Blue Bloods s09e22 Episode Script

Something Blue

1 First, I want to say thank you for coming down.
I know it's not easy making time in your busy day to help us.
My pleasure.
I'm happy to help.
Well, before we take this to the grand jury, I just want to go through a few things.
- No problem.
- So you were present at the location on the evening of May 1, is that correct? Says you witnessed the shooting.
I heard a gunshot, and I look around the corner, I saw a guy dead on the sidewalk.
Um "I saw a man "about six feet tall wearing jeans and a hoodie shoot the guy, and then run toward the subway.
" That's the statement you gave to the officer at the scene.
I never said that.
(clears throat) So what did you say? I said I heard shots, and then I saw a guy dead on the sidewalk, and that I saw a guy running away.
And was the guy about six foot, wearing a hoodie and jeans? He was too far away to tell.
Did you see a gun? No.
Just a guy running to the train.
Morris, if I can ask you a question? Is it possible that someone threatened you to change your testimony? No.
No way.
So the officer that took your statement just got it wrong? That's right.
Well, I'm gonna get the officer down here and get to the bottom of this, but if you have anything you need to clarify, right now would be the time.
I'm good.
Well, thank you for coming down.
All right, get him down here, Anthony.
So get her down here.
Officer Edit Janko.
It's P-I-E-C-E, not P-E-A-C-E.
No, it's "peace," like "object to this marriage, or forever hold your peace.
" (imitates buzzer) It's piece with the "I-E," meaning your opinion is the piece of the puzzle that makes it whole.
You've said your piece.
Oh, so it's like in church.
"Piece be with you.
" P-I-E-C-E.
(laughing): Yeah.
Well getting recognition from the community Good morning.
Are we late? No.
Baker's just going over the new ideas for the social media Crime Stoppers program.
Was she? Boy, there's some good stuff in there.
Good work, guys.
That's great.
Well, we really need to kick it around some more.
Well, you know what? This is the perfect time.
We could do the briefing later.
I am jammed up.
I have to write a speech.
Open with a joke.
So, the big day is coming up.
You nervous? Absolutely terrified.
(laughs) And excited.
There's nothing to be nervous about.
You're gonna be a beautiful bride, and my brother is a lucky guy.
So, Eddie, the reason I asked you down here is to help clear up some confusion we have on the Morales murder.
Uh, what's up? Well, in your report, you say Leo Morris witnessed the shooting and gave a physical description on the shooter.
- That's right.
- Well, he says it's wrong.
He says it's not true.
That is 100% true.
Well, one of you is either mistaken or lying.
Lying? Well poor choice of words.
What I mean is What you mean is you are taking the word of a complete stranger over mine.
Eddie, when I'm in this office, I only take one side-- the truth.
Well, did you ask him if he was lying? Matter of fact, I did.
And he was quite convincing, wasn't he? So what? Am I not convincing? That's not what I'm saying.
That's kind of what you're saying.
What I wrote in the report is exactly what Leo Morris stated to me when I arrived on the scene.
If he's saying something different today, then he's the liar, not me.
Eddie I'm-a go back to work.
Something I almost never say to you.
Should have let me handle it.
(whining) So no roommate? What about a girlfriend? I don't know.
I don't think so.
Was he with anyone last night? I don't know.
I don't watch the door.
But you have security cameras, right? Surveillance camera at the front entrance.
Okay, well, we're gonna need that footage.
We're gonna need to see that footage ASAP.
You got something? Mm-hmm.
He definitely had a visitor last night.
Blue Bloods 9x22 Something Blue   (knocking) Come in.
(sighs) Look, I can explain.
I hope so.
Sid, Baker wants you to join us in my office.
(sighs) Don't you think it's better we're all on the same page? Obviously, you're both pissed at me.
We're all part of his inner circle, we all have access to him at any time, but this is about policy.
I know that.
Chain of command.
- Excuse me? - I'm a lieutenant, you're a detective.
Chain of command.
Anything you run past the boss got to first be cleared by me.
