Blue Bloods s03e17 Episode Script

Protest Too Much

What do we all think of the NYPD's illegal spying network? We need to take back the rights to privacy! We want a police department, not a police state! We want a police department, not a police state! Come out, come out, Commissioner! We just want to talk! Commissioner Reagan can't hear you! We want a police department, not a police state! We want a police department, not a police state! They call themselves The Citizens for Police Accountability.
That's a mouthful.
CPA for short.
The accounting profession ought to sue.
You know, if we had a balcony and some water balloons, we could really have some fun.
, uh, Robshaw should be here.
Who again? Whitney Robshaw.
Newly elected to the executive board for the ACLU.
What is this, Get Frank Day? Uh, actually, she's reaching out in an effort to establish better cohesion between the NYPD and her organization.
Robshaw, Commissioner.
Thank you.
Commissioner Reagan, Whitney Robshaw.
Nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you.
Actually, um, we have met before.
Really? Yes.
Very nice to see you again, Commissioner.
I'm sorry.
I can't place where.
Don't kill yourself.
It was a whole other context.
Give me a second here.
You want a hint? No, I'm going to get it.
You're a friend of Erin's.
Oh, very good.
Thank you.
We met at her Well, I think she prefers to call it the tenth anniversary of her 30th.
"Beauty may be fleeting, but stubbornness is forever.
" Excuse me? It's the toast.
What? The toast you gave to Erin that night? Oh.
I've stolen it for every other toast I've done since.
Thank you.
The commissioner has kind of a packed day, if we could dive in here.
Thank you.
Let me just start off by You were walking with a cane.
I tore my ACL skiing.
How's the knee? It's all better, thank you.
Good, good.
If we're done with the medical update? So, Commissioner What? That's completely counterintuitive.
Next customer in line.
Well So what's their market capitalization? Uh-huh.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
It's on my desk.
My desk! Police.
Don't move.
Please don't make me shoot you.
Hand my boyfriend your gun.
All right, now, everybody Everybody on the ground now! You get on the ground! Hey, everybody, on the ground now.
You in the back, now! We don't want to hurt anyone, okay? And we don't want your money.
We just want the bank's.
Think about how much they got in the bailouts, okay? The banks are the real crooks here, not us.
They're robbing the bank.
Hey, you! No phones, no phones! What did you do? What did you do? I- I don't know.
Okay? I don't know.
It just went off.
I swear.
Look, we got to Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, where she go? Where did she go? Give me the money! We have to get out of here now.
We have to go.
We have to get out of here! All right, come on.
Stay on the ground! So how long were you, uh, liaising with those pukes in the FBI on bank robberies, anyway? Three years.
Three years.
Till the commissioner disbanded the joint task force.
Oh, well, that's because he realized how much of a time-suck the Feds can be.
All right, that's him.
Let's remember where your loyalties lie, all right? He's one of us, so be nice.
You've known me ten years, Danny.
When am I not nice? You, on the other hand Officer Haskins? For the time being.
They'll probably throw me off the job for this jackpot, though.
Yeah, well, look, I'm Detective Reagan.
This is Detective Baez.
Ah, man.
Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse.
You're the commissioner's son.
Yeah, well, look, I'm not here in that capacity, okay? So you can relax.
Relax? Never in a million years did I think that girl was with him.
You were off-duty.
And most guys would've called it in, but you stepped up.
And got a guy shot.
Perp says it was an accident, but I don't know.
Looked to me like it was in cold blood.
With my gun.
Look, we'll get your piece back before they can do any more damage, all right? You got my word.
FBI already bit into me good for that.
Why do they got to be in on this? Banks are federally insured.
And speaking of the Feds Agents Cook and Valko.
We should check in.
Nah, I don't check in with Feebs.
Don't worry, I'll make sure they know who's kissing whose ring.
Hang tight.
We'll get your statement in a minute, okay? Everything's gonna be fine.
All right.
In my experience, when a perp get his mitts on a cop's gun, rarely does it turn out fine.
I know.
Oh, hey, you two.
What happened? You crack the case already? Maria, there was another bank just hit 12 blocks from here.
Male/female team, same M.
Kicked it up a notch.
Tell me there's no more casualties.
Luckily, there was no off-duty NYPD there to get anyone shot.
Ha, ha, ha.
That's funny.
Blue Bloods, Season 3, Episode 17 "Protest Too Much" Oh, you went and ordered for us, huh? You were late.
