Blue Bloods s08e13 Episode Script

Erasing History

1 (tires screeching) (gasps) Watch out! WOMAN: Stop! (screams) No! (crying): No! (siren wailing) (tires screeching) (siren stops) Three blocks in ten seconds.
Let me drive more often, I'll get even faster.
I'll pass.
Hey, there's our guy.
Police! Stop what you're doing! Hey! Hey! - Come here.
We got to chase him? Seriously? You're the speed demon.
Go get him.
I'm afraid of heights.
(baton extends) (man screaming) You're fine.
Get up.
Let's get up.
This isn't what it looks like.
Yeah, said the guy caught red-handed.
But I wasn't breaking in.
This is my girlfriend's place.
Well, then why break in through her window? And why run when we caught you? Because she's my everything.
Commissioner Reagan, we can't thank you enough for your time.
And your honesty.
As long as I get a fair shake, it's been my pleasure.
You seem a little jaded about giving interviews.
More like experienced.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind tough questions, as long as my answers are printed accurately, without shade or shine.
What do you mean, "shade or shine"? Well, you know, say I answer, "That never happened.
" And what's printed is, "'That never happened,' he said with a sweaty brow.
" (chuckles) Promise.
Well, that's all I ask.
Now, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to turn you back to my DCPI.
(knocking on door) They're all yours.
I appreciate you taking the time.
It was my pleasure.
Down with police brutality! Antifa says no to the fascism of the NYPD! Down with police brutality! The history of the police department is stained with the victim's blood! Anti-fascists everywhere, say no to fascism! Thank police brutality! Tell us why, if she's your everything, you have to sneak around up on fire escapes? It's 'cause my parole officer won't let me see her.
What'd you go to prison for? Well - Gabe had a drug problem.
But my P.
, he's making being out more of a hell than it was when I was in.
And this man puts me in a halfway house a block away from where I used to score dope.
He controls the way I spend all my money.
He's constantly changing the curfew all the time, and it's-- I just And he says if he so much as talks to me, it's a violation.
He even made me change my locks.
Why would he care about you? Technically, I'm one of Gabe's victims.
Long time ago.
He pawned my jewelry, but he's changed now, and he's gonna stay clean.
That's unless I can't see her.
Like I said, Liza, she's my rock.
If you are forbidden from contacting her, then you are in violation, and we screwed up by bringing her down here.
No, no, no.
Please, okay? I-I can't go back to jail.
You can't tell him.
No, we can't.
- Thank you.
- Because we don't have a name.
Listen, if you are really so sure that your parole officer's out of line, then you give us a name.
Don Voorhees.
How about, you walk away and then we'll walk away.
But you come back here again, you could be arrested.
Do you understand? Walk away, Mr.
(camera snaps) - Morning.
CIS DETECTIVE: Detectives.
Glad you could join the fun.
Yeah, looks like fun.
What the hell does Collision Investigation want with us? One male, DOA, pinned under the car.
This was intentional? Most of the wits were too shook up to notice, but one says it definitely was.
Is that right? And you're on a first-name basis with him, Detective.
Come again? That's my grandfather.
I'll be back.
No, I can't leave my husband.
They just have to take you to the hospital to make sure that you and your baby are okay.
I don't - Just I'm not leaving.
Just, just try to relax.
What the hell's going on? How'd you get here? What-- we were up next to catch.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
What do you mean you're fine? Your hand's bleeding.
- What the hell happened to you? - Ah, it's nothing.
I'm better off than her dead husband over there.
Highway says you think it was intentional.
The guy went straight for him.
And after he got him, he jumped out, ran off smiling.
This was murder.
(sighs) Ay, ay, ay.
Blue Bloods 8x13 Erasing History EMT: Physically, not too bad, either.
Need anything else, just yell.
Will do.
Thank you.
Okay, run it down for me, Gramps.
First let's go see what your partner found.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is a crime scene, okay? And you're not a detective, you're just a witness.
Well, so then let's get in your car and drive around.
We find the perp, I make the I.
No, it already went out over the air, Gramps.
Based on the description you gave.
Now, will you tell me what you're doing in the city? I was just buying a lottery ticket at my lucky place down the block.
Well, the wife is a lucky woman that you came along and pulled her out of the way.
I just reacted.
I mean, if I'd had a second to think, I probably would've run the other way like everybody else.
