Blue Bloods s08e12 Episode Script

The Brave

1 Oh, what do you mean he ghosted you? We went on a couple of dates and had fun and then nothing.
Nothing? He didn't respond to any of my texts or my phone calls.
He's not interested.
Why? You tell me.
I have no idea.
Well, maybe you did that thing.
What thing? The thing where you chew really loud.
I don't chew really loud! You are the only person that has a hang-up about that.
If you say so.
DISPATCHER: 12-David, we have a 10-30, robbery in progress at Exceptional Deli, 174 West 74th Street.
Oh, come on.
(siren wailing) You're under arrest.
- Move it.
Anything you say or do will be used against you in a court of law.
Thank God you're here.
Follow me.
MAN: If you need an attorney, one will be provided for you.
This kid tried to rob me.
- Get him off of me! - You have the right to remain silent.
Billy, what's going on? Whoa, come over here.
Calm down, calm down.
This man is under arrest for-for petty larceny, Jamie.
For-for-for stealing and disobeying an order and for being a really bad guy.
- Okay.
Okay, Billy.
How about this? Okay, Billy.
Calm down.
How about this? We go outside and we'll take care of this, okay? Uh stealer! All right.
All right, Billy.
All right.
He stole those cigarettes and-and-and he stole candy.
I don't steal candy.
- Right.
We-we know, we know, Bill, we know you don't.
But, hey.
Hey, Bill.
Bill, hey.
When-when something like this happens, what are you supposed to do? Call 9-1-1.
Call 911.
But-but-but he-he was going to flee the scene.
He was breaking the law, Bill, and you're a good citizen for trying to help.
Next time, don't put yourself in harm's way.
Otherwise, you'd be putting us out of a job.
I don't want to do that.
- You call 911.
- Mm-hmm.
And if they run, we'll chase 'em, okay? Are you going to arrest him? Yeah, he's getting a desk appearance ticket and he's gonna have to explain himself to a judge.
Oh, ho, ho.
Good! All because of you, Billy.
But, hey, listen, next time Call 911.
Call 911 and, uh, don't hold him.
You be careful out there.
You, too, Billy.
Yeah, you be careful, Bill.
And one more bonus of the job, you can sit down with a president, a rock star, famous athlete, and a cop.
Whose stories does everyone want to hear? The cop's.
Believe it or not, yes.
I've seen it many times, and I'll tell you why.
Some have happy endings, some have heartbreaking ones.
But the best ones reveal the unvarnished truth of who we really are.
Sounds like you really miss being a cop.
I miss the job every single day.
But I really, really miss the bad guys.
(laughing) Well, by that, I mean, there is no better feeling for a cop than slapping the cuffs on a bad guy and getting him off the street.
All right, well, we've taken enough of the police commissioner's time, unless anybody has any last, final question? Well, I have a question for all of you.
How many of you want to be cops? Anyone? Yeah.
I want to be the first black female police commissioner.
(chuckles) Good for you.
But not 'cause I like cops or anything like that.
'Cause I want to change the system.
I want to change everything about it.
GORMLEY: Okay, uh, listen up.
We're gonna exit out this way.
Officer Dubrowski is gonna take you back downstairs.
Follow him.
Thank you.
Uh, excuse me.
Um, sorry.
Um, what's your name? - Sophia.
Um, can I give you this? I'd love it if you called me.
I'd like to talk to you some more about this.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Good luck, Sophia.
Hey! - Hi.
You got here early.
Hi, Lieutenant.
I'm glad I got to hear that.
I didn't even know you missed the job.
Well I do miss living those stories.
Well, as you can see, nobody wants to be a cop anymore.
I do.
You do? What do you know.
I signed up to take the exam on Monday.
Well (chuckles) I'll leave you two.
I'll catch you later, boss.
But I didn't tell Mom yet.
Well, you want it to be a surprise.
Why don't I think she'll be happy about it? Why wouldn't she be happy about it? It's the family business.
Because it's the family business.
Let's talk.
All I'm asking is that you request that he be remanded.
It's not my case.
What do you mean it's not your case? You're the supervising ADA.
Last time I checked, supervising means you're the boss.
Good morning, Anthony.
Used to be.
- (sighs) Yeah.
Nice to see you, too.
We need to speak to the witness in the Sanchez murder case.
