Blue Bloods s03e18 Episode Script

No Regrets

We need to turn around.
We're nowhere near Park Avenue.
You saying I can't read a map? Or street signs.
Give me that.
Okay, look, you already ate half of it.
I didn't eat half of it.
You ate half.
This is not half of it.
So, maybe I should only give you half of your money Half of it Oh! Come on! So, I got us on the list at the club, and don't you dare wear red, because I just bought the perfect red dress.
tickets! Who wants tickets? Free comedy show! You're kidding me.
In Times Square? All right.
Reagan, Baez, we got a fresh one.
Hello? Hello?! Surprise! What do you think, Sarge? Baked it myself.
Really? That's right.
He was just the only guy willing to cough up two bucks for it.
Yeah, right.
Well, I got a present for the two of you.
Shooting on 43rd and Times Square.
So, grab your coats and get a move on.
What? Come on, Sarge.
You got to make a wish first.
All right! All right! Yay! Didn't come true.
You're still here.
Let's go.
Back to work.
And that's why I'm so proud to be here on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid.
You know, first question I always get is, "Pete, what's it like up in space?" And the truth is, I don't think the words have been invented yet to describe it.
Just how black that sky is, just how bright those stars are.
And of course, the second question that people always ask me is, "How the hell do you go to the bathroom up there?" Well, all you really need to know is that I was sure glad it worked back in '99 when I was coming back to Earth in Discovery.
Two of the hydraulic systems had already failed.
One of 'em was looking pretty iffy.
I'm trying to bring this bird back down on a lakebed, with all the alarms going off around me in the cockpit Got to tell you, if I was gonna murder somebody, I'd definitely pick a more secluded location.
Shooter either has a lot of balls, or not a lot of brains.
I made a whole career off of that combination.
Here's the vic's cell phone, Detective.
What do you got? Martin Cahill, 28 years old.
Address says he lives uptown.
Rorsch Financial I.
says he works downtown.
Looks like he died texting somebody named Tess.
"Heading home now.
" But he never pressed send.
That means it'll be us walking through Tess's door instead.
Yeah, worst part of the job.
Tell me about it.
We got witnesses.
Okay, who saw what over here? Oh, I saw the whole thing.
Guy came out of the crowd, shot the other guy, walked off.
Nothing said? No argument? Nah, this guy-- he's calm, you know, like a cucumber.
Cool as a cucumber, but we get your drift.
Okay, look-- what'd the guy look like? Oh, he was a tall white guy in a parka.
Ah! No, no! He is short guy with baseball cap, okay? - And he's black.
- He was white.
He was One at a time, all right? Did you see which way the guy fled? Yes, he went that way.
No, no, huh-huh, he goes this way, all right? And he's a black guy.
What do you know? You were all the way over there in your barfmobile.
Officer? Look, shut up, you rich bitch, okay?! Oh, don't yell at me, - falafel man.
- Hey, now, okay Look, she can't call me these kind of things! All right, you, over there Tell me you got this thing on tape.
I want a picture with you.
We're from Idaho.
This is so cool! Yeah.
Real cool.
What a load.
You made that stuff up about landing Discovery.
Hey, you got to give the people what they want to hear.
And where in the hell you been hiding the last couple years? Come on, I could ask you the same thing, Commissioner.
Yeah, I know.
Time goes by.
Hey, I got a question.
Why is it you never went into flight school? You mean because I outscored you on all the tests? Ah! Well, that explains it then-- your crappy memory.
Well, you know, I thought about it.
But somehow, I thought I was meant to be a Marine on the ground with a gun in my hand.
Not to mention, Mary had a vote.
Anyway how's Amy and Heather? They all right? Oh, yeah.
Never better.
The program's over, of course, now, so You're out of a job, my friend.
Yeah, straight from the wild blue yonder to the big pink slip.
How about another, hmm? Nah.
I'm good, but you go ahead.
