Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Legacy of the Father

1 Previously on Blood & Treasure REECE: The theft of Antony wasn't even discovered till the morning shift.
News hasn't been alerted yet.
SHAW: I missed out on my slice of the finder's fee for Antony, and I'll be damned if I get cut out of Cleo, too.
All right, you can come along.
- And I - You won't regret it.
DANNY: It's her.
DANNY: You're making a huge mistake.
Cleopatra's gone.
Whoever attacked me after looking into Zara Farouk is getting desperate.
DANNY: Do you know anything about who it is? GWEN: No, but I know this belongs to him.
DANNY: Reece gives these to family and friends.
- That's him.
- LEXI: Yates? Yates is more the kind to take orders than give them.
Maybe the real bad guy has been in front of us all this time.
That's crazy.
LEXI: Are you kidding? Everything finally makes sense.
Have no idea what you're talking about, yet somehow I feel like I haven't missed anything.
We found Cleopatra.
No way.
Yes, and she was taken, along with Antony.
- By who? - That's what we're arguing about.
Ah, Father Chuck, hi, - so, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
I've heard so much about you.
I'm Dr.
Ana Castillo.
- I'm gonna make some coffee, okay? - Uh, o-okay, yeah, sure, uh, make yourself at home.
- Father.
- Agent Karlsson.
At the moment, I am acting outside of proper channels.
- Hey, watch it.
- Who are you? I'm Shaw.
You got anything to eat? CASTILLO: Well, I'm making coffee over here, and it looks like he's got a lovely antipasto We having, like, a, uh, treasure hunt meeting or something? - Man, I am starving.
- DANNY: You know what? - Me, too.
- He's got some candy hidden away in the bottom drawer on the left.
FATHER CHUCK: Okay, everybody stop what you're doing right now.
First of all, - is anyone else showing up at my home? - Nope.
I think we're all here.
I swear.
I just came home for lunch.
I'm glad you're here, Chuck.
We could use someone objective - to help us decide.
- Yeah.
Decide what? We've known all along that Farouk was planning to use Antony and Cleopatra somehow in an attack.
His crew is still out there, and they have a bioweapon.
Some people believe I have a blind spot that is preventing me from seeing the truth.
But I think we're wasting time we could be using looking for the real bad guys.
So we'll make our case.
You tell us who's crazy.
Only one of you is crazy? [LAUGHS.]
- Sorry.
- Right, then.
May I? I found the evidence and I'm the actual police officer here.
Plus, your, um pants are covered in candy.
Ready to tag in as cocounsel if needed.
So, Fabi was running a parallel investigation into Karim Farouk.
After he died, I obtained some evidence and I found a check written out to a Zara Farouk.
Huh, interesting.
I thought Karim Farouk was a made-up name.
DANNY: The man we know as Karim Farouk's real name is Rasheed Hegazi.
But he may have chosen the nom de guerre of Karim Farouk for a reason.
GWEN: I haven't been able to find out much about Zara Farouk, but I know she was Egyptian and she died of a rare mycotoxin.
So she was a tomb raider.
- How do you know? - Mycotoxin is a mutation of the toxic mold created by the breaking down of mummified tissue.
Mummy cancer? You said that couldn't hurt me.
No, generally it doesn't in modern times.
When did she die? 1990s.
That sounds pretty damn modern to me.
GWEN: The same toxin was found in a lab in Russia alongside a body that it'd been tested on.
DANNY: Farouk's men have weaponized it.
That's not a coincidence.
Who wrote the check to Zara Farouk? GWEN: Well, I've been trying to find that out.
But the bank stonewalled me.
I couldn't obtain a warrant because the evidence was [INHALES SHARPLY.]
You know, obtained illegally.
But the call seemed to have sent up some sort of flare because, uh, later I was attacked in my apartment.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? She's fine, but more importantly, all the evidence was taken.
- And Gwen, badass that she is - Thank you.
You got it, sister.
tracked the person who attacked her to Rick Yates, head of security for Jacob Reece, proving that he's the most likely mastermind behind Farouk.
- Objection.
- SHAW: Dude.
We're not in court.
- Then I call BS.
- On which part? All of it.
This whole theory makes no sense.
What does Reece have to gain by supporting a terrorist? LEXI: Uh, his family made most its money in oil.
