Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Return of the Queen

1 My name is Danny McNamara.
When I left the FBI, I thought my crime-fighting days were over, but then I learned that terrorist Karim Farouk was on the hunt for Cleopatra, one of the world's most valuable treasures, lost for over 2,000 years, to use her as part of a massive terror attack.
To find him, I needed some help, so I went to Lexi Vaziri, a thief.
Excuse me, a master thief.
And my father was killed by Farouk.
I wanted justice.
Lexi wanted revenge.
But neither of us got what we wanted.
Farouk was killed before we could catch him.
Farouk may be dead, but his plan for a massive attack lives on.
And his crew is still out there.
Previously on Blood & Treasure This means your mother was a direct descendant in the bloodline of Cleopatra.
And so are you.
Your future is our future.
No, thanks.
Just tell us where Cleopatra is.
Ask Everado Sanchez.
He has her, and good riddance.
The narco.
The death of Captain Fabi is carabinieri business.
We will take care of it.
I broke into Fabi's apartment and I stole a bunch of secret files from his office.
Fabi was investigating something before he died.
A different angle on Farouk.
I think he found something out.
They tracked Farouk's men.
So we have to assume that Farouk's crew is carrying on with his plan.
And now they've got a biological weapon.
This is not goodbye, my love.
Hmm? Papa, I'm scared.
Mira everything I do, everything I've ever done, is for this family.
Don Everado the soldiers are coming.
We have to leave now.
Start the plane.
Sí, padrón.
Will you be leaving us forever, papa? This is only a short trip for business.
I will be back very soon.
Promise? Sí, mi corazón.
Papa, who is she? Her name is Cleopatra.
Once she was the greatest queen in all the world.
As beautiful as you.
I will protect her.
And one day, she will be yours.
Queen Soledad! I will return soon! I promise! Be very careful with that.
It's highly toxic.
We barely escaped in time.
They're closing in.
We should go underground.
Come out of hiding when the heat is off.
The plan doesn't change.
I followed Farouk.
Not you! Farouk is dead.
But the attack will proceed.
You're being paid by the same person as before.
Nothing changes.
Get moving.
I've never been in a museum off hours when I wasn't stealing from it.
It's rather peaceful.
Yeah, it's amazing how much you can enjoy a place when you're not running from security guards.
If you do it right, the guards never know you're there.
But point taken.
Speaking of guards, does Reece already know about the bio-threat? No, no, this is standard for protecting an antiquity as important as Antony.
But we need to warn him about Farouk's men making a move.
Let them pass, they're with us.
Well, you've had an interesting few weeks.
Hey, tell me about it, man.
Lexi, this is Rick Yates, Reece's head of security.
Rick, this is Lexi Vaziri.
Reece mentioned me.
More like warned me about but he has come around on you, somewhat.
As have I, him.
You know, when you're in a relationship, friends and family are part of the package.
Kind of like cousins who visit each other at holidays.
I don't need to check my cousins' pockets when they leave the room.
Well, if it isn't our heroes of the hour.
Great to have you back, Danny.
- Danny.
- Hey.
Oh Jay called me the moment Antony was recovered.
Actually, more begged than just called.
I had to see him for myself.
The two of you are going down in history.
- Dr.
- Oh, looks like I'm needed.
This is so exciting.
I've convinced Ana to stay, oversee the restoration.
Arrangements are underway for a public unveiling in Cairo next week.
Um okay, so I've worked my entire life for this very moment, and you two look like I've just run over your dog.
What's going on? Jay, we need to move Antony to a secure location.
See uh, I'm not sure you've noticed, but we are surrounded literally by an army.
Farouk's latest base of operations had traces of a bio-agent.
He was developing a weapon.
His crew is still out there.
They're not giving up on his plan, and as far as we know, that means they want Antony and Cleopatra.
They're coming for Antony.
Double our security immediately and call the prime minister.
Make sure that we're all in communication about any threats in the area, I do not care how small.
Okay, kid, don't worry.
We'll put Antony on lockdown.
Meanwhile, any leads on Cleopatra? Well, the last of the Nazis sold her off to a drug dealer in the '90s.
I just said that out loud.
Everado Sanchez disappeared, but I have a friend in the FBI that can help us track him down.
Then keep me posted.
But just be careful.
- Yeah.
- Both of you.
How long you gonna keep me here? I want to go home.
I'm sorry for the delay, Mr.
You'll be on your way as soon as possible.
And will you be supplying me with any form of police protection when you let me go? I mean, Farouk's men are still out there, aren't they? I've got more than a sneaking suspicion that they're gonna come after me because I killed him.
