Blue Bloods s01e06 Episode Script

Smack Attack

Sweet party.
- Hey.
Uh, last room on the left.
My dad's not home till Friday.
Oh, my gosh.
Can you believe he brought her? Seriously, so rude.
They deserve each other.
- This was a bad idea.
- Come on, Caitlin invited me.
She knows we're together.
Girl loves drama.
I say, let's give it to her.
A piece of trash.
- Which one? - Yeah, right.
I feel so close to you, Billy.
I know how we can feel even closer.
What's that? M-Cat.
It's new.
I want to do it together.
You'll feel so awesome, I swear.
- I don't know, Billy.
- There's nothing to be afraid of.
- It's not addictive.
- If she won't do it, I will.
See? Even the captain of the lacrosse team wants to have some.
Murderers walking the streets, drunk drivers and I get hassled for talking on my cell.
You know this is gonna put me out of a 3.
5 mil showing.
Oh, what, I can't talk now? In case you haven't noticed, the car's not moving.
- Just looking out for your safety.
- Oh, don't give me that righteous BS.
This is about power and money.
You've got the power so you're taking my money.
I know, do you believe this? I should get his badge number.
- Have a nice night, ma'am.
- Screw you.
Another satisfied customer, huh? I hate this part of the job.
She's not half wrong, you know? The CO wants an increase in activity.
- How much activity are we talking? - Unwritten rule.
One cell phone, three seatbelts, I didn't sign up to be a tax collector.
Oh, yeah? You should of stuck with that cushy law job.
At least you get six figures to piss people off.
Central to 13 Charlie, respond to a 10-50 at 1345 West End Avenue.
Loud and boisterous complaint.
Come on, kid, let's go make some more friends.
All right.
Ooh, la, la.
There's my date.
You're looking good, Dad.
Nobody is gonna be looking at him.
Hey, pancake, what say we break out the Scrabble board? - Double or nothing? - Maybe later.
I've got homework.
What's with the dark cloud? She thinks she too old to be babysat.
Yeah, when you were 14, you were doing the babysitting.
Maybe you need to loosen the reins.
This coming from the man who sent a patrol car to follow me around on prom night.
I never sent a patrol car.
I wouldn't do that to you.
It was unmarked.
Because we checked the driving record of your date.
Big night tonight.
- Shall we? - Thanks for this, Gramps.
- Bye, Nicky, I love you.
- Bye, Nicky.
Nice moves, sergeant.
We got a complaint of loud noise here.
Party on a school night? What's the occasion? We're just working on a class project.
I'll turn the music down.
This class project involve underage drinking? - No.
Are your parents home? My dad just ran to the store.
Guys, come on.
Wake up.
Oh, my God.
What's wrong with them? Back up, everybody.
- What's going on? Hey, back up, back up.
- Hey, kill the music.
- Hey, hey, buddy.
- Hey.
- Anybody know what they took? Hello, sergeant, I got four minors in need of urgent medical care.
- 1345 West End Avenue.
- Nobody leaves.
Hey, buddy, hey.
Hey, come on, wake up.
Hey, come on, wake up, wake up.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, man, these three look bad.
I think this one's got a chance.
Anybody know CPR, huh? Just watch me.
Like this, like this, kid.
Come on, open up.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, - 11, 12, 13, 14.
- One, two, three, four, five, - six, seven, eight You'll do fine.
I just hope I don't get emotional during my speech.
You won't.
- Are you okay? Oh, I'll be fine.
- Hi, J.
Miss Boyle.
How about I go inside? Save me a dance.
- What do we got? - Apparent drug overdose.
Four St.
Angelus students at a party.
Three boys, age 17, and a 16-year-old girl.
The, uh, boys were DOA at the scene.
Girl was resuscitated and transported to Columbia Pres.
What kind of poison are we talking about? We don't know, sir.
It's a new one to us.
Some kind of designer drug called M-Cat.
Do we know the source? Well, we're chasing it down now, boss.
Setting up operations in suspected buy areas.
Conducting full enforcement sweeps.
Debriefing partygoers and the survivor.
- How's she doing? - Stabilized.
She has a Reagan to thank.
Jamison, the first on scene, saved her life.
- What else? - That's it.
There's something else.
No, it's just that you're with your family.
I mean, you're entitled to a life.
You did right, J.
