Blue Bloods s09e08 Episode Script

Stirring the Pot

1 Please, I don't want to see those men again.
- I understand - They said they'd kill me if I ever talked about what happened.
- That's not going to happen - She said no.
If you'll just hear me out, Mr.
Hill I-I've heard enough; she's 16 years old and she's been through hell.
I'm taking her back to Chicago.
- I know it's difficult - She's not testifying.
(sighs) I don't blame her old man for being pissed.
The sex trafficking laws say the victims must appear in court to prove they were coerced by the defendants.
That's crazy.
47 other states agree with you.
Check out the other victims? Yeah, they're in even worse shape.
This girl's our best shot.
Run the case again.
These animals aren't gonna walk.
(camera shutter clicking) Come on.
Deal's done.
We got our guy.
Let's pick him up.
We got company.
It looks like one of ours.
You got a second for me, detectives? Tommy, what the hell are you doing here? That's what we need to talk about.
What the hell did we step in this time? You look like hell.
You getting any sleep? That's what I get for having a kid at my age.
Detective Tommy Pierce, my partner, Detective Maria Baez.
Tommy works for the Organized Crime Task Force.
Which doesn't explain why we're letting our suspect flee.
Your suspect just did business with the Lion's Head drug cartel.
- Which explains why the Organized Crime Task Force is interested in our suspect.
Been building the case for months, we're about to make our move.
And you don't want us to scare him off.
I can give you my word that once we take down the cartel, we'll make sure that you have everything you need to make your collar.
- Really? - Really.
- Well, then we only got one question.
- Shoot.
Do you need two extra bodies for the takedown? I think I can make that happen.
(sighs) Told you you weren't gonna like it.
Why were we out of the loop? They didn't come up with this over breakfast this morning.
Chief Assistant D.
said it was an oversight.
Coming out of the bathroom with your fly down is an oversight.
Declaring the D.
's office will no longer prosecute marijuana laws? That's a shot across the bow.
To be fair, Brooklyn D.
's been operating under the same policy.
I don't care.
Marijuana laws are still on the books.
- But if the law's antiquated - Change the law.
His statement also recommends legalizing the possession of marijuana.
So, if I'm walking down the street smoking a cigar, I get a summons, but if I'm smoking a joint, I'm cool.
I get what you're saying, boss, but if the D.
won't prosecute pot cases, why waste our guys' time making arrests? Because we choose to do the job we were hired for.
I'm real comfortable with that.
Set up a meeting with the D.
You sure you don't want to take a beat? Maybe cool down a little? Forthwith.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) Ramos! We got a guy with a gun in the bodega! Six to eight civilians trapped inside.
(crowd murmuring) Everybody stay back, clear the area! ESU and HNT? On their way! Back off! (people screaming) Or I'll kill everybody in here! (bullets ricocheting) (woman wails) (gunfire continues) Ramos, move in! Copy that.
WOMAN: Help me.
(crying) Ma'am, ma'am, let's go.
(guns firing) JAMIE: Hide behind the door, okay? Stay put right here.
Stay put! OFFICER (over radio): Suspect is in custody.
(panting) OFFICER 2 (over radio): Central, 10-13.
We've got an officer down.
Officer shot at this location.
(grunting) PERP: Come on, get off me.
(handcuffs click) Ah, my wrists.
Keep him there.
I'll call a bus.
PERP: Get off me.
Ramos, how you doing? - We got, we got him, boss.
- Okay.
Benjamin's three blocks away.
Let's get him in the car.
Here we go, keep pressure on it.
(groans) Blue Bloods 9x08 Stirring the Pot (indistinct chatter) - Hey.
- You okay? Not the one who got shot.
I talked to Ramos' partner.
He said you made the right call.
I sure hope so.
You had to send them in, Jamie.
Could have waited for ESU to show up.
Shooter had hostages, right? All alive and unharmed at the time.
- Don't do that.
- Do what? Armchair quarterback yourself.
You did the right thing.
Tell that to Ramos.
We're in a tough spot with your sex trafficking case.
- Tell me about it.
Without Tonya Hill's testimony, we can't prove that she was coerced into prostitution.
A law that makes no damn sense.
I agree, but the new legislation that would change the standard is stuck in Albany politics.
You should see what they did to these girls, Erin.
Locked up in apartments for months.
Turning ten tricks a day.
Which is why we need Tonya to take the stand.