Sid, it needs to be cleared by me.
No disrespect, Garrett, but you're a civilian.
Here we go again.
Well, technically, he's right, Garrett.
Commissioner Moore for right now.
- Yes, Commissioner Moore.
- You really think that he's technically right? - Yes.
- A thousand percent.
I suggest you both take a look at the Patrol Guide because, as deputy commissioner, I hold the assimilated rank of a three-star chief.
- Seriously? - Thousand percent.
And technically, you're both supposed to salute me.
Fat chance.
Chain of command, just like you said.
You report to him.
You report to me.
I don't know, Garrett.
I work with you, I report to the boss.
BAKER: As do I, and the only reason I showed the commissioner my presentation was because he saw me working on it, and he asked to see it.
This office needs to speak with one voice.
We can't have things flying in from all different directions.
That's why before anything lands on his desk, it has to be vetted first by me.
- And me.
BAKER: You know what? I don't think this has anything to do with chain of command.
I think this is bruised egos and stepped-on toes.
(scoffs) Let's run through it.
Uh, just pretend you're my sister.
(clears throat) Well, you don't have probable cause, Danny.
And I'm not your rubber stamp.
(laughs) Meant figuratively, not literally.
But that was very funny, and (chuckles) very accurate.
Okay, so, some time after 11:00, Patrick Harris and Rachel Wilson have drinks together at a place called "the Moomba Room.
" Now, at 0117 hours, we got an Uber charge here on Patrick's account taking him from the bar to his apartment.
At 142 hours, they arrive at Patrick's place of residence.
Now only two people enter the building after them.
They're both confirmed as residents.
There's no signs of forced entry, so we know it wasn't them, but Rachel leaves the building somewhere after 5:00.
puts the time of death between 4:30 and 5:30 a.
Surveillance footage doesn't show anyone else enter the building until after Patrick's body is discovered, which means, there's only one person on Earth who could have killed Patrick Harris.
Rachel Wilson.
So, sis, do I get a warrant or not? (clears throat) It's good, Danny Boy, but it's not good enough.
Of course, because nothing's ever good enough for you, sis.
More than good enough for me.
IRVING: Detectives, I'm sorry.
- This is - Patrick Harris's mother.
Can we talk? They broke up over a year ago, but she just couldn't accept it.
She wouldn't leave him alone.
Well, the video of them walking into his apartment-- they sure looked happy.
He didn't look bothered to be with her.
So why would she kill him? My guess? He told her that this was a one-time thing.
But kill him? She looks like a sweet, innocent little thing with all those stuffed animals, but believe me, she's got a temper, and a history of this.
What type of history are you talking about? When they broke up, first, she threatened to kill herself if he didn't take her back.
And when that didn't work, she threatened to hurt anyone else he was with.
(crying): And when all of that failed to lure him back, that's when she showed her true colors.
What do you mean, her true colors? (sighs) "If I can't have you, nobody can.
" "If you won't be with me in this lifetime, then you will be with me in the next lifetime.
" (crying) She called me a liar.
Well, not exactly, right? She said, "One of you is lying.
" Okay, look, I understand that you're upset.
I'm just clarifying, she didn't actually call you a liar.
She said, "Someone is lying," and then she said the witness seemed credible.
You do the math.
Okay, I just think that we should drop it, because I don't think there's any upside to splitting hairs about this.
Look, I'm just surprised, because it doesn't sound like something that my sister would do.
Well, maybe not to you, but she is very intimidating.
This is great.
You know, we're about to get married, and I'm just now finding out that you have a problem with my sister.
Of course I have a problem with your sister.
She's smart, she's confident, she's accomplished, she's ridiculously beautiful.
She is every woman's basic nightmare.
Do you think that you're every woman's basic nightmare? How could I be? Because as far as I'm concerned, you just described yourself.
- Ha ha.
- It's the truth.
He's in a meeting.
We'll get right back to you.
(laughs) That's funny.
Sorry, I got to run.
(door opens) Come in.
