Blood & Treasure (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Spoils of the Red Empire

My name is Danny McNamara.
I used to work for the FBI.
And I'm Lexi Vaziri.
I used to be a thief.
Excuse me, a master thief.
We're back on the hunt after
the Vatican was attacked
by a mysterious group
led by someone who calls himself
the Great Khan.
He's looking for an
ancient Mongolian artifact
called the Spirit Banner.
Also known as the Soul of Genghis Khan.
And they're leaving
a path of destruction
in their wake to get their hands on it.
So it looks like
it's up to us to stop them
by finding the Banner.
Before they do.
Previously on Blood & Treasure
Graham Townsend,
aka Simon Hardwick,
you're under arrest.
- Violet.
- You know her?
Yes, she's my ex
partner in crime.
Have you ever heard
of the Soul of Genghis Khan?
The Great Khan put
a million-dollar bounty on it.
That's Kate, Jay's daughter.
We think the group that hit the Vatican
is responsible.
Two of the guys behind the
attack are Vietnamese nationals.
Lexi Vaziri, Danny McNamara.
Welcome to Vietnam.
You should take some time and rest.
I'm due for a vacation.
Meet my friend Vince Tran.
The best private eye in Hanoi.
It's a CIA bug.
Someone planted this in Shaw's
apartment while we were out.
I saw a lady in the courtyard.
This her? Yeah, that's her.
I said Violet could help us.
Now she's trying to help us.
You also said she'd be going
after the million-dollar bounty
for the Banner. How do you
know she's not playing us?
She's offering me information
free of charge.
Why didn't she give it
to you over the phone?
She just said the CIA is
after the Banner
- and we needed to be careful.
- Lex,
why would the CIA want the Banner?
I don't know!
She just seems to have some
kind of proof that it's them.
Okay. When do we,
when do we talk to her?
That's the thing, she doesn't want
you there, just me.
- What?
- She doesn't trust you.
Doesn't trust me?
She's a thief!
You're former FBI.
Maybe she thinks if the CIA
is involved, you're
She's meeting me at the Long Tin Café
in the Old Quarter,
10:30 a.m. tomorrow.
You're staying here.
What's the matter?
Is there something wrong?
You moved my lily Phyllis
onto the patio.
You need to come downstairs
so I can explain to you
the rules of staying
at my home one more time.
Now, why would I name my lily Phyllis?
What did you name it?
- Lily!
- Okay, okay,
- the bait's been set.
- Your lily's Lily?
- All right?
- Yeah.
If Kate thinks Lexi's going
to get intel on the CIA
being involved in the
hunt for the Banner,
that should draw her out.
Then we separate her from
her team, we get answers.
So, Vince,
you scouted this café yourself?
Well, I was busy making sure
the bar wasn't bugged.
So I subcontracted.
One of you owes me
20 bucks U.S. for the hour.
- Plus expenses.
- "Expenses"?
A croissant and a hot cocoa.
I had to blend in.
I'm coming up with a plan.
Should go like clockwork,
assuming Kate buys it.
I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
She'd better.
Good evening, Viet
Somebody called a priest?
Things are worse than I thought.
What is going on?
Kate's CIA.
She kidnapped herself
to trick us into finding
the Spirit Banner for them.
And she's spying on us
by bugging Shaw's flat.
Can't I just once walk into a room
and not hear the craziest thing
I've ever heard?
A couple of them.
I'll take my regular, buddy.
You okay?
Honestly, I'm fine.
Just took me a second to
wrap my head around things.
I get it now.
You get what?
Eventually everyone disappoints you.
- Danny, you don't believe that.
- Do you know in the past year,
everyone I've ever trusted
- turned out to be a liar?
- Okay, not everyone.
- True.
- I'm just saying,
you're better off
not putting your faith in anyone.
Worst-case scenario?
You end up pleasantly surprised,
you know what I mean, Hahn?
It's the story of my life.
When did Kate join the CIA?
Why didn't she come to you for help?
And why is the CIA looking
for the Spirit Banner?
Yeah, we don't know any of it.
But we got a plan in
process to find out.
All right, so phase one
Draw them out.
Phase two isolate Kate from her team.
Now that's a little tricky,
but I-I got some ideas.
Hang on a second.
Are you planning on running
a sting on the CIA?
Oh. Did we forget to mention that?