Listen Amy has always loved this city.
And Heather's planning on going to school at NYU for grad school, and I would love to find something here.
Just some advisory position, uh, one company or another.
I'm just wondering if you could help me out.
Oh, come on.
You've golfed with presidents.
Ex-presidents, who are all trying to find their own second act right now.
No, you are connected, Frank, in New York City, every which way, right at this very minute.
Maybe you could put out a few feelers for me, huh? I did sort of carry your sorry Marine ass, back in the day.
Now who's got the lousy memory? Listen, I'd I'd be happy to.
But I got a question: Hm? How do you go to the bathroom up there? Hey, I'm serious, man.
Did Martin suffer? No.
It happened very fast.
He was trying to text you that he was on his way home.
I'd been trying to get him to come home early to tell him what I just found out.
You're pregnant? We were going to celebrate.
Look, it appears that your husband was targeted.
Do you have any idea who would want to hurt him? No.
Did he have any disgruntled clients? Any clients with ties to organized crime, anything? Never.
Martin didn't deserve this.
I know.
He should be here with me and our baby.
Please, find the person who did this.
Okay Please.
She's a badge bunny, Vin.
So what? She's dated a couple other cops? And half a dozen firefighters That's all in the past, Reagan.
All right? Okay.
I don't appreciate your tone, 'cause Tanya's the one.
I mean that.
All right.
What is going on? - Stop! - Hey, stop! - Hey! - Hey! Look out! Hey, hey.
Hey Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! You all right? He's got blood on him, Vin.
Call it in.
Central 12 David.
I need a bus.
Hey, you okay? Hey, talk to me.
48th between Eighth and Ninth, forthwith.
You okay, bud? I stopped by Rorsch Financial on the way in.
Tell me you got something good, partner.
Coworkers say Martin Cahill was a great guy, no enemies.
I got the same thing from his wife.
Went through his computer and e-mails-- squeaky clean.
So why does a saint get gunned down out of nowhere? What's that? I can't hear you over our case getting colder by the minute.
Well, maybe your second crime scene will warm things up.
Second crime scene? Another shooting just went down, this time in the Bronx.
A retirement home.
How do you know it's our guy? Same M.
Killer strolls up to the vic, shoots without saying a word, strolls off.
Want to take a chance it's just a coincidence? No.
Just gonna feel a little stick.
Ready? Aah! Okay.
Thanks for seeing us, Linda.
He's been so freaked out.
I knew you could keep him calm.
Ah, you're doing a pretty good job yourself.
Where's Child Services? Oh, they're out in the lobby.
He screamed bloody murder when they tried to take him.
But someone's trying to locate his family, right? Yeah, Vin took a cell phone picture.
He's canvassing the neighborhood where we found him.
Okay, bud.
Well, here's another mystery to add to this little guy.
The blood on his shirt? That's not his blood.
When I cleaned him up, I didn't find a scratch or a cut on him, so I tested his blood and the blood on the shirt.
It's two different types.
Got someone else's blood on him.
What's this kid seen? Try asking him.
Hey, bud, let's try this one more time, okay? Let's go.
Okay, okay.
Don't put me down.
It's okay.
You're all right.
I'm just gonna put you right here on the table.
You're totally safe.
Okay, I got you.
Obviously, somebody told you that if you ever had a problem, you should find the nearest police officer.
That's why you ran up to me, right? Yeah? But I can't help you solve it unless you talk to me.
Okay, so you need to be really brave.
Told you that my name is Jamie.
What's your name? Kyle.
That's a cool name.
Nice to meet you, Kyle.
Where do you live, bud? What do you got? Ruth Collins, 80 years old.
Shot in the middle of eating lunch.
I can see that much.
She have enemies? Anything? Any story? Not a one.
Sweet little old lady, wouldn't hurt a fly.
Sort of like our first victim, huh? As for the shooter As for the shooter-- let me guess.
