Blue Bloods s01e05 Episode Script

What You See

Okay, on site.
We're going in.
On the floor, on the floor now.
Don't move.
Got the rear clear.
Don't move.
- Hello? In the kitchen.
You ready? - Where's Dad? - On the phone somewhere.
Dad! I don't know why you people are dragging me to this handball tourney, anyway.
What do you mean? You love handball.
- I love playing handball.
- Gotta take a rain check.
- Why? What's the matter? - The information's still coming in.
Batmobile just showed up.
- Yeah, I know.
Next time, Pop.
- Have fun, sweetheart.
- Where are you going? Dad, don't forget about your grandson's birthday tonight.
Never missed one yet.
- Something going on? - Apparently.
You're always late.
If you can be consistently ten minutes late, why can't you consistently be on time? Why are you on my case? I just worked till 0400.
We gotta get going if I'm gonna get a bleacher seat out of the sun.
All right, let's go.
- I gotta go.
- What, you too? I got a 10-2 call.
Gotta get back to work.
And I got ten tuna sandwiches.
What are you gonna eat? - You think we'd get used to it.
- Yeah, I'm retired.
Counterterrorism has a 23-year-old Muslim-American in custody in his apartment in Queens.
Steven Hass.
Recently adopted the name Khalid Hassan.
Raid was triggered by interception of an e-mail to al Qaeda leaders this morning at 0600.
That's a transcription from Arabic.
"Today, no rest for oppressors in New York City.
In area, fireball slaughters crusader enemies.
" Instructions for a car bomb were on his computer.
Precursor chemicals, tools, wires, but no device, no car.
No vehicle is registered in either name at this time but neighbors reported seeing him in an older, dark-colored SUV.
- What's the target? No specific target yet.
But they did manage to retrieve a map to the 59th Street Bridge.
Task force is already shutting it down.
Double up on checkpoints at all bridges and tunnels, - into and out of Manhattan.
You got it.
It's not gonna happen again.
Not today, not here.
An old dark SUV, huh? Great.
There's about 50 million of those in the city.
Tell me about it.
- You know the target yet? - Somewhere in Manhattan.
You're kidding me.
Oh, man.
Linda's bringing the boys to Central Park Zoo for Jack's birthday at 3:30.
All right, yeah.
Hello? - Oh, shoot.
- What's the matter, Mom? Ah, my cell phone died.
I forgot to plug it in last night.
Can we get cotton candy? - We'll see.
We'll see like yes or we'll see like no? We'll see like we'll see.
- I'm gonna beat you.
- Oh, no, you're not.
This is Linda.
Leave a message.
Hey, Linda, babe, it's me.
When you get this message, just turn around and take the boys home, okay? All right, I can't really talk about it now, just don't be in the city today, all right? Call me as soon as you get this.
I love you, babe.
Chief Bell from Intelligence and Pat Mills from Homeland Security.
They're all setting up emergency operations here.
We've got the MTA, electric company, joint task force.
Everybody in the same place, all up to speed and coordinated.
- FBI is interviewing the field along - Let's get at it.
- Chief Bell.
Agent Mills, Homeland Security.
Our lead, right? - It is until I hear different.
We've got a description of the SUV on the air.
Thirty-five thousand cops on duty and off are on the hunt.
There are thousands of these SUVs.
It'll take us hours to check every one.
- We need to find who's driving.
- Homeland Security is all over this.
We'll get you data on every breath Hassan has taken in the last 23 years.
Why am I just finding out about this guy today? American citizen, American passport.
We know now that he was in Yemen 14 months ago.
- For bomb training.
- There was nothing to flag the visit.
- Has Washington been briefed? - Anything we need.
We can use all the help D.
will give us.
Jim, how do we know the bomb is still in the SUV? Hassan's diagram.
They built the bomb inside the car for maximum effect.
- It's not a dirty bomb.
- How do you know? ESU found no traces of radiation in the residence or on the person.
So, what kind of effect are we talking about? Ten bags of fertilizer, two gallons of acetone peroxide, If he used the full formula, it's a two-story firebomb with one-block blast radius.
