Blue Bloods s07e11 Episode Script


1 (seagulls calling) (elevator bell dings) He busy? He's in with Garrett.
He should be in on this, too.
Sorry to interrupt.
I just learned that a dozen candidates in the current class of cadets cheated on the psych exam.
Who cheats on a psych exam? These guys.
No, I meant why.
Trying to find that out.
What's their status now? They're in the process of being gone.
You're either gone or you're not.
Apparently, their recruit discipline officer knew about it, but declined to take action.
It only came to light when some of the other cadets learned of it.
There's no right or wrong answers on a psych evaluation.
Well, the fact remains they cheated.
They were coached on what to click-- yes or no.
I'm not seeing what's not cut-and-dried about this.
The dozen cheaters, they're all ex-military.
Seven Army, five Marines.
All military? As far as I know.
So I know it's a tough call, but there's still only one call.
We're just tossing out a dozen vets? Want to know how that's gonna play? Nobody's gonna "just toss" anybody.
There's two vets in this room.
Well, I caution using Did somebody change this exam? It got overhauled, like, two years ago.
Well, suspend the current exam as of right now.
Yes, sir.
And what's the RDO have to say for himself? Well, Sergeant Vega said that if the other applicants hadn't called it out, that he would've let it slide.
He said that? More or less.
Tell him to come up here and say it to me.
Yes, sir.
(footsteps retreating) Hey.
We need to talk.
In private.
What's going on? So I'm taking Jack to the dentist, about to drop him off, and he nonchalantly drops this huge bomb.
Okay, wh-what is it? He's not graduating from high school? What? Oh, yeah, he's gonna graduate, but that's part of the problem.
Okay, well, what's the problem? After he graduates, he wants to join the Marines.
Well, he never told me that.
We're on the same side here, right? What side is that? Against him enlisting.
Linda, he's from three generations of military.
Danny, the world is so much scarier now.
The kind of wars that they got to fight Yeah, and we can't shelter him forever.
I am not trying to shelter him.
I'm trying to keep him alive.
Okay, I will talk to him.
About how proud you are that he's following in your footsteps? That's not what I said, Linda.
I will talk to him, man to man, father to son, and I'll figure out where his head is, okay? You better get on the right side here, Danny.
(quietly): Come on.
(siren whoops) (woman shouting) GWEN: Get away from my house! I just want to see him! Five minutes! Hey! Get out of my house this very second! Ladies, separate! Separate! - (women clamoring) JAMIE: Hey! Ladies, separate now! Hey! Right now! Officers, thank you.
I have to see him! Officers, thank God for coming.
Thank you.
Okay, all right, who called this in? I did.
I did.
This is my home.
What's your complaint? She needs to go now.
My son's in there! He's my son! They adopted him, okay, but there's been some changes, and I just want to see my boy.
Who are you? Are you the father? Yeah.
My husband is the father! This is ridiculous! They have to go right now! Ma'am, let's go inside.
Let's talk.
GWEN: What is there to talk about? I'm not leaving till I see him.
Hey, did you or did you not give him up for adoption? Yes, but I Well, then, I don't really think that that's your choice.
How can it not be? He's my son.
I gave him life.
This is our property.
We want them off of it.
Have they threatened you in any way? Not specifically, but their constant presence feels a lot like a threat.
Have they said what they wanted? They have been hounding us for months.
We-we should have gotten that restraining order.
I'm not a counselor.
Okay, I can refer you to a family court.
You just can't be here.
I can take you guys both in for trespassing and harassment.
So you can't stay out front here.
I'd rather be in jail than not see my son.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
- Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, calm down, calm down.
It's okay, it's okay.
(sobbing) They want to see him, and I just, I can't let that happen.
He's-he's five years old.
He doesn't know that he is adopted.
(chuckling): Hi! Hi, sweetie.
Mom? - Yes.
Listen, I'm gonna be done, sweetheart, in just a little I want Froot Loops! GWEN: You want Froot Loops? Have you asked the birth parents to stop contacting you? I have said no in every way imaginable.
I said Kyle is just a kid, I don't want to confuse him.
(sighs) If that is a choice that he wants to make when he is older, then that is his choice.
Until then, it's our choice and ours alone.
JAMIE: What's your name? John Redding.
This is my wife Carla.
John, you and Carla really want me to have you arrested today? We just want to see our boy.
Is that such an impossible thing to ask? No, but you're going about it all wrong.
Can you help us do it right? Text me where you guys can be reached to that cell phone number, okay? But for now, you got to clear out.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Come on.
