Blood & Treasure (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Revenge of Farouk

1 Previously on Blood & Treasure DANNY: We've known all along that Farouk was planning to use Antony and Cleopatra somehow in an attack.
His crew is still out there, and they have a bioweapon.
Go ahead, Simon.
Antony and Cleopatra are being held in a vault in the Bank Saint-Laurent in Paris.
REECE: We're building a replica of the tomb in a brand-new wing in my museum in Egypt.
What better way to unveil her to the world.
Jay, did you know that you were Karim Farouk's father? I've known for years.
I don't care that you fathered someone who became a terrorist.
You couldn't help what he would become.
That's not how the world would see it, Ana.
Everything I've ever worked for would be destroyed forever.
REECE: Maybe you're the last person who has to die in the name of Karim Farouk.
I blame myself.
Farouk or d Somebody who worked for him Must have intended the poison for me.
Unfortunately for Ana, they put it in the wine and not the bourbon.
Jay, you need to put the unveiling of Antony and Cleopatra on hold until Farouk's crew is finally caught.
I agree.
I've already given the order.
DANNY: So the poison was in the wine? LEXI: Why? What are you thinking? Farouk poisoned two other people.
But the other two instances were a contact poison.
Easier to target, less chance of a mistake like this.
Why change it up now? [BELL CLANGING.]
Hey, guys, I got to talk to you about What are you doing? Dr.
Castillo She's dead.
How? Supposedly, poisoned wine.
They think Farouk's crew is behind it.
What do you mean "supposedly"? I have my doubts, but until we know more, we need to be careful.
Danny, I actually do know more.
I talked to a friend of mine who's an imam in Egypt.
He sent me a document from Zara Farouk's mosque.
It's from a baby's Sebou.
Egyptian birth custom, like a baby shower seven days after the child is born.
What did it say? It listed the name of the baby's father.
Jacob Reece.
: Oh, my God.
What-what-what does this have to do with Castillo? Castillo signed for the package.
She opened it.
She found out Reece's secret and went right to him.
Danny, I'm sending you and Lexi something.
Hold on.
Let me put you on speaker.
So, I went through Ghazal's hard drive and I found a number of e-mails from a private account to Ghazal, from Yates, Reece's head of security.
And they're not explicit, but it's pretty clear that they are referring to Farouk.
How is that clear? Well, they're using chess terms.
Look at the first one, from the first day of the Farouk operation, when you were still working the case.
DANNY: "In current game, my king is going to be captured.
"How should I proceed?" LEXI: Yates "Use the bishop to block.
" Ghazal is the bishop and Farouk is the king.
DANNY: Ghazal's next e-mail: "King escaped capture.
"Good advice.
" When we were trailing Farouk, and he veered off towards the border to avoid getting captured Ghazal warned him off.
Ghazal was Reece's mole.
Not Farouk's.
GWEN: Going through Ghazal's finances, it seems like he received a pretty hefty payment the next day.
And the bank that issued it, it's the same bank that issued the check to Zara Farouk.
Reece wanted him killed.
But it was a capture mission.
He couldn't risk Farouk talking.
LEXI: That bastard.
He was willing to keep a terrorist on the loose rather than take the chance of his secret being exposed.
Wait, when we tracked Farouk to the free port in Geneva, Reece gave me specific instructions to alert only him when we found Farouk, and he'd handle it.
It was never about saving Castillo.
He's been using me since day one.
And then he murdered Castillo to keep his secret.
- Danny! - GWEN: Is everyone okay? [SIGHS.]
I'll go talk to him.
GWEN: Lexi, wait.
I found something else in Ghazal's e-mails.
Great, just what he needs.
It actually concerns you as well.
Thought I broke it.
There's something else, but before I tell you, I need you to promise me you won't throw yourself off this ledge.
How much worse can it get? [EXHALES.]
Do you remember, two years ago, after Farouk went on the run, and all the antiquities he looted were taken by the Americans? My father was then brought in to help inventory everything.
Well Apparently he found a box of paperwork amongst Farouk's things Including an official birth certificate listing Reece as the father.
- What? - My father called Ghazal to make sure it was all authentic.
Ghazal told him he would handle it.
Took all the paperwork and swore him to secrecy.
That's what was in the office safe, in the file I stole for Fabi.
Ghazal kept it as leverage on Reece.
