Blue Bloods s06e13 Episode Script

Stomping Grounds

On the ground! Get on the ground! Now! Get on the ground! No Open the register.
Give me the cash.
Okay, okay, okay.
GUNMAN: Give me it! Get down! GUNMAN: Open it! Open the register.
I'm going as fast as I can.
Well, go a little faster! CASHIER: I have a family Yeah, well, I have a family, too, okay? And I'm gonna count to three, and if that cash register isn't open, I'm gonna put a bullet in your head.
One! CASHIER: I'm trying, I'm trying.
(screaming): Don't shoot! Two! Please Jamie, look out! Three! (gunshot) (screams) (grunts) (alarm ringing, beeping) Holster your weapons.
MAN: Let's reset.
Okay so what went wrong with this exercise? All due respect for the new training guidelines, Sergeant Langley, this was a must-shoot situation.
But Janko didn't shoot, did she? I had a better angle to see everything.
It was a no-win scenario.
It happens.
Sometimes we can't control all the factors, but we can control ourselves.
Janko, nice restraint.
Reagan we got some work ahead of us.
And not the words Of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows And did it My way.
(cheering, whooping) TIM: Thank you! It's been a privilege and an honor.
If there's a doctor in the house, I think I just had a hernia.
(laughter) That sound you heard (chuckling): Sinatra spinning in his grave.
ERIN: I think it's brave getting up there.
I could never.
I'm with you.
Not me, I got a whole set of tunes I'm gonna sing for my retirement.
Is that a promise or a threat? (laughs) There they are, the first family plus one.
Aw, thank you for coming tonight, Henry.
You're the best.
Nah, that would be you, Tim.
(laughs) Sid! Congratulations, Tim.
You made it.
Commissioner, Ms.
Reagan, good of you to attend.
Wouldn't have missed it.
One of the longest serving cops in this department.
I would have stayed a little bit longer if you let me Mandatory retirement applies to everyone, Tim.
(whispering): Except the commissioner.
HENRY: I hear you're going to Florida? Sunshine and golf courses, that's all they got where I'm headed, Henry.
You're welcome anytime.
I never figured you for a snowbird.
Yeah, me neither.
I thought I'd stay in New York until they planted me beneath it, but times have changed.
And the winters aren't getting any warmer.
No, it's not the cold.
I'm taking Amy away from all of this.
City's going to hell in a hand basket.
Well, we'll miss your head and shoulders in the cause, Tim.
It's a lost cause now.
The good guys are the ones getting chased out.
I'm sure you're in the minority thinking that.
Ooh, I am in the minority, you are right there.
When I first came on the job, and you were the boss of bosses? That was a totally different time.
We got a damn good commissioner running the show now.
But he's a little too caught up in politics and appeasement to take off the gloves and do what needs doing, you ask me.
Sounds like you needed the change.
Thanks for your service, Lieutenant.
And don't let the door hit you in the ass (laughing): on the way out.
I think I need a drink with my old pal, Tim.
Come on, buddy, let's go.
Come on.
And a good night to all.
(Tim whooping) TIM: Let's do it.
Ooh, whoa, this has got to be my last one.
We both have day tours tomorrow.
(chuckling) You did good today.
Thank you.
It's the truth.
Your scores in every category are off the charts.
How long you been on patrol with Reagan? Well.
Two years.
So, you ready for a move up? I like where I am for now.
Look, the NYPD needs people like you in higher profile positions.
There's a push to improve community relations.
I feel like I do that every day.
It's a drop in the bucket compared to what you could be accomplishing with a little more visibility.
I can tell you have the right touch.
I'm not sure what kind of touch that is.
(chuckles) Let's get real.
You have the potential to do big things in this department, but being partnered with a Reagan is holding you back.
Why is that? The PC can't afford to be seen as favoring his son's partner.
You need another hook.
You? There's nothing wrong with having ambition.
(laughing): I know.
So? Take the hand that's offered to you.
(laughs) Wow.
That was, um Really? Oh, no, I like you! I like you, I do.
Oh, come on.
I jus I jus (sighs) you're my training sergeant at my precinct.
We can't do this.
Who's gonna know? I'm gonna know.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
I hope that's okay.