More instability, the price goes up.
And as a bonus, Farouk loots blood antiquities, which then makes its way to Reece, who launders it through his museum to make it all legitimate.
Makes a lot of sense.
- DANNY: It's ridiculous.
- You're ridiculous.
You know when instability doesn't help your company? When your own pipeline gets blown up.
The company took a half-billion dollar hit when Farouk attacked it.
It's not a great path to profit.
Maybe Reece lost control of his attack dog.
And maybe you're the one with the blind spot.
Farouk's dead, Lexi, and now you want to redirect your rage towards someone new because you still blame yourself for your father's death.
So, I'm guessing we don't get to rule on this.
I'll be, I'll be right back.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
Don't you think that if you didn't suspect something was wrong with Reece, you wouldn't be so defensive? If I am right, and Reece was behind Farouk, maybe he's the reason Farouk was so hard to catch all that time.
What if Farouk only needed Antony and Cleopatra because Reece wanted them and that theft was just his way of keeping them for himself? Are you kidding? He wants credit for finding them.
This is about legacy for him.
About being a part of history.
I do know a group that wants Antony and Cleopatra and doesn't want anyone to know where they are.
Who, the Brotherhood of Serapis? - And how do they work? - Oh, here we go.
They place agents, people like Fabi, into organizations to manipulate them from behind the scenes.
Now, I don't doubt that Yates was behind the attack on Gwen.
I just think he works for the Brotherhood.
- Oh, come on.
- What? Why is that crazier than Reece being a terrorist mastermind? - [EXHALES.]
- You don't think the Brotherhood's gonna keep tabs on everybody who has the interest and means of finding Cleopatra? Now they can frame Reece for the disappearance.
To stay a secret society for thousands of years, you get real good at finding people to take the fall for you.
I know who the bad guy is.
It's Reece.
Everything runs through Reece.
You're just too blind to see it.
Lexi, you're wrong.
I know it in my heart.
And while we're fighting each other, we're losing time.
What kind of relationship do we have if you can't trust me? I could ask you the same thing.
Look You do things your way and I'll do it mine.
Good luck with your way.
- Hello.
- DANNY: Simon.
This is Danny McNamara.
Uh, - it's usually Lexi who calls me.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I wanted you all to myself this time.
Hey, have you found anything yet? From the bug you have inside Serapis? Any indication of where they've taken Antony and Cleopatra? No.
No, I'm afraid not.
I've been plowing through the audio.
Uh, it's just mostly hours and hours of silence.
Which, I suppose, isn't surprising, uh, given that the bug's in a crypt.
Okay, well, please let me know the moment you hear anything.
Yeah, uh, Danny.
I'm still in Rome.
I-I don't know if you, uh, needed a hand in your adventures or I think we'll be fine.
Hello? He - Where are you going? - Egypt.
- To see Sharif Ghazal.
- From the Cultural Ministry? Oh, that.
That's his cover job.
He's actually in intelligence.
And we thought he was working for Farouk.
That file Fabi was working on is one I took from Ghazal's safe.
So you're gonna go to Ghazal, you're gonna talk to him and find out who he really works for? Talk, hang him out a window by a lamp cord, whatever works.
I will come with you.
Thanks but no thanks.
Lexi, we are on the [CLEARS THROAT.]
Same side.
I also think that Reece is responsible and I can help you prove it.
Team Lexi and Gwen? If that is the order you prefer.
All right.
I can work with that.
Wh-Where did all the ladies go? - Egypt.
- Aw, man.
I wasn't in there that long.
Yo, man, the ladies just teamed up.
Now we got to do our thing.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You think the Brotherhood is behind this.
Let's find out where they took Antony and Cleopatra.
You and me.
Simon Hardwick put a bug in Serapis to keep tabs on their hunt for Antony and Cleopatra.
He's been going through the recordings to see if he can find out where they were taken.
That's a good plan.
But If Yates works for them, don't you want to know what he's up to? I got eyes in every country.
I can track him down for you.
Maybe he leads us right to the proof we need.
That's That's actually a good idea.
Predator handshake.
Let's do this.
- - LEXI: So, the last time I was here, I did a bump-lift to take someone's badge and used it to get into the building.
But Ghazal's office is a little trickier.