We can't just go.
He's a cop.
He said he'd help.
Blue Bloods 7x11 Genetics Morning.
Oh, I can do those.
Just leave them.
Oh, no.
Housekeeping's included here at Ritz Reagan Hotel and Spa.
Honest, I'll do them.
Last week of break.
Don't remind me.
What are your plans? I was gonna go meet a couple of friends from school downtown.
And then dinner with Dad? Oh, I actually had plans for tonight.
That are, like, a month old, Mom.
(sighs) You said you would go.
I'll go another time.
Why do I have to have dinner with him tonight? Because he's your father.
It's not like he won't be if I miss one dinner.
You made a commitment.
We keep our promises.
End of story.
Love you.
I have Sergeant Daniel Vega, sir.
Send him in.
And a cadet-- Martin Brown.
The invitation wasn't for two.
Just the sergeant, then? Let's have them both.
(door closes) Sit down.
Who said to bring a date, Sergeant? I thought the commissioner could put a face to the recruits.
That's not a choice you make.
Make your case.
20% of police officers in this country are war veterans.
I know that.
In the '80s, they almost reached 50%.
Enough with the stats.
Get to the point.
The NYPD psych exam, as revised in 2014, is rigged against military veterans.
Our vet recruits are forced to bend their answers to get around the touchy-feely traps the shrinks baked into the new exam.
Show me the line between bending their answers and flat-out cheating.
A soldier and a civilian have very different responses when questioned about firing a weapon.
The test fails to differentiate between the two.
I couldn't let good men get thrown out because of a rigged exam.
You could have picked up the phone.
Maybe you can tell me what the hell's going on, since your RDO seems to have lost his way.
Sir, I had to lie on that test.
I have to lie to my wife when she asks me how's dinner.
This isn't that.
Word got around that if you answered yes to questions like, "Have you ever fired a weapon to harm another person?" that you'd be tossed out for consideration.
So I said that I hadn't.
What branch, Cadet? Lance Corporal, United States Marines, sir.
Then the correct answer, the true answer to that question would be "You bet your ass.
" Yes, sir.
I'm a Marine, too.
I know that, sir.
Then you would know that I would expect a fellow Marine to be even more accountable than the next guy.
Sir, if you could just forget the word "cheating" for a minute I can't forget the word.
It is the only word for it.
I had no other choice.
Yes, you did, and you made that choice.
But you were my eyes and ears on the ground, and you left me blind and deaf.
Sergeant Gormley will start working on your reassignment.
And I guess you are my problem now.
When I have made my decision, you will be the 101st to know.
Let's go.
(door closes) (car horns honking) JAMIE: I don't know.
Why not at least let him meet his mom? Mrs.
Rice said that meeting his biological parents would only confuse him.
I mean, the kid is five.
They could pretend it's his aunt or something.
Lie? The kid's gonna be confused enough.
I'm not saying they should move in together and live happily ever after, but it seems like there should be a compromise.
Not from what I saw.
Biological parents must have some rights.
But the adoptive parents took that kid in and they gave him a life; they're not the bad guys here.
Who said there's any bad guys? Do me a favor, speed dial number six.
Just do it.
Hey, appreciate this.
You got a minute.
I'm late for a hearing.
- Hello.
What do you know about adoption law? Probably as much as you do.
Why? A call we responded to this morning.
Birth parents want to see their kid, adoptive parents won't let them.
Here's what I do know about family law.
You'd have to pay me a fortune to practice it.
It's an emotional minefield.
Which is what we walked into.
What does that mean? How do you walk into it? Somebody call 911 asking for adoption attorneys and you two responded? Birth parents were kind of camping out on the doorstep.
I know the courts make new rulings all the time, probably dozens since you or I were in law school.
Yeah, but it's Maybe you could just take a look into the rights of birth parents? These two kind of fell off the turnip truck.
Jamie, I don't practice family law.
I don't make a habit of pretending to know things that I don't.
- I just don't have faith that these two are gonna get a fair shot.
Then go to church, say a prayer, and let the system do its job.
Maybe you could just talk to them, then.
Steer them to someone who could help.
I know you're late.
I'm gonna get going.
- No, no.
I will give them your cell, tell them to give you a text.
No, don't do that.
Thank you for doing this, sis.
I didn't agree to anything, Jamie! You're the best! I love you! Sorry.
Your mom told me about your blowout.
She's so dramatic.