Don't burgers usually come with fries? Is that meant to be funny? So, Maria, we know they fled on foot with six grand from the second bank job.
Your lab lift any prints of value off the holdup notes? None that were in the system.
The first note was computer-printed.
Second, hand-written on the fly.
"No silent alarm.
Slip me a dye pack, you die.
" Definitely not first-timers.
We know.
Yeah, three bank jobs in the last two months.
We dubbed him the Protest Bandit, based on the anti-bank rhetoric in the notes.
Yeah You know, I noticed how you do that you give little, uh "bandit" nicknames to everyone.
Yeah, it captures the public's attention.
It increases the volume of tips.
Yeah, I get that.
I was thinking about naming these two Bonnie and Clyde.
That's good.
I like that.
But you chose to name them the Protest Bandit.
Bandit being singular, not plural.
Yeah, because he was believed to have acted alone.
Yeah, it was believed he acted alone, but there she is in a floppy hat in this one, and an orange beret in this one.
We realize that now.
What does FBI stand for, anyway? Famous But Incompetent? Reagan Today was the first holdup where "Bonnie" needed to participate.
And you busted our balls over an off-duty officer trying to play hero, when they were actually just trying to help out? Okay, you know what? In the interest of expediency, maybe we should run parallel investigations.
With the proviso we share any pertinent information as it comes to light? Yeah.
Sounds good.
I think, uh that works gangbusters for me, too.
We're gonna need separate checks.
You want to buzz again? Give it another minute.
Then you want to call over to the mayor's office, tell them we're running even later? Just hold on and look at the logic.
You ready? Well past.
Think about it.
The police in this city have their hands full keeping ahead of criminals.
What gain would there be wasting manpower harassing law-abiding citizens? Oh.
That's your logic.
Not just mine.
And it doesn't jibe with public perception.
Well, then help me change public perception.
Oh, right.
The ACLU in cahoots with the NYPD? Show me the logic in that.
I could, but you wouldn't listen.
Try me.
I don't get it.
These kids are young and good-looking and, judging by the lack of typos, educated.
What the hell is this crazy vendetta against the banks? I once saw you kick a hole in the wall over a 20-buck overdraft fee.
Okay, but I didn't go shooting up a bank over it.
You're a paragon of restraint.
Wait a minute.
I might have something here.
Failed bank robbery attempt three months ago in Jersey.
Look at the picture.
Is that Clyde? A little shaggier, but yeah.
I see why the FBI missed it.
Well, the FBI couldn't find their own asses with a GPS, but I digress.
The whole M.
is different.
No gun displayed, no expert knowledge in the holdup note.
No anti-bank manifesto.
Even the handwriting is different.
Maybe that's 'cause he didn't have Bonnie yet.
Look at this.
She's nowhere to be found in the background.
Maybe he didn't get good until they became a team.
Well, that's great, but this is the coldest of the cases.
The coldest of the cases being the earliest of the cases.
The one in which Clyde was likely to make the most mistakes.
Maybe one of those mistakes can lead us to his real identity.
You up for taking a ride to Jersey? No.
Come on, it smells great this time of year.
What about this suit? Not the price; just the suit.
Okay? It's a steal.
Trust me.
It's nice.
What do you think? What am I supposed to think? Think of it as a coat of armor.
So when I call you to the stand and you walk by that monster, you can say, "Everything you took from me, I'm taking it back.
" That's gonna take a little more than a coat.
I know it is.
You said you didn't have anything to wear in court.
I just thought we'd Who is that? I have no idea.
Why is he taking my picture? I don't know.
Go into the dressing room.
I'll be right back.
Who the hell are you? What are you taking pictures for? An exposé.
On your father and his nepotistic dynasty! For who? For anyone brave enough to pick up the story, but for now, the Citizens for Police Accountability Web site.
Okay, you need to stop taking pictures now.
New York tax dlars pay your salary.
So, why are you out here shopping in the middle of a work day? Did you hear what I said? You need to stop.
You're a private citizen on a public street.
Your father doesn't think you're entitled to any privacy.
Hey, the person I am with is a victim in a sexual abuse trial.
You need to delete her photos now.
You're just a chip off the old block, aren't you? Hey! Hey, what the hell you doing? What I said I was going to do.
You know, I can sue you for that.
Yeah, go for it.
