Blue Bloods s08e21 Episode Script

The Devil You Know

1 (siren wailing in distance) GORMLEY: Both the FBI and Homeland Security are saying the same thing in different colors.
Chatter has this as the opening play in a planned chain of attacks on our transpo hubs.
They're saying the same thing in different colors-- what's that mean? That their spitting contest doesn't take a break, come hell or high water.
Couldn't put out a joint statement saying the sky is blue.
- Emergency Management? - The same.
No one thinks this is a one-off.
No one thinks or know one knows? Thinks, obviously.
So what do we know? That the only casualty this time was the suicide bomber himself.
So, big silver lining.
And that we got his phone.
He left it in a truck after he stepped outside and blew himself up.
Dump the phone.
TARU's working on it.
Well, they've either dumped the phone or they haven't.
Boss, it's the technology.
- What, ours? - No, the terrorist's phone.
They make their bombs on the cheap in the kitchen, but they spare no expense for the latest and greatest in their tech.
Chiefs of FDNY and Port Authority and regional Homeland Security and FBI are 20 minutes out.
Out of where? Uh, from here, for a joint press briefing.
I want to push it till we dump the phone.
Boss, I wouldn't do that.
TARU can't get in.
They can't get in? It's a new operating system we don't have a backdoor key to.
Well, then, kick in the front door.
Boss, that would erase all the data on the phone.
Seriously? So, you have plans tonight or what? Why? A bunch of us are getting together.
We're going for Trivia Night at Ingram's Bar.
I figured you could be my ace in the hole.
- (chuckles) Really? - Yeah, I'm always bragging on you to Barry about how you went to Harvard Law and all.
Oh, is he gonna be there? Yeah.
You know, you could always bring someone yourself.
I would, but I got a hot date.
With my grandfather.
Can't you get a rain check? We don't do rain checks in my family.
DISPATCHER: 12 David, you have a 10-68.
In front of St.
Benjamin's Hospital.
Female reports a missing person at this location.
Let's do it.
(siren wailing) Erin.
You're looking well.
You, too, Father.
I didn't realize anyone would be joining us.
PRIEST: Right.
I don't know if you've ever been formally introduced to John Romano.
ERIN: No, but I certainly know the name.
I can't tell you how inappropriate this is, Father.
Romano's son is being tried by my office under the Organized Crime Control Act.
John is not his son.
No, he's much slicker.
He's been under investigation for 20 years, at least? Without ever being convicted of a felony.
I'm a businessman, Ms.
It's true, Erin.
John's been an important part of the church community for years.
He's the main support of our youth program.
I can't be seen with this man outside of work.
What if this could help you with your work? Excuse me? What if I told you I had information to offer about crimes that are about to happen? I'd say you're trying to compromise my office and trying to save your son.
What's so wrong with trying to help my boy? Isn't that what you do every day at your office, cut deals so you can catch the bigger fish? I'm not fishing, and I'm not staying.
What if I told you about a murder that's about to occur? You really afford to walk away with that on your conscience? (siren wailing) Hey! Hey! Hey! Police! Break it up! Hey, break it up! Come on, break it up! Look, that's enough! Hey! That's enough, that's enough.
- Hey.
- That's enough, that's enough.
- Let's go, break it up, break it up.
- Hey! - Let it go, now.
- Break it up, break it up.
(indistinct shouting) Let's go.
Hey, break it up! I told you to stay the hell away from my daughter! Get your hands off me! (indistinct shouting) Huh?! - Hey.
- You had something to do with this! Break it up! It's over! Break it up, break it up, break it up.
Break it up.
It's over.
(woman sobbing) Hey.
You want to tell me what's going on? Somebody took my baby.
What? Once they discharged me, I went outside to catch a cab.
And then this nurse came out and said that said that they needed to see the baby again.
And you just handed her to her? Now the hospital's saying that they don't know where she is and they don't know anything about the nurse who came to get me.
You just need to calm down, and we're gonna do our best to find your baby.