All right, comms check.
One, two, three. Testing.
Everybody there?
I'm in position.
Good to go.
Okay, Lex, you picked up your tail.
You got one each at three,
six and nine o'clock.
Yep. I see them.
Any sign of Kate?
Café bench on your right.
I have eyes on the principal.
Fall in behind.
Ooh, got her.
I'll make sure she doesn't lose me.
But if she causes any problems,
my little friend here will have
something to say about it.
I hope your little friend
is patient enough to let me
try and talk to her
before zapping a CIA agent
in broad daylight
in the middle of Vietnam.
Oh, we'll see.
She's feisty, like her mama.
Showtime, boys.
I can see the target.
Cue distraction
in three I'm ready.
Two, one.
Hey, kid!
Hey, hey, he's got my money!
I'm staying with the principal.
Anyone copy?
I'm going in.
Come on.
We need to talk.
You set me up?
I'd like to do this the easy way.
No, wait, Kate!
"Say hello to my little friend."
Really, Lex?
Of all the movies I've shown you,
Scarface had to be your favorite.
We're all in
for a doozy of a confession.
Oh, lookee, she's coming to.
How the hell could you do this, Kate?
Sell me out?
Sell out my friends?
My-my trust?
When did the CIA recruit you? Hmm?
How long have you been lying to me?
Your team fled
from Vietnamese authorities.
And the only thing they care about
is avoiding an international incident.
No one is coming to rescue you, Kate.
Only way you get out
of here is by talking.
I know, I know we can't torture her
Don't tell me there's a "but" coming.
No, I have a compromise.
It's perfectly legal for the CIA
to waterboard people.
So, in terms of turnabout,
as fair play,
- I got a better idea.
- I think it's
You don't want to tell us
what the CIA wants
with the Banner, fine.
I'll hand you over
to Vietnamese intelligence.
I'm sure they'd be
very curious why the CIA
is operating in Vietnam,
what with the CIA
having such a great history here.
Look, Danny, I want answers as much
- as the next pers
- No. No.
I'm done playing games, Chuck.
The whole point of that fake kidnapping
in Hong Kong was to get us
to find the Banner
without asking too many questions.
They're hiding something.
She's hiding something.
Kate, come on.
All right.
I'll have Vince talk to his
friend in the Vietnamese police.
Good luck, Kate.
Keep an eye on her.
I can't tell if you're bluffing or not.
That's because I haven't decided yet.
You know, a part of me
thinks we're nuts to not just go home
and let other people deal
with the Banner and the Khan.
I said, after we found
Kate, we're done. And
for better or worse we found her.
True. But, first, we
technically don't have a home to go to.
And, second,
don't you want answers?
Or, at the very least,
to get justice for Chuck?
You just want to get the
Banner so your friend Violet
doesn't get killed
trying to win the bounty, right?
I mean
there's also that.
Okay. Like I said,
so many reasons.Okay.
Yes. That cell phone we got off the guy
from the Jade Viper,
anything useful on it?
All the calls were to black
market antiquities dealers
that were connected to the
Khan's search for the Banner.
Hahn, I've got this.
Okay, none of them had any knowledge
of where the Banner is,
though there's one
Who it appears, from phone records,
our terrorist friend
called several times
That's been hard to pin down.
Graham Townsend.
It appears to be an alias.
Graham Townsend.
It appears to be an alias.
"Hard to pin down"
is exactly how I'd describe him.
Graham Townsend's been
in Portlaoise Supermax Prison
in Ireland the past few months.
I'll put in some calls,
see if we can get in to see him.
He's bound to give us more than Kate.
Yeah, the real problem
will be getting him to shut up.
Who the hell is Graham Townsend?
You're probably more familiar
with his other alias:
Simon Hardwick.
If she doesn't
give up anything about why
the CIA wants the Banner or
what they know about the Khan
by the time we're back,
we're turning her over
to the Vietnamese.
See, I-I'm trying to go clean,
and now you got me involved
in kidnapping and false imprisonment.
Yeah, I'm not a
big fan of this, either.
Chuck. She knows something
about who killed your friends,
about who put you in the hospital.
Don't you want answers?
Do you work for the Vatican
or the Vatican't?
Please don't ever say that again.
Chuck, as long as I have known you,
there is something
you have always been good at:
getting people to open up.
You got this.
You got this.
