Blue Bloods s09e07 Episode Script

By Hook or By Crook

1 WALSH: Job came in about an hour ago from sanitation.
DANNY: There was nothing else? Just the head? So far.
's office is on the way.
Pretty decomposed.
Why don't you go on up there and have a closer look? He just said M.
's on the way.
I'll look out for them.
Go on.
(sighs) (ship horn blowing) When you were taking the test, you ever think you'd be climbing up a pile of garbage to get to a severed head? No.
Thought I'd be more like Paul Newman in Fort Apache, The Bronx.
It was Cagney & Lacey for me.
(flies buzzing) You know we could just retire, and go to a tropical island and solve crimes there.
We could, but you would never survive outside the five boroughs.
That's true.
(flies buzzing) Yeah, it's Mano Sangriento.
Black hand? No, just the fingers.
But it was a hand.
That's the calling card.
Now we're gonna have to figure out why this guy lost his head.
Jose Cortez, 30, from Sunset Park.
Cops found him in possession of a half-ounce of cocaine.
ERIN: Criminal possession in the third degree.
But Cortez has no priors, so he's eligible for judicial diversion.
So he'll get drug treatment instead of jail time.
And Schneiderman is on deck, so no doubt she'll recommend rehab.
You run a triple I check to make sure he doesn't have a record outside of New York? His record's clean.
Legal aid's gonna ask for R.
What do you want to do? I'll ask for 500 bail.
She'll R.
him anyway.
And so it goes.
All right, well, you seem to have everything under control.
You need anything from me? A raise.
(laughs softly) Get in line.
(blender whirring) You want some breakfast? Kale and protein powder? I think I'll pass.
If you show me what's under that robe, I'll make you whatever you want.
- Well, in that case, you're gonna have to produce some pretty killer pancakes.
Wish I didn't have court.
It's better than being stuck in Jersey traffic.
No, I mean, I wish I could come with you.
It's no biggie.
Telling your mom that we're engaged is a biggie.
- Mm - Plus, I haven't even met her yet.
Let's keep it that way.
What does that mean? My mother has scared off every boyfriend I've ever introduced her to.
I'm not every boyfriend.
Well, then you'll see for yourself when you meet her.
At the wedding.
(phone vibrating) - Ridiculous.
- (laughs) Eddie, great news.
My court date got pushed to tomorrow.
- I can come with you.
- Wait, what? Yeah, I'll just take the day and come with you.
No, definitely not.
Definitely invisibility.
No, man.
Then, you get fair warning when something's gonna go down.
How about X-ray vision? Ugh, no.
There are things I don't want to see.
I've always had a thing for the Lasso of Truth.
- (chuckles) - Come in handy when we make detective.
Hey, why do you guys always weigh the brain? To see how much they weigh.
Actually, it's to look for abnormalities.
This one is three pounds of memories, emotions and 86 billion nerve cells.
I've always wondered about the part that controls your emotion.
Oh, the amygdala.
Kind of wish I could have it removed sometimes.
Yeah, but then you'd be a serial killer.
Uh, what can you tell us about the head you found at the garbage dump? I'm waiting on DNA, but the time of death and the injuries are consistent with that headless corpse you guys brought me a few weeks ago.
You mean the one belonging to Luis Delgado? That body wasn't Luis Delgado.
What are you talking about? That body and the head that you pulled out from the garbage this morning appear to belong to the same person.
No, the body we found on the beach with Luis Delgado's clothes on and Luis Delgado's tattoos belong to Luis Delgado.
Trust me.
I had to get dental records from Mexico to confirm.
Then the son of a bitch who burned down my house is still alive.
(sighs) (elevator bell chimes) What is it? Two officers sitting on a witness's house were shot multiple times inside their patrol car.
Both critical.
- Anyone likely? - Information's still coming in.
They're at Saint Irene's.
And the shooter? No word yet.
Frank, one of the officers is Abigail's husband.
Blue Bloods 9x07 By Hook or by Crook Hey.
Two cops were shot in their patrol car.
I heard.
Any word on their condition? Still waiting.
But Erin, they just picked up the shooter.
It's Jose Cortez.