What if she's gone for good? MAN: Sofia! Sofia! Yo, don't listen to your father! I didn't do this! You got to let me talk to her.
Let's get you inside.
12 David.
Let's get you warmed up, okay? Be advised, we have a missing baby.
Let's go inside, okay? Request a patrol supervisor.
Blue Bloods 8x21 The Devil You Know (indistinct chatter) Thanks for your time.
You're the guys who were talking to Sofia before, right? Yeah, but we were just the first to arrive.
The detectives are in charge now.
This is so messed up.
Her family thinks I had something to do with taking the baby.
When did you break up with the baby's mother? Oh, about a month ago.
You know, her father doesn't like me 'cause of where I'm from.
I thought having the baby would put us past all that.
Did you even get to see your daughter? Yeah.
Held her for, like, two seconds.
Before Sofia's father threatened to beat me up.
You guys think I staged this? Sir, we don't think anything.
We're just trying to make sure the baby's safe.
Can you give her a message for me? We don't get in the middle of stuff like that.
Just tell her I love her.
All right? And you don't know what something's gonna mean to you until you've lost it.
(sobs) I didn't realize you thought terrorism was within my purview.
Normally, it wouldn't be.
But, Kelly, I need to unlock this phone.
Well, then you need to make your case with Televast.
They own the technology.
I know who they are.
And we're getting nowhere.
But your office has tens of millions in city contracts with them.
And what do you think that buys? Well, I hope, leverage.
(scoffs) About as much leverage as a single town boycotting McDonald's has on McDonald's.
Except when lives are at stake.
(sighs) Televast has had over 60 court orders brought by law enforcement agencies around the 72.
Okay, fine.
And all of those warrants ordering them to give up proprietary technology, none of them have been upheld.
But none issued during a credible, impending threat.
I still don't have any leverage here.
Kelly, come on, you've got a better Rolodex than I do with these kind of people.
Oh, Frank, nobody uses a Rolodex anymore.
Sorry, boss What is it? Backpack bomber at the PATH station downtown.
Two officers, three civilians wounded-- two critical.
(Frank sighs) Any likely? No word yet.
I'm so sorry.
FRANK: We need some cooperation.
I just don't think they're going to play ball.
This isn't ball, this is people's lives.
Please, I'm begging you, Kelly.
(door shuts) You're telling me that you went behind my back for a sit-down with John Romano? It wasn't a sit-down, I got sandbagged by a priest.
I didn't even know anyone else was gonna be there.
Oh, my goodness, I arrested his kid, who, incidentally, is a scumbag, just like his father.
Look, John Romano is telling us he has information about a murder that's about to go down.
And you believed him? Oh, great.
You're in on this, too? No, this time I'm on your side.
I know all about Romano and his son.
Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I rest my case.
You're being hustled.
I agree.
Let me remind you both we have someone coming forward with information about a crime.
And if the crime does happen, it would be a public-service murder.
- Skels killing skels.
- Exactly.
Which we have a sworn obligation to try to prevent.
Now, I don't like making deals with the John Romanos of the world either, but we all know that informants are not always choirboys.
We need to hear this out.
There is no choice about it.
(quietly): Impossible.
Eddie, stand down.
- They want us back at the precinct.
- Why? Both the families showed up pointing fingers.
They're trying to get 'em calm so they can interview 'em.
They really think a family member orchestrated all this? Is that what you think? Two parents are estranged.
Somebody might be looking for leverage.
No way Sofia and Jorge are involved.
We've seen the way they look at each other.
They're in love.
You sound a little bit romantic there, Eddie.
You sure you're not seeing what you want to see? What's that supposed to mean? I'm just saying, sometimes when people have been together, and they have a bad breakup, that they can do terrible things.
Sorry, I'm not buying it.
They don't seem like the vengeful types.
Hey, hold on.
(Janko sighs) What is it? It's the baby's ID tag.
It looks like it's been cut off.
If this was a planned family abduction, why would you just drop it so close to the hospital? Yeah.
Why the hell should we believe a single thing that you're telling us right now? I'm a law-abiding citizen, here of my own volition, offering information relevant to a criminal matter.
