Blue Bloods s09e21 Episode Script


1 DANNY: Well, this is so depressing.
BAEZ: What are you talking about? It's Central Park.
A-All these cute little boats Yeah, and it's a beautiful day, but the only reason we're here is 'cause a dead body was found.
You need a vacation, Reagan.
Probably find a dead body there, too.
Good morning, Detectives.
- Not according to him.
- Uh What do we got? Purse was tossed aside, I.
on the ground says her name is Jessica King, age 29.
Kid over there found her, then promptly threw up his Froot Loops.
Poor little guy.
Tough way to start the day at any age.
BAEZ: I'm not seeing any scratches or signs of a struggle.
She probably didn't even see it coming.
Single stab wound to the heart.
You think that's a message of some sort or just a lucky shot? Lucky for who? I don't know.
That's what we'll have to find out.
SEAN: Gramps? Hello? In here.
Chemistry book you forgot is there on the table.
- What are you doing down there? - Uh, the sink trap needed fixing.
Hey, did you see a box on the porch when you came in? No.
You expecting something? Yeah.
Nicky's graduation present.
A locket of Betty's that she's always loved.
Clasp was broken, so I sent it away to get fixed.
It's supposed to be delivered this morning.
(phone ringing) - Is that you or me? - Not me.
(grunting) Ha.
Speak of the devil.
All right, help me up.
According to the text, the thing was just delivered.
- I can go run out and grab it.
- No, no, no.
At my age, when you commit to standing up, you have to see it through.
(grunts) Van's long gone.
So where the hell's my package? It didn't just disappear.
You ever hear of porch pirates? Maybe somebody stole it.
(phone ringing) - Reagan.
ARMIN (over phone): Oh, thank God.
I didn't know if you'd answer.
Who's this? It's Armin Janko, Eddie's dad.
Please don't hang up.
Uh, you can't be out yet, Mr.
No, not for another three to five.
But I need to talk to you.
Okay, talk.
In person.
I promise it's nothing bad.
It's just something I would rather discuss with my soon-to-be son-in-law in person.
Do me that one favor? Okay.
And don't tell my daughter.
That's two favors.
You can tell her soon, just come and hear me out first.
All right, you got it.
Just for the record, I think asking her up here is a mistake.
If there was a record, you'd be on it.
He's right, boss.
All due respect, I cannot imagine what you're thinking here.
Sometimes a problem is more manageable if you engage it from the top.
(door opens) Last chance to walk this back.
Let's have her.
Commissioner Moore, Lieutenant Gormley.
We've met.
Have a seat.
So we're looking at five assaults on illegal immigrants allegedly committed by an NYPD officer.
Five, right? So far.
And you're claiming the exact same pattern in each of the five assaults? - Yes.
He show a shield and an I.
card? Every time.
And verbally identified himself as a New York City police officer? Why do I feel like you're trying to trip me up? No, we're just trying to ascertain the facts.
And balance them against the fact that you have falsely accused this department before.
What possible agenda could I have here? Well, that's what they call the known unknown.
The only known unknown here is which cop.
Tell me something.
Are all the crimes in this city committed by cops? Just setting the table for the meal I'm expecting.
Anonymous accusations are difficult to investigate and even harder to prosecute.
And that's not stonewalling you, it's a fact.
And it's why I convinced them to give their names, addresses, phone numbers.
We'll look into it.
That's it? It will be investigated thoroughly.
That's what we do here.
Thanks for coming up.
Your granddaughter Nicky is a lovely young woman.
You know my granddaughter? As does the Justice Coalition board now.
A job interview.
First you've heard? And wondering why you're letting me know.
Son of a bitch.
Blue Bloods 9x21 Identity   I can't believe it.
I-I said hi to Jessica just yesterday evening.
We saw she was a painter? Yeah.
A lot of us in the boat club have her paintings on our walls at home.
What time did you talk to her? Hour before dusk.
Uh, I was locking up, but she was staying to paint the s-sunset Oh, God.
What? O-On my way to the subway, I-I saw him cycling into the park.
Who's "him"? The guy on the bike? Yeah.
Central Perv.
"Central Perv"? That's what some of us call him.
He-He's homeless.
Doesn't make him a perv.
Except when he's leering at women or stripping naked to bathe in the pond.
You ask him to stop, and he yells how he's gonna shove his handlebars up various parts of your anatomy.
Back to the scene of the crime? - All right.