Frags and shrapnel, another half block.
Where are they keeping this guy? Joint task force is moving him to Major Case.
Your son, Danny, had a prior contact with the perp, which we hope will help us get to him.
And I also heard that his, um, interrogation skills can be quite effective.
You could practically eat off the floor in this car, it's so clean.
This alert seems more serious than that suspicious package call yesterday.
Since 9/11, we get threats pretty regular.
It usually turns out to be nothing.
We'll know it's a credible threat if get another alert within the hour.
You know what I mean? Hey, hot dog, 12 o'clock.
- I just ate lunch.
No, suspicious hot dog.
Get serious.
Think I'm kidding? The sandwich-wearing class is well known to be problematic.
They hide all kinds of contraband up there.
Look at him, he's getting nervous.
- He doesn't look nervous.
- Yes, he does.
- Go question him.
- But the bomb? Another alert, I told you, when it gets serious.
I'm not gonna question some poor guy wearing a hot dog costume.
See, that is key, kid.
Why else would someone take a humiliating job unless there's some upside to it? Unemployment's near Stop him, question him, frisk him.
Go ahead.
- Isn't this an abuse of the policy? - He looks suspicious.
We have an obligation to check it out, don't we, huh? Come on.
Hey, do your job.
Come on.
Go get him.
What'd I tell you? Go ahead.
Come on, get off me.
He's got a whole drugstore here.
- Quit moving, settle down.
Let me go.
Put your hands behind your back.
Let me go.
- Stop moving.
- Got any weapons? No.
Let me go.
- Got anything else you're not to have? No.
- Come on, let me go.
Turn around.
- Hey.
What'd I tell you, huh? Look at all this stuff.
Let's go.
Get up, Mr.
Huh? Look what we got here, huh? Let me go, I didn't do anything.
Just settle down.
We caught you with illegal prescription drugs.
Hydrocodone, oxycondone.
I don't know where they came from.
Suit belongs to the restaurant.
- Everybody's a comedian.
- Should we get this thing off of him? There should be a zipper there somewhere.
Here, use two sets of cuffs.
Isn't it bad enough I gotta wear this clown suit? Have a heart.
Wait a second.
Hey, we gotta book this dog fast, get back on the street.
Come on.
Top priority.
Second alert in 30 minutes.
Come on, get him in the car.
This is Linda.
Leave a message.
Linda, what's the point of having a cell phone if you're not gonna pick it up? Call me back.
Still no answer? - No.
You know, the zoo at Central Park on a weekend is, like, wall-to-wall babies and strollers.
That sound like a good American target to you? Blow up a few families on a Saturday afternoon.
Go find them, Reagan.
Send them home.
Do what? Let everybody else's family get blown up? All right, this is him.
Ring any bells? Yep.
A strong-arm robbery I worked a few years back in the East Village.
This guy got yoked to his sneakers, roughed up pretty good.
This kid's a terrorist threat now? Was a scared little kid when I met him.
Until he went radical.
Second squad's chasing some cousins on Long Island.
What else? - Agents interviewed the parents.
Immigrated from Yemen 30 years ago, Westernised.
Estranged from their son, they're blindsided by all this.
Where's Vitale? I can't wait to get my hands on this kid.
Hey, Central Park Station, look, I need you to page someone in the zoo.
Linda Reagan.
No, Linda Reagan in the zoo.
- Thank you.
Take him to the back.
Put him in there.
How are you doing, Reagan? - Tough nut.
- Yup, be fun to crack it.
Don't cross the line, Danny.
We need to make this case stick.
What line? What is this? - Don't know.
Not usually a checkpoint here.
Can you step on out, please? Whatever it is, it must be why Dad and Danny had to leave.
I'll call my office, find out what's going on.
Ah, the DA's office won't know anything yet.
It's a police matter.
Let them do their work.
Gotta say, it's good to be back here.
Where I spent a year's worth of my Saturdays.
Khalid, work with me.
You haven't hurt anybody yet.
