Blue Bloods s08e20 Episode Script

Your Six

1 I don't-I don't get it.
Malbaton's doing his time in Jersey.
If-if he escapes, ain't it on them? He crossed the river, numb nuts.
Now he's in the city.
He's here? Mm-hmm.
- On the loose? Mm-hmm.
But hopefully not for long.
That's where you come in.
You see, 35,000 of New York City's finest do not like the idea of a cop killer running loose in the city, so you help me find him you can hold on to that.
You and I both know Malbaton, he's no joke.
Jersey, they're lucky they got him the first time.
(laughing): You guys are screwed.
Guess that's your way of telling me that you can't help me out.
I-I didn't even know he cut loose.
- Right.
- On my life.
You know, I think I'm gonna have to find myself a new snitch.
Come on, man.
Don't-don't do me like that, man.
Just come on, just Ah.
This isn't St.
Vincent de Paul.
You want to get paid, you got to deliver the goods.
Come on, man, I am the goods.
Willie's the goods.
Just let me, just let me hold it down for a second.
I'll get you what you need.
I'll get you anything you need, all right? Okay, okay No.
Come on, just let me borrow it.
We got nothing.
Coming up on 24 hours.
I know that.
I just mean that I I know what you mean.
TALBOTT: The first 24 hours are most important on a case like this.
The hell do you want, Talbott? You don't get your guy on the first day, odds are you'll never get him.
- Tell me something I don't know.
- Just trying to help.
We don't need your kind of help.
Even if I told you I could help you get Malbaton? You better be careful with the type of games you play when it comes to looking for a cop killer, you got it? My client was a former business associate of Malbaton.
Oh, business associate? They ran a loan sharking operation together.
And by client, you mean the jackass who delivered a singing telegram dressed up as a donut to me here in the squad room? Victor Lugo has an eccentric sense of humor.
He's also in jail doing three years for breaking a guy's kneecaps with a crowbar.
Sometimes it takes a bad guy to catch a bad guy.
I have G One and G Two for you, sir.
And I made copies.
Thank you, Baker.
(door opens) You see it? - Pretty good, right, boss? - Pretty good? This is the Yankees getting Stanton good.
I wouldn't go that far.
Neither would I.
More like the Mets resigning Bruce good.
"Major crimes down 15%.
" That's a ten-year low.
Civilian complaints also down 18%.
Gee, I must've missed the part that was underlined, italicized and highlighted.
Okay, here we go.
What are you gonna pop the balloon with this time? What are you talking about? You got that look on your face.
It is my job to focus on where we need improvement, not for doing what we should've been doing all along.
What's this? Bureau of Personnel wants to issue the sergeant's test.
Well, it has been a while.
What, four years? Six.
We lost quite a few three-stripes to retirement, attrition and promotion.
More sergeants in the mix would definitely help the community policing initiative.
Great optics, too.
No resting on our laurels.
I like it.
- Me, too.
See, sometimes, I hardly need to be here.
But you still have to find a way to pay for it.
No, I don't.
- Why not? Hey, have you seen this great report? Okay, whenever you're ready, pal.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You got to be kidding me! What do you think you're doing?! Are you kidding me? Get back here! Get your ass back here! Well, if it isn't my favorite "defective.
" (chuckles) All right.
All right.
I'll shut up.
You got 60 seconds to make your case, Lugo.
Start talking.
I used to run with Malbaton.
I know his moves, how he thinks.
I know every little trick he's got up his sleeve.
I'm not here to audition you two lovebirds for The Newlywed Game.
I just need to know where the hell he is.
I know where he hangs out.
I know where he hangs out when he don't want nobody knowing where he's hanging out.
I'm telling you, I can deliver this guy.
Great, then, where is he? Whoa.
First, we got to work out what's in it for Lugo.
Besides the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get knowing you got a cop killer off the street? I ain't dropping dime for a Boy Scout merit badge.
You got to let me roll with you.
What's that? You say they let you do drugs in prison? It's a deal breaker, Reagan.
You want me to be a bloodhound, you got to put me on the street with you.
Not happening.
Forget about it.
Then give my condolences to the family of the next cop he kills, 'cause you and me both know it's only a matter of time.
CO on the gate.
You don't "CO on the gate" me.
I "CO on the gate" you.
CO on the gate.
GUARD: Yes, sir.