Not likely.
You did good.
Did you You get the I.
? Victim is Jerry Simmons.
Lives nearby, Lex and 38th.
I'm guessing our perp stole the car.
I found this on the floorboard.
I'll take that.
It's a code grabber.
These car thieves use these to steal the cars now that have keyless entries.
What am I, an idiot? Well, I didn't realize you kept up, Gramps.
Yeah, well, you better dust that thing for prints.
And then do a background check on the Vic, because dollars to donuts, he knows the killer.
Thanks for your help, Commissioner.
Oh, right.
I'm just the witness.
And New York's finest detective is already on the case.
And his grandson.
(laughs) Very funny.
Very funny.
Laugh it up.
Now, can we find the esteemed former commissioner a ride home, please? (chuckling) And just what do you call vetting? Okay, it was a light vetting.
Because? Because for starters She works at a college newspaper, Garrett.
You'd think you'd give it extra attention, given the climate on campuses today, especially the one she's at.
What I was going to say was And where is she? Cooling her jets in a cell down in Major Case.
Well, I don't want to hear any crap about freedom of the press or jailing reporters.
- I wasn't gonna say anything about - What we should've done is accidentally knocked her head against the bars a couple of times on her way in.
All right, let's not even go there.
FRANK: She comes into our house spouting that Antifa crap and defaces the NYPD flag.
Can I speak? (sighs) The student newspaper at Columbia disavows any and all actions by Chrissie Watkins, because she never worked there.
She had credentials.
I vouchered them.
Must have printed them up herself.
So we could add forgery to the charges.
What kind of ship we running, Garrett? The same one we run every time a friend of your office calls me for a favor.
A friend of my office? What friend of my office? Nicky Reagan.
It's all a blur.
One minute, we're walking down the street-- thank you-- and we were taking a walk.
Then, this car came out of nowhere, and that man pulled me out of the way, and (whispers): Jerry's dead.
Were you able to get a look at the driver's face? Your husband, has he ever been threatened, does he have any enemies? No, everybody loved Jerry.
We, um, found a real estate license in his wallet.
Is that what he did for a living? - Real estate? - Yes.
He, um, he owns a small firm in Greenpoint.
He have any disgruntled clients, employees, tenants? I don't know.
We really didn't talk about work, you know? We just talked about preparing for our family.
How can I raise a family by myself? Look.
You got to hang in there.
That's all I can tell you.
You hang in there, and I promise you, I'm gonna find out who was driving that car, okay? Let's get you home.
Officer Cosgrove, could you, uh, see to it that Ms.
Simmons gets home okay? - Of course.
- Thanks.
Right this way.
Anything? Only the I.
of our killer.
Are you joking? The car's airbag deployed, so CSU found skin cells from the driver's face on it.
Those gave them DNA, and the DNA Hit in the system.
More like 50.
Fraud, grand larceny, burglary, robbery.
Name is, uh, Tim Streebinsky.
The Streeber? Let me see that.
You know him? - Yeah.
Collared this guy at least 20 times.
He's a degenerate gambler who rips people off to pay off his gambling debts.
But he's a hoot.
I mean, even in cuffs in the back of a car, this guy kept us all laughing.
Well, now your funny felon has graduated to murderer.
Just to make sure, we got an address? Uh, 440 Vandervoort.
That's The Streeber.
Reagan, we owe you our lives.
I'm just happy that you and your baby are okay.
What's he doing here? Partner, could you do me a favor and assist Officer Cosgrove in assisting Ms.
Simmons out of the building, please? For real this time.
(clears throat) What brings you down, Gramps? Oh, just thought I'd stop by and see if you needed my help.
Oh, well, thanks.
Not by interfering with my case, though.
How is that interfering? Well, she is a witness.
So, I'm a witness, too, as you keep reminding me.
And besides, she was the one who stopped me on my way in to thank me.
Fair enough.
- So, if that's interfering - I apologize.
You're not interfering with my case.
So? So what? So what's up with the case? Well, I'm not really at liberty to discuss that with you.
(sighs) - But since you came all the way down here, we were able to identify the driver.
Ah-ha, you got prints off that doohickey like I said, huh? No, we didn't get prints off of any doohickey.
We got DNA off the airbag.
That's a new technique we use nowadays.
Oh, don't patronize me.
I'm not patronizing you.
I'm just telling you what we did.