His name's not Khalid, it's Steve.
You tell him your name's Steve? If this bomb goes off, you're talking multiple homicides.
- The feds have the death penalty.
- But this guy, he's not afraid of the death penalty, are you, Steve? You're not afraid.
Why would he outsource the driving to someone else so they can get blown up? Right, Steve, huh? Just tell us where it's at, then you won't throw your life away.
It's your life that's meaningless and corrupt.
If this goes down, there's no deal for you.
This is your only chance to do yourself some good.
I am doing good.
And I spit on your deal.
I want a lawyer.
Hey, your lawyer's on his way but he's hit some delays because of all the checkpoints that we had to set up, thanks to you.
Remember me? You remember me, don't you, Steve? You do.
I can tell.
Yeah, you do.
Yeah, you do.
You just don't wanna admit it, though, right? Yeah, I know you don't want him to know.
How scared you were.
A little embarrassed about what happened.
But I remember.
Remember you came to see me two years ago? You got robbed.
You came in and you cried and you cried and you cried like a little girl.
So, what, you're a man now, huh? You're all radicalised.
You're gonna get some payback.
Is that it, Steve? - You're corrupt.
- Yeah.
- Your wife and kids are corrupt.
- Hey, hey.
You don't talk about my wife and kids.
You don't mention my wife and kids.
- You're a coward.
- Reagan.
Are you gonna blow up my wife and kids? Hey, can I have something to drink? Yeah, I'll get you a drink.
Anything on the NSA feed? Raised chatter, but nothing to relate.
Can you put up the original e-mail intercept? I find the phrasing odd.
"In area, fireball slaughters crusader enemies.
" Yes, Hassan is a non-native Arabic speaker.
The Arabic word he used for area is mintaqa but - He may have meant something else.
- Probably.
I need to know exactly what he meant.
Looks like we have something here.
A live chat between servers in a café in Sanaa and a training camp in rural Yemen.
"Today, New York feels suffering as our people do.
" From the café, "Is it done yet?" "Before the new day.
" It could mean we have until dawn there tomorrow before the bomber intends to detonate.
Or just as likely midnight tonight, Yemen time.
- Which means we have until 5:00.
- Less than six hours from now.
Boss, mayor's office is asking for a joint statement.
- No public statement at this time.
- Commissioner.
We don't have enough information to do anything but cause a panic.
Gridlocked streets, bridges and tunnels jammed with people trying to get out.
There could be repercussions for withholding information.
- I know that.
- You understand I have to brief D.
C? I'm clear on that too.
Change of plans.
We need to swing by Chelsea Piers.
They want all hands on deck at these checkpoints.
- What about? - Yeah, yeah, what about me? The wiener is going for a ride.
Come on.
Okay, go, go.
Can we work something out here? You got a record of dealing, pal.
You're in hot water.
Get out of the car, please? You get it? Hot water? - Steaming the sausage, huh? Ha, ha.
- I get it.
- Very, very funny.
- I think it's very funny, personally.
Hey, that van is running the checkpoint.
Come on, chop-chop.
- Whoa.
- Stop, stop! Stay back.
Show your hands.
Stay back.
- Show your hands.
Twelfth sergeant to Central, be advised we have a dark SUV at the corner of West 23rd and West Side Highway.
Requesting ESU and bomb squad forthwith.
Don't move, keep your hands where I can see them.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Okay, okay, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
I'm so sorry.
- Is there a bomb in the car? - What? A bomb in the car.
Oh, my God.
There's a bomb in the car? I don't know.
Is there? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, there's a bomb in the car? Oh, my God.
There's a bomb in the car.
- Are you stoned, huh? - Okay, well, maybe a little bit.
- Yeah, just a little high.
Unlock the car.
Get out of the car, you dopey knucklehead.
Come on, let's go.
What are you smoking, huh? - It must be good.
Central, 12th sergeant up.
Our SUV driver doesn't appear to be the suspect.
No further at this location.
He's not talking.
Let's get anything on who's driving that bomb and where they're headed.
Over 700 stops.
