Blue Bloods s08e14 Episode Script

School of Hard Knocks

1 DANNY: Weren't we just out at this school a few months back? Kid got shot in the cafeteria.
Yeah, that'll make you lose your appetite quick.
Look at this mess.
(grunts) What do we got? Argument broke out just after first bell.
Someone pulls out a gun and starts shooting.
Anyone see the shooter? No one came forward.
Come on, this yard had to be full of kids at the time of shooting.
Nobody saw anything? I said no one came forward, and I wouldn't hold your breath.
- Copy that.
Hey, kid.
What's your name? You got shot in the leg, not in your ears.
What's your name? Hector.
- Hector.
You have any idea who did this to you? I ain't got nothing to say.
Hector here runs with the Warrior Kings.
DANNY: Well, he's not gonna be running with anyone anytime soon.
Come on.
Tell me who shot you, kid.
This is Warrior King business.
I don't need no cops.
Suit yourself, tough guy.
Get him the hell out of here.
Getting the feeling nobody around here trusts cops.
They don't.
You the man in charge? On paper, anyway.
Principal Darryl Ward.
Detective Reagan, Detective Baez.
Looks like you got a gang problem right here.
What was your first clue? About a year ago, the Ace Double Treys and the Warrior Kings started recruiting here.
You reach out to the gang unit? Apparently, they're more interested in gangbangers a bit higher up the food chain.
We only have a handful of students with gang affiliation, all in our special ed program.
Okay, so what could we do, then? I requested metal detectors and updated security cameras 14 months ago.
It would be nice to get them before someone gets killed.
(sighs) Called you as soon as I found out it was Cochran, Morrow.
You said there was a fatality? One of the lawyers.
They cut him up pretty good.
Have you identified the victim yet? Yeah.
He was one of the partners.
Mickey Rodansky? Rodansky's the one who found him.
Over there.
Scared the hell out of me.
Trust me, I'm pretty damn scared myself.
What the hell happened? I mean, I-I came in early to finish some work, and the place was trashed.
And-and James Oh, God.
You called Janice? Yeah.
You know what she said? What? That's what you get for leaving the D.
's office.
ABETEMARCO: Detective said she's got what she needs for now.
We'll give you a ride home, Mickey.
GARRETT: I don't know why.
Don't know why or don't know why yet? Okay, yet.
The governor called me twice this morning.
What kind of threat level that say to you? Threat level? He didn't call me just to say hi.
I would like a little Intel before I call him back.
The problem is, the calls didn't come through the governor's staff and go through me.
He placed the calls himself.
I know.
Is there a threat level I don't know about? I don't know.
GORMLEY: I got an update on that shooting in the Village.
Two unis responded to a fight between a hipster and a couple of guidos from one of them gastropubs.
Gastropub? Which one? $20 for a cheeseburger-- who cares which one? And? One of the guidos pulled a gun, threw a shot at our people, who returned fire, striking the perp and a bystander at the bar.
I heard all about that at 2:00 a.
Well, what you haven't heard is the bystander was ID'd as Lawrence Cobb.
And I care why? Cobb is a top legislative aide to Governor Mendez.
That thing where I didn't know why the governor was calling? Blue Bloods 8x14 School of Hard Knocks You know why you're here, don't you, JoJo? - Nah, I don't.
- Huh.
- You know Hector Alou? JOJO: Yeah.
So? DANNY: So, sit down.
Somebody shot Hector at your school today.
What's that got to do with me? We've got you on video running from the scene.
Yeah, bodega on the corner got a real nice shot of you sprinting away.
Ain't against the law to run.
You were heading away from school.
I forgot my homework.
You know, something tells me you're not much of a scholar.
Let's see if you can do this math.
You got a Ace Double Treys tattoo on your neck, the victim was a member of the Warrior Kings.
Sound like a coincidence to you? You tell me.
You're the cop.
What are you, 17? Let's see if you can do this math problem.
You're 17 when we find the gun that you used and tie it to you-- that's gonna get you four to seven.
Which means your ass won't get out till you're 24.
And by that time, your 16-year-old girlfriend's probably gonna have three kids from your 20-year-old best friend.
All right, all right, Professor.
Why don't y'all just arrest me? This is your one chance to come clean and help yourself.
So y'all ain't got nothing.
We've got a playground full of witnesses.
DANNY: And it's only a matter of time before somebody rats out your punk ass.
