Blue Bloods s12e15 Episode Script

Where We Stand

And how old are you, Mrs.
Devlin? I'm 79.
And you were attacked on your way home from the market? Yes, that's right.
And the man who attacked you, is he here in the courtroom today? Mrs.
Devlin? The man at the table could be him.
But I can't be sure.
The defense moves for a trial order of dismissal, - Your Honor.
- Mrs.
Devlin picked Mr.
Marter out of a lineup Which is tainted by her inability to do so here.
Do the people have enough to proceed without the victim's I.
? Not at this time, Your Honor, but Mr.
Marter is a danger to the public.
- The people request - I'm sorry, Ms.
Defense motion is granted, charges are dismissed.
Marter, you're free to go.
- What the hell happened? - You tell me.
She couldn't I.
the defendant.
But I nailed Marter a block from the crime scene.
Without the I.
, it's not enough.
You can't let him walk! It took me three months to build a case against this prick and now he's just gonna skate out of here? I am as sorry as you are.
Not as sorry as Marter's gonna be when I catch up to him.
Now who the hell eats chicken feet? - Only a freak.
- You a freak, Santos? Okay, it's not something I eat.
Okay, my family on the other hand Freaks! - Yeah, big-time.
- What's up? - What're you guys talking about? - Nothing, Sarge.
Just some Filipino dish.
What's it called, Santos? Uh, adobong adidas.
It's stewed chicken feet can you believe people eat that? Nails and all Don't knock it till you tried it.
After you, mon capitan, right? You okay with this crap, Santos? Yeah, of course.
Come on, no problem.
We're just breaking his balls.
I get that, but there's eyes and ears everywhere these days, so - It's just us here, Sarge.
- Yeah, this time.
And I get breaking balls, but going after somebody's family Okay, all right they get it.
All right, uh, back to work, guys, come on.
What do we got? Two possible missing persons Christine Adams, 42, and her daughter, Emmy Farmer, 12.
Okay, what else? Well, Will Farmer, Christine's ex? - Yeah? - He's inside.
- He called it in.
- Don't let anyone in, okay? Mm-hmm.
Farmer? Yeah.
- Detective Reagan.
- Hi.
- You, uh, live here? - No, uh Christine and I are divorced.
This is her place now.
But you still have a key? For emergencies.
I'd say, uh, this definitely qualifies.
When did you figure out that Emmy and your ex-wife were missing? I meet Emmy outside of her school every morning before I head to work.
I manage a restaurant in Chelsea.
She wasn't there today? No.
No, I called my ex.
Straight to voice mail I mean, that-that's not like her.
Any chance your daughter just didn't feel well today? That's what I thought, so I came over here to check on her.
You came over here and they weren't here, so I figured something was wrong.
Christine, she always keeps me in the loop.
I mean, what if there was an accident and they're hurt or worse? - Let's try to stay calm.
- You have kids, Detective? Yeah.
Yeah, two boys.
- Then you understand.
- Of course.
Look, when's the last time you spoke to your ex-wife? Last weekend, when I, when I dropped off Emmy.
You have joint custody? No.
No, I, uh I get visitation every other weekend.
And that's why you hang around outside the school.
Hoping to catch a little extra face time with your daughter? Yeah, it makes a big difference seeing Emmy every day.
- Sure.
I'm sure it can't be easy.
- It's not.
But you play the hand you're dealt.
It's all we can do.
- Yeah.
- Uh your ex-wife, how do you two get along? Uh, cordial.
With some bumps along the way.
But Christine, you know, she's she's a wonderful person, great mom.
We always cooperate when it comes to our daughter.
Beautiful family.
Yeah, we were.
Help me find them? We'll do our best.
10-13, school safety officer fighting with a student at HS 389.
That's just a couple blocks, let's go.
No cops on campus! No cops on campus! No cops on campus! No cops on campus! - No cops on campus! - Hey! Police! No cops on campus! No cops on campus! You all right? I'm good, I'm good.
What the hell happened? He jumped me.