It's gonna take two days to go through everybody.
Let's just focus on the Arabs.
See if anyone is connected to Steven Hass from Queens.
- Profiling.
- Call it what you want.
Gotta do it.
How many times you been stopped? Not as many as my father.
Let's crosscheck with airlines.
See if anyone went to Yemen the same time as Hass.
See if anyone is a member of his mosque.
- Vitale's still at it? - Yeah, he's got me on timeout.
Tell you what.
Hatred's done wonders for this kid.
He's manned up now.
If that's what you wanna call it.
This frigging message.
Still no answer? - No.
I'll get back to you.
Damn it.
- Linda? No, it's me.
Listen, Grandpa didn't want me to bother you, but what is going on? I'm looking at a pretty aggressive checkpoint here.
You working on a terrorist threat or something? Yeah, a credible threat car bomb in Manhattan.
- You guys still in Brooklyn? - Yeah.
Didn't Linda say she was going to the zoo today with the kids? Yeah, phone keeps going to voicemail.
Battery's so old it won't hold a charge.
All right, I'll go and find them, okay? No, you're not going anywhere.
Just stay in Brooklyn, okay, please? You don't sound good.
I'm frustrated.
Pulled over every Arab in the freaking state in an SUV.
- Nothing shaking out.
- Why are you sure he's Arab? - We have one in custody already.
- From where? Yemen, by way of Queens.
Hey, you know that terrorist profiles are changing.
I got several cases in the office right now.
Are you gonna start this again with the ACLU crap? Okay, Danny, Danny.
Remember that white kid from California? - Yeah.
- Or Timothy McVeigh? All right, there's an English-language music video on the Internet right now recruiting American terrorists.
Okay, okay, I got it.
I got it, okay? I gotta go.
All right, you know what? Start pulling the stop-and-frisks we passed over because people are too white, too cuddly and whatever.
That you don't hear very often.
It's one of those days.
Wake up, O'Hanlan.
Juice that sucker.
Come on, kill shot.
Let's end this game.
O'Hanlan, you stink.
You stink.
I'm glad we came.
- Me too.
I, um, like showing you off to the guys.
I also like watching a good match, not as much as I liked playing it, but - You'll get back out there.
- My athletic days are over, I think.
Well, then who's gonna teach Nicky how to play handball? - Nicky does not care about handball.
- Neither did Danny.
- He didn't? - No.
He just liked the time he spent with you.
He'd always come home, retelling your stories.
I saw you on the phone.
So, uh, what'd you find out? What's going on? A car bomb threat in town.
Linda and the boys are there, Danny can't get a hold of them.
When is this crap gonna stop? In my day, it was simple.
H-bomb, mutually assured destruction, a standoff.
These guys, they can't wait to go.
Tell me what your e-mail said.
Oh, man, you know what it says.
You got a translation right there.
Yeah, but it doesn't make any sense.
"No rest for the oppressors today in New York City.
" That's right.
"No rest for the oppressors today in New York City.
" And? - I asked you for a drink of water.
- You're not gonna die of thirst, Steve.
Other things maybe.
Not that.
"No rest for the oppressors today in New York City.
" We've been over this a thousand times.
Yeah, but there's more words here than that.
You don't know Arabic, do you? - Yes, I do.
- Yeah? So this one.
Come on, you speak Arabic.
What kind of terrorist would you be if you didn't? Spit it out.
Come on, Steve.
- Come on.
- Crusader enemies.
- This? - Slaughter.
This? - Fireball.
This one? - Park.
- Park? Hey, don't play me for a fool.
That word means area.
That word, mintaqa, means park.
It's a park.
- What? No.
- You just said it.
- I never said park.
- Yes, you did.
- No, you're just trying to confuse me.
- No, you meant to write park.
- I didn't say park.
- You meant park.
I didn't say park! I'm redeploying men to every park and playground in Manhattan.
- That's more than a hundred.
- It's a good lead.
Commissioner, mayor's on the way up.
Excuse me.
It took him a little longer than I expected.
