Blue Bloods s12e20 Episode Script

Silver Linings

He has a knife.
He's over there.
Aisle seven.
This is my stuff.
Back off, man, or I'll cut you.
- Out of my way.
- I am recording you - right now, okay? - Shut that thing off - or I'll screw you up.
- No, no, no, I won't.
I am sick of this.
- Every people look at me.
- I don't care what you're sick of.
No, no, no.
I'm telling you, stop.
Police! Don't take another step! - Take a step back, sir.
- Yeah.
Put down the merchandise now, sir.
- Why? It's mine.
- Did you pay for it? - No, he hasn't paid! - Sir! Step back.
Shut up.
I don't have to pay.
What's your name? One step closer and I'll cut you up! - Put the knife down now.
- Drop the gun.
Put it down now! I do not want to have to shoot you.
I put it down, you promise not to touch me? You put that knife down, I promise I won't touch you.
Badillo! Get off me, you son of a bitch! Stop resisting! - Get off me! - Stop fighting! - Get off me! - Stop fighting.
Get off! We have felony crimes being downgraded to misdemeanors.
We have dangerous criminals being released within hours of their arrests.
We have a district attorney's office that is failing this city.
And a D.
whose most recent charging guidelines are a violation of her oath of office.
Commissioner, have you spoken to D.
Crawford about your concerns? Honestly, Helen, I wouldn't know where to begin.
So, no, not face-to-face.
What about the D.
A's contention that nonviolent offenders need more programs instead of more incarceration? Well, you got to define nonviolent.
To me, a perp who flashes a knife isn't nonviolent simply because he hasn't stabbed me yet.
But Ms.
Crawford seems to think that he's just I don't know Misunderstood? So you want the D.
to scale back on these policy changes? What I want is the people at the D.
's office to follow the law.
Meaning the ADAs who work under Crawford should disregard her guidelines? When they've contradicted the penal law, absolutely.
It's common knowledge your daughter Erin is a bureau chief under Crawford.
I didn't hear a question mark there, Helen.
But, yes, ADAs, elected officials, citizens We all need to speak out.
Thank you very much.
That's all for today.
Thank you.
And that wraps up the commissioner's press conference.
Commissioner Reagan just essentially accused District Attorney Kimberly Crawford of disregarding the law in order to accommodate her new charging guidelines.
Detective Reagan, oh, my God, thank God.
It's me, Elena Marquez.
What's wrong? There's someone breaking into my house.
- Did you call 911? - I did, - they're not here yet.
- Where are you? 82 Gorslin Street.
82 W-Why aren't you in witness protection? I came back to check on my mother.
They're gonna kill me.
Is there somewhere you can hide in the house? It's kind of hard to hide.
Try to find something you can use as a weapon till the cops get there, okay? Please, just come.
I'm on my way.
Oh, God.
I think he's inside.
Got to stop meeting like this.
How you doing? Today was supposed to be my day off.
Well, it should be pretty straightforward.
Famous last words.
All right, let's hit it.
Let's go! Move! - Hands in the air, now! - Go, go! Move, move, move! On the floor! On the floor! Hands behind your head! Police! Don't move! Get on the ground! - Clear.
- Clear.
- Drop it! Drop it! - Put the gun down.
- Don't come near me.
- No one's gonna hurt you.
I'm not a hooker.
What's your name? Margo.
Margo I-I'm just trying to find my daughter.
Your daughter is here? No.
I'm looking for her.
She was taken at the border.
That was the last time I saw her.
Okay, so we'll file a missing persons report No, I filed everything.
I begged the police.
No one did anything.
I joined Mano Sangriento so I could find her myself.
You joined Mano Sangriento to look for your daughter? I don't even know if she's still alive.
I ask everyone I meet, I I show her picture.
All right, hey, hey, hey, listen.
Just give us a chance here.
- Maybe I can help you.
- Can you find her for me? Got to put the gun down first.
Not unless you promise to find Soli.
You put the gun down, I'll help you find Soli.
Promise? I promise.
What's going on? We rang the bell.
No answer.
Checked the doors and windows.
No sign of tampering.
Did you call? No answer on her phone, either.
I'll give her a call.
Don't let anybody on the street who's not a resident.
Detective Reagan.
Thank God you're here.
You okay? Danny? Danny, you okay? Get a medic.