Kid sells drugs to students here.
Yeah, and you ain't no real cop! - You don't even got a gun! - Hey! Hey! Come back here.
You're under arrest.
No cops on campus! What the hell are they saying? "No cops on campus.
" That's what passes, for school spirit these days? Christine said she was working from home today.
- Any word from her? - Not today, no.
Know of any issues she might've had with clients or co-workers? Not that I know of.
Christine and her daughter are missing.
- What do you mean, "missing"? - Missing.
Not at home, not in contact with anyone.
Phone records show this was her last location.
Anything you can tell me? She did seem a little off last Friday.
Off how? Upset.
Right after meeting with some guy.
He was a walk-in.
Okay, did she say anything after this guy left? No.
She just seemed, you know like he'd dropped a bomb on her.
All right, I'm gonna need to see office surveillance footage from last Friday.
I do appreciate you wanting to come up, Deputy Chancellor Hoffman.
Oh, Jeanine, please.
And thank you - for seeing me on - But I have to ask.
Was this your idea, or the chancellor himself? Well, ours, in that we had a plan in place that I would reach out to you immediately when and if another incident occurred.
You mean "when," not "if.
" Though we all hope it doesn't.
Hope springs eternal.
I think we're all on the same side here.
We should be.
And reach out for what? To ask me to pull my cops out of your schools? To work with us.
Which is what we're trying to do.
We're trying to get the knives and guns out of your schools, so your teachers can teach.
That's a little simplistic.
Or maybe it's just that simple.
Lieutenant Gormley has arrived.
Good, let's have him.
Good to have an eyewitness.
Lieutenant Gormley, Board of Education - Deputy Chancellor Hoffman.
- Uh, Jeanine.
You for or against us? I'm for safe school environments.
Me, too, but I just come from one of your schools that was like the yard at Rikers.
Well, you treat schools like prisons, that's what they become.
Tell us what you saw, Lieutenant.
A chronic felon passing as a student going after a cop being taunted by - an angry crowd.
- A crowd of? Students and some teachers.
As one of your agents pummeled a 16-year-old.
That 16-year-old started the altercation.
That 16-year-old has a record going back to he's 12! That 16-year-old needs support and counseling, not a beatdown.
And you're the cop who roughed him up? That's because he went after Fernandez again with the whole damn playground cheering him on! Perhaps this is a good time to pin this conversation.
Of course, there will be a full investigation of this incident.
By the NYPD.
Yes, but we are welcoming the findings of the Board of Education's investigation, as well.
Well, I will take it to the chancellor.
Good day, gentlemen.
Hey, Santos.
- Have a good one, Sarge.
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, did you really mean it back there? - About what? - In the break room.
That really okay with you? Ah, they didn't mean anything by it.
You know? I ask because it-it didn't seem like it was okay with you to me.
- The guys were just joking around.
- Yeah.
How often do you got to make fun of your own family for laughs? Bottom line, I have their backs and I need them to have mine.
You don't got to put up with that stuff though.
- No harm, no foul.
- Okay, well, hey, just know that if it ever becomes a problem, you can come to me about it.
- It won't.
- Okay.
Mike Huang? - Yeah? - Detective Reagan.
I'd like to ask you a few questions about a Christine Adams.
- Who? - Christine Adams.
You went to see her at her office last Friday? Listen, I'm really busy here.
Well, I'm also really busy trying to find a missing mother and her daughter.
Now what can you tell me about Christine Adams? I told you I don't know her.
That's you and your shield with our missing person.
Christine Adams.
Yeah, I remember.
- Mm-hmm.
- I was delivering a bag and baggage letter.
- For deportation.
- What are you talking about? Her ex-husband said she's been in this country since she was two years old.
Yeah, well, many adoptees think they're citizens, but if their naturalizations weren't filed when they were minors, they're not.
- It happens.
- "It happens"? That's all you have to say about it? Like you, I don't make the rules.
- I just enforce them.
- Fair enough.
Is there anything you can tell me about her? Come on, I got to find them.
Christine Adams.
