Blood & Treasure (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

The Soul of Genghis Khan

My name is Danny McNamara.
I used to work for the FBI.
And I'm Lexi Vaziri.
I used to be a thief.
Excuse me, a master thief.
Thank you.
And together we formed
a treasure-hunting squad
to help take down a terrorist.
At first, things were complicated.
Really complicated.
And to make matters worse,
the man who was financing
our whole operation, Jacob Reece III
A man who was a mentor
to me, betrayed us both.
He had my father killed.
And had mine sent to prison.
But in the end, we made sure
Reece was arrested and jailed.
And our adventure continues.
- Hello.
- Giulia.
You ready for dinner?
I need a few minutes.
The museum's closing,
but I'm still waiting to
talk to the director.
I'll just need a signature and
the wire transfer to clear.
- Then we go celebrate.
- Mm-hmm.
In the meantime, not the
worst place to wait.
Daniel. What are you doing here?
I'm here meeting my someone.
- You casing the joint?
- No.
And I don't need your permission
to visit a museum.
Who's your friend?
- Oh, she's not my friend.
- I'm Lexi.
- Hi.
- She's a thief.
- Oh.
- Well.
You're a self-righteous prig,
so let's just call it even.
If she's here, she's planning
to steal something.
You didn't mind it so much
when I was stealing things
for you, hypocrite.
Found it.
This is an RF transmitter.
It's custom-made to hack into
the museum's security system.
No, no, no, no, no! You are the worst.
That piece you're selling.
- What is it?
- A statue.
- Worth?
- Millions.
Where is it right now?
No, it's down in the vault.
She can't crack that.
- We got to call the cops.
- No. We can't.
Why? Why not?
We can't.
Hey. Hey. Where did you get it?
It doesn't matter.
But I had to forge the paperwork
so I could sell it to the museum.
Well, Lexi obviously knows.
That piece is why she's here.
I have to stop her.
Giulia, hey. What-What's going on?
I was trying to sell the statue,
but it's too hot, so no one wants it.
The cops can't enter the vault
without a warrant or probable cause.
Yeah, but what if she opened it
and the cops saw what's inside?
They wouldn't need a warrant, right?
That's a very good point.
You didn't have enough time
to crack the passcode.
- Well
- Oh, that was me, actually.
- What?
- That RF transmitter that I smashed?
I, uh, swapped it out first.
You know, his sleight of
hand really is improving.
That little gizmo upstairs
let me override the museum's
security system from my phone.
The same way it's letting me
control the security doors.
Ah, gentlemen.
I believe you now have probable cause
to search this vault.
David and Goliath.
It disappeared from
the Château de Villeroy
during the French Revolution.
You give the art of thievery a bad name.
Giulia Reggazano,
you're under arrest for violation
of the International Art and Antiquities
Trafficking Protection Act.
What a waste.
So, "self-righteous prig"?
I didn't mean a word of it.
But you, you can frisk me with passion.
Chuck. Chuck.
You're here late, Father Donnelly.
Yeah, well, with the time difference,
the Sox don't start playing
till 1:00 in the morning.
That was gunfire. Get everybody in here.
- Come on.
- Hey, right this way. This way.
Somebody call the gendarmes!
All right, everybody, we'll
be safe here until this
- What's next?
- Next?
Maybe let me catch my breath first.
Mm, no.
I mean, where do we go next?
You know, we've finished the
clean-up of the Farouk case.
The black market antiquities
are all accounted for.
Reece is in jail.
And may he rot there forever.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I was thinking maybe the old,
um, "talk" was coming.
- What talk?
- Oh, you know, the
"Lex, I was thinking maybe, uh,
maybe it's time you and I start
thinking about our future."
- Is that me?
- 100%.
- That's a terrible impression of me.
- I thought it was pretty good.
Also, that is a terrible impression
of me from four months ago.
New Danny knows that worrying
about the future is for suckers.
- Oh.
- Oh, he's all about the present now.
Ha, so you're not even gonna try
- to make an honest woman out of me?
- Nope.
- Okay.
- I like things the way they are.
I don't want the adventure to end.
You throw a dart at a map?
I'm gonna follow you wherever it lands.
Less talk. Less pants.
- Mm. Mm!
- Come on.