Sit tight.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
Hey! Police! Hold it! Hold it! Get out of the way! Move! Come here! Police! - I didn't do anything! - Come here.
- I know my rights.
- Nicely done.
Thank you.
Grab his stuff.
I got him.
(grunting) Are you absolutely sure? Okay, thanks.
Yeah, he says the guy dropped it off.
But who the hell steals a box off your porch in broad daylight? A lowlife.
A dirtbag.
- A scumbag.
A crook.
- Hey, hey, hey.
What? I learned it from you.
So what now, you call 911? Nah.
Without proof it wouldn't go anywhere.
Why not just, like, you know, ask your neighbors? - For what? - Maybe one of them has surveillance or, like, the doorbell camera things.
So what if I ran? I'm an innocent man.
An innocent man nicknamed Central Perv.
My name is Anderson Hardy, and I was minding my own business.
(chuckles) You mispronounced "eyeballing the girl I murdered while being armed to the teeth.
" Armed? I'm a peaceful person.
A peaceful person with a knife in his backpack.
Oh, and a baton in your backpack.
And look at that, he also has a screwdriver in his backpack.
Refresh my memory.
Where's the last place we saw one of these? Stuck in the heart of a dead girl.
That's right.
Almost forgot.
I have those to defend myself.
- Against who? - Everyone.
Businessmen who spit on me, kids who steal my stuff.
And no one hates on the homeless like you cops.
And how exactly was it that Jessica hated on you? Let me guess-- she asked you not to whip it out while she was trying to paint? She didn't hate me.
She was nice.
If anyone killed her, it was that other guy.
Oh, the infamous other guy.
- But there was another guy - Yeah! I didn't stop to say hi 'cause Jessica was already talking to him.
Describe him.
I, I didn't see his face.
(chuckles) When you're homeless, you learn not to stare at other people too long.
(knocking on door) Well, this is your new home now, my friend, so sit tight.
We'll be back.
's office.
You said to find you the moment it was delivered.
Thanks, Officer Meyers.
What do we got? Uh, no prints on the screwdriver, but there were skin cells with the DNA which belongs to not Central Perv.
What? The DNA belongs to a Steve Rhodes.
He was collared three years ago on a D.
So our guy is not our guy.
(sighs) Jamie.
What do you want, Mr.
Janko? I want to walk my little girl down the aisle.
Come on.
I will abide by every rule, every condition.
Why come to me and not to her? Y-You're higher up the ladder than she is.
Or because you know that Eddie would say no.
She, she wants this as much as I do.
Said so in her letters.
Letters? (chuckles) She's been writing to me ever since you guys got engaged.
I got a stack of them in my cell.
I'll show you.
What would she write you about? Father-daughter stuff.
Starting life with somebody and, you know, how to make a marriage work.
She came to you about that? Whatever else I may be, I am still her father.
So she comes to me for advice, yes.
As, I'm-I'm guessing, you go to your family.
I'm not sure that's the same thing.
Armin, my dad Is not behind bars.
Yeah, I get it.
Maybe, for one day, we could set all of that aside and we could all celebrate your wedding together.
As a family.
As it should be.
What's this place supposed to be-- condos, offices? He's an app guy, he just sold one for $10 million.
Apparently, this is the new headquarters.
Looks like him over there.
What's his last name? Rhodes.
Steven Rhodes.
Detective Reagan.
My partner Detective Baez.
How can I help you? Wanted to ask you some questions about the murder of Jessica King.
What? First you've heard of it? Yes.
How? How's a good question.
As in how was your DNA found on the murder weapon? Hmm.
But it wasn't me.
Is everything okay, Steve? No.
That Jessica, the artist? She's been murdered.
What? How? Identical twins Identical twins with identical DNA.
Detectives, I'm telling you.
You're wrong about this.
I was right here last night.
A-And I was right here with him.
Look I wish I knew who killed Jessica but I don't.
And neither does my brother.
But you admit that you knew her.
SETH: I met her a couple times.
Steve's the one who dated her.
He ever mention any trouble between 'em? Or you ever get a sense of it with that mind-melding thing twins have? Never.
STEVE: Jessica and I had a lot of fun.
For as long as it lasted.
These days, dating someone for a week is like getting married to 'em.
Where'd you meet her? She hosts a drink-and-paint night at a bar.
She's very talented.
Not anymore, thanks to you or your brother.
