Blue Bloods s12e14 Episode Script


1 Ray? Oh, uh, Commissioner.
You didn't have to come all this way for me.
It's your only option when one of your own is shot.
You show up.
Um, excuse me.
Uh, Cheryl? Boys, go grab your bags.
How you doing, Ray? It's just a graze wound, sir.
Close calls are our business, right, sir? Look, I know you went through this when they processed the crime scene, but what happened? I just got home after working my tour.
I was actually looking forward to some of Cheryl's ossobuco.
When all of a sudden, the place lit up with a barrage of gunfire.
How many rounds? I couldn't say, I I was too focused on staying alive.
- And your family? - Boys were upstairs.
Cheryl was in the kitchen.
It's it's a miracle I was the only one hit.
- You return fire? - No, sir.
First thing I do when I walk in is lock up my firearm.
You got a place to stay? Yeah.
So, yeah.
This is the one time I'm grateful my in-laws live nearby.
As you know, you will get a protective detail till we find out who did this.
And we will find them.
Yes, sir, I know we will.
- Ray? We'll be in the car.
- Yeah? - Okay, sweetheart.
- Okay.
- Okay, I'll be right out.
- Okay.
Either of you guys see anything? - No, sir.
- I just hit the floor.
Good instinct.
Watch your six.
Yes, sir.
My God.
So much for a one-night stand, huh? Mm, yeah, that's what you said last time.
And it still holds true.
Um stockings? Stockings.
Thank you.
How about I go run and grab us some coffee and bagels? And breakfast, it's a bit serious for something so casual.
- Your words, not mine.
- Mm-hmm.
I'll get the Keurig going.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Monica, what do you mean you're in the city? You're supposed to testify tomorrow.
Stay out of town and do not show up for trial.
Uh, work troubles? Just another glamorous day in the life of a lawyer.
Huh, what kind of lawyer are you? Uh, defense attorney.
Legal aid, and, uh, I got to go.
Let me call you an Uber.
Uh, address? So this work thing You think your person did it? - It doesn't matter.
- Doesn't matter? It's my job to zealously represent or defend my client, regardless of whether or not I think they did it.
Cynical much? Well, I'm sure you got your own set of office politics that you navigate with your job, right? Wait, I don't even know what it is that you do.
I am between assignments right now.
And your driver's one minute away.
All right, bye.
Thought you were taking me to lunch.
Well, why just go to lunch when you can spend your morning - with the Mimi Martinez.
- Yeah, well, it would've been nice to eat and then go spend time with your favorite talk show host.
She's not just a talk show host.
This isn't just a talk show.
It's part talk, part cooking, part inspirational show.
She's a chef.
She makes an amazing meal every episode for the entire audience to enjoy.
- Mm-hmm.
- Lucky me.
All right, so when you see me rolling my arms like this, you guys are gonna get really loud.
Let's try it.
Ready? Three, two, one Let me hear you! Great.
America's cariño.
The queen of daytime television.
Give it up, nice and loud, for Mimi Martinez! Hola, everyone.
- Hola.
- Thank you for coming.
We have an exciting show planned for you today.
First, we have superstar and super-cute actor Tom Tobin - Oh, wow.
- I like Tom Tobin.
And for lunch, we're mixing up my famous cochinita pibil.
- You're welcome.
- What is it? But before we start today's show, we have a few more things to take care of, so we'll be right back.
Back in five.
- I'm starving.
- I am, too.
Does this, like, happen every show? I don't think so.
Is there a doctor in the house? Police.
Come on.
Right here, guys.
Okay, step aside.
Everybody, step back.
Step back.
We may be taking a rain check on lunch, partner.
I'm not getting a pulse.
Come in.
Not the Reagan I was expecting.
Hill, what are you doing here? Word on the street is a defense attorney's encouraging a witness not to show up for trial.
Does this attorney have a name? - Deanna Parker.
- She's on trial with the Adrian Edwards case.
We had him investigated for sex trafficking and even murder.
