Blood & Treasure (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Tales of the Golden Tiger

My name is Danny McNamara.
I used to work for the FBI.
And I'm Lexi Vaziri.
I used to be a thief.
DANNY: Excuse me a master thief.
We're back on the hunt after the Vatican
was attacked by a mysterious group
looking for an ancient
Mongolian Spirit Banner
called the Soul of Genghis Khan.
And they're leaving
a path of destruction
in their wake to get their hands on it.
LEXI: So it looks like
it's up to us to stop them,
by finding the Banner
DANNY: before they do.
Previously on Blood & Treasure
Somebody call the gendarmes!
LAWYER: My client knows
who attacked the Vatican.
He was looking for something
called the Soul of Genghis Khan.
DANNY: It was also
called the Spirit Banner.
The greatest relic
from the Mongolian Empire.
So whoever this is is
just getting started.
I'm Father Alonso.
You're Vatican intelligence.
You mentioned you saw the weapon
of one of the attackers.
- Exactly that.
- That's called a Skorpion.
Czech-made automatic pistol.
I mean, you and I,
we've-we've been through so much
this last year. I
I don't want the adventure to end.
FATHER CHUCK: Is this the first
time you guys have seen each other
- since the engagement?
- The what now?
SCAR: If you want to see
Kate Reece alive again,
you'll find the Soul of Genghis Khan.
Let's see if he leads us to it.
Don't worry. Danny will find it.

- Taxi! Taxi!
- Danny.
Danny, I want to help Kate,
too, but we need a plan.
Since when do you care about plans, Lex?
Since you're not thinking straight
because your ex is in danger.
Look, she is in danger because of me.
They'll kill her if we
don't find the Banner.
Danny, I'm still not hearing a plan.
The Spirit Banner
has been missing for
- 83 years.
- Exactly.
So finding it in 72 hours
is a tad unrealistic.
We'll have a better chance
of finding the people who took Kate.
- We don't know anything about them.
- Not true.
We know from Reece that
whoever attacked the Vatican
was after the Spirit Banner.
Maybe the Vatican has learned
something about them.
Oh, here's a thought:
do we know anyone who happens
to work for the Vatican?
We should call Chuck.
- Good idea.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
No more of this business with me
being the responsible one. It's gross.
Hey. You guys back from Hong Kong?
DANNY: Not yet. Chuck,
Kate's been kidnapped.
They said they'd kill her
in 72 hours if we don't
deliver them the Spirit Banner.
Uh, how can I help?
We think the group that hit
the Vatican is responsible.
Any more intel on who they were?
Nothing official, but the word here is
that two of the guys behind the attack
are Vietnamese nationals.
Country of origin is good.
Name, residential address better.
Okay, well, how about this?
A priest here, who is definitely not
Vatican intelligence
Because the Vatican
definitely does not operate
a covert agency
Helped me ID the gun
of the head bad guy.
It's something called
a Skorpion machine pistol.
It's been out of circulation
since the '70s.
That's great, Chuck. Super helpful.
Here's a thought [EXHALES]
do we know any former gunrunners
who recently moved to Vietnam?
Of course.

DANNY: Hey, Shaw!
Lexi Vaziri and Danny McNamara.
Welcome to the Golden Tiger.

Ah. Get in here.
- Shaw. My brother.
Oh, look at you two.
Still together.
I mean, I-I never expected otherwise.
I'm really proud of you.
Huh. Thanks?
Well, I'm proud of you.
Speaking of unexpected, I was
sure you'd have blown through
the Cleopatra money by now.
But here you are,
a respectable business owner.
Totally legit.
Got tired of getting shot at.
And Miss Cleo would be proud
of the little empire
I'm building for myself.
Shaw, how many bars did you buy
with your Cleopatra money?
Just the Golden Tiger.
But-but it's only phase one, so
Ask him what happened
to the Golden Dragon.
Oh. Hahn, mind your business.
Uh, this is my associate Hahn.
Hahn, these are my friends
Danny and Lexi.
They helped me in my search
for Cleopatra last year.
LEXI: Helped you?
Isn't he a little young
to be working here?
Mister, I know you want to help,
but please stop trying
to screw me out of a job.
He just showed up one day.
I-I literally can't get rid of him.
How 'bout a nice bottle of wine
for your guests?
Wine? Come on, Hahn.