And now I got to go.
So, the driver, does he live nearby? Yes, he lives nearby, and you can't go with me.
Who said I wanted to? So you don't want to go with me? Course I do.
And no.
See ya later.
I'm just saying, it had the ring of truth.
Well, you ask me, it had the ring of excuses.
Then you weren't really listening.
We get a sob story every time we make a collar.
Whatever jam they're in, it's never their fault.
Eddie Janko, I am detecting a touch of cynicism.
Well, you grow up with a con artist who says he loves you one minute, and then he empties your bank account the next.
We didn't have a piggy bank.
My dad had us open savings accounts.
You people ever do anything wrong? You people? - Yeah.
The churchgoing, "eating Sunday dinner together" Reagans.
I can't think of one.
Officers Janko, Reagan? Yeah, Reagan.
Don Voorhees.
Gabe Harris's P.
Oh, so you did nab him today.
Who told you that? I dropped in to his halfway house.
I heard his roommate talking about how two unis nabbed Gabe at his girlfriend's apartment.
Of course, when Gabe walked in, he denied it up and down and sideways.
Skells, can't believe a word out of their mouths, right? Peas in a pod.
The roommate had it wrong.
Come again? We weren't at anyone's apartment today.
So he just magically pulled your names out of a hat? What she means is, we did bump into Gabe today, but it was at 136th and Amsterdam.
We stopped him for jaywalking.
You summonsed him? No.
- Mm-mm.
Uh, just like every other clown in this city, Gabe was making a video of himself while he was walking.
He played it back and showed us that the light was actually green when he crossed, so we had to let him go.
No harm, no foul.
Well (chuckles) He'll violate in some other way soon enough.
They always do.
And as fellow law enforcement officers, I thank you both for your time and your service.
That guy? Yeah.
Fellow law enforcement officers? - Yeah.
- You starting to hear a ring of truth yet? Having met him you got a point.
(heavy metal music playing) No surprise.
Streeber hasn't moved up in the world much.
Still in the same dump he was in 15 years ago.
Smells like someone's still cooking the same casserole, too.
Tim Streebinsky! Police.
Open up.
That god-awful music's coming from inside, so somebody's here.
Well, maybe he's making a move for the window.
(music blaring) Got to say, I was kind of looking forward to meeting The Streeber.
- I'm sorry he offed himself.
- That is, if he actually did off himself.
Pretty sure he's not faking.
No, I mean if he actually committed suicide.
It's the receipt from his takeout.
It was ordered less than two hours ago.
Last meal? - Last meal? He only took two bites.
Besides, I know The Streeber.
I mean, the guy was always happy.
Even when he got collared, he had a smile on his face.
He wouldn't do this.
- Reagan, people get depressed.
And people get murdered.
Anything unusual over there? Like, other than the fact that he killed himself? Like maybe someone staged this to make it look like a suicide? Well, there's bruising on his arms, probably track marks.
Okay, but The Streeber was a gambler.
He wasn't a junkie.
Is it possible he got the bruises by someone manhandling him when they put him up there? At this point, it's inconclusive.
See? She just said it's inconclusive.
Inconclusive, meaning not conclusive in either direction.
So we're gonna treat this as a homicide.
Hey, box up any personal papers and electronics, all right? We got to go through it? No, I'm gonna go through it.
You're gonna dig deeper on Jerry Simmons.
She cooked a whole Antifa recipe: the fake blood, the sloganeering, the grandstanding.
(sighs) - Who is she? Chrissie's a classmate.
Who is she to you? A friend.
A friend? Who's had some troubles, but who I was trying to help.
What kind of troubles? She kind of faked a hate crime against herself.
She kind of faked a hate crime? I thought she was past that.
She said she was done with the disruption and activism and all of that.
So, this friend, who kind of faked a hate crime, you took at her word? People deserve a second chance.
I mean, how many times have you Lots.
But I checked 'em out first.
I'm sorry.
I am.
(sighs) How'd she play you? Think, Nicky.
She reached out, said she was switching to a journalism major, that that she needed a strong sample for the school paper.
Well, she got one.
- (sighs) I feel like such an idiot.
Then remember that feeling and learn from it.
So what happens now? Well, she has a court appearance next week.
She's gonna be charged? You bet your ass that little brownshirt's being charged.
No, of-of course she should, it's just Just what? It was a symbolic action.