Uh, the vic's grandmother.
(phone rings) Yeah, Rosalie Morales.
I remember her.
Yeah, and I want to make sure that she's prepped for court.
Erin Reagan.
Ah, right.
I'll be right over.
Can you speak to the witness on your own? DANNY: Think you can handle that all by yourself, tough guy? Yeah, well, at least I don't have to come up here begging my sister for favors.
You know, I remember when you used to knock down doors.
Now you just open doors.
ERIN: Guys, guys.
You know how juvenile you sound? Thank you, Anthony.
Let me know how it goes.
Don't forget the door on the way out.
(intercom buzzes) Excuse me.
Have you seen this woman around? Ms.
Morales? The massage parlor, upstairs.
Thank you.
Hello? (arguing in Spanish) (yelling in Spanish) (yelling in Spanish) (both yell) (groans) Blue Bloods 8x12 The Brave (elevator bell dings) Excuse me.
Anthony Abetemarco, was he brought in? He's being prepped for surgery.
- Well, can I see him? - I'm sorry.
Can you at least tell me if he's gonna be okay? - Hey.
- He's okay.
He's not likely.
You saw him? I came in as soon as it went out over the air.
Seems like the bullet didn't hit any major arteries, but did do some muscle damage.
I It's all my fault.
I should've been with him.
I - Okay, no, take it easy.
All right? What would've happened then? You would've been shot, too.
- You have a shooter? - No.
When Anthony came in, he was unconscious.
We don't have any witnesses yet, but I promise you, as soon as I hear anything, I will let you know.
You're investigating? Yeah, I'm investigating.
Look, whatever differences he and I have, he's still a cop.
I'm on it.
(camera clicking) Oh, what a mess.
Can I help you? Help us? Don't you mean can we help you? It's our crime scene.
My crime scene.
Who are you? Mancuso, I'm with the Department of Investigation.
So? So? I'm looking into the shooting.
Why is D.
looking into this? Yeah, what'd you think Anthony was doing here? Getting a happy ending or something? Are you gonna be a problem? Look, we caught the shooting, so it would save us all some time if we just cooperate.
It's fine by me.
As long as you understand that on corruption matters, I take the lead.
That's fine by us because, unlike you, we don't get our jollies off of looking for dirt on other cops.
Good cops don't have any dirt to find.
- Any witnesses? The owner says he was the only one here at the time.
Where was he at the time? Says he was in the back.
Heard some yelling, then shots were fired.
When he finally came out, Anthony was on the floor, and the shooter was in the wind.
That's convenient.
DANNY: Sure is.
And let me guess, you don't have a description of the shooter, either, do you? He said he didn't see him.
Did you lean on him? Of course you didn't.
You know, maybe, you ought to stick to investigating corruption instead of shootings.
I'm looking for Anthony Abetemarco.
NURSE: Are you family? I'm his wife.
Vivian Abetemarco.
NURSE: He's still in surgery.
H-How much longer? It will be a while.
I would take a seat.
Vivian? Hi, Erin Reagan.
You're Erin Reagan.
Nice to meet you.
And this is? Our daughter, Sophia.
Is my dad gonna be okay? That's what the doctors are telling me.
You can sit, honey.
We'll probably be here a while.
It's nice to finally meet her, though.
I wish it was under different circumstances.
He's always talking about you to her.
He is? - Yeah.
He is.
Always telling her to be just like Erin Reagan.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, Anthony thinks very highly of you.
Me, not so much.
I'm I'm sorry? You sent Anthony to interview a witness by himself.
I certainly did not mean to put him in harm's way.
But he just can't say no to you.
(woman speaking Spanish on TV) I told you, he never came here.
So you were here all day, though? Yes, all day.
You ever go to that massage parlor next door? Do I look like I go to a massage parlor? So the detective who was supposed to interview me about my granddaughter's murder went to the massage parlor instead? We don't know that.
We're still investigating what happened.
I can tell you what happened.
He took a "detour.
" We'll take your theory under advisement.
So, this place next door, the massage parlor-- what can you tell us about it? I know it's mostly men go there.
I know it's mostly women work there.
You're the detectives, you figure it out.
We'll let ourselves out.
She's here.
- Hi.
How's Anthony? He's gonna be okay.
That's good to hear, but not why you're here.
Nicky? I don't want her to take the police exam, Dad.