No one outside this building knows your involvement apart from Danny and Lexi.
We're keeping it out of the news.
The Italians have offered you a hotel room here in Rome with a police detail until this is resolved.
How comforting.
I don't suppose I could put in a request for the Palazzo Naiadi, could I? We'll see what can be arranged.
Now, I need to talk to you about another matter Related to the Farouk case.
This check was written out to a Zara Farouk.
Is that a name you ever heard of, perhaps in your time in captivity? I don't understand.
I I thought "Karim Farouk" was just a nom de guerre for Rasheed Hegazi.
Look, I want to help you.
I really do, but I'm afraid.
And I'm afraid because in my year of captivity, it seemed to me that Karim Farouk was protected by some very powerful people in high places.
Anybody that got too close to the truth about him or his past were dealt with severely.
Before they were killed.
He may be dead But the people protecting him are still out there.
So If I were you I'd be very careful about opening any doors, because you have no idea who may be standing on the other side.
I had to pull a few strings at the FBI to get that.
The United States government isn't exactly too keen on discussing Sanchez.
Why is that? Sanchez was the biggest narco in the world.
Worth billions with a rap sheet for days.
DEA spent millions of dollars, thousands of man-hours finding him.
Just as they had him cornered, vanished into thin air.
Biggest botch in DEA history.
I think I might have an idea what might've been there.
Cleopatra's coffin.
Given his appetite for anything he could make money on, and his connection to Steiner, it's not a leap.
Where was the last place Sanchez was known to be? He switched off his transponder when he stopped to refuel in Panama.
Wherever he was headed No one's ever seen him or his plane again.
But I do have this: DEA wiretaps of Sanchez.
All of them.
Including his final call from Panama to his lieutenant Miguel Navarro in 1993.
How's your Spanish? Better than her Serbian, worse than her Italian.
Miguel! Miguel! What the hell happened? Once Everado fled, the rival cartels took out the rest of his crew.
That's the last we heard of him.
And what happened to his family? They fled to Europe, living off a nice nest egg Sanchez left for them.
Wife died a few years back.
Last I heard, his daughter Soledad was living in Italy.
Exact address is unknown.
She kept a low profile from rival cartels.
It looks like Carlo Velardi used to do business with Sanchez back in the '80s.
Wouldn't be surprised if that's why Soledad ended up in Italy.
Carlo was offering her protection, which means he might know where she is.
Worth a shot.
He said he owed us for helping catch his son's killer.
Calling in favors from convicted mobsters is where I get off the train, but you kids knock yourselves out.
Thanks, Harper.
Oh, and try not to leave too much destruction in your wake.
Gwen? Hi.
Does the name Zara Farouk ring a bell? Besides the obvious part, - about her last name? - No, never heard it.
Why? Fabi was looking into a money trail from a shell company to somebody by that name.
I called the bank listed on the transactions, but they wouldn't give out any information, and I can't get a warrant because the documents were procured illegally.
Were they ever.
I stole them, and then you did, which is, like, doubly illegal.
Yes, thank you.
Gwen, I just knew we could be friends one day.
Okay, I'm hanging up now.
Let us know if you find anything.
All right.
Look at McNamara.
He doesn't even know how to wear a shirt.
Did you hear what happened to his dad? He's in jail.
I hate these things, too, huh? H-Hey Don't let your suit define you.
Okay? Not tonight.
Not ever.
The Romans said the clothes make the man.
Um, and how did that work out for them? See you around, kid.
The proceeds from tonight's auction go towards scholarships for those students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement.
And while those students have earned their place here, it would only be fair to say that none of us would be here if not for the generosity of our host, the man who donated this incredible array of auction items from his own private collection.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
Jacob Reece.
Carlo Velardi says it's this way.
Señora Soledad.
I was told you have some information about my father's whereabouts.
Carlo assured me you wouldn't waste my time.
We're here to prevent a terrorist group from carrying out a deadly attack.
But to do that, we need to find out what happened to your father.
With your help, we think we can.
You have five minutes.
We have the last known recording of your father, courtesy of the DEA.
This man says that he is with you.
Shaw? - Oh, God.
- What the hell are you doing here? I could ask you two the same damn thing.
That doesn't make sense.
You followed us.
So he is with you? - Yes.
- No.
- We are done here.
- Oh, hold up Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.
We know him.
He just didn't come with us.
And whose fault is that? You two found Antony and didn't even bother to reach out? Antony? As in Antony and Cleopatra? - Yeah.
- Yes.
That's why we're here.
The terrorists we're after are looking for Cleopatra.