The guy we released this morning? He went straight from arraignment court to his apartment, he picked up a .
45 and he opened fire.
He's got a record for murder and assault.
His rap sheet came up empty.
It came up empty in our system because his priors were in Mexico.
Anthony, this is my fault.
Your A.
followed the bail recommendations to the letter.
Tell that to the two cops laying in the hospital.
(filtered breathing) Officer Davis is out of surgery.
He's in recovery.
Brian took a bullet to his neck, which severed his jugular.
Did I ever show you Brian's department photo? You're not supposed to, but he smiled.
On purpose.
He said every time you see a cop shot on the front page of the paper, it's always the official photo and they look so serious.
He figured if he smiled, it was some sort of guarantee that nothing bad would happen to him.
He might be right.
I've promised him all kinds of things if he gets better.
(sighs) Brian, it's Commissioner Reagan.
(exhales) (sighs) Whatever it takes, Abigail.
DANNY: I'm telling you, Delgado had this guy made up to look like him, even down to the tattoo, so he could pull one over on us.
Mano Sangriento is all over Long Island and Manhattan now.
- They all use the black hand.
- He played us.
I've checked every ship and airline passenger list.
I don't think he left town.
Look, it's been weeks, okay? He could be anywhere by now, including Mexico.
Just speak to the DEA.
See if they'll give you anything they got on him.
I'll check the warrant my sister gave me on his cell phone and see if that turns anything up.
(sighs) I think someone else should find Delgado.
It's way too personal between you and him.
I'm not gonna go off the rails, if that's what you're thinking, okay? I promise.
You already did.
Do you really want to put us in the crosshairs? Look, I'm gonna get that son of a bitch, no matter what it takes.
You don't want to be a part of that, then I suggest you walk away on this one.
You really want me to walk away? JANKO: Mom.
- Hmm.
- This is Jamie.
You didn't tell me you were bringing someone.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
- Jamie Reagan.
Nice to meet you.
How do you do? Very well.
You're welcome.
Um Can I steal this? Yes, no problem.
So are you dating? Is this, like, a new boyfriend? Uh, he-he's my fiancé.
Fiancé? And this is the first time I'm meeting you? Well, we didn't really date date.
You didn't date? What he means is we've known each other for a long time.
We were partners on the job.
So you're a cop.
He's a sergeant.
He went to Harvard.
A quarter of a million dollars in tuition and you decided to be a cop.
Well, my whole family's in law enforcement, so I guess it was in the blood.
It's too bad doctor or lawyer wasn't in the blood.
Then you two could actually afford a nice lifestyle.
We love our lifestyle, Mom.
Do you own a house? I have an apartment.
Eddie likes being in the city.
- "Eddie"? - No one calls me Edit, Mom.
I do.
Your father does.
Well, I like Eddie.
So, you use a boy's name and he uses a girl's name.
(laughs): I'm just saying.
That's okay.
My real name's Jameson.
Like the whiskey.
Yeah, like the whiskey.
It's a good thing your parents didn't like to drink Smirnoff.
- Mom.
- What? So, Reagan, is that, is that any relation to The police commissioner, yes, he's my dad.
(sighs) What? You must see the humor in this, Edit.
Your father's in jail, and you're marrying the police commissioner's son.
That's going to make for some very interesting conversation at the wedding reception, don't you think? Looks like Davis has permanent nerve damage to his hand.
GORMLEY: His shooting hand, so he'll be off the street for good.
Well, not necessarily.
Not with the kind of things they can do today.
And Brian Baker? Still the same.
Reagan, boss.
- Erin.
- How's Brian? Still unconscious.
It's a waiting game right now.
And Abigail? Abigail hasn't left his side.
Where's your boss? He's not coming.
I'll be in my office, boss.
(door closes) Cortez was my case.
I supervised it.
It was my responsibility.
What were you thinking letting him walk? He didn't walk.
He made bail.
Bail was set at 500 bucks, Erin.
Of course he walked.
That's chump change for a drug dealer.
The arrest was for a nonviolent drug charge.
We are not in the business of asking for high bail because we think someone might become dangerous.
He has a felony record in Mexico: murder, assault.
My office didn't have access to that information.
So the D.