Medic! Crawford's office called.
She's agreed to set a meeting to discuss.
So it worked.
What worked? That declaration of war masquerading as a press conference.
Hey, they ask 'em, I answer 'em, same as it ever was.
Don't kid a kidder.
Oh, and your daughter just showed up.
What the hell were you thinking? You want to sit down? No, I don't.
It was time to call out the D.
Time to call out my boss and every D.
in my office, including me? I never brought you up, nor mentioned you by name.
A distinction without a difference.
- It's not personal, Erin.
- Oh, come on, Dad.
You can do better that that.
Okay, I was asked some questions by a reporter, and it's my job to answer 'em.
But it is not my job to shut up about her disastrous policies because you work there.
With no regard for respect? I do respect you.
You know that.
I'm sorry you're caught in the middle, but I did not put you there.
Oh, the hell you didn't.
Any more than you would put me there in a legitimate beef with this department.
That's the rules of our game.
But I do think your days of sitting on the fence are over.
What does that even mean? You think I should call out my own boss? If you disagree with her policies, yeah.
Oh, come on, Dad.
If Sid or Garrett or Abigail did that, they would be fired.
Unless they were right and I was still smart enough to see it.
Can she even listen to another side? I don't know.
Well maybe it's time for her to go.
Oh, well, I'm not much for mutiny.
Sorry if that disappoints.
Oh, cut it out.
I didn't say I wanted you to be D.
I said you would make a good D.
Same thing.
No, it's not.
It's like I said to Jamie a couple of weeks ago.
I would never want one of my kids to make an important decision based on what I might think.
Same goes.
It's kind of hard to ignore what you think, Dad.
What I really think? I don't think you're afraid of losing.
I think you're afraid of winning, and all that goes with it.
Careful there.
I don't know.
Just sign the complaint and we'll be done here.
Petty larceny? A misdemeanor? This doesn't even say that he had a knife.
He didn't use the knife, right? That's not the point.
He threatened me and he threatened the shop owner.
He didn't physically attack you, did he? He didn't hurt anyone? He resisted arrest.
- That's not in here, either.
- We're not prosecuting resisting arrest anymore.
Why?! You can just hit a cop? Let me ask you a question.
You or one of your colleagues walks out of here today and gets assaulted You just gonna let that go? You don't sign, I'll decline to prosecute.
- He'll be released.
- That's on you.
No, that's on you.
Thanks for nothing.
Okay, thanks.
So, apparently, she was in WITSEC, but went to her mom's house to check on her.
She receive threats? I don't know.
But guess who made bail.
- I don't know.
- Arturo Munoz.
Well, now we know who planted the bomb.
- Any word on Elena? - Nothing yet.
Detective Reagan.
She gonna be all right? I'm very sorry.
We did everything we could.
But we were able to save the baby.
A beautiful baby girl.
She's beautiful.
Hell of a way to come into the world.
You ever feel like everything we do doesn't make a difference? What are you talking about? How long have we been going after Mano Sangriento? You know, we arrest Munoz, and he's out on bail, and we find out he's behind this, we arrest him again, and-and then what? There'll be someone to replace him.
There always is.
- So what difference does it all make? - Yeah, well, I just try to think about how different it would be if we weren't here to do our jobs.
You know, we do make things better for a lot of people.
Yeah, but what about this baby? What does she get? What happens to her? She gets to grow up knowing that her mom was a hero, that she did everything in her power to give her a better life than she had.
Lot of people grow up with a lot less than that.
I don't know.
What we do know is that if we do our jobs and we catch this son of a bitch who killed her mom, then she won't have died in vain.
- Okay? - Okay.
I'm not crazy.
It's protocol.
You put the gun to your head.
It's to get your attention.
You got it.
Date of birth? July 18, 2008.
That's not your date of birth.
No, it's Soli's birthday.
She's only 14 years old.
That's why you have to help me get her back.
Front zip pocket, there's a photo.
She looks like you.
As soon as we got over the border, the coyote who brought us there He said he was gonna say she was his daughter so he could cross, and that if we told the truth, he would kill us all.
But when we got to the other side, he took her.
You know his name? Carlos Sanchez.
I told the authorities, but no one would listen.
You're sure she came all the way up to New York City? The last contact I had, Soli called me from her cell phone.