Good luck with that.
Here you go.
Hey! What are you hiding? What are you hiding? What are you doing? What are you hiding? Stop! Stop it! What are you hiding? Leave her alone.
What is wrong with you? Jana.
Do you have any idea what you just did? Yeah, well, according to your daddy, if she's not doing anything illegal, it shouldn't bother her.
Thanks for answering my questions on your lunch break.
Actually, I- I was held up once before.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, I slipped the guy a dye pack.
Couple of minutes later, he's walking down the street, a cop sees pink smoke billowing out of his pants.
That's great, but I'll tell you what, can we just focus on the one still at large, okay? This photo's from three months ago.
Well, it-it's like I told you on the phone last night.
I mean, something spooked this guy, and he bolted.
What about this girl? She wasn't here that day, was she? Uh, yeah, of course she was.
She's not in any of the surveillance photos from the robbery at this bank.
Yeah, but this angle only shows the customers.
She's an employee? Was.
Yeah, she worked the window right beside me.
She hated this job.
She used to daydream of somebody swooping in and taking her away from all the drudgery of it all.
You got a name on her? Sylvie.
Sylvie, uh Freeland.
Sylvie Freeland.
You know, come to think of it, she she quit, like, the very next day.
Come on, keep looking.
Whoever finds that stolen Glock's getting a steak dinner on the arm.
Compliments of me.
Sylvie's part in the first holdup still doesn't make any sense to me.
Well, apparently she was still just a bank teller and not yet a bank robber.
I know, but it's not like Clyde took any hostages.
He didn't pull a Patty Hearst and brainwash her into becoming a bank robber.
Well, I don't know.
Maybe they already knew each other.
I mean, the, uh, teller said that Dylan saw something that spooked him.
Maybe that was it.
Maybe he saw Sylvie and thought, "She's going to turn me in.
" Yeah, and then there's the obvious, which is: Maybe they were already a couple and it was an inside job.
You know who'd really love to weigh in on this? Don't start with the Feebs again, please.
Agent Valko.
Yeah, we really should've notified her No, I don't think you understand.
I live here.
I don't understand what you're doing here.
What-what do you mean, I can't come in? This is my apartment.
Well, unless she's a master of disguise, that's not our girl.
It's all right.
Let her in.
What's your name, ma'am? Diane Morris.
What is this? Uh, this is a search warrant.
And we need to ask you some questions.
Why don't you come sit down, okay? We're looking for Sylvie.
You seen her? I have no idea where she is.
She moved out about three months ago.
The lease is still in her name? Because they evict subletters.
What about the utilities? They're still in her name, too.
Sylvie left a note saying to leave all the unpaid bills in her name.
So it wouldn't hurt my credit.
Hers was already trashed.
Why? She had a full-time job.
Yeah, but that paycheck barely covered her necessities.
I mean, her student loans alone were over $100,000.
$100,000? Wow.
I got two kids to put through college.
Maybe you should start robbing banks, too.
What, you think Sylvie robbed a bank? That's crazy.
She has a degree in finance from Allegheny.
Well, she's certainly making a name for herself in the banking industry.
This really didn't turn out the way she expected here.
I mean, she was so miserable, she went on antidepressants.
And then there's her bad taste in men.
Who's he? Oh, God, I think it's that guy Dylan.
Dylan who? Sanders, maybe? And, let me guess, he's a Rhodes Scholar? No, we met him at a party last year.
Sylvie completely fell for his "we're the most screwed-over generation" shtick.
He wasn't even into her.
Well, looks like they found a common interest.
You know, back in the days of the real Bonnie and Clyde, banks had just wiped everyone out, started the Great Depression.
I think I got Dylan's mom.
Uh, hello, Mrs.
Sanders? Yes, uh, my name is Danny.
Uh, I don't know if you remember me.
I went to high school with Dylan.
Well, that's okay.
I'm sure Dylan will remember me.
Look, um, the reason I'm calling is I work for a firm in the city, and, um, we have a position that opened up.
I was wondering if Dylan was looking for work.
Well, do you have an address where he's staying? Uh-huh.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Please, no, don't don't tell him I called, because, uh, that would ruin the surprise.
Yeah, no, I, uh, want to surprise him.
Yeah, I have something really big in store for him when I find him.
Okay, thank you very much.
That's some gullible mother.
Yep, she probably would have gave his information to a serial killer.