He looks friendly.
No way.
This is an unexpected pleasure.
Wonderful to see old friends again.
We're not friends.
Well, not in the way
you could admit publicly.
Uh, not in any way.
There was a connection, wasn't there?
We're here to ask you
about discussions you've had
with a Vietnamese antiquities buyer,
about a Mongolian artifact
called a Spirit Banner.
The Soul of Genghis Khan, isn't it?
Wait a minute.
Is this new business?
It's new business.
You two are you on another hunt.
And, uh
you're still together.
- Yes.
- What's that supposed to mean?
Well, it doesn't mean anything at all.
I'm just, you know,
I assumed
I'm a bit surprised, is all.
I-I would've thought that,
after the initial adrenaline
of catching me wore off,
you know, that you two
would have, uh, you know.
But you found another shot
of adrenaline, so well done.
Well, it turns out, we're not just
a "shot of adrenaline."
Listen, no offense.
S-Sincerely, I've
I never set much stock
in human connections.
But the fact is, I never
really had the chance to.
Okay, we're not
taking relationship advice
from a psychopath.
He's lectering us.
It's pronounced "lecture," darling.
No. Hannibal Lecter?
He's getting inside our heads.
The Silence of the Lambs.
We just watched this movie a month ago.
Is it one of those boring,
artsy movies?
Simon, there's someone calling himself
the Great Khan who wants
the Soul of Genghis Khan.
I never really understood its mystique,
to be quite honest, which made
it all the more fascinating.
Coupled with the fact that it's
an object of the utmost desire
for some of the worst monsters
in history.
Do you know where it is now?
Well, I did do some searching
on behalf of a rather
well-heeled former client.
And I was on the trail,
but out of the blue he called it off.
Well, can you point us
in the right direction?
Yeah, I could.
But there would need to be
some form of a quid pro quo.
You don't remember this movie?
I get sleepy.
I can find you the Banner.
You just need to break me
out of prison first.
Okay, we're out of here.
How's your Russian?
The Antiquariat. Ever heard of it?
The Antiquariat.
When Joseph Stalin took power,
he created the Antiquariat
to loot valuable artifacts
for the Soviet state.
But most of what they
stole disappeared.
Yes, but I happen
to know where the antiquities ended up.
And with whom.
And whom do we talk to?
I don't suppose
I could get a gin and tonic, could I?
If your tip pays off,
I'll get you all the booze
you bloody want.
Andrei Levchenko.
Former member of the Night Devils.
It's like a Russian version
of the Hells Angels.
He's a rather rough sort. But then
l'amour. L'amour.
Went to France and fell in love.
He's a totally changed man now.
Runs a restaurant. Michelin. Two stars.
Just off Red Square. Claudine's.
Named for his lovely French wife.
It's quite a romantic story
if you can ignore
all the people he's murdered.
So, all you've got to do
is drop my name,
and he'll be only too pleased to help.
I'm gonna text Shaw and Chuck.
this is a great time to remind you
I am a wanted felon in Russia.
Huh? It's an occupational hazard.
Just make sure we don't get caught.
The West African nation.
And now the latest
on the attack in Russia.
Amateur footage
was leaked online today.
Russian authorities
have given no comment,
as speculation persists
about what the attackers
might have taken
- from the base near Saratov.
- Fantastic.
Now the Khan might have nukes.
Of nuclear weapons that were
known to be stored there.
The attack was carried out
by the mysterious group
known only by this
That's gonna make it
a lot harder to get into Russia.
I love a good challenge.
Let me check out some options.
All major Russian news
agencies are reporting
Hey. CIA lady still here?
She tried to escape three times.
I just nailed the windows shut.
What'd you find?
Her CIA team
got away and fled the country.
If the CIA's hiding some
connection to the Khan,
we're not gonna find it.
What about from another angle?
The gangs the Khan's been working with.
Maybe they know something.
Most of the criminal informants
I worked with when I was a cop
and when the Khan was
coming up are now in prison.
Hold on.
I'll be right back.
I-I know what the CIA's been hiding.
When I was running guns
in South America,
one day all my competition
started to disappear.
It turns out someone made
a deal with the local cops
to give them up.
- Was that someone you?
- It The point is,
the Great Khan didn't rise on his own.
He had help.
Someone slipping intel
to local law enforcement
all over the region,
knocking out the competition,
consolidating the power.