I guess my point is that if this bomb explodes, and we haven't warned the public, or if the press gets out in front of us So wouldn't it be better to have every man and woman in this city on the lookout for this vehicle? It would be if we had the specifics on the SUV and the target.
Right now, we'd only be creating chaos.
I serve at your pleasure, sir, but we're just not there yet.
I appreciate that, okay? So, what happens if hundreds of New Yorkers get blown to bits? Thousands maybe, and we didn't warn them.
You understand? We didn't tell them to leave the parks.
I know the stakes, Mr.
We will find this bomb and we will disarm it.
All right, you got till 4, then I hold a press conference and you'll be there.
Just a lot of people out on a Saturday afternoon, you know? So this is on you.
How could we possibly have pulled over this many Muslims today? - It's New York.
- Still a blind spot.
What have you got? Got a 22-year-old male, white from Queens.
Stopped at 1:15 in Harlem, not Muslim, female in the car with him.
Didn't fully toss the SUV, but guys saw nothing suspicious.
Keep looking.
Remind me to kill my wife if I ever find her.
Mildred Ames, stopped at 2:35 in Chelsea.
You know, call me crazy, but I'm gonna guess that, while it may be very exciting, to be a suicide bomber.
We don't know it's a suicide bomber.
It could be a remote detonation.
Yeah, whatever.
Mary Jo Clarkson, Long Island.
Married Married to Alex Hass.
Alex Hass? That's one of Khalid's cousins, right? - You think it's a coincidence? - Never is.
She's got no priors.
Let see if Mary Jo Clarkson has a social networking page that tells us all about her.
Alex Hass was questioned in his office at the university at 1400 hours.
Teaches economics, Westernised guy, no known contacts.
That doesn't matter.
His wife was pulled over in an SUV in Manhattan.
The SUV fit the description given by his bomb-making cousin.
See if you can find the video of her stop.
All right, Mary Jo Clarkson.
Married name, Hass.
Husband's name, Alex.
One son, Jacob, age 9.
She's a member of the same radical mosque as Khalid.
- An Islamic convert? Yeah.
They're the most zealous.
Where was she when we stopped her? She's got a link to a suicide bomber video right here on her page.
Are you kidding me? How was she not flagged by Homeland Security? I have no idea.
You know millions of people watch this crap every day.
This is the shot from the checkpoint.
She's got a kid with her.
You know what, let's go scoop her husband.
Come on.
The photograph of Mary Jo Clarkson is going out right now.
Major Case is picking up her husband at the university.
We're stepping up deployment to downtown parks, especially Washington Square.
We don't stop looking at everyone else.
It's a lead, not a sure thing.
You know, finding her is only half the problem.
I know that.
, call the mayor's office.
I think it's time we go public.
- Alex Hass? - Yes.
May I help you? - Step inside.
- What's going on? Know where your wife is? - She's not my wife.
We're divorced.
- Is something wrong? - Back, back.
Yeah, where is she? She's on her way to meet me.
- Is she all right? My son's with her.
- Meet you where? - What's going on? - Where, here? - No, at the park.
- What park? Washington Square? - You're scaring me.
- You're scaring me too, buddy.
What's all the stuff on the blackboard? Huh? What's all that? - Economics, my thesis.
- Economics? Hey, yeah, she's gonna meet at Washington Square Park.
- Exactly when and where? - Uh, 4:00, near the arch.
Four o'clock near the arch, you got it? Yeah, no, now, bring the cavalry.
- Let's go.
- No, she has my son.
- Tell me what's going on.
- You tell me what's going on.
Why are you meeting your wife? Come on.
I was awarded full custody of my son.
She's bringing him to me.
She just asked for one last night all together.
She said she had a beautiful place to show us.
- Beautiful place? - Yeah.
Alex, I need you to come with me right now, okay? I'll explain it outside.
Let's go, come on.
You're wife, is she radical? She converted to Islam two years ago and went completely nuts.
She and my cousin follow this radical imam in the Bronx.
I've been trying to get Jacob away from her every since.
- She crazy enough to make a bomb? - Oh, my God.
