Blue Bloods s10e01 Episode Script

The Real Deal

1 GORMLEY: She was picked up on narcotics and and weapons possession outside a nightclub about 2:30 this morning.
She played your courtesy card to the arresting officer on the scene.
(SIGHS) She also mention how someone I've never heard of has my courtesy card? Says she got it from her dad.
And that's why I'm here? That's exactly why, boss.
Morning, Frankie.
(SIGHS) Morning, Lenny.
You got a kid? Yes.
A good kid who made a bad choice.
Oh, we'll get to that.
Her mother was a waitress at that Greek joint.
You remember, across from the boardwalk in Coney Island.
Melina, with the little rose tattooed on her wrist and the big red heart on her Anyway, she's got her mother's looks, thank God, and when she decided to move up here, I I lent her the courtesy card just in case.
Just in case she got picked up on narcotics and weapons charges? She was holding the stuff for a friend.
(CHUCKLES) Well, if you put it that way.
Frank, I swear, she's a good kid.
Said every father of every kid who got in a jam, ever.
No courtesy card skates a felony charge, ever.
Not even mine.
So what are you saying? I I guess my next call is to the D.
, but I can't promise anything.
- That's all you got? - That's all I got right now, as you know full well.
So put the violin away.
Let's get some breakfast.
Wright? I'm Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan.
I know you've already spoken to detectives, but I have a few questions, okay? Did you see your attacker? Anything distinctive about his voice, or physically, like his skin color? He was wearing, um, a mask.
I didn't see his face.
MAN: Stop it! Olivia! OFFICER: Sir ABETEMARCO: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I told you you can't go in there.
- I'm gonna have to cuff you.
- I just want to make sure - you're okay.
You're Are you okay? - Get out of here.
- Olivia? - ABETEMARCO: Come on, open the door.
Everything's gonna be okay, all right? I'll be back.
What the hell was that about? I just need to know if she's okay.
Who the hell is this? This is John Spencer, Olivia Wright's boyfriend.
- I-I just want to see my girlfriend.
- Well, the best thing you can do for her is to calm down.
Help us find out who did this to her.
I explained we'd like him to come down to the precinct with the detectives to answer some questions.
What happened to your hand? I, uh I hurt it playing basketball.
- How? - WOMAN: Don't answer any questions.
The almighty Erin Reagan.
You called your lawyer.
Is my client under arrest? - No, but we do have some questions.
- No questions.
And who the hell are you? High-priced defense attorney for guilty people with deep pockets.
Glad to see you're still living up to your reputation of being a huge bitch.
Hey watch.
Give me a call if you want to talk to my client.
Let's go.
(KNOCKING) Bring it.
- Hey, boss.
- Hi.
What honeymoon's over already? Oh, we're not reporting for duty yet, boss.
We-we wanted to get ahead of something.
Staying put in the 2-9.
Yes, sir.
We know it's customary to separate married officers.
But not an actual rule.
And Sergeant Reagan has been getting a lot of traction.
And Officer Janko-Reagan is a real asset.
Janko-Reagan kind of a mouthful.
We're just trying it out, sir.
Is this you, or is One PP in the loop? No, sir.
Just us.
Looking for apartments, so we need to know what precinct or precincts we'll be working.
I can move Officer Janko-Reagan to Sergeant McNichols' squad.
- Midnight? - That's all I've got unless we move someone else to nights on account of your your last name includes "Reagan.
" I wouldn't want that.
I'd hope not.
Call her.
She's a real estate agent.
She respects the job.
She's all you'll need.
Nights or new house? Let me know ASAP.
Thank you, boss.
Thank you.
You gonna tell me what we're doing here? You know Maggie, the, uh the medium she said she wanted to meet here.
She still talking to dead people? Come on.
Well, I thought you were the skeptical one.
And I thought you were the believer.
She said she had some information about a case we're working.
- What do you want me to do? - What case? I don't know.
She didn't say.