(exhales) Ask any of my exes.
I'm a good boyfriend.
And I haven't seen Jessica since we broke up a month ago.
Then why was one of you seen with her in Central Park last night? Someone got it wrong.
I told you, Steve and I were in Jersey.
And your DNA on the murder weapon? Who knows? Maybe it was one of our workers.
It's not like we inventory our screwdrivers every night.
I mean, do you count up every pencil you push around this place? That's how we're gonna play this now? You're going to insult me? It's just you won't even let us be in the same room.
Are there any other differences between the two of you, besides the names? I was born three minutes before Seth, so I always say I'm three minutes smarter, cooler, and better-looking.
Your twin says that about you? (chuckles) He's kidding.
We're best friends.
Maybe that's why he's the face of the company, and pretty much nobody knows about you.
I'm just as smart as Steve.
Just about different things.
DANNY: Except you weren't smart enough to hire a lawyer already.
Except we're innocent.
Seth and I don't need a lawyer.
We have each other.
We have each other.
Hit a brick wall, too, huh? So far.
But I think Steve could turn into a real dick if I push the right buttons.
What about your twin? Seth seems a bit shyer.
So you think yours is the evil twin? I think one of them or both of them is playing us.
We just got to find out which.
Someone stole it off your porch? (chuckling): Yeah.
My great-granddaughter's graduation present.
Which is why I'm hoping that if they ran this way, your security camera up there filmed it.
Let's check.
Come in.
I appreciate that, Donna.
Oh, of course.
I'm just sorry that, uh, I have go around to all my neighbors because of this.
Four cameras? I didn't know we had a crime wave around here.
Says the cop needing my help.
(chuckles) Okay, there is the front door view.
What time did this happen? Just after 9:00.
There's the son of a bitch! Let me zoom in and put it in slow motion.
DONNA: Her name is Alexis.
You know her? She's my granddaughter.
And an addict.
Why? She's not.
And I guarantee you, whatever was in your box, she's already sold it for drugs.
I don't understand.
Does she live here? Uh-huh.
Till last month, yeah.
Uh (exhales) I took Alexis in after her mother couldn't handle her anymore.
And all she did was lie and steal.
When I confronted her, she slapped me and ran out that door.
So I guess she's living on the streets now.
Look, Donna.
I don't have to report this.
Oh, yes you do.
Or I will.
Because Alexis has been given every chance in the world.
By me, by everyone.
But she's your granddaughter.
Who belongs in jail.
So you take her name and that tape, and you give it to the police, and when they find her, press charges.
I'm done.
Those are our marching orders, so let's make it happen.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Need your help.
I got a, a dead girl.
I got two twin brothers covering for each other 'cause I'm pretty sure one of them killed her, because I got one of their DNA on the murder weapon.
That's amazing.
What's amazing? You actually came to me with something solid.
Aw, very funny.
Look, can you just do me a favor? I need help getting a subpoena for phone records, financials, EZ pass, anything I can use to put one of them at the crime scene.
Well, you'd better hope it does.
Otherwise I'm not sure this office will be able to proceed.
What are you talking about? You just said I brought you something solid with the DNA.
Especially with the DNA.
It's exactly the same.
(exhales) So how is a jury supposed to decide which one did it? And that is how a smart defense attorney is going to play it.
Thank you for the optimism.
Hey, great, both you guys are here? What are you doing here? That's the question.
I need your guys' help.
You know how long I've been waiting to hear that? Ha-ha.
Just ignore her, she's on a roll today.
I want to get Eddie's dad out of prison so he can come to the wedding.
You want to get that Bernie Madoff wannabe out of prison? JAMIE: I, I know he ripped off a bunch of people, but it's still her father.
Kid, you (chuckles): you're a better man than me, I'll tell you that.
I think it's sweet.
Maybe your office could put a bug in the warden's ear? And, Danny, maybe you could nudge somebody down at the Marshals' office to expedite a prisoner transpo? For you, for Eddie, the wedding, yes, I know a guy, I'll give him a call.
Both of you guys, thank you so much.
Well, I'm happy to see that Eddie has worked out all the problems with her father.
Well, I haven't told her yet.
What do you mean, you haven't told her yet? Well, Armin came to me in private, and I don't want Eddie to get her hopes up until I know I can pull it off.
I'm not sure it's smart to start a marriage off with a lie.
It's not a lie.
I'm just withholding some information.