Nicky, where are you? Look around.
I think you're taking this personally.
A flag, just like that one, draped your uncle's coffin.
Yeah, it's personal.
To all of us and to both of us.
You know, maybe The Streeber was turning over a new leaf after all.
How so? Well, these pay stubs make it look like he went legit a few years back working for some land development company.
Vangelis Properties? Yeah, Vangelis Properties.
How do you know? The dead husband's e-mails show his real estate firm received financial backing from Vangelis Properties for a development at the Brooklyn shipyards.
- Huh.
Then, half a million went missing.
Mario Vangelis ain't someone you steal money from.
Who is this Mario Vangelis? Money launderer, loan shark, slumlord, your basic nightmare.
Back when I was at OCCB, we tried tying him to a couple murders and got nowhere.
The guy's got trapdoors everywhere he goes.
Okay, so then, is it possible, maybe, that The Streeber took a job with Vangelis, working off his gambling debts and got tapped for the hit on Simmons? And got a staged suicide as a thank-you? Hey, call it a hunch.
You're really gonna go poke this bear on just a hunch? Well, you just said you investigated Vangelis for murder yourself, didn't you? He'll lawyer up before you can even say hello.
Then we won't say hello.
Let's go.
Every time I'm in the steam room, this woman waddles in without a towel on, and she plants herself spread-eagle across from me.
It's like a werewolf coming through the fog.
Tell the gym's owner.
She is the gym's owner.
(phone rings) Reagan.
Oh, hey, how you doing? - (sighs) Okay.
Sit tight, we're on our way.
Gabe wants to meet.
Well, how does he have your number? I gave it to him yesterday.
'Cause something told me he had more to say about Voorhees.
- That he didn't want Liza to hear.
- Exactly.
He's working at Falbank Park.
Ooh, that's, like, three blocks away.
Let's see if I can beat yesterday's record.
(siren wails) Did I not mention how your driving makes me carsick? (chuckles) Mario Vangelis.
Cheap suits, crap-eating grins, let me guess, NYPD? Yeah, you know the drill.
Yeah, well, apparently you don't.
Talk to my lawyer.
He does all the talking for me.
Oh, sort of like The Streeber does all your killings for you? Who? The lackey you made kill Jerry Simmons.
We've met before.
And the pleasure was all yours.
Nah, I get no pleasure in being hassled for things that I didn't do.
So, where'd we meet, sweetheart? I was with the Organized Crime Control Bureau.
You were the organized criminal.
(chuckles) I always liked her.
- Me, too.
Look, you're gonna sit down with us, so, why don't we stop wasting time and get it over with, okay? She comes with? Wouldn't miss it.
I'll give you 20 minutes.
Your place or mine? Ours.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Gabe.
- Hey.
Oh, that was quick.
What'd you want to tell us? Look, I've, uh, been locked up, so it's safe to say I've done some things I'm not too proud of, but this guy Voorhees, he keeps pushing me further down that road.
Like? - Like, when I was using, I got good at breaking into places.
But now Voorhees is making me do all that stuff for him.
He's making me plant evidence on other parolees so he can violate them.
Sometimes it's just to rip people off.
What am I supposed to do? This guy's got me by the balls, you understand? I-I don't have any option.
Gabe Harris.
Hands behind your back.
What are you doing here? Well, I could ask you the same question.
- We're patrol officers.
We patrol.
- (handcuffs tighten) And Gabe just failed his last urine test.
- What? I didn't fail, all right? I'm clean.
- It's a shocker, I know.
I'm clean.
Save it for your hearing.
Look, Voorhees, the way Gabe tells it, he is clean.
Yeah, we believe him.
Well, you can tell that to the squirrels.
Come on, skell.
The son of a bitch is trying to keep us from talking to Gabe.
Yeah, what are we gonna do about it? So, how long did Tim Streebinsky work for Vangelis Properties? - My client declines to answer that.
- Okay.
When did you start to suspect that Jerry Simmons had ripped you off? My client declines to answer that.
This isn't talking; it's stonewalling.
This is a cautious man being cautions.
Well, it's a waste of time.
We agree on something.
Mario, stop talking.
I got a soft spot for her.
Look, all I know, some mook we hired to park cars offed himself.
The fact that I know the guy he killed in a car accident, it's a total coincidence.
End of story.
Not another word.
No, please, let him keep talking himself into a hole.