And told Reece he destroyed it.
Reece had your father killed.
He made it look like Farouk did it.
Just like he did with Castillo.
We've really come a long way.
How's that? I almost broke my hand punching a wall And you just found out Reece murdered your father, and Your first instinct was to come up here Not race out there and put a bullet in him.
Well it was my first instinct.
But now I've got a Danny in my head, so here I am trying to figure out What to do.
I am so sorry, Lexi.
I promise you we're gonna get justice for your father.
Danny everybody who knows Reece's secret is dead except us, and we can't prove a thing.
Maybe, maybe not.
The file Fabi was working on was destroyed.
But if he shared his investigation with the Brotherhood, they might have everything we need to take down Reece.
Okay I'll check in with Alina and the Brotherhood.
She's always been straight with me.
You have a lot of nerve calling.
I'm sure it was you that robbed the bank and gave Antony and Cleopatra to the authorities.
Well, we'll call it even for the Brotherhood leaving us stranded on an island in the Caribbean.
I admit, it was a bold move.
But part of me wishes you were still on our side, helping us stop Farouk's crew.
Wait where are you? Outside Tanis, Egypt.
One of Farouk's men popped up on our radar renting a truck.
Our operatives followed that truck to a small port, where it was loaded with suspicious-looking crates.
We believe those crates contain the biotoxin, and that they're probably targeting the unveiling of Antony and Cleopatra, which means hundreds of people are at risk.
They're coming.
I've got to go.
I will catch up with you later.
Wait! Al [GUNSHOT.]
REPORTER: Travelers have been urged to avoid the area of Tanis, targeted by a thwarted terrorist bombing this afternoon.
At least 20 people were killed in - the ensuing firefight and explosion.
This comes at a time when the country's - vital tourism industry - Gwen.
What'd you find? A lot of bodies with Serapis medallions.
There are no survivors.
REPORTER: more than three years - after two deadly terror attacks - I'm sorry, Lexi.
GWEN: The toxin's been destroyed, and the Egyptians believe that this is the last of Farouk's men.
The threat of the Farouk attack is over.
REPORTER: A state of emergency has been in effect in Egypt since They gave their lives to stop it.
They need to confirm it's the same toxin - Farouk weaponized in Russia.
- GWEN: Yeah.
I've already put a rush on the analysis and I'm gonna wait here until I get confirmation.
I got to go.
I'll be in touch.
Uh Literally engraved invitations from Reece.
DANNY: The gala's back on.
It's tomorrow night.
Anyone else think it's a little tacky to do it this soon? Tomorrow's the anniversary of Cleopatra's death.
The symbolism's too good for Reece to miss it.
He's been working his whole life for this moment.
- And we're going.
- Next time I see that man, I plan for him to be all alone.
He'll be distracted, celebrating.
Thinking he's gotten away with everything.
We'll never have a better chance to catch him off balance.
But if this plan fails, I can't promise I won't rip Reece's throat out with my bare hands.
Then we better not fail.
Names? DANNY: Daniel McNamara and Lexi Vaziri.
Guests of Jacob Reece.
Of course.
Please step forward.
- Father Charles Donnelly.
- Oh, yes.
Thank you so much.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Security needs to wand you.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Uh oh.
My St.
Ignacius medallion.
Uh, peace be with you.
He's gonna pay for everything he's done.
Let's get to it.
Reece isn't here yet.
We have everything we need? We do.
Padre? It'll be a doozy of a confession this week.
DANNY: Well, you're helping bring down a murderer.
God'll forgive you.
Did you, uh bring my thing? Excellent.
So, what's the plan? Lexi will get this on Reece.
Somewhere it won't be noticed.
This recording device will transmit to you.
Range should cover anywhere in the building.
I'll try to get Reece to confess.
So, if they check you for a recording device, they won't find one on you.
Well, Reece likely won't confess anything to Danny, but keep recording just in case.
If he's rattled enough, he might say something to one of his security - and implicate himself.
- What, like, "They know" I poisoned Castillo, go murder them"? That would be perfect.
It probably won't be that clear-cut.
Am I interrupting? Simon, of course not.
Simon Hardwick.
I'm one of the heroes of the hour.
Kind of.
So, uh, what are you guys doing here? History's being made.
We wouldn't miss it for the world.
Well, I'm just here for the champagne and my check.
