Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Wages of Vengeance

1 My name is Danny McNamara.
When I left the FBI, I thought my crime-fighting days were over, but then I learned that terrorist Karim Farouk was on the hunt for Cleopatra, one of the world's most valuable treasures, lost for over 2,000 years, to use her as part of a massive terror attack.
To find him, I needed some help, so I went to Lexi Vaziri, a thief.
LEXI: Excuse me, a master thief.
And my father was killed by Farouk.
DANNY: Lexi and I have a complicated past.
LEXI: He wants to bring Farouk to justice, I want revenge.
DANNY: Also, there's a mysterious group who want Cleopatra as much as we do.
LEXI: We're not sure whether they're good or bad, but the one thing we all agree on DANNY: Is that we need to find Cleopatra LEXI: Before Farouk does.
Previously on Blood & Treasure Can it be done? There are far easier toxins to weaponize.
No, it must be this toxin, and you must work faster.
FAROUK: Hardwick is a nobody.
He knows better than to stick his nose - where it doesn't belong.
- And the girl? ALESSANDRO: Does she know the truth about her father's death? Just tell us where Cleopatra is.
Ask Everado Sanchez.
He has her and good riddance! The narco.
FABI: I know this man.
He killed my partner! My partner was your mother! ENZO: They have found Captain Fabi.
He is dead.
- Where? - He was shot.
In North America.
- Quebec.
- Can I see the report? The death of Captain Fabi is carabinieri business.
We will take care of it.
I took this off Fabi.
Thought you might want to bring it back to the Brotherhood.
Thank you.
And "X" marks the spot.
Well, let's go.
I think I should go alone from here.
No, my shoulder's fine.
Darling, you got stabbed by an ice pick.
But more importantly, my mother was in Serapis, which might grant me some leniency for sneaking in.
But I'm just an outsider, huh? Meet you at the cafe.
All right, but if you're not back in half an hour, I'm coming to get you.
Just Be careful.
Hey it's me.
Huh Whoa.
Uh, what, uh What are you The heck is happen Why Danny McNamara.
Where is he? - Uh, he's out of town.
You're - Mm-hmm.
You're Gwen.
From Interpol, Danny's friend.
- Nope.
Not anymore.
- Well, look, I know I'm no lawyer, but you can't just barge in here without a warrant, even in Italy.
- Whoa, whoa! - I will read it to you on the way to the carabinieri headquarters.
You are being taken in for questioning in the ongoing investigation regarding the murder of Captain Bruno Fabi.
W I don't even know who that is.
N I-I don't know What-what are you Ow! These are You know I'm a priest, right? I can Hey, will you grab my comfy shoes? And don't tell me who wins the game! It's all right.
I've come with a peace offering.
Fabi's medallion.
Thank you for returning it.
You want Cleopatra.
I want Farouk.
We should be working together.
You shouldn't have come here.
Fabi told me about my mother.
That she was one of you.
ALESSANDRO: A promise was made to never recruit you.
I thought she wanted this for me.
I understand you have many questions.
Perhaps one day I will answer them, but today is not that day.
It's time for you to go.
Is that Fabi? You are not the only one who has lost someone they care about.
Fabi taught me as your mother taught him.
Is Is my mother here? I've been visiting an empty grave for 20 years.
I'm very sorry.
Both for your loss and for our deception.
I know it is no consolation, but your mother was a warrior in a much longer struggle.
What did she tell you of Antony and Cleopatra? They fell in love, they went to war, they lost.
They also had three children.
They hid the body of Antony and Cleopatra, protecting their parents' resting place, so that they could be together for eternity.
LEXI: Three children, three snakes.
And from those three, the Brotherhood grew, and evolved, spreading across the Roman Empire.
We took in people from all lands and every religion.
Preserving the sacred objects of antiquity.
At the cost of people's lives.
It is the Brotherhood who kept the light of civilization going through the Dark Ages, preserving Christian and Islamic relics from the Crusades, helping give birth to the Renaissance and the Enlightenment If you were so good at what you did, how come the Nazis took Cleopatra? The Brotherhood was nearly destroyed because of the war.
And their numbers never fully recovered, but our mission continues.