The door's secure, but there's a glass divider above his door that's unlocked, - and I was able to get in - How about I use this? LEXI: Okay, I have to say, being on this side of law enforcement definitely has its advantages.
So Ghazal hasn't come back yet? Not today, ma'am.
Is he, uh, ever late? Not since I've worked here.
Eight years.
Can you give us a moment? GWEN: Interpol business.
It's classified.
I'll get my superior.
Oh Bloody fantastic.
Either Ghazal is on the run or he's already dead.
How can you be sure? Someone cleaned out the safe.
Or maybe he knows Reece are cutting loose threads and disappeared.
Or he didn't, and Reece disappeared him.
Someone took the hard drive.
Not looking good for Ghazal.
I'll find out where he lives.
MAJOR REECE: We've already laid 400 miles of pipeline without a single fatality.
Look, we both know that this is a shakedown.
Just tell me what it's gonna cost me.
Jacob, I'm on the phone, you know better than that.
I'm sorry, sir.
Do it.
Just don't pay from the Reece Corporate account.
What are you doing over there, Jacob, making a mess? What is this? Well, how about that? That, my boy, is Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt.
That's me when I was in the army.
We'd captured this German officer Krug was his name.
You see, Cleopatra's been lost for a very long time, but Krug told me he knew where she was.
- So you found her? - Nope.
But this picture, it lit a fire in me.
Suddenly, finding Cleopatra was the most important thing in the world.
So I went looking for her.
If she's out there somewhere, this lady doesn't want to be found.
You shouldn't be down there.
You speak English.
Did you not see the signs back there? Uh, yeah, yeah, I saw the signs, but But you thought they did not apply to you? Look, you mind chastising me after you help me up? [GRUNTING.]
You must be my guardian angel.
What were you doing down there? Uh, exploring.
I'm a student backpacking around.
You are Jacob Reece III.
You know who I am? The Chalice of the Ptolemies you're looking for is long gone, taken by grave robbers like you.
Now hold on a minute.
I'm not a grave robber.
Okay? It belongs in a museum for the whole world to see.
Okay, look.
How about this? [BOTH SIGH.]
I need a guide and interpreter, clearly.
I'll pay you three times what you're making right now, and when I find what I'm looking for, you'll be right there to make sure I keep my word.
Save your money.
I know you're trying to find Antony and Cleopatra.
They are long gone as well.
Well, if you're right, then you stand to make a lot of money while we keep looking.
I'm Zara.
Zara Farouk.
It's very nice to meet you, Zara.
Nice to met you, Jay.
FATHER CHUCK: My friends in the Vatican Foreign Ministry are figuring out who Zara Farouk was.
Somebody has done a very good job of removing almost any trace of her existence.
Almost any trace? They found the same thing that Gwen did: her name on a hospital register from when she checked herself in with the mummy cancer.
Oh, for God's sakes, is that what we're calling it now? It's just easier to remember.
Anyway, when she died, an imam was requested.
That's the last info we have on her.
Now, I know it's a shot in the dark, but some mosques use handwritten records.
That'd be pretty easy for anyone trying to clean up a paper trail to miss.
Well, it makes sense that she would go to a hospital near where she lives.
Gives you an area to search in.
Now, I have an imam friend in Egypt who is looking into it.
He's gonna figure out which mosque she went to, and then he's gonna send us whatever he finds.
What'd you find out? Well, I've been reading up about the body that was found in the lab.
He was a scientist who apparently worked for Farouk.
He died from the same symptoms that Zara did, only massively accelerated.
So what killed her in months, killed him in minutes.
That is grim.
I'm just trying to figure out why all the effort into weaponizing something when there are far greater toxins already out there? Yeah.
It seems like Farouk didn't just want to kill people, he wanted to make sure that they suffered like she did.
Yeah, well, whoever we're dealing with is some kind of awful, so I would tell your friend in Egypt to be careful.
SHAW: So my guy tracked Yates from the airport to here.
- This is Yates' place? - Didn't say.
How long ago did he get here? Didn't say.
Did he come directly to this house or make any stops? Didn't say? I told my man that Yates is a professional and to keep his distance.
Didn't have much time to dig into things.
Okay, but you're sure we're not watching an empty house right now? Man, Yates went in there and hasn't come out yet.