No, Jacob is with her.
- I gotta get him away from her.
- Slow, listen to me.
Listen to me.
You could be the trigger, okay? So slow down.
- What do you mean? - The stuff she's saying.
The one last night together, the beautiful place.
Just slow down.
Come on, take it easy.
What kind of world? Looking for a blond housewife driving around with a bomb and kid in the car.
Cop who let her through has gotta be kicking himself.
I wouldn't want that hanging over me.
Though I can't say I wouldn't have done the same.
Probably saw the soccer balls back there.
Whatever she had the devices covered up with.
They must know where she is now, or at least her intended target.
Otherwise, they wouldn't be sending us down here.
All we know is we got a 10-85 to help set up a perimeter.
But a perimeter must be to keep people away from the explosion.
We don't know that.
All we know is that we were told to report to the supervisor at the scene.
I'd like to know what we're getting into.
Wouldn't you? When you pass the captain's test, Reagan, you'll know.
For now, get used to not knowing and following orders.
Street cops get the worm's-eye view.
Know what I mean, kid? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Am I sleeping at Daddy's house tonight? We'll all be together tonight.
- Where? - A beautiful place.
- Where? - It's a surprise.
Is that her SUV? Oh, my God, there they are.
Hey, hey, hey, no, no, no.
What are you doing? You over there is what she wants.
Okay, if she sees you, she's probably gonna set off the bomb.
- You stay put.
- Okay.
You stay out of sight.
Don't move.
This is Detective Reagan.
Shield number 8714.
I have a visual on the car bomb suspect.
At the corner of Washington Square north and 5th Avenue.
Requesting 10-85 forthwith to clear the park.
Yeah, no radios, no cell phones.
Any electronics could set this thing off.
Where is he? Where's Daddy? It's a 4:00 press conference.
So the media is waiting downstairs.
Let's talk about what we're gonna say.
We give them a description of the woman and the vehicle.
And tell them there's a bomb in the backseat? We do.
Just saying it out loud, it's - This is the right thing to do.
- I think it is.
We've located the suspect.
Well, that changes everything.
Need you to go back to your office.
No, okay, my boy is No, don't you understand? Listen, she wants to blow you up, okay? If I let you go, they're gonna be pulling body parts from the trees.
She wants us to stay together.
She wants you to stay together in heaven, okay? If she sees you, it's over.
Go back to your office.
- Would you leave your son? - I'm I'm trying to save your son.
Okay, your son? Bomb squad's on the way.
They're gonna get your son.
No, no, if she sees the police, she'll set it off.
She'll never let him go.
I tried to reason with her.
We have to get him.
I can't help.
We're waiting for the bomb squad.
No, please, he's innocent.
He's 9 years old.
- Please, look at me.
He's my son.
- I can't let you go over there.
He's my son.
- Don't move.
- Okay.
Mary Jo? - Who are you? I'm Danny.
Um, I work with Alex.
He wanted me to come over and get you guys.
To let you know he's gonna be tied up.
He wanted me to bring you over We'll wait here.
Uh, tell him to come down.
I know you probably wanna wait but he's really, um He's tied up with a student and they're working really late, and it's gonna be a while, so he wants you to come on with me.
Why don't we walk over together and you can be with Alex there? - I don't wanna leave my car here.
Okay, well, I'll tell you what, I'll wait with you.
Okay, we'll stay here, we'll wait for Alex and We'll just wait, okay? Uh, I can't believe, um, I haven't met you guys before.
Uh, I do economics with Alex.
He speaks a lot about you.
What's your name, little man? - Jacob.
- Jacob, nice to meet you.
What are they doing over there? - Who are you? - I don't know who those people are.
I'll tell you what, I'll go get Alex.
I'll bring him down and you guys talk amongst yourselves, okay? I'll bring him to you, all right? Hey, relax.
Daddy! - Jacob, it's okay, baby, you're okay.
- Alex! No, do not come over here.
Step aside.
- Come over here.
- Hey.
You stay back.
Get back.