's office is in a rush to hold his hand, and he goes out and shoots two of my cops.
What do you want me to say, Dad? The department policy is to ask for little or no bail for nonviolent crimes.
The policy has had success.
Not so much.
(doorbell rings) Where is he? I don't know who you're talking about.
The guy you're standing next to in the painting over there.
Where is he? - Uh-uh.
- No Don't even think about it.
You're trespassing.
You broke into my house.
You mean like your husband trespassed when he burned my house down? Mom? Is everything okay? Go back inside.
- Where's your phone? - In the kitchen.
Let's go get it.
Your husband's making a lot of money terrorizing people.
Who's terrorizing who? Get the phone.
Pick it up.
Call your husband.
Come on.
Turn around.
Don't do anything crazy.
Luis? Hey, remember me? Where's Isabel? She's right here.
Kids are here, too.
But don't worry, they're safe.
Unless, of course, I decide to burn your house down like you burned down mine.
If you harm them, I swear I'll kill you.
Well, then you better hurry up and get home.
Sit down.
Officer Davis took a bullet to his right hand, which has caused permanent nerve damage.
Officer Baker was hit with a bullet in his neck, which punctured his jugular.
The bullet was removed, but he has not regained consciousness.
We will have updates as things progress.
(reporters clamoring) What about the shooter? Uh, the shooter, Jose Cortez, was apprehended shortly after the shooting.
He has been charged with attempted murder in the first degree and will be arraigned later this afternoon.
Initial reports said Cortez had been arrested before, but released on bail.
- That's correct.
He was arrested for drug possession and released on bail this morning.
MAN: Why was he released on bail? The nonviolent nature of his crimes and the lack of prior criminal history.
Why was he released in the first place? He was a member of Mano Sangriento.
Cortez had no criminal history or gang affiliation on record.
It was handled as a first-time offense.
What do you mean, "on record"? Mr.
Cortez had a prior record in Mexico that did not come up on the initial background check.
In light of what happened, is the D.
's office going to rethink this policy? The policy was established to decrease overcrowded prisons filled with nonviolent offenders.
In this regard, the policy is a success.
The NYPD has two good officers in the hospital, one facing disability, one may not survive.
Asking for minimum bail for felonies puts my officers and, more importantly, our citizens at risk, because these criminals will then be incentivized to go out and commit more, worse crimes.
And that is exactly what happened today.
(reporters clamoring) GARRETT: That's all.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I don't know how you actually thought you could avoid me meeting your mother.
Oh, I was doing a great job avoiding until today.
Eddie, you've met my whole family; they're not perfect.
You have you know, you have a Norman Rockwell family.
You go to church on Sundays, and you eat together on Sundays.
Just please don't.
Just saying, it doesn't bother me what she says.
She just has no filter.
And she only cares about money.
Eddie, do you know why we have family dinner every Sunday? No.
Why? Because my grandmother grew up poor in a small town in Ireland.
She was the oldest of 12 kids, and there was never enough to eat.
She moved to New York to make money.
She met my grandpa, and when they got married, she promised herself that they would always have more than enough to eat.
Family dinner was just her way of proudly proving that every week.
That meal was so important to her because of how she grew up.
I'm just saying, there must be some deep-seated reason why your mother is so obsessed about money.
My mother chooses to insult me and to insult every person I've ever brought home.
(phone ringing) Yeah.
Leave the car there and walk to the garage.
Welcome home.
Come on in.
Right over there.
(garage door closing) Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Where's my wife and my boys? Why'd you set my house on fire? You're really pretending to be an innocent victim? - (quietly): Who gave you the order? - Doesn't matter.
You think if you take him down, it's over? You guys thought you got El Chapo.
There's 20 guys lining up to be the next El Chapo.
That's how these organizations work.
How this works is that I'm gonna find every son of a bitch who had a hand in setting my house on fire, and I'm not gonna stop until every one of them's behind bars, or worse.
That's how it works.
Won't bring your wife back.
You have two sons.
You really want to put them in danger? Baez, I got Delgado.
Request a 10-85 to 12 Bayview Avenue.
You're under arrest.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
(sighs) You made a big mistake.
You're the one making a mistake, bro.
