.
So, I'm guessing
he did not assent to our proposal.
It won't be easy to get through to him.
Gentle persuasion often succeeds
where force fails.
Maybe you can find common ground
in your shared suffering.
He's never had a father.
Maybe you can be that for him.
Winter has ended.
I must return to Mount Olympus.
I failed you.
When two souls are meant to be together
Say it.
Nothing can keep them apart.
That's right. We'll find a way.
For you.
For the lonely nights ahead.
Thank you, Zagreus.
Where's Meli?
Come here. I want to say goodbye.
Let me speak with her.
My dear.
If you really are
one of the most powerful gods,
then she wouldn't have to go.
Your father is more powerful
than you know.
But he is also just.
What do we say?
The two most powerful warriors
are patience and time.
I don't care about any of that.
Don't go. Please.
I'll be back before you know it.
All right?
Come here.
I love you.
This will be the last time.
I swear it.
Listen to your father.
Don't cause him any trouble.
- No, Mother!
- Mother!
There's nothing like water
when you're thirsty.
Just ask him.
I don't want your help.
You may not want it, but you need it.
You need my help.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
You're right.
And I don't blame you for not trusting me.
But I'm not like the others.
I've always tried to help you.
I was the one
that whispered in your ear on that beach.
I was the one who encouraged you
to eat of the Giant remains.
Eat of my flesh and save yourself.
I wanted to empower you.
To help you rise up and survive.
It's why I allowed
my bident to bond to you.
So you could fight back
and strike fear in the hearts of evil men.
You should have let me die.
The race is long,
and your fortune can change.
But you have to trust me.
The same gods that have maligned you
have maligned me.
Here, let me show you.
When the last Titan fell
and his blood struck the sea
the Giants were born.
But the gods were deceived.
For another, even more terrible monster,
was born that day.
One whose name we dare not speak.
It would grow to become more powerful
than the Giants and the Titans combined.
The great serpent, Python,
convinced the beast to wait
and grow in power.
But it did not intervene
on the Giants' behalf.
War raged, and gods and Giants fell alike.
But the evil of the world
was not diminished.
And thus, the monster continued to grow
until a great reckoning
was finally unleashed.
The battle that ensued
was unlike anything we had ever seen.
The outcome was in doubt
until the very end.
We eventually subdued the beast
and imprisoned it beneath Mount Etna.
But because it was elemental,
we could not slay it.
So we called upon witchcraft and magic
from the East, from Anatolia.
Here, the beast will be imprisoned.
But no living soul will speak its name.
For to do so
will breathe life back into it
and awaken it from my spell.
The power the witch goddess
stripped from the beast,
she imbued into a diamond.
The grand Eleusinian Stone.
But Zeus did not want
to be the one to wield it.
For he believed no god was wise enough.
Or good enough to be trusted
with sway over all the world
as our father
and our father's father before him.
Thus, Zeus decided
that the three realms of the world
would be divided,
with the ruler of the heavens
possessing the stone.
But greed reared its ugly head.
In the end, Zeus could not give up
the stone or its power.
So he and Hera found a way
to guarantee themselves the heavens.
Which forever changed my fate.
Just like your uncle's greed
changed yours.
Why are you telling me this?
We agreed that fate would decide our lot.
And that each of us
would be physically bound to our realm,
never to stray from it for too long.
But unfortunately for me,
I've learned that this draw
was far from fair,
which I will reveal
to the others at Zeus's trial.
I don't
I don't understand.
What do you know of Zeus's birth
and the realm where Gaia hid him?
It's the same realm she took the stone to.
A realm you can enter
because you have
Giants' blood in your veins.
I would rather suffer for all eternity
than be a pawn again.
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