The press will be all over this.
- Keep me updated.
You got it, boss.
- Hey, Alyson, how are you feeling? - Who are you? I'm Jamie, the police officer who brought you here.
Police officer? Yeah, I just wanted to see how you were.
- Well, my head's fuzzy.
- Side effect of Narcan, I think.
Uh That's what they gave you to counteract the drugs in your system.
- Drugs? - You don't remember? Where's Billy? Did Billy get sick too? - Maybe I better get a doctor.
- Where is he? Is he okay? Why won't you tell me where he is? I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
What's going on? She was asking what happened to her boyfriend.
- So you told her? - I didn't know what to say.
Wait outside.
Alyson, hi.
I'm Detective Curatola, this is Detective Reagan.
Honey, I know you're really upset, but I need to ask you a few questions, though.
This isn't real.
Look, Alyson, we'll need to ask you some questions about the party.
We gotta figure out how this happened.
Do you recognize this? Uh-huh.
Billy said it was a new kind of drug.
It was supposed to make you feel good.
Do you know where Billy got the stuff from? I don't know anything about any of this.
I don't do drugs.
It was just this once.
You're a lucky young lady.
What happened to the other guys that Billy gave it to? - They didn't make it.
- Oh, no.
Alyson, listen, it is very important that we figure out where this stuff came from so we can stop other people from dying.
Do you understand? Hey, look, can you tell us anything? Did you hear any names? Did anyone say anything to you? Nobody said anything to me.
They don't talk to me.
Caitlin and the others Billy's friends, not mine.
Look, your mom's on her way.
You're gonna be all right.
Nice work, kid.
Our only witness, you gotta turn on the waterworks? I'm sorry, Danny.
It's fine.
She would have found out eventually anyway.
Sometimes, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.
I heard about what you did.
You saved her life.
- Good job, kid.
- What happened, they just OD'd? We don't know yet.
We have to wait on the tox screens back from the deceased and the residue on the baggies, so Frigging designer drugs on the streets nowadays.
It's a wonder these kids know what they're putting up their noses.
We have to lean hard on every kid at the party to find the dealer.
I'll start with the one who threw the party.
In the city alone.
Mom, we're not alone, there's six of us.
I told you, Congee Village for Chinese and then the movie.
What, you can't see this movie in Park Slope? It's at the Film Forum.
It's a classic.
We'll take the F train straight home.
I bet Dad would let me.
Okay, this is me loosening my reins.
You can go, but you better come back in one piece or I swear I will kill you myself.
Also, the dad bit, that will never help your cause.
- Do you understand? - Fine.
And I promise I'll text you every step of the way.
Oh, my God.
What is it? Three seniors from St.
Angelus OD'd on drugs last night.
I know kids that go there.
My daughter does not do drugs.
Well, we know she didn't take those drugs because she's not dead.
Now, Caitlin, can you tell us who Billy Romero bought the drugs from? - No, she can't.
- How about you let her answer, sir? No, I can't.
How do you think this makes me feel? Three people died in my apartment.
- I have to live with that.
- You're upsetting her.
It's not her fault.
Look, if you wanna play the blame game, I'd hold you responsible.
I trust Caitlin.
This started out as an innocent get-together.
- Those kids took advantage of her.
- Kids, okay? That's the operative word in the sentence, "kids.
" There's a reason that the legal age of majority is 18.
Now, you're an adult, act like it.
Let her help us with the investigation.
I've done nothing illegal.
A 16-year-old can be left alone in a secure building.
- Are we done here? No, we're not done here.
Caitlin, I'm going to ask you one more time.
- Where did Billy get that drug? - I said I don't know.
Caitlin, when your dad said that you're 16 and you could be home alone now because you're a big girl, well, that also means that we can charge you as an adult.
- And we can arrest you right now.
- What? - Are you trying to scare her? - No, nothing like that.
But when we cuff her and bring her down to Central Booking - Oh, this is outrageous.
No, it's the law, sir, okay? Everybody at that party could be charged for possession of an illegal substance.
So just be glad you were away on business or I'd arrest you.
Now, sit your ass down.
Caitlin, you still say you don't know anything? Who sold Billy that drug? - Someone at school.
- Who? I need a name.
I don't know who.
I think they buy it at school.
But I'm telling you the truth, I don't do drugs.
That's good for now.