Mm, should I answer it?
Let's call them back.
- Hey, guys.
- Chuck.
- Ooh.
- Hey, I'm fine, I'm fine.
You didn't have to come
all the way down here.
Uh, actually, we were in the
neighborhood. Florence.
Ah, Florence wait, Florence.
You did the Academia job without me?
You did the Remington Steele without me?
- That was my pitch.
- I know. Sorry, Chuck.
We were on a tight timeline.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- We missed breakfast because of you.
- I almost died.
- It's not a competition, Chuck.
Eight Swiss Guard dead.
Yeah, and a half a dozen clergy injured.
I was lucky. I mean, if you
can call being present
for the worst attack on the
Vatican in 500 years "lucky."
You have any idea who did it or why?
No. I was hoping you would know.
- You ever seen that symbol before?
Well, the writing looks Asian.
I've spent a bit of time in Asia.
I've never seen anything like that.
- You ask Gwen?
- She's on sabbatical,
writing a book in a cabin
with no TV and no phone.
So Swedish.
- I'll, uh, I'll be right back.
- Oh
This is a collect call
from Regina Coeli Prison
from prisoner Jacob Reece III.
Will you accept?
Hey you good?
Yeah, why?
I don't know. Just getting a vibe.
Is something going on between you two?
No. It's been four months of bliss.
- Okay.
- Why, did he say something?
- No. No, I was just
- It's amazing.
This new Danny
he likes things just the
way they are, right?
I'm the one who's not supposed
to want to move forward.
He's the stable one.
Uh, where does he get
off with this whole
Oh, is he trying to reverse-psychology
me into settling down?
I think you're overthinking it.
Why don't you go see how he's doing?
What's up?
Him again?
What does he want?
Don't know, don't care.
I'm done with him. Come on.
Mr. McNamara?
Who are you?
I represent Jacob Reece III.
He's been trying to reach
you with great urgency
for the last 24 hours.
No thanks.
My client knows who
attacked the Vatican.
He's willing to share his information,
under a few conditions.
Look. This is a sensitive matter.
I would prefer it if we could
discuss it at my office.
And I'd prefer to strangle
Reece with my bare hands,
but we don't always get
what we want, do we?
Whatever you have to say,
you say it right here.
First, my client is requesting
your assistance with leniency.
You can't possibly think that,
even if I had the power to,
I would help him after all
the people he's killed.
That man murdered my
father, so he can rot.
The knowledge he has now
could save many lives.
You have three seconds
before I walk away for good.
Fine. Fine.
A few months ago,
a man came to visit him.
He wanted information on Genghis Khan.
Now, that symbol they left behind?
This man had part of
it branded onto him.
He was looking for something called
the "Soul of Genghis Khan."
"The Soul of Genghis Khan."
Wha what does he want
with an 800-year-old relic?
And what does that
have to do with Reece?
The truth? My client didn't know
what the man was talking about.
But the man insisted my client's father,
Jacob Reece II, did.
Reece's father died 40 years ago.
The man wanted something from
the Reece family's deep storage.
No, those were all
cleared out by Interpol.
With our help.
My client maintains there was
one thing his father owned
Interpol did not manage
to find in their sweep.
And he'll tell you where it is.
If it could help find the people
who attacked the Vatican,
I'd think it was maybe
worth meeting him.
Jacob Reece awaits your visit.
Danny, wait!
What in the hell is the
Soul of Genghis Khan?
It was also called "the Spirit Banner."
The greatest relic from
the Mongolian Empire.
About six feet high,
with braided horse hair
hung in a ring at its top.
- Bound in gold.
- Ooh.
Genghis Khan carried it
with him into every battle.
And when he died, it was said that
his spirit entered the Banner.
Hitler and Stalin both went after it.
Stalin apparently got it
during the Soviet occupation
of Mongolia in the late 1930s.
From there it disappeared.
So two of the worst people
in history were obsessed
with the same artifact, and
now somebody new wants it?
- Exactly.
- Great.
We need to talk to the
general of the carabinieri.
See if he's open to making
a deal with Reece.
Wait. Wait, wh-what makes you think
that wasn't all just a load of rubbish?
Well, if it is, he gets nothing.
But whoever attacked the Vatican,
who almost killed Chuck
they left a calling card
with that symbol.