Oh-- withholding? Withholding, hmm.
Well, if you want to know how withholding ever worked out for me when I tried it with Linda, I could show you the scars, 'cause I still got 'em.
- Guys, I'm gonna tell her.
- Nope.
There's no "gonna" when it comes to being honest with the person you love.
You got to tell her now.
DANNY: And I'd run.
Don't walk.
- You don't - Bye.
(sighs) (door opens) Well? (sighs) I know.
I really appreciate you taking the time.
I always have time for my favorite granddaughter.
And only granddaughter.
And congratulations are in order.
Can you believe it? I'm finally graduating.
That, too.
You know? I think so.
How? I'm the police commissioner.
I hear things.
Your mom know? They called this morning.
I'm headed to her next.
So you're gonna take it? Yes.
And before your head explodes Hey.
My head's fine.
The New York Justice Coalition does work for the disenfranchised I'm sure they do.
But most of their complaints and suits are against my department.
Which has a spotless record? No, we make mistakes, but it's nowhere near the picture your new boss paints.
And being a Reagan, I can help her understand that the NYPD, even with its flaws, is more friend than foe.
Boy that's a tall order.
Nicky, you can only do what you can do.
You think she's gonna try to use me as a spy.
Certainly as a valued source.
Wouldn't be unheard of.
For me it is.
Which I told her.
And a little steam came out of her ears, but she got it.
Or said she did.
Look, she's very smart with a very specific agenda.
And my eyes are wide open.
Like I'm asking you to keep yours.
Look I get it.
I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do what I can.
I know it's hard to find your rhythm with a new partner at first, but you just got to give it some time.
This guy just eats nonstop.
In the car, mouth open, food flying everywhere.
Janko, got a second? You think riding with the boss was easy at first? He drives slower than my grandmother, and she's been dead ten years.
Your father reached out to me, and I visited him in prison.
Uh-uh, recently? Yes.
About? He wants to come to our wedding.
He wants to get a furlough so that he can walk you down the aisle.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, he said he had a stack of letters from you that you wanted him there.
I've never written my dad.
I didn't say I bought it.
Oh, my God, it's It's always a scam with him.
That said, he did seem genuine.
And I've already got the wheels in motion to get him out.
- Without telling me? Before telling you.
There's a difference? Yeah, right.
Anyhow, it's up to you and you alone.
I just thought my whole family's gonna be there.
Maybe yours could be, too.
I know they're twins, and I know twins stick together, but this is nuts.
These two live together, work together.
They even got joint bank accounts together.
What about their joint alibi? GPS says they were together at the office at the time they said they were together, no surprise.
And I got neither cars traveling from Jersey City to Central Park.
Here, see if I missed anything.
I'll tell you, I never believed there was any such thing as a perfect crime, but these two morons might have somehow pulled one off.
You sound like you admire 'em.
I appreciate their apparent loyalty to each other.
That's it.
I mean, did you ever cover for your brother when he broke the law? No, I never covered for Javi, not once.
And his were just drug crimes.
What about you? Would you cover for your brother? If he broke the law? I don't know.
You don't know? Well, I'd like to say I know, but sometimes we do things with family that doesn't always make sense.
The only thing that does make sense right now is we're screwed.
Well, did you see this? What? Seth had three hour-long phone conversations with Jessica the week leading up to her murder.
Seth? I thought she was dating Steve.
Maybe she was getting help from Seth to get Steve back? Or maybe Steve was trying to throw us off by using Seth's phone.
Okay, well, then we're back to square one.
The only girl that can tell us anything about these two is too dead to tell us anything.
(sighs heavily) Unless there was someone else.
Did you just pull that out of your hat? No, Steve told me.
What's going on? Alexis was caught stealing other packages about a mile from here.
You said you were going to have her arrested.
Oh, she went to the station, but I'd put in a want card on her, so they gave me a call.
So? Don't you want to talk to her? I told you, I am done.
The people she stole from don't want to press charges.
And I've talked to her.
She knows what she did was wrong.
And I know that an addict will do whatever it takes to squirm free.
She's conning you, Henry.
When I asked her to tell me where she pawned the necklace, I went there.
Lo and behold.
So maybe she does want to change.
Henry, I I also made a few phone calls and got the name of a rehab center.
The best in Brooklyn.
I'm sure we could find a sympathetic judge.
And if she runs away again? We'll go after her again.