Assault one was all we could get to stick.
For slashing a stranger on the street.
Which is exactly why you should look into this.
And how credible is this informant? Very.
You know, uh, thanks for the tip, but it sounds a little too good to be true.
So unless this informant heard this from Deanna herself Which I'm guessing you did.
Not intentionally.
So you accidentally heard her tampering with a witness? Deanna and I met at a bar and had some fun.
You had fun? She took a phone call, voices were raised and I heard some things I couldn't unhear, so now I'm bringing what I heard to you to see it through.
And if I do, your girlfriend's gonna be investigated.
Witness tampering's a class A misdemeanor, and more importantly we're gonna have to involve your aunt.
Could you please keep my name out of it? Hey, kid.
Adrian Edwards is a bad guy.
If Deanna's not only representing him, but doing what you said she is, you may what to reconsider the company you keep.
I'm more focused right now on making sure justice is handled.
Keep me posted.
Thank you.
Can't believe she's dead.
You knew about her Do you know if she was sick or had any health issues? No, Mimi was all about living her healthiest life possible.
Oh, that's Hank Willis, her producer and sometimes cohost.
Come on.
- Mr.
- Yeah? I'm Detective Baez, this is my partner Detective Reagan.
We're very sorry for your loss.
I got a lot of calls to make.
And a lot of fires to put out, so if you'll excuse me.
We just happened to be in the audience.
We were hoping we could ask you a few questions if you don't mind.
Questions about? Uh, about Mimi.
Um, was she sick at all? She have any health issues? That I do not know.
You'd have to ask her husband.
Bill, right? Where is he? Doesn't he usually attend every taping? Bill was in L.
for some meetings.
He was the first phone call I made and my team got him on the first available flight back to New York.
We're gonna need his contact information.
Uh, Julie, will you organize that for them? - Yeah, sure.
- She'll get it for you, all right? Do you think there was foul play involved? What makes you think there was foul play? We don't think anything.
We're just, uh that's what we're trying to find out.
Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt Mimi? Look, Mimi spent a lot of time and energy building her career and cementing her place as queen of daytime television.
I mean, you don't get to wear that crown without ruffling a few feathers, you know? I-I got to get this, okay? Thanks.
Yeah, I know, it just happened.
I don't know.
Well, you called it, boss.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Why? 'Cause I don't like what I called is why.
You ask a seasoned cop to report on a crime, and he talks about his wife's ossobuco.
I don't know.
Something wasn't right in that room.
Well, Lieutenant Moretti's shooting wasn't connected to any of the cases he's due to testify on.
So that's good news.
One son or both? Just the younger one, Vincent.
So, I That's more good news, I guess.
Just the bad news, please, Sid.
He's had drug-related collars starting back when he was a minor.
And word is he's got serious debt on the street.
Like with the corner boys? Like with the corner boy's bosses.
Ace Double Treys.
Okay, what's the good news? Lieutenant Moretti is a great cop.
I'm sure he is.
But I'm also sure it doesn't matter.
Of course it matters.
He's not only great on the job, he's great off it.
And what the hell does that mean? He's coached his police hoops team to the state finals the last eight out of ten years.
I mean, the man's a giver.
Well, I wish that weighed in.
It has to weigh in.
Think of all the kids he's set on the straight and narrow.
That does not cancel out his own son being on the wide and crooked.
I want to see Lieutenant Moretti.
For what? Are you really asking me that? Are you gonna throw the book at him? No, just part of it.
Which part, Sid? We are not paid to sit here and pick and choose.
Which part? Section 203-10, subdivision 2C, titled Prohibited Conduct.
Get him up here.
Over the past three weeks, five women have met a white male in his 30s at the same club in Midtown, taken him backed to their apartments and been violently raped.
Any leads? No, we we have a sketch of the perp, but no photo, no name and no DNA matches in the system.
Hence why I'm here? We want to plant you in the club every night for a week and see if we get lucky spotting the guy.