The CIA was working with the Khan,
weren't they?
You sure this is a road
you really want to go down,
Son of Marcus and Charlotte Coleman.
Marcus was a Marine colonel.
Charlotte was a social worker.
Both highly respected members
of the community
who raised an impressive family.
- With one exception.
- Watch it.
Kicked out of two
military prep schools.
Washed out of the service.
You've been a screw up since day one.
- Kate, come on.
- What happened, Dwayne?
You just couldn't cut it?
Or is it you only ever cared
about money?
Do they even know
their son is still alive,
living under a dead man's name
to avoid prison?
A son without a country,
without family, without friends.
That's enough.
Try and escape again,
see what happens.
Not cool.
Kate I used to know never
would've done something like that.
The Kate you used to know
thought her father was a good man.
Her dream job was to run a nonprofit
to make the world a better place.
She thought she understood the world.
She was an idiot.
So you're gonna make the world
a better place
by lying and manipulating
your friends? I'm trying
to catch a terrorist.
I do not have time
to explain myself to you.
"With the Lord, a day is
like a thousand years,
and a thousand years are like a day."
In other words, Kate,
we got nothing but time.
Okay, so I've got this one last contact
who can help smuggle us into Moscow.
Good news is he's local.
Works at a private landing strip
a few kilometers away.
Bad news?
Uh, well, we, uh, used to date.
Okay. That's not a big deal.
Exactly. Exactly. I was
basically a different person.Mm.
It's Alexis Gladstone from D.C.
Hi. Total blast
from the past, right?
Oh, yeah, hysterical.
Um, I just have a
I was calling, I have
this huge favor to ask you.
I just, uh
Sure. Sure, yeah. I'll hold.
He hates British people,
so I had to do an American accent.
- So he was a mark.
- Uh Well, yes,
but he was actually a cool guy, so
But by then I had to
commit to the accent.
Well, how long did you date?
Two months.
Maybe three.
You lied to him every day
in a fake accent for three months?
Oh, you're a maniac.
You're a maniac.
Oh. Yeah, no, I actually
I'm-I'm based out of D.C. still.
Beauty influencing.
Fortune favors the strong.
We already have one
of our best men in Russia.
They'll lead him
right to the Banner. Good.
Whoa. Nice place.
Almost makes the four-hour flight
in your ex-boyfriend's
cargo plane worth it.
You know, it's impressive
how you maintain character like that.
Well, the wig certainly helps.
Handy disguise in a country
where I'm wanted for various things.
And yes, Old Lexi found it easy,
but Lexi 2.0 finds it exhausting.
'Cause I'm ethical. Virtuous, really.
We're here to see Andrei Levchenko.
Yes, he is my husband.
- Let me get him for you.
- Thank you.
Let's just hope Simon
didn't send us into a trap.
I'm counting on his desire for liquor
overriding his desire for revenge.
Although, generally,
Simon's been pretty honest with us.
For a terrorist, yeah, sure.
I am trying to be optimistic.
Oh, I thought maybe
the wig was on too tight.
- Shh.
- Andrei Levchenko.
And whom do I have
the pleasure of meeting?
Danny McNamara.
We're here on the recommendation
of Simon Hardwick.
Do you have a minute to talk?
For Simon, of course.
Maybe we can go somewhere
a bit more private to talk.
Lead the way.
I'll bring him right back.
Claudine, please make
our guest feel comfortable.
That looks amazing.
Franco-Russian fusion,
just like me and Andrei.
This restaurant was
his wedding gift to me.
We fell in love over our love of food.
How romantic.
I say that Andrei has a Russian
body but a French spirit.
He's intimidating to some, but
only because they don't
know his sensitive soul as I do.
You are friends with Simon Hardwick?
So, I will remove one finger
for every $10,000 he owes me.
That is not going to leave you
with many fingers.
Oh. Oh, you shouldn't have.
Thank you.
It's delicious.
- We put him in prison.
- What?
Simon Hardwick
We're not friends of his.
We put him in prison.
My apologies for the misunderstanding.
Please let me buy you a drink.
I can't thank you enough
for your hospitality, and
We're gonna get the hell out of here
as soon as we find the Banner.
- Is everything okay?
- Of course.
So, how can we help our new friends?
did I ever tell you that, without you,
I wouldn't have become a priest?
