Blue Bloods s07e12 Episode Script

Not Fade Away

1 BAKER: CompStat's scheduled to end at 1300 hours, and your subsequent meeting with the mayor has been postponed.
TV interview is scheduled for noon, Sunday, which is also your birthday.
And what does that have to do with the schedule? Well, they're gonna want to do a cake here at One PP.
How's, um, late Friday, say 5:00? Who wants cake at 5:00? Let's not do this again.
I know you don't like to talk about your birthday.
And yet every time I have one, you keep wanting to talk about it.
A lot of people want to get you presents.
What do I tell them? I don't know.
Well, how about an “in lieu of flowers, favorite charities”? Isn't that for funerals? Right, okay, um, let's put this another way.
If people want to show affection for you, how do you want to avoid dealing with it? That's not what I'm doing.
Who doesn't enjoy their birthday? Or at least allow the people close to them to celebrate it? Everyone can do whatever they want.
Just not with you? (knock on door) Excuse me.
(sighs) Mrs.
Gormley? Sheila.
Come in.
(door closes) Uh, sit down.
No, thanks.
What brings you to One PP? Sid forgot his heart pills, which he needs a lot more these days because Frank you're breaking his heart.
What? He'd never say it to you in a million years, but he feels undervalued.
- Nah.
- Oh, yeah.
It's like he's hit oh, what do you call a glass ceiling for a man? I'm not sure.
You don't think he has the smarts or the polish to be a face of this department.
Well, that's just not true.
Well, it's how he feels.
And it's not like he doesn't turn down offers.
He does? Philadelphia could use a man like Sid, and a lot of other cities, too.
I'm sure.
He's too modest a man to ask for it, but he deserves this respect.
So, thanks for your time, and do the right thing.
(door opens) (sighs) (door closes) We shouldn't have ever even gotten a dog.
You got the dog.
Way to backtrack.
Hey, guys.
How's it going? JANKO: Who got a dog? She did.
What kind of dog? A beagle.
I love beagles.
Me, too.
Yeah, they're a whole lot of work.
They got this new thing called Puppy Playtime or something.
They bring a dozen puppies to your home or your work, and you can play with them for an hour.
Oh, that'd be perfect for him.
One hour commitment.
(phones ringing) Morning.
Sorry I'm late.
Just spent two hours filling out college loan applications for my kid.
You know for the price of college, I could set the kid up with his own small, little business instead? Danny.
I'm serious.
Like a diner, a dry cleaners, a body shop, you name it.
Danny, there's someone here to see you.
Where? He's in the box.
Why is he in the box? Said he wanted to talk to you alone, said he had a deal for you or something.
Is it a CI? I don't know, ask him yourself.
It's “Goodnight” Mason.
Son of a gun.
Good morning, Goodnight.
It's just Ernie now, Reagan.
Well, it's always gonna be Goodnight to me.
When'd you get out? Yesterday.
12 years in the can and the first person you come see is me? I'm I'm honored.
Suspicious, but honored.
You always said if there was ever anything you could do for me when I get out (laughing): That's something I say a lot.
It's not actually something I mean when I say it.
Yeah, I know.
Okay, so? I got a proposition for you.
You mean you got a hustle for me.
I want to make amends for my mistakes Good.
but I'm in danger walking around in this city.
Yeah, which probably makes it a good idea for you to cancel your homecoming tour, don't you think? Well, that's where you come in.
I will pay you $10,000 to watch my back while I do my business.
Two days, five grand now, five when we're done.
I can't take dirty money.
You should know that.
Still got some of my boxing money, put some in something called munis.
It's clean; I can prove it.
I don't doubt it, but why don't you just offer this to one of your buddies? I'm sure they could use that kind of scratch.
No, they all got records.
Terms of my parole No consorting with known felons.
The only nonfelon I know who has the chops is you and you're still a cop, so I know you need the money.
(sighs) I'm flattered.
Uh You're just looking for a wing man, is that it? That's all.
No illegal activity whatsoever.
How long do, uh, I have to make a decision here? (scoffs) What? Where are you going? Going to that little diner across the street, get me some eggs and sausage.
Well, you got to give me a minute here.
Hey! If I see you there, I know I got a partner, and if I don't, I know I won't.
What's the deal? Guess I'm doing private security.
He needs private security, from you? Yes.
So, what's he paying? A lot, but it's not about the money.
Since when? Since he did 12 years for prison, but never gave up the guy who actually ordered the hit.
Duwan Brown.
Uptown Brown? That's right.