Over and over, until the end of time? Donna, if you abandon the girl now, I think it'll be the end of her.
I'm not saying it'll work, but isn't family worth a shot? Come here, honey.
(crying) Hey.
What's all that? I'm gonna digitize a bunch of these old family photos and make a slide show for the reception.
So everyone can see the two families united? (chuckles) Exactly.
Erin sent over a bunch of Reagan family photo albums.
And I found this.
They look so proud of you.
Not as proud as she would have been meeting you.
My mom brought over a bunch of pictures of us, too.
Yeah? And, uh, there's a bunch of me and my dad.
JAMIE: Better days, huh? Did you tell Lena that he wants to come? Yeah, and, I mean, she thinks it's a good idea.
And you? I mean, maybe it's time to make some new family memories.
Nicky, my tribute to your graduation comes from Teddy Roosevelt.
But I had to alter the gender pronouns for these modern times, et cetera.
So, a woman who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car.
But if she has a university education, she may steal the whole railroad.
ALL: Hear, hear.
And thank you again for this beautiful necklace.
- Yeah, you did good, Pop.
- Hello? I helped.
Okay, fine, you get thanks, too.
Yeah, while we're on the topic, when I graduate from high school, I don't want, like, a necklace or anything, just a car.
If you graduate high school.
And here I had you pegged for a necklace guy.
Ha, ha.
We'll take that under advisement, Sean.
What kind of car? Are you really asking? No.
(laughing) So, what's next? Do you have any job prospects? Oh, what just happened? I have an offer.
Only one? Must be tough sledding for the college kids these days.
She would have had a lot more if she asked any of us for help.
Is it so wrong that I want to stand on my own two feet? Depends on whose business those feet take you to for an application.
And who, exactly, are you two speaking of in code? Corey Vallejo.
- What? - (Henry groans) JAMIE: She's posting job offers? What's it say, "Molotov cocktail experience a plus"? That's not what she's about.
- You could have fooled me.
- Me, too.
Me three.
She tried to frame your own grandfather with that fake hit-and-run job.
Come on, you know that she and her organization do good things.
Lot of ways to do good things in the world.
Throwing bombs isn't one of 'em.
She really throw bombs? - Figure of speech.
- So far as we know.
Francis, you can't possibly think this is a good idea.
You know what I think? I look at Nicky, and I see the same person I've always seen sitting there.
Because for two decades around this table, she stood up to you.
And me and everybody else.
And she has given as good as she's got.
I, for one, couldn't be prouder.
So, as Ignatius of Loyola said, "Go forth and set the world on fire.
" Well Thank you for today.
And yet? I'm a little worried.
Are you, now? Why did Corey tell you in the first place? You're not buying the olive branch? Are you? Never did.
She's working an angle.
But what? (sighs) I have no idea.
When I became PC, Pop said something to me that I thought was way too cynical until I got burned a couple of times.
"A good person pays back favors.
A smart one pays them forward.
" Okay.
When you had your job interview, I mean, you must not have just talked business, there must've been chitchat.
She asked about our family.
Did she talk about hers? Yeah.
(lock buzzes) Eddie.
Hey, Dad.
You came.
- Thank you.
- It's all her.
(chuckles) You look good.
And you look more beautiful than ever.
Okay, let's not go crazy.
You do, you do.
(laughs) Figured I should ask you in person.
Dad, you want to come to our wedding? Nothing would make me happier.
If you want me to.
It's just 12 hours, Armin, just there and back.
And you're-you're sure this is okay with your mother, me being there? Yeah, she's okay.
Uh, it's my wedding.
Even the Jankos should be able to pull this one off.
Listen, I know I don't deserve this.
Oh, thank you, my angel.
You always looked out for me.
Would you say that again, Dad? What? About you being my angel looking out for me? We made a mistake.
What do you mean? - Yeah, yeah, angel - Don't say that, Dad.
What? You are Only when you need help squirming out of a jam.
My whole life, that's the only time you use those words.
I don't know what you're talking about.
When the police came knocking and I swore to them that you had been home all night, and the millions of times that you convinced me to tell Mom that you weren't having an affair.
- Eddie - What's the con this time, Dad? Other than telling Jamie that I'd been writing you letters.
You gonna rip off the caterer? Make a break for it when you get out? Eddie, Eddie, Th-there's no con at all this time.
I don't care.
Come on, we're, we're going.
- Right behind you.
- Eddie Eddie, please.