Why wouldn't it be? I don't want it to be weird when we work together.
I'm still good.
Aren't you? Yeah, sure.
No harm, no foul, right? (clears throat) BAEZ: I'm just saying, you can't tell me anything about these streets I don't already know.
Yeah, except where to get a decent cup of coffee without spending half your paycheck.
Excuse me, sir, you seen him? Uh nope.
Why don't you take a closer look? Maybe he's been in here, a customer, you seen him in the neighborhood.
BARISTA: Uh yeah, no, no.
No, coming up blank.
You seen him in the neighborhood, somewhere around? Yeah, doesn't ring any bells.
Okay, uh, I'll tell you what.
Uh, post that in the window, okay? BARISTA: Yeah.
Help us out.
All right.
Hey, where you going? What's the matter? What's wrong? That guy behind me It's not our guy.
Doesn't look anything like the sketch.
I know.
When I was ten, I saw that guy stomp a boy to death in front of my building.
Did the sitter work out? Oh, she's great.
Thank you so much.
Oh, happy to help.
Forgotten, but not gone.
How was Harrison's racket? Lively, but not a moment too soon.
What do you mean? His sell-by date as a reliably good cop had long passed.
Yet, you let him stay on till the end.
I kept a close eye on.
He stayed out of trouble.
Since when is that your criteria for keeping a man on the job? Since the man was one of my father's favorites.
And a very good man with a blind spot.
So, what do we got? We're starting to get calls on the two males shot on the D train last night.
How do you want this to go out? Ah Sid said he's on his way up about that.
He couldn't put it in an e-mail? He said an e-mail wouldn't do.
Those two shot on the subway last night are still in intensive care.
But you didn't come up here for that.
Well, we're still piecing some of this together, but apparently the first victim was a lush worker with a record, robbing a passed out drunk.
He sliced open his pocket with a razor, took his wallet.
Witnesses say the drunk woke up and shot him.
And? There was another kid close by-- he got shot as well, but we don't know what his role was.
But the first victim still had the wallet on him.
It was Tim Harrison's wallet.
What? We call that burying the lead.
And I call it I still can't believe it.
(sighs) Were both shooting victims black? Yeah.
GARRETT: And the shooter was white, and a cop.
Did the witnesses identify Tim as the shooter? They all picked his photo from the array.
And they said he fired again when the perps scattered.
Any idea where he is now? In the wind, with a gun and no wallet.
Friends, family? Canvassing everybody.
No hits yet.
How do you want this to go? Tim was a decorated and respected member of this department.
He's entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.
Witnesses saw him shooting up a subway car.
And we have a man who has Tim's wallet.
I don't think Tim gave it to him.
I'm just saying Put out a picture and a description.
We're not trying him right now, we're just trying to find him.
You want to tell me what's really going on? I said I didn't want to talk about it.
Come on, you casually say you saw a murder when you were ten-years-old, and now you want to just drop it, just like that? Yeah.
What, you gonna smack me upside the head until I tell you? What happened? It was, like, 25 years ago.
My mother sent me out to get some milk from the bodega across the street and I saw something I wasn't supposed to see.
You do realize that I'm your partner, right, Baez? Come on.
That guy we saw, Octavio Nunez (sighs) I saw him curb-stomping someone to death right in the middle of the street.
Someone you knew? A friend? A boy I liked.
Everyone called him Gabo.
He was the first person I knew who thought I could make it out of the hood.
And you saw him get killed.
(sighs) Any idea why? You can't be the only witness.
Other people were looking out their windows, they're just too scared.
Octavio was young, but he already had a rep as an enforcer with the local crew.
I was scared, too.
I locked eyes with him, and I never said anything.
(sighs) So, he was never charged.
He disappeared about a month later, and no one ever talked about it.
Gabo's mother put flowers on the spot where it happened every year until she died.
Well, you know, this Octavio guy is back in the neighborhood.
I mean, he must be up to something.
We can pinch him now.
No, just-just let it go, Danny, okay? I still have family on that block.
Come on, there's no statute of limitations on murder.
I'm asking you to let it go, okay? It's not your family that still lives there.
Okay, each team take one, pass them along.
Lieutenant Harrison was a member of this department, but right now we have to treat him like any other armed perp.