So we, what, serve a subpoena on a traumatized girl? So she can go relive her nightmare in open court? Forcing reluctant victims to testify feels lousy, but letting the bad guys go free feels even worse.
I'll tell you what-- you get Tonya to testify and I will ask the D.
to lobby the governor to sign the new sex trafficking law.
That way, we won't have to go through this nightmare again.
It's the best we can do.
(sighs) Hey.
Heard Tonya Hill's father hired a lawyer to fight the subpoena.
Ugh, yeah, she's scared to death, so I don't blame him.
- What are you gonna do? I'm going to ask the judge for an adjournment to try to buy ourselves some more time.
Did you see the D.
about the new sex trafficking law? Yeah, and he agreed it's long overdue.
That's good.
He also agreed that Governor Mendez is the only one who can get it done.
- So he's gonna make a call.
- No.
- Why the hell not? - Apparently, he and Mendez are not on speaking terms.
- Oh, here we go.
- Chatwal came out against his sentencing law that the governor had sponsored last year.
We're talking about young girls here; let's get over it.
Apparently, he is not a "get over it" kind of guy.
So that's it? The law's dead in the water? Not exactly.
Chatwal chose someone else to lobby the governor.
- Who's that? - Me.
He said, as Trial Bureau Chief, I supervise the cases impacted by the current law.
Yeah, well, he's got a point there.
You can do this.
You think? I have no idea; I'm just trying to be supportive.
We've identified a sit-down that will put all the Lion's Head bosses in the same place.
One-stop shopping.
Then we can charge them under the RICO Act with conspiracy.
- Exactly.
We do this right, we'll cripple their operation.
Team leader will break down the details.
Save me a seat, okay? How's Val and the baby? Have a look? Wow.
(chuckles) Look at that smile.
She's getting so big.
Yeah, you haven't seen her since the christening.
- Yeah.
- Meant a lot to us, having you and the boys there.
Come on, after all you guys went through to have her in your life, how could we miss it? I'll be digging out from under those fertility bills till this one's driving.
Yeah, but it's worth it.
- Yeah, in spades.
- Yep.
How are the boys doing? Okay? - Yeah, they're, they're adjusting.
- Yeah.
It helps that Val stays in touch, you know? - Means a lot to them.
- Yeah.
- - You're a lucky man.
Thanks, Danny.
Sir, ADA Reagan is here.
ADA Reagan is here? Let's have her.
Good afternoon.
How many times that son of a bitch gonna send you to take his heat? You mean the district attorney? Yeah.
If he's gonna pursue this ridiculous marijuana policy, he ought to have the balls to show up himself.
Well, in that case, the right son of a bitch is here.
It's my policy, not his.
(sighs) Remind me to bring the penal code to dinner on Sunday.
I am sure you think it's misguided.
I don't think; I know.
But eliminating marijuana possession cases will relieve a huge strain on the system.
What? You're inconvenienced? No, overwhelmed by nothing cases.
So the solution is to undermine cops' morale.
We make arrests you don't pursue.
In order to free up resources for more serious crimes.
Boy, there's some half-assed logic.
Meaning? Meaning, failing to prosecute lesser crimes undermines the rule of law, encouraging more serious ones.
Erin, if you think you're overwhelmed now I don't think; I know.
(sighs) A lifetime in police work, and I missed the wisdom of letting lawbreakers skate.
Any lifetime includes revisions and reinventions.
And when they change the law, we'll change our enforcement.
I was really hoping we would come to an understanding.
We'll arrest, you'll prosecute.
How's that sound? (indistinct chatter) TOMMY (over radio): All units, on my mark.
Three two one.
(screaming) Do not move! Drop your weapons! (screams) (screams) OFFICER: Cover my right! Clear.
All clear.
Take cover! (screams) Get down! (groaning) Tommy.
(whispering): Cover.
I can't see him.
Take the shot.
What the hell are you doing, Tommy? (speaking Spanish) - Danny! - Yeah! Officer down.
- Damn it.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Where the hell was Tommy? I don't know.
I don't know what the hell happened.
(groans) Hey.
Hey, Tommy.
What the hell happened back there? Is your arm okay? Yeah, don't worry about my arm.
Why didn't you take the shot and take out the shooter? Couldn't be sure there weren't Task Force members behind him.
There was a Task Force member about to get taken out.
- - It was a complicated situation.
Complicated how? I would've been shooting blind.
The cop still had his gun.
He could've taken the guy out himself.