- I'm one of you.
- Yeah? (chuckles) How's that? I'm working for the DEA.
(laughs) We have you for the murder of Melissa Sanchez.
- No, you don't.
DANNY: Yes, we do.
You told me you killed her and her unborn baby.
I told you I didn't think she was okay.
As it turns out, I was right.
She wasn't okay.
She was dead.
And Manny Sanchez.
Reagan, what do you think you're doing? What the hell do you think you're doing? Can I talk to you outside? What the hell are you doing here? And more importantly, what the hell are you doing working with a scumbag like Delgado? - We made a deal with him.
- Yeah, I know you did.
You made a deal with a cold-blooded killer who murdered an innocent woman and her unborn baby.
Delgado's a hired hand.
We're after José Rojas.
His boss.
La Almeja.
The Clam.
- Okay.
- Delgado is a hired gun.
Rojas has murdered or ordered the murder of hundreds.
Okay? We get Rojas, we bring down the organization.
Great, then go get him.
I already got Delgado.
He's mine.
No, you're gonna back off.
Go to hell.
Look, I get that this has gotten personal for you.
- Don't go there.
- Okay, but we don't need you going in there, being a hothead, blowing our case.
I arrested Delgado.
It's my collar.
- Are you kidding me right now? - I got him on murder charges.
Okay? That trumps any drug charge you could possibly get.
So unless you want to go before a judge and try to get him to give you a writ for me to turn him over to the feds, so be it.
You go do that.
But until such time, Delgado's mine.
He stays here with me.
What? Maybe we can work together on this.
(laughs) Well, it's the only way we're both gonna get what we want.
ALL: Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts,.
which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord.
(Danny clears throat) You mind, uh, passing me the mac and cheese? Sure.
Here you go.
Looks good.
And what's the matter with Daniel? Nothing.
Well, you're not piling food onto your plate, so it must be something.
Well, I kind of lost my appetite when I learned that the guy who burned our house down cut a deal with the DEA.
You know who burned our house down? DANNY: Yeah.
We'll talk about it later.
In the meantime, that guy's walking around free as a bird.
Well, you could always blame the D.
's office.
It seems to be the common dumping ground around here.
HENRY: No one's dumping on the D.
's office.
NICKY: You saw the joint press conference.
System's broken.
Somebody had to call it out.
And here I thought a press conference was for dispensing information, not calling people out.
My mistake.
DANNY: Well, last I heard, you commit a crime, you suffer the consequences, end of story.
You know how many times you and Jamie have come to me for a search warrant or a subpoena, and you haven't had everything to get it? Yeah, about as many times as you've said no.
SEAN: I'm sorry, I still don't understand.
If you know who burned our house down, then why is he still walking? It's something called judicial perversion.
JAMIE: Judicial diversion.
It's a policy where nonviolent offenders get reduced bail and rehab, community service instead of jail time.
It's called mollycoddling criminals.
- Exactly.
NICKY: Is there anything that you guys don't blame on the attorneys? Well, I'm afraid at the moment, there happens to be plenty to blame.
Amen to that.
HENRY: That's what you get for having a liberal D.
and a liberal mayor.
Like cops don't make mistakes? Nobody's saying that.
JAMIE: To be fair, I understand why he got a reduced bail.
His arrest wasn't for a large felony weight.
Well, how about his affiliation with an illegal gang? Or his criminal record? His criminal record in Mexico doesn't come up in a background check.
It would if you ran him through Interpol.
ERIN: Why would I run a low-level drug dealer through Interpol? Why wouldn't you? You know, when I first started coming to these family dinners and you guys would argue, I would get really nervous 'cause I thought maybe you'd never talk to each other again.
But you do.
You just keep talking.
Come hell or high water.
You saying we talk too much? No.
Well, don't worry, Eddie.
No matter what you do, you're golden at this table.
(chuckles) I am? As long as you wear NYPD blue.
I didn't know you were coming here.
Edit never called me.
I didn't tell her.
May I come in? (sighs) I bet she's mad at me.
Well, why wouldn't she be? She came to give you some good news, and you rained on her parade.
The good news would've been she's marrying someone who could afford to give her the life that she's used to.