You know (sighs) Why didn't I have you write the damn speech? It's a rehearsal dinner.
You're making a toast, not a speech.
Just write from the heart.
But start with a joke.
You guys get your head together on that Crime Stoppers thing? Not yet.
Top of the list.
Did you see the big drop in violent crime out in Crown Heights? It's time for a victory lap.
- It is? - It is.
Our community policing effort is the reason for the drop.
We got to get that message out there to encourage other neighborhoods to be receptive to our program.
What'd Sid say? Well, I-I didn't discuss it with him.
This is a public relations matter.
(chuckles): Garrett.
I mean, you know he's gonna have an opinion on what precincts we go to.
I'll loop him in on that aspect.
Get him to make a list for me.
And, of course, Abigail.
(chuckles): Well, excuse me? She does my schedule.
I'm not sure I'll even have time to do something like this for a couple of weeks.
So you're saying I have to get Gormley and Baker's sign-off before I can set this in motion? I didn't say you had to.
You're ordering me to vet my idea with them first.
Is there something you need to tell me? No.
(exhales) It's fine.
You're right.
I'll, uh I'll-I'll get their thoughts.
This is you, correct? - Yes.
- You mind telling us what happened last night? We hung out.
Is he your boyfriend? Well, kind of.
We broke up a year ago, but we're soul mates.
So, last night was make-up sex.
Then what? Then what, Rachel? RACHEL: We slept a little, and then I got up to go to work.
I have to be here at 5:00.
And Patrick was alive at that time? Oh, my God.
Are you saying? Mm-hmm.
H-How? That's what we were hoping you could help us with.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, I had absolutely nothing to do with this.
Well, then maybe you wouldn't mind coming down to our office so we can rule you out as a suspect.
Suspect? Mm-hmm.
Suspect?! Yeah, we'll just take some elimination prints, a little DNA sample, and you should be in the clear.
I think I should call my parents.
And their lawyer.
But you said you didn't do anything, remember? I'm sorry.
I can't say another word.
(indistinct chatter) Thank you.
What are you doing in my neck of the woods? I just testified.
- So, I spoke to Dad earlier.
- Yeah? Think he's really nervous about delivering his speech.
The guy delivers five speeches a day.
Not to his baby boy at his rehearsal dinner, he doesn't.
Think it's really sweet that you asked him.
So, what else is going on? Eddie told me you had her in.
That go okay? Went fine for me.
Apparently not for her.
I think she was hurt.
Look, you think we should be talking about this? Why not? When she's in my office, she's a cop.
And if I find discrepancies, then you better believe I'm gonna get to the bottom of it.
And if she can't handle that, maybe she should find a softer line of work.
You sure this isn't about something else? Like, maybe you're not her biggest fan or? Don't bring me into your fiancée's dramas.
- Okay? I like her just fine.
- "Like her just fine.
" Yeah.
And I'll like her a hell of a lot more when she starts fighting her own battles.
DANNY: Look, short of her walking in here and confessing, I don't know what more we could do.
- I see one thing.
- What? If her fingerprints are on that knife Well, she has no priors.
(chuckles) She has no prints in the system.
But her fingerprints are out there somewhere.
And what makes you think that? You remember at her office.
Every door was locked with a palm print sensor.
So her prints are on file.
And that's something we can get a subpoena for, and we don't have to get it from your sister.
(door opens) Garrett and Gormley.
Let's have 'em.
You, too, Baker.
So, anything I need to know? Okay.
All three of you are fired.
If my inner circle can't collaborate, I will find people who can.
Personal feuds cannot have a place in this building.
(sighs) Now that is my plan B.
Anyone want to hear plan A? I do.
Me, too.
Yes, boss.
Sid, first thing in the morning, you will report to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.
I'm gonna work for Garrett? No, you will be the acting DCPI.
Baker, you will take Sid's office.
You will be the acting special assistant to the commissioner.
Seriously? - And Garrett GARRETT: Frank, you made your point.
I'm not answering phones.
Oh, she does a lot more than that.
You will all report to your new desks at 0600 hours.