If you see him, approach with caution, and request an 85 forthwith.
Moving on, we're continuing our training assignments.
As most of you know, this precinct is a testing ground for the new community policing model.
You'll each be getting turns to ride with me.
That's all for today.
Roll call dismissed.
You ready? Oh, I meant to tell you before roll call I won't be on patrol today.
Everything all right? Yeah, I have a court appearance tomorrow.
I thought I mentioned it.
ADA wants me in for trial prep.
All right, Reagan, looks like it's just me and you.
Janko, I'll catch you next time.
Talk to you later, okay? Sure.
(phone ringing nearby) Reagan, you are looking at my personnel file.
I was not.
I mean, I am, but I'm just looking at places you used to live, that's all.
So you can get more information on the murder I saw.
I thought we agreed to leave it alone.
No, I didn't agree to anything, okay? Murder's murder, and this Octavio guy's skated on half a dozen as it is.
Yeah, in Mexico.
And now he's back in town and he's trying to go legit.
Oh, so you've been tracking him, too.
Of course, I have.
You think I haven't been over this a million times in my head? The only thing I know is nobody becomes a cop to forget about witnessing a homicide, okay? This thing is gonna haunt you until you put it down, Baez.
Or until you put it down and stop torturing me with it.
You're torturing yourself.
You know you're down for this.
Come on, let's nail this son of a bitch.
All right, I'm in.
You gonna let up on me now? Not a chance.
Hey, uh, w-what happened today? Why'd you duck your turn with Langley? I told you I had to get ready for court.
Yeah, you guys went out after training the other night.
Did, uh, something happen? It doesn't matter.
Eddie, Eddie.
He try to put a move on you or something? It's all good.
I-I handled it.
What'd he do? It was nothing.
(inhales) Uh, he kissed me.
We both had had a lot to drink and I was not completely blameless.
What are you telling me? Look, Jamie, I really don't want this to get around, and I'd really like it if you didn't say anything.
Hey He's your superior officer.
You telling me you wanted this? Jamie, I can handle my business.
You need to stay out of this, okay? Please.
I'm sorry I said anything to you.
Witnesses confirm the second kid who got shot was just trying to break up the robbery.
Oh great.
Still no sign of Tim.
We're pinging his cell phone.
We put an alert over NLETS to law enforcement nationwide.
The guy's got no wallet.
He must be reaching out to friends, family.
Turns out he's been separated from his wife for over a year.
Amy has not heard a word from him.
So, all that stuff about heading south together was just wishful thinking.
Boss, the Tim Harrison I knew, apparently he's-- I don't know-- he just hasn't been himself for awhile.
Or maybe the self he really is, he kept a lid on till last night.
Point taken, sir.
You've got a call coming through.
It's Lieutenant Harrison.
I've got TARU tracing it.
(exhales) Thank you, Baker.
Sit down.
Don't bother tracing this call, Frank.
I'll be gone before you get here.
(sighs) You know you need to turn yourself in.
They were both good shootings, Frank.
The one black kid had a blade, the other was backing him up.
I shot in self-defense.
That's for a grand jury to decide.
You would have done the same thing-- any cop would have.
You will have your day in court, you have my word.
Your word? I served your father with distinction for 20 years.
You shipped me out to Staten Island the day he left the building.
This has got nothing to do with that.
Of course it does.
The city is going back to the wolves 'cause you tied the hands of the people that saved it.
Tim, I am about an inch away from having to attach "armed and dangerous" to the bulletin with your name and picture on it.
Don't make me do that.
Come in.
Come home.
I'll tell you what, Frank.
You do what you have to do, 'cause I'm gonna do what I have to.
(water splashing) We didn't get it.
(siren wailing) MAN: Hey, Maria.
¿Qué pasa? WOMAN: Hola, Maria.
¿Qué tal? It's the street I grew up on.
Mm, also the street where Gabo was murdered.
Yeah, that was then, this is now.
You Detective Foster? You the guys called about Octavio Nunez? Yeah, what's the story here? It looks like an arson and explosives job.
Yeah, Octavio is moving his drug profits into real estate.
The building he was trying to buy just happened to have a gas explosion last night.