While he was bleeding out? Look, I'm sorry you got hurt.
I really am, but this operation was a success.
I stand behind my actions.
What do you think? Look, I know Tommy.
If he stands by his call, it's good enough for me.
It sounds more like an excuse than an explanation.
I don't know.
I don't know.
ADA Reagan.
Governor, thank you so much for making time to see me.
My pleasure.
You hungry? Tuna tartare is outstanding.
I'm fine, thank you.
I'm used to doing business with a different Reagan.
This is definitely an upgrade.
I know you're busy, so I'll get right down to it.
I want to discuss the new sex trafficking law.
I'll save you some time.
I'm all for it.
- You are? - Damn right.
Those animals should rot in jail.
But your real point is: why haven't I enacted the new law? Well, yeah, I can't imagine that sex traffickers have a powerful lobby.
You are an upgrade.
The assembly speaker opposes it.
On what grounds? On the grounds that the bill's attachment doesn't include funding for a new bridge over some river in his home district, among other cuts of pork.
Is there a deal to be made? There's always a deal to be made.
The trick is making one you can actually live with.
Young lives are being destroyed, Governor.
Can you live with that? It's not that simple.
I understand, but is it fair that young boys and girls have to suffer because of some bureaucratic dispute? No, it's not fair, but it is politics.
GORMLEY: Weighing pot on a cop car? Look at this dirtbag, will you? Okay, now I've seen everything.
Where the hell are the officers? On their meal across the street.
Has the boss seen this yet? - Not that I know of.
- If I know him I want the entire command staff in my office in one hour.
(indistinct radio transmission) (siren chirping) - What's up? - Kid flagged us down.
His folks are going at it pretty good upstairs, says his old man's got a knife.
We'll head upstairs, Sarge.
No, you two stay with the kid.
I'll go in.
But we can handle this.
I know you can.
Call it in.
At least let us back you up.
Sit tight.
I need help, I'll call for an 85.
The defendants are charged with sex trafficking, Mr.
Yes, Your Honor.
Which requires you to prove the plaintiffs were forced, coerced, or defrauded into performing sex acts by the accused.
And we are pursuing that testimony.
May I be heard, Your Honor? Court recognizes ADA Reagan.
Thank you, Your Honor.
While we strenuously take issue with the current sex trafficking laws, we will not argue them here.
That said, requiring underaged victims to prove they didn't have consensual sex with an adult, when, as minors, they're not legally qualified to do so The court is aware of the inherent conflict, Ms.
The People request an adjournment in this matter.
To what end? In order to produce a witness that is capable of testifying to the alleged crimes.
The defendants are currently in custody.
They have a right to be faced by their accusers in a timely fashion.
- Your Honor Therefore, no adjournment will be granted.
Once a trial has commenced, the People must call the victims to prove the crimes charged.
If not, I'll be forced to dismiss the indictment.
Thank you, Your Honor.
How'd it go with Infernal Affairs? We're not the subjects.
They're looking at the cartel raid.
Anything I should know? Detective Reagan? - How's the arm? - Fine.
I'm investigating claims that a certain member of the Task Force failed to take proper police action.
Well, the operation was a success.
The cartel chiefs are in custody, and everyone did their job.
Maybe not everyone.
Several team members say Detective Pierce froze under fire.
All hell broke loose.
Tommy was pinned down just like the rest of us.
But unlike Pierce, you managed to come to the aid of your fellow officer.
I was in the right place at the right time.
From what I'm told, the injured officer was here.
You were here.
Detective Pierce was here.
Pierce clearly had a clearer path to the shooter than you did.
Look, there are hundreds of variables in any firefight that you can't really define in some drawing, okay? Okay.
Tell me what I'm missing.
There's always gonna be second guessing in any major operation, especially when one of our own gets hurt.
Sometimes it's justified.
Just because an officer goes down doesn't mean somebody screwed up.
You and Detective Pierce went to the Academy together, right? Yeah, so? You're personal friends? Doesn't mean I'm covering for him.
I'm glad to hear that.
Fact is, you had the best view of Detective Pierce's actions.
And he did his job.
I hope so, because if I find out Pierce froze and you weren't straight with me, I'm coming after both of you.
You on another stakeout? No.
You and I got to chat.
Let's take a walk.
That's why they make barstools.
Yeah, well, we can't be seen together right now, you and me.
Heard IAB's asking questions.
You heard right.