If this is gang business, ain't nobody getting in the middle of it.
So charge me or let me the hell up out of here.
You think I sold out? Definitely.
Well, James wanted to expand into white collar crime and then he brought me in to head the department.
(sighs) I still can't believe he's dead.
Did he have any enemies that may have done this? No.
I mean, what kind of person would do that to another human being? Why did he keep so much cash on hand? He had it for cash bonds.
For loans to clients who were in trouble.
So any number of criminal defendants could have known that safe was stuffed with cash.
I keep seeing his face, Erin.
You're gonna be okay.
(sighs) Thanks.
We're gonna have to do a drive-by with the press down the hall.
Okay, but keep it moving.
Like I said, a drive-by.
There he is.
GARRETT: Governor.
The press has a few questions.
They know my man was wounded by a cop's bullet? That has not been released as of yet.
Then they will hear it from me.
Please, a second? (Frank sighs) What would be the point? The facts would be the point.
The facts are it was a fluid and chaotic situation, and the actions of my people prevented even more harm.
And shot my guy.
Which was tragic.
But not, under the circumstances, avoidable.
I know you guys like to whitewash officer-involved shootings.
I do not.
That's not gonna happen here.
I want the cop that shot my aide fired and charged.
If the grand jury indicts, my officer could be terminated.
We all want to protect our people, Frank.
But in the natural order of things, mine come first.
Don't forget that.
My name is Detective Reagan.
This is my partner, Detective Baez.
We want to thank all of you for allowing us into your classroom today, and especially your teacher Ms.
Chavez for allowing us to speak to all of you today.
If you're recruiting for the NYPD, you definitely on the wrong place, yo.
(laughter) CHAVEZ: All right, quiet down, come on.
Quiet down, ladies and gentlemen.
Go on, Detective.
Now, as all of you know, one of your classmates was shot in the playground the other day.
So far, nobody's come forward with any information.
You got that right.
Look, we can understand why some of you might be hesitant to come forward with any information that you might have.
There are some knuckleheads in this school.
In fact, I see some of them here today.
Those guys like to act tough, but they're not.
They hang out in gangs and hide out in gangs 'cause they don't have the guts to stand up on their own.
You guys want to make this school a better and safer place, you're gonna have to have the guts to stand up on your own.
My partner's gonna hand out our business card.
It has our number on it.
If you saw anything that can help us identify the person who shot your classmate and friend, we'd appreciate you giving us a call.
We know what's at stake when you make a call like this.
So it'll be completely confidential.
DANNY: I got to say, I don't envy you.
Dealing with that crew every day.
(chuckles) They grow on you.
Like a tumor.
You think anyone will come forward? Honestly, I'd be very surprised.
They don't trust cops.
Yeah, we got that part.
Let's face it.
The only time you guys ever show up is when someone gets stabbed or shot.
Not for nothing, but that's the job description.
You prefer we don't show up at all? It's not an accusation, Detective.
It's reality.
I grew up in a neighborhood like this.
I made it out.
Those kids in there-- I can't save all of them or even most of them.
But every year I spot one or two like you, Detective.
Kids I can help.
Kids who want a shot at a decent life.
Well, we can't change this neighborhood.
And we're here to arrest JoJo Reese and to show these other students that gang violence won't be tolerated in this school.
But we need your help to do that.
I'll see what I can do.
I came as soon as I got your message.
Is everything okay? We just got a call from our Rackets Bureau, Mickey.
And what does that have to do with me? Ever hear of a high-end gambling outfit called MaxMoneyDown? Well, it seems that you have.
They take major sports bets and use mob muscle on their clients who get in over their heads.
Why didn't you tell me that you represent a known gambling syndicate? I-I didn't want to drag James's reputation through the mud.
MaxMoneyDown was his client? I begged him to drop them.
I mean, they're really bad guys.
But he couldn't.
So, he repped these guys to cover his gambling debt.
Were any of the other attorneys in the firm involved with MaxMoneyDown? Y-Yeah.
I-I think so.
This is serious, Mickey.
You need to tell me the truth.
Were you making bets, too? Absolutely not.
So, what happens now? I'm gonna take down the gambling syndicate, even if I have to take a chain saw to your firm to do it.
And what am I supposed to do? Tell the truth.
You'll be fine.
Come on, get out of the way.
Step aside.
What's going on? This one lay in wait.
Gave the victim a hell of a beating.