I mean, it's a big thing to kind of spring on her out of nowhere, don't you think? Should've talked to you? If you were smart, you would've.
(sighs) Whatever.
What Thanks.
Thank you.
Look, Jack, I figured this subject was gonna come up one day, eventually.
You did? Yes.
I didn't know if it'd be cops or Marines, but I figured one day you might get the itch.
Are you sure you're ready? Yes, Dad, I'm ready.
- Okay.
Well, then tell me.
Why do you want to enlist? Is this an interview? No, it's not an interview; it's a dad asking his son a serious question.
Why do you want to enlist? It's what our family does.
We serve.
Well, there are lots of different ways to serve, Jack.
Yeah, and the Marines is the way to go.
Are you seriously gonna try and tell me otherwise? No.
Are you seriously telling me that you are 100% committed to make this choice? Is that a trick question? No, it is not a trick question.
It's a legitimate question, Jack.
Look at me.
Are you sure you're ready? Not 100%.
Well, that's the right answer, Jack.
ERIN: I can only give you the facts as I understand them.
Open adoption law is not a-a blanket for all cases.
It really depends on what you agreed upon at the time of adoption.
We weren't in the position to make any agreements.
Are you saying you were coerced? Coerced? Uh, pressured or threatened in some way.
CARLA: I signed the papers, but I swear I didn't know what I was doing.
What did you think you were signing, a car loan? You don't have to be sarcastic.
Excuse me, but I'm speaking to you as an attorney, as a favor, not as a best friend.
JOHN: What are the, like, minimum and maximums on this open adoption law? On the low end of open adoption, it could mean updates from the adoptive parents.
On the high end, some families do agree to visitation, but again, it depends on if you signed your rights away and agreed to no contact.
Carla, we-we did sign.
But we didn't know what we were signing! I really think the two of you should go back and take a close look at what you signed, with a good lawyer.
How much do they cost? Well, like anything, you get what you pay for, but none of those are for free.
I thought there might be another way.
Like? Like, it's a natural born right for a mom and dad to see their son.
You gave your son up for adoption.
The Rices have total control over what they choose is right for their son as long as he's a minor.
Carla, John, you made this decision.
You must've thought it was the right one at some point.
And if the Rices are providing a good life for your son, one that you aren't able to provide, can you still see it as a blessing? DANNY: He barely passed science, but he got through.
(Jack chuckles) Sports? Football, track, lacrosse.
Tennis? No.
Marines don't play tennis.
How much you weigh? 150, give or take.
(chuckles) 25 pounds of beer and bratwurst wouldn't do him no harm, Danny.
Yeah, gonna have to clear that with Linda though, Terry.
(chuckles) Hey, you tell me how that goes over.
Copy that.
(chuckles) (sighs) Jack.
What pisses you off? That's easy.
Our enemies.
Piss you off enough to maybe give up one of these? Look at it.
I'm sorry.
Why you sorry? You didn't blow it off.
I'll tell you a secret, Jack.
I don't really miss it that much.
You don't? When I was your age, I had both of them, (chuckles softly) I'd just walk myself into all sorts of dumb trouble.
When I lost it in combat, I never wasted another day again.
You know, there's about three generations of guys owe their ass to Terry.
Thanks for that, brother.
Thank you for this.
I need to see Ms.
Reagan now.
Is she expecting you? She sure as hell ought to be.
Excuse me, she's in a meeting right now.
- Sorry, Ms.
- What gives you the right? - She blew right past me.
- Call security.
Excuse me, ma'am, you need to calm down right now.
How dare you interfere with my family? Uh, put the phone down.
Anthony, it's okay.
You must be the adoptive mother.
I am Kyle's mom, Gwen Rice.
Okay, well, you may not have noticed, but this is the district attorney's office, not a family law firm.
Unless you're Carla and John Redding, in-in which case this is a free legal aid clinic? I am not helping them.
You met with them! I met with them as a favor, as I seem to be doing for you.
You met with them.
I recommended lawyers.
That is it.
That's not what I was told.
Well, then you were told wrong, and I'm happy to recommend some to you as well.
I am sorry for your troubles, but I have no stake in this.
You do now.
They filed for custody this morning.
And I find it hard to believe that it's a coincidence that it happened the day after they met with you.
On what grounds are they challenging custody? My lawyers are meeting about it now.
And I am just waiting for a call to to find out that everything is okay, and my phone is not ringing.
Do you want to sit down, Mrs.
Rice? No, I-I'm Ms.
Reagan, I I cannot lose my son.