I heard you did a hell of a job working with special victims not too long ago.
I appreciate that, Sergeant Williams.
Call me Katie.
Uh I loved working with your team.
It felt so good to help.
But I also know you took the sergeant's exam.
I passed.
Humble, too.
I heard you aced it.
So just let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree here.
Are you up for an undercover stint? You heading out? Uh, yeah, I have a dinner at 8:00.
Why, what's up? Consider this a late Christmas gift.
A gift or a headache? Both.
The defense attorney in the Adrian Edwards case told a witness to get out of town.
Who's your source? I'd like to keep them confidential.
They won't remain confidential for long.
There'll be a investigation, not only into this case, but every case the defense attorney has ever worked on.
- So you want me to look into it? - Well, haven't you already? Well, I went to a house where the witness was suspected to be, but it looked abandoned.
So we won't know until the witness does or does not show up for court.
Who's the A.
on this Sydney? Yes, she is.
Okay, we need to give her a heads-up.
She's due back in court tomorrow.
All right, copy that.
's office has not classified Mimi's death as a homicide.
But it hasn't been classified as anything yet.
Look, you do realize this isn't even our case, right? I know that.
Then why are we doing all this? I mean, you got the magazines, you're doing this research.
Because the detectives at the local precinct They took their photos, they typed their fives, and they're done with this.
They're not looking at this as a crime.
- Says who? Wh - Says me.
Mimi was a fighter.
Her childhood was more complicated than mine was, but she made something of herself, and she used her journey to inspire millions of people.
And make millions of dollars.
And then at the height of her career, her husband cheated on her with a younger woman, and you know what? She took him back.
She probably had to be extra tough to make it as a Latina in the entertainment industry.
Except there's one problem It's not our case.
How many times have you told me not to steamroll other detectives or poach their cases? And now it sounds like that's exactly what you want to do.
Yeah, but you always do it, because you want to follow your gut.
So maybe it's time to follow my gut.
Pass me the Celebrity Beat.
Is this seat taken? Only if you want it.
How about I buy you a drink? What's your name? Katrina.
Nice to meet you, Dillon.
So, you come here often? I'm back.
You would not believe the line in the lady's room.
So I went to the men's.
Eddie Janko? Is that you? At a club? How do you know George? George, huh? Eddie, huh? So how do you two know each other? Eddie and I met at the police academy.
I dropped out.
But Eddie, of course, graduated top of her class.
I'll let you two catch up.
No, hey, hey, wait.
Hey, what are you drinking? Do you know that guy's last name? Do you have a number for him? Do you know where he lives? Whoa, Eddie, I did not sign up for 21 questions.
Let's take shots.
Tina, I am serious.
I think he's a serial rapist who targets women here.
That dude? Did he seem odd, did he threaten you? I was so happy to see you here, but of course you were just working a case.
You've got the wrong guy.
Come on.
- Janko, where did he go? - I tried to stop him.
You should have tried harder.
I heard you on the wire.
Not only does he know your name, but he knows you're a cop.
I promise you this will never happen again.
No, it won't.
You're off the case.
Lieutenant Moretti is here, sir.
Let's have him.
Thank you.
Please, have a seat.
This about my son Vincent? Yes, it is.
Yeah, Patrol Guide, Section 203-10, subdivision 2C, entitled Prohibited Conduct.
"Knowingly associate with any person or organization "reasonably believed to be engaged in or to have engaged in criminal activity.
" So you do know it.
Yeah, but there's nothing in that section about fathers and sons.
Ray your son is a grown man and made his own choices.
And you are fully aware of those choices.
And their consequences.
Commissioner, "choices.
" "Choices" is one of those words people use to, you know, to cover a lot of different s-situations.
It Ace Double Trey's force him to take their product? Force him into debts that he cannot pay? I'm sorry.
For what? For this.
For where we find ourselves today.
You're a great cop, and I cannot afford to lose you.
So then don't.
Your son Vincent lives with you.
He has access to your weapon.