So, um, you and Lexi broken up again, or? No.
Good, good.
I wasn't trying to move in on your territory or nothing.
I was just checking in on the team morale.
Team morale's fine.
We all want the same thing.
To stop a terrorist attack.
Oh, yeah, of course, but, you know I mean, heroes got to eat, right? [CHUCKLES.]
Where are they going? You said they went to question Ghazal.
Guess now we know whose house this is.
Come on.
What are you doing here? We're following Yates.
LEXI: Yates? Well, if Yates came to Ghazal's house, then Ghazal is definitely dead.
Oh, for sure, yeah.
Office was cleared out.
- Yates is cleaning up.
It's Yates.
Yates! LEXI: Danny! Danny! Danny! Yates! [GRUNTING.]
Buckle up.
Hold up, hold up, you going the wrong way.
Oh, shut up, Shaw! She's concentrating.
You do know where we're going, right? [SPUTTERS.]
No! Yates! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Who are you working for? - LEXI: Danny.
- Aah! Why do you have to go back? [SIGHS.]
It's been noticed that I haven't actually been spending a lot of time at the company.
I knew you would leave one day.
This was always just play for you.
Zara, I You can come to New York with me.
You think your father would like that? Wait, does he even know about us? No.
But he can't tell me what to do.
You said he threatened to cut you off if you didn't return.
O-Okay, maybe he can right now, but Look, it's not gonna be long before I'm running the company and no one can stop us from being together.
SHAW: Should I go talk to him? I think he needs someone right now.
My man's hurting.
Him and Yates went back a long way.
Yes, yes, I know, Shaw.
I'm the one who's in a relationship with him.
I'm giving him some space.
I'm just saying, if you want to stay in that relationship, communication is key.
And I'm just saying: silence.
So Ghazal's body was found inside.
It was meant to look like a suicide.
And given his connections in the Egyptian intelligence, I wouldn't expect much cooperation from there, either.
But I found this cell phone.
- Belonged to Yates.
- Agent Karlsson.
Taking evidence from a crime scene? I can't be a part of this.
What? I'm kidding, I can totally be a part of this.
- So you're gonna have Interpol track where he's been, retrace his steps? Yeah.
- Well, since we're all admitting to stealing evidence from the crime scene, I grabbed this from the bag he was carrying.
Thought it might be useful.
The hard drive from Ghazal's office.
Not bad.
- Just doing my part.
- Okay.
I am going to finish up here and have Interpol trace the last location Yates used his phone.
Thanks, Gwen.
Cell records show he was here before he went to Ghazal's.
This must be Yates's safe house.
- Nice work, tiger.
- And voilà.
Not much of a safe house.
Unless he was trying to save the '70s.
Gwen's Intel says he's been back and forth to this place twice since he's arrived.
Thought your guy was following him the whole time.
Like I said, I told him to be careful not to get caught.
And being careful not to get caught means he lost track of Yates multiple times? Why is everybody coming for me? LEXI: And we still don't know if Yates was working for Reece or the Brotherhood.
SHAW: Hey, we'll find something.
Lex? Those paintings my dad stole in the Fensgate Museum heist One of them was never recovered.
- You remember which? - Oh, my God.
The Death of Cleopatra.
Yates didn't work for Reece back then.
This is Reece's apartment.
He's the one behind the heist that sent my father to prison.
Reece? Midge, you can call me Jay.
My dad is [CLEARS THROAT.]
I guess I am Mr.
Reece now.
Uh, okay.
Is that more stuff for me to sign? And, um I thought you should also have these.
What are they? From Egypt, over the past year.
Why did I never get these? Your father didn't want you throwing your whole future away because of her, but I couldn't bear throwing them out.
It's your company now.
You can decide what to do with them.
The most recent is on top.
If you need me, I'm right outside.
Midge? Yes, Mr.
Reece? I need you to write a check, and not from my account and not from the corporation.
Do you understand? Yes, sir.
I'll contact Mr.
He handled many things for your father, discreetly.
DANNY: Now, Reece had my father steal those other paintings to cover up the theft of this one.
You were right.
If Reece is behind the heist, he could be behind Farouk, too.
I keep replaying my whole life in my head.
I mean, Reece is behind the scholarships I got to college and law school.