Come on, Reagan, give me a shot.
All right, Lugo, but you're gonna be on a very tight leash.
You got my word.
Which means nothing.
Get changed.
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
(shouts) I said get changed.
Blue Bloods 8x20 Your Six I should've pulled him out by his ear and washed my windshield with his face.
Okay, buddy.
Thanks for looking into it for me.
Sorry about that.
It's okay.
I like hearing about your hot dates.
Ha, ha, ha.
So funny I forgot to laugh.
Ooh, I don't know how to compete with that snappy comeback.
Maybe "I know you are, but what am I"? Can you give me a break? Some dirtbag slammed into my car this morning, smashed my front bumper.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But look at the bright side, the scratch is on the car and not on you.
That car is important to me, Erin.
It is? - Very.
And now it's smashed because some jerk was too busy playing kissy-poo with some tomato instead of paying attention to where the hell he was going.
Kissy-poo with some tomato? The driver was making out with his girlfriend while he was backing out of a parking spot.
Well, thank you.
I left my "English to Brooklyn dictionary" at home.
Wow, you're just a boat full of one-liners today, aren't you, Erin? Well, I'm in a good mood, so sue me.
A real good mood.
Not sure I ever saw this side of you before.
What's wrong? Fever? - Ha-ha.
- Oh, you can give it, but you can't take it? Oh, I can take it just fine.
(laughs) Okay, what's going on? Nothing.
I woke up this way.
Right, Erin.
And I'm a swimsuit model.
Nice group.
Had a great teacher.
Why do you still carry that old Fitz Special, Dad? Carried it all my life.
In uniform as a backup, and now as my primary.
Modern compact auto would give you more firepower, about the same size.
A tight group like you shot is good for paper, but self-defense? Not so much.
I know the difference.
I know you know.
Look, I'm sentimental, it being Pop's and his pop before him.
Besides I have a security detail.
Can I hold it? You can.
It's good to go.
(gunshots) Great action.
Easy access.
Maybe someday it'll be yours.
But not yet.
Thanks for the invite today, Dad.
I love this place.
Remember how old you were the first time you came here? It was my eighth birthday.
That's exactly right.
Place hasn't changed a bit.
Well, best put our money out on the street, don't you think? Mom used to get kind of upset when you'd take me here.
I'm afraid your mom had law school on her mind from the get-go.
Something tells me you always knew I'd wind up in the bag.
Some believe our path is already written, that life reveals itself to us.
I believe we make our own way with our own choices.
Thanks for spending some time with your old man.
Sure you don't want a slice? Best pie in Manhattan.
I'm good with mine.
I just found out about kale about a year ago.
And now they're putting it on pizza? The hell is that all about? (phone buzzing) Excuse me.
Hey, Al.
Right, right, yeah.
Okay, well, thanks for trying.
Let me know if something comes up.
The Benedetto case? My fender bender.
You're not seriously still going on about that.
I told you, that car is very important to me, Erin.
Anthony, an '84 Cutlass is not important to anybody.
Well, it is to me.
Besides, it's the principle.
What principle? Thou shall not get in a fender bender with Anthony ABETEMARCO? It's leaving the scene of an accident.
It's not exactly the crime of the century.
Want some advice? No.
Down that slice and forget it.
There's one thing I've learned in this life.
You got to let go of past slights.
Life is too short.
Yeah, yeah.
Can I tell you a secret? I'd rather you didn't.
I have a date.
That's nice.
I hope you have a wonderful time.
With my ex-husband.
What are you doing? Begging you to stop talking about this.
Why? 'Cause no good could come of me knowing about this.
La, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la, la.
Okay, stop.
La, la, la, la.
That's not funny.
La, la.
Why are you acting like this? I told you.
I'd rather not talk about this subject.
It's okay if you don't like Jack.
A lot of people don't, including my entire family.
And, for the better part of the past eight years, me.
So if you don't like him, just say you don't like him.
I don't like him.
Nice friend.
Oh, come on.
You said you got to be kidding me, Erin.
Oh, you set me up.
You're sure this Malbaton's girlfriend's place? No doubt.
This is Molly's joint.
And this is definitely her? Molly Chavez? My word is bond.
Your word means crap to me and there's no names on the directory, so you better be sure.
A thousand percent.
That's her.
That's her place.
BAEZ: You better put this on.