You're also asking for an outrageous deal for your son.
DANNY: Uh-huh.
Probation, when we have him dead to rights on racketeering and enterprise corruption.
Same thing as a "get out of jail free" card.
I'm betting you all have children.
Wouldn't you do anything to help them out? Come on.
That's what I thought.
It's all about family.
No, it's not about family, okay? And if you're such a law-abiding citizen, how the hell do you know know about these crimes that are about to happen? I'm in waste management.
You he things.
ABETEMARCO: Oh, you just happened to overhear someone talking about murder? From what I could glean, a taxpayer wasn't going along with a take-over of his family's business.
So now he's gonna get a lesson.
ERIN: And you don't have a name? Just a time and a place? That's all I got.
Pardon my language, Erin, but I think this guy's jerking our chain.
Ya think? (sighs) Look, I am telling you, there is gonna be a hit on that corner tonight.
An older muscle car is gonna pull up to a family station wagon, like it's a payoff.
The victim's wife and children are gonna be in the car with him.
- Hold on.
You didn't say anything about a whole family being involved.
Yeah, you didn't tell us that.
Didn't I? No, you didn't.
Well, what I heard is, they're gonna kill 'em all.
As a father I can't accept that.
This sounds like a bunch of crap.
Keep telling yourself that.
But you ignore me, and something happens to those poor people, that's gonna be on all of you.
Come on, Eddie.
Let's go.
It's not our case anymore, and we were supposed to be back at the house 20 minutes ago.
Would you just let me finish looking through this? If she dropped the bracelet down the street, maybe there's something here.
You know, you're going to smell like a Staten Island garbage dump when you go to your date tonight.
- Aha.
- What? What do you got? Nurse's scrubs.
What she was wearing when she convinced Sofia to give her the baby.
All right, we got to call this in to the detectives.
Officers, can I help you? Yes.
Uh, sir, we're looking for a woman running around with a newborn that might not be hers.
Have you seen anyone like that? Allah.
You have seen her? She was in my store earlier trying to buy infant formula and food for herself, but she only had enough for the formula.
- Did the baby seem okay? - Yes, but it wouldn't stop crying.
The-the lady didn't know what to do.
- You know which way she went? -No.
I'm sorry.
I had other customers.
She just took the formula and left.
All right, you got security cameras that work in here? Let's go take a look.
Come on.
Commissioner, I am the chief operating officer.
This is outside my scope.
Well, you're the only one in the room who works for Televast, so you're our man right now.
I am sorry.
I am not your man.
Can you unlock a phone that works on your system? Can or may? Martin.
Don't make light of this, please.
This is an important distinction.
And, yes, we can create software to override firewalls and encryptions, but we can't give it out, for a lot of very good, very legal reasons.
Name one.
Okay, this one.
We'd be handing law enforcement a very powerful tool that would allow you to invade anyone's privacy any time for any reason you see fit.
Not looking to do that.
But you'd have the capability.
(sighs) You support FAA safety measures? Automobile crash standards? What does that have to? Yes or no? Yes.
Because they protect the safety and well-being of the general public-- your customers-- from potential harm.
I'm not here for a lecture, all due respect.
Uh, Frank, hyperbole is not going to resolve this.
Terrorists have weaponized your product, Mr.
Post, as sure as if it were an airliner or a rented box truck, and you're gonna sit here and tell me that people's privacy deserves your protection, but their lives do not? We are from different worlds, Commissioner.
Well, right now we are in the same one-- our city.
You need to step up.
What's this? FRANK: Victims of the blast at the PATH station this morning.
Commissioner, I, um I'm so sorry for their tragedy, but this is not how it works.
You can't expect me to just fold up and comply.
This one lost a leg.
I bet if you asked her, she'd be willing to give up some privacy to get it back.
I'm sorry.
This is ridiculous.
You know that, right? Probably.
(sighs) I don't even know which direction we're supposed to be looking in.
I mean, no names, no license plate numbers.