Let me guess, negotiations had stalled.
Yeah, fire marshals said it looks like the gas line was deliberately cut.
The property will sell for a song now.
That's how Octavio rolls.
Word is he stomped a boy named Gabriel Montoya to death on this street.
A couple dozen people looking out their windows, no one said anything.
DANNY: Think anybody on the block will talk about what's going on with him nowadays? (scoffs) Would you, if you just saw one of your neighbor's buildings blow up? Hey, you can't blame them.
People got to live.
The point of this training is not to escalate little problems into big problems for the sake of running up numbers.
No one needs to get shot to death over driving with a broken taillight.
Isn't that just common sense? If it was that common, everyone would have it.
What's up with you, Reagan? You've had an attitude all morning.
Nothing, I'm just focusing on the training.
This to do with Janko? She say something to you? Why would she? I've seen how you are with her at the precinct.
You two just partners? Why do you want to know, are you interested in her? You have first dibs? Hey, you know what, we're partners.
Otherwise (chuckles) So, I heard you two had a couple drinks the other night.
She say anything to you about that? Nah, I just heard it wasn't strictly about the new training guidelines.
She didn't seem to mind too much.
You don't see how that could be a problem? (laughs): Hey if you got in there first, I'll back off.
Otherwise, you snooze, you lose.
Can't be jealous of what you never had.
You're not worried about getting jammed up for harassment? Why am I feeling like this is turning into an unfriendly conversation? Just looking out for my partner.
Trust me, she's a big girl.
Yup, yeah, thanks for the update, Sergeant.
Yeah, yeah, you, too.
Bye now.
That about Tim Harrison? Yeah.
A few scattered sightings, nothing confirmed.
Why didn't you just ask me? What do you mean? Why are you using sources when the most informed source there is lives in the same house as you? Maybe I didn't want to bother you.
Oh, since when has that ever stopped you? Look, I know you don't like the man or care about what happens to him.
That's not true.
Yes, it is.
I liked him fine.
I just didn't like what he became.
Which was? Oh, come on, Pop.
We had this discussion years ago when I first transferred him out to Staten Island, expressly because the population of Staten Island is 75% white.
Well, you never put it quite that way.
Oh, sure I did, you just didn't want to hear it.
You saying I'm covering for a bigot? No, I-I-I've always said Tim did a good job for you.
I knew a Vice Squad detective who walked home one night and found himself thinking every woman he saw was a hooker.
So, he put in for a transfer the next day.
Remember him? It didn't happen overnight.
I thought about it for weeks.
You caught yourself, corrected yourself.
Tim didn't, so I did it for him.
You think I looked the other way? No, Pop, I-I wouldn't think that.
I think it was kind of cumulative, and it came to a head after you were gone.
But I got to tell you, when I had him he was a hammer and every black guy was a nail.
There were complaints, sure, but Tim was a good cop, mechanically.
So, the bosses always found a way to see it his way.
He's innocent until proven otherwise, Francis.
I know that.
Then say it like you mean it.
TIM: She wants to see me-- just tell her I'm here.
Tell Erin Reagan OFFICER: She's aware.
Tim Harrison is down here.
OFFICER: Everything metal has to go through the machine.
Hey, Tim.
What's going on? Oh, I told these idiots that I want to see you, and they want to search me like I'm some kind of criminal.
Okay, well, it's standard operating procedure in the courthouse-- you know that, right? Come on.
Drop it! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Relax! Relax! Don't move! Relax! Everyone, just take it easy! Shut up! ERIN: Okay, take it easy.
I want Henry down here right now.
Make it happen.
Or what? I got no beef with you, Ms.
If you're down here, then you mean to turn yourself in, right? Yeah, on my terms! Not on anybody else's! I didn't come down here to beg for mercy! Tim, I promise you will get due process.
I am not gonna just take a plea and dummy up.
My side of the story needs to be told.
Okay, okay.
But if you force these officers to shoot you you won't have the opportunity to tell it, right? How did I get to be the bad guy here? That's what I don't understand.
I was one of the best of the best.
I know that.
We all know that.
But you need to put the gun down.
Right now, just put the gun down.
I can't be locked up with those animals! I was a New York City police officer! I deserve some respect! Now, you can give me your word as Henry Reagan's granddaughter you're gonna do the right thing.