Yeah, we sent her three notices for a hearing, and she never showed up.
If she doesn't show up for deportation next week, her case goes to the fugitive unit.
And if she goes in the system, she loses her daughter? Okay.
What's up, bub? Hmm? Whatever it is, it can't be that bad.
I overheard some guys going off on Robert Santos about being Filipino.
Sometimes I wish those guys would just grow up.
Santos just played into the jokes.
Yeah, well, that's what you do.
He said it didn't bother him, but it doesn't sit right with me, you know? Busting each other's chops is tradition.
It's part of being a cop.
You know that.
Maybe that's the problem.
All these years hearing cops get personal, I never spoke up.
Yeah, well, everyone's got a different sense of humor.
Yeah, but still, some things you don't say.
Well, like family dinner.
Some stuff said at that table, you would not want broadcast on the evening news.
Yeah, but that's mostly Gramps and Danny.
Oh, and sometimes Erin.
See what I'm saying? Doesn't make them bad people.
Sometimes it's just hard to see the line.
What'd you find out? Christine is a very responsible mom, who for some reason, ignored multiple letters about her immigration hearing.
Now she's gonna be deported.
Sounds like our immigration laws could use a little updating.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
- You think she could've ran? I spoke to her ex-husband earlier, he said she's not the type.
Clean record, no history of domestic violence.
And he has an alibi for the time of Christine and Emmy's disappearance.
Still, we cannot rule out foul play.
- Or maybe we can.
- Why? Unis just found Christine's car on the West Side.
She dumped her keys and her phone.
Well, maybe she's the one playing foul.
Help! Get off me! Police! Get your hands off her! Sure.
No problem.
You okay, ma'am? I-I think so, thank you.
I need a bus at 990 West 18th Street, forthwith.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Can't say the same for Alan Marter.
Fractured skull, possible internal bleeding.
What happened? I knew the skel would do it again.
It's just a matter of time.
Wait, you followed him? Oh, damn rightl did.
And it's a good thing, too.
Less than three hours after getting off, he attacked another old lady.
Wow, he really didn't waste any time getting back to work.
When I was climbing the stairs to get him, the bastard smiled at me, like it was some kind of a sick game.
How'd he get a fractured skull? He tried to run.
You know, I caught his jacket, but I couldn't hold onto him.
He fell down the stairs.
Cracked his head on the pavement.
How's the victim? Pretty banged up, but she's gonna be okay.
Thanks to you.
- Detective Abetemarco? - Yeah? Investigator Liggett, State Attorney General's Office.
I'll be investigating this incident.
What's this got to do with the A.
? Yeah, he saved a woman's life.
And may have caused grievous injury to the suspect in the process.
So I was supposed to let this mutt get away with it again? Given your history with the suspect, protocol requires an investigation of your conduct.
This is what I get for doing my job? I'll be interviewing all relevant parties.
I'll be in touch.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
What are you going to do about it, boss? Nothing.
- I don't get it.
- There's nothing to get.
This kind of thing happens everywhere every day.
Doesn't make it okay.
Unless Santos wants to file a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there's no problem.
Well, if we take action then he won't have to go to EEOC.
Why do you always butt your head in where it doesn't belong, Reagan? I don't, boss, just when I see work needs to be done, I try to do it, just like you.
But you're not just like me.
How do you mean? You may sit in this chair one day.
But you won't face the same obstacles I did to get here.
That's right.
I copy that.
I took a hell of a lot worse than Santos when I was coming up.
You want to take a swing at this, go for it, but count me out.
Yes, sir.
- Reagan.
- Boss? You won those guys over having them salute at the front desk when they walk through the doors.
Take the win, and leave this alone.
- That's an order? - No.
Just a piece of advice.
We believe your ex-wife left on her own and took Emmy with her.
Without telling me no, no, she would never do that.
We saw them, Mr.
This makes no sense.
Has Christine ever said anything about her immigration status? Why would she? She's an American citizen.
Actually her status is in question.
And Christine failed to show up to her hearing.