She was whispering, said she was in the back of a van with 20 other girls, and she was being taken to New York City.
How long you been here? Three weeks.
- Margo Ruiz? - Yeah.
Can you remove the cuffs? I'm not crazy.
I'll just do anything to get my daughter back.
How's Margo? - They're keeping her overnight.
- That's good.
She's not crazy.
She's just willing to give herself up to all kinds of violence and degradation to save her daughter.
You're gonna try to find her daughter, aren't you? I don't like to make promises I can't keep, even to perps.
Exactly what I thought you were gonna say.
Why? Don't you need a detective to help with the case? You got somebody in mind? You're looking at him.
I've got the security footage from outside Elena's house.
They were wearing ski masks, though, so you can't see their faces.
Any fingerprints? No.
Got any other angles? There you go.
Zoom in on that.
Adam, one, seven, Charlie, eight, eight.
2019 Mercedes reported stolen two days ago.
Owner? Arturo Munoz.
Newiler was released.
- Okay.
- He's back on the street.
I know what "released" means.
Which means we spent more time writing paperwork on his arrest than he spent locked up.
Is there a point to this? Doesn't that make you mad? 'Cause it pisses me off.
- That's the problem with you.
- What? You make everything a big deal.
It is a big deal.
Our job is to arrest criminals.
And other than testifying, we have zero control over what happens when the D.
's office gets that case.
Well, that's the problem with you.
You think our job ends with the arrest, and it doesn't.
It does to me.
I have listened to you.
And I'm not gonna prosecute nonviolent offenders, no matter how disrespectful you get at your podium, and that is that.
And you can't stop my cops from making legitimate arrests, and thank God, that is that.
And I can respect you without sharing your illusions of being on the right side of this.
If you can, you certainly haven't shown that.
Well, this may not be a home-cooked meal, but maybe it's a start.
And maybe it's just a show.
Not to me.
If for nothing else than to move my daughter out of the crosshairs for a minute.
And move her into my office.
Respect? I do.
Without sharing your illusions about what else this is.
Crawford, in my time here, I have worked with four D.
"Worked with" being kind of a loose term.
More like battled with.
It is the nature of our two positions compatible on paper, adversarial in practice.
So think about it.
Why on Earth would I want my daughter in that role? I will think about it.
And I do appreciate you coming up.
We haven't moved the other one an inch.
We were never gonna.
Then this was a show.
No, it's just what we do.
We bang our heads against a wall and hope that something besides a headache happens.
Baker's got aspirin, if you want it.
Good day, Commissioner.
And to you.
I got a question for you.
My mom said she didn't tell my dad she was pregnant 'cause he would have insisted on getting married.
Is that true? Without a doubt.
Well, I sometimes wonder what it would've been like if he knew, you know? If I knew him.
Sometimes I wonder if he knew, would he have handled himself differently on the job.
What do you mean? Like, would he be more careful if he knew he had a son? Would he still be alive? Guess we'll never know.
That's him? Carlos Sanchez? I think so, yeah.
That's him.
So, what now? We don't really have a reason to pull him over.
Run his plate.
That comes back as stolen.
- Well, there's a reason.
- All right.
- What the hell? - What is that? Hands where I can see 'em! - I didn't do nothing.
- Shut up.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Out of the car right now.
Turn around, hands against the roof.
Danny? Hell are you doing here? About to ask you the same thing.
Carlos Sanchez? You know you're driving a stolen vehicle here? - Nah, it's a mistake.
- Yeah, sure.
Maybe your boss let you borrow it, huh? Look like blood to you? Yeah.
Sure does.
Hey, Danny, we got something back here.
Pop the trunk.
Hey, we got a body back here.
Sit on him.
What do we got? Crime Scene's an hour out.
I just checked.
All right, we got it from here.
We're gonna take Sanchez back to the 2-9.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got a vic nine months pregnant just got blown up, and that's the car that was used.
He's not going anywhere except to our squad.
- Danny, this is our collar.
- It's not about a collar.
It's about stopping another girl from getting killed.
Okay? Why the hell didn't you put this in Safety Net? Because it wasn't a long-term investigation.
- We got a tip we acted on.
- Okay, you stay out of this.
Little late for that.
The girl you're looking for What's her name? Soli Ruiz.
Doesn't look like it's her in the trunk.
According to her ID, her name is Isabella Martinez.