And you don't find that odd? I find a lot of things about her odd, but she helped before, so maybe she'll help again.
MAGGIE: Hi! Hey, hey, hey.
Hi! Hey! Come on.
But Ugh.
Be careful.
- Just come on.
- (SIGHS) Adam Miller, this is Detective Reagan and Detective Baez.
You mind telling us what's going on here? Well, Adam's daughter Emily uh, she disappeared last year.
We don't do missing persons.
Two weeks later, she was found murdered.
They found my baby right here, Detectives.
Um, can we have a word in private? Come on, Maggie.
- What the hell is going on here? - What? - It's not even our case.
- Yeah, but it could be.
We can't go running around playing with people's emotions.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I am not playing with his emotions.
I want to help him.
And I went to the detective.
And, trust me, he is going in the wrong direction.
I know this is a little out of the ordinary.
Uh Either of you have kids? - Yeah.
- They found my daughter here on this spot last July, and I'm no closer to finding out what happened or who killed her.
I just need someone to help me.
Really? Of course I checked it all out.
The paperwork was legit, the DNA matched.
And there were tons of, uh, details and time lines that she only could have gotten from Melina.
So you took her in.
Of course I took her in.
She's my daughter.
You, of all people, should know that.
Hey, I meant it as a compliment.
Anyway, I taught her tarpon and bonefishing, which she took to like she was born to it.
Gave her a job at one of my restaurants.
She's got a pretty good work ethic.
I'm not interviewing her for a job here.
I know.
I'm just I'm just saying that we all make mistakes.
(SIGHS) This isn't her first brush with the law, is it? One of my managers found out that Carrie had figured out a system for skimming from the till.
- Hmm? - He brought it to me instead of the cops, of course.
And I gave her a second chance.
- And a third and a fourth.
- Hey, hey.
You got to show 'em that life doesn't come with safety nets included.
About six months ago, she told me she was missing seasonal change and wanted to come back up north for a while.
Lenny, how come you never told me you have a daughter? I just figured it'd come off as another screwup.
You really think that little of me? No.
No, Frank, just the opposite.
You raised four kids from the day they were born in your image, with your values.
Mine rolled up on me one night in a taxicab, already 21 and fully formed.
BAEZ: Did you put in a request to run DNA in the Miller case through every state's local database? Well, all the DNA that was found on Emily Miller's body didn't match anyone in the system, so I thought maybe something will pop somewhere else.
So we're taking the case over? We're not taking the case over.
We're we're going through the motions, see? So that way, we can tell, uh, Maggie and Mr.
Miller that we at least tried.
Are you kidding me? Look, are you pissed off at me about something? Well, it would be nice to be consulted when we take a case over that's gonna piss off the entire squad, not to mention the detective assigned to it.
Well I got good news and bad news.
Well, I hope the good news is that John Spencer got a new lawyer.
Ah, she's all talk.
Sandra Colby hasn't lost a case in two years.
- She's a very good lawyer.
- And so are you.
And I've never known you to shy away from a good fight.
I'm not but I am wondering how much of what she said is true.
Which part? Do I have a reputation for being a bitch? Look, I'm an in-your-face kind of guy.
I don't back down.
And-and I don't let go of a case, uh, uh, until I've worked out every angle, no matter how many people I piss off, and you know I piss people off all day long.
Does anyone call me a "bitch"? No.
They say, "This guy's great.
He's got balls.
" So I guess the answer's "yes.
" All right, so give me the good news.
First of all, this guy Spencer, uh he's been collared for assault before, all on young women.
They all dropped the charges before it went to trial.
I can't use prior acts of violence against other women at trial.
I found video of Olivia being thrown out of a car.
But the license plates aren't legible.
Make and model? Yeah, they match Spencer's gray BMW, but without the plates, it won't be of any help to us.
Olivia doesn't know that.
WOMAN: And a roof deck health club with SoulCycle classes, 24-hour doormen and (LAUGHS) onsite parking.