Somebody told me that the line for the valet is ridiculously long.
So I'm getting out of here as soon as I can.
I suggest you all do the same.
- MAN: Such a pleasure.
- Thank you.
REECE: In 1944, my father began a quest to recover Antony and Cleopatra.
That quest cost many lives.
But finally, after so many years lost They are reunited.
They are home.
And so I present for you Antony and Cleopatra.
- Thank you.
Bow your head, sir.
Thank you.
So, we were told there would be money? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
There they are.
Heroes of the hour.
I know you said you didn't want medals, but I had them made anyway.
Well, thank you for all your help, Mr.
Ah My friends call me Jay.
Well, Jay, I'm gonna let you two chat while I enjoy your beautiful exhibit.
Been a long road, kid.
Farouk's crew may be dead, but the guy the world called Farouk was a man named Rasheed Hegazi.
He was just using the name.
The real Karim Farouk may still be out there.
Danny, relax.
Relax, it's over.
Good guys won this time.
Maybe, but you're still not safe.
Unless you've taken care of all the loose ends.
Listen I know a guy like yourself sometimes You know, sometimes has to cross the line to protect himself.
I understand.
Well, um, I need to See to some things, but Thank you for the heads-up, and - Enjoy.
- He knows.
- What do you mean? About Castillo.
He knows.
He tried to get a confession out of me.
I wouldn't be surprised if he's wired.
- Father Donnelly.
- Yeah.
Would you mind coming with us for a moment? O-Okay.
Gentlemen? If you wouldn't mind holding up your medals for our photographer - No, no.
- No, uh - I don't want to be in the paper.
- Absolutely no photographs.
Thank you very much.
DANNY: What just happened? I saw you and Simon run off like somebody was asking you a favor.
They tried to take my picture for the paper.
I don't need my picture out there with a fake name.
- What's wrong with Simon? - I don't know.
What can I say? Dude is strange.
We got bigger issues.
I know.
I think I tipped my hand to Reece.
Oh, definitely.
He talked about it to his security team.
Not exactly a confession, but pretty close.
That's great.
Not great.
The bug went dead.
They found it.
Okay, well, at least we have the recording.
Maybe that'll be enough.
GWEN: Danny, we have a problem.
There's no toxin here.
DANNY: Wait, what do you mean? You said they blew it up.
Yeah, they blew up the canisters, but they were empty.
Gwen, hold on.
What's the problem? I just saw Farouk's wheelman dressed as a museum guard.
If he's here The truck explosion in Tanis was misdirection.
What? No.
Why didn't he want his picture in the paper? He said he wanted the limelight.
- Who? - Simon Hardwick.
He's been there since the very beginning.
He's the one to give me the name "Karim Farouk" when he was rescued in Iraq.
DANNY: He gave us the picture.
He was at the underground bazaar, Jessica Wong's, every step of the hunt.
Simon gave us the tip.
Without him, we never would have found Antony and Cleopatra.
We never would - Wait, Simon killed Farouk.
- No.
He killed Rasheed Hegazi.
The only one who knew the truth of who he was.
Simon Hardwick is Karim Farouk, and the real attack is about to happen here.
You talk of the West as if you are not a part of it.
My mother was Egyptian.
I was born in a slum outside of Cairo.
Over this last year, I've realized that you and I want many of the same things, Rasheed.
The only difference is I actually know how to get a hold of them.
Enlighten us.
If you try and run I'll be dead within ten paces, no doubt.
But I'm not trying to run.
I'm more interested in forming an alliance.
First issue that you face, as far as I can see, is you're getting fleeced on these treasures by a series of greedy middlemen.
Middlemen are necessary to moving antiquities.
It's a cost of doing business.
For terrorists Pardon the expression It's the cost of doing business.
For a man such as myself, born in the Middle East but educated in the West, it's a pitiable waste of money.
All of these holdings belong to one man, Jacob Reece.
He and his family have been bleeding this region dry for generations.
Oh What's that expression? To kill the beast, you must aim at his heart.
Bigger targets mean more risk.
More losses.
I can also ensure that I make you much, much more money.
TAJ: It sounds too good to be true.
How do we know you will do as you say? Well, I'm not asking for you to let me go, am I? By now, the Americans must be looking for me.
Well, I hope so well, really, they're looking for you.