Commissioner, I lock up my firearm.
And not just because of my son, but because that's what the job requires.
And you failed to disclose his past.
Are you saying I should've turned my back on him, my son? Because he's an addict? Your son has complicated your ability to do that.
The hell he has.
If I had not gotten shot, none of this would've come out.
Vincent is responsible for you being shot.
He has put you and your family at risk.
I'm the reason I got shot.
All the time I dedicated to the job That was time I didn't spend with my boy.
And here's a question for you, Commissioner.
What would you do? What would you do if it was one of your boys? You told her.
I work for her What do you expect? Look, the witness didn't show up in court.
So if what you said was true That Deanna instructed the witness not to show That's a serious crime.
I needed to know the source.
You said you'd keep it between us.
I would've if I could've.
Joe, I need to know exactly how you came to know that Deanna told the witness to flee.
I overheard her on the phone.
Joe, you know better than to listen in on a privileged conversation between an attorney and their client.
It wasn't a client, it was a witness.
And it shouldn't matter how I found out.
It was true The witness didn't show.
I don't think I can even use this.
- What are you, a saint or something? - No.
I'm not a saint, but if you knew anything about me, you would know that I care about doing things the right way.
I guess I don't really know anything about you.
We're sorry for your loss, Mr.
I can't believe she's gone.
Do you know if Mimi was sick at all? No, nothing.
Can you think of anybody who would want to see her dead? Dead? No.
But Mimi was a complicated woman who didn't make it easy for people to love her.
But you did love her, right? 22 years in June.
So why'd you cheat on her? Mimi and I had an understanding.
Sounds like a fancy way - of saying sexless marriage.
- Excuse me? I bet you couldn't have been too happy about that, right? Am I under investigation or something? No, we're gathering insight.
From what I've gathered, wanting out of a dry marriage is motive to want her gone.
I wasn't in love with Mimi, but I still loved her.
Even if she was difficult and made enemies everywhere she went.
Enemies like who? Ashley.
Her assistant.
Well, ex-assistant.
Mimi had to let her go after a casual drinking habit escalated to a problem.
What kind of problem? The one where we were left holding the tab for a hotel penthouse that got trashed.
So you're suggesting a disgruntled employee wanted her dead? Yeah, 'cause she wrote a tell-all book full of lies and Mimi refused to pay up.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What's all that? Well, it was to, uh, celebrate all of your months of hard work paying off Surprise.
Well, surprise.
I was pulled off the undercover assignment.
Then all the more reason to celebrate you acing the exam.
Come again? Now you can focus on your next steps to becoming a sergeant.
So was this a celebratory dinner or to game out my next 100 days? Whoa, easy.
I don't want to be a sergeant.
Well, then why'd you take the exam? Because I wanted to prove that I could qualify, too.
So it's like a competition now? Yes and no.
Bookies taking bets? Come on, shut up, I I aced that test as Eddie Janko.
Not as Sergeant Reagan's wife, or the police commissioner's daughter-in-law.
You make it sound like those things are bad.
It's just the reality of my life.
I think I would be better in the field.
Then why'd you give up on the assignment after one setback? Because Katie wants nothing to do with me.
I was burned.
Well, I don't care if you want to be a sergeant or a detective or an astronaut Just don't be a quitter.
- You gave Deanna a warning.
- What are you talking about? She didn't show up for work today.
My guess is she learned about the witness tampering charges, and you're the only one I can think of - who would give her a heads-up.
- What, you think I told her? Don't act so surprised.
You've already done some pretty unconventional things.
Yeah, I guess, but to help put a bad guy away.
From what I know about Deanna, I don't think she's the type to run.
Well, what do you know about Deanna? Because as far as I'm concerned, she's an attorney turned criminal who should be disbarred.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Let's go.
Yeah, you've already done enough.
Seriously? Yeah, right now, you're the only person who can prove the witness tampering.
You can't be involved in the investigation.
And how long were you Mimi's personal assistant? Eight years.