That's not gonna happen.
Look, sweetheart Detective.
Detective Sweetheart, I came in here as a courtesy, but I'm not feeling much courtesy.
You know what I'm saying? So our time has drawn to a close.
You know, I like you for this.
And when I like something, I work hard till I get it.
You two can sleep on that.
Oh, I'll sleep like a baby.
Go ahead, say it.
It was a waste of time.
I already did.
Oh, you can't be serious.
What are you doing down here? I heard you brought someone in.
You heard? From where? From somebody down here maybe? Former PCs hear things.
Former PCs may hear things, but most former PCs wouldn't come down here and start meddling when they hear things.
How the hell can you call looking through a one-way mirror meddling? 'Cause that's what it is, meddling.
Guys, can we do this in private? No, we're gonna do it right here, in front of the whole squad room.
Since my grandfather decides he wants to babysit me in front of the whole squad room-- what is it, Gramps? You wanted to come down and tell me that I did it all wrong? That I screwed it up? Is that it? You're putting words in my mouth.
So it's a no? I didn't screw it up? Well, I might have tried working him without the lawyer being around.
Oh, and where do you suggest I do that? Down by the waterfront, Gramps? I'm sorry, as much as I would love to, we can't do things the way you did in the old days.
Yeah, well, in the old days, we accepted help without getting pissy about it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Especially when we needed it.
Oh! I don't need it.
I have this under control.
Then how come this guy walks out of here? He the same way you're about to walk out of here.
Don't come back.
What are you gonna do, arrest me? (sighs) It would be the first one you made in this case.
I love you, Gramps, but go home.
There's no place I'd rather be.
- Fine.
Out of my way.
(exhales) I never said not to speak up.
Not in so many words, no.
Not in any words.
And there's a difference between speaking up and butting in.
Speaking up about things that people don't want to hear? As in? The incident at One PP.
Gee, I was kind of enjoying Danny and Pop take shots at each other.
I really hope you're not gonna sit here and try to defend that communist friend of yours.
Not at this table.
Thank you very much.
Okay, hold on a minute.
No, I'm not defending her.
She took a legitimate complaint, but she voiced it in the wrong way.
HENRY: She defiled the NYPD flag.
How is that a legitimate anything but a disgrace? Exactly.
Never mind.
- You brought it up.
I take it back.
ERIN: Okay, permission to approach the bench.
Permission denied.
SEAN: Is there any chance we could just, you know, eat? Yeah, this food is delicious.
It would be nice Not gonna happen.
Let's just say for a second, it was not the police flag.
Let's say it was, um, a refugee and the flag from her native, oppressive country.
JAMIE: Or a Gold Star mother and the flag of that Baptist church that protests outside military funerals? Churches have flags? The noisy ones do.
There a point in there somewhere? ERIN: Yes, there is.
And to quote your favorite phrase, "You first need to walk in the shoes of the other guy before you pass judgment on an act of civil disobedience.
" DANNY: Okay, but what did the NYPD ever do to that snowflake friend of hers? To her, personally? Yes.
To justify what she did, even in your fuzzy point of view.
Well, I don't (makes buzzer sound) Time's up.
What're you gonna do next time you see her? Yeah, you gonna compliment her? No.
Walk on by.
Set her straight.
Ask her why.
Or at least point out how she dissed you in the mix? Some of all of the above.
Can parole officers really boss parolees around like that? ERIN: Pretty much.
And the parolees need to comply if they want to see daylight again.
So, they can be searched at random, told who to associate with.
Seems harsh.
Well, think about it from Vorhees' side.
If he lets Gabe see Liza and they get into a fight, somebody gets hurt or is killed, it's on him.
And if Voorhees is forcing Gabe to commit crimes for him? Well, if you want to take this on, you better have some ammo because the Department of Corrections does not bow to the NYPD and nor should it.
Well, if Voorhees is doing this to Gabe, odds are he's doing it to other parolees.
And we call that conjecture.
Uh, you have someone you can trust in Corrections? Yeah, and he trusts me not to hand out his digits.
Look at it from my side.
If I suspect a parole officer is abusing his power and I just let it slide, what does that make me? Not going there.
Or you, by extension? - Derelict of our duties, at least.
- No.
- Text me the guy.
- No.
- You're the best.
- Ja (door closes) So, how was family dinner? Don't ask.