I remember you, me and Danny
spending all night at Jacob Wirth's,
throwing back pints,
debating philosophy
and relationships,
Do you remember the movie
Meet Joe Black?
That movie where Brad Pitt
gets hit by, like, ten cars?
I mean, it's about more
than that, but yes.
Anyway, at the time,
I was actually questioning
whether the seminary was
the right choice for me.
I mean, the plan
that I'd had my whole life, and
I was suddenly lost.
What does this have to do
with Brad Pitt getting hit by ten cars?
Well, on
one of the drunker nights,
I gave an extended dissertation
of the theological ramifications
of the movie Meet Joe Black.
I don't remember this.
Well, I do,
because when I was done, you said,
"Chuck, if you can find
religious meaning in that movie
"and explain it in a way
that makes sense,
you're gonna be a great priest."
And I know it sounds really stupid, but
I never questioned my calling
after that.
Kate, I don't know
if you are conflicted
about the things you have done,
or if you are afraid
of the people that you work for,
but one way or another, you are
at a crossroads right now.
Let me help you
the way that you helped me.
So this Great Khan person is the one
who attacked the military base
here in Russia?
Yes, and we can use the Banner
to draw him out,
but we need your help to find it first.
It's a waste of time.
Simon seemed to think
your family had some connection
to the Antiquariat who took it.
We did. My grandfather
was a personal friend of Stalin.
He took over the
Antiquariat in the '50s, but
everything of value was sold off
long ago.
Well, the Banner sort of looks
like a broom with horsehair
so it could have easily been overlooked
by someone who didn't know what it was.
That is what Simon
Hardwick thought, as well,
but I could never find something that
matched that description down there.
That was before me.
- It sounds like quite the adventure.
- Yes.
You may know more about history than I,
but I know the world of
the bunker, and it's not safe.
- Wait. Bunker?
- Yes.
What was left of the Antiquariat
was stored
in a bunker under Moscow.
Well, Stalin's command bunker.
Stalin's section is now a museum,
but the complex goes on for miles.
The underground attracts
many unsavory types.
I don't go down there anymore.
You know about the finer things, but
I know what men are capable of.
And the men down there
are desperate and dangerous.
If finding this Banner
could help catch the men
who attacked Russia and the Vatican,
is it not worth us looking into?
You're not worried about her seeing
what those men are capable of.
You're worried about her
seeing what you’re capable of.
No, Andrei, I understand.
We're both afraid
to have the people who
changed us see us as we were.
Maybe they'll think
it's who we still are,
but in the end we have to have faith
that they know who we are inside.
And that's all that matters.
Very well, then.
Let us go and try to find this Banner.
The bunker is inside a bakery?
What bakery?
This is Incredible.
If there was any place the Banner
could have gotten lost to time,
this is it.
Oh, my God.
This is a lost Van Gogh.
Worth a fortune.
It was.
My grandfather did not have a Claudine
to advise him on matters
of art preservation.
But let's keep moving. I don't
want to be down here too long.
Ancient Scythian.
Nomadic tribes that stretched
between modern Kazakhstan
and Poland until second century A.D.
Half of what he says
is gibberish to me,
but I enjoy hearing him say it.
My grandfather told me to, uh,
choose one woman but choose wisely,
based on love and loyalty.
Claudine is my, uh, solnyshka.
What's that mean?
It means "the sun."
It's what my grandfather
called my grandmother.
She was
the light,
the warmth
at the center of his universe.
His sun died out when
he was 90 years old
on the very same day he died.
You find it?
is exactly
how long the Spirit Banner would be.
This is the case they carried it in.
Damn it.
What the hell was I thinking,
believing Simon?
Maybe he didn't know it was gone.
No. No, he knew.
He knew.
Wait, every-everything has
a number stenciled on it.
Okay, there should be records.
Let's check those ledgers over there.
What use is a ledger for something
- that's already gone?
- It'll tell us where it went.
I saw some more ledgers back there.
These records go back all
the way to before World War II.
This line says what went where.
Here is who paid and how much.
And this is the Soviet official
who signed off.
Okay. Here is the entry for
the Soul of Genghis Khan.
This one just has initials.
The only man in the Soviet Union
who needn't bother with a signature.
Joseph Stalin.
Okay, all of the ones
requested by Stalin
were sent to
Ministry of Social Sciences.