If Malbaton's up there with her, it could get pretty hairy.
Good looking out.
Give me your hand.
Ah, come on.
What the hell is this? In case you get any stupid ideas about trying to run.
At least leave me a phone or something.
I can play some Candy Crush.
Keep your eyes open 'cause I would really hate for you to get hit by a stray bullet.
- Just gonna leave me here? (muffled): What am I supposed to do? DANNY: Let's go.
Right inside.
We're gonna head left.
On one, two, three.
Go, go, go! Police! Let me see your hands! (screams) (crying): Please, no.
(woman crying) Anybody else here? - No, no.
- Nobody else? What about Molly Chavez? Where is she? Who is Molly Chavez? I-I don't know what you're talking about.
DANNY: Do you have any ID on you, sir? It's okay.
It's okay.
"Krishna Chopra.
116 Elgin.
Apartment 2B.
" All clear.
Figured as much.
Our apologies, folks.
Okay? Go back to your dinner.
I'm sorry.
Maybe Lugo gave us the wrong apartment.
Maybe he just lied to us on purpose.
It's okay, everyone.
Go back to your apartments.
Everything's und Miss? Hey! That could be our girl.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Police! Hold it! Hey! Police! Hold it! Hey! Police! Hold it! Get the hell out of the way.
(horn blares, tires screech) (grunts) (groans) 2F.
Hey! Not 2B.
It was 2F.
Get out.
Why the hell did you give me the wrong apartment number? So I was off by a couple of apartments.
- It was an honest mistake.
- An honest mistake that helped our girl get away.
Look, I'm sorry.
I thought I had it right.
My bad.
I think you're screwing with us.
You're screwing with us to try to make us look like a bunch of idiots like you did with the damn donuts.
What'd you say? I said nothing.
But you were thinking about saying something.
That's enough.
We're never gonna get anywhere like this.
We need to work on our next move.
That was our move and he blew it.
It's not our only move.
Who you calling? Real Time Crime Center, Detective Baez, 5-4 Squad.
We're looking for a Hispanic female.
Just took the N train out of Ditmars Station.
Texting you a photo of the suspect now.
Tracking her moves.
Good idea.
You're not the only one with a gold shield around here, you know.
Fair enough.
Shut up.
Shut shut up.
Get in the car.
Watch the head.
- Shut up.
I come bearing gifts.
You come bearing carbs.
It's a peace offer.
Look, I'm a knucklehead, a knucklehead who puts his foot in his mouth a hundred times a week, which is why I prefer to just keep my yap shut.
No, Anthony, I pushed you.
Doesn't matter.
It's my job as your friend to be supportive of whatever you got going on and not to offer my dumb-ass opinions.
Your opinions are not dumb.
In fact, they're usually on point, which is why I got so mad when you said you didn't like Jack.
I never said I didn't like him.
I don't know the guy.
Just what you've told me.
I hear what you're saying, but he's also a really good person deep down.
I wouldn't have married him if he wasn't.
Now that I believe.
So what's the statue of limitations on something like this? Statute.
Statute of limitations, not statue.
What are you talking about? It's two different words.
"Statute" is a law and "statue" is a big, giant sculpture-y thing.
Point is, do you forgive me? Of course I do.
Then my work here is done.
Don't you want to know what we're doing on our date? Sure.
What do you got planned? Well, it's a day date.
And we're taking his boat out past Ellis Island and he's arranged for a private tour of the Statue of Limitations.
Up yours, Reagan.
I love you, too, Anthony.
(cell phone chimes) So, did you give it to him? Yeah, I gave it to him.
What'd he say? He didn't say anything.
Nothing? Nope.
Well, what did you say? You chickened out.
Not exactly.
Yeah, you did.
Look, Pop, I'm proud that he wants to be on the street.
But the sergeant still wears the uniform.
He still works the streets.
Yeah, and gets called a boss.
- So? Well, somehow, I don't think Jamie wants to see himself that way.
But you do.
I know I do.
Yeah, well, I kind of made a promise to myself that I wouldn't push it.
But if he doesn't at least get on the list and then changes his mind It would be too late.
(sighs) You're trying to tell me that you guys got so many cameras all over the city that you can track somebody wherever they go? Big Brother's always watching.
Who? Big geez, read a book or something, will you? Oh, you mean like on that TV show with all the cameras.
Kind of.