- A muscle car and a station wagon.
- Mm-hmm.
John Romano must be laughing his ass off, thinking about us sitting here all night, waiting to watch a so-called hit go down.
You know, you are welcome to leave if you want.
Go home, put on your nice jammies, dunk a glass of warm milk, but I'm staying.
Why? You that afraid of your sister? - I'm not afraid of my sister, okay? - (laughing) Just can't stand when she says, "I told you so.
" Ah, she's pretty decent about that.
Not rubbing your nose in the dirt.
Yeah, but when she does it, you feel it.
Erin's all right.
She just doesn't look at it like a cop.
She sees both sides.
Hold on.
That's a family.
They fit the description? Yes, they fit the description.
(station wagon engine starts) And that's a Buick Grand National.
That counts.
Let's go.
(tires squealing) (engine revving) (tires squealing) (horn honking, tires screeching) Police! Turn off the engine, throw the keys out the window! And put your hands out the window where I can see 'em! Officer, what did I do? Shut up! You ran a red light, tough guy.
- Watch that.
- You're gonna shoot me for that? Let me see your hands.
Get 'em out the window now! Get your ass on the ground.
Get on the ground.
(groans) Shut up.
Look what I found.
I've been thinking about what Jorge said.
About how you don't know what something means to you until you've lost it.
Yeah? What if this was a woman who took the baby because she lost one of her own? Kind of a stretch, don't you think? You got a better idea? The detectives have already warned us about treading on their turf, and you and I are both almost capped out on our overtime.
Well, when has that ever stopped us? And I thought you had plans.
Don't you have to do Trivia Night with Barry? This is more important.
What are you guys thinking? I hate to say it, but Romano's tip was on the money.
Or he made it look that way.
ABETEMARCO: Look, he gave us a time and place.
And he was right about the family being targeted because of the father's business.
And the hit man had a fully-loaded MP7 ready to rock and roll.
Do we know who took out the contract? He was hired through an intermediary in the DR.
ABETEMARCO: It was a one-night stand.
They flew the shooter in this afternoon, and they were gonna fly him out tomorrow.
And he really doesn't know who set this up? DANNY: Look, I'm telling you both who set it up.
It was Romano himself.
ABETEMARCO: Look, I don't trust the guy either, but we got no proof of that.
All we do know is that these people would've been dead if we weren't there tonight.
Well, that much is true.
His son is looking at 25 years.
Romano wants us to plead it down to time served and probation.
Screw him and the kid, okay? This is a one-hit wonder, and you're being played! What do you think? Look, the guy demonstrated he's credible.
He fed us good information, and he's right that this is what we do here.
We make deals with the devil every day.
I don't know what their procedures are across town, but we don't lose babies at this hospital.
Well, look, this is, like, the third facility we've been to tonight.
We're not here to point fingers.
We just want to know if you've had contact with anyone who could have done this.
Like someone who might have recently lost a baby of her own? So that's a crime now? Do you recognize her, ma'am? Oh.
It's Alice, our little frequent flier.
Alice? Alice who? Where do you know her from? She's been here a few times.
What did you mean when you called her a "frequent flier"? Sorry.
You guys have your way of coping, and we have ours.
She, um, had a stillborn here a couple of years ago.
Been back at least twice since then.
Twice? Claiming she was pregnant again, and tests showed she wasn't.
Poor girl.
She was a little wacky, but losing the baby really unhinged her.
Do you know where she lives now? No.
Last I heard, she was homeless.
(sighs) Seriously, Eddie, it's the end of an extended tour.
Let's give it a rest.
You said it yourself.
There's only so many places Alice can hide with a newborn and no money.
Excuse me, sir? Are you the shelter manager? Yes, I am.
What can I do for you? Have you seen this woman? Yeah, she came in last night with a baby.
Is she in any trouble? She here now? She ought to be.
She hasn't checked out.
Yeah, second floor, 2B, end of the hall.
(woman yelps) Take it easy.
Did you see the woman staying in this room? Did you see? No.
Hit it.