They're looking at the takedown.
- Looking at me? - Yup.
Saying I froze up out there? Something like that.
What did you say? What do you think I said? I had your back.
- I appreciate it, Danny.
- Uh-huh.
Look, they're not gonna give up on this, IAB.
They're gonna call me back in.
I need to know what really happened in there.
Hey, like I told you, I No, I know what you told me, okay, and I'm not buying it.
You want me to stick up for you, you got to give me the truth.
Honestly, Danny, I don't know what the hell happened.
I've been in a lot tighter spots than that.
Yeah, Tommy, I get it.
There's nobody I'd rather be in a foxhole with, but something changed.
What? No, it was like All I could think about was was my baby girl, you know? What would've happened if Plenty of cops have kids.
But you still got to be able to do the job or you're gonna put people's lives in danger.
I know, I know, it's just still brand-new.
You know? And we waited so damn long.
Look, I-I know it's a big ask, Danny, but if you stand up for me, IAB has no case.
I promise you this will never happen again.
Tommy, it better not.
ERIN: Thank you both for coming in.
HILL: My lawyer told me not to come.
We're flying home tonight, so whatever you have to say, say it fast.
I appreciate your position.
I need you to understand mine.
We have the power to compel Tonya's testimony, and no lawyer can quash a legitimate subpoena from this office.
(sighs) So you're gonna force me to take the stand? To see those men? I have the responsibility to make sure the men who victimized you pay for their crimes.
Give me a break.
With what you're gonna put her through, y-you guys are almost as bad as they are.
However, despite the fact this is our only chance for a conviction, I have decided not to force Tonya to testify.
Are you serious? Thank you, Ms.
The men who hurt you didn't care about the pain they caused.
I do.
I don't want you to suffer anymore.
I just want this all to be over with.
I know.
Unlike the men who did this, I'm gonna give you a choice.
You can fly home tonight.
But if you do, the men who hurt you will go right on hurting others.
I-I don't want that to happen.
Then you have a decision to make.
Is it harder to take the stand and tell your story or live with the knowledge that you could've saved others from a similar fate? (door opens) (door closes) What the hell are you doing? - Checking the meat.
- That's not what I'm talking about and you know it.
None of your officers showed up for their scheduled court appearances on Friday.
Must've put quite a strain on the system.
You could have at least given me the heads-up you were disrupting active cases.
Like the heads-up I got on the new marijuana policy? That is the D.
's decision.
Look at you, passing the buck.
No, it is my policy.
But the timing and scope of rollout rests with the D.
Look, anyone who asks the NYPD not to enforce the laws is gonna get the same response.
Being what? Take a hike, respectfully.
This needs more time.
And the poor guy's insurance wouldn't pay for it.
- That's terrible.
- Yeah.
What was he thinking? Hey, could we talk about my wedding? My wedding? You marrying yourself? It's just the way women phrase it, Jamie.
Okay, our wedding.
Pretty sure I remember you telling us we're not allowed to talk about your wedding.
You're okay to talk about it if I bring it up.
Oh! Any other guidelines we should know about? I vote for a destination wedding.
Someplace beachy.
You do have some idea what a cop makes, right? It's tradition for the father of the bride to pay for the wedding I'm so sorry.
Hey, that's okay.
How can we help? Well, are there any family traditions that I should we should be thinking about? Well, church.
Any particular one? I'm guessing Roman Catholic? I know, I meant, wha-- uh, the-- wh-where did you get? Oh, um, Point O' Woods on Fire Island.
Jack's family had spent summers there for generations.
- Episcopals.
- Pop.
We had to ship in a priest for the day.
Literally bring him over by boat.
All right, you need to get over it, Pop.
Maybe one day.
Where was yours again, Dad? Holy Trinity in Bensonhurst.
Yeah, I remember all the stained glass and that marble.
Yeah, but now there's a Home Depot on that site.
DANNY: Not for nothing, but mine and Linda's place does fit all the criteria, and it's on Staten Island, which is kind of a destination.
(laughs): That's not what I meant.
What? It's Staten Island.
It's an island.
It has beaches.
Yeah, but the name - What? - It's not Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows, right? Okay, the name stinks, but the ambiance is wonderful.
I'm sure it is.
Well, why not St.
Angelus? I got married there, we go to church there every Sunday.
It's about as strong a family tradition as you could ask for.
That'd be nice.
Of course, it's totally up to you two.
- Yeah.