Sergeant, what do you think? I'm sure we could afford it if we were in, say, Topeka, Kansas.
- No, that's not nec - Which we are not.
- Jamie.
- WOMAN: Guys, this unit is $1,500 a month, but Which is ridiculously low.
As I explained, these are new buildings, ground-floor opportunities.
Being as you two are the exact kind of couple that the developers are looking to attract, there are significant enticements on the initial two-year lease.
Well, that makes sense.
Well, discounts 'cause we're cops, right? It's a little more complicated than just being cops.
Well, we're not just any cops, we're the son and daughter-in-law of the police commissioner, which means anywhere that we rent automatically becomes one of the safest buildings on the safest blocks in the city.
(SIGHS) A little friendly advice, from a woman who has been married twice, it's hard enough without looking gift horses in their mouths.
I bet that's true.
But not for us.
But thank you.
Ah, okay.
I kept it exactly the way she left it.
- Okay.
- We'll take it from here.
So, y-you know she wasn't killed here.
We are aware of that fact, yes.
U-Um (CLEARS THROAT) I've been seeing paintings.
Like a-a-an art studio and she was killed near water, a-a body of water.
We're in New York City, we're surrounded by water.
You are aware of the fact that Mr.
Miller is a person of interest, right? He didn't do it.
We'll just take your word for it.
(CLEARS THROAT) Do you think that it is easy for me to connect with a kid who has been violently murdered? And-and then relay those messages to her father? Do you think that it is easy to ask you for help? I don't know what it's like for you at all.
But I also know that I don't like the direction this is heading right now.
You know what? I don't need your help.
I am so sorry to have bothered you.
Danny, DNA came back.
Great, do we got a match? Not to a suspect, but to two other victims.
One in Pennsylvania, one in New Jersey.
Plus, Emily Miller.
So the son of a bitch murdered three little girls.
GORMLEY: The arresting officer amended his narrative in the online booking report.
Said she was less than cooperative, a lot of lip and attitude, even before she played your card.
Why'd they amend? Because I told him that PC wanted a straight-up account of what went done; never mind the connections.
(EXHALES) What else? There was a hive of paparazzi outside the club when it happened.
They got the arrest on tape and audio.
So some girl gets busted outside a club, happens all the time.
Oh, not just some girl.
Lenny Ross's daughter.
And, as you well know, the press corps has had it out for Lenny since The New Yorker had to pull that story 'cause he fed 'em a load of crap.
So if the D.
tamps down the charges, it's gonna get covered.
And you're gonna get covered in guano.
Boss, if I may, I know Lenny's an old pal Partner.
I'm just saying, at what point are you no longer responsible when he brings trouble? I don't know, Sid.
You got some kind of graph - you can show me? - (DOOR CLOSES) BAKER: All we have on Carrie Ross from when she was Carrie Manikas from Nassau County and Dade County, Florida.
GARRETT: Sid's right, Frank.
Where are you going with this that isn't just more trouble? That's unknowable, Slim.
There's only one thing for sure when Lenny Ross shows up, and that's that nothing is for sure.
He's not here.
Uh (CLEARS THROAT) Do you remember that I mentioned an art studio? I believe that the killer is luring his victims by using them as subjects for paintings.
I'll pass that on.
Thank you.
You know, maybe you should just leave him alone.
Excuse me? He doesn't need you disrupting his life anymore.
I'm not trying to disrupt his life.
Oh, no? Getting him to take his ring off, asking him for help on cases, that's not disrupting his life? I wanted to help him move on.
Maybe you need to back off.
I don't have any ulterior motives here, other than giving a father some peace, and catching a killer.
Why are you doing this? You're not a cop.
I had a daughter that was murdered in college, and it's taken me years to learn to live again.
And the way that I did that, was by giving back to others.
I know that you're just trying to protect your partner, but you certainly don't need to protect him from me.
(SIGHS) You said that you didn't see your attacker? That's right.