Nobody saw anything.
No witnesses.
He could be white, black, tall, short Actually, this time we have video.
Okay, there's our guy.
Judging by the height of that door, I'd say he's about six foot, give or take.
Take that hood off, come on.
On a mission, as calm as can be.
Or calm as a cucumber.
Looks like a revolver.
Come on, show us something, you son of a bitch.
He just shoots the poor old lady like it's nothing.
All right, let me guess, none of you saw anything, huh? Something you want to say, ma'am? Ma'am? Whoa! Whoa! Huh hold on, ma'am.
Something you want to talk to us about? Well, yes.
I didn't want to say anything in front of everyone else, 'cause they liked Ruth so much.
But she was part of my sewing circle, and-and sometimes she would take a nip from that apple brandy bottle she had.
And one night, a-a while back, she told me she had a secret.
Which was? Ruth told me she killed someone.
That's it for today.
Be careful out there.
Regarding the possible serial shootings, the first victim was shot last night, in Times Square, the second one, this morning, in the Bronx.
CNN is asking for a one-on-one with you.
That would look like I'm bigfooting my son's investigation.
I don't think so.
On the inter-office front, you have a dirty bomb tabletop at 4:30.
Briefing's on your desk.
And I also saw Baker's e-mail with that list of CEOs and board chairmen and their available interview times.
And? Did I somehow miss the announcement of your retirement? Or did you find an extra hour in your day to take on a second job? Boy, I can't get anything past you.
Sir, your 4:00 is here.
You know, the first thing I ever taught your boss? Always keep a beautiful woman nearby.
I'm glad to see he hasn't forgotten.
Garrett Moore, Colonel Pete Seabrook.
The Endeavor.
What about it? The only space shuttle you never got to fly.
I was back-up pilot on her first mission.
Can I ask you something? Yeah.
What's that? How do you go to the bathroom up there? Aren't you late for anything? Honor to meet you, Colonel.
Thank you.
Don't do that to my people.
Baker's not a cocktail waitress in Cocoa Beach, she's an NYPD Detective.
I'm sorry.
Besides, she's got the Medal For Valor, you don't want to piss her off.
You know I always put my foot in it.
I made a few calls, now they're expecting yours.
I'm I really appreciate this, Frank.
Now tell me what happened with Amy.
Boy, you never stop being a cop, do you? Well, I had to do a bio, Pete.
You've been divorced for two years.
How many screw-ups do I have to admit to in one day? I mean And I never saw this one coming.
I know I'm not the world's greatest husband, but just, all of the sudden, one day, out of nowhere, she just says, "We're done.
" That's it.
" Serves me with papers and moves out.
Took Heather with her.
I don't see you giving up.
They're my family, Frank.
If anyone should get that, it's you.
And-and actually, I mean, things are going a little better.
I'm talking to them all the time, and that-that's the only reason I think that if I could land one of these jobs in New York, and just get them out here from Houston, I don't know, maybe we'll have a a real shot at a fresh start.
Look I'm sorry I wasn't up-front with you about this.
Well, we all have our secrets.
Want to know the real reason I didn't go to flight school? I'm afraid of flying.
Never stopped me.
A killer named Ruth Collins? Yes, Ruth Collins, arrested for murder in 2002, but she was prosecuted in this office.
I'm pretty sure it was your old buddy, Trevor Holt.
You think he'll talk to me? No, but he'll talk to me.
Okay, do you think you can get him to talk to me? Danny, you're not exactly a people person.
You know, and he likes me.
He recruited me out of law school.
He's been a mentor to me.
Ok, how about when he talks to you, I sit in? Will you behave yourself? Yes.
Hilberg, listen to me! If you don't testify against Tommy Vasquez and he walks free, even more people are gonna get seriously hurt.
Hilberg Hello? Is everything all right? Lost a witness against that food truck guy dealing drugs in Monroe Park.