I don't understand.
Is your ex-wife the type who would take off, run? No, no, she's not.
Christine is an incredibly responsible parent.
She wouldn't just take Emmy without telling me.
Evidence shows otherwise.
Are you any closer to finding them? We have all units looking for them.
Is there anywhere you could think of that Christine would take Emmy? I have no idea.
This is like a bad dream.
Emmy is all I have.
- If I lose her - You won't.
We'll find her.
School Safety Agent Fernandez is here, sir.
What's the temperature? Worried.
Let's have him.
Have a seat.
Well? Well, I didn't have a choice.
He-he came after me, so I had to defend myself.
Which would be your right, and your duty.
And this, this is a hardcore criminal.
I don't care what age he is.
Well you did sign up for that.
But this kid shows up, he wants to deal drugs and pick fights.
So you step in with all the tools you were trained to use.
Which I did, but that's a losing battle.
I-I didn't, I didn't mean it like that.
Yeah, you did.
And the thing is school safety agents aren't just cops.
They got to be diplomats.
I try, sir.
Believe me I know you do.
Officer Fernandez, I want to thank you, for the job you've done under very difficult circumstances.
A copy of this letter of commendation will be placed in your file.
Well done.
Thank you, sir.
I mean, what do they want us to be? Just, uh, friendly little crossing guards, white hats, whistles? I don't think they know what they want.
If we can solve this thing, would you want to go back? In a heartbeat, sir.
Good to know.
That is all.
Thank you, sir.
So you Filipinos love to party? What? All the singing and dancing, it's real National Geographic.
You know, like Sarge.
That still fun for you? Never said it was fun.
- Is it still okaywith you? - No offense, Sarge, but you're not a minority on the job.
I've been dealing with this my entire life.
- Yeah, well, you shouldn't have to.
- I already told you.
I don't want to report anything.
I'm just trying to help you.
You're putting me in a bad spot.
- That's not my intention.
- But that is the result.
Which is what I told EEOC.
You what? You're singling me out because I'm a minority.
Now that's on the record, and I know that you think you're making things better, but you're not.
So you lodge a complaint against me? You left me no choice.
You want to help me? Drop this.
Right now.
Hey, this investigation's a load of crap.
They're just following procedure.
Yeah, since when is hassling a D.
investigator for collaring a scumbag like Marter "procedure"? Since a few bad cops got caught on camera brutalizing suspects.
Marter's injuries were an accident.
What? You don't believe me? You did threaten Marter after his release.
I was pissed off! What, you think I hurt the son of a bitch on purpose? If you say it was an accident, I believe you.
The problem is when they ask me if you issued any threats against Marter, I'm supposed to tell the truth.
Well, you do that, I could lose my job.
I know.
And if you lie and cover my ass, you could lose yours.
It's a possibility.
So what are you gonna do? I don't know.
Certainly not gonna throw you under the bus.
Look, I can't ask you to risk your career for me.
Well, you don't have to.
After everything we've been through.
This isn't about all that.
You tell 'em everything.
I'm okay.
Anthony Do what you have to do.
No sign of them where Christine dumped the car.
What she's doing is wrong.
Technically, Christine has custody, - so it's not kidnapping.
- Well, call it what you want.
Child endangerment, whatever it ain't right.
If we can prove Emmy's in danger.
Tell that to Will Farmer.
Guy's terrified, worrying if his daughter's okay.
Yeah, I feel bad for him, but think about Christine.
What would you do if you were in her situation? Well, I'd like to think that I would deal with the system the right way.
And if the system doesn't give a damn? If push came to shove, I was gonna lose my kid I'd do what she's doing.
Yep, that's all I'm saying.
Okay, doesn't make it right.
What's the address? - Thanks.
- What? A match for their description was spotted outside an apartment building on Bleeker Street.
Okay, we're on our way.
They showed up yesterday, seemed normal to me A mom and her kid.
Said her friend owned the place.
And then I saw their faces on the posters in the neighborhood.
Christine! Police.
Open up! All right, open the door.