Go get a whole case of
the Mekhong from the back.
We got to celebrate the entire
gang getting back together.
Yeah, except for Chuck.
Well, yeah, Chuck. Mm.
It's a very heavy case, Mr. Shaw.
Maybe Miss Lexi can help me carry it?
How could I resist?
After you, young man.
Yeah, he think he slick.
Why, of all the places in the world,
did Shaw pick Hanoi to settle down in?
First, you call him "Mr. Shaw."
Second, Vietnam is
up-and-coming travel destination.
Mr. Shaw has big plans
for tourism empire.
Does he?
Figured with all that money,
he'd settle back in America.
All his blabber about building
a nest egg, having children.
Mr. Shaw says this is home now.
And, honestly, he's not
that great with children.
Hey, kid.
Let me show you something.
This is Japanese whisky.
Much, much nicer than
almost anything else.
And here's a free life lesson:
it's not nice
to hold out on your friends.
So they said
they'd kill Reece's daughter
unless you brought them the Banner.
But-but why her?
Must have learned she was my ex-fiancée.
This is
a really nice place you have, Shaw.
Wait, wait, hold it. Back up.
You were engaged?
To-to Reece's daughter?
H-How did Lexi take it?
Well, she knows I had a life before her.
She's a grown-up.
She's a passionate woman,
which also means she's a jealous woman.
You need to tell her that other
girl meant nothing to you.
Shaw, I appreciate
your concern, but we're fine.
I just feel the need to make
sure you don't screw this up.
I'm your huckleberry.
[CHUCKLES] And if I'm
ever at a shoot-out
at the O.K. Corral,
I Look, look, look.
Lexi and I are totally on the same page.
She wants the exact same thing I do.
What do I want?
To rescue Kate.
[STAMMERS] I was just telling Shaw
about the weapon used
in the Vatican attack.
- So,
what do you think, Shaw?
Can you track it down for us?
Here I am, trying to be
an upstanding citizen
of the world, and you want me back
consorting with criminals
and arms dealers.
My phone finally just stopped ringing.
Well, you could always change
your number
and, well, your fake name, Dwayne.
Baby steps.
Change is difficult.
But I know someone
that might be able to help you.
Is he ten years old?
[SIGHS] In the meantime,
guest room's up there.
You guys get settled
and meet me downstairs for a drink.
Thanks, Shaw.
Just a few ground rules
No shoes in the house.
- No feet on my furniture.
- Ow.
And, most importantly,
do not move my flowers.
Orchids are very delicate.
It's taken me months
to find this exact spot
where the sun hits it just right.
[CHUCKLES] I never thought I'd say this.
I miss staying at the Vatican.
I saw what you locusts did
to Chuck's place.
Shaw's place has ground rules.
I'll meet you downstairs.
what manly-man things
were you really discussing
before I interrupted?
He wanted to know about Kate.
I have a few questions
on that front myself.
Well [EXHALES] I'm an open book.
Was she too blonde?
Too pale? Too annoyingly well-educated?
No. Just one of those things.
I was in the middle of law school
when Kate got into this program
she really wanted at Stanford.
She went west, I stayed east.
So it was a mutual thing then?
Or did she want you
to stop her from leaving
and you didn't?
Kate was the first girl
I ever really loved.
Do you still?
I care about her. Yeah.
But not like that.
We were kids, Lex. I-I proposed
'cause it seemed
like the right thing to do.
- Mm-hmm?
- Mm.
I wanted everybody to be happy.
You just held on long enough
for the problem to solve itself.
I like to think it all worked out
- just like it was supposed to.
- Mm.
Which is what's great about us.
- Oh.
- Yeah. There's no
expectations. We're just
taking life as it comes, you know?
Living for today.
I think I'm ready for that drink.
I don't need no light
to feel wonderful ♪
Hey, guys. Meet my friend Vince Tran.
Former liaison officer
for the Hong Kong Police Force.
Covered all of Southeast Asia.
Now he's the best private eye in Hanoi.
He flatters me because
keeping an ex-cop around
makes criminals steer clear of his bar.
And he gets free drinks.
He gets a discount.
The point is, it works.
Could use your help
with an investigation.
You're looking into the attack
at the Vatican.
Terrorists with a brand burnt
into their hands?
- Mm-hmm.
- Skorpion machine pistol?
Shaw told me.
Glad to help more.