- Come on.
Henry didn't give you the cold shoulder? Was he too busy flinging rolls at your head? You know, I'm the one that should be mad at him.
He just wanted to help.
How? By criticizing my every move, like my partner seems to be doing lately? You just can't see the obvious.
Well, if it was obvious, don't you think I'd see it? You and your grandfather get under each other's skin because you're exactly alike.
Give me a break.
You know, you've never been more wrong in your life and that's saying something.
I think it's cute.
And I think I'm gonna need a new partner if my current partner won't stop nagging me about my grandfather and start helping me find Vangelis.
Sounds like something Henry would say.
Get out of my way.
(sighs) Yo, how long were you in jail? 12 hours.
Totally worth it.
Down with police brutality! Your live stream's been shared, like, a million times.
CHRISSIE: And the next thing we do will have even more and more and-- I mean, that's the way it has to be, right? I heard that.
CHRISSIE (on video): Antifa says no to the fascism of the NYPD! I'll see you guys later.
No biggie.
You must've taken some flack.
Yeah, I did.
And I wouldn't have minded, if you let me in on your plan.
I couldn't.
You're on that side.
(scoffs) Now I'm really insulted.
What's your family's business? (scoffs) Carpets and flooring.
So, you're all about carpets and flooring? You mean, you want in? I mean I want respect.
That I'm my own person.
You have it.
Do you want in? Tell me what's going on.
A guy at DOC tipped you? Senior parole officer told me that a parolee, Leo Epps, came in and said that Voorhees made him do bad stuff.
Was there an investigation? Uh, no, uh, Voorhees came walking in, Leo clammed up, said he made a wrong turn looking for the john.
Yeah? - Leo Epps? He's my son.
He's not here.
Know when he'll be back? No, sorry.
- Hey, hold up.
Hold-hold on a second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just want to talk to you.
Did that prick send you? Hey.
Take it easy.
Am I being rousted now? And by prick, I'm assuming you mean Leo's parole officer.
Barged in here about an hour ago, knocked Leo down, jammed a knee in his back, told me to wait in the other room.
What did Voorhees want? He said Leo's latest drug test came back positive for weed.
Does your son smoke? Honestly, yeah.
But Voorhees said he used Leo's sample on some other lowlife.
Still, he was gonna bust my boy if he didn't go into Rikers voluntarily.
Said Leo had some, uh, job to do in there.
(exhales) And you didn't learn any of this from me.
Vangelis Properties transferred 250K to Jerry Simmons' firm two months ago.
- A week later, Jerry's firm wired it to an offshore account in the Isle of Man, adding to the 200 grand already there.
So, Simmons ripped off Vangelis.
Great, now we have motive.
But nothing that proves Vangelis forced The Streeber to kill Jerry and then staged a suicide.
So we got nothing.
Next time I get a hunch, use your intuition and don't listen to me.
Do you remember what Gormley used to say when he was our boss? Yeah, he used to say, "That wasn't a fart, my chair's just squeaky.
" "If you hit a wall, climb over it.
If you can't climb over it" "Go back to your first witness and start over.
" Oh, no.
No, we are not going back to him.
My grandfather told us everything he knew.
Or, everything he thought he knew.
(sighs) (slaps desk) (sighs) If you want it.
Only if you want to give it to me.
I feel like I owe you.
Nicky, you could never owe me anything but respect.
And only then, if I've earned it.
Why do you always have to make things so complicated? I don't make them complicated, they just usually are.
(scoffs) There's another disruption planned.
Against the NYPD? No, not directly, but anticipating their presence.
That statue of a bull, down by Wall Street.
Yeah? To cover it in red paint.
There a date and time? Tomorrow, lunchtime.
For maximum effect, with smoke bombs.
Just smoke? And a million ball bearings to scatter to trip up the police.
And their horses.
For the mounted units.
(sighs) I didn't even think of that.
That's my job.
I'm sorry.
For what? For getting us involved with all of this.
That's not on you.
I'm going to have to talk to some people now, if you'll excuse me.
- (door opens) - (sighs) Gramps.
Look, I, uh, just wanted to come by and tell you I'm sorry.
What for? I'm the meddler.
No, you're not.
Oh, yeah.
I got it from a very trusted source.
Look, I admit, I might have flown off the handle a little bit.
Guess I got nervous having the former commissioner looking over my shoulder.