Do you know how many cameras there are all around this city? What does that have to do with me? Let me show you.
Now, we both know whose car that is.
- I can explain.
- I'd love to know how a woman, eh, could defend a guy who beats her up.
It's not that simple.
I have a ten-year-old daughter.
You know what I always tell her? I tell her that the single most important decision she's ever gonna make is who she decides to spend her life with.
You want to spend your life with this guy? He's given me a nice lifestyle, a beautiful apartment, a good job.
You know another thing I always tell my daughter? Never let anyone disrespect you.
What do you want from me? You have the power to put this guy away right here, right now, with the truth.
Don't let him get away with this again.
I sure do appreciate you taking the time, Commissioner.
My dad does, too.
I'm sure you know.
Well, Lenny and me, we've been that way since, well, since we were about your age.
In each other's corners come hell or high water.
So he's told me.
Something else I bet he's told you courtesy given gets courtesy in return.
You name it.
The truth.
I am telling you the truth.
If you don't mind, I'm not done with that.
Oh, sure you are.
See, a lab can swab the DNA off of that and get me the results tonight, so You have to ask yourself, "How good's my bluff?" 'Cause I'm calling it.
I think I'd like a lawyer.
(CHUCKLES) You could do that, as you seem to already know.
But my courtesy can turn into something I think you'd really rather avoid.
How's this? Your mom told you about her and Lenny, so you looked Lenny up, found out he was a successful businessman, no kids, nice Florida lifestyle, and you went, "I should catch that wave.
" How am I doing? Mm.
That's not your DNA.
I've got a half sister.
I got it off of her.
Your half sister's father is Lenny? My mom told me the whole story.
Told me to look after her after she was gone.
I got the DNA off of her.
Look, and this is the truth: You think I'm trouble? Oh, I'm nothing compared to her.
She's damaged goods.
Hell on wheels.
I mean, you could say I even did you all a favor.
(SIGHS) Nice office for a city employee.
There's no reason for there to be any animosity between us.
I have no animosity; in fact, I come bearing an offer.
Aggravated harassment in the first degree.
Is that a joke? Assault, first degree.
How about reckless endangerment? Assault two, final offer.
Uh, he could get up to seven years, and you don't have a case, so no.
How can you defend a guy who preys on women like this? Olivia Wright is a gold digger.
Doesn't give him the right to abuse her.
And it doesn't give you the right to arrest him in the middle of the day at his place of work.
You did that on purpose to intimidate and humiliate him.
Your client beats up women.
He's quite comfortable with intimidation and humiliation.
I'm not some inexperienced legal aid attorney.
Olivia will be testifying against him.
Well, we'll see how that plays with the jury.
Then I guess we're done.
Marriage is about compromise, okay? And compromise is, by its very nature, transactional.
You give something, you get something.
So I'm gonna work midnights.
And you are gonna quit looking the gift horse in the mouth.
That's not what I'm doing.
Oh, my God.
Our C.
referred her to us.
You think he doesn't know what services she provides? I'm sure he does, b-but what if it's a test? - A test for what? - Integrity.
To see if these two are going around with their hands out.
Okay, not a test.
But a way to have a drop on the son and daughter-in-law of the PC in case he ever needs it.
Wow, are you cynical all of a sudden.
I could say, "Wow, are you gullible," but I won't.
You just did.
So we're looking for any type of common denominator a school, a club, a teacher, a friend.
I got a HoopKing19.
Not here.
What about TeddyBear85? You get that one? Yep.
Back in October 2017, he messaged Alexandra a week before she was killed.
And I've got him on Emily's Instagram, too, about three weeks before she was killed.
Can we trace who he is? Looks like he routed the messages through an anonymous text message service.
Can we get into it? Not without getting a subpoena.
I'll try hacking it now, but it may take some time.
Well, does he have a profile, at least? He's listed as an artist.
No photo.
Wait a minute.