Listen to me.
As far as I know, they can't challenge custody after a year, and Kyle is five, right? Yeah.
In a couple weeks.
Okay, so given the time frame, they have no case.
I know.
It It feels like the most expensive gamble in the world.
It's not a gamble.
The claim will be thrown out as long as there's no basis for a dispute.
Thank you.
I I I apologize for busting in here like this.
I am not at all my-myself with all of this that's going on.
Thank you for not having me thrown out.
Good luck.
Thank you.
In for a penny? The court would never have accepted a claim if there were no grounds to stand on.
Could you, uh? I'm already ahead of you.
(sighs) GARRETT: Number six is a follow-up.
"Did you feel remorse for harming an individual?" Of course not.
Speaking as an ex-Marine.
Speaking as a Marine.
We were trained to feel successful after hitting the target.
It was part and parcel to-- and crucial to-- our training.
So the recruits were in a tough spot.
Relatively speaking.
Relative to what? Being under fire in 120-degree heat in the middle of the desert is a tough spot.
Taking a test in an air-conditioned classroom, not so much.
- I'm losing track of who you're playing devil's advocate for.
What? You just said something smart.
Would you put that in writing? Because I'm trying to look through both lenses, cop and soldier.
My sight isn't gonna be that clear on this.
Top cop and ex-soldier.
I'm not being sentimental; you're never an ex-Marine.
Not if it meant something to you.
And to me, it meant everything.
(door opens) This is it as far as I've been able.
32 active NYPD officers from the last couple of graduating classes were likely coached on the psych exam.
GARRETT: 32? Split pretty evenly between Marines and Army non-coms and enlistees.
28 male, four female.
Combat vets? About two-thirds of them saw action.
What are we looking for? Patterns.
- Of? Complaints, incidents, anything that would answer "no" to the question "Is he or she fit to wear the NYPD uniform?" The Rices filed for separation before the adoption was finalized? According to public record, the separation was filed by Andy Rice on September the third, 2011.
And the adoption? Finalized the 12th of November, the same year.
So that's it.
The Rices didn't update their case worker So they violated their affidavit.
And if the Reddings found out, then they've got a case for custody.
Which they clearly did.
What? Well, if you're the Reddings and you find out you have a legal claim, but you don't really trust the legal system You take matters into your own hands? You think? I don't know.
Let's just make sure that Kyle is with the Rices.
What about the Reddings? (sighs) I'll put Officer Reagan on it, since he got us into this mess.
Redding, John and Carla.
Nah, they're gone.
When? This morning.
They paid Airbnb till tomorrow.
Seems like a waste of money to just leave, but, hey, I'll take it.
Did you see a child with them? They only paid for two people.
That wasn't the question.
Did they mention a kid? I don't pry into the personal lives of my guests.
Answer, please.
A five-year-old boy was taken from school this morning.
That against the law? Depends on who took him.
Look, officers, I don't want any trouble.
Hey, come on, man.
Then answer the question.
They mentioned a kid.
They said they were here to take him home.
No, I didn't encourage him, but I didn't discourage him either.
So that makes you what? Switzerland? No.
Are you really gonna pretend to be neutral about your own son joining the military? I'm just trying to get him to look at it from both sides.
That's different.
How? Because it's his choice.
Don't you get it? This is his choice.
It's not about you and me.
It's not about making you afraid and making me proud.
(sighs) He's our son.
He's not even 18.
Well, he's gonna be 18 soon enough.
He's gonna have to make real-life choices that he's gonna have to live with for the rest of his life, just like you did and I did.
(sighs) Hasn't this family given enough? Well, I don't know, Linda.
How does one know when their family's given enough? Five cops, four ex-military from one family.
I call that enough.
And I call it a legacy.
I'm just saying.
(sighs) Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.
I fell asleep.
How was dinner with Dad? It was nice.
See, it's no big deal.
No, it's not a big deal, it's just it's a lot of family time.
One dinner with Dad? No, but it's not just one dinner with my dad.
It's-it's Sunday dinners and birthdays, holidays.
It's always some something.
Well, that's part of being a big family.
Sometimes I wish you could all just imagine I go to school in a different city.
But you don't.
Yeah, but imagine I did.
What are you saying? You don't want to go to family dinner? What I'm saying is I want to make the choice.
I don't want to fulfill an obligation.
Well, you're right.
It it should be your choice.
Thank you.
You know, family time can be time-consuming and tedious and sometimes annoying.