Oh, boy, I'm having flashbacks already.
Surprised I didn't lose nerve endings, the amount of times Father Peter whacked me across the knuckles with a ruler.
Hmm, well, you're looking at the recipient of the Christian Leadership Award, four years running.
Yeah? Wow.
I would have pegged you for a goody two-shoes.
Well, until I discovered boys, that is.
Then I was hiking up my uniform skirt.
And Sister Beatrice caught me one day and she said the shorter the skirt, the longer the confession.
Wait, now I get to imagine that plaid uniform all day.
Oh, don't listen to him, ladies.
I know what you people face out there in the city, but this is St.
All right? None of our students are dealing hard drugs.
- Do you any idea who this person is? - That's what we're here to find out.
That's not to say that some incidents of marijuana - and alcohol use don't occur.
- Okay.
But Vice Principal Hoffman here is trained and she knows the signs.
I test if I see fit and get those few proper help.
Great, we're still gonna need to see your surveillance videos, Father.
Well, we don't have any.
It's not in our budget.
And the Lord handles surveillance here at St.
Well, you got me on that one, Father.
Father Leo, look, we'd love to talk to the students, but we can't do it without the parents' permission and you have 450 students here, so we simply don't have the time.
But the school lockers here are on school property.
So we'd like to take a look at them, with your permission, of course.
You wanna search everyone's locker? - Pretty much.
- That's such an invasion of privacy.
Well, three kids are dead, Father.
I mean, if you wanna cause an epidemic Of course not.
But I don't have the authority to sanction the opening of lockers.
- Father There's rules here.
And I need to go through proper channels.
- Talk to my superior.
- Okay.
Well, you talk to your higher power and I'll talk to mine.
It's a long way from St.
For both of us.
Well, this isn't a social visit, is it, Francis? The police need access to St.
Angelus High School, Your Excellency.
Please understand, commissioner, giving permission to open those lockers has ramifications.
They more important than seeing that more kids don't die? Our parents are protective of their children.
If we open the lockers and treat everyone as a suspect, there will be outrage, and rightly so.
You are criminal by association by the mere fact that you attended school at St.
We need to find out who is manufacturing this drug and seize it.
We need to find out who else has it.
If we open the lockers, how many parents will pull their kids from St.
Angelus? Then there will be one less Catholic high school.
I don't wanna have to get a court order.
It will get out and once again, the Church will appear to be uncooperative.
With respect, you can't afford to be seen to be sweeping another problem under the rug.
I'll call Father Leo.
Thank you, Father.
God bless you, Francis.
Thank you.
I need all the help I can get.
Locker 300, another 20 sack of weed.
That would be Tom Ryder.
He's in English class, Room 5C.
Looks like we found something.
Okay, okay.
Let's see what you got in here.
What do we got in here? What do we got? Yeah? In here? Good boy.
Good boy.
All right, all right, all right.
All right, what do we got here? Oh.
False bottom.
Good boy.
What do you think, Father, nice? Locker 291, who's that? Wayne Foster, Algebra, Room 7 A.
We're looking for Wayne Foster.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop, hey.
Didn't anyone ever teach you flight's an admission of guilt? - Aah! - Be glad you can still feel something.
Three other people are dead.
Yeah, okay.
Make that five.
We got two more ODs.
DOA at Astoria General.
Imagine that.
Wayne, you're looking at three counts of criminally negligent homicide, not to mention the countless drug charges.
You understand what that means, kid? Yeah, a lot of prison time for you.
Now, the only way I can help you is if you help me get this poison off the streets.
I need the name of your supplier and the names of any kids you sold the M-Cat to.
Wayne, give me a name.
I didn't sell it to Billy.
Not this time at least.
- Okay, who did? - I don't know.
Okay, then who sold it to you? I don't know his name.
- I never met him.
- Wayne, where did you get the stuff? Through Turbo-List.
Anyone can.
You bought it on the Internet? Okay.
Come show me how.
"Adventures of Radar Mouse, Number 7, Timely Comics, - What does that mean? - Well, it's bogus.
Timely Comics only published through number four, and that was in 1946.
Who knew? - The numbers are the code.
Forty-nine minus 46.
So 300 divided by four, which means he has 75 bags available - at 17 a pop.
Okay, okay, okay.
Listen, the math, you're killing me, kid.
