Blood of Zeus (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Judgement Day

My king.
There's someone I want to see.
That's for Seraphim.
You should have told me.
You're right. I should've told you.
I should've taken you away
from that poli.
And spared you from all the suffering
you endured there.
If it wasn't for that suffering,
I wouldn't be here.
It's nice to see you happy.
Will you be joining me?
I doubt it.
When I died
I saw every moment of my life
and how my actions affected others.
And how theirs affected me.
Do gods experience that as well?
That's why I'm here.
I'm sorry.
Will I ever see you again?
I have to go.
Once we get the adamantine
for the compass,
it will lead us to Talos
and the sword.
This is creepy.
I've seen more lively cemeteries.
What about the rest?
I was lucky to get that.
Don't worry.
We'll figure something out.
That's where I saw Zeus
place the coins on your mother's eyes.
Where was she buried?
I don't know.
What are we doing here?
There might be some adamantine inside.
Only a god could craft
something like this.
Stay here.
Almighty Zeus, the Great Thunderer
and King of Olympus,
know that even as our father,
you, too, must stand judgment.
But you have reached heights few have.
On the battlefield, you had no equal.
The poets will tell your tales
for all of eternity.
But your philandering is a black mark
upon your soul.
No victory could ever forgive
these horrible acts.
Deeds will forever follow you with shame.
But there is still another matter
that must be resolved.
One the Lord of the Underworld has raised.
You have always maintained
that the realms of the world
were divided fairly, correct?
They were.
Are you sure?
What are you implying?
I would never cheat the Fates.
Do you want to tell them or should I?
And there is no escape
from the truth here.
When we were all vying
for the Eleusinian Stone,
you sensed something was awry
when you reached in.
But you didn't say anything.
It wasn't by chance
you drew the Eleusinian Stone.
Hera made it so.
And in your heart of hearts, you knew it.
But the truth is,
you had changed your mind.
You didn't want to give up
the power of the stone.
You didn't want
to be relegated to the Underworld,
so you went along with it.
it suited you.
I object!
This was my doing, not Zeus's.
That's no excuse.
If the Underworld reveals all,
then let the record show
that I did it for the greater good.
For all of us, including you, Hades.
How very kind of you.
Please, dear sister, enlighten us.
You know the truth I speak of.
There was only one god
worthy of ruling us.
Who time and time again showed us
that he was the bravest, the strongest,
and the most capable of us all.
When we were imprisoned by our father,
who saved us?
When the beast,
whose name we do not speak, attacked,
who stood against him?
Who defeated Kronos?
Who led the attack against the Giants?
Who brought compromise
and reason into the world?
And the truth is,
there could only be
one rightful King of the Heavens.
Only one god who could be trusted
with the power of the stone.
Only Zeus was worthy.
And I refused to leave that to chance.
There was too much at stake.
Even Poseidon agreed with me.
It's true.
Hera told me what she planned to do.
And in that moment,
I knew she and Zeus should rule Olympus.
I told you
only a fool would cross Hera.
Even though I betrayed him,
he sacrificed himself to save me.
What nobler deed can there be than that?
No man ever steps in the same river twice.
For it is not the same river,
and he is not the same man.
And thus, you return home,
a new man in a new world.
How is this possible?
I had a premonition of my demise.
So I accumulated all of my knowledge here,
for you.
Do you remember the poem of the one
I used to tell you?
"Out of every 100 men in battle,
ten should not be there."
"Another 80 are mere targets."
"Only nine are real fighters,
and we're lucky to have them,
for they the battle make."
"But one"
"One is a warrior."
"And it is he
who will bring the others home."
"It is the truth of every battle
that has ever been."
"Every one I've been a part of."
"And it will be the truth
in this battle and the next."
"Until the day of the Divine One."
Only the coming of the one
who's been prophesied can save us
when the evil
whose name we never speak returns.
It's believed that he'll rise up again,
and only with the help
of this one demigod,
can the Heavens and Earth
be rescued from chaos.
I believe that demigod is you.
Time will tell.
What if I don't have time?
- What happened?
- We have to go.
To the top of the mountain
where I mined the adamantine.
There isn't any here.
You're a fool.
He doesn't love you.