I mean, one woman's story? You know, it was your dad and me, and-and then you, me and Dad, and then just you and me, and now that you're off at school, it's just me.
And that big family with all those obligations to me that's money in the bank.
Thank you for giving me another chance to explain.
You already explained.
That's not why I asked you up here.
May I put in a word for Sergeant Vega, sir? You may.
- He did not cheat, sir, nor did he encourage us to.
He was just kind enough to help us along the way.
An accessory to a violation of the rules is not an act of kindness.
Yes, sir.
So, you chose the military.
Joined the Marines at 18, straight out of high school.
Two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.
As a lance corporal, what did you see as your duties? Keep my head up, my eyes open, and watch out for my brothers.
And stay alive.
That was the desired outcome, sir, yes.
And when you got out? I had some skills and a lot of drive, and I went out looking for someplace to use them both.
And you found us.
I grew up in Douglaston, sir.
Didn't take much looking.
Put all that skill and drive to work back home.
Hoped so.
(sighs) All good answers.
(sighs) That exam may have been slanted against your particulars, and that was certainly at issue.
But is cheating the way you and your fellow vets really want to handle a problem? ABETEMARCO: You lied on your affidavit, thereby committing fraud.
I could cuff you right now or you could start answering my questions.
I-I swear I don't know where Kyle is.
Three most likely places? You know them? Home, at school He's not at either.
I don't know.
- Friends? Are we missing something? Did he have a playdate, a sleepover? I don't know.
I got to tell you, there sure is a lot you don't know about your son.
Adopted son.
I I'm not very involved that way.
And what way is that? As his father.
He was Gwen's idea.
So, you just, what? You played his dad for the adoption protocols? You put it like that Hey, I'm not judging.
How would you put it? I wanted to make it work for her.
That's why I went over there the other day when the Reddings showed up.
I mean, she lives in fear that something will jeopardize her custody of Kyle.
But Kyle ended up jeopardizing your marriage? I-In the end, having a child was more important to her.
Where's Gwen from? Topeka, Kansas.
She still have family there? Yes.
Would she take the kid there? Would she flee? There she is.
Sure you're not a detective? Show your badge, please, and just tell her I need two seconds.
WOMAN (over P.
): Passengers for Flight 86 ABETEMARCO: Excuse me, Mrs.
(chuckles): Yes? Can we talk to you for a sec? If you want to detain me, go ahead, but just please don't make a scene in front of my son.
I'm not here to detain you or to make a scene.
Hi, Kyle.
Mom, are we still going on vacation? GWEN: Yes, yes, just a minute.
Come on, Kyle, let's play a game.
Now, I'm just gonna be right over here.
I promise you.
I'm here to give you some facts.
Having Kyle with me is the only fact that matters.
You're about to kidnap your own son.
How can I kidnap my own son? Legal custody is in question; you're in question.
Now, I understand the urge to flee You couldn't possibly understand.
No one understands.
If you take off with him, you will be seen as irresponsible and reckless.
You'll be giving the Reddings exactly what they need for custody.
Now, walk out of here with me, right now.
Are you gonna report me? I told you, that's not why I'm here.
And I will always remember that.
Should I detain her? No, let her go.
So you agree we need men and women in our armed forces.
Of course.
And since there is not a draft currently in effect, we need men and women who are ready, willing and ambitious to serve.
- Pop.
- What? It's Sunday dinner, not Face the Nation.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So if not Jack, who? Who what? Who serves instead of you if you don't, Jack? Danny.
Going back to my foxhole.
I never really bought into that.
It's the million-dollar question, Erin.
Yeah, with a flaw in the logic.
Wait, we actually agree on this? It assumes all else being equal, which is hardly ever so.
So the answer to "If not Jack, who?" could be the six-foot, four-inch, long-distance runner who grew up in Georgia, hunting game for his food supply.
That's just confusing the issue.
Confusing the issue or just you, Pop? I said "issue.
" ERIN: On the other end, a troubled kid from a bad home whose sole purpose of joining is to use the military as his ticket out of town.
NICKY: In which case, Jack would be the better choice, right? Yes.
Uh, no? Yes.
Unless the military gave that kid some sense of purpose he didn't know he had.
In which case, no.
And I go back to my original question: if not Jack, who? Well, how about Nicky? LINDA: Nicky? Wh It's a free country.
NICKY: What, Pop? You don't think I'd be valuable? I didn't say that.
I could see me as either a reporter for Stars and Stripes or, like, Demi Moore's character in A Few Good Men.
There you go.