BAEZ: Where's the other student? GUARD: Over there, but it's not a student.
Chavez? You beat the hell out of your teacher? Why am I not surprised? Keep her right here.
Hang in there, Anna.
You're gonna be okay.
Stay with her.
- Yeah.
How the hell does this happen to her? She was getting back to her office when she was jumped from behind.
At least we got the kid who did it.
It's my fault.
This is not your fault.
I'm responsible for the safety of my staff.
And there's nothing you could have done about this.
Then why am I here? How you doing, Ms.
Chavez? Like the Yankees used my head for batting practice.
- Do you remember what happened? - Yeah.
I listened to you guys and wound up in the hospital.
How's that? After you left, I decided to talk to my class about cooperating with your investigation.
Which took a lot of guts on your part.
As it turns out, not a lot of brains.
Did any of the students come forward with any information? Two kids signed up to see me after school.
And you think they were gonna come clean about the shooting? I was heading to my office when I got attacked from behind.
We have Teresa Jones in custody.
All we need from you is to identify her as your assailant and we can take the rest from there.
I can't do that.
Are you saying you don't remember or you didn't see her? I'm saying I know what will happen if Teresa goes into the system.
But you didn't have any problem helping us put JoJo Reese into the system.
Prison may be the only thing that can save JoJo.
But Teresa's different.
She's a good kid.
She's a good kid who could've killed you.
You don't think she should pay the price for that? I'm a teacher, Detective.
Retribution is your department.
(sighs) What's up? I've been going over the books, uh, for Cochran, Morrow with Forensic Accounting.
Anything unusual? We verified every account except one in the client portfolio of the victim.
And? Rapid cash flow.
Big money, wire transfers from all over the world.
Who's the client? See, that's the thing.
It's listed as a personal account for James Morrow.
Well, he doesn't have that kind of money.
So I had the FBI run the wire transfers against their database.
Several matched transfers linked to a certain gambling syndicate.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
It's like a gambling thing.
How much money is going through that account? Close to 30 million bucks last year alone.
So, we're not talking about a few lawyers betting on football games.
Cochran, Morrow is laundering money for MaxMoneyDown.
I'd say that's a pretty good bet.
I want Mickey Rodansky in this office now.
You got it.
DANNY: You got visitors.
Get on your feet.
Come on.
Let's go.
Over here.
What's the problem, Teresa? You look unhappy.
You don't like your accommodations? That woman she-she just went to the bathroom right on the floor.
- Mm.
- Yeah, she's a regular here.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's like her second home.
That's right.
Just wait till you get to Rikers Island.
Got a whole prison high school full of honor students just like you.
I know I messed up.
You think? What was your beef with Ms.
Chavez? I love Ms.
She's the only teacher that ever tried to help me.
You love Ms.
Chavez? Yes.
You got a real funny way of showing it.
I didn't want to hurt her, okay? I had no choice.
What are you talking about, you had no choice? It was part of initiation.
A gang initiation? What the hell are you doing getting mixed up with gangs? Look, when they recruit you, it's either you join or they come after you.
But after seeing Ms.
Chavez on the floor, bleeding I wished I had taken the beating myself.
What the hell is going on, Erin? Sit down.
You have the right to an attorney.
Why would I need an attorney? Because you're looking at multiple felonies here, Mickey.
Could we just, uh, slow down a second? I mean, I-I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Your firm was laundering cash for MaxMoneyDown.
Which constitutes as enterprise corruption.
Now, I asked you if you were involved in illegal gambling and you lied to my face, Mickey.
No, that-that's not true.
You asked me if I was placing bets.
I've never placed a bet on a game in my life.
ABETEMARCO: No, you just launder money for mobbed-up gambling rings.
H-H-Here's the thing.
I-I didn't, um, I didn't know that they were laundering money when I took the job.
Morrow didn't just represent MaxMoneyDown.
He was part of their operation.
He didn't want to be.
I mean, he was in over his head.
And he needed just someone who knew how to move the money around.
I swear I didn't know anything about MaxMoneyDown when I took the job.
But when you found out, you still played ball.
You could've walked away.
Well, James' life was in danger.
Come on, you're saying that this was all about loyalty, Mickey? Money was part of it.
Okay, I mean, I Erin, I was never I was never a star here, not like you.
This was a junior partnership.
Twice what I was making.
And, I mean, I got, I got three kids to put through school.
Janice wants to move to Westchester.