And why not? I just came from Anthony, shot in the line of duty.
Which has absolutely nothing to do with her taking the test.
It does to me.
It's a classroom test.
It's not an undercover narcotics operation.
It's the first step.
And Nicky is not a cop.
You don't know that.
I am very proud to come from a cop family.
It defines who I am and what I do.
Nicky is not a cop.
She doesn't get to decide what she wants to do for a living? That's not fair.
But it is the real question here.
You remember when I wanted to take the exam-- how Mom reacted? Yes.
But moms are hardwired to worry about their child's safety.
And I'm a mom first.
I find it hard to believe you have no idea why this guy stopped calling you.
How can that be? Well, most guys find out that I'm a cop, and that's an instant turnoff.
God forbid I should carry a gun and kick ass.
So, maybe that's it.
This guy seemed to be one of the few who thought it was cool.
Well, maybe you did something to turn him off.
See, there you go again.
What? - Why do you always assume it's something that I did? Why can't it be that he's insecure, or that he had hang-ups about something, or that he's immature? Uh, no, I DISPATCHER: All units in the vicinity of West 81st Street and 9th Avenue, we have an unauthorized male, white, operating an NYPD RMP.
(sirens wailing) (tires screeching) (sirens chirping) Stand back.
Stand back.
Stand back! Put your hands on the wheel, where I can see 'em! Stand back! Stand back! Captain, Captain, we know this guy.
I said hands on the wheel, now! Hands on your head.
Hands on your head now! He wouldn't hurt anybody.
He stole an RMP.
He's a cop buff, boss.
Let me see your hands! - Billy.
Billy, don't move.
- Put your hands where I can see 'em! Don't reach for anything.
BILLY: Let me see your hands.
JAMIE: He's developmentally disabled.
- We know him from the neighborhood.
- Congratulations.
He doesn't have a gun.
(moaning) Everyone, hey, please, holster your weapons.
Holster your weapons! Do not holster your weapons.
Stand down, Officer.
Please, let me go in there and talk to him.
Okay, tell everyone to holster their weapons.
Stand down, Officer.
That's an order.
Hands on your head.
You're under arrest, Jamie.
Okay, look, Billy, I'm putting my hands on my head.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used against you What-what are you doing? BILLY: You have the right to an attorney.
Lower your damn weapons! HOLLIS: Officer! Officer! - You have the right to an attorney.
- I'm giving you a direct order to return back to your RMP.
one, one will be provided for you.
Okay, can I come talk to you, Billy? Having understood them, do you still wish to speak to me? I do wish to speak to you, Billy.
I do.
Because we got a situation here.
We got a situation here.
Yeah, you see these other officers? They're a little scared, all right? So I need you to help me show them that everything is okay.
Can you do that? I heard a 1085.
"Officer needs assistance.
" I wanted to help! 1085! - Okay, Billy, but right now, I'm the officer that needs assistance, okay? So can you help me out? (groaning): Help Jamie.
Can you do that? (moans) Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
All right, I'm gonna open the door, and we're gonna walk back to my car.
Hands behind your head, all right? Okay? Okay.
Hands on your head.
Hands on my head.
Okay? Right? Okay, Billy.
Okay, I'm gonna You know what? Can we show these guys? How we cuff people, Billy? Okay, Jamie.
All right, let's do it.
Okay, hands behind your back.
This is how we do it.
Right? Okay.
(handcuffs clicking) You're a good cop.
You, too, Bill.
All right? Hmm.
You disobeyed a direct order.
I was just trying to tell you that we knew the guy, boss.
Why couldn't you trust me? It's not my job to trust you.
It's to make decisions that keep my officers safe.
I just wanted an opportunity You don't get an opportunity to do anything without my say.
Just wanted you to know that we knew the guy, that he had mental problems.
Which makes the situation even more volatile.
I knew he didn't have a gun.
And how did you know that? Was it your Spidey-sense? I knew I could talk him down.
You think, because your last name is Reagan, that you can disobey orders, and do whatever it is you want.
I think I can do whatever I want to do because you're clearly a jackass.
JANKO: Oh, wait.
Hey, listen.
didn't mean that.
Tensions were high.
We know Billy.
Now you have your girlfriend sticking up for you? What did you just say? - Eddie.
You really are a jackass.
Consider yourselves suspended.