He just DM'd another girl about an hour ago.
- Who? - Amanda Wallace.
Sheepshead Bay.
God, she looks about 16.
Is he asking her to meet? He asked her to meet him at the entrance to the Third Street Playground.
Third Wait a minute, wait a minute.
That's Prospect Park.
What time? 3:15.
That's in 20 minutes.
Let's go.
- Danny, is-is that her? - I see.
- (PANTING) - Amanda? Hey.
Hold it! Hey! Police.
Watch out.
Hey! Amanda.
- (CRYING) - Stop.
It's okay.
We're the police.
We're here to help.
- Oh, my God.
- Amanda, did you meet a man earlier in the park? A TeddyBear85? Yes, yes, yes.
He was over there.
I just I started running towards him, and that's when this woman she jumped in between us.
And then she told me to run.
She said my life was in danger.
- (SOBBING): Please - Okay.
- Don't tell my parents.
- What-what lady? What lady? What'd she look like? Um, she was my height, maybe.
Um light brown hair.
She was pretty.
In her 40s.
Okay, where's this lady now? I don't know, okay? He got mad, and-and that's when she told me to run.
(EXHALES) Or maybe I could get her immunity in exchange for keeping the secret.
Why? Second chance to turn her life around.
A chance to own what a blessing it is to have Lenny Ross have your back, have him as your father.
So let Lenny go on thinking that she's his daughter? There'd be mercy in that.
That's not mercy that's yours to give.
Lenny loves her, Pop.
Sees himself in her, as fathers do.
Why take that away from him? You can't take something away that wasn't real - in the first place.
- It's real to him.
He thinks he has a daughter.
Apparently, he does.
Just not this grifter.
You know, I'm practically quoting Carrie when she said to me, "You think I'm bad? You should see her.
" Says the grifter.
Consider the source.
Pop, I don't know what to do.
You know, when I asked Lenny why he never told me he had a daughter, you know what he said to me? Basically, he said I wouldn't understand 'cause we have a model family.
Well, hardly that.
Again, it's what he thinks, not what's real.
Invite him to dinner Sunday.
Maybe you and I can press a few hot buttons.
Get Danny all riled up.
Get Erin and Nicky clutching their pearls.
(CHUCKLES) And we've decided to take you up on your offer for both of us to stay in the 2-9.
With me working midnights.
So, thank you.
Glad to hear it.
How's the house-hunting going? Eileen is great, boss.
She showed us some fantastic places.
But we're just not comfortable taking that kind of discount, on account of being cops named Reagan.
And Janko-Reagan.
I kind of gathered that.
Can I ask you a question? All due respect, was this some kind of a test? Not exactly.
Mostly confirmation that you two take the high road.
Not because you have to but because that's the way you're built.
I have an offer for you.
(EXHALES) My mother lived in a big two-bedroom just outside the precinct border.
$1,150 a month.
I actually hold the lease, and she just relocated to Florida.
It's yours if you want it.
- Yeah.
- Uh, yeah.
That-that sounds great, boss.
Thank you.
I have to warn you, it's not like those hip places you've been looking at.
Mostly a bunch of old ladies.
Overly cautious, at that.
You'll fit right in.
(ESPINOZA CHUCKLES) Thank you so much.
(CLANGING, CRACKING) Dad, you're gonna break the plate.
(WHIMPERS) - (ALL EXCLAIM) - (CHUCKLES): Oh, my goodness.
- JAMIE: Yay.
- This is harder than it looks.
No, it's not.
It's like this.
Look, you got to get purchase on the widest part.
Okay? - Okay.
- Apply steady pressure.
And voilà.
- There you go! - See? How come only the claws? What do they do with the rest of the little guys? They go back in the water.
Like amputees? Oh, no, no.
The-the claws grow back.
A lot of fishermen only take one claw, so the crab can defend itself against predators while the other one's growing back.
Kind of like cops these days.