Anyway where you been all week? Chinatown, interviewing witnesses.
Which means I was near Lin Cho's, and I picked up your favorite tea.
Erin you are gonna put my wife out of business.
Oh! Oh, this is my brother Danny.
Danny, nice to finally cross paths.
You, too.
Danny was wondering if you remembered a woman named Ruth Collins.
She's a cold-blooded killer.
Yeah, she was a cold-blooded killer.
She was murdered this morning.
So, you tried the case? I would've, if the grand jury would've indicted her.
Ruth was a slumlord.
She had a rent dispute with one of her tenants.
A disabled tenant named Joan.
Joan threatened to sue, so Ruth ran her over with a car.
Then she backed up and ran over her again.
How did the grand jury not see it? Oh, Ruth put up an act.
She played the sweet little old lady who wouldn't hurt a fly.
She doddered up to the stand, then she sobbed about how foggy she was that day because her medications got all mixed up.
Do you know of anybody who was angry that she, uh, didn't end up in jail? Joan's son, Kenneth.
He said he was gonna get even with her, with the DA's Office, even members of the grand jury.
And? And nothing.
I figured he just cooled off as time went by.
Yeah, or maybe he just waited for the right time to strike.
Please tell us our boy is okay.
Yeah, Kyle is fine.
But when I found him, he was out on the street alone, with a bloody shirt and no coat on, so he's not coming back until I'm confident this is a safe place for him to be.
It is, we promise.
When did you first realize that he was gone? About an hour after I put him in his room.
Uh, we went crazy looking for him.
ask any of our neighbors.
But you didn't call the police.
We were embarrassed that he ran away.
You realize it was because he heard you two fighting, right? Kyle gets scared when anyone raises their voice.
Which you should've remembered before you started yelling at me.
Baby, you yelled at me first.
What? No, I didn't.
Uh-uh-uh, all right.
Okay, what was the fight about? It was it was nothing.
It was silly.
And we shouldn't have yelled in front of Kyle.
That was our mistake, Officer.
Is that how he got blood on his shirt? I dropped a glass.
I didn't throw it, I swear.
Kyle wanted to help me when he saw me bleeding, but there was pieces on the ground, so I I picked him up and I-I put him in his room.
Please, our boy means everything to us.
Can he come home now? Yeah.
Hey, Vin, bring him in.
Little man.
Start talking, Kenneth.
Okay! Okay what? Okay.
Okay what?! I did it.
That didn't take long.
All right, I shouldn't have, but I did.
Why don't you lay it all out for us, Kenneth.
How'd it go down? The drugs made me do it.
So you're a junkie.
I'm not proud of it.
I steered clear of dope my whole life.
Wasn't easy, but I stayed clean for my mama.
Until she was killed by Ruth Collins.
That bitch ran her down and then convinced the world that she didn't.
Look, we understand why you wanted revenge on Ruth Collins, Kenneth.
We do.
But why go kill Martin Cahill, also? Wait Ruth is dead? Of course she's dead.
I mean, you just confessed to it.
You said the drugs made you do it.
No, I meant I broke into that dude's apartment.
Martin Cahill's apartment? I don't know anyone named Martin Cahill.
I'm talking about the guy in my building-- Larry.
I stole his computer to sell it for dope.
That's why I ran away from you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't start lying to us now.
Well, I Okay? 'Cause you killed Ruth Collins and you killed Martin Cahill.
But I didn't.
I mean, I wanted to kill Ruth Collins years ago, but Detectives, outside.
Little bit busy with a suspect here, Sarge.
Except he's not.
Your shooter just struck again.
He's all yours.
Son of a bitch.
So, a guy doing Tai Chi said he saw the jogger arrive and start warming up.
And let me guess, guy in a parka comes walking up, two shots on the jogger and he walks away? Yeah, the song remains the same, you know? Yeah, except this time, we got even less on the vic.