She was reported missing November 16, 2021.
She's 14 years old.
Which means Soli is still out there.
All right, let's work this together.
He thinks he knows me better than I know myself.
He has literally known you since the day you were born.
Yeah, but it doesn't give him the right to push, to demand.
It's-it's why I'm in this situation with Crawford in the first place.
And he feels I swear that somehow, this is all good for me.
- Uh-huh.
- You know how incredibly frustrating that is? You have any idea? Not really.
You have anything you want to say? Yeah, I do.
I say, lucky you.
What is that supposed to mean? Well, you complain that your dad is too much in your life? That he cares too much? Yeah, exactly.
My dad left when I was five.
Never came back, forced my mother into being a single mom.
And did I ever tell that you she worked two jobs just to support me? No.
And family dinner? My family dinner was a table for two, if my mother wasn't working, which was almost never.
So, yeah, lucky you.
We'll start with you driving around with a dead girl in your trunk.
I literally don't even know who she is.
Isabella Martinez, 14 years old.
How did you kill her? I didn't, I swear.
She just crawled into the trunk of your stolen car - and died on her own, right? - Stolen? What are you talking about? Munoz sent you off to do his dirty work in his car and then reported it stolen with you in it.
Maybe I need a lawyer.
You definitely need a lawyer.
Just let us know if you want one.
I suggest one that specializes in homicide defense, because after the ME and Crime Scene comes back with anything that links you to this, we're charging you with murder.
I told you I didn't kill no girl! - Say her name.
- Come on, man! I was just supposed to dump the body.
Whose body? Why can't you say her name? Isabella Martinez, okay? And I swear I had nothing to do with her dying.
How about her? You recognize her? She's another one of them.
Who's them? Girls taken across the border.
All underage, all illegal, so they won't go to the cops.
They keep 'em hooked on fentanyl so they won't run.
Who keeps them hooked on fentanyl? - Not without a deal.
- There is no deal until you confirm that Munoz and Mano Sangriento are trafficking these young girls.
I can talk to the ADA about a deal for you.
But in the meantime, tell me where I can find Soli.
First, I talk to the D.
Tell my brother where he can find Soli! That's the only way you're getting a deal.
They pull some of the girls to sort the drugs when a shipment comes in.
There's one coming tomorrow night.
She'll be there.
Start writing.
Police Commissioner Reagan is simply behind the times.
He's a broken windows guy.
And this city can no longer adhere to that way of policing, because, as we've learned, it only results in mass incarceration, overcrowded prisons and recidivism.
The Reagan name is synonymous with law enforcement, but maybe we need to take a hard look at alternatives to that old order.
Turn it off.
She's talking out of her ass, boss.
Return fire.
Why? Why? Because people are gonna take sides.
They should.
Then let's give 'em your side.
I already did.
So you're just gonna let her say that stuff about you? She's right.
I am a broken windows guy.
And most New Yorkers would gladly take that over not being able to safely ride on the subway.
Just keep saying it out loud, boss.
Hear, hear.
Hey, Commissioner.
Abigail, Garrett, Sid.
Can you give us the room? Yeah.
Sit down.
So, what brings you up here, Pop? Just inserting myself into your work life without being invited.
This is between me and Erin.
No, it's between you and Erin and her boss, and now, anyone who's not living under a rock.
Well, what was I supposed to do, ignore the new mandates? It's a little late for that, don't you think? I have to speak out if there is an issue that puts the public at risk.
And poking your daughter into running for D.
is an added bonus? She talked to you.
Ah, when you get to my age, you become everybody's confidante.
I guess they seem to think that with age comes wisdom, but we both know that's a crock.
Look, um, I do think she'd be great at that job, but there's absolutely no way I would push her.
You remember when I stepped back, when the police commissioner's job came up? I came to you, and said I thought you should consider it.
I said I thought you'd make an excellent police commissioner, and more importantly, it's what the city needed.
Remember that? No, I don't.
I saw your statement.
Yeah, look, Erin, this thing between your father and I, it's not personal.
It's funny how everyone keeps saying that to me.
I never liked that the line between our office and One PP is muddied by the fact that the commissioner's daughter works in my office.
I have never brought that relationship to bear on my cases.
That's true.
But when the news and the talk shows cover the story, you think they're gonna ignore you in all of this? I have no control over that.
