Blood of Zeus (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Crossing Paths

The rose bush where I dug up
the adamantine used to be there.
Someone's taken it all.
What now?
We help the villagers.
Some of those villagers
tried raping my mother.
What of the women and children?
If we leave, they'll die.
The Keres will kill them all.
Leaving them
is the same as killing them ourselves.
She's right. We should help.
I came because I thought
you'd do good with the sword
when you retrieve it.
Was I wrong in believing in you?
Look. Over there.
They're feasting.
Track their eyes.
Get down.
You will honor Zeus's decree.
If you don't, I will hunt you down
and kill each and every one of you.
Tell the others.
Lest you all face my wrath.
There are so many
whose fates are tied to nothing
and end for no reason.
I refuse to die like that.
We're here to test your whore mother.
You can't kill all of us.
Grand Archon Alexia.
I thought that was you.
It's an honor.
We heard what you did.
No words can express how grateful we are.
We will forever be in your debt.
I didn't do it for you.
Make sure they get a proper burial.
And remember how the man who saved you
was treated while he lived amongst you.
Vow to never treat anyone like that again.
Do you know
where my mother was laid to rest?
She wasn't among the dead we buried.
The old man wouldn't just
bury her anywhere.
He loved her. He'd choose a sacred place.
You may want to try the Kerameikos.
It's where I lay
our fallen heroes to sleep.
It's just past the Dipylon Gate.
I know where it is.
Find him.
I will not fail you.
A hole is one of the few things
that gets bigger
the more you take from it.
Unfortunately for you, a hole
is what you've gotten yourself into.
You tried to steal the Eleusinian Stone,
even though you told the others
you wish to remain neutral.
I have many spies
in the forests and fields,
so don't try to deny
what we both know is true.
It would be unbecoming
for the Lord of the Underworld,
where all truths are revealed.
What do you want?
What I've always wanted.
What's best for my daughter.
So, I must ask myself,
should I help you
dig your way out of this hole?
Or should I bury you in it?
That would make your daughter a widow.
There are worse fates.
But I know
how much it would hurt Persephone.
Which is why I'm willing to help you.
I'll refrain from telling the other gods
what I know under one condition.
What's that?
After we retrieve the Stone
and take the throne,
we all rule together.
You, Persephone, and I as a triumvirate.
Agree to that, and you'll have my aid.
You'll get what you want,
and I'll get what I want.
We'll all be together.
One big, happy family.
Heron, look!
He's still alive.
We have to cauterize the wound.
- Start a fire.
- There's no time. He's bleeding out.
Move over.
It's okay. We're here to help.
Calm down.
What happened?
- Is he one of your villagers?
- No. I've never seen him before.
He's lost a lot of blood.
His life is in the hands of the Fates now.
Do what you can do for him.
And let's go pay our respects.
I hope you're in a good place,
and that I die well, so I may join you.
Only two souls have ever prayed for you,
and both of them died because of you.
I should have tried harder
to convince Seraphim
to lay down his sword.
But all I saw was the man who killed you.
Help me let go
of the ill will I harbor for him
so that I may do as Gaia asked.
Good to see you on your feet.
What happened to you?
I crossed paths with the tree bender.
He fared worse than I.
And you?
We crossed paths with some Keres.
They fared worse too.
I'm Heron.
I'm Icarus.
What are you doing out here
all by yourself?
I came to pay my respects.
For who?
Someone very dear to me.
I was told that her sisters,
the priestesses of Artemis,
gathered her remains and buried them here.
But it seems I was misinformed.
What's her name?
We can help you look for her.
Gorgo, daughter of Solon from Kyllini.
She was a priestess.
Only three things can cause
the pain in his eyes.
Love, war, and the gods.
And he looks
like he's had his fair share of all three.
I found her.
You were right.
About everything.
But there was no turning back
from the path I chose.
I am sorry it cost you your life.
You will no longer suffer because of me.
Your pain will end soon. I swear it.
You blame yourself for your loss.
It won't bring your mother back.
How'd you know it was my mother?
Lucky guess.
This is a fitting place.
The old man chose well.
I think the old man used the adamantine
I mined for these engravings.
Which would mean
they came from the same vein as the sword.
Mother Earth is guiding us.
Where did Icarus go?
Can I ask you something?
What happened
back at the cave with the Keres?
What do you mean?
I feel like I lost you there at the end.
That power
was unlike anything I've ever felt.
It's a gift.
Maybe. I'm not sure.
I went from fearful to fearless
in a heartbeat.
It's what Seraphim felt
when he ate of the Giant.
Now I understand
why he couldn't let it go,
why he didn't wanna undo
what had been done to him.
I am Iris,
messenger of the primordial gods.
And I am here to offer you this.
As the son of Zeus,
you are welcome to participate.
Damn fool.
You just squandered away our advantage.
Gaia has sent the instructions
to her challenge.
We've all been called to the Dikteon Cave
where Gaia will open the hidden realm.
All will be allowed to enter,
so that they may try
and retrieve Zeus's bolts
from the grand eagle Aquila.
The Stone will be embedded there.
You must get there first.
I'll have the Oneiroi meet you there.
And then use the Giant blood
coursing through your veins
to sneak into the hidden realm.
Do you understand?
I do.
Seraphim, if you fail, we fail.
And those we love will continue to suffer.
I will not fail.
Everything all right?
Do you know why it's come to this?
You think
because you served the others dutifully,
they would reward your service.
But that's not how they think.
They don't care if you are virtuous.
They barely care if you're rotten.
Look at how they live.
How they make mortals their playthings
and betray one another.
There is only one trait they admire.
This is our chance to grab it.
I have a plan to slow the others,
to make them feel something
only mortals do.
Something you and I know all too well.
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