Okay? (baby crying) Alice! Hey! Central, 12 David.
Suspect fleeing the rear of this location with the baby.
Come on.
(elevator bell dings) I'm sorry, Ms.
I didn't want to turn you away downstairs.
Why would you do that? I don't have you down for an appointment.
That's because I don't have one.
And I'm sorry, but he's unfortunately He's booked, I know, but this is important.
I'm sure it is, but he's Look, I'm trying to help your boss, but calling in a raid on Televast's offices does nothing to help the cause.
Our officers had a warrant as part of a preexisting drug trafficking investigation.
The company may have relevant e-mails on their servers.
Can you fit me in? I could, but I won't.
You won't? No, because he's not here.
(sighs) Where is he? At one of the two hospitals where the victims from this morning's attack are being treated.
(elevator bell dings) Kelly Peterson is here to see you, sir.
I can see that.
I had to do something.
You mean visiting the victims in the hospital? What? No.
About the raid on their offices.
That's what you're here to flog me about, isn't it? Yes.
Yeah, well, don't bother.
I know it was like throwing pebbles, but sometimes, if pebbles is all you got, that's what you throw.
This isn't pebbles.
This is intimidation, plain and simple.
A judge signed off on it, plain and simple.
Judge Schlossberg, great friend of this office.
And not a fair-weather one, either.
(exhales) I'm sorry.
That was a cheap shot.
(sighs) I did what you asked me to do.
But do you get it, Kelly? Do you get what this is really about? Yes.
The legal protection of privacy.
What? Seriously? Where someone's online porn habits or gambling losses or extramarital activities take precedence over threats to human lives? You're oversimplifying.
Well, maybe someone should.
Martin Post cares more about his machines and his software than his fellow man.
There it is.
Sad day all around.
There's no talking to you when you're like this.
Like what? Right? Like (grumbles) "Back in my day, dot, dot, dot" Did you visit the victims? Yeah.
Good for you.
They got hurt on my watch.
Well, not everybody would do that.
Good for you.
I mean it.
And I'll allow that you're half right about a very complicated subject.
And I'll go take another run at Martin Post.
See? What'd I tell you? I'm a man of my word.
Yes, you are.
Once a snake, always a snake.
You say something, Detective? You're not gonna pull the wool over my eyes.
I see you for exactly who you are, Romano.
I'm not getting down in the mud, Ms.
This suit's too expensive.
Stole it right off the rack, did you? Enough already.
So, I upheld my end of the bargain.
Are you gonna uphold yours? I'm not going along with this.
Danny, please.
Reagan, you have a reputation as a woman of honor.
I hope not a naive one.
Well, let me sweeten the pot.
I'm willing to make my cooperation ongoing.
At what cost? (laughs) Why be so suspicious? One hand washes the other.
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Famous last words.
Detective, you be you.
Reagan, are you gonna serve justice, or are you gonna kowtow to your brother and his small-mindedness? Okay, thank you.
Another dead end? Sofia? (voice breaking): Hey.
Look, I-I'm sorry to bother you guys, but I'm just freaking out, and none of the detectives are telling me anything.
Sofia, we're pushing on every front.
They told me that you found out about the woman that I found from the photo array? Please, have a seat.
(takes deep breath) We have some leads.
Well, where is she? Does she still have my baby? They spent the night at a at a shelter, and as far as we know, the baby seems all right.
Are they not there anymore? We have a lot of people trying to track her down, but she doesn't have a cell phone or any credit cards.
What about when when it gets to be night and the temperature drops? Sofia, you-you can't be thinking like that.
It-it won't do any good.
But you're not making me (sniffles) a-any promises that we'll get her back? We can't.
(Sofia crying) A few days ago, I had never even seen her.
And now she's the most important thing in my life.
And I may have lost her.
(Sofia sobbing) So, the old man got me sprung, huh? I wouldn't exactly call it "sprung.
" You're out of Rikers on a takeout order while the DA's office waits to hear what you and your old man have to say.
Trust me, it wasn't my idea.