My rate is $200 a day American.
Plus expenses.
How about Shokaku Akizuki?
21-year-old whiskey, limited edition.
Shaw was hiding that behind
the sketchy Thai whiskey.
That is for VIPs only.
Like your friends Lexi and Danny.
You weren't gonna serve us
the cheap stuff, were you?
- Of course I was.
Out past Ha Long Bay,
there's a place called "The Jade Viper."
If your terrorist is in Vietnam,
that's where I'd start.
We think our terrorist
may be more in the vein
of antiquities hunters.
They're looking for a Spirit Banner.
"The Soul of Genghis Khan."
- Yeah.
- A new kingpin
is expected to make
an appearance at the Viper today.
He calls himself "The Great Khan."
Sounds like he's got a thing
for Genghis maybe his relics.
SHAW: Sounds like I need to call
my tailor for you two.
The Viper has a strict dress code.
DANNY: Okay.
We find this "Great Khan,"
maybe we find whoever took Kate.
Well, that took less than one minute.
I want 95% of my bottle back.
One more thing.
Don't go.
The clientele at the Jade
Viper are no ordinary criminals.
They're the worst of the worst,
and they don't like outsiders.
One time I was there, I made the mistake
of lighting the wrong lady's cigarette.
I got shivved in the chest.
You walk into the Jade Viper,
you might not live to see tomorrow.
Well, it's a good thing
we're living for today.
Right, little man? Solid.
Don't corrupt him.
That better be apple juice.

- Check one, check two.
- Shaw
Check one, check two. [SIGHS]
Shaw, I feel ridiculous.
You look great. Gold is the new black.
I almost don't recognize him.
You know Lexi and I are wearing
the exact same jacket?
My tailor is an artiste.
You got to trust the vision, man.
You know, I'd feel a lot
better about this situation
if we were coming into it armed.
- You heard Vince.
- Yeah, yeah.
Guns, knives, brass knuckles,
anything coming into
the Jade Viper gets deposited
at the weapons check. That's
[CLICKS TONGUE] where Shaw comes in.
- Pretty, pretty baby girl. Ooh.
- Shaw!
- Check one, check two, check
- We can hear you.
Hey, the weapons check.
Oh, I got it.
Take over the weapons counter,
keep an eye out for our Skorpion,
report back the minute
I spot it. Easy peasy.
We find the man with the silver gun,
we trail him to this "Great Khan,"
we find Kate.
Oh, and, uh, Shaw?
Romeo, don't light any lady's cigarette.
No matter how pretty she is.
I am here strictly in a heroic capacity.
Hold it.
The ringmaster will call your number
when it's your turn to fight.
There's fighting?
The Khan needs to know
if you can handle yourself.
Yes. Yes, which is
the whole reason we are here.
- Okay, yeah, I'll do it.
Men's bracket's full. Women only.
Let's get to it, then.
Well, are you sure about this?
The Khan is recruiting.
I beat down some skank,
I get an audience with him.
What's there to think about?
I have a weapons check to take over.
Good luck with the skank beating.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, okay.
- You got this.
- Yeah.
You know what, in fact,
I'm putting all our money
on Fighter 17.
Watch this.
EMCEE: Coming up, it's the ladies!
EMCEE: And now, our main attraction,
Number Four!
Oh, no.
We've got to go. Now!
Hey, hey. What's wrong?
[SIGHS] The woman in
the gold silk kimono. No.
No, don't look. Be cool.
Be cool. What? You-you know her?
Yes, she's my ex.
Partner. In crime.
The last time I saw her,
she was being dragged away
by police after a job
we were running went to hell.
I got away, she went to prison.
Don't look.
She's gonna take my head off.
Okay, we're out of here.
EMCEE: And here's her challenger,
Number 17!
- There she is, in the gold jacket!
Bloody hell.
EMCEE: And here comes Number Four!
Oh, hey, hey, um,
don't bet all our money!
Do I need to check these?
Oh, my God. I am sorry.
We need to get some club soda
on that immediately.
No, no, no, no. Come on, man.
Let me help you get cleaned up.
Or-or, you know, toothpaste.
Toothpaste always gets it out.
Um, let's see, um
Oh, if you're if you're gonna
wash it, you want to do a cold wash
with bleach. Lots of bleach,
lots of bleach and, um
He's got another jacket.