And what life would that be? One where your husband's in prison for fraud and she wants to cut you out of her life? She should be grateful.
We gave her everything.
Your husband cheated people out of their savings.
You insulted every guy she ever brought around.
I tell the truth.
And the truth about me is I don't make enough money? I'm the wrong religion? I live in the wrong borough? I won't apologize for wanting what's best for my daughter.
- I'm what's best for your daughter.
- Oh, because you love her? (chuckles) And that's gonna take care of the bills? I live a comfortable life, and my family will, too.
Will it meet your standards? I don't know.
But my family will always come first.
That sounds great on a Hallmark card.
But in reality? Not so much.
I don't want Edit to end up Like you did? Maybe you need to see the world through a different set of glasses.
Well, I certainly don't trust the rose-colored ones you wear.
You haven't tried them on yet.
I'm in the middle of pretrial hearings, Pop.
You call me out here for this.
I made you your favorite sandwich.
Thank you.
Now, what are we doing out here? Getting you out of the office.
My office is not the problem.
Dad is.
Oh, is he, now? Why? 'Cause he says what he feels? In front of millions of viewers at my first press conference as bureau chief? Yeah, he could've tempered it down.
You mean watered it down? Whatever you want to call it.
(sighs) You're upset because he talked like the police commissioner and not your father.
I don't see how he could've handled it any other way.
Of course you're gonna take his side.
I'm not taking sides.
(scoffs) Why are you taking this so personally? I can take the slings and arrows from other attorneys and the D.
and even the press, but But not your father? He was criticizing the D.
's office, not you.
That's not what it felt like, and I was the one up there taking the heat.
You're confusing work and family.
Your father has the right to disagree with the D.
-- yes, in public, and yes, even with you standing there next to him-- because it's his job.
But no matter what happens, you'll always have his love and support.
(device beeps) Every time you leave the house, you have to call first to say where you're going.
If you're gonna be late getting back or your train is delayed, your car breaks down, you need to call us with the details.
Then I should tell you the coke and fentanyl exchange may be going down tonight.
"May be going down tonight"? I'll get a call this afternoon to confirm.
Where? The old candy factory.
I don't know how many people.
Usually six or seven total.
Members of the Double Treys, Mano Sangriento, me.
DANNY: Good.
Now we know where it's going down.
So we don't need him to do this.
Rojas expects me to be there to handle the money.
If he finds out I'm not, he'll be in the wind.
Don't trust him.
Wipe that smile off your face.
That's hard to do 'cause you're so damn entertaining.
- Danny.
- Reagan! Reagan! MOLINA: Outside.
(laughs) Now! This is too personal for you and you cannot handle this - It's not personal.
I don't trust the son of a bitch, okay? Well, we're on it.
- You don't know how that guy works.
- No? 35 years ago, my father crossed the border to get away from Mano Sangriento.
Okay, when he finally had enough money, he went back to get the rest of his family.
Sangriento had killed every last one of them.
So don't tell me I don't know him.
Look, I'm sorry.
I am.
But you're playing with fire, trusting this guy.
You're the one playing with fire, letting him get to you like that.
You either play by my rules, or you get the hell off my team.
(sighs) Okay.
We got Delgado.
(speaks Spanish) I know where you live.
On my signal, we're gonna go.
Wait a minute.
Where the hell is he going? I don't know.
His car's in the front.
What the hell is he doing? - Three.
- No.
No, wait! No! Go, go, go.
(men shouting) Move, move! Hey.
It's a setup.
Hold on! (shouting continues) Hey! Help! Help me! Help me! (screaming) Come here, come here.
Hang on! (coughs) (people screaming) Baez, it's pepper spray! (coughing) (groans) (shouting continues) MAN: It's pepper spray! (panting) (tires squealing) (coughs) Delgado?! (groans) (panting) Delgado? (Danny grunts) (panting) (engine revving) (panting) Aah! It's a didgeridoo.
An Australian wind instrument, a little bit like a trumpet.
Thank you.
It's a gift from the prime minister of Australia for hosting him last week.
A donation to the NYPD Museum? Brian's doing better.
He is, thank you.
Thought you weren't coming in for a few weeks.