Now, if we can find her before they do, we can stop their attack.
We have reason to suspect your father was in possession of her.
He was.
He was I remember seeing a golden coffin.
Soledad, can you, can you help us figure out where he went? You said, uh, that you had a recording? His voice.
It's been a very long time.
When he was gone, his enemies tried to take out their revenge on him through us.
And my mother thought that he had abandoned us like a coward.
I know this doesn't answer what happened to him, but at least you know he was thinking of you.
Do you know the book of poems he was talking about? Of course.
I have it right here.
He gave it as a gift to my mother when they first met, and he would always read to us from it and I, I kept it all these years.
The title Deseado? It means, um, "I have desired.
" Deseado is also a small island in the western Sargasso Sea.
Cortés discovered it on his way to the New World.
What? I-I watch a lot of Discovery Channel.
So you think Sanchez took Cleopatra to The Bermuda Triangle.
As if having a mummy's curse on me wasn't enough.
No one is asking you to go, Shaw.
How do you know that this is where my father went? Your father knew the DEA was listening.
When he said you can find me in the book of poems, he meant you can find him in Deseado.
He was trying to tell you where he was going.
But if he's been alive all these years, how come he didn't try to contact us? I don't know.
But whatever happened to him, the answers are on this island.
My father, he made a lot of enemies in this part of the world.
It's not safe for me to join you.
But should you find any information about what happened to my father, good or bad, please, let me know.
Come on! You owe me.
I brought your friend from the refugee camp all the way to Norway to reunite with her family.
And then I got snowed in for a week.
Froze my ass off.
Look here, see? Ooh Hey, what are you hiding? I told you, if anything happened to Aya, I would Why do you look so happy? They were lovely people and we got along very well.
Is that what you wanted to hear? Fine, it was nice.
And it got me thinking about the future, building a nest egg so maybe one day, I can settle down and have a family, too.
Shaw, what does that have to do with going with us? I missed out on my slice of the finder's fee for Antony, and I'll be damned if I get cut out of Cleo, too.
You had nothing to do with finding Antony.
Uh I won't even dignify that.
Bottom line, you need me.
I've spent many years in the import/export business.
Much of it in the Caribbean.
Got a lot of contacts down there, including one Enrique Vega in Deseado.
Been there for decades, knows every island for miles.
If Sanchez went there, Vega would know.
- I think he's making it up.
- Hundred percent.
Need I remind you that if it weren't for my relationship with Le Mer in Casablanca, he would've turned you in for that bounty and you two would be sleeping with the fishes right now.
But instead, I led you directly to Cleopatra.
Go ahead.
Try and deny it.
- Mm-hmm.
That's what I thought.
- All right.
You can come along.
But I'm telling you right now, you follow our lead.
- One false step, and I will - You won't regret it.
You'll see.
Hey, amigo, plane almost ready? Sí, signore.
Just routine maintenance.
Anybody know the snack situation on this flight? Shaw, don't steal anything, okay? Never.
CCTV caught this outside my building.
I ran it through facial recognition.
Inconclusive, but I managed to get the number plate.
Put out an alert, will you? The general would like to speak with you.
I'll see him when I have a moment.
It is not a request.
I prefer to stand, if it's all the same.
You might as well.
You've been recalled to Lyon.
The order came from Interpol.
You leave tonight.
It's out of my hands.
But you could stop it.
Unless you're eager to get me out of here.
Maybe because you're a double agent of Serapis, just like Captain Fabi was.
Agent Karlsson, this crazy talk about secret societies is not helping ingratiate you.
Not to the carabinieri and not to Interpol.
You're becoming a laughingstock.
Fabi was a corrupt cop.
Nothing more.
Fabi was running a parallel investigation into Farouk.
Aren't you at least a bit curious to find out why, or what was in his secret files? The ones you stole from his apartment? Hmm? Why are you so obsessed with Captain Fabi? Were you in love with him? No, you idiot.
Fabi was my partner.
And I believe Fabi found something out about Farouk, and I want to know what it is.
'Cause Karim Farouk's men are still out there, and a threat.
And following up on the evidence that Fabi found nearly got me killed.
So, clearly, someone doesn't want it out there.
Maybe that means nothing to you, but if that's the case, I don't know what the hell you're doing in here all day, because it sure isn't police work.
The most connected man in Deseado works out of a bait shop.
It's also a bar, so one way or another, everybody comes through here.
Just remember, we have to play our cards close.
No one needs to know we're looking for Sanchez.
If he's still around, last thing we want is to tip him off.
Chill, man.
I wasn't born yesterday.