So, I'm thinking maybe I work for him and two birds with one stone.
Blue Bloods 7x12 Not Fade Away And why are we going into the cave? Because I don't want him to walk in on us.
It's really not a problem to just kick it down the road.
I don't want to kick it down the road.
I want Sid to appear in my stead.
Sid on Perspectives? It's the kind of show where the mayor sends his deputy, the governor sends the lieutenant governor I know, but So, I am sending Sid.
But Sid He is as informed as anybody about current and future issues for this department.
But? But he's not you.
Well, that's why I think it's such a good idea.
He's a cop's cop.
And I really have a problem with the “cop's-cop” thing.
Boil it down.
Cop's cop is like writer's writer or coach's coach.
It basically means you have to be in the business to understand what's really special about the guy.
It's elitist.
So, Sid's elitist? Never mind.
And you can prep him.
Oh, thank you.
Have you told him yet? Oh, I think it's much better coming from you.
It's your bailiwick.
But it's you who's giving him the vote of confidence.
Well, you can tell him it's my idea, but we don't want to make a whole bar mitzvah out of this.
Yes, boss.
(door opens, closes) You got your Dad a wallet last year for his birthday.
I did? Yes.
Come on, you can think of something.
He's hard.
He doesn't have any real hobbies, just work and family.
Does he like to read? Tons.
All right, then buy him a book.
Yeah, but then he'd have to read it, and what if he wasn't interested in it? Then it wouldn't be a gift, it'd just be an obligation.
Hey, Reagan, think you're overthinking this one a little bit? (indistinct radio transmission) That ain't right.
They break down or something? Something broke down.
Just admit it, you lied.
You're really gonna do this here, now? When would be a good time?! Because it seems like never! PAUL: Oh, here we go, the bitch is back.
(bystanders exclaiming) JAMIE: Whoa, all right, okay.
All right, everybody, move on, show's over.
Why would you do that? Hey, hey, come on.
Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop.
JANKO: Put your phone down, please.
What's going on? PAUL: Eh, she's mad at me.
(horn honking) Law's changed.
Buckle up.
What, you gonna violate my parole? It might be.
Buckle up.
Anyway, my older boy's 17, younger boy's 14.
How about you? Nineteen.
19, huh? When's the last time you saw him? First year upstate.
He was all of seven.
Donna brought him up up there for his birthday.
It upset him so much, so that was that.
So, is reuniting with him part of the tour? Well, he is my son.
Ain't nothing changing that.
I ask you a question? And you don't have to answer.
It's a free country, allegedly.
You pull the trigger? (chuckles) What you should've said was, “Can I ask you something I already know the answer to?” I always wondered.
No, you didn't.
You knew.
Your whole body language in the witness box during my trial was like a kid in church about to pee his pants.
The gun was yours.
You knew.
Oh, I copped to that.
And witnesses placed you at the scene.
Witnesses placed a six foot black male on a block full of six foot black males.
Look, my job is to enlighten the jury as to the facts of the case.
And I never held that against you but maybe you held it against yourself a little, which is why we are riding together right now.
You gonna answer the question or not? Did you pull the trigger? Get in the left lane, about to take this turn on 161st.
We've been partners for almost two years.
That slap didn't look like a beef between cops.
It was and it wasn't.
It wasn't, period.
How long have you guys been sleeping together? Six months.
Seventh anniversary Saturday.
This is no time for flowers here, Paul.
People caught your fight on their cell phones.
Look, there is nothing in the Patrol Guide about this.
There is in the common sense guide.
Why haven't one of you put in for a transfer? We got a great deal on a place just a block outside the precinct.
Look, you guys have our backs, right? It's my fault.
I promise it'll never happen again.
Hey, don't put this on us, man.
(siren chirps) Hey, boss.
Got a report of two cops fighting.
Which two of you? That'd be Officer Bryson and myself, boss.
What about? Policy, sir.
Policy? He wants to practice “stop and frisk”" I think it's a civil rights violation.
Stop and frisk? It got pretty heated, but we're we're good to go now.
Put your caps back on and get back to work.
All of you.
Thanks, guys.
We owe you.
I really don't want anything else to do with this.
Yeah, I'm with you on that.
(clears throat) Mister, you might not know it, but you're definitely in the wrong place.
I'm in the right place if you're Donna.
(chuckles): And you're a cop.
Yeah, that's right.
You hear that, everyone? I'm a cop.
It's okay, relax.
I'm off duty.
Look, I'm just here doing a favor for an old friend of ours.