0600 hours? - 6:00 in the morning.
- It's military time.
- I know what it means.
- At which time you will also have 24 hours to come to a consensus about Abigail's program.
That's a lot to ask.
I ain't asking.
(whirring stops) You're still pissed.
- You think? - I told you that I was sorry and that I was just trying to look out for you.
And by doing so, you made me look like a scared little girl who can't defend herself.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
Two days ago, Erin thought that I was a liar.
And now she thinks that I'm a liar and a wimp.
Promise you, that was not my intention.
Oh, I know that.
So, why do you think that you should go out there and you should fight fights for me without ever asking me? Because we're getting married, and I love you, and it's my job to look after you.
Not like that.
Here's the thing.
I want to marry you more than anything, and by doing so, I'm gonna become a Reagan.
But I don't want to become a Reagan.
Does that make sense? No.
(gasps) Oh, my God.
What? - Remember this? - What? No.
What-what are you doing here? You never saw this knife before? - No, I haven't.
- Your prints are all over the knife.
- How did you get my fingerprints? Your fingerprints are on file here at the office.
We got a subpoena.
Care to explain? We were drinking.
I don't remember everything that I touched.
Bad enough for you to have to come with us.
No, no, no.
I talked to my parents' lawyer.
He said that I didn't have to say anything to you or go with you anywhere unless I was under arrest.
You are under arrest.
Put your hands behind your back, please.
No! No, no, no, no, please.
I swear.
No, I swear.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything to hurt him.
(crying): Please.
- Okay.
- Please.
I swear.
I loved him! Please, please, please, please.
(indistinct chatter) Anthony, what the hell are you doing here? Same thing as you, I'm guessing.
Staking out Leo Morris? Yeah.
At least we're in a nice, warm car with snacks.
I just really want to get this guy.
I know.
I don't blame you.
I didn't fudge my report, Anthony.
He gave me that statement.
I believe you.
Erin doesn't.
- That's not necessarily true.
- You heard her.
When it comes to the job, she's no-nonsense.
Believe me, she would grill her dead grandmother the same way she did you if it would help the case.
I didn't know that.
Come on, they're all like that.
Who? Prosecutors? No, Reagans.
And you should know that, because you're about to become one of them.
You make it sound like they're another species.
Their entire life is this job.
And don't get me wrong, there's no one better at it than them, but it comes at a cost.
Let me ask you something.
Anybody at that family dinner you go to every week setting the world on fire in their personal life? And I'm not saying anything bad.
I'm not trying to talk you out of anything.
I'm just saying, open your eyes a little.
Know what you're getting yourself into.
Can I quote you on that? Um quote me? Can you excuse me for one sec? (quietly): Thank you.
(chuckles softly) (phone rings) Hello? I mean, uh, Commissioner Reagan's office.
How may I help you? Yeah, I need your help.
Oh, it's you.
I got this reporter here, - Brett something or other, from - Brent.
With The New York Times.
Yeah, that guy.
He wants to quote me.
Absolutely not.
That's what I thought.
Listen, any chance you could come here and talk to this guy? - He's really intense.
- What was it you said to me in the parking lot last night? "I spent my whole life "chasing bad guys-- you think I'm scared of some nerd reporter?" (beeps) (groans) Seriously? What am I supposed to do with all these? Those are your CompStat files.
You got to go through them and build a case.
Build a case.
How exactly do I do that? You got to go through all the files, scrutinize every investigative step, right, and see what they missed.
- How will I know? Gee, Abigail, I don't know, I'm just a ginormous head with half a brain, remember? Sid, come on.
I didn't mean that.
(phone ringing) Hello? (quietly): Hey.
It's me.
Look, he-he's asking for his schedule, and I think I-I've accidentally deleted some of his events.
Just go into the "recently deleted" folder and retrieve them.
But I'm locked out.
I printed out a piece of paper for you to use that had everything you would need, including a super user password.