Let's make an order, all right? How about $500? And how long does something like this usually take till he gets back to you? Oh.
- Oh, okay, that answers that question.
"Sending parcel post to Chelsea.
, $4.
" Parcel post means the mail slot in Chelsea.
Four dollars means it'll be waiting for me by 4 p.
Yeah, except he'll be waiting for us.
Good work, kid.
Did you get high in your crazy high school days? - What kind of question is that? - An honest one.
Yeah, in college.
I dated this bassist.
He was in a grunge band, he was hot, and he liked to smoke pot, so So he's hot so you just did it too, huh? Yeah, we always pushed boundaries back then.
Like the kids today? Oof.
The boundaries they're pushing, though, so much more dangerous.
Wayne Foster, what a coincidence, he's a friend of ours.
I'm just messenger.
What's in the envelope? - I just messenger, senorita.
- Yeah, just messenger, yeah.
We get it.
Don't kill the messenger, right? Okay, tell you what.
Tell us where this came from, we won't kill you.
Yeah? Bike shop.
The bike store, huh? Hey, stop! David Carvell, you're under arrest.
Come here and cuff this mutt.
What for? I import quality bicycles.
Yeah, well, you should have used one, you might have got away.
Are you all right? Oh.
Reagan, check this out.
This guy Carvell has got a major drug lab in the back.
Lot of high-end bicycles.
Hey, keep him down there.
Back here.
Oh, look what we have here.
Look at that.
- I guess the cat's out of the bag, huh? - Mm-hm.
- Gonna bag that? - Gonna put the cat back in the bag.
- All right.
- Okay.
Five dead kids.
You know, scumbags like you, you really make my blood boil.
What'd you lace them with? Arsenic, strychnine? You have your facts wrong, detective.
My brand is pure.
Looks like pure poison to me.
I'm a businessman.
Consistency brings repeat customers.
My brand is popular because it's reliable.
- Okay.
- Test it, you'll see.
Oh, we're gonna test it, believe me.
Now get him out of my face.
Looking at a spike in gadget thefts on the subway since that new PDA came out, but we're on it, boss.
Tomorrow's press conference has been pushed to 1300 hours, and then there's the renaming dedication of the Police Athletic League boxing gym.
You mentioned wanting to wear the, uh, uniform for that.
What about M-Cat? We're waiting for lab results to come back.
Well, they have.
- Hey.
Hey, there he is.
- Ronnie, two pints.
You got it, Danny.
Sydney's got dinner waiting, so I, uh Hey, just one beer with your brother, all right? The old man always said to celebrate your victories.
You saved a girl's life.
Feel good about it.
We got a major drug dealer off the street.
- To the good guys.
- Hey, Jackie.
Hello, hello.
- Remember Jamie? - Yes, of course.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Okay, so I have bad news and worse news.
Give me the less bad news.
All right, the ODs in Queens, meth heads.
There's no connection.
- What a world when that's a relief.
- Exactly.
Uh, and the tox screen came back on our dead boys.
It was a lethal dose of potassium chloride.
I'm not really a science geek.
It's a common chemical used in fertilizers and water softeners.
It's not used in recreational drugs.
And they also use on death row inmates for lethal injections.
My three months on the Innocence Project.
Well, the ME said that a high enough concentration of potassium chloride mixed with the sedative effect of heroin can stop a heart like that: Carvell's a real son of a bitch, huh? Yeah, and that's the worse news.
It's not Carvell.
The lab tested the M-Cat that came from Carvell's shop and tested the M-Cat from Wayne Fester's sample, it was heroin, methedrone and baby laxative.
Neither one had potassium chloride.
Great, Carvell told the truth.
All right, so we got one packet of M-Cat with potassium chloride.
If Carvell didn't put it in there, who did? The only thing I'm thinking is maybe Billy wanted a bigger high and put it in.
Maybe somebody else there looking to kill.
If that's true, we've been coming at this all wrong.
If they did, then who was the target? Was it Billy Romano, Alyson? You know, one of the friends, all four of them? The only person we can ask at this point is Alyson Duvitz.
We're gonna go ask Alyson now because she just got run down on Riverside Drive, going for a jog.
Ronnie, put it on my tab.
- You buy next time, kid.
- Yeah.
How's she doing? She's one lucky girl.
She turned and saw it just in time.
Car clipped her and took off.