- You? Okay by me.
ERIN: Great.
How about the honeymoon? Um, what did you do? Oh, well, we rented the cutest cottage on Cisco Beach in Nantucket.
We had a blast.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
And remember those lobster rolls? - Oh, my gosh.
- We went to that lobster roll place six days in a row, it was so delicious.
- So good.
Pop, we rented those bikes.
You could ride around that whole island in three hours.
(overlapping chatter) Remember, the blues were running early that year? Wait wait.
We could whistle them in.
NICKY: Obviously, I wasn't born yet, but my whole life, I've heard these stories.
Oh, a thousand times.
Wait, you all went on Erin's honeymoon? ERIN: Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was, like, a family affair.
Of course we did.
All of us.
You should see the pictures.
- Okay.
I get it.
DANNY: The lobster, the food, the clams Okay.
You guys, you all had me for, like, a second.
What? What do you mean, "what"? Never mind.
No, please, I-I it was just Well, to be fair, you did ask us about our family traditions.
(chuckling) (chuckling) You guy-- not again, please.
(laughter) You guys.
Really? - Again? - It's too easy.
So easy.
Ah, it's too easy.
Irish exit? I have a lot of work to do.
How do you do that? Do what? One minute, you and Grandpa are in a cold war It's not a war.
It's more like a disagreement.
And the next, you're playing tricks together.
You mean dinner? - Yeah.
- Every once in a while, as often as we can, dinner needs to be a green zone.
But how do you just put aside whatever you? With a lot of effort.
Because it's important.
Because it may just be the best tradition this family has.
There had to have been one where you just couldn't? There's been a lot, and you've been at a lot.
And then what? When dinner's over, the war resumes? Disagreement.
And, yes, sometimes you can't just paint over it or laugh it off.
Maybe I-I really do have a lot of work, so Call me when you get home.
(crowd cheering on TV) Hanging out with your friends? Ha, ha.
49 to 30? How do you stay interested? For the lessons in character.
Sorry I'm not very good company tonight.
No, no.
Is that what you were doing the other day, bigfooting that call? Giving those cops a lesson in character? That was nothing.
That's not what I heard.
Sergeants handle jobs in the field every day.
You saying it had nothing to do with Officer Ramos? That's right.
Every cop in the precinct thinks you did the right thing, Jamie.
Including Ramos.
So I should just get over it? Yeah.
You did your job.
Well, maybe this job isn't for me.
And how's that? JAMIE: Because I signed on to maybe prevent tragedies, not set them in motion.
Can I get you anything? No, we're, uh, we're all good, Pop, thanks.
So, what, you'd just give back the stripes? Danny never became a boss, and he's a hell of a cop.
Yeah, you're not Danny.
You can do whatever you want with this job.
You could be PC if you want.
Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.
I was a damn good cop on the street.
Maybe I should've just stayed there.
(phone ringing) Reagan.
Yeah, okay.
Close the door.
What are you doing down here, boss? I'm not here.
Come again? This meeting never happened.
We never talked.
This is about the IAB investigation.
This is about you being smart, Danny.
I've known Tommy Pierce for 25 years.
So buy him a silver tea set.
But don't toss your career away for him.
You don't understand.
I understand fully.
All right? Pierce froze and he's going down for cowardice.
The only question is whether you're going with him.
IAB said they need my statement to nail Tommy.
They're not getting my statement.
Yeah, they are.
Okay, look, maybe he froze up for a second.
Okay? But you know it happens.
Not with a fellow officer bleeding a few feet away.
There's no excuse for that.
I get that, but it's just one tiny little second in decades of great work.
We don't get to pick our defining moments, Danny.
Oh, it was the old man who sent you here? Is that it? You know better than that.
You also know he won't step up and save your shield if you lie to IAB.
And you ought to know better that I would never ask him to, nor would I want him to.
Danny, you got to get ahead of this thing.
(sighs) I can't.
You ran away from home nine months ago? Yes.
My parents and I were fighting.
How did you meet the defendants? I met them on the street.
They bought me a meal and they said they had an apartment where I could stay.
(door opens) What happened there? They forced me to have sex with men.
And the men paid them.
Did you try to refuse? Yes, but, um, they would tie me up and beat me, burn me with lit cigarettes.
These are photos of Ms.
Hill's injuries on the day authorities rescued her.
Are the individuals who did this in the courtroom today, Tonya? Yeah.
(sniffles) That's them.