You and me don't got an old friend.
Actually, we do.
(whistles) Ernie? Hey, Donna.
You out? Good eye.
But you had another six months.
Good behavior.
You shouldn't be here.
That's all you got for me? You look good.
For a long time I missed you, but after 12 years, baby, yeah, that's all I got.
If you can just tell me where our son is, I'll be on my way.
He don't want to see you.
He's 19.
He can tell me that face-to-face.
(scrapping) Hey! Hey! Yo, keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Get your hands where I can see 'em, all of you! - Hey! - Easy, man.
Ronnie, you got no right.
Goodnight's got a right to see his boy.
MAN: I hear fighting, and it's not even noon? Goodnight.
It's just Ernie now, Duwan.
And I ain't here for her, so you can relax.
I know what you come for.
Gonna take about a day to get it together.
Shut up, Duwan.
That's a cop.
Hey, that's “Detective” to you.
And nice to meet you, too, by the way, Duwan.
I just came here to see my son, that's all.
Oh, okay.
I think we might have found him.
Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
You promised.
It was boxing or the gang life.
Tell me what choice you would have made.
I asked you one thing.
One thing! Ernie, I did the right thing.
No, no, you didn't! - Yes, I did.
- Easy.
You swore to me! Hey, put it away.
Danny, get off me! Time to go, come on.
The type of mother you turned out to be.
What kind of a father are you? Where you been the last 12 years? Some kind of mother you turned out to be! Time to go.
Time to go.
MAN: All right, show me something now, Shawn.
Come on, take it to him.
Keep it coming, baby.
Two more days.
Two more days and this show is real.
Come on, come on! (grunting) He's setting him up like his old man-- look at that.
But he's dropping the left.
(grunting) Looks like Goodnight Jr.
inherited the Goodnight punch.
Blessing and a curse.
Anybody in there I should be worried about? His trainer, Khalid thinks he did three years because of me.
Did he? Just have my back.
“Street Fight” Mason.
(Ernie laughs) More like “Playground” Mason.
What you doing here, old man? I came here to see you.
You see me? Good.
Now get out of here.
We don't need no distractions, Mason.
He got a fight coming up fast.
He's not a distraction, he's the kid's father, okay? - Show some respect.
- I got this.
Who the hell are you? And you got nothing for me.
Just want to take you out for dinner, son.
You gonna leave, or do I got to bounce your ass out? Don't you ever talk to me like that.
I talk to you anyways I want.
This guy's not my father.
He's just a ghost.
Please, Shawn, one meal.
One hour out of your life.
You just had all the time I got for you.
Listen, I'm still your father.
I'm not your son! Hey! Hey! Hey Hey, back up! He's on parole.
So? So if he hits you, he's going back to prison.
One sucker punch is enough! You okay? You all right? Forget what I said about “Playground.
” Boy, that is a hell of a right.
I'm sorry I hit you.
Maybe I deserved it.
Look, I gotta get back to work.
Yeah, this ain't going the way I planned it.
The whole time I'm thinking of him, what kept me going was knowing that he was thinking about me, too.
Try not to take it personal.
That's how kids are.
Whether you're coming home from prison or work, that's just how they are.
I ain't buying that.
But nice try.
He say why? Not really.
Am I being punished for something? I don't think so.
Would you tell me if I was? Sure.
Then do, because making me get on TV has got to be punishment for something.
Not at all.
He said you're a cop's cop, and up to speed on all the issues, so he's sending you.
Take it as a compliment.
To you it's a compliment, maybe.
To me it's a curse.
You'll do fine.
I'll short out the microphone sweating through my suit.
It's his birthday Sunday.
Did you get him something? No, not yet.
You know, the whole family goes over to his house every Sunday.
Maybe you, me, and Baker could go in on a gift certificate to Peter Lugar's.
But don't you get the feeling they do it at the house 'cause that's how he wants it? Yeah, there's that.
Well, he can take whoever whenever.
(door opens) You tell him? Just broke the news.
The good news.
What do you think? I'm so honored, boss.
I'll make you proud, I swear.
Oh, I know you will, Sid.
I'm just sorry I didn't think of it sooner.
Well, there's no time like the present, as they say.
Can't wait to see it.
(door closes) (sighs) (indistinct chatter, siren wails) That we didn't report it doesn't get you off the hook.
We're not on a hook, and it's none of your business.
Janko and I came across you guys having a fight, and any fool could see it was a lover's thing.
Like you and Janko never have.
What? No, we haven't.