Alyson, Detective Reagan, my partner, Detective Curatola.
- Met you at the hospital, remember? - Mm.
Can you tell me what happened? I don't know.
I was running, trying to clear my head, get everything out of my system.
Something made me turn back, there was a car coming at me.
Did you see the driver? The headlights were in my eyes.
And how about the car? Can you make out the model or make? It was medium-sized, uh, dark color.
- It wasn't an SUV or anything.
- New York license plate? It all happened so fast.
I think I did see a bumper sticker from my school, though.
- I don't know, I could be imagining it.
Look, Alyson, we think that somebody may have deliberately poisoned Billy and his friends and you too.
From what you're telling us now, they tried to hurt you again.
Oh, my God, this can't be happening.
Look, is there anyone you can think of who may have wanted to do something like this to Billy, to you? - Caitlin hates me, I know that.
- Because of Billy? She said that she broke up with him and he said it was the other way around.
- And you said she hates you.
- Yeah, well, I'm all over her hate book.
Hate book? Is that what it sounds like? Some of the girls have them.
They're, like, journals of everyone they hate.
I saw it once in Chem class.
There was some really mean stuff about Billy too.
And Caitlin took Chemistry as well.
Her, me and Billy were in the same class.
It's hard to believe that Caitlin Breyer is capable of murder.
She can be difficult, moody, but Look at this.
- Look at this.
- What's that? Just found, uh, some mysterious white powder in Caitlin's lab station.
Not in anyone else's.
- You know what it is? - No.
You know they can do that at the lab.
Yeah, I know.
I couldn't help myself.
Potassium chloride.
- How do you know that? Potassium turns violet when over heat.
Somebody's Catholic school education paid off.
- By the way, hate book.
- Mm.
I found it in Caitlin's locker.
Wait till you get a load of this.
"I wish that bitch was dead, her and Billy both.
I'd like to set them both on fire.
- Watch them burn and beg for water.
" - Lovely.
Teenage girls love to vent.
It's second nature to them, like breathing.
That doesn't mean she'd actually kill someone.
So she didn't mean any of this stuff in this book, huh? Read this yet, Dad? Good stuff.
Well, I loved Billy.
I would never really kill him.
Okay, what about with Alyson? She had Billy and you wanted him.
No, I didn't want Billy anymore.
I dumped him, okay? That's not what we heard.
All Billy ever wanted to do was have sex and get high.
- And it got worse.
- You two had sex? Tom.
Well, he kept wanting me to do this drug with him.
He said it would bring us closer.
I mean, I'm sorry, but if you're dating me, you don't need chemicals.
- Mm.
Of course not.
And then I found out that he was sneaking behind my back.
- With Alyson.
- No, this is before Alyson.
He even admitted to it, but he wouldn't tell me who it was.
And I didn't care anymore, anyway, but So he had a secret lover.
Okay, let's talk a little bit more about Alyson's accident, okay? Okay.
You already asked me.
I said I didn't do it.
All right, so where were you between 6 and 7 last night? - Caitlin has Pilates on Friday night.
- Dad, Dad.
With the questions, let the girl answer.
Well, actually, I didn't go.
I went shopping in SoHo.
You lied about that too.
Can you verify that? Can anyone verify that? Do you have any receipts from your shopping trip? No, but I tweeted the whole time.
You can ask Sara and Rachel.
They'll tell you everywhere I went.
But if you have an account, you could go back and follow me yourself.
You can follow her on Twitter.
She told you to follow her on Twitter.
- We got the hate book, we got motive.
- Yeah.
- Alibi from last night is very thin.
- We'll check out her alibi.
We'll squeeze her friends, if her story doesn't pan out, then we nail her.
That's why I don't have kids.
It's a nice piece? No, it's good.
You know they say you can get hooked on heroin after one try.
- How do you protect kids from that? - Shackles.
- You think she's kidding.
- We learned about drugs in school.
- Good.
- Tell him what your grandpa did.
- Oh, you knew about that, huh? - I'm your father.
- Yeah.
I did my own version of Scared Straight! With your Dad and your Uncle Joe.
I took them down to The Tombs and locked them in.
What's The Tombs? - Jail.
It's a jail.
And it was full drunk guys who were passed out and puking all over the place, and me and Joe What was Joe, about 8 back then? Yeah.
- Scared out of our minds.