His contacts got me into the FBI despite having a felon as a father.
My whole life, everything that I am, is a lie.
A payoff for my father's silence.
Daniel You're a good man.
Despite your father, despite Reece, that's who you are.
You mind if I just have a minute? Yeah, of course.
- Of course.
- LEXI: Hello.
- [SIGHS.]
It's Simon Hardwick.
Yeah, yeah, okay, hold on.
Simon found something on the bug he had in the Serapis crypt.
Go ahead, Simon.
HARDWICK: I think I know where Antony and Cleopatra are.
Alessandro LaLande's family has been in banking for generations and also, apparently, the Brotherhood.
From what I can gather, Antony and Cleopatra are being held in a vault in the Banque Saint Laurent in Paris.
Good work.
Yeah, well, better move quick.
You've got less than 24 hours.
I think they're being transported tomorrow.
Where? That part I can't make out because of some interference You know, I'm gonna send you the file, and maybe you can.
LEXI: Okay, yeah.
We'll call you back.
- Right.
Uh So you were right.
The Brotherhood did have Antony and Cleopatra.
And you were right that I had a blind spot about Reece.
SHAW: You know, it's a sign of a good relationship that you both can accept the middle ground rather than trying to win the argument.
: Low profile.
We don't want to draw attention.
After the bank closes tomorrow night, we'll transfer them by truck.
There's some kind of interference.
You know, I was on an investigation once where we had a recording device in an office.
We heard the same kind of interference.
When we tried to play it back, it turned out another agency was also bugging it.
Two bugs in the same room transmitting on a similar frequency.
- Exactly.
- So who's the other bug from? BOTH: Farouk.
If his crew knows where the Brotherhood is taking Antony and Cleopatra, they'll, they'll hit them on the road.
Just like they did the convoy of Egyptian relics in Geneva.
We got to beat them to it.
We need to rob that bank.
: Hands up, mate! Don't you move.
Don't be a hero today.
: Everybody out from behind the counter! - [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
- Get on the ground! SHAW: We're not here to hurt anybody in the bank.
All we want is what's in the vault.
You heard him.
We haven't got all day.
Keys to the vault.
You also need the combination to get you into the vault, and I don't have it.
If you're looking for something untraceable, I can give you all the cash and the gold that you can carry.
I just don't want any trouble.
Well, that's too bad, isn't it? - 'Cause the vault is what we want.
: You don't know who you're messing with.
This ain't worth dying over mate.
Give me the combination.
I can't.
You'll need to shoot me.
LEXI: Okay, we're gonna do this the hard way.
Cuff him to the table.
Response time's about eight minutes.
- Starting the clock.
- Move! - Let's go.
- Get down.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! [REGULAR ACCENT.]
: I thought we all agreed, cockney bank robber accents.
Yeah, that was pure Statham.
- I don't even know what that means.
- Just Focus.
: Okay.
Wasn't sure what kind of vault we'd be up against, so I brought options.
SHAW: Hey, guys, we got cops outside.
Damn it, that was fast.
Okay, you keep at it.
I'll go up.
What's going on? Well, they must have heard the gunshot.
Nobody in here had time to push a button.
Did you?! Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no need for that.
We're all good here.
You're going to be fine.
Make no attempt to enter the bank, or I will murder everyone in here.
No, no, no, no, we're not really going to kill anybody.
We have demands.
Are you ready? I want a 747 waiting at De Gaulle, fully fueled with a crew on standby, as well as a helicopter to take us there.
And a monster truck.
That's a truck with really big wheels.
You have one hour.
- A monster truck? - A monster truck.
All right.
SHAW: Um, guys? I don't think they bothered with that monster truck.
Holy crap.
Huh? They're downstairs.
Well, how about that? So, the robbers just accidentally discovered Antony and Cleopatra while they were trying to break into the vault? Yeah, it appears so.
They escaped in the chaos.
The bank manager he disappeared as well.
The police cruiser taking him to the station never arrived, so no one knows or can explain how they got here.
- LEXI: Reece, this is Simon Hardwick.
He's the one who spotted the robbers and alerted the authorities.
Without him, Antony and Cleopatra - might have never been recovered.
Reece, it means the world to finally meet you.
Funny enough, I'm also in the antique-dealing business.