Pending charges for insubordination.
Before you sign off, you got to turn in your shields, your guns and your I.
(sighs) Oh, no.
Did I die and wake up in Hell? That's funny.
Doc says you're gonna be okay.
Yeah? Then why are you here? 'Cause I caught the case.
Would you mind answering a few questions for me? Yeah, I do mind.
Oh, come on.
Look, I get it, all right? We're not fans of each other.
You think I'm a prick, I know you're an ass.
But it is what it is.
Okay? That's personal, this is business.
Now, just help me find the son of a bitch who did this to you.
Hello? Oh, you know what? Whatever.
I tried Morales's apartment.
She wasn't in.
I showed a photo to her neighbor, and she pointed me to the massage parlor.
When I was walking up the stairs, I heard two guys arguing in Spanish.
I got shot just as I was taking out my gun.
I'm pretty sure I hit him.
Wait, you you hit him? Yeah.
You mean you shot the perp? Yeah.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Okay, where'd you hit him? I mean, where on the body did you hit him? Hit his leg, I think.
But I didn't do too much damage because he was still able to hightail it out of there.
All right.
Now, see, was that difficult? Okay, um One other question.
Um What the hell were you doing at the massage parlor? I just told you.
You went there because you thought the grandmother that you were looking for was supposed to be there in the massage parlor.
First of all, this grandmother is 60 years old, not 100.
- And why would I doubt it when I was told she was at the massage parlor? I don't know.
Oh, I get it.
What? - You think I was there on company time getting a massage.
What?! You think I-I'm looking for happy endings - Oh.
- in a sleazy massage parlor for kicks while I'm on duty? That's not what I was saying.
I mean, obviously, it wasn't a happy ending.
Look how the hell it turned out for you.
Get the hell out! Leave me alone.
Get out.
Go! - All right.
(elevator bell dings) No misgivings about her taking the test? None.
- What if she wasn't related to you? - Still none.
Even in this climate? In spring, summer and fall.
Thank you, Baker.
I think it is a calling and an honor to serve in this department.
But that it's Nicky doesn't even make you blink? If a smart, savvy, young candidate from a long line of dedicated cops wants to take the exam-- if I blink at that, you should throw me out the door.
And on another kind of related matter, I've been looking at the curriculum for our explorers.
I didn't like much of what I saw.
Which part? The part that says police work is the same as every other civil service job.
In other words, most of the parts.
Well, I could take a look-see.
Look, it's kind of like recruiting for the NBA and stressing the great knee doctors and free sneakers.
Kind of misses the heart of it.
(chuckles): Well, I don't think it's that bad.
Well, it's what I think it is.
Well, what kind of heart you talking about? The kind that makes them want to become cops would be a good start.
Garrett? Well, how do you safely replicate the thrills of being on the street? These are kids.
Our best cops telling their best stories.
(door opens) She's early.
Oh, okay.
Let's have her.
- Hey.
- Nicky.
How's it going? NICKY: Hi, guys.
We'll finish this later? Get started on it first.
Okay, let's hear it.
Hear what? Why I shouldn't take the exam.
You think that's why I asked you up here? Why else? Why would I do that? Because Mom asked you to.
Have I ever done something simply because your mother asked me to? I have no way of knowing that.
Okay, have I ever denied you anything without hearing you out first? No.
Thank you.
For your information, I asked you up here to help you study.
Really? Really.
And what about Mom? - I didn't invite her.
- I meant about how she's feeling.
Oh, her job is to worry and give you reasons why you shouldn't do something and hopefully, a few reasons why you should.
Take a look at that picture for exactly five minutes and then I'm gonna ask you questions.
Here's the tip.
Notice all the surroundings.
Don't just look at the person.
How many entrances to the building? How many windows in the building? What lights are on in those windows? What time of day is it? Stuff like that.
It is possible Anthony went off the reservation, took a detour.
I doubt it.
It's not his M.
I thought you didn't like him.
I don't like him poaching our cases.
Doesn't make him a bad cop.
Yeah, I'm still here.
I just said "hello," didn't I? Yeah.
In the leg? Uh-huh.
Got it.
Irene's had a gunshot Vic with a leg wound.
Name? Dominic Carbone.
Weapons possession, drug possession, did a year at Rikers.
Court case pending.
Greatest hits list.
Looks like a real rock star.