And all of that could go away.
(sighs) The only way out is to testify against MaxMoneyDown.
I mean, no way.
There's always Witness Protection.
Janice would leave me.
I she would take the kids and I'm begging you, please.
Help me.
Why? What's wrong with a roast? We never have a roast anymore.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but I've got the governor.
(sighs) Put him on.
On his way up.
I'll call you back, Pop.
And he's here.
We got a problem.
You need something? Thank you, Baker.
A serious problem.
Why? The grand jury declined to indict my officer.
It's a joke.
- Anything but.
They concluded that the shooting was a justified use of force.
Your cop fired into a crowded bar.
She returned fire, took out the shooter, and likely saved lives.
And almost took a life, one of mine.
Governor, could we turn down the rhetoric? It's just us here.
What are you gonna do? Well, our internal investigation supports the grand jury's decision.
The case is closed.
The hell it is.
I want her gone.
No? She is a good officer who did her job well.
She is not going to lose her shield on my watch.
Since when does nearly blowing away a civilian qualify as good? Governor, police work is messy.
It is dangerous and sometimes innocent people get shot.
You're lecturing me now? I shouldn't have to.
I'm sorry your man got shot, but I will not punish a good officer to satisfy your beef on how this went down.
I bet you were a Boy Scout.
Till I got kicked out.
What for? I had a problem with authority.
That supposed to be funny? No.
Just true.
Either you fire this cop, or I will order the attorney general to drill down on every questionable police shooting in the past ten years.
Which would be your right.
Then hold public hearings, out loud and lights up.
Everybody loves the circus.
Except the guy that's got to shovel up afterwards.
(sighing) I can't thank you enough for this.
How'd you make it happen? Just got to know which cage to rattle.
This won't solve all of our problems, but it is a step in the right direction.
Yeah, and hopefully it'll keep the gang violence off the school property, not on it.
Knowing these measures are in place, it's gonna make it easier for me to go.
Go where? Where you going? I've decided to step down as principal.
Wait a minute.
After all this? What are you talking about? I've done my best to make this school better, but clearly I've failed.
No, you and I both know the problems with this school come from outside those doors, not inside.
That's not on you.
This is supposed to be a place where kids can feel safe.
But you're doing everything you can to make 'em feel safe now.
Besides, you said there's only a few knuckleheads in the school-- you gonna let them run you off? I have done everything I know how to do to connect with 'em.
Try harder.
Somebody else's turn.
- Yeah? Well, not for nothing, but it sounds to me like you're just feeling sorry for yourself.
Maybe, but I've earned it.
I am doing what I think is right.
You've done excellent work here, Erin.
We should have more than enough to take down the gambling syndicate.
That's a serious scalp.
So what's your game plan? I'd like to cut a deal with Mickey Rodansky.
He can give us a detailed blueprint of the entire money-laundering operation.
Great, he'll make an excellent star witness for us.
So, about that.
There are a number of attorneys privy to this scheme.
So? - So, I don't think we need to put Mickey on the stand.
You're kidding, right? He is giving us everything we need-- details of placement, layering, integration of the dirty cash.
There are a number of lawyers who can take the stand and testify.
But none of them created or managed the phony accounts, right? Not directly, no.
I know Mickey Rodansky's a friend of yours Who served this office faithfully for years.
All the more reason he needs to testify.
We can't appear to be protecting one of our own, especially someone who has betrayed everything we stand for.
He made a mistake.
- A damn big one.
So, if he wants to stay out of prison, he's gonna take the stand and sing for his supper.
The pay sucks, the facilities are falling apart, and the students-- the reason most people claim to become teachers in the first place-- half of them are wannabe gangsters, the other half are walking around terrified.
Teachers aren't in it for the pay or the perks.
I get that.
I don't get what the draw is, that's all I'm saying.
Well, students like me.
You mean hopeless causes? Hey.
That's your brother, not a hopeless cause.
More like an exciting challenge.
No, more like Steve Jobs.
You know, where the teachers don't realize how great I was until years later.
(laughs) I don't think your teachers are gonna wait that long to do your report card.
But I'll give you an "A" for creativity.
HENRY: Yeah.
I thought about being a teacher for a while.
What? No, really.
When? Well, when I was figuring out what to do with my life.
Oh, so, like, this morning? Exactly.
What kind of teacher? I never got that far, but it was more the idea of skipping the part of life where you accumulate things.