We got no wallet, we got no house keys, we don't even got an iPod to know if he listens to show tunes or speed metal.
Danny, we need an I.
to see if there's a pattern.
I-Is this guy a saint, like the first victim, or a killer like the second? This tai chi guy-- he say if he saw which way the jogger was coming from? Yeah, he said he approached from the north.
I'll tell you what, I'm gonna grab a couple guys, go canvas that way.
Head to the M.
's office and camp out there and do not leave until you get an I.
on this stiff, okay? All right.
Call me as soon as you hear.
Anybody want to go on a wild goose chase with me? Another body dropped.
So that makes three.
You know, I'm impressed by your math, Sis.
Yes, three and counting.
Don't worry.
You'll solve the case.
What do you got for me, Baez? All right.
Ah, great.
Good news? Maybe.
We got an I.
on our dead one Eddie DeLuca.
Which means I got to go, Sis.
Let me tell you something, when those solid rockets light up, you don't know where you're going.
I mean, you know you're going somewhere.
But you don't know, and I'm telling you something else-- people are talking about the wild blue yonder, they don't know-- it's black.
It's as black as your shirt.
Colonel Seabrook? Ye Ye Erin Reagan.
You know my father.
You got to be kidding me! Erin Reagan! What are you doing in New York? Well, you know, I'm just taking a what the PR people call a victory lap.
You know, shoot a few pictures, shake a few hands, but Do you realize the last time I saw you was when your family came down to the Cape to see Atlantis go up? Yeah, it was a long time ago.
Still, it was the coolest thing I ever saw.
So, Dad know you're in town? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, um, he's gonna join me for a drink in-in, uh, just a little bit.
Okay, well, you two stay out of trouble.
You take care.
Hey, Linda.
Take something to the table for you? Um napkins.
Over there.
Jamie, since I don't get to ask, what happened when you took that little guy home the other day? Was everything okay? Yeah, turns out his parents were just arguing.
His dad accidentally got blood on Kyle's shirt.
I need butter.
Would you grab it? But you're talking about, like, his stepfather, right? Or his foster father? Um, no, Raul's his dad.
I saw, um, baby pictures with him.
Why? Uh, Jamie, the blood that I tested from the shirt and from Kyle, those were types AB and O.
That's incompatible for a father and son.
What are you saying? I'm saying this guy Raul, he can't be Kyle's biological father.
All I know is the bodies keep piling up, and I feel like I'm running around in circles.
Well, do what we were trained to do-- go back to the beginning.
Is it random? I don't know.
If it's premeditated, there's a motive.
If it's random let's just hope it's not.
Nothing scares a cop more than a nut who keeps - killing people for no reason.
- Okay.
Can we try not to scare everybody around here? What'd you learn about - that jogger yesterday? - That he got a murder rap, same as victim number two.
Could be a vigilante.
Or karma's getting them.
Who's karma? Karma's a what, not a who.
Okay then, what's karma? It's this idea from Eastern religions that what goes around comes around.
The Bible says something similar.
Well, maybe someone's trying to speed up the process.
Look, the theory of a vigilante or karma sound great, but what about victim number one, who was apparently a saint? So if there's a pattern, you're not seeing it.
And around And around and around and around.
and around and around.
Find the motive.
Even if it's just the voices rattling around your shooter's head.
Don't worry, Uncle Danny.
You'll get this guy.
Yeah, not like you don't have any experience with crazy people.
You grew up in a house full of 'em.
Show 'em.
Three jacks.
That certainly beats my three tens.
Lucky for me, I got a pair of aces to go with.
Grandpa Oh Then let's double the ante.
Yes, ma'am.
Here you go.
So, did Pete tell you? Tell me what? I bumped into him last night at McDerry's.
Looked like he'd had a few.
I didn't go to McDerry's last night.
He said that you were meeting him for a drink.
He never called.
I never went.