I told them that's where people go when they do drugs.
- And you guys had all the fun.
What? Dad did the same thing to me when I turned 11.
- He did? - And how old are you, Jack? Ten.
He's not going in The Tombs.
You know, a lot of people think drugs should be made legal.
- Yeah, a lot of crazy people.
- What? It is in California, medical marijuana.
Ah, well, that's California, what do you expect? - Well, it's not legal here.
- And for good reason.
Drugs make your teeth fall out.
I'm just saying there's no scientific proof that some drugs are more harmful than say, alcohol.
There's an argument to be made for legalization.
Well, there's a stupid argument for legalization.
We just watched three kids die.
And you, you know kids who knew these kids.
If drugs were regulated like alcohol, standards for quality control, deciding who can sell it and to whom.
- And to whom? - Shut up, Danny.
You think there's gonna be less junkies on the street if heroin suddenly becomes legal.
Where do you get these theories? Sit around your dorm smoking pot.
And you just come up with this crap? At least users would know what they're getting.
Pushers and dealers would be out.
Maybe these kids would be alive.
- See? - I doubt it.
My Uncle Emmett went blind drinking a bad batch of bathtub gin in Prohibition.
- What? - Excuse me.
- True story.
Prohibition gave rise to bootleggers like Al Capone.
We should be able to do what we want.
It's a free country.
- That's a little simplistic, honey.
- No, it's not.
I'm just saying it's a complicated issue.
You think I don't know that? - You never take me seriously.
- Honey No, I just won't have an opinion from now on, okay? Excuse me.
Oh, dear.
- And that is why I'm glad I have boys.
I got this one.
Can I have her chicken? I'm sorry, Grandpa.
Hey, you made some good points.
She treats me like a child.
Oh, you're not mad at her because she changed her mind about letting you go into town.
Nobody else could go either after what happened at that party.
Just She never talks to me.
I mean, really talks.
Your Grandpa Henry ever tell you this theory about the Reilly side of the family being emotionally constipated? You know, the other night, when you were going to the gala, she was crying the whole way over to your house and she wouldn't tell me why.
Well, maybe she's trying to be strong for you right now, knowing how upset you were about the divorce.
It sucks.
You know what your mom was doing that night? Yeah.
It was her first night as the president of the Children's Fund.
Did you know that your grandma, her mom, was president of the same charity before she died? Maybe your mom was thinking about her, missing her.
You were thinking about her too? I was.
But I was trying to be strong for your mom.
Just like you need your mom, your mom needs you.
To look out for her, to understand her, and love her.
Life isn't fair.
But you can be.
- Good morning.
- Oh, come here, check this out.
This Twitter thing, it not only records the times of your tweets, but it tracks your location with a GPS.
Look at this.
I had our tech guys put her coordinates into our mapping system.
"6:07 p.
, OMG, skirt at H&M to die 4.
" Mm-hm.
"6:10 p.
- Saw girl in fringed top, so last year.
This girl tweets every five seconds.
- I know.
- "6:12 p.
, Fro-yo for dinner.
" Okay.
Okay, so her last tweet was at Prince and Broadway and it's at the exact same time that Alyson Duvitz was hit with the car, miles away.
Assuming it was Caitlin that was sending the tweets, who ran down Alyson? What about that secret lover Caitlin was talking about? If she even exists.
Is it worth going back to school one more time and taking a look? Well, whoever it was, they tried to kill Alyson Duvitz twice.
So, what do they say, third time's a charm? Let's hope not.
Janitor said both sides of the street are reserved for St.
Angelus personnel only.
It's worth a shot.
Well, maybe it is.
Parents are calling, asking what you're doing.
Well, you can tell the concerned parents we're investigating a triple homicide at their children's school.
And also a hit-and-run on Alyson Duvitz.
By examining cars? Yeah, in fact, we're looking for a dark sedan.
Would you happen to know who may have a St.
Angelus bumper sticker on their car? Well, anyone.
You can get them for a dollar in the supply room.
But the way things are going, I, ahem, won't be able to give them away.
Yeah, it's tough stuff, Father.
- Thank you.
- You have work to do.
And I've got a school to run.
Hey, Jackie, look at this.
A dark sedan.
- No bumper sticker, though.
- Well, that's just it.
Looks like somebody removed a sticker here and ran this car through a wash.