We've never gotten together.
Ask anyone in this house, Reagan.
We all know that you're banging her.
Hey, look, I just told you-- Hey, get your hands off! What do you mean you don't know what I'm talking about? You two are together, and everybody knows it.
I just said we're not.
Wow, Janko, did I read you wrong.
Well, you know, whatever you think you know I thought I knew you were a stand-up cop, but I guess 'cause he's a Reagan, you can count on the bosses looking the other way.
Well, there's nothing for them to look away from.
Copy that, Blondie-blonde.
Get your house in order, man.
Or what, you gonna go to the CO? With what? Must have been a dozen people that saw that slap on their cell phones.
The clock's ticking till one of the bosses sees it.
Get out ahead of it.
Or you're gonna tell on us? I'm not in sixth grade, and neither are you.
But you're putting your life and your partner's in danger taking your eye off the ball like that today.
You know what? Screw you, Kelsey.
I'm just trying to help you out here.
No, you're afraid that if they turn on that light, it's gonna land on you two.
So you're not gonna say a thing.
Am I right? Guess what, I'm not afraid of your light, because we're not together.
You try to jam me up, I'll jam you right back.
Reagan hook or not.
You know, back at Jerk Street, Duwan, he said he owed you.
(chuckling) What? Is that some kind of detective thing? You sit on the question until your sixth sense tells you the time is right? Screw you.
What'd he mean? He owes me a hundred grand.
He promised it to me if I kept my mouth shut and did my time.
Kept your mouth shut about what? Who pulled the trigger.
So it wasn't you? I answered your question, all right? Don't push it.
We're up here on the right.
DANNY: You check in already? ERNIE: Yesterday.
You use your name? Yeah.
Why? What's the room number? 315.
What's this all about? Just doing my job.
Sit tight.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
My associates and I are supposed to meet Mr.
Mason in room 315.
Has anyone showed up yet? 315's not back yet.
Oh, your associates.
Well, one's over there in that chair by that lamp.
Right by the door there? CLERK: Yeah.
I don't see the other one.
(softly): Okay.
Stay there.
Stay in the car.
Hey! Hey! I'm talking to you.
Hey! Goodnight, get down! (gun cocks) (tires screech) Goodnight, you okay? How many times I got to tell you? It's Ernie now! Right.
Well, it was almost good night for good.
You just keep earning your keep, Reagan.
This is Detective Reagan at 356 West 31st.
We got shots fired at this location.
(pen scratching on paper) Anything you need before I go? Oh, no, look, I'm-I'm sorry, I lost track of time.
Um, I didn't mean to keep you so late.
It's not a problem.
Good night, sir.
Baker? When's it due again? He, sir.
The “it” is a boy.
Right, I knew that.
He due? Around the end of next month.
Oh, yeah, of course.
See you tomorrow.
Baker I know I don't always think to say it, what with the speed of things around here, but I really do appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into the your job.
I just wanted to say that.
Thank you.
Appreciate that.
Good night.
Sir, is there something I should know about your birthday? You already know about my birthday.
I know.
It's just unusual to avoid them with as much vigor and purpose as you do.
Something in the past? What? Uh Look, I-I just have always felt very lucky to have grown up in such a good family.
Seemed like overkill, a special day for myself.
Good night, sir.
Good night, Baker.
(door closes) (sighs) (distant siren wailing) DANNY: All right, Baez.
Yeah, copy that.
How the hell do you call this a safe house? The roaches are big enough to mug somebody.
Look, the plates on the shooter car came back to a Segundo Perrera.
He's got a history of doing business with Duwan Brown.
Might've figured that.
What is it? He doesn't want to pay you what he owes you? Maybe, or maybe he don't want me around Donna and my son.
Why would you say that? You saw the way he moved in on Donna.
And Brown and Khalid been running together since they was pups.
And now he's coincidentally my son's trainer? You figure it out.
I'd say follow the money.
However you cut it, I'm cut out.
Man's got my money and my family, and all I got is a night in a roach motel.
Well, look, you may not actually have that anymore either.
What? The second those guys fired the shots and I called it in, this became an NYPD case.
(sighs) Which means if you don't cooperate, then you're on your own, you're on the streets.
Cooperate how? Help me catch Brown.
(laughs) What's so funny? Oh, the way you said, “Help me catch Brown.
” (laughing): Oh, man.
Should have some inspirational music playing or something.
(chuckles) What is that? It's that second cashier's check for five grand.
You saved my life, I guess you earned it.
This is an NYPD case now.