The way I remember him, he was ten feet tall, riding a rocket into space.
Last night, he just looked like a guy drinking alone in a bar.
Do you have a moment? Well, Raul's not here.
He took Kyle to the store.
That's okay.
I want to talk to you.
I just need to turn down the stove.
Is something wrong? No, uh I wanted to, uh talk to you about Kyle's father.
I know it's not Raul.
What? Of course he's his father.
But that's impossible.
Kyle's blood type couldn't come from your husband's.
This is none of your business.
Okay, your son ran up to me on the street because I'm a police officer.
That makes it my business.
Look, I see domestic situations turn bad all the time.
If the truth comes out in the wrong way, your husband can't deal with it, Kyle's the one who ends up getting hurt.
Is that is that something you want? Something you want to happen? No.
The fight that Raul and I had, it was about this guy, Ted.
He drops by sometimes.
Ted's a plumber, so I say he's just here to fix things.
He's really coming to see his son.
How do I tell my husband that he's not the father of our child? I knew it.
It's him, isn't it? It's that punk Ted? And you said I was crazy for thinking that?! Baby, please, let me explain! You bitch! Hey! Hey, hey! Hey! Baby! Go to hell! Raul! Dad! Please! All right, all right.
Hey, it's okay.
Hello, Frank.
Can I get you anything? No, thanks, I'm good.
What's going on? Amy you didn't know he was in New York? No.
He asked me to help him find a job, so he could move you and Heather from Houston.
Uh, forgive me, I'm a little behind here.
Frank, there's reality and then there's Pete's version.
How far apart are they? I don't know what he told you.
He divorced me almost three years ago.
He told me you left him.
Like I say, there's reality and then there's He's lost.
Started a while back.
The shuttle program was ending, he was retiring from the Corps.
The brass bands kind of just stopped.
I don't think he knew who he was supposed to be anymore.
"Is that all there is?" It's not an easy question to answer.
He started drinking more d talking less.
One day Heather and I came home to find divorce papers on the coffee table and his stuff packed and gone.
Heather's still mad about it.
And you? More sad than mad by now.
I only moved up here because I couldn't stand living in the same city and never hearing from him.
All he ever talks about is the two of you getting back together.
Then why not pick up the damn phone? He's a proud man.
Thank you.
I'll get right on it.
I'll pick you up tonight, Trevor.
- I love you.
- Bye, honey.
Gail! What are you doing here? I gave Trevor a ride in.
Well, it's been ages.
How are you doing? Okay, under the circumstances.
I-I thought if he'd tell anyone, it would be you.
Tell me what? A couple months ago, Trevor had to go to the E.
in the middle of the night.
What? We thought it was food poisoning.
But it wasn't.
Trevor's sick? Very.
Oh, Gail.
Got your message.
What's up? Can you close the door? Okay.
I don't know how to say this.
Well, why don't you just say it? 'Cause you're kind of freaking me out a little bit here.
The guy you're looking for, I I think it could be Trevor Holt.
You're joking, right? I wish I were, and I would like you to talk me out of it, but the more I think about it, the more it's making sense to me.
The other day, Trevor said he had Ruth Collins' case, right? Yeah.
Did you know he also prosecuted your third victim, Eddie DeLuca? Eddie DeLuca.
He did three years for manslaughter.
So, other than Holt being the prosecutor in both cases, I don't really see a connection here, Sis.
Eddie DeLuca should have done life for murder.
So, he basically skated, just like Collins.
Wha-Wha-What's gotten into you that you're suddenly running around, playing cop, digging through files, hmm? All right, I know.
It just it wasn't adding up, okay? And it didn't occur to me on the day, but do you remember when Trevor was yelling and getting all pissed off that he lost the witness? I would have done the same thing.
So what? Right, exactly.
That's not the Trevor I know.
From day one, he taught me not to get mad.
That getting mad would take your eye off the ball, and the real point is justice.