Yeah, like a hit-and-run trying to cover his tracks.
- Yeah, call it in.
- Yeah, Curatola.
Yeah, um, check a New York plate for me, ABZ-1873.
Oh, looks like somebody scrubbed this fender here trying to get rid of some light green paint.
The car is registered to Vice Principal Carol Hoffman.
Father, Father.
Can we ask you a question? What could you tell us about Vice Principal Hoffman? The students love her.
I get no complaints.
Despite the fact that as vice principal, she's often called upon to mete out discipline and resolve disputes.
Did she ever have any disciplinary issues with Billy Romero? - Not that I'm aware of.
- Interactions we should know about? Well, he can thank her for not flunking out sophomore year.
- How so? - He was failing Science.
- She tutored him.
- Tutored him in Science? She was a chemistry teacher before I promoted her.
Thanks for, uh, letting us take another look, Miss Hoffman.
We appreciate it.
I could be more help if I knew what you were looking for.
Well, actually, uh, we're not looking for anything.
We just wanted to ask you a few questions.
Why don't you have a seat? I really should be getting back to my office.
Oh, it won't take long.
So Father Leo says that, uh, you taught Chemistry here.
Before I became vice principal.
And Billy Romero was one of your students.
Good student? - Average.
- Average.
Do you always give A's out to your average students? He did some extra credit.
Extra credit? Oh, boy, I've never heard it called that before.
Miss Hoffman, you're an intelligent woman.
I think you know what we're getting at with these questions.
I'm going to go get Father Leo.
No, no, no.
Sit down, please, really.
You see, it was you who tried to run down Alyson Duvitz with a car, and it was you who planted the potassium chloride in Caitlin's lab station, thinking it would throw us off.
- That's a lie.
- What was it? Hmm? You couldn't find somebody your own age to have sex with - so you picked a 17 year old? - Shut your mouth.
I know, I know.
You're needy, right? Is that your problem? You're clingy? He was so disgusted with himself that he had to take drugs just to have sex with you, is that it? He loved me, and I loved him.
He didn't love you, okay? The fact is that he couldn't stand the sight of you and he wanted to get as far away from you as possible.
I begged him.
I begged him not to leave me.
I told him he was making a big mistake.
So if you couldn't have him, then no one could? He wouldn't even look at me.
He wouldn't talk to me.
So you decided to give him and his girlfriend a going-away present, hmm? What, did you just get lucky and get the other two kids by chance? I didn't think he'd share it.
You don't know what it's like to have somebody just to be with somebody.
I didn't need to see him all the time, just once in a while.
Carol Hoffman, you're under arrest for the murder of Billy Romero, Mekhi Allen, Justin Kaiser, and the attempted murder of Alyson Duvitz.
Have things gotten worse, or am I just nostalgic for a time that never existed? A little bit of both, I think.
Occurs to me we both deal with good and evil.
And human frailty.
They've got Miss Hoffman on suicide watch at Bellevue.
Poor creature.
I feel responsible we let an unbalanced woman into our school.
Heal the wounded, bind up those who are bruised and reclaim the sinners.
The Franciscan motto above my door at St.
- Easy to say, harder to live by.
- Yeah.
I talked to the cardinal.
He's agreed to let me hold a press conference.
No more sweeping things under the rug.
You may need divine intervention.
The press will be more interested in creating heat than shedding light.
If you'll have me, I would like to stand with you, Father, just as you've always been there for the Reagans.
Thank you, Francis.
Thank you.
It's me.
We're in the kitchen.
Rossellini dumped an identity theft on my lap as I was trying to make my escape.
I'm sorry that I missed dinner.
You didn't miss dinner.
What is all this? Pops and Grandpa and I made dinner.
Eggplant Parmesan, yams, arugula salad.
- And for dessert, red velvet cupcakes.
- Ooh.
Although, full disclosure, we bought those.
All of my favorites.
It was Nicky's idea.
Thank you, sweetie.
Come on, before it gets cold.
Well, this all looks delicious.
The eggplant Parmesan? Way harder than I thought it was gonna be.
Yeah, dipping the slices in the egg and getting all the flour to stick, it can be tricky.
To Grandma.
- To Grandma.
- To Mom.
To Mary.
Nicky? Thank you, Lord, for these blessings which we are about to receive through your bountiful hands, amen.