You don't do that if
it's a one-time thing.
So whoever this is,
is just getting started.
Danny McNamara?
- Yes.
- Follow me.
- Is that ?
- Reece.
Jacob Reece was murdered
an hour and a half ago.
He was stabbed two dozen times.
Someone turned off the
cameras in the sector
where the murder took place.
- Of course.
- We are still looking into it.
Could you give us a few minutes?
Hey, I know I know
this can't be easy.
Whatever he turned out to be,
for most of your life, he
was like a father to you.
Yeah, whatever part of me
used to care about Reece
died the moment I learned
the whole truth about him.
But whoever killed him
knew he was gonna talk.
Knew maybe that he reached out to us.
Yeah, he died as he lived.
Putting others in danger.
We got to find out what he knew, Lex.
I know.
Do you have any idea
on where he would have been
keeping the information?
Yeah. I got an idea where to start.
I never thought I'd be back here.
If Reece's father hid something,
this is where it'd be.
Or if we don't find anything,
we can just burn the place down,
which I think would be rather cathartic.
Let's play that part by ear.
Surprisingly good turnout
for the wake of a murderer.
No, it's not a wake
it's a board meeting.
Reece's murder must have triggered
a thousand different contingency plans.
Uh yeah.
That woman looks like she's planning
a corporate merger with you.
Or she's an assassin
tying up loose ends.
Should I take her out just in case?
That's Kate.
Jay's daughter.
So should I take
her out just in case?
We have a beautiful catering set here
if you want to, uh, help yourself.
I did not expect to see you here.
Didn't expect to see you here, either.
Hey, Kate.
Last I'd heard, you'd
stopped talking to him.
Yeah. I drew the short
straw with my sisters.
You must be Lexi Vaziri.
In the flesh.
I'm sorry about what my father did.
I knew he was a bastard,
but certainly not to the extent that
I'm sorry, I'm on my
third gin and tonic
No. Thanks.
I'm, uh I'm gonna go eat that.
- Oh, please.
- Yeah.
It's been, what, ten years?
You look great.
So, you and her ?
Yeah, yeah, been together
a few months now.
How about you? You with anyone?
My father both managed to set a high bar
and make me instantly suspicious
of anyone that cleared it.
So, it's awesome.
Seriously, though, I really wouldn't
have expected you to come.
Yeah, your father had some information
about the Vatican attack.
He was murdered before he could tell us.
Thought we might, you know,
find something here
as to what it was that he knew, a clue.
Yeah, well, uh, I mean,
I haven't seen anything,
but I haven't been back for years.
Would you mind if we
looked in his office?
Let me get the keys.
Father Donnelly.
Good to see you up and around.
Sister Lisa, it's nice to
see you back at work.
I was just, uh, wanting to come
and check on everybody.
Mm, I'm okay.
A little bruised.
But you can't keep a good man down.
Hey, uh, did you get any news on,
uh, who was behind the attack?
Not that I've heard.
But they came through,
and the first thing they did
was to go right through there.
And they didn't look happy.
Some of the sisters think the
attackers found the Giftschrank.
The Giftschrank?
I've been sitting next
to it this whole time.
What did the bad guys take?
They didn't say.
But if I were a curious priest
with a thirst for adventure,
I'd tread lightly.
Venga, Sorella.
I'm not sure what you're looking for.
What wasn't taken as evidence
has already been inventoried.
Your father's lawyer
said there was something
no one found yet from
your grandfather's time.
Now, I figured since this
was his office originally,
it'd be the best place to start.
- A lot of ghosts in here.
- If I have my way,
we'll sell this place and
give the money to UNESCO.
I had a plan for this place as well.
Oh, we'll discuss later.
Okay, this may take a while.
We need to check inside the
furniture, maybe the walls.
We might need to get a
construction crew in here
- to rip out
- Found it!
Fireplace safe.
A classic.
Shouldn't take me but a minute.
Oh, it's kind of her thing.
All good.
There you are. There's,
like, four offices in here.
- They should really be more specific.
- Chuck
Hey. Hi.
Oh Hi.
Well, hi to you, too.
- Oh, hi.
- Chuck, shouldn't you be in the hospital?
No, no, no, I'm fine.