You know, just fast-forwarding ahead to giving back, sharing what you know.
But how do you give back if you haven't accumulated anything in life? You got an instinct for service, you know, you find a way to serve.
- You did.
You became a cop.
Pretty big difference between those two kinds of service.
And what was the pull of being a teacher? I think and don't laugh Ha! (laughter) I'm kidding.
Go ahead, come on.
I think I wasn't sure how much I had to offer, but if I could inspire two or three kids a year to go on and do something good, that would be more of a contribution than I could make on my own.
You should come speak at the school I'm working on.
All right, give me a break.
No, I'm serious.
I think those teachers could use a reminder.
Especially hearing it like that from you.
And how'd you put it-- what they deal with? The pay's crap.
Half the population is wannabe gangsters, the other half's walking around terrified.
What's that sound like? A given day on the beat.
I'm just sayin'.
Well, stay on it, Garrett.
I'm here.
I ain't going anywhere.
Want two aspirin with that? Oh, the governor's scheduled a carnival sideshow masquerading as a press conference.
To announce what? An investigation by the attorney general into NYPD shootings.
Based on? Based on nothing.
It's a scavenger hunt.
Because a grand jury declined to indict in his aide's shooting.
He's not one to let facts get in the way.
(sighs) So what are you gonna do? Nothing I can do.
That's the plan? Do nothing? I didn't say that.
I said there's nothing I can do.
It's the same lame thing, Dad.
No, it's not.
There's a solution.
You just haven't worked hard enough to find it.
I hate it when you quote me to me.
Oh, but it's really good advice.
That's what happens at schools like Carnegie Hill, Danny, teachers burn out.
I know, but what about the good kids who get left behind? They figure out a way to get by.
In that neighborhood, with schools going down the tubes? Come on, it ain't right.
Right's the last thing it is.
Yeah? You got to be kidding me.
We just-- we're on our way.
We got to go.
-Where? - Back to Carnegie Hill.
There's an armed hostage situation at the high school.
OFFICER: Go, go, go! (indistinct shouting) (helicopter blades whirring) (indistinct shouting) (alarm blaring) OFFICER: Go, go, go! (siren wailing) Hang on, Chief.
Hey, what do we got? Suspect entered a special ed class with a handgun.
- Anyone shot? - Not yet.
He's got 25 students in there.
DANNY: Yeah, we know the class.
There's a banger in there, JoJo Reese, we like for a previous shooting on campus.
Could be our perp.
It's not Reese.
HNT has already established a dialogue with the suspect.
- Who is it? - The name's Darryl Ward.
The principal Darryl Ward? HNT tried to talk him out, but he won't budge.
He released a teacher, but now he's hunkered down.
Let me talk to him.
What are you gonna say that a negotiator didn't? Look, I know the man, I can get through to him if you just give me a chance to speak with him.
(phone ringing) I told you I have nothing else to say.
Darryl, it's Detective Reagan.
What the hell are you doing in there? I'm doing what you said, Detective.
I never said to do this.
You told me it was my job to find a way to get through to these kids.
But not by holding them hostage at gunpoint.
No, by speaking in the language that they understand best violence.
Hello? He hung up.
ESU has a sniper team in position with a clean shot.
You're just gonna take him out? I'm sure as hell not going to wait for him to start killing those kids in there.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Just give me a chance to go in and talk to him.
No, no, no, no.
No way.
Come on, I know this man.
He's a good man.
He's just turned around sideways.
I'm telling you I can get him to stand down if you just give me a second with him, please.
You've got five minutes.
Ward makes a move while you're inside, I give the order.
- Fine.
Give me a vest.
I did everything I could, Mickey.
I know you did, Erin.
Monica feels our strongest case against MaxMoneyDown features you as the lead witness.
She never was a very big fan.
Well, it's not personal, Mickey.
When your life's on the line, it's very personal.
Well, you put your own life on the line.
You're right.
I mean, this is, this is on me.
So what happens now? We take you into custody, keep you safe.
After you testify, Witness Protection.
(sighs) I need to tell Janice and the kids.
I'll drive you over there.
You know, if you don't mind, I mean, I-- I would rather go myself.
I mean, I-- I'd rather them not see me in custody.
At least not yet.
I got to be nuts.
Darryl Ward, it's Detective Reagan.
Go away, Detective.
Hey, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm the only friend you got right now.