I'm not supposed to do that.
It's an emergency situation.
We'll take responsibility.
Come on.
Step back.
There's no sign of them.
No baggage, nothing.
Day late.
Dollar short.
I know you're mad.
But try and see it from Santos' point of view.
I did, Pop, but the guys are ragging on him real personal and ugly, so I tried to stop it.
Jamie, it's been that way since they handed out the first uniforms.
Yeah, doesn't make it okay, just makes it chronic.
So I called it out.
Giving a damn and calling somebody out are two very different things.
- What does that mean? - It means that the only one who can win that fight is the guy who's being picked on.
Yeah, well, what if the guy doesn't stand up for himself? When I was a kid, I used to love drisheen.
Irish blood sausage.
Blood sausage as a kid? One day, I brought it to school for lunch.
I can imagine the crap you took for that.
Oh, it was a bloody massacre.
I never brought it again.
Hell, I didn't even eat it for years.
See, that's what I'm trying to avoid though.
Guys feeling ashamed of who they are and where they come from.
Later on, when I was at the Academy, there was this Italian guy, DeLuca, he brought pajata.
Intestine stew.
Don't tell me you roasted him.
Oh, up one side and down the other.
And then I remembered being on the other side.
I thought how can I bust his chops when I couldn't take it myself? I guess we've all done it.
Well, I never did it again.
I can't tell you what to do, but you know my stance on the shield.
When we wear the shield, we're all family.
Which means you can stand up for what you believe in, and still be a part of the family.
Is that a-a new shirt? Yeah, it, uh, it is.
Andrea gave it to me.
We're going to the movies tonight.
- That your new girlfriend? - Yep.
And what exactly did you do to make her so mad at you? It's not that bad.
No, not at all.
It makes a statement.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, what's the statement? My girlfriend shops blindfolded.
Sean, if you like it, that's all that matters.
Oh, I hate it more than every Boston sports team combined.
Well, have you told Andrea how you feel about the shirt? Uh, no, he has not.
No, everyone tells little white lies - to spare people's feelings.
- I don't.
And this is not a little white lie we're talking about.
This is a giant whopper of a lie.
Enough out of you.
It's a slippery slope, that white lie thing.
Says the guy who saved all our grade school art.
Yeah, and said it was brilliant, even when it was lousy.
They got you there, Pop.
Well, there were exceptions for children.
And significant others.
Like Mom's tuna casserole? - Bad? - It was an acquired taste.
Which you acquired? Over time.
Other than that, she was a marvelous cook.
The best! Except somehow whenever she cooked tuna casserole, most of us kids would find a way - to escape the house.
- Yeah, only I was too young to escape, so it was just me and Dad.
- It wasn't that bad.
- No, I still remember your trick.
Take a bite, a sip of water, - bite, sip - You're welcome.
He did that to spare his wife's feelings, it's very sweet.
Thank you, Eddie.
It's the same reason we ate that spinach quiche you made, Eddie.
Whoa! You didn't like my quiche? Three weeks later, it still haunts me.
Pop! - It was quiche.
- Who knew? - It wasn't that bad.
- Did it make a statement? Yes, it said pass the potatoes.
- What about you? - As the guy who's going home with you tonight, it was tasty.
See, learn from them.
That's what you tell Andrea about your shirt.
Yeah, that it was tasty? We checked the surveillance footage in the area.
Nothing that indicates where they were heading.
It's just great.
What I don't get is why haven't they taken off yet? I don't know, maybe Christine's having second thoughts.
She's, uh it's a big move - she's trying to make.
- Especially for her daughter.
Well, we know one thing.
They're on the run now.
Just got to figure out where.
They're not on any manifests at JFK, LaGuardia or Newark.
Well, they could still be in the city.
Detective Reagan? It's all right, let him through.
All right, maybe it's nothing, but Christine, she speaks fluent French.
She used to visit family in Montreal as a kid.
She talked about getting a place up there one day.
Okay, um you did the right thing coming in.
Thank you.
I just, uh I just wish there was more I could do.