These your text messages? So what if they are? Well, they prove you were blackmailing Mimi.
I didn't have to tell her she should pay me before I found a publisher who would.
So you were doing her a favor by blackmailing her, is that it? My tell-all would take down her empire.
But Mimi refused to pay.
It sounds like you had motive.
Mimi was a hard boss.
But I would never kill her.
Right, because you draw the line at blackmail.
She needed to know that Bill was a useless piece of crap with a gambling addiction and sugar babies on speed dial.
So why not just tell her the truth? My bills didn't stop 'cause I got fired.
Well, if all you say is true, then why didn't she just pay? He told Mimi I was a disgruntled former employee trying to make a buck.
That's exactly what you were.
But everything I said was true.
True or not, we have grounds to arrest you right now for grand larceny by extortion.
Unless you can help us.
What's it gonna be? Last I heard, Mimi was planning on filing for divorce.
But Bill controlled 50% of their empire.
And stood to get half of everything in a divorce.
Unless she could prove he was up to some crap.
And your story strengthened her case.
August 1989, he talked a woman off the Willets Avenue Bridge.
Second day on the Job.
Talk about hitting the ground running.
What about confidential informants? Boss? Any C.
worth cultivating's bound to have a criminal past.
The best ones have a criminal present.
So cops associate with known criminals all the time.
Good cops, anyway.
I had a C.
when I was working narcotics.
He knew every great restaurant in Staten Island.
Boy, did we eat well.
I mean, I was working him.
And he ended up as key in cracking that Pelham Bay Park ring.
We've lost too many good cops.
So I try to adjust, shift my weight a little.
But how many times can you bend the rules before the costs outweigh the benefits? You got more room.
No, I do not.
This past year I have been half PC, half soft touch.
I must've missed those soft touch days.
Boss, if I may? You may not.
Any wisdom offered to make someone feel better about themselves isn't wisdom.
It's just blowing smoke.
Nobody ever laid on his deathbed going, "I wish I had been more of a hardass.
" But To ask a father to cut his son out of his life Look, when you take the oath and you get the shield, you gain a whole new family.
But family still comes first It's in your bones.
Maybe? Sometimes you have to make the choice to throw all that sentimentality out the window.
And you think Moretti should? I don't know Moretti.
All I'll say is the rule exists for a reason.
And you're privy to that reason.
I am.
That rule was set by my hand.
You made the rule? So let sleeping dogs lie.
Fat chance.
I had a brother-in-law.
- Mom had a brother? - Name was John.
He started out with some misdemeanor collars, and and then he started a loan shark operation.
I got wind of it and I told him to stop.
And did he? He responded by attacking my partner and I when we were policing his corner.
Well, he lost.
And I forbade him to ever come near the family again.
So you cut him off.
Like he never existed.
Was Mom upset? Of course she was.
She know you made the rule? I told her it came from Albany.
And she believed you? I thought so.
But you don't know so.
I did what I had to do to keep us safe.
Did you ever regret it? Not a day in my life.
See, I knew the other guys weren't as tough as me.
So that's why when I became PC, I changed the rule.
It wasn't fair that my relative was putting my partner's life at risk.
Well, Ashley's alibi checks out.
She was nowhere near Manhattan at the time of Mimi's murder.
And we confirmed her story about Mimi about to file for divorce.
So Bill had motive, but he was in California.
- Mm-hmm.
- So if she was murdered, how did he pull it off? Good question.
But the M.
's report just came.
Well, what's it say? Why don't you take a look? She died from anaphylaxis.
- Uh-huh.
- An allergic reaction? Mm-hmm.
Oh, my God nuts! - Mm-hmm.
- Anyone that watches her show knows that she is seriously - allergic to nuts.
- Right.
So maybe it's possible somebody might've slipped some, I don't know, almond milk or hazelnut creamer into her morning joe and Look at you.
Go ahead and say it.
I was right.
I know you were.
Uh, Janko, sorry, now's not really a good time.