I think you you still have
a sprig of mint in your
EMCEE: The rules are the same.
First to knock out their opponent wins.
Challenger chooses weapons!
Hi, Lulu.
Long time no see.
Hey, Violet.
Long time.
Please don't call me Lulu.
EMCEE: Number Four
has chosen her weapons!
Hey, you, uh you know how
to sword fight, right?
Yeah, it's like
it's like riding a very sharp bike.
Guys, I'm in position.
No sign of Skorpion yet.
How are things with you?
Yeah, we're good.
You got this, Lex.
Damn straight. Yeah.
She's only taught me everything I know.
I'm sure she's lost her step
in the last ten years.
You're gonna pay for
what you did to me. Aah!
Hey, you all right?
All right.
I got eyes on a possible terrorist.
Guy with a brand like the symbol
from the Vatican attack.
I'm following him.
This is a gorgeous piece.
Czechoslovakian, isn't it?
Custom-made, one of a kind.
All right. All right.
I spent ten years in prison
because of you.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have run.
But we would have both
been caught if I hadn't,
and you know you would have
done the same thing.
At least we would have been together,
like we always said we would.
I would have broken you out
if I knew where they took you.
- My earpiece.
He just walked into a private room.
There's bodyguards everywhere.
I need to get in on that game,
but I don't have enough for an ante.
Shaw, you copy?
- I copy.
- [GASPS] What are you doing here?
- Chill.
Keeping tabs on the Skorpion, man.
Wait, that's the guy who
put Chuck in the hospital?
God, I'd love five
minutes in the ring with him.
If he was at the Vatican attack,
he's got to be one of the
Khan's top lieutenants.
Well, he's gonna lead us right to Kate.
Hey, how much money do you have on you?
- About $500.
- $500.
Oh, your watch here. Give me your watch.
Hell to the no. It's worth $30,000.
You spent $30,000 on a watch?
Do I look like I pay retail?
- Give it to me.
- No.
- Shaw.
- Danny.
- Give it to me now.
- I am not giving you my w
Hold on. Hold on, hold on.
You see what I'm seeing, right?
- Yeah.
- You got Japanese, Chinese,
Russian, and the skinny guy
looks Hispanic.
Yeah, I'm guessing
Yakuza, Triad, Bratva,
maybe Zetas.
It's like the United Nations
of bad guys in there.
So don't lose my watch.
That'll work.
Do you know what I went through
in that place?
While you were out
drinking partying
and having fun?
[WHISPERS]: I know.
And it haunted me.
I made a mistake!
Sure did, Lulu.
Don't call me Lulu.
Ah. Howdy, y'all.
[WHOOPS] Tell you what,
that is some serious fighting out there.
You know what I mean, hoss?
Jiminy Christmas.
So what's the game?
Tien gow.
You know how to play?
Please tell me you know how to play.
We playing Heavens Nines
or are we Turning?
Playing Heavens Nines.
SHAW [OVER RADIO]: Danny McNamara,
you have unsuspected depths.
I'm gonna check on the skank beating.
You're here to prove your worth
to the Great Khan?
Oh, I can't wait to show him
what I'm capable of.
All right.
I see you guys
are all in the gang already.
Isn't that swell?
SHAW: Danny, they're all
a part of the Khan's group.
These boys do not play
in the same sandbox.
Let's get down to business, then.
I represent the Fraternity
of Freedom out of Houston.
We heard about your Khan after that
amazing display of supremacy
at the Vatican.
We were impressed.
We want in.
I'm listening.
Our business is guns, naturally.
Tell you what, you would be amazed
at how much American military
ordnance, artillery
and armored transpo just goes
[WHISTLES] missing
in Afghanistan.
We netted $1.1
billion last year.
So, hey
if a game of dominos
will convince you I'm worthy of
doing business with your Khan
gentlemen, let's play some dominos.
The Fraternity of Freedom is welcome.
Let's see what America brings
to the table.
All right, all right, all right.
listen, I can't pull my punches
any longer.
Let's just call this a draw.
Uh. Okay.
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
I saw an opportunity
for a well-earned ass-kicking,
and I took it.
I'd hardly call that an
ass-kicking. [GROANS]
I was angry, for a long time.
At you and at the world.
But I did a lot of soul-searching
while I was in prison, and you're right,
I would have left you behind, too.
Yes, you would have.