It is what your mother gave her life for.
- Lexi - You're leaving again? I'll be back before you know it.
But Dad doesn't want you to go, and neither do I.
Look Someday you will understand why I have to leave.
I love you to the Moon and back.
Your father is just protective.
But we know better, right? We are the protectors.
I'll be back soon.
I love you.
Danny, Alina.
Alina, Danny.
- Is she? - Oh, yeah.
Full-blown secret society.
Although she's a bit rogue at the moment.
I told her anything she can say to me, she can say to you.
How is your shoulder? Ah, it's been better.
How-how did you know? We've been monitoring you two for weeks.
Oh, and FYI, your friend Chuck has been taken in by the carabinieri and Interpol for questioning.
Oh, my God.
We need to get back to Rome.
Chuck can handle himself.
Gwen doesn't have anything on him.
Besides, we have more important matters to attend to.
The Brotherhood had an agent in the CIA at the end of the second Iraq war.
Okay? The CIA had a special task force training local contractors, gathering intelligence.
One of those contractors barely escaped a coalition airstrike that mistook a shelter for a military bunker.
His entire family was wiped out.
After that, he became radicalized.
Karim Farouk.
That is the name he adopted, yes.
But you know his real name.
Rasheed Hegazi.
You You've known this information all this time, why haven't you done anything with it? We've been monitoring the name since we made the connection, but it hasn't given us anything.
Look, you've been saying all along we need to work together to connect the dots, right? Well, this is our first new dot in a long time, so Let's connect it.
Do you know exactly when and where - this bombing raid took place? - Yes.
I have a friend in Iraqi intelligence who owes me a favor but I need to contact him from someplace it can't be tracked.
Who is your contact? Wa enta Malak.
That means "none of your business.
" Oh.
That's my bit.
He he just stole my bit.
DANNY: My contact sent us the logs from the investigation into the bombing.
Looks like there was one other survivor.
LEXI: Nadia Bishara.
She was five years old.
"Flown to a U.
medical unit for uranium poisoning "from exposure to spent shells," but disappeared during a firefight at the base.
Farouk's entire family is wiped out, but this one survivor from the bombing just happens to go missing? You think she's Farouk's last living relative? Could be.
Different name.
Easy to miss the connection.
Especially when Farouk wasn't on anyone's radar yet.
May I use the computer? Farouk would have had to take her to a different hospital.
But for the doctors to make sure they had the right medical records She'd need to keep her real name.
And I can't imagine there's more than a handful of hospitals in the region that could give her the care she needed.
Luckily, medical records are one of the easiest databases to hack.
We'll find her.
We find Nadia, we draw Farouk out on our terms.
It feels different this time.
We're finally gonna get Farouk.
- Where's Danny and Lexi? - I have no idea.
Captain Fabi, my carabinieri liaison was murdered.
If you know Danny at all, you know he'd never murder anybody.
I know Danny's not a murderer.
I don't know if I can trust him anymore.
Not since Lexi came back into his life.
You're telling me.
I called her the devil.
Yeah, yeah.
You're right, she is.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, she's not.
She She's complicated.
But I think she has a good heart.
And I know that Danny does.
And I suspect you do, too.
So, what is this about, really? Why are you running around looking for answers, and the carabinieri isn't? Fabi was a double agent of the Brotherhood of Serapis.
And the carabinieri is trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug.
That must be tough.
Particularly for you.
Why particularly for me? Well, you seem like the type who keeps your closet very organized, and your clothes are all color-coordinated, and your socks are all in perfect little military rolls.
If you ball them up, you stretch them.
So, the revelation of secret societies, and your friend going around the law The law, which, by the way, is looking the other direction during this whole thing Might make you Question everything you believe about the world.
I'm fourth-generation police.
I-I was taught to follow the rules.
Danny and Lexi aren't what's keeping you up at night.
Uh, just one more thing.
If you're looking for answers, why not go right to the source? The Italian police have shut me out of the investigation.
Even though I think Fabi was getting close to Farouk.
I can't even get access to his apartment to search it.
Can't get access officially.