No, no, no, you're gonna want to see this.
Is this the guy from the club? His name is George Powell.
He's a VP at Niemann and O'Neil, and his assistant said he'll be tied up in meetings at the office until 6:00.
That's great, but it's not enough to arrest him.
No, it is, if we have his victims positively ID him in the next few hours.
Good work, Janko.
Let's compile a photo array and show it to each of the victims.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh, Detectives, hi.
Wasn't expecting to see you again.
Well, we wanted to come down ourselves and let you know that the M.
's report shows that it wasn't foul play.
Mimi's death was caused by an allergic reaction.
An allergic reaction? Oh, my God.
What a shame that Mimi had to go out like that.
That's the thing It's crazy to me that you didn't come get Mimi's epi pen.
- Her what? - Mimi kept an epi pen in her dressing room.
- Oh, I was not aware.
- Well, that's funny.
'Cause a former employee said you'd know exactly where the epi pen would've been kept.
Oh, please, what, you're talking to Ashley? You cannot believe a word out of that girl's mouth.
You know what doesn't lie? The security camera from the coffee shop that caught you ordering the lattes.
So what? I mean, I often treat my staff to coffee.
Well, you may treat your staff to coffee, but according to the barista on duty, you never pick up the coffee.
You always send an assistant.
Until, ironically, the day of Mimi's death.
Mimi gave you your career and this is how you repay her? I think I'd like to talk to my lawyer.
Police, looking for George Powell.
He's all yours.
George Powell, get up.
Get up, you're under arrest.
For rape and assault.
- Is this a joke? - Afraid not.
You got to come with us.
Put your hands behind your back.
I'm sorry, everyone, this is j just a big misunderstanding.
No, it isn't.
You were positively ID'd by the five women you brutally raped.
And I bet when we swab your DNA, it's gonna be a match.
You bitch.
You really had to say that in front of everyone? Bitches make the best detectives.
Bless us, O Lord, for these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.
All right, wait a minute.
Before we start, I would like to propose a toast.
Officer Edit Janko-Reagan received a near-perfect score on the sergeant's exam.
- Congratulations.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
- Made us all proud.
Thank you, Commissioner.
So what are the next steps? Mm I'm not sure.
You're not sure if you're taking them or you're not sure what they are? What's that supposed to mean? Well, I heard from my buddy at Detective Bureau headquarters, uh Am I not supposed to say anything about this? No, I wanted to be the one to tell you.
Tell us what? I've changed my mind about becoming a sergeant.
It was the right path for Jamie.
It just isn't the right path for me.
And that-that's okay.
She recently worked a case for special victims and she did a kick-ass job.
Well, I was jazzed working that case.
But it's not because it's a better job.
Pay's better.
But it's just a bit more who I am.
- Hmm.
- Well, that's great, too.
Yeah, another Detective Reagan.
That's worth celebrating.
Whoa, uh, we have to see what happens.
I still have to interview.
Well, if you'd like me to pull some strings, I know a guy.
Thank you, um I'm confident I can do this on my own.
I mean, with Jamie.
If he hadn't pushed me to follow through with that case, perp would still be on the street.
That was all you.
You're not mad? Of course not and the idea of you running a role call is pretty funny.
What? Officer Ross, that hair needs to be up in a bun.
But since I love the cut, it's fine.
Well, I couldn't enforce a rule that I absolutely despise.
That bun is a travesty.
To the future Detective Eddie Reagan.
Hear, hear.
Thank you.
And did she have any issues with you being a cop? We really didn't do too much talking.
You're never gonna believe what just appeared on my desk.
Appeared? What is this? Proof that Adrian Edwards is as much a dirtbag as we thought he was.
Where the hell did this come from? Take a closer look.
Those are some fancy Post-its.
P Deanna Parker Are you kidding me? You took these files from her apartment? I cannot look at these.
Clearly, Edwards realized Deanna knew too much.
No, we don't know that.
These texts are between the two of them.