I can't take that.
Well, I guess we're done.
What are you talking about? That man ain't gonna give me the money that he promised me, and I'm not gonna get killed trying to find it.
Shawn's lost to me, so is Donna.
I got to find a life somewhere, but it damn sure ain't here.
Look, Ernie, wait Oh, it's Ernie now? Look, you do got a life here.
But Brown, he's just putting up a roadblock.
It's up to you to help me nail the son of a bitch and get your life back for yourself.
I'm a free man, Danny.
After 12 long years I can walk where, when, and as far as I want to.
So please, don't try to stop me.
(door closes) According to him, everyone in the house thinks we're doing it, too.
Doing what? You know, doing it.
The hubba-hubba? The horizontal tango? Shut up.
(laughs) Reagan, I bet you got every merit badge the Scouts give out.
Seriously, what do you want to do about this? DISPATCH: All units 10-13, confines of the 12th precinct at 31 West 39 Street.
Violent EDP, units responding.
12-David, show us responding.
(siren wailing) (tires screech) Calm down, all right? All right? Hold on.
50 cents a slice! 50 cents! Step aside! Hey, make a hole.
Step aside! Make a hole.
Step aside.
50 cents! No, you're not.
Hey, what happened? You tell me I'm crazy.
You're crazy.
Book says isolate and contain, but she-she just went right in there.
Let me guess, 'cause she doesn't take orders from you? - Close enough.
MAN: Go ahead! What are you gonna do? Eddie, come around the back.
You're the one with the gun.
I bet no one tells you you're crazy.
Hey, hey, somebody try to rip you off? Pizza is 50 cents a slice! (grunts) Damn right it is.
Two slices for a dollar.
Who the hell are you? I'm Officer Reagan.
They're telling me it's two dollars a slice! Well, it's against the law, which is exactly why I'm here.
Says so right there on the wall.
(grunts) Look it! See? Am I right? 50 cents a slice.
Two slices for a buck, buck and a quarter gets you a soda.
(Janko grunts, man groans) (man yelling) No! (man sobbing) You're all right, you're all right.
(grunting) You're okay, you're okay.
MAN (crying): It's not fair.
Lieutenant Gormley would like a word, sir.
Send him in.
And Mrs.
Send them in.
Sid, Sheila.
Boss, we have a confession to make.
She does.
I do.
GORMLEY: After the taping, which went okay by the way.
I know that, congratulations.
Sheila slipped that she paid you a visit.
when I pressed, she told me what she said.
Sheila? I might've given you the impression that Sid felt he was undervalued here.
Sheila? Fine, I said so much.
That wasn't from Sid, just from me.
I just want him to be all he can be.
I just wanted you to hear it from the source.
Good policy.
And, boss, I just want you to know, I'm very happy and proud to be working here.
And have never considered a job in Philadelphia or anywhere else, nor would I.
Glad to hear it.
The last thing I would want is a job anything like yours.
The weight on you, the isolation it brings, what must be the sleepless nights and unrelenting pressure and the no pleasing nobody nohow.
And happy birthday.
from me, Garrett and Abigail.
Arrive hungry and enjoy.
Spoil the surprise.
Thank you.
Here's to many more to come.
(door opens) (door closes) (sighs) Pop, anything bad happen on my birthday when I was a kid? What do you mean? Oh, I don't know, plane crash, ship sunk, something like that.
No, nothing like that.
Just that Ranger game when you turned nine.
I remember.
What do you remember? Oh, you just moved to a new school, so I got tickets to the game for all the boys in your new class.
And? And I'd gotten the date I gave their parents mixed up.
So you and I arrived and, uh None of the boys showed up.
Well, there were no cell phones, there was no way to contact them.
But maybe you felt like all the guys just bailed on your birthday.
I probably did.
Anyway, water under the bridge.
Got it.
They found the car an hour ago off the Deegan.
They're tossing it and dusting for fingerprints.
They're bound to find something.
The fingerprints of two guys who are now in the wind.
WOMAN: Detective Reagan? Yeah.
Got a visitor.
(clears throat) Thank you.
I sat in Penn Station all night looking at that Amtrak board.
But everybody I know is still here.
I reached out to Duwan.
Set up a meeting.
Trying to make peace.
And to get the money? No.
It's blood money.
I don't want anything to do with any of that.
But it occurred to me that the meeting could be a rope-a-dope in its own way.
How's that? Ali thought of a rope-a-dope as a way to lull his opponents into thinking he was against the ropes and all out of gas.