You're a priest, and you're telling me to-to break the law? I'm telling you that there are the laws of God, which are about what is just, and there are the laws of man, which are about what is legal.
Now, the first you don't break, but the second I found Nadia Bishara.
LEXI: She's in Moldova? DANNY: Porous borders.
Easy for Farouk to get in and out of unseen.
So, you coming with us? I think my absence would be noticed.
In the meantime, I'll be advocating for you.
I thought you guys made some promise not to recruit me.
You walked in on your own.
Now the choice is yours.
Well, I'm not so sure I want to be a part of your secret society.
You remind me of myself before I joined.
You're looking for a larger purpose.
No, I'm really not.
When the time is right, I believe you'll know it.
DOCTOR: It's been a while since he's visited, but yes, that's Nadia's uncle.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but this man is a terrorist known as Karim Farouk.
I've seen that picture before, but I never put it together.
He seemed like such a nice man.
He pays for her care, showers her with gifts.
Leaves money for the nurses.
What matters is that you now have the chance to stop him.
And all it takes is one phone call.
Just tell him she's taken a bad turn, and he needs to come see her immediately.
You want to use Nadia as bait? [SIGHS.]
We're asking you to help us catch a terrorist who has killed thousands of people.
Women and children.
We can assure you Nadia won't be harmed.
I understand.
I'll be there.
What's going on? Get the helicopter ready.
I need to travel.
I'll make security arrangements.
No, no, not this time.
This is personal.
It's Nadia.
We are this close to our goal.
You are willing to risk it all? What if this is a trap? Every trap they've laid for me I have escaped, and left their bodies behind.
Even if something does happen to me, my orders are clear: finish the job.
I'm starting to regret that we didn't call Interpol.
Gwen arrested Chuck, a priest, in Rome.
She's officially gone mental and is as likely to shoot us as Farouk.
We can handle this.
DANNY: That's Farouk's niece.
LEXI: That's the doctor's cue.
Farouk's on the grounds.
He came alone.
You're here! FAROUK: I'm so happy to see you.
- NADIA: Me, too.
- FAROUK: I brought you [NADIA CHUCKLES.]
Let's go! - [CRIES OUT.]
To the left! [GUNSHOT.]
DANNY: Farouk! It's over.
Damn it! I told you not to follow me.
You can thank me later.
Is Nadia okay? She's upset, understandably.
As far as she knows, her uncle is a good man.
And the only family she has.
I have patients to check on.
Please excuse me.
I can't believe I didn't take the shot.
I had him.
Maybe it's because I didn't want her to see the only person she has in the world killed right there in front of her.
Do you see what you've done to me? I'm all soft and weak now.
I'm useless.
Soft isn't weak, and you're not useless.
We had one shot to finally get him.
One shot.
Everything worked.
- And I let him get away.
- It's okay.
An hour ago, Farouk had no idea we knew his real name.
That he had family left.
He might panic, start changing his routines.
We have a window to catch him.
Except we have no way to find him.
Maybe we do.
He dropped his bag.
Okay, yeah, not exactly something you find - at an airport gift shop.
- Look at this.
The Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque in the city of Famagusta, Cyprus.
That region of Cyprus has been a haven for illegal activity since the ancient Silk Road.
Sounds like a place where someone might pick up a special gift for their niece at the last minute.
We called Farouk with an emergency, and he rushed here from Cyprus.
He's got to head back there to move his operation.
That's our chance.
We just need to find out who sold him this music box.
Lucky for us we happen to know a shady antiquities trader.
- LEXI: Simon.
- Hi.
Thanks for meeting us.
Us? Ah, yes.
Of course.
You thought this was a long-distance booty call? No.
No, of course not really.
Just, your message was rather vague.
We're here about Karim Farouk.
Go on.
We have reason to believe he's in Famagusta, Cyprus.
LEXI: We're close, Simon.
This time, we can stop him for good.
We just need your help to narrow down where he is.
Look, I know you're not too excited - about going after Farouk again - What, you think? The man who kept me in a container for a year - and tortured me at will? - Boys We all want a piece of Farouk.
This is our best chance to stop him.
Look, if I, uh if I help you, I want something in return.
- No, you know what? It's not - Yes.