Let's go.
I told you, I didn't do anything.
You didn't do anything.
So, how the hell'd you get the bullet in your leg? I shot myself by accident cleaning my gun.
You got a permit for that gun? Come on, it's a bad neighborhood.
Cut the crap, Dominic.
DANNY: You want to tell us why the hell you shot a cop? I didn't.
- You didn't? - Uh-uh.
- So, who the hell did? You want me to have a bullet in my head instead of my leg? Well, you shot a cop.
You're lucky you don't have a bullet in your head already.
You know, the thing about birds, you treat them right, take care of them like I do, they find their way home every time.
Is that right? The more you fly them, the smarter they get.
Well, it's too bad you can't get any smarter, 'cause we're gonna arrest you for possession and then we're gonna confirm it was you who shot a cop.
You're not gonna see these birds anymore.
That is, unless they're smart enough to come find your dumb ass in prison.
Get up.
Put your hands behind your back.
Can I just do one thing first? Hey! Please, can I just release my birds? Go ahead.
And don't try anything stupid.
Thank you.
All right.
Get over there.
Look, I swear to God, I didn't mean to hit that cop.
(handcuffs tighten) The owner pulled a gun, that's the only reason I fired.
I was on orders, bro.
I'm not the bad guy here.
You shot a cop.
Makes you a bad guy to us.
Who gave you the orders? Who gave you the orders?! Victor Ruiz.
He runs the Double Treys.
And what do the Double Treys have to do with this massage parlor? The Warriors are selling drugs out of that place and that's Trey territory.
And you were supposed to go there and try to stop them? Yeah.
Do you recognize this woman? DOMINIC: (laughs) Oh, yeah.
She's the drug courier.
Hold on.
She's the drug courier? Good cover, right? Who's going to suspect a granny? Biggest charge you get on the job.
Don't overthink it.
First thing that comes to mind.
Uncle Jamie first.
Uh, rescuing a kid from danger.
Getting a rapist off the streets.
DANNY: Besides doing a ride-along with my niece, uh, saving people's lives.
Slapping the cuffs on a murderer.
HENRY: And when you're a cop, it's never the same day twice.
JAMIE: No sitting behind a desk.
No punching in or punching out.
Uncle Danny, I'm serious.
I like the idea that I would get to help people.
ERIN: Okay, so you guys want to stop sugarcoating it now? Nobody's sugarcoating it.
Really? Yeah.
'Cause I don't hear anyone talking about the stinkers and the jumpers, the crack addicts and the child abusers.
Not to mention, the anticop sentiment that is your thank-you these days.
- So, you take the bad with the good.
- You're really gonna sit there and pretend that the job doesn't take a toll? I didn't say the job doesn't take a toll.
Your job takes a toll, Mom.
So, what's wrong with being a cop? I never said there was anything wrong with being a cop.
You just don't want Nicky to be a cop.
I just want Nicky to look at all her options and not go blindly joining the family business.
I am and this is one of the options.
And I'm just saying there are plenty of ways to help people that don't put you in harm's way.
She has a point.
It's different now.
It's a different culture than when we all got started.
Back then, it was considered an honor.
And it still is.
But? It's not a but.
No, please.
All of these gangsters and rapists and murderers that you all get a charge out of taking down, I prosecute them.
I put them away.
And there's not one that I wouldn't gladly see walk if it meant that if it meant that one of you would still be sitting at this table and not lying somewhere in a morgue.
Look, I didn't mean to, um You didn't? Yeah, I kind of did.
Oh, our dinners really aren't about eating.
- I know.
- You hope the food's good, but the connections are why we gather.
Yeah, but I pretty much disconnected things.
I mean, I went through the same hoops when Jamie wanted to join the department.
Yeah, but you had just lost a son to the job.
And you had just lost a brother.
But you didn't stand in Jamie's way.
Well, I didn't think it was my place.
Not that I didn't feel it.
And now? He made a choice.
I supported him.
(sighs) But not Nicky? I'm not not supporting Nicky.
But there are pros and cons to this job and the dinner table is a chorus of pros, so it falls on me.
Well, you put it that way She romanticizes it.
How could she not? You all do.
Well, what is that supposed to mean? Come on, Dad.
It's a home team advantage here.
(sighs) Look I'm just trying be supportive.