Do you have it? Can you just come here and do it? Oh, but then I'd be robbing you of the opportunity to fully appreciate the fact that my job is quite a bit more than answering phones, making coffee and hanging Frank's coat.
So that's a no? Yeah, a big fat one.
(exhales) Finally, a case served on a silver platter.
You're welcome.
And this fingerprint thing, that was your idea? Really great work, Detective.
What? - Nothing.
- What is it with him? Shouldn't you be doing a Snoopy dance or something? (quietly): Whoo-hoo.
He's having doubts.
Doubts? You got this cold.
When we went to collar her, she fell to her knees and swore up and down that she was innocent.
Doesn't every perp do that? That's exactly what I said.
So what's the difference with this one? What's different with this one is that I believed her.
(clears throat loudly) (gasping) Leo.
You forgot your pizza.
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
What is that? That is your bank statement, Leo.
I can explain.
I think you better.
(elevator bell dings) Mr.
Moore, what's going on? Contemplating all the bad decisions in life that led me to here.
He's expecting you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What'd I just see? Too soon to tell.
I've been working on my speech.
Want to hear what I got so far? Sure.
"For those of you who don't know me, I'm the father of the groom.
" It's a small rehearsal dinner, Dad.
Everyone's gonna know who you are.
That's the funny part.
You always start with a joke.
You missed the funny part.
Talk to me.
Easing right into it, huh? Well, you hardly ever ask to come up here, and I hardly ever make an exception and let you come up, so I guess it's what they call "the jitters.
" But not you.
Why do you say that? Because I have never seen you so unwaveringly certain of what you want, aside from late '60s Detroit muscle.
She seems a little spooked.
(sighs) What's she saying? A little all over the place, but she said one thing that stuck.
She doesn't want to lose herself.
That makes sense.
It does? Yeah.
Let me ask you, how many times have you been over to her family's house for Sunday dinner? Well, her brother's dead, her dad's in jail, and her mom's not really the type.
Did you listen to what you just said? She feels like she's joining our family a lot more than I'm joining hers.
And not just any family, it's us.
Part ancient tribe, part wolf pack.
- Yeah.
- And she doesn't even have one of her own to walk her down the aisle to seal the deal.
(sighs) Jamie Jamie, don't let her do all the work adjusting to us.
Find opportunities to lead us into adjusting to her.
  We know that Patrick and Rachel began their night together at the Moomba Room, right? But we never paid enough attention to the fact that they didn't arrive at the Moomba Room together.
- They met there.
- That's right.
Based on Patrick's reaction to seeing Rachel, he didn't even know she was coming.
He was completely surprised.
Okay, so they still went home together, and he still wound up dead.
So it got me to thinking.
If he didn't know he was gonna meet up with Rachel, what did he have planned for earlier in the night? Okay, so what'd you find? Patrick had a date with somebody else two hours earlier.
(exhaling) We're out of time.
GORMLEY: We did what he asked.
She walked us through.
We chimed in with some notes.
We were helpful, right? More than helpful.
And you'll mention that, right? Of course I will.
There we go.
I lied when I said the reason I didn't share my idea with you first was because I didn't think it was a big deal.
I believed in this idea and I wanted him to know it was mine.
I knew it.
- See, Garrett? - Yeah, I see.
Can you blame her? Our behavior this week, Abigail, it's embarrassing.
Well, it takes two to tango, and I was right there with you.
And if I can be totally honest I felt threatened.
I know how smart you are.
I know how well you can do my job.
Oh, please.
I wouldn't get out of the driveway.
If we're all being all honest I know I've just been barely keeping my head above water around here.
It's been like that since day one.
No, Sid.
You are the beating heart of this place.
Come here.
Come on, get in here.
  Well? We have your revisions.
Though that was never my point.
  If it was against the law to have a bad date, this entire city would be behind bars.
What's this? DANNY: You're client's cell phone pinged off the tower nearest to Patrick's apartment building four hours after their date, because she waited outside.
You've got surveillance from the building's cameras? Does my client appear in that footage? No, she doesn't.
LAWYER: Didn't think so.