And more importantly,
I have information.
I did a little bit of digging,
and it turns out the word in
the center of that symbol
is Mongolian.
Does it mean Khan?
Yes, it
All right, Mr. Smarty Pants,
do you know what they hit
in the Vatican attack?
The Giftschrank.
- No way.
- Yeah.
What's that?
It's German. It means "poison cabinet."
It's where you keep your
deepest, darkest secrets.
Like who shot JFK.
Or Tupac.
Just stuff that can't be destroyed,
but also can never see the light of day.
So, I'm assuming that's a pretty
big deal for the Vatican?
2,000 years of the Church's secrets.
- So what did they take?
- Nobody knows.
Or nobody's saying anything.
But, again, digging,
rumor is the entire
investigation is being run
by Vatican Intelligence.
- No.
- Yeah.
Holy crap, they're real?
Yeah, they're real, and apparently
pretty frightening.
The Vatican has spies?
Oldest spy service in the world,
founded by the Jesuits.
Never officially confirmed,
but the rumors have been
around for hundreds of years.
Dude, I just had to tell somebody.
Uh, you guys can keep a secret, right?
Oh, cross my heart.
It is so weird seeing
you two together again.
Is this the first time you
guys have seen each other
- since the engagement?
- Pardon?
The, uh
I, you know what, sorry, I ac
I-I forgot to mention that Kate
and I used to be engaged.
- "Forgot to mention"?
- Forgot to mention.
It was over a decade ago.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, it was,
like, a million years ago.
- Why would anybody even bring it up?
- Yeah, why would they?
I had a head injury.
I should probably go
back to the hospital.
- I'll walk you out.
- Yeah.
- Feel better.
- You, too.
Lex you almost done?
Sounds like they found something.
We'll stay on them.
You know, this last year
has been such a whirlwind.
It's so hard to remember what we
have and haven't talked about,
which is what's so great
- about what we have going
- Hey, hey, Danny?
- Yeah?
- Danny, there are plenty of things
you don't know about my past, trust me.
And I'm sure you won't assume
any nefarious purpose
in me not having revealed them,
just as I won't.
- Ah!
- I don't
Here we go.
You got it open.
- What's in it?
- Just a bunch of old papers and that.
I'm not sure what it is.
Looks like Chinese writing on the side.
It's a stamp.
- A personal seal of some sort.
- Mm.
I've seen these all over China.
But why does Reece have one?
"210 Temple Street, Kowloon."
"Sam Wo Camera Shop."
My father did a lot of business
through Hong Kong.
But he never mentioned a camera shop.
Doesn't make sense.
And why would you need a
personal seal for a camera shop?
It's not unheard of for legit businesses
to be fronts for illegal operations.
If Reece was storing something in an
off-the-books deep storage
facility, it could be there,
and it would make sense
why Interpol never found it
- in the sweep of Reece holdings.
- Great. Well
thank you for all your help, Kate.
- We'll keep you updated.
- I'm going with you.
I want to know what Dad was
into just as much as you.
The foundation has a jet.
Might as well make use
of it while we can.
I'll make the arrangements.
It's gonna be good.
The GPS says the camera
shop should be close by.
Let's stay on our toes.
Kowloon is pretty much ground zero
for bad behavior in Hong Kong.
210 Temple.
This is it.
You know Cantonese?
Enough to get by.
- Triad Bank.
- Like the gang?
They weren't always a gang.
Started as an organization
to protect locals
during the British colonization
of Hong Kong.
That's my grandfather's signature.
That's my father's.
And the long line of Reeces continues.
It's a film.
"Project Gray Wolf."
Gentlemen, Major Jacob Reece.
That's my grandfather.
He was a spy?
In order to prevent a populist uprising
of the indigenous population
of Eastern Asia
during the conquest of Mongolia,
Stalin instructed his treasure
hunters to find and collect
the Spirit Banner of Genghis Khan,
which we have determined
looks something like this.
The Mongolians believed that this
Spirit Banner carried certain
Here we go again.
Stalin understood that this item
could inspire independence
and revolutionary sentiment,
so he ordered it taken.
If we could get this
item back from them,
it could do exactly that.
It could unite the local population,
potentially starting a
revolution of freedom,
which would bolster our
efforts at our ultimate goal,
halting the spread of Communism.