If I agree to help you find Farouk, then I want some legitimacy.
And here I thought you wanted money.
Well, I want that as well, obviously.
When Antony and Cleopatra are presented to the world, I want to be right there on the dais with you.
Honestly, I couldn't care less where you stand, as long as you help us now.
All right, twist my arm, why don't you? [CLEARS THROAT.]
In the past, I have had certain business dealings with a former band of Arabian sea pirates.
Actually great guys, you When you get to know them.
Family men, really.
They realized that it was far easier and more profitable [CHUCKLES.]
: to smuggle the stolen goods than to steal them in-in the first place Anyway, their port of call is Famagusta.
If Farouk's there, then he's working with them.
What's the name of the ship? You know, like, it's a smuggling operation, so the name changes all the time so that they can continue to smuggle.
Okay, tell us how to find it, then.
Famagusta is to pirates what the Loire Valley is to wine.
To find the right ship, you'll need the sommelier of smugglers.
There's no way we're bringing you with us.
Go by yourself.
You won't get close.
They won't hesitate to shoot someone that looks out of place, and you, my clean-cut friend, are highly suspect.
- He's right.
You are.
- You trust this guy? - Of course not.
- You know, it's rude to talk about somebody when they're right next to you.
What I do trust is his hatred for Farouk, and that he wants him stopped as much as we do.
Arabian sea pirates? It doesn't look good on paper, but Yeah, I'm gonna call Gwen.
Danny, this isn't a good time.
Chuck has been released from custody, if that's why you're calling.
DANNY: No, actually, it's about something more important.
DANNY: Gwen.
You there? Uh, Danny, I can't talk right now.
Okay, we're following a lead to Cyprus.
I'll text you the information.
È la polizia.
Vieni fuori.
: Bloody hell.
Awful lot of firepower around here.
Yeah, well, it's an illegal port full of extremely high-value items.
What do you expect? Yeah, we're gonna need backup.
Listen to me.
You know as well as I do, the more official this becomes, the less chance there is that Farouk will ever meet the justice he deserves.
If you get the chance, you have to kill him.
Gwen's not answering.
Well, maybe the Brotherhood can help.
I wouldn't trust the Brotherhood if I were you.
I've heard some of their chatter.
How's that? 'Cause I've got a bug in their crypt, haven't I? - What? Why? - How? Suffice it to say, you cannot trust them.
And we can trust you.
Well, at least I'm up-front about being untrustworthy.
I agree with Simon.
In case you forgot, we're here because of the Brotherhood.
No, we're here because one of them broke ranks to give us intel on Farouk they've held onto for years.
Who knows what else they're holding onto? They're holding onto a whole lot more, believe you me.
And if I get the opportunity, I'll tell you more in detail.
For now, follow my lead.
- What? Simon.
- Simon.
- Follow his lead.
- [SIGHS.]
Yeah, sure.
- Oh, why not? - HARDWICK: Ahoy! It's a fine night for some sea travel, isn't it? Oh, my God.
Do you remember me? Simon.
Simon Hardwick, from the football bar.
Well, you probably had a few.
It was a long time Oh, hello, mate, hi.
I was just saying to your No way.
It's like a reunion, isn't it? Simon.
Simon Hardwick, from the football You guys are football fans, right? Cyprus's own team, Omonia? Listen, I can get you get tickets.
Uh, yeah, not just any tickets, but really good tickets, like Old friends, eh? I was distracting them.
Ooh I think we make a pretty good team.
DANNY: Farouk's wheelman.
LEXI: Where Farouk goes, he goes.
DANNY: Look at that crate.
Just the right size.
Antony and Farouk.
Oh, we're not letting them get on that ship.
Just in case Farouk gets past us.
No, thank you.
I intend to hang back, mostly.
Just so we're on the same page, we're trying to take Farouk alive.
LEXI: If we can.
It's the only way we can be sure to stop his attack.
It's really him.
- I'm so sorry.
We got to stop that truck.
Cover me.
Hey, get back here! I'll move it myself.
Let's go get him.
Get to the ship! [GUNSHOT.]
Did you see that? I've never held a gun before in my life, and I-I shot him.