And how is that, Pop? Well, one hand tied behind their back because of the lawyers and the activist judges.
You ask me Which nobody did, by the way.
He's absolutely right.
Even got us wearing nanny cams now.
ERIN: A body cam is not a nanny cam.
Same difference.
Uh, no.
The nanny doesn't know she's being recorded, and the cop does.
He's fully aware that he's responsible and accountable for all his actions.
She has a point, Dad.
No, she doesn't have a point, college boy.
She's trying to make a rationalization for the bad guys have it easier to do their jobs than the cops have it easier to do ours.
Any good cop has all the latitude he needs to do his job well.
Every cop is a good cop in my book.
Well, then you are missing a few chapters in that book.
- Then you must be missing - SEAN: Why don't both of you guys - some brains in that head of yours.
- calm down? It's Sunday dinner.
Hey! That's my job.
You better get to it then.
Set her straight.
W Excuse me? What do you think, Lenny? Oh, I think Danny's on the right side of this.
Thank you.
- There you go.
- I think that the safety net for the bad guys has gotten much stronger, while the cops are No, it's just civil rights has finally begun to catch up - to the absolute authority of the police.
- While cops keep seeing their tool belts stripped and their standing diminished.
Absolutely correct.
(OVERLAPPING ARGUING) Wait, wait, wait (ARGUING CONTINUES) Exactly right.
Hold on! Hold on! - What? - (BANGING) (ARGUING STOPS) You're comparing one-armed stone crabs to modern policing.
That's kind of a leap, even for you, isn't it? What? And you just picked it up and ran with it, like Jason Taylor from Miami.
And I think, somehow, Lenny, this was all for your benefit.
For some reason, these two wanted you to see a family squabble with your dinner.
I don't know why.
I think I do.
Nice try.
Thank you, Frankie.
What are friends for? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) That's him.
And there's Maggie.
Come on.
Show your face, you son of a bitch.
Okay, stop right there and try to zoom in on the plate.
Run it.
(BEEPS) Comes back to a trucking company.
Big Hal's Moving Company, out of Long Island.
A moving company? Well, that would explain the murders in Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Who pays your rent, Ms.
Wright? Objection.
I'm just trying to establish the nature of the relationship between Ms.
Wright and Mr.
I'll allow it.
John Spencer does.
And how much does he pay? $8,000 a month.
That's a nice bag.
Was that also a gift from Mr.
Spencer, too? Objection.
Badgering the witness.
I'm sorry.
I will withdraw.
Wright, did Mr.
Spencer ever hit you? No.
Your Honor, I'd like a recess.
COLBY: So you just said that Mr.
Spencer did not hit you.
So then why would you tell A.
Reagan that he did? She pressured me.
I'm very sorry, but I lied.
(PEOPLE GASPING) No more questions.
(VEHICLE APPROACHING) Raymond Klinger, 42 years old.
Been a driver for the company for four years.
Ah, right around the time the murders started.
(CREAKING) Raymond? Mr.
Klinger?! Clear.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) DANNY: Police! Get your hands where I can see 'em.
Put 'em on the steering wheel, throw the keys out the window, and then slowly step out of the vehicle! Come on! Get your hands where I can see 'em! Now! (KEYS JANGLE) Danny.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Take it easy.
We just want to talk and ask you some questions, all right? I know what you want to talk about.
Where's Maggie? Did you kill Maggie? Maybe, maybe not.
BAEZ: What did you do with Maggie Gibson? I'll never tell.
Don't do it.
No! (SCREAMING) Danny, get back! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! - (COUGHING) - Come on, Maggie.
Come on! Come on.
Hey, where are you? I'm a couple blocks away.
Wait for me outside.
Too late.
Why are you in such a-a rush - to talk to this woman, anyway? - (ARGUING NEARBY) OLIVIA: Get away from me! - Anthony, her door is open.
- ABETEMARCO: Erin! Do not go in there! Do not.
- Call 911.