Hmm, sounds like someone got schooled.
It is what it is.
Apparently your old man has some valuable information, and you're the lucky beneficiary.
And that makes you the loser, right? - Whatever.
- How do you spell, "Suck it, Reagan"? I'm not your tutor, kid.
I thought we were going straight from Rikers to the DA's office.
Oh, we were, but they're busy at the DA's office, so now you get to cool your heels here.
Come on.
Enjoy the conversation.
Sure you two have plenty to talk about.
How you doing, kid? You really got to rain on my parade every time? Eddie, I just don't want to get our hopes up.
(baby crying) Did you hear that? Hey.
Hey! 12 David, we're in pursuit of the suspect.
(baby crying) (baby whimpers) Shh, shh-shh-shh.
JANKO: Alice! Alice! Alice, come back! No one's gonna hurt you, Alice.
Come back! (siren wailing) JANKO: Alice! Alice! Hey! JANKO: Alice! Whoa, no, no, no.
Back off! I'll drop her if you try to take her from me.
You don't want to be doing that, Alice.
You don't know what I've been through to have this baby.
Just keep her talking.
I'm gonna be the net.
JANKO: Alice, you're right.
No one else can understand the pain that you've been through.
You're damn right.
Think about the baby's mother.
Think about the pain that she's in right now.
You really want to spread that? What are you talking about? (sirens approaching) I'm her mother.
I know how much you want that to be true, but you've got to give her back.
No! You've had that baby a while now, right? And you've been taking care of her.
But you know you can't keep doing it.
Alice, you've got to start taking care of yourself.
(baby fussing) JANKO: If that baby means anything to you, you will return her, we'll take her, we'll put her back where she belongs.
That's what any mother would do for a child.
I just wanted someone to love.
Everybody does.
(sobs) Come on.
Okay, okay (sobs) (cooing) (sobbing) Shh.
You're all right.
Oh, my God.
- Is she okay? -Yeah.
We're okay.
Oh (all exclaiming) There you go.
Measured, weighed and all yours, for life, huh? Yeah, she's beautiful, isn't she? She is.
And healthy.
(soft laughter) Take her home.
But this time, wait inside the building till the cab comes.
Yeah, we're not taking any chances.
This time, Daddy's taking her home.
You two back together now? Yeah, we're gonna take our shot.
Right, baby? Yeah.
And your folks okay with that? If they're not, someone's gonna have to fight me.
(laughter) I have a little girl in my life now.
Thank you, both of you.
Best of luck, you guys.
Nice work there, Officer Janko.
May I? You're following me now? No.
I was told you were here.
Kelly sent you in her stead? Well That is, uh, going to prove less than productive, I can promise you.
She was coming here to try to smooth things over between your firm and my department.
I offered to do it myself.
How? I apologize for the raid.
It was perfectly legal, but also heavy-handed.
Well, we'll see about legal.
We both have businesses to run.
I'm sure you have stepped on some lines when the chips were down.
And my chips are down.
Well, I don't send in guys with guns and warrants.
We use what we have.
So, again, personally, and privately, my apologies.
And you don't send in guys with guns, no, but you do hire criminals.
You hire hackers who used to be black hats and call them white hats, now that they work for you.
I-I thought I made our position clear.
We can't help you.
"Can't" is not the same as "won't.
" Okay, that is a distinction that has no meaning in this case.
If we can't protect privacy, our company doesn't exist anymore.
Frankly, that is nothing compared to the consequences if we can't protect our citizens.
Well, we see consequences that go beyond this case.
And we see lives at stake, in this case.
And you didn't flee my office because you were fed up.
You fled because the pictures of the victims moved you.
Say I give you that backdoor.
What's to stop you from using it to spy on anyone? I'm giving you my word that won't happen.
That's not good enough.
'Cause if the public finds out that we yielded to the police on this, I it's game over for us.
The public isn't here.
Or your boss, or your board.
It's just us.
Forward me a number.
That assumes what you say about us using black hats is true.
No, it doesn't, just that you know one.
Lend him to me.