At the rate you're going, they can't be far off.
We can use my inevitable rescue to our advantage.
I can prove to be an unimpeachable source on you, give them just so much information as to prove myself useful, and manipulate them from the inside.
And what information will you give them? Every bogeyman needs a name, don't they? I was thinking Karim Farouk.
You shall be Karim Farouk.
And that name will give our enemy sleepless nights for the rest of their lives.
DANNY: He's been ahead of us the whole time.
Everything he's done has led him to this moment.
Gwen, you there? Yes, I'm on my way to Cairo! I will alert the Egyptian authorities while I'm in the air! Get them to prep antidote for the mycotoxin for at least 300 people.
I'm on my way, Danny! Go, go, go, go! We still got time to get out of here.
We can't just leave these people now.
Ain't no way I'm letting that mummy cancer get me.
- Wait Shaw! - Bloody perfect.
I guess it's just us.
Wait, where's Chuck? We got to clear this place out now.
Come on, I know the way.
I saw a fire alarm here earlier.
I'm gonna need the two of you to come with us.
Over your literal dead bodies.
Well, we don't need to make a scene, now, do we? Oh, we're gonna make a scene.
Really tired of being electrocuted.
You were the one after us in Boston and Havana.
I owe you an ass-beating.
I never got to finish yours.
DANNY: So, you work for Reece? Well, you need to warn him and everybody else in this building Simon Hardwick is Karim Farouk.
He has a bioweapon.
ROARKE: Sorry, not buying it.
We know all about your little plan to try and stop Reece.
N-N-N-N-No, no, no, no! Who else knows about Castillo? Aside from your friend Shaw, who we're looking for, and your friend Father Donnelly, who we already have.
It's simple.
You talk or he dies.
Who else knows? - Mr.
- Oh, yes, hi.
Uh, we met earlier? Yes.
Simon Hardwick.
- A-Actually, I received the award.
- Ah.
- Only I'm not wearing it now.
- Congratulations.
That's why you didn't recognize me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I borrow him for a second, please? - Yeah.
- Uh, funny enough, we-we-we almost met years ago.
- Uh-huh.
- Yes, uh, you knew my mother.
- Did I? - Yes, uh, uh, unfortunately she wasn't very well.
Yeah, no, she, uh Well, it's an understatement, she was really ill.
Uh, she, uh - Mm.
- She had a rare disease, a toxin usually found in old tombs, and it was killing her slowly.
Uh, doctors couldn't diagnose what it was, and she was poor.
Very poor, so, so her care wasn't very good anyway.
And that's when I came to your office, hoping that you might be able to afford her the care she so urgently needed.
Uh Obviously, I told them I was your child.
But I was sent away.
They said you didn't have a son.
- Uh - But we know differently, don't we, Dad? Yeah.
Do you know how hard it was for a single woman to bring up an illegitimate child in Egypt back then? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
We were mocked.
She was shamed.
And I was beaten up so badly by the other boys, I could barely walk, and that's when my mum took the check that you gave her to buy her off and sent me away to a boarding school in England.
How do you think those little rich, entitled sociopaths treated a young Egyptian boy who didn't speak the Queen's English? And I had to give up my upbringing, my culture.
I became a product of my surroundings.
- My surroundings were hell.
- I think you should leave, and I think you should leave immediately.
Yeah, no, I don't think I will.
I don't think anyone will, - 'cause your doors are locked.
- What? Security! - [GUESTS SCREAMING.]
As I was saying, in a funny way Well, funny in a nasty, ironic kind of way, all of this would have come to nothing had fate not stepped in and lent a hand.
Had it not given me a vessel for my rage.
And I gave that vessel my real name so that you would know that your son was out there, and one of these days he'd be coming for you.
And I'm happy to say, Dad, the day of reckoning has arrived.
Because right now I am going to watch you and all these other People [GRUNTS, INHALES SHARPLY.]
the upper crust of the East and West, who abandoned us and beat us I'm gonna watch you die.
Much like I watched my mother die.
Only, fortunately for you and unluckily for me, it's gonna happen much, much faster.
I'll ask one more time.
Who else knows about Castillo? I gave the evidence we found to the FBI.
If we disappear, they'll know it was you.
Oh, will they? What's my name? They have your picture.
You have nothing, just like I thought.
We got this.
I can feel the end.