You got old, tío.
You got round, hermano.
What brings you back to my little island, huh? Well, I need your help.
Meet Danny and Lexi.
They're bounty hunters looking for Everado Sanchez.
Everado Sanchez? Here? It's just a theory.
A man like Sanchez would stick out here like a cockeyed giraffe, huh? I mean, he disappeared in, what, '92? '93.
The biggest thing to hit Deseado in the '90s were the Spice Girls.
- And that mess with the money.
- What mess? One day, out of nowhere, stacks of U.
dollars washed up on the shore.
The locals swarmed the beach, grabbing fistfuls of cash.
Old people knocking down kids, kids knocking down old people.
A local tabloid said the source of the money was the lost city of El Dorado.
We had turistas coming in from all over the world.
Didn't you run the local tabloid? Made a killing.
I bet you did.
- Business is business.
- Yeah.
Wait, yeah, wait.
Uh, hey, I'll be back in a minute.
Make yourself comfortable.
Don't mind if I do.
What part of "keep your cards close" did you not grasp? It's called trust.
You should try it sometime.
And what makes you think you can trust him? Well, he happens to be my friend.
A friend, who doesn't even know your real name.
Listen, he knows what he needs to know.
And I know we can't make a move in the Triangle without him hearing about it.
And if he starts to think I am withholding, he starts sniffing around, maybe he starts looking himself and finds Cleopatra before we do.
I hate to admit it but I agree with Shaw.
See? Shaw knows what he's doing.
B-But why do you agree? Sanchez's plane went down in the Bermuda Triangle.
We'll need to search hundreds of islands scattered across thousands of miles.
We need a guide.
You mean someone who's familiar with the entire area.
Someone who knows every island from here to Miami.
Now, where on earth are we going to find this person on such short notice? Oh, I'm gonna remember that smug look When this blows up in our faces.
Come on, guys.
It's gonna be great.
So, there are a dozen islands stretched across a gajillion kilometers.
How are we gonna narrow it down? If the plane crashed nearby, the wreckage would have been found.
Well, it would have needed to have crashed somewhere uninhabited, where no one could hear or see it, yet somewhere close enough that any cash would wash back up at Deseado.
These islands are all listed as deserted.
That entire island chain was a hideout for a South American revolutionary group in the '70s.
The waters all around there are mined.
No one goes there.
But one of those rebels traded me a map to the mines for an outboard motor.
I just hope it's still accurate.
Boat's ready.
Let's move.
Come on, we're burning daylight.
Yeah, let's not be in too much of a rush.
Got to be on the lookout for mines.
- For what? - Hey, you were the one who wanted to come with.
It's gonna be great.
This is the last beach on the island.
We'd better hurry up, the sun will be setting soon.
I found something! What a find, moldy porn.
Think I'll call the National Geographic Society.
Definitely makes the trip through mine-infested waters worth it.
Look, March 1993.
That's right when Sanchez went missing.
This has to be the place.
I found a wing! I think I found a piece of landing gear.
There's debris scattered everywhere.
Everado Sanchez's plane crashed here.
If I were marooned, the first thing I'd do would be to find shelter.
Come on.
Follow me.
Do try and keep up, gentlemen.
Wow, that's a lot of money.
Sanchez was trapped.
He couldn't get through the minefield around the island.
Couldn't get back to them.
It's her.
It's really her.
You know, I couldn't take it in before, but I'm somehow part of a bloodline that goes over 2,000 years.
I feel it now.
We did it.
Well, well Who do we have here? I need to make this right.
She just lost her father.
Give her some time.
I can give her justice.
I can find Farouk.
And how do you expect to do that? The guy's a ghost now.
First thing tomorrow morning, I'll go back to the crime scene, I'll comb over every last inch.
Your boss, old friend of mine, told me that they're gonna need to find a fall guy for the botched Farouk investigation.
I'm sorry, Danny, but you're through there.
If I'm not FBI, who am I? Hey, kid, don't let your suit define you.
You can work anywhere you want Including for me.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Yeah, that's the plate.
Good work, Enzo.
Is the team ready? Yes, everyone is in position.
There she is.
Who is she? Mercenary, probably.
I'm more interested in who hired her.
You recognize him? No.
Go, go, go, go, go! You're making a huge mistake.
Terrorists are after Cleopatra.
You take her now, they're just gonna come after you.
This is my world.
I know this area better than anyone.
I'm not so worried.
- And here I thought we were friends.
- We are.
Which is why I'm going to let you live.
But Business is business.
Goodbye, my friend.
Live a long, pleasant life on the island.
Your friend is so delightful, Shaw.