My team's proposal is to find
and return this Spirit Banner,
currying political favor
with the Mongolians.
Relevant paperwork
including documentation
on the suspected whereabouts of the item
are included with this film.
Thank you for your consideration.
This concludes this report.
There's all kinds of information
on Genghis Khan here.
Why don't we take this back to Rome,
let the authorities deal with it?
Since when do you want to
involve the authorities?
First of all, I have evolved
as a human being.
Secondly, and most importantly,
the last time a Reece led
us on a treasure hunt,
he lied to us from the start.
Oh, and he murdered my father.
I will be damned if I go on another
Reece-related treasure hunt,
thank you very much, no offense.
- I agree.
- You do?
Yes. But let's discuss
this on the flight back
and not in the triad's
underground safe-deposit vault.
Point taken.
Hold on. That guy over there?
He's been following us ever
since we got to Hong Kong.
He's not even trying to hide it.
Come on.
Let's go!
Move, move!
Damn it!
Peace be with you.
Father Donnelly, right?
It's been an eventful few days.
I'm glad you're all right.
I'm Father Alonso.
We have actually met.
At your briefing for the Curia
after the attack on the
Reece Museum in Cairo.
You were quite heroic there,
as you were here in
Rome the other night.
That's kind, but
I was mostly just along for the ride.
You used your skills well, Father.
I wondered if I could ask you a
few questions about the attack.
You're one of them, aren't you?
A fellow Jesuit? Yes.
You're Vatican Intelligence.
Your friends call you Chuck, right?
Chuck, there is no Vatican Intelligence.
Just a story used to
sell airport novels.
Ah, well I'm just glad that
someone is on the case.
In your report to the gendarme,
you mentioned you saw the
weapon of one of the attackers.
I wondered if you could
be a bit more specific.
Well, like I told them, um,
it wasn't like a regular handgun.
It was more like that little machine gun
that Nic Cage had in Face/Off.
Or was it Travolta as Cage?
Not the point, and I realize that now.
Something like this?
Sort of, yeah, but it was, uh,
it was shiny, like chrome.
And it had a, uh, a symbol
on the side, like a-a tiger,
etched into it.
Yeah, that, um
E-Exactly that.
That's called a Skorpion,
a Czech-made automatic pistol.
So we're just gonna pretend
that it's not weird
that a priest has a photo gallery
full of guns on his phone?
You know what they say about us, Father.
The Jesuits are God's Marines.
I appreciate your help.
It's good to know we
can count on each other
to be available for the
Holy Father at all times.
Day or night.
I may have more questions for you.
Peace be with you, Chuck.
- Maybe you're right.
- Of course I'm right.
Wait, what are we talking about?
- Kate's kidnapping.
- Ah.
We should leave it all
to the authorities.
Same for finding the
Soul of Genghis Khan
and stopping whoever
attacked the Vatican.
And it won't eat at you from the inside,
resenting me all the while?
No. Never. I
Look, I don't want to force you
to be a part of anything
Reece-related, Lex.
Obviously, I'm predisposed
to not trusting any Reece,
but a blind man can see that
she means something to you.
And you mean something to me.
You'd do that just for me?
I'd do it for me.
- Ah.
- So you don't annoy me to death.
Old Danny or new,
we both know you are
already blaming yourself
for her being taken.
Okay, we find her, then we're done.
- Done.
- We leave the treasure hunt,
everything else to the authorities.
- We get back to our plan.
- Throwing a dart at a map?
Okay, I'm-I'm open to better plans.
No, it's a, it's a good plan.
It's just, um
I don't know, it wouldn't be
the worst thing in the world
to have an actual place to call home.
You gonna answer that?
- No, it's not my phone.
- Oh, it's coming from your jacket.
I've never seen this phone before.
Me, neither.
- Hello?
- Danny McNamara,
if you want to see
Kate Reece alive again,
you'll find the Soul of Genghis
Khan and bring it to us.
We'll be in touch with this phone.
Involve the authorities
and we'll kill her.
You have 72 hours.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let's see if he leads us to it.
I told you I could handle it.
They were just starting to trust me.
We don't have the luxury of time.
We need to find that banner.
Don't worry.
Danny will find it.
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