- OLIVIA: Get away from me! Ah, damn it, Erin! (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) - Get out! Get out right now! Get out.
- Huh? - Get out of my house! - Gonna stab me with a knife? - OLIVIA: Yes! Yes! - JOHN: Yeah? Get out of my house! (SHOUTING) JOHN: What are you gonna do? Kill me? - Stay away from me! Get out! - Hey, John! John! John! Step back! Step back now! Step back.
Step away from her.
Olivia, put that knife down.
I already called 911.
The cops are on their way.
Now back off! - Get out of my house.
- Step back.
Put the knife down, Olivia.
- He tried to kill me.
- Okay.
- He tried to kill me! - All right.
Put the knife down! (PANTING) - John! John, don't! - (OLIVIA SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (JOHN AND OLIVIA SCREAMING) JOHN: Oh, God! Erin, I'm here.
I'm here.
I got him.
I got him.
Turn over.
Turn over! Turn over.
Shut up! (PANTING) Okay? Stay with me here.
You're gonna be okay.
COLBY: Too bad you're not a better shot.
I can't be speaking to you.
You know that.
He's not a client anymore.
His true colors emerged even before the incident tonight.
So, if you need representation I'll pass.
I hope there's no hard feelings.
I'm glad you're okay.
I like having a formidable opponent in the courtroom.
What does she want? Absolution, I think.
Well, Spencer's stable.
He was arraigned bedside for attempted murder.
Olivia just got her surgery.
- Prognosis is good.
- Great.
Thank you, Anthony.
You shouldn't have went in there alone.
But for the record, I admire your chutzpah, okay? I'm not sure you're supposed to be checking out my chutzpah.
(CHUCKLES) So, doc says you're gonna be okay.
Thanks to you.
Thanks to you, a little girl's life was saved.
I'm just glad that he can't hurt anybody else and that Mr.
Miller can finally have some closure.
I also, uh, wanted to say sorry.
You know, for giving you a hard time.
I'm trying to stay open to what you see and hear.
It's just My gift or my curse, depending on how you look at it it tends to alienate people, so I'm kind of used to it.
(CHUCKLES) If you need a ride, I'd be happy to wait and, uh, drive you home.
(CLEARS THROAT) You ready to go? Yeah.
You know what? I will catch up with you another time.
Good idea.
(ALARM BUZZES) Since when do you use Edgecombe for central booking? They don't.
So, you pulled work release for Carrie? Carrie's not your daughter.
Look Lenny It's complicated.
Carrie copped some DNA off her half sister.
So So? She's your daughter.
And she's here.
Other side of that door.
You want to meet her? You don't have to.
(EXHALES) What's she in for? Seriously? I'm processing a lot right now, okay, Frank? Grand larceny auto.
She know I'm coming? She doesn't know anything.
She alone in there? No, it's a common room.
Well, how am I gonna know which one? You're a cop.
You'll figure it out.
I, uh I knew your mother, Melina, back in the day.
I'm sorry for your loss.
What do you mean, "knew her"? Well We were close for a while.
But then she decided she didn't want to be with a cop.
You're a cop? I was, yeah.
Like, you knew her knew her? Yes.
As in? Yeah.
Sit down, will you? Thanks.
Just had fresh paint, so I left the windows open for you.
Thank you.
In here's the compactor chute and recyclables bins.
- And here we are.
- JANKO: Got it.
(GASPS) Wow, it's nice.
Made you two sets.
- Thank you.
- Whoa, whoa.
Oh, wait a second.
- Wait a second.
- Now what? I'll tell you now what.
Now we stop jabbing each other, and we start counting our blessings.
Old tradition? Groom carries his bride across the threshold of their new home, - and it brings good luck.
- Mm.
(KEYS JANGLE) - You mind taking a picture? - Not at all.
Thank you.
So, are you ready, Mrs.
Janko-Reagan? You know what? How about Officer Janko at work and just Mrs.
Reagan at home? That sounds good to me.