I-I just shot him.
I can't believe I did that.
DANNY: It's okay, Simon.
He can't hurt you or anybody else anymore.
: Police! Drop your weapons! - Do not run! You are surrounded.
- God almighty.
We need to get out of here right now.
We stay put.
You run, you're guilty.
Stay, you're a hero.
I don't feel like a hero right now.
You just killed the most wanted terrorist in the world.
You wanted out of the shadows, Simon.
If that isn't legitimacy, I don't know what is.
There's not much time.
I have to tell you something.
There's more to this than you know.
I overheard some chatter from the Brotherhood crypt.
It's about your father.
LEXI: Antony's sarcophagus.
HARDWICK: It's beautiful.
I'd like to think his plan died with him, but I don't think it did.
His group's still out there.
You know, I always imagined I would feel better when Farouk was dead.
But I just feel numb.
So, Cypriot Police are scouring the ship for any intel on where Farouk's men might have gone.
Thanks, Gwen.
Look, I'm sorry for how we left things.
I broke into Fabi's apartment, and I stole a bunch of secret files from his office.
Father Chuck said I could do it.
Wait, what? Fabi was investigating something before he died, and, uh, carabinieri is shutting me out completely.
What, what was he investigating? A different angle on Farouk.
I think he found something else, and I was hoping maybe you could help me piece it together, so we can figure out what Farouk was planning and if it's still happening.
From now on, I'll share with you whatever I find, I promise.
Just don't ask me how I get it.
This is weird.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Hey, do you have any idea what Fabi was investigating in secret? I don't, but I know who does.
And I've got a lot of questions for him.
What's he doing here? She would not come without him.
I was gonna tell him everything anyway.
And we both have a lot of questions for you.
Look, I've been involved in top secret cases before.
I know how to be discreet.
This place is amazing.
Sorry, sorry.
It's come to my attention that you have information about my father's death that you've hidden from me.
Fabi had been going through the Farouk file you stole from Ghazal's office.
He wasn't ready to present his findings yet, but he had reasons to doubt the accepted story behind your father's death.
What does that mean? ALESSANDRO: Fabi's conclusions died with him.
Look, if we were all working together rather than against each other, we could've stopped Farouk a long time ago.
We have our ways, and they've kept our order together for thousands of years.
LEXI: Whatever happened 2,000 years ago has nothing to do with us.
That's not exactly true.
Are you seriously taking his side at this moment? Look at this cartouche.
An ancient Egyptian symbol of royalty, of the soul formed in the bond between a mother and child.
This means your mother was a direct descendant in the bloodline of Cleopatra.
And so are you.
You've got to be joking.
Your father forbade us to attempt to bring you into the Brotherhood.
I had hoped that you would find your way here on your own, in time, and you have.
Your history is our history.
Your future is our future.
No, thanks.
I should, I should probably Yeah.
That place destroyed my parents' marriage.
Made it so my mother could barely raise her daughter, drove a wedge between my father and me.
I know I'm supposed to feel something, because my mother was one of them I'm some bloody descendant of Cleopatra but I don't.
I don't feel a connection to any of it.
The Brotherhood might have given my mother purpose, but it's only brought me pain.
Well, nobody can give you purpose.
You got to give it to yourself.
The only time In my life that I've really been happy, truly happy it's been with you.
What about you? Eh, I'm pretty happy generally.
That's all you have to say? After I just opened myself up to you Not in the shoulder.
You know, my life before you was Fine.
I did the right things, I-I painted inside the lines.
Then you come along and you just dump all that paint everywhere.
Yet somehow it comes out looking like the Mona Lisa.
They tracked Farouk's men.
OFFICER: Clear! OFFICER 2: Clear! It's clear.
Yeah, they must have known, after the raid, we'd get here eventually.
Get everyone out of here! Now! [DANNY SIGHS.]
How are you feeling? Cool.
You know, for being shot up with every antibody known to man.
We've seen a lot of these throughout Eastern Europe in the past couple of years.
Illegal labs.
Highly unstable and hard to find before it's too late.
LEXI: So we have to assume that Farouk's crew is carrying on with his plan.
And now they've got a biological weapon.

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