Thank you so much, Mr.
I insist that you accompany us for the public unveiling.
I'll have my secretary contact you.
She'll make all the arrangements.
Uh, well, thank you.
- Uh, that's a great honor.
- Danny, can you believe this? Lot of things I can't believe today.
Can you and I talk? Yeah.
Excuse me.
Kid, you're making me nervous.
- What's up, somebody die? - Yeah.
Rick Yates.
- What? - In Egypt.
After shooting at me and Lexi.
Wait, I don't understand.
He stole evidence related to the Farouk investigation.
I have no idea about any of that.
You can't think I was somehow in league with Farouk.
Yates was a traitor.
You know, I-I honestly I don't know what to think anymore.
Danny, Farouk blew up one of my pipelines.
My company had an office in the tower that Farouk hit in Malaysia.
The man has been at war with my company for years.
Yates was working out of your apartment in Egypt.
- My apartment - Stop it, Jay.
The Death of Cleopatra painting, I found it.
I know you're behind the Fensgate Museum heist.
Only thing I don't know is what else you're guilty of.
Do you know that for decades I have dreaded Probably on some level hoped for this moment? The Fensgate Museum heist was the biggest mistake I ever made.
I was told that it would be easy.
No one would get hurt.
I just wanted one painting.
Why was it so important to you? Belonged to my father.
You know, he rescued that painting during the Second World War.
Then, decades later, somebody shows up out of nowhere and says it's theirs.
And I don't even fight it.
I just give it to them.
Then they turn around and sell it to the Fensgate.
That painting would have been destroyed if it hadn't been for my father.
In my heart, it was his.
And so I took it.
You had my dad take it.
No, I have never forgiven myself for what happened to your father.
To you.
That's why I've done everything I could for you.
Don't-don't lie to me, Jay.
You did it to buy my father's silence.
At the beginning, yes, that's true.
But I am not lying to you when I say that I have loved you like a son.
You know I have two ex-wives, three daughters.
None of them speak to me.
Danny, you're the only thing in my life that I am truly proud of.
Look, we Egypt has suffered a tragedy.
We can bring healing to this country.
We can bring the world together.
And that's what this has been all about.
Look, once this is all over I will confess My part of what happened at the Fensgate.
I will return the painting.
I would only ask that you be my lawyer.
I don't think I can do that.
But I will walk with you into the FBI and make sure it all gets done.
I'll give you a couple days to make your arrangements.
Un pacco per Charles Donnelly.
Firmo io.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
Come in, come in.
Look at these pictures.
We're building a replica of the tomb, and a brand-new wing in my museum in Egypt.
Making it a rush job, but the anniversary of Cleopatra's death is coming.
It's costing me a fortune, but what better way to unveil her to the world? It's amazing, Jay.
You need to cancel it.
What? Absolutely not.
I've got people working around the clock ever since we discovered Antony.
Farouk is going to attack it.
- Farouk is dead.
- Then his men will attack it.
A check was found made to a Zara Farouk.
We didn't know who she was until we looked into it.
This is a Record from a mosque in Egypt.
It is a certificate from a Sebou, which is an Egyptian custom that celebrates the seventh day of a baby's birth.
On it, it lists Karim Farouk's mother as Zara Farouk, and also his father.
- Jay, did you know that you were Karim Farouk's father? I've known for years.
I was young, I met a girl Oh, I know how babies are made, Jay.
I don't care that you fathered someone who became a terrorist.
I mean, you had no idea.
You couldn't help what he would become.
That's not how the world would see it, Ana.
Everything I've ever worked for would be destroyed forever.
Farouk weaponized a toxin that killed Zara.
This is obviously very personal to him.
And the people who followed him, they're gonna use this unveiling to kill you and so many more people.
I am tired of living, looking over my shoulder.
Perhaps I can get rid of all of them - once and for all.
- You know what? I thought that I could come here today to reason with you, but If I can't do that, then [GASPING.]
I'm gonna have to go to the authorities.
I know, I know, I know, I know, come here.
Come and sit down.
Sit down.
- Sit down.
Ana, why did you always have to be so smart? I was afraid it would come to this.
But you have Helped me sever the one tie I have to that maniac.
Maybe you're the last person who has to die in the name of Karim Farouk.

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