He's staying at his Uncle Mike's in Brooklyn.
Let's go.
Jana, I'm so glad to see you.
Why was that man taking my picture? That had nothing to do with you.
You promised me that if I testified I wouldn't be in the news.
And you won't.
Then what was he doing? He was harassing me.
That's all.
Okay? Look, we've lost a full day of preparation.
Let's just press the reset button I don't think I can.
Yes, you can.
You were gonna ask me all the gory details about what he did to me, then the other lawyer's gonna do the exact same thing, only he's going to make it seem like I asked for it or something.
Honestly, that's pretty damn close.
The only thing that you're leaving out hat 20 minutes of your life and you can guarantee that Mr.
King goes to prison and is never allowed around another minor again.
There are no guarantees anywhere.
You want your life back.
You want to spare others from ever having to go through what you went through.
That's all I'm asking for.
It's not about the minutes.
You got me the suit? Well, you said you didn't have anything to wear to court.
Reagan, I'm sorry, but no suit is going to make a difference.
No matter what I'm wearing, I will feel completely naked in there.
I'm sorry, but I just I can't.
I- I-I can't do it.
Please, just leave me alone.
I think you must have the wrong Dylan Sanders.
Oh, well, you know, we probably do, but, uh, we'd love to chat with him just to make sure.
You know, clear things up.
Are him and Sylvie still staying here, by the way? Oh, yeah, yeah, they have their own private section.
I fixed it up for them.
What time do you expect them home? Probably not till later.
Uh, they went to a party.
We're gonna need you to stay here for a second.
Officer, would you keep him company, please? A party? They shot a guy yesterday, and tonight they party? Well, that's what crooks do, Baez, since time immemorial.
I know, but everybody we talked to seemed to think that Sylvie had a conscience.
Well, maybe she does.
Suitcases are packed, partner.
As if ready to leave on a moment's notice.
Let's pull the uniforms from out front, okay? And get the uncle out of here in case there's gunplay.
We're gonna be waiting for these sons of bitches when they get home.
I'm gonna call your BFFs from the FBI.
Why? So they can just jump the gun and mess everything up? Don't even bother.
That was the deal.
Baez, you need to learn to cut old ties.
Would you forget the Feds? Valko sent me to voice mail.
Screw 'em.
Sounds like a plan.
Look at this.
Is that covered under the warrant? Sure is.
Look at that.
Very Bonnie and Clyde.
I'd like to wipe the smirk off of his face.
Is that what I think it is? Yeah.
Looks like our cop's stolen Glock.
Son of a bitch.
This is gonna be exhibit "A" at our trial.
You know what, let's tear this place apart.
We got to find that gun.
You got to stop making these Holy Grail promises, Reagan.
I mean, if you do find it, you look like a hero; if you don't, you look like a total Hey.
What, another picture? No.
I think we got a change of plans.
I think they're gonna make another hit tonight.
Look at this.
How? All the banks are closed.
Underground rave.
$30 cash at the door.
They need cash if they want to relocate, right? They're not going to party.
They're going to pull off another heist.
Come on.
Mom, I think you ought to see this.
My friend Zeke sent me the link.
I think I've had my quota of cute kitty videos.
No, Zeke wants to be an anarchist.
This is one of the sites he monitors.
It's called Citizens for Police Accountability.
Why would they have your picture up? It's just some nutcase who's decided your grandpa is trying to turn this city into a totalitarian state.
He's harassing all of us.
There's a picture of Uncle Jamie eating a donut.
Yeah, a cop eating a donut; that's news.
One of Grandpa.
Who's she? I don't know.
Hey, that's your friend Whitney.
Yes, it is.
There's a line.
Yeah, and this is a shield.
You got a warrant? No, we don't have a warrant, and if you're gonna waste our time making us go get one, we're gonna come back, search everyone in the club.
If we find anyone underage, guess what we're gonna do.
We're gonna lock your giant ass up.
You got it? You see these two tonight? Couldn't say.
Well, could you say if you knew they're armed and dangerous? Do I look like I'd let someone like that by me? Call in shots fired.
Central 10-13, I got shots fired at 344 Flushing Ave.
Police! Move it! Move it! Didn't anyone see the shooter? Police! Move! Can you see 'em? I can't see anything.
The strobe lights are gonna give me a freaking seizure.
Hey, hey, you work here? Yeah.