Yeah, I dated Steve.
His condo's a mile from mine in Jersey.
Why? Steve told us that any of his former girlfriends would vouch for him and say he's a great guy.
(laughs) - Oh, God.
- So it's not true? No, he is.
We had a lot of fun last summer, and he's great in bed.
Surprised he didn't mention that part.
Until the last time, and then it was just odd.
Odd how? Uh, he was gentler, shyer.
I mean, vanilla sex wasn't why I was with Steve, but it's like, all of a sudden, he was just a different guy.
Seth? Seth.
Who's Seth? Steve Rhodes has a twin brother.
What? Wait, are you saying that I slept with Steve's brother? (clears throat) What happened after the sex? He ghosted me, which is why it was weird that he showed up at my place the other night asking to borrow my car.
Why? He said his was in the shop and he needed to talk to somebody who was trying to ruin his life.
He used those exact words? Yeah.
Yeah, he seemed pissed.
And you're sure it was Steve, not Seth? When he dropped off my car, he kissed me and everything lit up again, so, yeah, it was Steve.
(crying)   Henry, she was so excited last night.
Said that she really did want to get clean, and then when I came to get her this morning Apparently it's a thing with addicts.
One last blowout before they head to rehab.
But I told her that it was gonna be okay.
I let my guard down.
No, if anybody screwed up here, it was me.
You? If she'd gone to jail like you wanted, she never would've been able to get those drugs.
No, Henry, you, you helped me, you helped you helped us.
Even if just for one minute, I had that little girl back.
So what now? Now you go on.
With God's help.
Mine, too, if you want.
(stammers) It's nice to have neighbors that I can count on.
Walter Mills.
You're sure he's the right guy? All five victims I.
'd him in separate lineups, and under questioning he confessed to all five assaults.
Do you want to schedule the press conference, or should I? Oh, definitely you.
Thank you.
I won't be attending.
What? He's not a cop, never was.
The shield and I.
were bogus, but, by all means, you should talk to the press.
They deserve to know that that man is off the street, and you deserve the credit for lighting a fire under us.
Thank you.
I mean it.
And thank you for hiring Nicky.
I mean that, too.
Really? Yeah, she will make a great addition to your organization, just as Carlos will in the NYPD.
Carlos my brother? Exactly.
You know, it's always tough to find out a promising applicant has been turned down because of a minor brush with the law.
So you pulled a string? I am the string.
So, in a perfect world, we might call this "familia," but in the imperfect world that we live in, why don't we just call it "insurance"? See you soon, Frank.
Most likely.
(indistinct chatter) All right, here we go.
Go, clear it out.
Right here, get out.
Let's go, everybody move it out.
Come on.
Let's go.
You, out! Ah-ah-ah.
Not you two.
This again? We're on a deadline.
So just kill us, Steve.
- Excuse me? - Why not? You killed Jessica, and God knows your brother will cover for you again, right? I didn't cover for anyone.
We know it sounds weird, but not as weird as the two of you tricking girls to get you laid.
You know what? Now I am gonna call our lawyer.
Then you can tell your lawyer that we got tollbooth photos of you driving Karlynn Bell's car into the city.
And a bunch of other ex-girlfriends willing to testify.
Karlynn, Annette, Bianca.
All of them told us the same exact story.
And when a jury hears about that, plus the DNA evidence on the murder weapon, plus your little sex switcheroo, it's gonna be buh-bye for you guys.
- Steve - Shut up, Seth.
Starting to get to you, Seth? - Nothing's getting to me.
- Course it is.
For the first time, you slept with one of your brother's girlfriends and they weren't creeped out by you.
That why Jessica kept calling you? 'Cause somebody finally liked you more than your twin, which pissed him off good.
No, no, no, that isn't true.
Don't listen to them.
You must've been pretty pissed off, Steve.
You couldn't let Jessica take Seth away from you and ruin the lives you two had together, so you killed her and made him cover for you because nothing is allowed to come between you two.
And nothing ever will.
DANNY: Except maybe a few thousand miles.
We're gonna make sure you go to different states and do your time.
BAEZ: Unless you want to 'fess up and maybe we can change our minds.
Come hell or high water? Come hell or high water.
- Love you, brother.
- Love you.
Okay, I'm gonna take that as a no.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back, both of you.
Oh, my God! - You okay? - Yeah.
5-4 detectives to Central.
I need a bus at this location.
Two males shot