You sandbagged me, Counselor.
Sir? I've got a daughter her age.
But you knew that, right? Hmm, you figured I'd watch that kid fall apart, see her old man go to pieces, and I'd have a come-to-Jesus moment, am I right? I just thought you should see the reality of what these victims go through.
I get lobbied 24/7, Counselor.
By people selling their souls on layaway plans.
I understand that.
In my position, if I allow emotion to govern my decisions, I'd be out on my ass.
And yet, in your position, you're the only one who can help us stop these sex traffickers.
You want this real bad, huh? Of course I do.
All right.
I could cut a deal with the speaker to push the law through.
You could or you will? I'm rolling out a pretty tough crime bill this spring.
I'll need your boss's support.
The D.
doesn't consult me on policy.
Yeah, but he respects you.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
I could use a thumbs-up from your old man, too.
But I haven't read the bill yet.
Call it a leap of faith.
(elevator bell chimes) Welcome to the varsity.
You don't have to do this, Danny.
If it were me they were asking questions about, you'd have my back, too.
If you hung a wounded officer out to dry? Not a chance.
Well, thank God the wounded officer's gonna be okay, and I took out the shooter.
Besides, you're not me and I'm not you.
(sighs) Danny.
Detective Reagan.
(knocks on door) What are you doing here? SLOAN: Your interview is no longer required, Detective.
Because you're dropping the investigation? Detective Pierce has made a full statement.
Meaning what? I'll let you two discuss that.
I'm done here.
Want to tell me what the hell's going on? I just did what I should've done in the first place.
Tommy, what are you talking about? Danny, I couldn't live with what I did.
All right? And I sure as hell couldn't let you get jammed up because of me.
So what's gonna happen? I'm retiring, man.
I just turned in my shield.
Why the hell didn't you come and talk to me about it first? What, so you could talk me out of it? I don't know, maybe.
Look, it's done.
Okay, it's done.
We both know it's right.
Well, what are you gonna do now? (sighs) I don't know yet.
I mean, you guys gonna be okay? Do you need help with anything? Yeah, we'll be okay.
It's funny.
You know being a cop's been my whole life for so long.
Last few days, I realized it's just not my life anymore.
Things kind of change when you become a dad, yeah.
That is my life now.
Everything else I'll figure out.
I know you will.
(hands clasp) All right, Saturday morning, flag football.
I expect to see you and Sean.
We'll be there.
See you around.
(sighs) Here I am, Pop.
Thanks for coming out.
You know what this place is? Yeah.
Cop Arlington.
Police Arlington.
I know what it is, Pop.
Eddie talk to you? No, she did not.
Give me some credit.
I've known you since the day you were born.
Copy that.
Everyone that is buried here either died in the line of duty or sent other officers to their death.
I accept the risk to me.
I signed up with eyes wide open.
But I don't think I'm cut out for command.
The department can't function without command.
I get that.
I also get that Officer Ramos almost lost his life as a result of my order.
- Almost.
- Almo-- Pop.
- But one will die one day, don't get me wrong.
And maybe not the only one.
But a strong leader, which is in you, will have saved more lives than he lost when it comes to the end of the day.
Got a minute? That depends.
(sighs) Hear me out.
Please? The six original hockey teams played against each other 14 or 15 times in a season.
Real hatred sprung up, real teeth got knocked out, real eyes got gouged.
And by the end of the season, before the playoffs, a lot of the guys wanted to kill each other.
This is you and me? A custom took hold in the 1930s.
After each deciding game in the playoffs, players lined up on the ice, shook hands, congratulated, consoled each other.
They still do it today.
Unique in professional sports.
So you and I are gonna shake hands? You sprung your new policy on me without a heads-up, I took it personally, I held my cops from your courts for a day.
That was aimed right at you.
Takes a lot to admit that.
I'm not proud of it.
But I also think that I wouldn't change the way I handled it.
Look, this isn't the first time and it sure won't be the last.
We can't be father and daughter out there.
On the ice.
So to speak.
We may very well be playing against each other 14 or 15 times in the season.
And there is gonna be missing teeth and busted noses and trash talk.
So to speak.
But no matter what, we know we are lining up on the ice and shaking hands after the final buzzer.
I have recommended a revised marijuana policy.
It mandates prosecution of any individual that causes public harm through marijuana use.
A judgment call to be made by the NYPD.
I can try and live with that.
Thank you.
So Shall we? Good game.
Good game.