We need to talk, okay? I'm just gonna step in Don't.
Everyone okay in there? Man, hell no.
This dude is crazy.
Shut up, JoJo.
How'd you get that gun past the metal detectors, Mr.
Ward? I brought it the day before they-they were activated.
You know there's still a way out of this, right? Nobody's hurt.
Put that gun down, we all get to go home in one piece.
But nothing changes.
Is this the kind of change you really want? Huh? Look at me.
There is an ESU sniper outside that window.
SNIPER (over comm): Roger, Captain.
DANNY: And he has orders to take you out if he has to, and you better believe me, he will.
Come on.
I'm not afraid to die.
What about you, Mr.
Reese? Huh? Step up here.
Come on, don't do nothing stupid.
It's a little different on the other side of the gun, huh? You just gonna let him kill me? Darryl, you raise that gun, you're as good as dead, you know that.
I am willing to die to save this school.
Are you willing to die to destroy it? Darryl, you die here today, what does it prove? It'll certainly call attention to what we have to go through on a daily basis.
This ain't the kind of attention you want.
Remember who you are, Mr.
You raise that gun, you only bring more violence down on this school.
All I wanted to do was make a difference.
You just did.
Where's Mickey Rodansky? He was supposed to be here two hours ago.
Keep me updated, Anthony.
I spoke to his wife.
She said he was coming straight back here.
Well, unless he was riding a tricycle, I would say now he's officially in the wind.
Mickey would not flee.
Why not? The guy was about to testify against a violent gambling syndicate.
Sounds like a pretty good reason to me.
Monica You allowed a key witness to leave this office unsupervised.
What the hell were you thinking? I know Mickey.
I felt that I could trust him.
In other words, you allowed your personal relationship with the witness to cloud your professional judgment.
I should have sent Anthony with him.
I'm sorry.
I'd accept an apology if I was sure it was an accident.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? It means I'm not sure you didn't intentionally provide Rodansky with the opportunity to flee.
I didn't and I wouldn't.
Then do your job.
Secure a Material Witness Order and get Rodansky's ass into protective custody.
You think Principal Ward will do time? Kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, gun possession.
Even with a clean record like him, he's looking at state time.
You took a hell of a risk going in there.
Hey, Mr.
Ward took a hell of a risk going there every single day.
Chavez, you doing okay? I'm walking and breathing.
It's a start.
What can we help you with? You already did.
- Hmm? Thank you for putting in a good word for Teresa.
She does her community service, keeps her nose clean, the assault won't go on her record.
She owes her future to you guys.
She owes her future to you.
You're the one that believed in her.
What will you do now? Finish my lesson plans and get back to work on Monday.
You're going back to Carnegie Hill? What can I say? I'm a masochist.
And I've decided to take the principal's exam.
Someone's got to finish what Principal Ward started.
Well, our money's on you.
Smart bet.
(indistinct chatter) I'm sorry to interrupt.
Could the governor and I have a moment? Yeah.
Much appreciated.
You want to order something? I'm good.
The appetizers here are top-notch.
Not hungry.
Thanks, though.
Are you one of these guys that like to deliver bad news in person? I don't have bad news.
You dump the cop that shot my guy? No.
Bad news.
Depends on what you compare it to.
What's that mean? Means everything's relative.
See, it turns out that Lawrence Cobb wasn't drinking alone the night he was shot.
So? He's a single guy.
God bless.
He was with a married woman.
That's on her, not on him.
Except she is married to his boss, your chief of staff.
Turns out it's been going on for over a year.
Too bad the shot missed Cobb's nuts.
Now that would've been justice.
(chuckles) So what are we doing? This gets out, the circus comes to Albany.
Don't you think? Who else knows? Right now, it is safe in the notebook of my lead detective.
Whether or not it finds its way into a DD5, subject to a Freedom of Information request, that's a judgment call.
Your judgment? Yes.
And if my investigation goes away? Neither of us is shoveling up after the circus.
I have your word on that? Yes.
We're done here? Yes.
You have a good evening, Commissioner.
You, too, Governor.
(indistinct chatter) I got your text.
You find Mickey? - Yeah.
Where the hell is he? Patrol found him 20 minutes ago.
Maybe you shouldn't go over there.
What the hell happened? Can't be sure, but I'm guessing MaxMoneyDown decided to take him out before he could testify.
Oh This is my fault.
He made his bed.
Even he knew that.
Sorry about your friend.