Do the right thing, and hopefully, you'll never hear from me again.
It's a steam-driven model.
I'm used to it.
(phone buzzes) Thank you, Mr.
Good luck, Commissioner.
So, all's well that ends well.
Right, Detective? You got me there.
JOHNNY: I think these guys are secretly relieved we're not going to trial.
They knew they had absolutely no case against me.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Oh, well, then, bring it, Lady Dynamite.
Hit me with your best shot.
All right, settle down, Johnny.
So, Ms.
Reagan, what do you say we sign this deal so my son doesn't have to spend another four months in Rikers? We're just waiting for my investigator to bring the right papers.
Oh, here he comes now.
What's up, kid? What's this guy doing here? What, you know him? Yeah, he was in the holding cell with me.
He said he worked with you.
Well, technically, they are working together now.
You didn't talk to him, did you? No.
What kind of idiot you think I am? (chuckles) Feel free to answer.
We're all waiting.
Johnny, what did you tell him? Nothing.
Actually, he told me a lot.
Boy's very proud of you.
In fact, he couldn't stop running his mouth.
Get up, stupid.
I'm calling our lawyer.
Too late for that.
Wha? We got your son on tape, bragging about the phony hit you set up on that family, among other things.
Dad, it's not true.
Just shut up, son.
You've said enough already.
I guess the apple rolled a little far from the tree when it comes to talking, huh? Well, they'll both have plenty of time to talk now, since they're both going to prison.
Barry, uh Hey, I'm really sorry, uh, tonight's not gonna work for me.
They got us on doubles, i-it's all hands on deck.
Look, it's my job, and I told you it would be this way, sometimes.
Talk to you soon.
Hey, what are you still doing here? I work here.
Yeah, I meant, uh, I thought you had a thing with Barry.
He canceled.
What, an hour before? Something came up.
Ah, well, sorry to hear.
You got plans? Uh, yeah, to not be second fiddle.
You're not.
Seriously, I think it's it's not good for me or you and Barry.
All right, I lied.
Barry didn't cancel, I did.
Why? 'Cause this week's been kind of emotional.
He wouldn't get it, you would.
We went through it together.
(laughs softly) If we do go, we got to talk about it the whole time? No.
What do you feel like? Whatever you feel like.
As long as it's Thai or Vietnamese.
Put that away, please.
Yeah, I'm almost done.
You, too, Nicky, put that away.
Just a sec.
It can wait.
No, it actually can't wait.
Routing planes at JFK? HENRY: I thought we had this ironclad agreement that you could not bring those things to family dinner.
I'm almost done.
Nicky, now.
You, too.
Over and out.
She's finally responding to me.
Put it away.
And who's responding to you? Who's "she"? Jenna Garrity.
Why is she finally responding to you? Is she sending a restraining order? Sean (laughter) Zip it.
I just saw Grandpa checking his phone.
JAMIE: Well, slight difference: he is the police commissioner of New York City, responsible for the safety of ten million people.
And even still, he barely uses his phone at the table.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
HENRY: I think we should all go back to writing letters and postcards.
I mean, call me a Luddite, but I used to think we were much more civilized, back then.
I agree, but I don't know what a Luddite is.
ERIN: I think it's a little late to put that genie back in the bottle.
Yeah, well, they're not all bad, you know.
Well, any great invention can get hijacked, or have its positives twisted.
JAMIE: A little extreme, - Dad, no? - No.
A phone is a phone is a phone.
Unless it is an addiction.
(scoffs) Or a sad substitute for actual human contact, or worse.
Well, you might be reaching for the fences on that one, Dad.
Okay, can anyone tell me a great story in your life that started with "so-and-so was texting me and so-and-so texted me back"? (laughs) He's got a good point, there.
Thank you.
HENRY: Which is why we ban them at this table, at least.
I agree.
Me, too.
(scoffs) Is that a real question? - No.
- No.
- No.
Well, the noes have it.
Grace? Good call, Pop.
Bless us, O Lord and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty.
Through Christ our Lord.