Yeah. I tried to write you
to tell you all was forgiven,
but it's kind of hard to write someone
that doesn't have an address.
What are you doing here, anyway?
Have you ever heard
of the Soul of Genghis Khan?
Priceless 13th-century relic
that supposedly carries his spirit.
No, never heard of it.
The Great Khan put
a million-dollar bounty on it.
Is that why you guys are here,
trying to snake my payday?
- You and that glass
of skim milk that I saw you with?
His name is Danny.
Let's get you stitched up.
Well, do you have any Lidocaine?
You've gone soft, Lulu.
I've become refined.
Because of your new beau, huh?
- How long has that been going on?
Four months, officially.
And you haven't cut and run?
Isn't that your signature move?
- Sorry. Cheap shot.
I'm just saying, four days
is usually too long for you.
Yeah, well, Danny's different.
- Oh, please.
- Look,
I have spent my whole life
wandering the world,
refusing to set down roots
for whatever reason.
Maybe it's time to see
how the other half lives.
And that's what he wants?
We are trying to take it slow.
Look, men don't take it slow.
They just they just stall
until they can leave,
or until you leave them.
Things are good.
Things are very good.
Ai ya.
I've never seen this in you.
Yes, I'm
I'm head over heels. I'm, you know
I don't particularly care
for the L-word.
No, no, no, it's not
that. You're scared.
You finally have something
to lose, and
you're afraid your boyfriend
might pull the plug.
Danny is not going anywhere.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you're right.
Father Alonso.
What a surprise.
Father Donnelly.
You're looking better every day.
How can I help you, Father?
The Swiss Guard has concluded
its investigation
and discovered a traitor in their midst.
The terrorists had an inside man
in the Swiss Guard?
Yeah, the turncoat has been handed over,
and the matter is
now closed.
What about the terrorists?
My friends are in Vietnam
right now trying to find them.
That is no longer your concern.
And yet my concern persists.
You have been through a lot,
Father Donnelly.
You should take some time
and rest.
I think you're right.
I'm due for a vacation.
Peace be with you.
And with you, Chuck.
That is trick
and match.
Beginner's luck.
Yep, maybe.
I'd say I've more than proven my worth.
So do I get to meet the Khan?
The Great Khan.
The Great Khan. Of course.
How about another trick?
Double or nothing.
- Just the two of us.
- You know, no offense, amigo,
but you're, uh,
a little low on funds there.
And like a great man once said,
the quickest way to double your money
Fold it in half,
put it back in your pocket.
Roy Rogers.
[SIGHS]: My boat
A Fountain 42 Lightning
against all your winnings.
Or should I tell the Great Khan
that the Fraternity of Freedom
loses its nerve
when the stakes get too high?
Let's do it.
Danny, do you copy? Hello?
Is anyone reading me?
I-I'm gonna go find Lexi.
That is trick to me.
Well played.
Look I don't want your boat.
All right?
I came here to talk to the Great Khan.
That's all I'm interested in.
I make good on my bets.
- The boat is yours.
My men will take you to the slip.
And about my meeting? Uh
Oh, Shaw.
Get away from my friend.
Hey. Hey, I-I'm fine.
I'm fine. I am.
Well, this friend is more like it.
I'm Shaw.
LEXI: Okay. Okay.
Where's Danny?
Listen, fellas
I don't want your boat, okay?
But someone blew up the Vatican,
put my best friend in the hospital
and kidnapped my ex,
all just to find the Spirit Banner.
Uh, long story.
Thanks, Shaw.
You're welcome.
DANNY: We can't let Zhang get away.
He's our best chance to get to the Khan.
SHAW: I'm your huckleberry.
Let's go!
Whoa. Your boyfriend's got moves.

We got him cornered.
SHAW: Damn.
Hey, hey, stop!
We just want to talk.
You talked enough!
Then let's fight.
That's Violet.
Violet, Danny. Danny, Violet.
All of you, back off!
We're back.
Hands up. Violet
DANNY: Okay.
You okay?
- I'm fine, yeah.
- SHAW: Uh
Yeah, he's gone.
DANNY: Violet.
Thank you for saving Lexi's life.
My pleasure, believe me.
The watch.
[SIGHS] You can't blame a girl.
- What?
- I mean,
I just did screw myself
out of the Khan's million-dollar bounty.
SHAW: The cops can't find Zhang,
- but guess who just hit pay dirt.