Making them careless.
Duwan gets a little loose with the mouth, I'm not wearing a wire.
So you have to think of something.
And where is this get-together? Jerk Street.
They serve food there.
What are the tables like? What What're you thinking about? You know, salt and pepper shakers, ketchup bottle, mustard bottle, hot sauce.
Napkins dispensers.
Things that could be wired.
And when's this sit-down? Tomorrow night, after I watch my son's fight.
(door opens) (door closes) (door opens) Hey.
Kelsey just put in for a transfer.
Yeah, I heard.
Paul actually apologized to me.
(scoffs) Do you feel like eating or drinking or both? Both.
Does it bother you at all, that everyone in the house assumes that we're doing it? Doing what? (laughing): Shut up.
I'm just gonna ignore it.
Nothing we can do about it anyway.
It'd be like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.
I guess you're right.
Of course I'm right.
And also, it occurs to me, since everyone's already thinking it Even though we haven't done anything.
We're paying the price for something we didn't get the benefits of.
I like how you're thinking.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
But, um, no can do.
No? See, once you've tapped this, there's no going back.
I'd be spoiled for life.
Now you're getting it.
(chuckles) Sure you don't want to go try and find him? No.
I'm gonna give him room.
KHALID: That stuff works.
You see his knees buckle? (Shawn laughing) KHALID: You see this? Hey, what's up? Congratulations, kid.
You got something.
Yo No, no, I got this.
The Irishman didn't have much.
No need to talk down your opponent.
Plenty of people will do it for you.
Thanks for coming.
Wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world.
Anyways, uh I'm meeting some people, so I wouldn't want to hold you.
One meal.
My treat.
If you're free tomorrow night, maybe we could eat.
I'd like that.
I'll see you at around 7:00? Yes, you will.
DUWAN: Stand up, Goodnight.
Here we are.
I appreciate you taking this sit-down with me.
It's what's right.
Drinks? (footsteps approaching) Cognac and milk, right? Right.
He won.
I heard.
You still can't watch, huh? Same as ever.
Get this crap out off the table.
We're not eating nothing.
What? Got something in my eye.
Let me take a look.
Go on, leave us be.
You really don't want the money? Oh, I want it.
As payment to you.
For leaving me be.
A hundred grand to leave me be.
I'll leave you be for free.
Got some trouble the other night.
Somebody took a shot at me.
Sorry to hear that.
Leave me be.
And that's it? Why did you have Charlie use my gun to kill Stennis? Who said I Duwan, I did 12 years.
You owe me the truth.
ERNIE: Now, you told me to draw Charlie outside, and give him a beatdown but you never said nothing about shooting him.
DUWAN: No, I didn't.
I had Charlie shoot him.
But I needed you to draw him out.
He trusted you.
And we used your gun so you couldn't turn on us.
We got it.
Well, we agreed to wait until he walks out the front door.
Well, that's that.
I'm not gonna see you again? You have my word.
Go out the back.
Why? I got guys out front.
If this didn't go how I wanted, they're waiting out front.
You understand? Go! Go! Go! (raspy gasping) Drop it! Police! Drop it! Turn around.
Get over there.
I got it.
Call a bus.
Call a bus! OFFICER: Uh, Central, Central, we need a bus, forthwith, at location.
ALL: Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Dear Grandpa Dear Dad Happy birthday to you.
Go on! Make a wish.
(cheering, applause) (laughing): Yeah! Yay! What'd you wish for? Didn't come true.
How do you know? She's still here.
Never gets old.
JAMIE: Are we doing presents? Mine first.
No time.
What do you mean, no time? The van is already out front.
You still got the box the cake came in? In the kitchen.
Why? Okay.
We'll take the cake with us and we'll do the presents later.
The van to where? The Garden.
Rangers versus Chicago.
I want to get there for the warmups.
NICKY: Wait.
All of us? Yes.
All of us in a row, two rows, behind the Rangers bench.
It's a surprise, for my birthday.
Boys, grab the box and some paper plates.
On it.
LINDA: And grab some plastic forks from the drawer.
Who's ever heard of someone throwing their own surprise birthday party? I invented it.
HENRY: Get going here.
Come on, chop-chop.
Get your coats.
Come on, people! (laughs) LINDA: Let's go, Rangers.
HENRY: Let's go, Rangers.
HENRY: Let's go.
LINDA: Let's go, Rangers.
(Erin whoops) (happy chattering, laughter) LINDA: Let's go, Rangers.
HENRY: Let's go, Rangers.