What happened? Somebody get shot? What? No, they got Polly, my cashier.
And the cash box.
Like, What do you mean, they got Polly? What are you saying? They took her with them.
That way.
They shot the lock off the back door to get out.
They're gone! Go.
Go! Clear it out! They scored a nice haul.
Yeah, and a hostage.
I know it's a nuisance, sure, but Zachary Danhart and his group didn't break any laws unless they published a picture of your victim, which you say they did not.
They did post a picture of you.
A few of them.
Did they get my good side? They got you with Whitney Robshaw at a restaurant.
I see.
I know it's none of my business.
It is none of your business.
Having said that, what is going on? Well, believe it or not, she's trying to forge a working relationship between the ACLU and the NYPD.
Being forged over dinner at a nice restaurant.
A drink at a place that, yes, got an "A" rating from the health department.
I wasn't born yesterday, Dad.
I know exactly when you were born, which is somewhere around the time she was also born, if that's your point.
So seeing someone my age, you think that's appropriate? Is she happily married? She's not married at all.
Does she have a criminal record? Okay, you know what I mean.
Yes, I do.
So it's strictly business? You know, even I am entitled to a little privacy.
How how would you like it if I was dating one of Nicky's classmates? Not much.
I'd have to arrest you.
Nicky's classmates are only 16 years old.
Dad, you're being very difficult.
And if you brought him across state lines, I'd have to bring in the Feds.
Love you.
Hey, you get my message? Yeah, I got your message.
What the hell are the Feds doing here? I called them.
We caught a break.
You called them? It's my case.
You don't call anyone unless I ask you to, okay? Let's go.
Detective Reagan, thanks for joining.
You're welcome.
This is Polly Wollman.
Polly the hostage? How'd you escape? I didn't.
They finally just let me go, thank God.
They took Ms.
Wollman out of the club atunpoint and forced her to drive them around in her car.
Okay, how about you let her speak for herself, okay? And you put an alarm out on her car? They didn't take it.
The guy wanted to, but the girl said they don't steal from people, just Just greedy corporations.
We know their mantra.
Do you have any idea where they were heading? No.
What else did they say? The girl said to tell you that her boyfriend didn't mean to shoot the man at the bank.
She said to tell you that was an accident.
Did they hurt you? No.
The guy threatened to, but the girl she seemed kind of protective of me.
She was nice.
These are not nice people.
They're armed thugs who shot a man in cold blood.
We need to find them before he kills somebody.
Give me one second.
Officer Haskins, right? Yeah.
Sorry to bother you.
That's all right.
Let's go talk over here, okay? Okay.
What can I do for you? I heard you raided the perps' residence last night.
A lot of evidence was recovered? Yeah.
Unfortunately, we didn't find your gun.
So they still have it? Yeah.
More people are gonna get hurt.
Look, my off-duty gun ended up in the wrong hands not long ago.
And the guy did some pretty serious damage.
So I know how you feel.
I promise you I'll get it back to you, okay? Hey, there's no report on the guy that got shot? I want to apologize and see him, but I can't face him.
If he dies Well, look, he's in great hands.
He's at St.
They got great people there.
My wife works there.
Is she taking care of him? No, she works in the E.
But I tell you what, I'll give her a call, and I'll have her check up on him, okay? I appreciate that.
Look, I know you're in a jam.
All I can tell you is hang in there.
I'm doing all I can.
All right.
I just wanted to check on the status of one of your patients a Kenneth Harrington.
You know, he's the GSW from the bank shooting.
He's got a little post-op infection, but the nephrectomy was successful.
He lost a kidney, huh? The other one's healthy.
Plenty of people do just fine with one, you know? Yeah.
I've got a hiatal hernia calling.
Well, have fun.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Can you tell me if Kenneth Harrington's gonna be okay? Are you a relative? Oh, um, I don't I don't need to see him.
I just I-I saw on the news that he was in critical condition.
And I-I tried calling on the phones earlier, but nobody was really telling me anything, so is he gonna pull through? You know, I-I I don't work on this floor.
But if you give me a second, I'll go check and find somebody who can help you out, okay? Um, okay.
Security? So how'd you get yourself mixed up in this thing, huh? You do understand that you could've gotten yourself killed, right? The global economy is collapsing because of the banks' greed and corruption.
But not a single CEO has gone to jail.
The only punishment that they're receiving are multimillion-dollar bonuses.