- LEXI: Oh,
that is never gonna fit you.
Like I'd be caught dead in this.
Zhang's cell phone.
Nice work.
My gadget will unlock this in a jiff.
Do you think your friend Vince can track
these numbers in his contact list?
Lead us to Kate?
Sure. But you're paying him.
Told you I'd get it back.
À tout à l'heure.
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, I think I better
disappear for a little bit.
- Yeah.
- And you should, too.
- Am I gonna see you again?
- I hope so.
Me, too.
Hey, stay out of trouble.
Good luck.
LEXI: Oh, she's
gonna get herself killed.
Well, you think she'll
still go after the Banner?
It's good money.
Maybe we can use her.
She's smart. She's connected.
- She's a thief.
- So was I.
People can change.
Besides, I owe her big-time.
She was my best friend.
She was practically my sister.
She spent the best years of her
life in prison because of me.
Lex, I know that you feel
terrible about what happened,
but you said it yourself.
She doesn't blame you.
I do.
And to be honest,
she's gotten in my head, actually.
About you.
What about me?
I'm happy with where
things are. I am. But
I can't help but wonder if maybe
if maybe you're just looking
for a parachute.
You think taking things as they come
is my way of letting you down gently?
After hearing about how
things ended with Kate,
the thought's crossed my mind.
And it's so hard for me
to wrap my head around,
because if I wanted out, I'd
just drop you like a hot potato,
- wouldn't I?
- Well, that's not what's happening.
As crazy as this last year has been
one beautiful, perfect thing
came out of it.
And I'm-I'm sorry if
I don't say it enough,
but I'm not going anywhere, Lulu.
Call me that again,
and you're going out the window.
- Mm-hmm?
- Oh, yeah.
SHAW: Lexi Vaziri, Danny
McNamara, get in here.
Now, what did I tell you
about moving my flowers?
we didn't move your stupid flowers.
My orchid is six inches
from its designated space.
And why is Lily six inches to the right?
Maybe Maybe Lily's trying to get away
- from you.
- Do I look like I'm laughing?
This is a matter of life
and death for my babies.
LEXI: Come on, Shaw.
We were with you all night. How
could we have moved your plants?
SHAW: I don't know.
Well, maybe maybe you moved them
in your sleep.
SHAW: I haven't even been to sleep yet.
So there goes that theory.
It's a CIA bug.
It's proprietary tech.
I deactivated it and swept
the bar for any others,
but someone planted this in
Shaw's apartment while we were out.
I've been here all day.
I haven't seen anyone come or go.
Does the CIA
have a base of operations here in Hanoi?
No, not that I know of.
But maybe Mr. Zhang's contact list
will include a local operative.
Could be a Vietnamese asset
who planted your bug.
Sorry, Mr. Shaw.
- I should get going.
- Oh, uh-uh.
Mm-mm. What'd you see?
Nothing. I was inside
doing my schoolwork
all night.
Hey, this is really important.
Remember what I said about friends
not holding out on friends?
We're friends, aren't we?
[SIGHS] I-I left school a little early.
I saw a lady in the courtyard.
She went into Mr. Shaw's apartment.
- A lady. What did this lady look like?
- She had
yellow hair like mister
and pretty face like miss, but pale.
She had a freckle like Madonna.
LEXI: A freckle?
Like a beauty mark?
DANNY: Hahn,
is this her?
Yeah, that's her.
Great. How many times do I have to say
- never trust a Reece?
- DANNY: Kate planted that bug.
- Yeah.
- She's CIA.
Just like her grandfather.
And she faked her own kidnapping
so we could help her find the Banner.
They must think
it'll lead them to the Khan.
But what does the CIA want with
some Asian criminal kingpin?
He's running Genghis Khan's playbook.
Step one: unite the tribes,
which he's done.
Step two:
go to war against the entire world.
The CIA must think they're planning
an attack on America next.
And since he's already
built a global syndicate,
the Khan could literally be anywhere.
BATU: Zhang, you had trouble
at the Jade Viper.
You have failed me.
I didn't tell them anything.
American man and two women.
One English, the other Chinese.
They wanted to know about our operation.
That's all I know. Please.
So failure has taught you only to beg.
Alert the Horde
that new players are on the field.
Find them and figure out what they know.
The rest of you know your orders.
Bring me the Soul of Genghis Khan.
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