Go to her, Danny.
Be with your love.
Son of a Shaw.
The medal took the hit.
Man, I can't even die heroically.
Hey, thanks for coming back for us, Shaw.
No problem.
Get Chuck somewhere safe.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna go stop Simon.
Come on, little buddy.
And you're experiencing now what my mother experienced after two months.
Soon your throat will close up, making it impossible to breathe.
And your brain will swell, making you delirious.
I never knew.
You never cared.
I couldn't give up my life.
- I had responsibilities - I was your responsibility! [WHEEZING.]
But you taught her well, I'll give you that, and she had a good eye.
Uh, she never gave up hope of finding Cleopatra.
Of course she never did.
She'd find the odd trinket here or there Sell it to support us.
And eventually that's what killed her.
So here we are, Dad.
Finally, the world will know the whole story.
How you abandoned your child.
How you murdered people to keep it a secret.
And how your secret ended up murdering you.
Hey, bitch.
You're not going anywhere.
You'll regret trying to stop me.
You know, I've been thinking.
If you're Reece's fixer, you must be the one who planted the bomb that killed my father.
Is it worth dying to find out? I did say I owe you an ass-beating, so Let's settle this like ladies, shall we? [GRUNTING.]
Aren't you going to kill me? He wouldn't do it.
Ah, she'd totally do it.
- You can come in! - [EXPLOSION, GUNFIRE.]
We have the antidote.
I have medical training.
I can help.
Let him die.
- What? - What are you doing? He killed your father and ruined my father's life, murdered Castillo and God knows how many other people.
And now we have no proof of anything.
I'm not letting him get away with it.
Don't you see, he's not gonna get away with it.
He's gonna get his worst nightmare.
Danny, the whole world will know what he's done.
His name, his reputation, his entire family legacy will be ruined.
And he'll watch it all happen while rotting behind bars.
Look at me, Danny.
I took his assassin alive.
She's outside in custody.
We can get her to testify to everything he's done.
Reece has destroyed so many lives.
Oh I know.
I'm not gonna let him destroy yours, too.
SHAW: Guys Where's Simon? So we checked all over of Farouk's known holdings, and the day after Simon disappeared, a vault at the Janus Freeport in Geneva was cleared out.
The director, Rory Muller, confirmed that Simon Hardwick was there.
Looks like Simon was stashing away a little rainy-day treasure.
Jessica Wong confirmed the items hit the underground market about 72 hours ago.
GWEN: And were sold at an auction from an unnamed seller.
We intercepted the buyer and collected the items, but we couldn't connect the money to the seller, because the money was laundered through a Mafia-connected business.
Though we do know someone with the connections to help us with that last piece.
DANNY: We believe Carlo Velardi can give us Hardwick's location.
But as of now, he's been reticent to talk.
I imagine if we shaved a few years off of his sentence, that would loosen his tongue.
Thank you, General.
I'll make the deal.
Before we go after Simon, I just need to ask one favor.
I need you to deputize me.
Graham Townsend, is it? Where do you get these names? - How did you find me? - DANNY: You're not really getting this whole "we track bad guys through their treasure" thing, are you? Hello, Danny.
Karim Farouk, you're under arrest.
Well, you got to do what you got to do, I suppose.
But you should know [CLEARS THROAT.]
It wasn't personal.
Well, not to you, at least.
It was deeply personal to me.
It was revenge For my mother.
I'd have thought out of all the people in the world, you'd be able to understand that.
You would have murdered everyone at that gala.
I tried to give you a fair warning, though, didn't I? Let you get out I mean, it was a subtle nod.
Nonetheless I like you guys.
And Reece hurt us.
Each one of us.
Come on.
We're practically on the same side.
Karim, Simon, whatever I'm supposed to call you, you look at the gun under the magazine one more time, I'm just gonna shoot you.
I forgot it was there until you reminded me just right now.
You'll find it ironic, as I do, that here you are to arrest me, but actually the only man I ever killed was Rasheed Hegazi.
Oh, you can't possibly believe that.
I do believe it, and he deserved it.
That's something we can all agree on.
He was a stone-cold killer.
I'm not the bad guy.
Yes, you are.
Nothing personal.
I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys soon enough.
After all, the world's such a small place these days.
- - So, uh Thanks for not listening to me when I said I, you know, never wanted to see you again.

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