I give you my word.
(handcuffs jingling) How you holding up? (clears throat) They're keeping out of central booking for now, But I-I'm headed for the belly of the beast.
What are you hearing from your granddaughter? You're in deep.
You might have justification for the guy who robbed you, but we have witnesses that say the other guy was trying to intervene on your behalf.
They were both in on it.
Did you get a look at them? Tim, the other boy doesn't have a record.
Just means he hasn't got caught.
Come on, Henry.
We both know what these people are up to.
This was a public service shooting, end of story.
You're not doing yourself any favors talking that way.
These could be attempted murder charges.
Not if there's still justice left in the system.
If you want my support, you're gonna have to tell me the truth about what happened that night.
I feared for my life.
You'd had a lot to drink! That's got nothing to do with anything.
Can you look me in the eye and say you didn't just see black and start shooting? I got to explain this to you, Henry? Yeah, you do.
I gave my life to this city and the department! I sacrificed both of my marriages and my relationship with my kids to serve you! And your son! I left it all out on the battlefield.
Now I-- I just want to go home.
Did you panic because you saw young black males? They don't make me panic.
I can show you the medals.
Did you shoot them because you were certain that they'd kill you if they didn't? I made a stand on that train.
'Cause someone had to say enough.
I got nothing to apologize for! To you or to anyone.
Every week I'm calling you.
Come have dinner with your mother and your sister.
And now you show up unannounced? What are you talking about? I call you all the time.
And I'm here every other Friday.
Today's no Friday.
I was working around the neighborhood.
I thought I'd just drop by.
(chuckles) But you never "just drop by.
" Ana.
No, no, Ma.
She's always been squirrely.
She's up to something.
We're looking into an old case, which might be connected to a new one.
Why don't I like how that sounds? Do you remember what happened with Gabo, mami? I thought we were never gonna talk about that.
Octavio Nunez is back in town.
You know that, don't you? Of course I know that! Him and his brothers just bought two buildings on the street.
And probably half the people that are living there are the same people who saw what he did to Gabo that night.
Yeah, and they kept their mouths shut.
Which is why they're still alive.
You know that other building just happened to explode when the owner wouldn't sell low to Octavio? Why you got to be such a drama queen? Mami, I need you to talk to those neighbors and get them to open up about what they saw that night.
If we pull together, we can put him away.
Maria, that was a long time ago.
And your sister and I, we still live here.
I can help you find a new place.
I don't want to move! This is where my life is.
Overlooking a spot where a boy was killed? How long are we gonna pretend that it never happened? (exhales) Then you're selfish.
What? You heard me.
You want to go after this Octavio, because your conscience is bothering you? No, Ana, I'm a cop.
Yeah, and you being a cop got our brother killed.
Her only son.
That is not what happened.
Haven't we lost enough already? Hey.
Heard you had some static with Langley in the RMP.
A lot of what he says is right, you know? Yeah, well, I'm not joining the fan club.
And I think you should resign your membership.
You didn't get into it with him because of me, did you? He asked me if I had first dibs on you.
This isn't just about what he did with you, Eddie.
It's about the job.
It doesn't sound that way.
He abused his position with you.
I keep telling you-- this wasn't some sex assault.
It was just a mistake.
Why can't you just leave it alone? How far did it go? Do you want a play-by-play? Did you tell him to stop? I did.
Just not immediately.
I'm not very proud of this, but it's not always clear whose fault it is.
Okay, well, you could be lying back on his bed naked.
If you tell him to stop, he needs to stop.
Well, it didn't go that far.
Just only in your imagination.
Well, you can stonewall this all you want, Eddie, but you know what he did is wrong, and you know that's it's probably happened to other people.
All right, I need to get going.
My turn with Ray's coming up.
So, what's the deal with these bunny ears? Pop.
What? (Danny chuckles) Okay, what's this? Well, when we were setting the table, I overheard Pops and Grandpa talking about how it's not like the old days, when you could just use the bunny ears.
(chuckles) You care to explain? It's a myth.
Never really happened.
What was it? Well, the story goes that back in the good old days, if a perp wouldn't confess, a detective would leave the room and then he'd come back wearing a pair of bunny ears.