Like you were when I wanted to take the exam? Now, I regret that.
You do? - Yeah.
I wish I'd taken a stronger stand with your mother, but she was dead set against you joining.
Why do you think that was? Same reasons you have.
Not exactly.
I begged her to take that stance.
You did? I knew the job wasn't for me, but I didn't want to disappoint you.
(sighs) Oh.
And you didn't push it because someone you loved and trusted asked you not to.
So maybe you can give me a little of that.
(sighs) You testified that your granddaughter was shot by the Double Treys.
That's right.
But you left out the part that you were running drugs and cash for The Warriors.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Sure you don't.
We got a witness that says you're the drug courier, so you can play dumb all you want, but you're looking at criminal possession and operating as a trafficker.
That's 20 years.
Unless you cooperate.
Cooperate how? Bring us to the drop-off, that's how.
What do I get? ERIN: I won't charge you for trafficking.
You plead to possession in the second degree.
Three years.
I walk out this door, offer's off the table.
Well, you can walk, honey, 'cause you got nothin' on me.
I never been arrested, I have no drugs on me, and I'm guessing this witness is the guy who shot at your cop, so see you around.
(door opens, slams) Hi.
Please tell me that bag has something other than green Jell-O in it.
It does.
Prosciutto, mozzarella, roasted peppers on ciabatta with extra balsamic.
You are an angel.
I met your ex-wife.
Sorry about that.
She blames me for you being shot.
That's okay.
She blames me for everything, including global warming.
For the record, not your fault.
I am glad you're okay.
Me, too.
For Sophia's sake.
She certainly is daddy's little girl.
You can tell that.
- And I worked hard for that title.
- (laughs) Which is why this corruption investigation, it's killing me.
I'm really sorry I put you in danger.
You didn't put me in danger.
I-I did, and I shouldn't be so What? Good at what you do? Care about your cases? Let me tell ya, when Sophia grows up, I hope she's just like you.
And not because you're a hottie.
A hottie.
Not because you're good looking, but because you're smart, you know what you want, you know how to go after it.
And you're a good mom, 'cause you taught Nicky to be the same way.
BAEZ: 60 years old.
You'd think she'd know better.
She has to make quick money.
BAEZ: At 60, I want to be living in a little house on the beach in Aruba where I'm gonna own a tiki bar that specializes in fancy drinks and Puerto Rican food.
Not something I would ever peg you for being an owner of, but sounds fun.
I'm gonna call it "Tiki-Rican.
" Hmm What about you? - Eh, I don't I don't go that far into the future.
Though I will say, I hope that, on occasion, I'll be fortunate enough to be sitting by your side at that tiki bar.
I hope so, too.
She's turning.
Subject is turning left onto Meserole.
Signal in the S.
On three.
One, two, three.
Team out.
Police department, search warrant! (officers shouting) Move! Clear right! Flank left! Car is clear.
(gunshots) OFFICER: Man down, man down! It's okay.
Hey, get him out of here! Come on! We need a medic! (gunshots) Go, go, go! Fan out, fan out! Let's go.
Move, move.
Move, come on.
Right here.
Over here! (shouting) On the left! Baez! (shouts) (man groaning) Hey.
Where's the other shooter? Anybody else here? Answer the question.
Where? - To the left.
Cuff him.
Spread out.
OFFICER: Over here.
(panting) Granny.
At your age? Really? You should've took that deal.
So I got a call from the C.
to report to One PP on Monday morning.
- Me, too.
- What's it about? I don't know Aren't you supposed to have some sort of insight? I didn't hear anything on my end.
- Well - Two, please.
(sighs) Do you think we could be in even more trouble? No, I mean, we already got suspended for a week.
Could we please get some, uh, fortune cookies? Thank you.
Usually, they bring those at the end.
I know.
I don't want to have to wait.
So, what are you gonna do with your time off? I'm just gonna work on the Chevelle.
I'm taking kickboxing classes.
Twice a day.
I'm gonna look amazing at the end of the week.
What, no dates? Mm, nope.
Taking some me time.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
So, did you ever find out why you got blown off? I did.
What, you're not gonna tell me? Okay, fine.
It's because of you.
Me? Apparently, I talk about you too much, and it made him feel inferior, I guess.
Well, I see how I could make other guys feel inferior.
Do you see why I didn't want to tell you? I'm kidding.