Deanna said she was gonna recuse herself and then he threatened her life.
If that's the case, she should've called the police.
Maybe she was scared.
She went rogue and committed a crime.
It doesn't matter what she's done wrong.
She's missing and this guy's dangerous.
We need to find her before he finishes the job.
Kid's got a point.
But this time we do it my way.
By the book.
How'd you find this address? When Deanna left my apartment and I called her an Uber.
This is where she went.
I checked it out a few days ago.
It looked abandoned.
Now Adrian Edwards is hanging out on the porch.
Still, we don't know Deanna's inside.
Yeah, well, he's on the move.
This has got to be where he's holding her.
We have to go in.
We don't have a search warrant, and without a search warrant, we are not entering that building.
There is a chance she is being held there against her will, in real danger.
Well, looks like we got probable cause.
Strap in.
'Cause he's got a gun.
Police! Joe, get the gun! Get the Gun! I'll call a bus! You're okay.
You're okay, come on.
- How the hell did you find me? - Doesn't matter.
We dot to get you out of here, come on.
Watch the door.
- You're a cop? - He's a detective.
It was Hank? I can't believe it.
He bought the coffee that killed Mimi, knowing she was allergic.
Hoping that her death would appear accidental.
But why? We don't know, but it's a good thing my partner was so passionate about the case, otherwise, he might've got away with it.
Well, thank God he won't.
I can't thank you both enough.
Um, actually, before we go, wh what are your plans, you know, for the next chapter of your life? Next chapter? Mimi was the breadwinner, and you worked for her.
So without her, you're nothing.
Excuse me? What are those for? Oh, we forgot to mention.
We did arrest Hank for Mimi's murder, but we're pretty certain he didn't act alone.
In fact - You're the guy we really want.
- Yeah.
What are you talking about? Whatever he told you is untrue.
You knew Mimi was about to leave you.
Your prenup would've left you living a very different life.
But now that she's gone, you get everything.
I had nothing to do with this.
I think you did.
So I'll be watching you, and the moment any money changes hands between you and Hank, I am coming for you.
I bet he'll start talking once he doesn't get what he's promised.
Pretty unlucky, huh? Your wife's biggest fan happens to be a New York City detective.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You sure you don't want a plate, Commissioner? We-we have plenty left over from dinner.
I already ate.
Thank you, Cheryl.
Well, I guess I better start the dishes.
You asked me what I would do if it were my son.
I thought about that.
How old is Vincent? He'll be 26.
You still living at home when you were 26? No, but times are different.
Not that different.
Either he's out of the house or you're out of the department.
Commissioner, I just I just don't know where he would go.
Neither do I.
Hopefully some kind of rehab.
Doesn't matter.
Well, it it matters to me.
Of course it does.
But the one thing we both know is it doesn't work with him living here.
You do know that, right? Yeah, I I guess.
If it were my son, I'd know it was time to kick him out.
How I'd know is because my house just got all shot to hell with me and my family inside because he was still living there.
If you do this he's gonna call you a hardass.
And, hopefully that'll go on for years.
And that's a good thing.
How is that a good thing? 'Cause it means he'd still be around to call you that.
And you'll still be around to hear it.
Bet you didn't expect that.
I didn't expect you to suggest this place for dinner.
Well, I guess there's a lot we don't know about each other.
Like you don't know I'm a bowling champ who used to kick your father's butt right here every week.
Ah, I see.
And I don't know why you wouldn't tell a woman that you're a cop when being a cop is so important to you.
Honestly? I didn't want to blow my chances with the hot lawyer at the bar.
Some women run towards the uniform, others run away.
You never know.
Well, that I can understand.
Try telling a guy you're the trial bureau chief at the Manhattan district attorney's office.
So, uh, your dad and I used to play ten bucks a frame.
Game on.
I'm not one to back down from a challenge.
Neither was your dad.
So I've been told.
You remind me of him so much.
I miss him.
Every day.
But it won't stop me from taking your money.

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