And then he would beat the hell out of the perp until he confessed.
Why? So, in theory, when the perp was on the stand and said, "A detective put on rabbit ears and beat me up," no one would believe him.
That's awesome.
Yeah, well, we don't do it that way anymore.
Well, but maybe we should.
Once in a while, you know, it might do some good.
Unless you care about the Bill of Rights.
HENRY: Look, the point is the police saved this city because they had a freer hand.
We had more than 2,200 murders in a year.
Everyone forgets that.
No one's forgotten that.
But times change.
Meaning? Meaning we do not have More like 300.
And you don't need to rule with an iron fist to issue a parking ticket.
Yeah, but we weren't hired to be social workers either.
Some of this new training is good, and some of it doesn't work out on the street.
Well, some of it won't work.
But the city isn't a war zone anymore.
No, but any car stop could have a gun under the front seat.
And you got to think that way if you want to get home safe to your family.
Danny, can we not Good luck getting the public on your side with that attitude.
It's easy for you to say, up in your cushy office.
Every day is a balancing act.
But that's what we signed up for.
ERIN: Here's what I know.
You don't make cases with bunny ears or blackjacks anymore.
You make 'em by convincing people to talk.
Fair enough.
That's true.
Well, I'd like to talk about somebody passing those carrots down here.
So now it's okay to be a snitch? No.
To report a crime, yes.
That's different.
In fact, it's your duty as a citizen.
Well, Sean took my earbuds last week and never gave 'em back.
What? Sean, as your lawyer, I advise you to take the fifth and pass the potatoes, please.
My partner witnessed a murder out on the street when she was ten.
We just spotted the guy the other day.
He got away with it? Yeah.
That's a hard case to make after all these years.
Any other witnesses? No.
None were willing to come forward, and she's afraid because her family still lives in the neighborhood.
Can you get him on anything else? Well, he's trying to take his business legit, but I'm sure if I put my bunny ears on, I could come up with something.
I'm sure you can find another angle to use to hang him.
Like when the Feds got Al Capone It was on tax evasion.
Right, so look for the little crimes that hide the big crimes.
People don't change that much.
When I pull out, duck Recognize who the best out Mess around, lay around, bodies get stretched out Now you in the danger zone, watch your step Shooting on site, that's a promise, not a threat Counting my bread, with my hand on the toast You gonna get spread if you come to close Step to me wrong Homeboy get stepped on Warning shots, to the chest Hope you got a vest on Yo.
(music stops) (crowd shouting) Octavio Nunez.
Octavio Nunez.
You're under arrest.
What's the charge? Unlawful eviction.
Can't throw your tenants out without proper notice.
(laughter) Hey, Marco, what is this, a joke? No, I'm not joking.
I'm dead serious.
Now get your ass up.
Not you, jackass.
Sit down.
No, you hold it right there.
Hell to the no.
It's not going down like that.
No way, no how.
Oh, hell to the yeah, it is, cowboy.
Unless of course you want to do this the hard way.
What, are you gonna take out your gun and shoot me? Like the cop on a train, bang-bang? (shouting indistinctly) If I shoot you, you'd better believe it'll be justified.
Damas y caballeros! Silencio! Shut up! Este hombre es un How do you say "pedophile" in Spanish? Pedofilo.
pedofilo! (indistinct shouting in Spanish) Cuff him.
Now, I know the rest of you are all law-abiding citizens who don't violate children, Let's go, move.
so we'd appreciate it if you'd step aside so we can escort Mr.
Nunez out of here.
This is crazy, and it'll never stand up.
Of course it will.
Get him out of here.
Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Police Department would like to thank you for your cooperation, and Buenas noches.
Sergeant, thank you for taking the time.
I know you got a lot on your plate.
This better be serious, Reagan.
I was supposed to be home a half hour ago.
I got us a table inside.
RAY: What's this about, anyway? You said you wanted to talk privately.
Hey, Sergeant.
Officer Cropper.
Long time no see.
Right this way, Sergeant.
Hi, Ray.
What's up, Ray? Officers.
Sergeant Langley.
(chuckles) What's the deal here, Reagan? Why don't I give you the seat with the view? All right, what are you trying to pull? I'm not trying to pull anything.