What does your son think he's doing? Mary Jo, let him go.
Have you lost your mind? Shut up.
Get back behind the monument, now.
- We are married for eternity.
- It's okay.
You cannot separate us.
Get him out of there now.
Alex, get back here.
I will blow this up.
- I will kill your son.
- No, no, no.
No! Mary Jo, no! Mary Jo, look at me, look at me, look at me.
You don't wanna do that, okay? You don't wanna do that.
It's okay, all right? You do not wanna do this, okay? You don't wanna die alone.
Hey, hey, I understand.
I understand, okay? You don't wanna die alone.
You don't wanna die without Alex, okay? Don't do anything.
It's okay.
This is not how it's supposed to go.
If she sets it off ESU is ready to move in and pull him out, Frank.
Sergeant, tell ESU to follow Detective Reagan's lead.
First officer on the scene always has the most information.
And he's a senior detective.
Stay back.
Okay, Mary Jo? Mary Jo? Look.
It's okay.
It's okay, you win, I understand.
You wanna talk to Alex, yeah? I can help you with that, okay? I just need you to be calm, okay? I'm gonna bring him over but I need you to do something for me, all right? I need you to keep your hands where I can see them, okay? I'll bring him over for you, okay? But I need you to put the remote control on the dashboard and show me your hands, all right? Let's work together here, all right, okay? Okay.
Okay, okay, now, I need you to do something for me.
I need you to put the remote on the dashboard and your hands where I can see them.
Just like we agreed to, okay? - Okay.
- Come on.
There you go.
And your hands where I can see them.
- Aah! Jacob? No! Jacob? Jacob! Jacob? The bomb squad defused the device.
And the mayor is inviting you to join him at his press conference.
Where were you on 9/11? Uh I was with you.
Clearing out the north tower.
Sorry, I was thinking out loud.
I know where we were, Jim.
Everybody knows where they were when the towers went down.
That was your son out there.
Yes, it was.
- Night, Frank.
- Night, Jim.
Pizza pie, get it while it's hot.
Where is everybody? - I expect Danny's filling out reports.
- Yeah, I know, but I mean the others.
- Hey, Pop.
Hey, the birthday boy isn't here yet? I got him a white pie.
I know.
They should have been here by now.
I smell hot, delicious cardboard.
- Ah.
Hail the conquering hero.
Yeah, yeah.
You wouldn't know it from the ass-chewing I got from the ESU sergeant, the SWAT team, the task force.
You did good, son.
If you got your ass chewed, you deserved it.
Thanks, Dad.
- Where's Linda and the kids? - She'll be here.
Hey, everybody.
- In here.
- Oh, what a day.
- Hey.
Happy birthday.
- I'm starving.
Happy birthday.
Oh, but we had a good time, didn't we, guys, huh? We saw polar bears, gorillas.
Sorry it took so long to get here.
The subway was so crowded.
Some incident downtown.
How about you guys? Everybody have a good day? Ha, ha.
What? - Nothing.
Come on, boys.
- What's wrong? - Everything all right? - Yeah, everything's great.
How was the zoo, huh? The polar bear was giant.
The gorilla smelled like poop.
Gorillas always smell like poop.
Come on, sit down.
Seriously, what's going on? We'll tell you all about it.
Right now, our pizza needs attention.
Mom, can I eat on the back porch? Uh, Frank? I didn't make up the rules for dinner.
Pop? Well, on Sundays, we always eat at the dinner table.
But on birthday Saturdays, anything goes.
But after grace.
- Grandpa, where's your cane? - Well, I've ditched it.
If I don't get my balance back, how am I gonna teach my great-grandkids how to play handball? I wanna say something.
We all went our separate ways this morning.
And we all expected to return to our family to celebrate this wonderful young man's birthday.
And here we are.
And I feel very blessed and fortunate for that.
Well, that was kind of grace.
Can I go now? Yeah, go, go.
- Keep it right-side up.
Sure, Mom.
- And don't make a mess.
Jamie? Bless us, O Lord, for these gifts that we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ, our Lord, amen.