So how does it work? That photo I sent, it gets run through facial recognition software.
Once the computer knows what it's looking for, then it searches every camera in the city until it finds a match.
Then once it finds a match it keeps tabs on that individual.
And you guys got a hit on Molly? Yeah.
It dinged her going into the 14th Street subway station.
Yeah, followed her uptown to 34th where she transferred trains, then downtown on the 1.
She got off at Franklin where she got into a cab.
Uh, cab number 8-6-Zebra-5.
Damn, you know what cab she got into? Yeah.
It's just ahead there.
You guys got her already? DANNY: Yup.
You might want to keep that in mind next time you decide to beat somebody with a crowbar, tough guy.
Sit tight.
Well, well, well.
Nice to see you again, Molly Chavez.
You're trying to tell me that Dereck Malbaton, cop killer and escaped convict is slinging Jordans at a Foot Locker in Astoria? Well, I didn't say all that.
Oh, I get it.
You're trying to sell me some story that, uh, you dumped Malbaton and now it's your new boyfriend, some regular Joe Jock Strap, who works at Foot Locker.
It's no story.
It's just not a believable story, 'cause you and I both know that if you did break up with Malbaton, we'd be pulling your corpse out of a Dumpster in Chinatown right now.
All right, fine.
Maybe I didn't break up with him.
And yeah, I know he busted out of jail, but I haven't seen him.
Has he called you? No.
He hasn't tried to get in contact with you at all? None.
You do realize that if I get a warrant to search your phone and I dump it and find out you have been communicating with him, that is aiding and abetting, right? You don't need a warrant.
You can have it.
What the hell is going on here, Lugo? She's lying.
She gave me her cell phone, which means it's clean.
Wouldn't be the first broad I know had two mobiles.
That's not the problem.
The problem is she's not even nervous.
'Cause she's a pro, man.
You don't get to be Malbaton's dime piece being a rookie.
I'm telling you, the two of them, they're Bonnie and Clyde.
You got to give me something.
Give you what? Something to make her talk.
I don't know how to make her talk.
That's your job.
Well, then what the hell do we have you here for? Get on your feet, jackass.
- Come on, you're going back to the joint.
- No, no, no.
Come on, come on, man.
Recess is over.
I got something.
Yeah, I'm sure you do.
I got something that'll make her talk.
(sighs) It was clean, just like you said.
- Told you.
- You're right.
I apologize.
I have an address written down here.
Was wondering if, by any chance, it might ring a bell for you.
Where did you get this? Saint Michael.
Patron saint of cops.
He whispers clues in my ear every now and again.
Nobody knows this address.
Nobody but me, you, Saint Michael and maybe Dereck Malbaton.
Is that where he's hiding out? Oh, absolutely not.
Come on, no way, man.
(scoffs, chuckles) Why not? You said yourself nobody knows this address.
I mean, seems like a good place for him to lay low.
You think I'm going to let the most wanted man in the city hide out at my mother's house? Why not? After all, he's been paying the rent for her for the last three years, ever since she moved into the place.
Saint Michael told me that, too.
So what? So he pays her rent.
Still doesn't mean that I would let him stay there.
I would never put my mother in harm's way like that.
'Cause you're very protective of your mother.
Is that because she's here illegally? I swear to you, he's not at my mother's house.
Yeah, I believe you.
But it's best to be a hundred percent sure.
ESU units are on their way to your mom's place.
They will want to ask your mom some questions, at which point they will probably discover that Malbaton has been paying her rent, at which point they will have no choice but to turn her over to ICE.
Wait, you're gonna deport my mother? I'm not gonna deport anyone-- but those guys from ICE, well there's a new sheriff calling the shots for them, and they're not as forgiving as they used to be.
Okay, fine! Fine.
You win.
What do I win? I'll tell you where Malbaton is hiding.
And I'll call off ESU.
Now start talking.
(exhaling) Hi there.
Looking for Anthony Ablete ABETEMARCO.
Pleased to meet you.
We've met.
At the, uh Doesn't matter.
Uh, I received a message that you have some new information on my Bronfman case.
Yeah, no? That was just to get you down here.
I'm sorry? I just wanted to give you this.
I'm sorry, what-what exactly is going on here? That there is a receipt from my mechanic.
$1,500 to fix my front end.
Right, and you're giving it to me, because? - You're the clown that backed into me.