Sis, the guy was in a bad mood.
He got mad.
So what? It doesn't make him a killer.
You get mad all the time yourself! I'm not saying that I learned the lesson well.
This is why I admire the man.
His ability to stay focused, and keep his emotions in check.
I mean, this guy gave up having kids to devote his life to the law.
And he's gonna jeopardize everything he's worked for to run around, playing vigilante? Why? Because he's running out of time.
What? He's dying.
Pancreatic cancer, inoperable.
And maybe it's making him crazy.
And maybe I am crazy for suggesting this.
I think killing these people is his bucket list.
Frank? Sit down.
Uh, you're not drinking? No.
I didn't want to break your rhythm.
You, uh think I got an issue with booze? You've always had issues.
Now you have a problem.
I'm sorry.
Sorry you lied, sorry you got caught, or sorry you're a drunk? Um, just sorry, okay? I'm not your counselor.
I'm your friend.
Don't lie to me, or expect me to believe the lies you tell about yourself.
Okay, what are you saying, Frank? You're a good man.
And who you are is a lot more important than what you do.
Those jobs-- they're there for you.
But you need to reach out to Amy and Heather first.
Frank, that ship has sailed.
Not according to them.
How would you know? I'm the police commissioner.
I know everything.
Look Frank, I have faced some pretty scary things in my time.
But the thought of my wife and my daughter watching me just lose it all I No.
I I had to push 'em away.
I wouldn't even know what to say to 'em.
Well, you better think of something fast.
We got you surrounded.
What are they doing here? They're hoping to talk to the man they used to know.
Sis, look, we couldn't move on Trevor Holt until we got all our ducks in a row, which meant connecting him to the first victim.
And you did.
Yeah, we did.
Before he worked in New York, he was a prosecutor in Stamford, Connecticut.
He prosecuted the case of a 14-year-old rapist who only did three months.
It was Martin Cahill, the first victim.
Whose records were sealed when he turned 17, which is why it never popped for you.
Look, I'm sorry, Sis, but we're on our way to pick him up.
Well, he's not at the office.
He lost another witness in that food truck case.
He said he was gonna take the rest of the day off.
And then, he left.
Sis, the-the food truck-- where? It's-it's in Monroe Park, right? Danny, he's not right in the head.
Please be careful, for you and for him.
I'll do my best, all right? I'll be in touch.
We gotta go.
Moving out? This ain't my home anymore.
I know you're pissed at the world.
The world? Try you.
And Ted.
And that lying bitch inside.
What about Kyle? This ain't his fault.
Then why are you punishing him? 'Cause if you get in this car, and you drive away, that's what you're doing.
Forget about your family.
My family was a lie.
Not in that boy's mind.
You're the only father that he's ever known.
So, sure, he can get to know Ted.
Maybe he should.
But you're his dad.
You always will be.
Family's all any of us have.
Maybe you can find a way to keep his together.
What is this guy doing? Come on! Hey! Move it! Move the truck! The drug dealer's food truck is across the way.
Move! There's Holt! I'm going.
Move it! Hey, move! Police! Get out of the way! Move it! Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Move! Trevor Holt! Stop! Get out of the way! Move, move, move, move, move! Come on! Move! Get behind the tree! Drop it! Please, don't! Please! Drop the gun.
No! No! No! Holt, I said, drop the gun now! You have to know why I'm doing this.
I know why you're doing it.
Doesn't mean I'm gonna let you.
Now drop the gun! But they all deserve it.
They all deserve to die, but not like this.
No! Aah! Please! Hey! You don't drop that gun, you will die right here, right now.
You don't want your wife to remember you like this.
You don't want my sister to remember you like this, okay? You're a good man.
Do me a favor, put it down.
That's it.
Tell everyone I'm sorry.
Hey! It's over.
Manhattan detectives, I need a bus at Monroe Park.
One male shot, but alive, one male DOA on this location.