- Because she wasn't there.
- But she does make an appearance in the footage we pulled of the neighboring building's alley.
A very bloody appearance.
  (sighs) You wanted to see me? Eddie, come on in.
A $10,000 deposit into Leo Morris's bank account.
Nice work.
Did you get him to admit to the bribe? Well, for a guy who makes 40 grand a year, it was hard to explain.
The defendant's brother and a fellow gang member paid him for his silence.
Well, what happens now? All three of them are gonna be charged with bribery and witness tampering.
So, again, nice work.
Well, I'm glad I was able to see this one through.
Look, turns out I owe you an apology.
I thought you might say that, but it's not true.
No, I do.
I accused you of lying.
Not exactly.
You questioned me.
I got insulted.
I overreacted.
And then I whined to Jamie about it.
Well, I think maybe you're being a little hard on yourself.
No, that's not even the worst part.
The worst part is that I got mad at him when he came to you.
But, let's me honest, part of me wanted him to.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have complained to him.
Well, when you put it that way I don't want anyone else fighting my battles.
- I don't think you do.
- So I'm making a choice here.
I've decided that you weren't picking on me, you were treating me as an equal.
And coming from you, that's a really big honor.
Well, Eddie Janko, soon to be Reagan, you continue to surprise, don't you? I'm just getting started.
LENA: I must say what I'm most struck by this evening is how well mannered, charming, welcoming, and strikingly handsome you all are.
(laughter) The handsome part's all me.
(laughter) Hey, what are we, chopped liver? But what I most admire is your sincerity and brutal honesty.
You have no idea how brutal.
LENA: I assure you Edit and myself, who have both suffered from my husband's glaring deficiency in that department it is greatly appreciated.
So to you, Jameson.
Thank you for loving my daughter as much as I do.
And I raise a toast to all of your sublime qualities (laughter) not the least of which is your wonderful family.
- Cheers.
- Thank you, Lena.
- Hear, hear.
- I'll drink to that.
ALL: Cheers.
To Jamko.
Jamko? What's Jamko? - Jamie and Janko.
- Yeah, Jamko.
(laughter) It's all right, I wasn't following it, either.
Why do you call Eddie "Eh-deet"? It's Hungarian for Edith.
Would you learn something, numbnuts? (laughter) She just made a comment about our manners.
Well, I'm just I'm breaking her in.
Sorry, I'm breaking her in.
Okay? All right? (laughter) Ah, okay.
(Erin clears throat) Tomorrow morning, Edit is heading full tilt into the bravest act any cop I've ever known has attempted.
And I ain't just talking about marrying Jamie.
(laughter) Ooh.
FRANK: Although, that would be plenty, for sure.
You see before the I-do's, she is walking down the aisle by herself.
She is bucking a nod to an antiquated tradition, a tradition of the father of the bride giving away his daughter.
But, you see Eddie isn't anyone's to give away.
She is her own woman.
And her own life force.
And I have seen it in action on the job, and we have all seen it in action at our dinner table.
Oh, yeah.
(laughter) And I so look forward to seeing her in action as Jamie's life partner.
And, hopefully, as a mother.
And as a hurricane of fresh air and candor and strength for our family.
So Lena Edit (chuckles) We are so very glad, and truly privileged to have you join us.
(indistinct chatter) Where's Dad? Don't know.
Gramps? Said he had to take a call.
Well, he is the police commissioner.
You're sure you want to go through with this? (chuckling): Yes.
Truly sure? Uh, yes.
Why are you asking me about this right now? Because in over 2,000 weddings, I've only lost three to divorce and I don't want any more dents in my record.
Couldn't be more sure.
Then let's go.
(laughs)     Danny, where is he? I don't know.
You know where he is?   I really-- I really loved what you said last night, but Y-You really sure about this? (exhales) Every night for the last month, I've been having the same nightmare that I'm I'm gonna trip over the hem of my gown and face-plant in front of everybody.
(sighs) I'll always have your six o'clock.
(sighs) ("Bridal Chorus" plays)