I told Jimmy I'd relieve him for a few hours.
I could use the break.
Things are bad if work's a break.
Actually, things are very good.
Brian is breathing on his own, he's complaining about hospital food, and they're gonna release him tomorrow.
Good news.
Well, maybe you should rethink that no-smile policy.
I have accompanied you on many, many hospital visits to officers who have been injured in the line of duty, some who have died in the line of duty.
I knew it was your job.
What I never fully understood was just how important your visit is to the officer's family.
And now I know.
Thank you.
(door opens, closes) Son of a bitch, he set us up.
I told you not to trust him.
We don't know that yet.
Of course he set us up.
He got the hell out of there right before the boxes exploded.
- How the hell would he know?! - He knew what was coming.
Then why did he go back to his apartment? What? Look at the ankle monitor.
It proves that he's there.
Then, what happened? - Well, I'll let you know after I see him.
- No, no, no, no.
You'll let 'em know after we see him.
We're going with you.
Let's go.
Delgado? Police! I thought the GPS said he was here.
It did.
It's Agent Molina, Luis.
We need to talk to you.
Luis? DELGADO: Please, come in.
You know, I'm glad you came.
Something I've been wanting to tell you.
What's that? You know your wife's helicopter accident? It really wasn't an accident.
It was all arranged by Mano Sangriento, because you started playing games with them.
You son of a bitch.
Where the hell are you? Where are you?! DELGADO: You really shouldn't play games with them.
And do you know why? I don't give a damn why.
DELGADO: Because they always win.
Where are you, Delgado? Real tough guy, huh? Couldn't come face me? Oh, I am facing you, Detective.
And you know what I see? A loser.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go mix myself a drink.
I'll get TARU in here, run a trace on the video.
You told me the GPS said he was here.
The son of a bitch isn't here! It said that he was here.
(footsteps approaching) (growling) (laughter nearby) LENA: Good one.
Hello? (both laughing) Hey.
Eddie, uh, Mom and I-- we made dinner for you.
- My mom doesn't cook.
- What did I always tell you, Edit? "Forget the dishes on the shelf, be a tasty dish yourself"? (laughs) So, we ordered takeout from Balthazar's.
(both laugh) Want some wine? Mm-hmm.
She ordered from the most expensive restaurant, and we are gonna foot the bill.
- Yeah, I know.
- You know? What were you thinking? I thought it would be good to make amends.
She brought the family photo album? Well, that was my idea.
Does it get better if she has a few drinks? Well, it gets better if we do.
Edit, your first bikini! It's a good thing you grew some boobs after that.
Who was that guy that you went with? What was his name? Oh.
That's right.
His father was a cardiologist.
- What ever happened to him? - Well, Mom, uh, Stan became a cardiologist, too, and he lives in Boca.
- Ah.
- Oh.
Nice boy.
I'll have a refill.
Mom, you scared off every boy I ever brought home.
If they were all scared off, then none of them deserve you.
Is that your excuse? It's true.
They all ran, except for one.
He's the only one who came back.
I love you.
Something wrong? No.
LENA: (gasps) You've got to see this, Jamie.
Eddie dressed as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween.
Ooh, I actually look pretty hot in that one.
- Well, what are we waiting for? - Mm.
You already put the bait on? - Thought I'd save you the trouble.
- It's a blood worm? Sand worms.
I would have gone with herring.
You want me to put on a bottom bait? No, I didn't ask you to come out here to valet the tackle.
You know how old you were when I taught you to fish? - No.
- Seven.
Actually, I wasn't gonna teach you at all, even though I taught the boys.
Because I was a girl? No.
Because it is the kind of activity where even if you do everything perfectly, there's no guarantee of a fish.
And what else is like that, if I'm hearing you correctly? Being a boss.
One slipup, and the searchlight comes on hot and fast.
Tell me about it.
Pop told me I took the press conference personally.
That I was expecting you'd act more like a protective father than the PC.
And what do you think? That my mistake was acting like a respectful daughter, letting you have the last word.
And the next time? I will always be respectful of you.
Couldn't be any other way, but I need to respect my office, too.
And maybe keep the joint press conferences to a minimum.
That, too.
Well, what do you know.