And Dylan filled your head with all this stuff, right? It's all true.
What, you don't think that they should be punished for their crimes? I think those scumbags should be punished for all their crimes, absolutely.
But don't you think that you and Dylan should be punished, too? I mean, for your crimes? Hmm? I mean, I notice you kept all the money you stole.
You didn't give it back to the banks' victims.
We were making a statement.
We were highlighting the banks' crimes.
And the rave that you guys ripped off, what was your moral stand there? Dylan found out that the record company throwing the rave, QMQ, is fully owned by the larger conglom Sylvie, stop.
Stop! Stop it! Look, don't you see that this guy's manipulating you? Huh? He's not.
He saved me.
Well, he's not here to save you now, is he? And you know why? Because he doesn't care about you, Sylvie.
Okay? Look, I get it.
You're in love with the guy.
I understand.
And you can't see what he's doing.
But hey, look at what he's gotten you into.
Robbing banks? Attempted murder? No, no, that was an accident.
It wasn't an accident.
He's a bad guy.
He's a bad guy, and he's ruined your life.
What life?! Okay, I-I have done everything I was supposed to do, and I have nothing! I studied, went to college, and for what? Zero options.
You had options, and you have options now.
And let me tell you something.
You're gonna take the option that's right in front of you.
You're gonna help me help you and tell me where I can find find Dylan.
Look who's trying to manipulate me now.
Look, if you don't want to do it to save yourself, do it to save your boyfriend.
Because the real Bonnie and Clyde, ow how that story ends, right? Yeah, you do.
Cops put 150 rounds into them.
Trust me, you want it to be me who finds Dylan, not some other cop.
You understand what I'm telling you? Oh, my God.
Tell me where I can find him.
Detective Reagan.
I'm a little busy right now.
It looks like you could use a break.
What the hell are you doing? Me? You're the one who's out of line here.
You do not come into my house and interrupt my interrogation.
We had a deal.
In the history of bad timing You were supposed to notify us in the event of an arrest.
And she's about to tell me whe the kid is! You cut me out now, I will get her writ over to the federal system.
Freeland, I'm Special Agent Emily Valko with the FBI.
I'm sure Detective Reagan has covered this, but I would like to remind you of your Miranda rights.
You have a right to remain silent Yes.
Excuse me? I would like to assert that right.
And I want an attorney.
Nice work.
What's up with you? Get over here.
Where's Dad? I don't know.
Why are we whispering? Do you know who Whitney Robshaw is? That friend of yours, the hot ACLU attorney? Yeah.
It's not confirmed yet, but there's a slim possibility that Dad is dating her.
I mean, so? What do you mean, "so?" You can't possibly approve of that.
Dad doesn't need my approval or yours.
Jamie, this is not a good match.
Why not? What? What do you mean, "why not?" It just It's not, okay? It's just not.
Do you realize how long it's been since Mom passed? Okay, don't use Mom and Whitney in the same lifetime.
I'm gonna go watch the game.
Watch you don't get a finger in the salad.
Honey? Yeah? You're going at your food like it's trying to escape.
You break it, you bought it.
I'm sorry, okay? Just had a case go south thanks to the FBI.
Oh, I've been there.
And Officer Haskins' gun is still missing.
Do you know every detail about every case in all 76 of your precincts, Dad? And all 12 transit districts.
Plus the nine housing PSAs.
Well, yes, his gun's still missing, and I know how it feels to not know whose hand you weapon is in, so I feel for the guy.
Word on Haskins is, if it weren't for bad luck, he wouldn't have any luck at all.
Well, hopefully I'll change that.
Is this about that Bonnie and Clyde case? Please don't call it that.
It romanticizes it.
I didn't call them that; the papers did, and they are kind of romantic.
Criminals are not romantic.
No, they're not.
Not in real life.
Look, I'm not condoning their crime.
Well, that's a relief.
But there is the whole young couple in love raging against the system thing.
Yeah, you kind of don't really want to believe that, though, Nicky.
It's just crap they make up for the newspapers.
Yeah, the Citizens for Police Accountability.
It's the same scam.
Tell me about it.
They act like they're providing honest information, but it's just a way to get more eyeballs to their Web site.
I mean, come on, ever since I came on the job, there's been a citizen taking a photo or a video of every collar I've ever made.
What is the Citizens Against Police It's just some creep who thinks Dad has become Big Brother, so he's harassing us, taking our pictures, posting them.