Why don't you both join up? That'd be cool.
Real cool.
Jack, the fact that you even considered the Corps says something.
It means you're thinking about what I can do for my country, not just what I can do for me.
Thank you.
I'll second that.
Me too, Jack.
And at this table, that will always be a welcome point of view.
Jamie, could I, uh Give me some advice? I know that look.
Well, not advice, exactly.
More like caution.
I think there's such a thing as doing too much.
I'm sure there is.
Like responding to a trespassing beef and then turning it into a custody case.
I didn't turn it into a case; it was one.
Your only case was the trespassing beef.
Now, I'm sure you meant well, but I'm not sure it's professional.
Professional would've been to just walk away from the real beef there? Yeah.
I think there are boundaries.
I know.
You're probably right.
Well, you got me into this, so I felt like I had a right to say something.
You do.
But I got this thing.
I'm pretty sure when it's all said and done, I'm not gonna be kicking myself for jumping over some boundaries when I thought I could be of help.
But I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble.
Just think about it.
I will.
Night, sis.
Very first thing you do as a Marine, you surrender.
Surrender? - Yes.
If you come from where we come from, that means you surrender to Parris Island, South Carolina, for boot camp, where you surrender your privacy, your sleep, your comfort, and, in many cases, your dignity.
But that's okay; it's all part of the plan.
See, they're gonna take you apart, gonna open you up, look inside, see what you got inside, see what they're working with, and they're gonna put you back together again at the rifle range.
They'll toughen you up.
And don't worry about your mom, okay? I got her covered.
- Dad I mean, I know she's difficult Dad but she's Mom-- she'll always be Mom.
I'll deal with her.
- Dad! What? M-Maybe it's better if I just go to college.
A-Are you mad? No, I'm not mad.
I I guess I'm just disappointed, Jack.
I'm so sorry.
No, I mean I'm disappointed that you would ever in a million years think that I would be mad at you about this.
Jack the whole point of service is to make sure that your people are free to make the choices that they want to make and to do what they want to do in a way that they see fit to do it.
And if our family's service has in small way afforded you that luxury, then that would make me a very proud and happy man.
Thanks, Dad.
Thank you.
A lot of ways to serve.
You'll find yours.
Okay? (knocks) It's okay.
Let her in.
(quietly): Thank you.
Well, I'm glad to see you.
I-I just, I wanted to thank you in person, Ms.
Gwen, it's Erin.
I think we've earned that.
I wanted a baby, so badly.
I thought it would give me another purpose other than myself.
Well, it's a good thing to want.
I'm ashamed.
I was so scared that they were gonna find out that we weren't this this perfect family that they left him with.
Okay, Gwen, I get it-- you messed up.
(sighs): Yeah.
Why'd you get off the plane? Oh, for Kyle.
(chuckles) Yeah.
You know what that's called? What? Fierce maternal instinct.
When push came to shove, you put his needs ahead of your own.
Yes, but now I don't have my boy.
The court is not gonna forgive you, but they are not gonna take him away.
What will they do? Best-case scenario, you settle out of court.
Find a compromise.
The good news is, there's another woman in this who feels just like you do, who knows exactly where you're coming from.
Carla? N-No, no.
She-She's not gonna want to talk to me.
You'd be surprised what you can settle across a table.
(dishes clinking) Wow.
Who are you and what have you done with my daughter? Ha-ha.
You really went to town here.
Look, if I was a little cranky the other day, I'm sorry.
Seeing my friends come back in town and hearing stories about them seeing their families, I realized that I'm lucky I don't have to wait till break for that.
That's a nice way to think about it.
I really love this.
Being able to come home and stay with you.
(crowd murmuring) Ten-hut! FRANK: You were never here, neither was I.
This meeting never happened.
Understood? CADETS: Yes, sir.
Understood? CADETS: Yes, sir! Take a seat.
First things first.
Anybody dispute that they cheated on the psychological fitness test? And that it was wrong.
Anybody? CADETS: No, sir! Second of all, thank you for your service.
The NYPD places great value in your experience.
So we're gonna take a mulligan here.
Just as in your military unit, the NYPD takes care of its own.
(sets chair down) So, I'm gonna give each of you the chance to thoroughly explain why you feel you are fit for this duty.
Cadet Martin Brown.
Let's start with you.
Yes, sir.
How you doing, Martin? I'm great, sir, thank you.
The truth, please.
I'm sweating bullets, sir.
Well, we have our first honest answer.
Have you ever fired a weapon