Thank you very much for introducing us.
You're welcome.
This Won't take but a minute.
We can still catch up to them.
Holy crap.
Oh, no.
Cleopatra's gone.
Well At least we got a map and a boat.
Could be worse.
You know, for a priest, this Father Chuck sure does live large.
Yeah, this used to be a cardinal's palace.
They subdivided it into apartments for priests who work in Rome.
Huh, who would've thought the clergy was where it was at? Maybe you should try your hand at it.
Couldn't really get any worse.
Look, I'm sorry for the mess with Vega.
You think you know a guy.
Everyone always lets you down in the end.
Except you two.
You just might be the only real friends I got.
I'm gonna make things right, you'll see.
I'll help you find Antony and Cleopatra.
And I'll even throw in a 50% off friends and family discount.
Of course.
I'll let you two work out those details.
I've got to call Soledad, let her know what we found about her father.
Lexi, thanks for calling.
I heard from the police about my father.
He never abandoned you.
He just couldn't get through the minefield around the island.
Eventually Well, eventually, he just gave up.
I thought that recording you played for me would be the last thing I hear about him.
Thank you.
I will make sure that he is brought back to be reunited with his family.
Muchas gracias.
How'd it go? Oh, she, uh Appreciated the closure.
She also got me thinking about something.
- What the DEA had on Sanchez? - No.
What Simon Hardwick has on the Brotherhood.
Oh, yes.
Shall I just assume you're always gonna bring a group that gets larger every time? Aiden Shaw.
I know who you are.
Please, uh Make yourselves at home, why don't you? Uh well, I don't suppose I could offer anybody a drink, could I? Are you okay? I killed a man.
- But otherwise, fine.
- Look, I know it's tough, Simon, but you didn't have a choice.
Farouk would have killed you.
It'll get easier.
You know, on second thought, I will take you up on that drink.
Well, you're obviously not here to inquire on my welfare, are you? We actually came for some information.
The night we got Farouk, you said you had a bug inside the Serapis crypt.
Any chance you've heard them talk about Cleopatra's location - in the last couple days? - I-I don't th-think When would I have had the t? Why? What is it? Oh, we found Cleopatra.
Well, that's great, right? And then she was stolen from us.
Not so great.
I think the Brotherhood is behind it.
It could have been Farouk's crew.
I'm just saying, we shouldn't assume anything.
But then why are you so sure it's Serapis? If you have the recordings, we might be able to tell, one way or the other.
I thought I was done with all of this.
Look, I suppo If I can help in any way, then, then, then I will.
You know, it'll take me a day or so.
I'll, uh, I'll have to go through the recording I'm not promising anything.
The recordings might be fruitless, right? Just get us something as soon as you can.
What happened? I don't get it.
It's right here.
Yes, and it's empty.
No way.
All the surveillance footage was blank.
They must've had a man on the inside, turned off all the cameras.
Theft wasn't even discovered till the morning shift.
News hasn't been alerted yet.
This building is surrounded by soldiers.
I How could they get enough people in here without anybody noticing? Good question.
One among many.
How many of the guards were knocked out? Just the four in this room.
None of them saw anything.
If they did have an inside man, they could have had more people hidden in the room waiting for the place to close.
But then they would still have needed to get past a hundred soldiers.
What's on the other side of this wall? Blimey.
- They didn't go out; they went down.
- Great.
Of course.
Get on the phones.
Now Farouk's crew has everything they need - for the attack.
- Unless Serapis took Antony and Cleopatra.
Come on, look at the coordination.
Having an inside man at the museum? Not blowing the place up like the pyramids to cover their tracks.
That sounds a lot more like Serapis than Farouk's crew.
Anybody would've been trying not to draw attention.
They didn't want to go to battle against his whole bloody army.
Why are you so sure it isn't Serapis? We find Cleopatra, and suddenly they're family? Well, technically they are.
Oh, so you're gonna join the Brotherhood now? I didn't say that.
Can we please focus on the issue? I am.
And I'm not related to any of the suspects.
I need to talk to the two of you.
Whoever attacked me after looking into Zara Farouk is getting desperate.
Do you know anything about who it is? No, but I know this belongs to him.
And I know who's been pulling the strings behind Farouk's organization.
Reece gives these to His family and friends.
And people high up in his organization.
That's him.
I saw him at the silo.
There must be some explanation.
Danny, his sleeves are rolled up, like he lost a cuff link.
But Yates? Yates is more the kind to take orders than give them.
It's hard to picture him bossing Farouk around.
Maybe The real bad guy has been in front of us all this time.

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