My grandfather told me
that Stalin would appropriate
the strangest antiquities
and send them somewhere
far away to be studied.
You know where the Banner went.
Have you ever heard
of the forbidden zone?
But suddenly I want to go there.
It's a remote region
in Mongolia rumored
to be the burial place of Genghis Khan.
The Russians cordoned
off the whole area.
Okay. So what's there?
An old, secret Red Army base.
Like America's Area 51.
Many rumors about the type of
things that happened there.
Highly classified.
The forbidden zone's a couple
hundred square kilometers.
Simon's got to know more
than he's letting on.
Yeah. Of course he does.
And he'd probably send us
into another trap.
No, we don't need him.
I agree.
Luckily, my grandfather showed
me the way when I was a boy.
It started when the CIA
wanted to recruit assets
to give us eyes and ears
inside of criminal syndicates.
Since when does the CIA
care about criminals?
Since criminals started
working with terrorists.
Now, cartels and mobsters and gangsters
tend to hate each other.
They're all competing for the same pie,
and it's a zero-sum game.
But one person started to change that.
He somehow gained everybody's respect,
- which made him an amazing asset.
- The Great Khan.
He didn't always call
himself that, but yeah.
Only his handler
knew his real identity,
but it was all working.
Using the Khan's intel,
we took down a lot of bad guys.
But the Khan was playing a long game.
He was taking out the competition.
- Shaw was right.
- That was just the start.
He turned his CIA handler,
and we didn't find out
until it was too late.
Most of our knowledge on
the Khan's organization,
including our files on the
Khan himself, went missing,
along with his handler,
who we assume is dead.
But the Khan also got
access to old CIA files.
- Uh, files of what?
- We don't know, but after that,
we started getting reports
that he was looking
for the Spirit Banner.
It's possible
the CIA is compromised.
My team thought we were safer
if we worked on our own.
We thought if we could get the Banner,
then we could draw the Khan out
a-and capture him or kill him.
But wh-why does he want the Banner?
Genghis Khan
is still a big deal in much
of this part of the world.
Maybe he thinks it will bestow
some kind of special power over him,
or maybe he just knows
it means something
to the people he's recruiting.
But knowing everything he's done
without it,
I can't imagine
he gets less scary with it.
we're on the same side here.
You want justice
for the people he's murdered?
Let's work together.
I have a much more important question
than why he wants the Banner.
Why was his first big move
to attack the Vatican?
What did he get from the Giftschrank?
Well, if they know,
they're not telling me.
Well, the Khan went through
a lot of effort to get it.
You want answers? They
run through the Vatican.
Let's prove it.
Unless it's not a road
you're willing to go down.
- Of course I am.
- I hope so.
Because you can get into places
I can't go.
I'll be in touch, Chuck.
Claudine. Claudine!
The both of you.
His neck was broken.
This is not the work
of a bunker scavenger.
The Khan is also looking
for the Banner.
And you led his men to us.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- You got my Claudine killed.
We are not the enemy, Levchenko.
The Khan is.
You're right.
I'm going with you
to Mongolia, and you
will help me find this Banner.
And I will draw him out and kill him.
- Well, we're both going.
- No.
- I got this.
- I got this.
- Lexi, it's not your choice.
- Danny
You're staying behind.
Not a chance. We're a package deal.
Is it really worth getting shot over?
Look, you don't know
exactly where the Banner is.
And you do need me.
Now, you shoot her,
you're gonna shoot me, too.
And then you get nothing.
So, let us go,
and we can all die together.
She got you, too, huh?
I'm pretty sure
she wants to make me a spy.
You gonna let her?
Well, I'm guessing
these are the Night Devils,
Levchenko's old gang.
What are you thinking,
coming to Mongolia with us?
This guy almost chopped my hand off
- a minute after meeting me.
- What?
And that was with his better
half around to moderate him.
I'm sorry to disappoint you
by not disappointing you.
You think
that everyone in your life
is bound to let you down or betray you,
and you cannot wait
for me to prove you right.
Screw that,
my solnyshka.
- What does that mean?
- Oh.
It's not important.
Just that
you're stuck with me.
I am following the American
and the Englishwoman to Mongolia.
There is a man helping them
find the Spirit Banner.
His name is Simon Hardwick.
Well, now it's time
for him to be helping us.
We need him for what comes next.
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