Not what I was trying to do.
I know it wasn't, but that's what it felt like, and it felt like that even more so because every time you were looking, I was screwing up the case.
Not that I saw.
Really? Danny.
All cases are tough until they break.
That's the fun of it.
And what more fun, but doing it alongside you? Wish all my witnesses had your eyes and ears.
I mean, you could clean this whole city up in the blink of an eye.
Put the whole family racket out of business.
Well, I don't accept your apology.
You don't? No, not till you accept mine.
'Cause, I, uh I barged in without being asked, and stuck my nose where it didn't belong.
Well, apology accepted.
So you think maybe we could start over? 'Cause I really could use your help.
Is there anything that you didn't tell me about the crash? Anything you might have forgotten or overlooked or slipped your mind? Even the most insignificant detail? No.
All right.
But Whitney did say something to me at your squad.
After I told her that she shouldn't worry because my grandson was on the case Mm-hmm.
she looked at me and said, "Ooh, someone will pay.
" Like she knew who killed her husband? Or, as if she was planning to get justice herself.
The wife.
Okay, thanks.
Um, I'm gonna go deal with her down at the squad.
You want to tag along? What, and skip the best meatloaf sandwich in the world? Nah.
You go ahead.
You still got it, Gramps.
I do, don't I? Voorhees.
Glad you could come.
What's going on? Some sort of emergency, you said, with Gabe Harris? Actually, it's more your emergency.
What are they doing out of Rikers? We brought them here.
You c-can't transfer my people! They're not your people.
Not after Gabe tells the DOC area supervisor that his P.
made him break the law for his own ends.
You know, Leo's got quite the tale of being ordered into Rikers to shank a fellow parolee.
I want them out of there now! Hey! Hands behind your back.
What are you doing? Ending your reign of terror.
(shouts) (handcuffs tighten) You can't arrest me.
Sure can.
And detain you until DOC OSI gets here.
Go to hell.
Both of you.
Do me a favor, Janko.
Put our fellow law enforcement officer here into the detectives cell, will you? Happily.
You know, you're gonna get your very own parole officer, and I hope he's just like you.
JAMIE: As soon as DOC starts their investigation, you guys will get assigned a new P.
You'll tell them I didn't want to stab anybody, right? Yeah.
And Gabe, I can't guarantee that you're gonna get to see Liza, but I'll put in a good word.
Officer Reagan.
Uh, why'd you help out me and Liza? You didn't have to do that.
You love her, she loves you? Yeah.
There's no law against that I'm gonna enforce.
(exhales) Going somewhere? What are you doing here? What am I doing here? Stopping you from doing something really stupid.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
It was you who opened up the offshore bank account.
It was you who wired money to it.
And it was you who had the stupid idea of trying to rip off Vangelis.
Not your husband.
I was just trying to make a better life for my family.
And Jerry was too gutless to do it, so I had to do it myself.
Yeah, but ironically, Vangelis thought it was Jerry, and now he's the one who ended up dead.
Not you.
Which is why he has to die.
You're not a murderer, Whitney.
But he is.
So what you're gonna do is tell me everything you know about Vangelis, and I'm gonna collar him the right way.
Please, just go, so I can do what I came here to do.
I'm gonna go.
But you're coming with me.
Let's go.
Do you promise me you're gonna make him pay? With a smile on my face.
You ready? Whoa-ho-ho.
Hey! Vangelis! Enjoy your freedom.
While it lasts.
So, Dad, why the sudden urge to lose at poker? Gee, now I'm all psyched out.
(bottle thuds) Thank you.
She is 21.
Well, we were there.
Bad Intel or what? No, not exactly.
Was what bad Intel? I'm listening.
Grandpa, after I came to your office the other day, I Wait.
When did you go to his office? Oh, let her explain.
Or try to.
There is no "try" on this one.
At least I know why I got the invite.
I went back to Chrissie and her friends and told them to call it off.
You told them to call it off? Between the smoke bombs and the possible injuries from the ball bearings, it was a terrible idea.
I couldn't say more, because then they would know I told you, and I couldn't tell you because they may go through with it anyhow Well, that wouldn't guarantee they wouldn't try it anyway.
I know you mobilized your forces.
You know, all this double-dealing really made me feel no better than how she treated me.
I'm sorry things got so complicated.
They just usually are.
Shut up and deal.
(slides cards)