You've done enough, Will.
Believe me.
We'll give you a call as soon as we have something.
What do you think? I think I remember that there's an Amtrak train that goes to Montreal once a day from Penn Station.
It's worth a shot, let's go.
Uh, you going somewhere? Yeah.
To my old partner's private security firm.
What're you talking about? Good hours, good money.
You're not going anywhere.
Yeah, state attorney's about to say different.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Meaning? I had my interview.
- And? - And I told the truth.
Like I said, I'm out of here.
But didn't volunteer any information.
Just tell me what happened, would you? The investigator asked me about your handling of the case, but never directly asked me if you threatened Marter after his release.
And you never told them? No.
So you lied? It's not a lie if she never asked the question.
What would you call it? An omission made out of loyalty and gratitude.
So they got nothing now.
Erin, I don't know what to say.
Say you'll unpack those boxes.
We got a problem, boss.
I can see that.
Meaning? Meaning Sid brought backup.
Deputy Chancellor Hoffman called a special meeting at HS 389.
Now there's already a mob outside and way out of hand.
And your advice? If a mob is demonstrating against police using force in their school, it might be wise not to use force on the mob.
Depends on the mob.
How bad? When we tried to move them back onto the sidewalk, they started pushing back and throwing things.
So far no injuries, but the crowd is building.
Issue a level-one mobilization.
Minimum manpower to calm things down.
We should have a plan B.
We do.
A level-two mobilization.
In reserve.
I do not want to escalate.
But at the same time, standing down is just a white flag.
The doors open? No, the crowd's waiting to get in.
Well, open 'em up.
Let the people in.
Shrink the crowd on the street.
Yes, boss.
How many officers you want inside? One.
Last call for train number 91 for Miami, leaving on track four.
Got it? Yeah.
Train to Montreal leaves in four minutes.
Track eight.
Final boarding announcement for train number 148 to Springfield, leaving on track three.
Come on.
Hey! Last call for Montreal, track eight.
Go that way.
You have nowhere to go, Christine.
I never received the notices! I swear I would've been at the hearing if I had! It's okay, just come with us.
I want to be with my mom.
We know.
- We know you do.
- When that agent served me with a deportation letter, I panicked.
I didn't know what to do.
Well, I can tell you one thing you're not gonna do is get on that train because if you do, you become a fugitive.
That means if you try to come back inside the U.
, you're subject to arrest.
Yes, but the immigration agent said that if I stay, I could be arrested.
I spoke to the immigration agent.
He's offering an emergency appeal, but only if you come in on your own.
But that at least means that you can fight this deportation the right way, not like this.
And what if I lose? I can't promise you anything.
Except I will promise you that if you get on that train, you lose everything.
Final call for Montreal, track eight.
I felt like I had no choice.
Well, now you do have a choice.
I know you love Emmy.
I know you wouldn't hurt her.
You built a great life here for both of you.
Don't give it up.
You stay here and you fight for it.
We'll give it a try.
Good call.
Come on, let us take you home.
Uh, Commissioner Reagan.
What are you doing here? I'd like to speak.
It's not really the forum.
Well, my side seems a little short on forums these days.
How about I borrow yours? I'm sorry, uh, something like this would need to be cleared first.
The crowd seems ready to rock.
I don't think there's gonna be time.
I meant cleared through channels for another time.
Yes, I'll be quick.
I promise.
I've got to say no.
I'll be back.
Good evening.
I'm Police Commissioner Frank Reagan.
What do you have to say for yourself? We don't want to see you here! Hey.
Hey! - Please show some respect! - You don't belong here! - No cops on campus! - Leave our kids alone! Hey, please, show some respect! Everyone.
Thank you.
Officer Fernandez, the school safety agent who fought with Roland James the other day, has been reassigned.
But there is something about him you should know.
This is a list of materials confiscated by this unarmed officer over the last year in your school.
Knives, pistols, two semiautomatic rifles, box cutters, fentanyl, barbiturates, methamphetamine.
Whatever you don't want around your kids, he got it out of your school.