Who do you think he visited
before he came here?
The truth is that he's never been able
to control his desires.
He's always felt it was his right
as the King of the Gods
to do as he pleased.
He never once thought
about how it affected those he bed.
How his conquests cost the world,
even when it came to his dear Electra.
You knew her heart ached
for her son, Seraphim.
And yet you didn't bring him to her.
You left him in that forest
where he was hunted
by Acrisius and his sons.
You're the King of the Gods.
You could have brought him to his mother.
Why didn't you?
Because you wanted Electra
all for yourself and your son.
All you saw
was Seraphim's father in his face.
A man you hated.
Who better to make suffer
than the son of a man you hate.
You wouldn't let Seraphim die,
but you wouldn't save him either.
It's true. I won't deny it.
While I helped the boy,
I could not bring myself
to reunite him with his mother.
While this pains us deeply,
your fate is clear.
Do you repent?
I do.
Your only hope
in finding a better station in this world
lies with those
who are left in the world above.
If they honor you
and perform good deeds in your name,
perhaps your station can improve.
But until we see what fruit they bear,
you will reside in Tartarus.
You brought this upon yourself.
By the gods.
What happened to them?
They were attacked by Keres.
But Keres only feed on the dead.
Since Zeus has passed,
many of the creatures he kept in line
have begun to run free.
Keres now feast on the living.
That's why there's no one here.
They've taken refuge in the caves.
These poor souls were trying
to draw water from the well
under the cover of darkness.
No one dares to venture out
in broad daylight.
There's a lot of light out now.
Maybe we should find some shelter.
Brave Evios, as the patron god of thieves,
I feel compelled to tell you
that an old business associate of yours
has just escaped her place of chains.
I gathered the souls
of the guards she cut down.
Did she make it off the island?
She did.
Good luck, brother.
May the Fates smile upon you
and this poor forsaken poli.
We have to go.
We have to find our old associate.
She could be in a lot of danger.
It's a tragic story,
but I don't have time to tell it.
She was our partner.
This is where we say our goodbyes.
So, goodbye.
Believe it or not, I'll miss you.
You're the only honest person I know.
You and Alexia.
I hope our paths never cross again.
- Let's go.
- I'm not going.
I'm staying with them.
Have you lost your mind?
I believe in Mother Earth,
and if this is her will,
then I must help them.
You can help them all you want
after we find you-know-who.
After everything we've been through?
You've helped them save the world once.
Isn't that enough?
Wait a minute.
You think she sees you, don't you?
That's why you're doing this.
Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.
It's just that
Look, I'm alive for two reasons.
I was born, and I haven't died yet.
Sure like to keep it that way.
But you suit yourselves.
I want no part in this.
When you pass Corinth, continue west.
I have to stop somewhere first.
No. Don't stop. There's no time.
Do you seek passage across the gorge?
I do.
Then you must answer my riddle.
But if you answer incorrectly,
you'll find yourself atop my spit.
Are you sure you still want to cross?
So, if I answer correctly,
do you promise to let me cross?
You wouldn't go back on your word,
like some kind of flat-footed heel?
Because only ugly,
forked-tongued cowards break their oaths.
And you would never do that,
like you did with a young priestess
that came this way.
I remember her.
She had a thing for strays.
Stop. Don't kill that man.
What's he done to deserve this?
Why, he answered my riddle wrong.
Ask me. And if I answer it correctly,
allow us both to cross.
Who is he to you?
No one.
But no soul deserves this kind of death.
You would be willing
to risk your life to save his?
Then here is your riddle.
What is greater than the gods
and worse than the Titans?
The poor have it and the rich require it.
But if you eat it, you'll die.
Nothing is greater than the gods.
Nothing more evil than the Titans.
The poor have nothing,
while the rich require nothing.
And if you eat nothing, you will starve.
She was too smart for your stupid game,
but you still killed her.
What's it to you?
That priestess was meant to be my bride.
It was my fault
she crossed paths with you.
My fault she now suffers
in the Underworld.
Why did you kill her?
It's my nature.
And this is mine.
She was innocent!
Brave! Unselfish! And you tore her apart!
I curse you and your nature!
Give my best to the judges.
Your suffering will end soon. I swear it.
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