- Okay, easy.
I, uh, think there must have been some kind of mistake here.
Is your license plate CTT 7723? - Yeah.
I think so.
- No, I know so.
And there's no mistake.
You backed the ass of your Benz into the front teeth of my Cutlass.
But that's not why I got you down here.
How about you tell me why you got me down here? To tell you to stay the hell away from Erin.
All right, how about you back up? No, you back up.
And I'm not screwing around.
I've known a lot of women in my day, but there's no one in the world like her.
You better believe I'm gonna make damn sure she gets treated like the one-of-a-kind that she is.
Couldn't agree more on how special Erin is.
But again, how about you tell me why I'm down here? I saw you behind the wheel of that car, and I saw what you were doing with that tomato.
I'm sorry, toma-tah? Don't play cute with me.
And don't you dare play with Erin's emotions.
You could go now.
(sets pen down) (sighs) (door opens) Sir, she's here.
And thank you.
No, hey.
You don't have to do any of that.
Please, sit down.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for coming up.
I apologize for the the uniform.
I didn't know that I was coming Hey, I didn't even know you were gonna be in the building until Detective Baker saw it on the visitors list, so How's the rib? All good, sir, thank you.
Just don't make you laugh? I would appreciate that.
What brings you to One PP? My girlfriend from the academy got transferred to Operations, so I'm taking her out to lunch to celebrate.
Well, congratulations to your girlfriend in Operations.
- I was gonna thank you - Can I You first.
I just was gonna thank you for putting up the sergeant's exam.
You're gonna take the test.
I'm not sure where I'm headed, but I figured I should get in line.
There you go.
Can I ask you something? Of course, Commissioner.
Do you know if your partner's gonna take the test? Well, you know my partner.
Likes to keep things close to the vest and all that.
The truth is, if I knew the answer to your question and I shared it with you, that would violate the trust my partner put in me.
Of course.
I get it.
Sorry for overstepping.
Not at all.
Well, look, enjoy your lunch.
Thanks for coming.
And you don't have to salute.
Commissioner, I don't think that my partner's gonna take the test.
Why is that? Because he gave me his application.
(sighs) DANNY: Molly says Malbaton's holed up on the second floor.
ESU's ready.
Yeah, I know the drill.
Hey, how about my phone this time? Take your stupid phone.
Enjoy your video games.
Don't try anything stupid, okay? There's a hundred cops on this block, you got it? I got it.
Let's be extra careful-- this guy's a bad guy.
Next hallway up.
Damn it.
(line ringing) (redials) (line ringing) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
(phone buzzes) (quietly): One two Come on, come on, come on, come on.
It's okay.
LUGO: What's the matter with you? Get your hands off me.
How'd you know? What are you talking about? You texted me one second before that apartment blew.
How the hell did you know? What's the matter with you? I saved your life.
You'd be dead if it wasn't for me.
How the hell'd you know it was a setup? I don't know, I'm sitting there playing Candy Crush, and then my my sixth sense just started tingling.
Just didn't make sense to me she'd give up Malbaton that easy.
But then I remembered, that was her thing.
- What? - Booby traps.
So I guess you saved our lives, then.
Well, thanks.
Yeah, of course.
So what now? Molly's not out of the city yet.
One of our cameras just got a hit on her heading to Brooklyn.
I guess I better keep my vest on.
You're damn right you better keep your vest on.
Let's go.
LUGO: There she is.
DANNY: I see her.
So whatcha waiting for? DANNY: She's meeting Malbaton.
LUGO: How do you know? 'Cause she's got two cups of coffee.
There he is.
Right on time.
Hang on.
(tires screeching) (tires screeching) (tires screeching) POLICE OFFICER: Put your hands out of the car! Right now, out of the car! Now! Get out of the car, put your hands in the air! This is the guy I was telling you about.
DANNY: Both of you! Right now! Hands! Hands up! Get 'em up! Gun! (Molly screams) Good? Come on.
Hands against the car.
Why didn't you just tell us where he was? Damn it.
You got a minute, busy beaver? It's your dime, sweetheart.
Got something for you.
Jack made me promise to hand-deliver this check and apologize for any inconvenience.
Look, Erin Anthony ABETEMARCO, did you really threaten to break his kneecaps? I never said that.
That's not what I'm hearing.