All we're trying to do here is keep your kids safe.
That's it.
Thanks for your time.
They're all yours.
Hey, I'm punching out early.
You going off to celebrate your new job? If I was smart, yeah, but I might just stick around here for a while.
Lousy pay and long hours who could beat that? Someone's got to keep their eye on you.
I heard the attorney general cleared you of any wrongdoing.
Thanks to you.
You don't look very happy for someone who just dodged a bullet.
I'm glad they're not bringing charges, but something's just not sitting right.
What? When Marter tried to run, I had a solid grip on his jacket.
And he slipped and fell.
It was an accident.
That's the thing.
I was holding onto him.
And I could hear that old lady crying and And what? What are you, what are you saying? That I'm not sure.
You're not sure if you let him fall on purpose? Come on, Anthony.
That's not who you are.
I hated Marter for what he did.
Hated that he got away with it that's me, too.
Come to confession with me.
- What? - What? I made a sin of omission in my interview.
And Saint Barnabus has hours every weeknight till 9:00.
Let's go.
I just confessed to you.
What happened happened.
Anthony Saint Bar and Grill has hours until 2:00 a.
I'm heading there.
Thank you.
For always having my back.
And thanks for always having mine.
Emmy! Hey.
- Okay, guys.
- Hey.
Hey! Are you okay? I am so glad that you're home, honey.
I'm fine, Dad.
I'm sorry, Will.
It's okay.
I'm just, uh, I'm glad you're safe.
Why don't you guys head inside, all right? Thanks.
Not you, Will.
Excuse me? I think it's about time you knocked off the innocent dad routine.
Don't you think? You know, how you got screwed out of custody and all that? What are you talking about? You said it yourself.
Christine would never have missed that hearing if she knew about the immigration notices.
You made sure she didn't get them.
I want to see my daughter.
Did you know your neighbor has a doorbell cam that looks right onto Christine's mailbox? - I can explain.
- You don't have to.
We got videotape proof of you stealing Christine's mail, specifically the immigration notices.
Why don't you explain that? I was bringing in her mail one day when I spotted the first one.
That's when I got the idea.
A way that I could have Emmy in my life full-time.
- By getting her mom deported? - I should've left it alone.
But I started checking her mail before Christine got home from work.
So I could grab the other notices.
It was a horrible thing to do.
Well, we can agree on that much.
Emmy's growing up.
I barely get to see her.
I'm missing so much.
What happened to playing the hand you're dealt, Dad? I never meant for things to go this far.
I never thought Christine would take Emmy.
I'm sure Christine never thought you'd stoop this low yourself.
Why didn't you just call a lawyer? I couldn't do that, 'cause the truth is Emmy's better off with Christine.
Any judge would see that.
Well, unfortunately, you refuse to see it yourself.
And you broke the law trying to change it.
Turn around.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
Fall in.
Got an announcement to make today before roll call.
Going forward we're gonna have a zero tolerance policy towards ethnic shaming.
With regard to language, action or imitation in this house.
Any questions? We all bust chops here, we tell jokes.
And they cross the line.
And because our fellow officers follow along, we figure that makes it okay.
But it doesn't.
No questions? Sarge? I am a little confused.
Maybe you could give us a demonstration? Yeah, sure, Officer Miller.
Officer Miller, you're from Virginia, right? - West Virginia, Sarge.
- West Virginia, I'm sorry.
So tell me, how do the New York City squirrel brains stack up against the ones you have back home? Still pretty good eating? Haven't tried 'em.
Did you guys hear what Officer Miller's ex-girlfriend said to him when she broke up with him? "I hope we can still be cousins.
" Look, if that landed wrong, I'm sorry.
But you asked for it.
And if Officer Miller is upset with me right now, rightfully so, that's okay, because we'll make amends, and we'll move forward.
Because this stupidity ends now.
We got a day ahead of us out there on the streets, where there's gonna be no shortage of disrespect and insults waiting for us.
So let's, uh, give each other a break in here.
All right? In our house.

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