I'm surprised they haven't gotten to you yet.
Why? They got you? Yeah, and Jamie and Dad.
And what'd they get you doing, Dad? Nothing.
Except for going to dinner with a woman.
A drink.
Are we all missing something here? All right, that's it.
I confess.
I got caught red-handed having a drink with a woman.
A woman? Just just any woman? A friend of Erin's.
Her name is Whitney.
She has an Australian accent.
The hot blonde with the cane? Are you kidding me? I don't know what got into me.
I know I'm no spring chicken, but I'm pretty sure I'm not dead.
And that's all there is to that.
Yeah, for now.
Erin, come on.
Somebody please pass me something that's bad for me.
Jana, it's Erin Reagan.
It's 8:50 Monday morning.
The trial's about to reconvene.
Can you please call me back? Hey, you.
Come here.
You want to do some real good? If you touch my camera, I'm calling a cop.
Why don't you sneak your camera into the courthouse? Part 35, fourth floor.
Take a picture of the defendant.
Put that out there.
Why would I do that? Because he's a child molester who may walk because your idiotic crusade scared off the main witness.
Yeah, well, not everybody does the Reagan bidding.
Really? That's all you have? Miss Reagan? You try taking my picture again, I will shove that camera Hey, he won't.
Am I right? I'm not done with you or your family.
Just leave her out of it.
I look okay? You look great.
I feel like a wreck.
Well, who wouldn't? Thank you for being here.
I'll do the best I can.
I think your best is gonna be pretty damn great.
Hey, grab your Kevlar.
Why? Those FBI sons of bitches cut us out of the loop.
Dylan's on the run.
This is me not saying "I told you so.
" They were closing in on Dylan; he got away.
He just jacked a car, but we have the GPS.
I'm driving, and you're gonna want to buckle up.
Target's heading north on Vernon Boulevard at a high rate of speed.
Subject is armed and dangerous.
Copy that, Central.
There he is.
Hang on.
Freeze! Drop the weapon! Drop it! Don't move! Dylan, I want you to toss that gun out right now.
Yeah, okay, you guys first.
It's not gonna happen.
Look, kid, you're a little outnumbered here.
Hey, look at me! I'm Detective Reagan.
That supposed to mean something to me? Yeah.
I'm the one that arrested Sylvie.
We had a nice, long chat about you.
She give me up? No.
Not even to save herself, kid.
But she asked me to promise to bring you in safe, Dylan.
You owe her that.
We know what's going on here.
The guy you shot, he survived.
He's okay.
And everybody knows it was an accident, all right, so why don't you just toss that gun out, and let's end this peacefully, all right? I'm not giving up here, Detective.
I'm not either, kid.
Suspect down.
Reagan There's nothing to say.
You gave him every possible chance.
I know.
We got the gun.
Yeah, we got the gun.
You got what you wanted.
I didn't get what I wanted.
The only one who got what he wanted was him.
How's that? He wanted a Bonnie and Clyde ending.
He got it, all right.
And they're guaranteed to be on your desk by first thing in the morning.
We're supposed to have the back room.
Looks like the monsignors have all beaten us here.
Give me a minute, will you, Garrett? Frank? Garrett? Gotcha.
Hello, Frank.
Hello, Whitney.
Did you get my message? I did.
But I was already warned about the photographs.
Well, I imagine the PC has eyes and ears everywhere.
Yeah, I'm the police commissioner.
I know everything.
Actually, Erin told me.
She had questions? Yes, she did.
What'd you say? Well, there's not much to say.
Two people with a fair amount to discuss had a drink together.
I'm told that happens all the time.
I think you're right.
But They could meet for another drink, it could turn into dinner And that could lead to something else, and I don't think this can.
Not that you asked.
Erin's a lucky woman.
How's that? She has a father who holds her opinion so dearly.
Don't lawyer me, Whitney.
How is that lawyering you? By framing this as if I'm doing Erin's bidding.
Score one for the chief.
But give me one good reason why we shouldn't see where this might go.
Besides you and Erin being friends? Our ideological differences, my public profile, your job.
Give me ten good reasons.
I don't have ten.
I'll be right there.
You have a luncheon? Yeah, colleagues.
And I have the monsignors waiting.
Oh, better not keep the monsignors waiting.
I understand.
So? It's always really good to see you, Frank.