I don't know what he told you, but He told me that you accused him of backing into your car.
His plates came back.
I mean, there's no doubt about that.
Well, that's why you got a check.
What else did he say I said? Oh, not so much.
Just that you said that he was not allowed to come within a hundred miles of me.
Erin, let me explain.
It's a company car.
His partner was driving it.
He's the one that backed into you when he was playing kissy-poo, not Jack.
He was in Boston the entire day.
Seriously? Seriously.
(exhales) I'm sorry.
You must hate me, I I can fight my own battles, Anthony.
Yeah, o-of course you can.
And for the record, I don't hate you.
Not even a bit.
I think what you did was really, really sweet.
You're sure you don't need help with any other cases? Yeah, I think I'm all good.
Okay, well, it was a blast.
Pun intended? Never mind.
Look, I'll see you in a year.
I wish.
I still got two and a half to go.
No, that's if.
If what? The guy you kneecapped, Roberto Alonzo.
He's all healed up now.
That is, of course, except for the wages that he missed out on, due to missing work.
Plus interest, (quietly): if you get what I'm saying? How much did it set him back? I'm guessing about a fifth of the price of that fancy car of yours.
Then I'll see you in a year.
(laughs softly) Eh Just happened to be in the neighborhood? No.
So we can skip the small talk, get right to it? Sure.
Got some coffee? I'll put it on.
You want to talk about this sergeant test? If you do.
No, that would be my partner.
Okay, maybe I had that coming.
I think you should consider it.
I have.
And you're not gonna take it.
That's right.
I am well aware that I am the guy who stood right here and said, "If I had it to do all over again, I'd be right where you are.
" Yes, you did.
And that is still true.
Believe me.
Yet, here we are, having that same conversation all over again.
Yeah, but part of that was nostalgia.
Some kind of sentimentality, like Pop's old Fitz.
Well, I'm not nostalgic or sentimental.
I love my job and I'm good at it.
Yes, you are.
But just 'cause you take the test doesn't mean you have to accept a promotion if or when your number is called.
But it doesn't hurt to get in line.
But it does hurt, Dad.
Because every time you bring this subject up, what you're really saying is: "Step it up, Jamie.
Why Why the hell are you taking you so long?" That's not true.
There's no part of you that thinks I'm not living up to my potential? You do have enormous talent.
That you think I'm wasting.
Not wasting, no.
But maybe not maximizing, and I I just don't know why.
I think it's because you're confusing two things.
It isn't about me being a cop, it's about me being a Reagan.
Jamie, we are a driven and ambitious clan, and like it or not, you are one of us.
Yes, I am.
And we're a clan made up of individuals.
Nothing that says we have to march to the same drummer.
I never said you did.
Pretty damn close.
Of whom much is given, much is expected.
(door opens, closes) (coffee dripping) (sighs) ERIN: Just for the record, I haven't eaten since this morning.
Same here.
JACK: That's a lie.
You wolfed down a slice of pizza on the way to church.
That was a closet slice.
It doesn't count.
Well, I had a full lunch before mass, and I'm still starving.
Anyone else? - Famished.
- Even my arm is starting to look good.
Well, there you go.
The ayes have it.
Touch that food to your lips and you die an early death.
DANNY: Okay, but he's late.
Like, 20 minutes late.
- 30.
- You guys know the rules.
We don't begin until the entire family is present.
DANNY: Okay.
Does anyone know where he is? ERIN: I've called him ten times, and he hasn't answered.
Or responded to texts.
Is there something going on? No, nothing at all.
I haven't heard from him, and I don't know where he is.
SEAN: That is the best-looking salad I've ever seen.
What's wrong with you? Delirium.
It's the first signs of starvation.
DANNY: Exactly.
HENRY: You people really know how to pour it on thick.
JAMIE: Hey, hey.
Hey! - Nice of you to show up.
NICKY: Yeah, thanks for coming.
Sorry I'm late, guys.
That's okay.
We were so hungry, we barely noticed.
I said I'm sorry.
We didn't think you were coming.
Have I ever missed family dinner? Isn't that kind of the point? Yeah, well, I lost track of time.
Doing what? Helping my partner study for the sergeant's test.
Okay, well, if no one else is going to, I'm gonna say grace, 'cause I'm hungry.
Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty.
- Through Christ, our Lord.
Let's eat.
NICKY: Amen.