Well, I didn't know that talking about work and my partner Your brave and handsome partner.
(exhales) was gonna be such a turnoff.
It's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
"The greatest risk is not taking one.
" Between the sheets.
- What? You're supposed to add "between the sheets" to the end of the fortune in a fortune cookie.
You know, for fun, so yours would be, "The greatest risk is not taking one between the sheets.
" (chuckling): Okay.
So what's yours? "Your partner will make you very happy" between the sheets.
It does not say that.
That's what it says.
You're lying.
Give it to me.
"Your partner will make you very happy.
" Show me.
You can't read my fortune.
- It's not a wish.
- Yeah, it's like a wish.
If I eat it, it makes it real.
That's not how that works.
We're just a couple of regular P.
s here to talk to you today.
And we know you've met a lot of bosses in suits and brass in uniforms and a lot of bars and stripes.
Well, that's not us.
Yeah, we're just cops.
And the odds are, if you're lucky enough to join this department, you'll be one of us.
And that story we told you about Billy, cops do that.
Regular cops.
JAMIE: And sometimes, cops have to make a judgment call that gets them jammed up with the brass and the bosses.
JANKO: Like us.
Reason we're here, we pulled a suspension for insubordination.
(murmuring) JAMIE: Which happened while we were trying to help out Billy.
Which was the right thing to do.
And the risky thing, as it turns out.
We made a judgment call.
We'd do it again.
Risk isn't always about facing down a gun, sometimes it's about helping someone in trouble so they don't end up in more trouble.
That's a risk worth taking.
Because you saved Billy's life.
We'll never know for sure.
JAMIE: But maybe.
And at the end of the day, that's as good a reason as any for becoming a cop.
- Yeah.
Okay, kids, it's time to move on.
(all moaning) But no worries, I'm gonna schedule Officer Reagan and Janko to come back and talk to you again.
But now that you heard the real deal from our uniformed officers, how many of you are thinking about becoming cops? Wow.
That's fantastic.
On that note, Lieutenant Dubrowski is gonna take you down to the CompStat room.
Thank you for coming.
GIRL: Thank you.
(applause) Wow.
You two could take this show on the road.
Rather just take it back out on the beat, Lieutenant.
These kids, that's the best response we've ever gotten.
Well, glad we could help, boss.
Maybe it's a good idea, letting them hear from regular cops.
That's exactly what your old man said when he ordered it up.
Ah, I guess we do work pretty well together, huh? Between the sheets.
(laughing): You're ridiculous.
Then she told the prince, if he was really interested in her, he'd have to wait for her to come ck from college.
And then, they could talk about getting married.
And then, she told him, he better do something else other than being a prince, 'cause that ain't a real job.
Maybe he should be a cop.
Maybe he should.
DANNY: If you ask me, Prince Charming would make one heck of a cop.
I mean, that's some detective work.
Finding the only girl in town who happened to lose one shoe.
Sophia, honey, wait outside for a minute, okay? Actually, I'm gonna be brief.
So, she might as well stay.
I came by to tell your dad that the man who shot him is from a really, really bad drug gang.
But because your dad was so brave, we were able to catch every single one of those bad guys.
And put them in jail? That's the plan.
Anyway, D.
is closing their corruption investigation, and in fact, uh, looks like you'll be receiving a commendation from the DA.
I knew it! ABETEMARCO: Let me ask you something.
Erin said you wanted this case.
Why? Well, 'cause even though you happen to work for the DA's office, you're still a brother in blue.
Well, thank you, brother.
So, uh Going forward, maybe we could bury the hatchet.
Tell you what, you stop poaching my cases, we'll bury the hatchet.
Not gonna happen.
That's my job.
Well, then, that's a no.
Don't wave to him.
Did you come all the way out here just for me? Well, I was in the neighborhood.
Thanks, Grandpa.
You're always there for me.
ERIN: Hey.
How'd it go? Hey.
Okay, I think.
Just okay? Actually, I nailed it.
Now we have some bragging rights at the dinner table.
And you didn't take that test just to see how you stack up? Not at all.
Whatever I end up doing, I respect the family business.
I hope you know that.
And whatever you end up doing, I respect your choice.
I hope you know that.
I do.
So what's next? How about lunch? You free? I am.
Lights and sirens.
FRANK: Let me in here, will you?