You pulled in all these women I've worked with.
Oh, you mean the "Ray-lettes"? The wha? Who calls 'em that? That's what they call themselves.
See, because once they all got to talking, they realized the one thing that they had in common was that they all felt they'd been pressured to let Ray have his way.
You've been hitting on women in every precinct where you've done training.
I never forced myself on anyone.
They all got in the saddle willingly and enjoyed the ride while it lasted.
You were their training officer.
You were out of line.
I may not be the perfect messenger, but I'm good at my job.
Ask yourself.
Are you trying to take me down because I'm out of line or because you got a thing for Janko? Officer Eddie Janko is my partner, and that's all there is to it.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
So what do you want from me? I'm thinking you should put in for a transfer.
I hear there's an opening on Staten Island.
(scoffs) DANNY: Come on.
Stop staring.
It's rude.
Damn, son.
You bring me in like this.
An unlawful eviction.
It's not even worth my money to hire a lawyer.
Couldn't agree with you more.
Though we have other things to talk about.
You remember him? Nah, I don't know who that is.
How about this? Maybe this will jog your memory.
Is it supposed to? Yeah.
It's Gabriel Montoya.
You stomped him to death in the middle of the street.
Not me.
Yeah, you.
Got a couple of dozen witnesses who watched you do it from inside their apartments.
Yeah? Yeah.
So how come I never got locked up for it? Doesn't that seem strange to you? Yeah, did seem strange to me.
But then you made the mistake of coming back.
I'm a property owner doing business in my old neighborhood.
Ain't no law against that.
You do realize people aren't afraid of you anymore, and they will come forward now.
And where are they? You talking about ancient garbage nobody even cares about.
Sit down.
I'm calling your bluff.
Sit down! Yeah, this is bullcrap.
Unlawful eviction is a misdemeanor.
So give me your worthless little summons and let me go.
Can't do that.
We're not finished yet.
Look out now.
Here comes the heavy artillery.
How you doing, shady lady? I didn't catch your name before.
What about her? I never seen her before either.
You're trying that pedofilo business again, huh? It won't work.
She's not a victim, Octavio.
OCTAVIO: Oh, yeah? Then who is she supposed to be? She's a witness who saw what you did that night.
(scoffs) She looked you right in the eye.
I know you remember her.
Take another look.
(chuckles) Take another look! Look at the photo! Look at it! That girl grew up to become a cop.
Girl in the photo is me.
(sighs) I asked building security to bring him up.
They're on the way.
Did he make a scene? No, sir, but I told him to take your private elevator, just to be safe.
Thank you, Baker.
He's here.
Let's have him.
I understand you were in the building without an appointment.
Oh, I've got some fliers here to distribute for my, uh, legal defense fundraiser.
I have asked Detective Baker to put together an appropriate e-mail list for you.
I think I'm more effective face-to-face.
This is police headquarters.
We have a strict policy about solicitations.
I got a lot of friends here Who I'm sure would love to hear about your cause.
By e-mail.
After 40 years in the department, I think I have a right You do not have the right to hand out fliers like it's Times Square.
You're even gonna try and derail me getting a fair trial.
Then what else is this? The way we do things here.
Your way.
(chuckles) As long as I'm in this office, yeah.
(sighs) Now, you are entitled to a fair trial and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have one.
Oh, you will, huh? Yeah.
But I would hope you would listen to a piece of advice.
You can knock on every door in this building and catch my people at their most generous, but you will still only have enough to pay a lawyer.
Not the best lawyer, just a lawyer.
I got a damn good defense.
Says you.
Says a prosecutor-- who will be the best prosecutor the DA has-- in this climate? Not so much.
I'll take my chances.
You shot a kid who was trying to intervene on your behalf.
A kid who's biggest jam up to now was trying to decide between a full ride to Iona or Fordham.
And you shot him in a subway car full of witnesses.
A full half of them black.
Like him.
You're not the judge or the jury.
The district attorney is going to make you a generous offer.
Take the plea.
And you're not my boss anymore, either.
Well, it's just a piece of advice.
Not an order.
Now the police officer outside will escort you downstairs and out of this building.
For the last time.
(door closes)