But when I am here, I am not the commissioner's daughter.
I am a bureau chief Who breaks bread with the upper reaches of the NYPD, and you want to tell me that has zero effect on your opinions? Yes.
Because I follow the rule of law.
But for the record, I do think that some of your mandates will result in tragic consequences.
I rest my case.
Give me the damn bag! That's my stuff! - It's not your bag, lady! - My stuff! - You're not stealing my stuff! - It's not your stuff! Police! Hey! - Drop the knife! - Step away from him.
- It's not your stuff! - Drop the knife! Police! 2-9 David.
We need a bus at this location.
He said the drugs would be dropped off 30 minutes ago.
There's been no activity.
Makes me wonder.
Me, too.
Who's that? What the hell is going on? That's Soli.
It's a setup.
Stay here.
Danny Don't come closer.
It's okay.
I'm gonna help you.
I can help you.
Hang back.
It's a bomb.
Don't come closer.
Stay back! They just want to kill as many cops as possible.
If I let go, it's going to explode.
Well, you make sure you don't let go so we don't explode.
All right? Leave me, please.
I'm not leaving you.
Get bomb squad.
Not on your radio! We need bomb squad forthwith! Hey, now, I want you to look at me, okay? We gotta stay calm.
We're gonna figure this out together, me and you.
- If I let go, it's going to explode.
- I know.
I can't hold on.
We got you.
Okay? I told your mom I was gonna bring you home safe.
- My mom? - For her, you gotta be strong so we can get through this.
You got it? Do you remember anything they said to you while they were putting it on; anything you can remember? No.
I don't-I don't know.
I heard them say 6:00, but I don't know if that means anything.
I got 5:55, Danny.
I'm scared.
I am, too.
It's okay.
Where's bomb squad?! Bomb squad's 15 minutes out.
We can't wait that long.
Get 'em on the phone.
They're gonna have to talk me through it.
That's not a good idea, Danny.
It's the only idea we got, partner.
- Get 'em on the phone.
- All right.
Detective Hill and Baez again.
He wants you to talk hm through it.
All right, he wants video.
He wants to see the device.
Help is on the way, okay? All right, here you go, Detective.
- You see it? - Danny Reagan? - Yeah.
- You got Detective Giorgio here.
We're 12 minutes out.
You gotta clear out.
That thing can blow any second.
We can't do that.
We got a 14-year-old girl here with a timed device on her.
It's got three C-4s and a trigger button.
- You've seen this before? - More times than I'd like.
Okay, fine.
Get everybody else out of there.
The less people there, the less injured.
Fall back.
Baez, fall back.
- I'm not leaving.
- You gotta fall back.
Come on.
Hey, put the phone down and fall back.
Okay, you got two Reagans here.
Talk us through it.
Uh, you got three Reagans.
Someone's gotta hold the phone.
What, you want to film and defuse at the same time? Okay, you got three Reagans.
Don't screw this up.
Show me the device.
I got her thumb held down on a heat holding button.
Okay, keep that tight.
I need you to follow the wires.
Just one blasting cap? One blasting cap.
Can you remember what happened last in there? Soli, the guy who put the bomb on you, what's the last thing they did? He put something on my back.
Your back.
Hit her back.
Be careful, Danny.
There's a battery connected on her back.
Okay, that nine-volt goes - to the blasting cap.
- Yep.
First thing we gotta do is pull that blasting cap away from the C-4.
Okay, blasting cap away from the C-4.
I'm gonna pull this away from the C-4, okay? I gotta ground myself first.
Hold on.
Okay, we're gonna give this a try.
Okay, I'm gonna give this a try right now, okay? Just stay relaxed.
I'm gonna separate this.
Okay, I think we're good.
Good job.
Now we're gonna disconnect the battery.
Okay, and when we do that, we're all set? If there's no booby traps.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
It's almost over.
Okay? Disconnecting the battery now.
Okay, I think we're good.
I think we're good.
I'm gonna let go of your hand now, okay? - No.
- Trust me.
I'm gonna take it from you, okay? I got it.
I got it.
It's okay.
I got it.
Okay, Detective, we're gonna peel off the explosives, okay? You got it.
Great job, guys.
We're rolling in now.
- You got it? Careful, careful.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got it, yep.
All right? I got it.
You take that.
Get rid of that over there.
- That's it? That's everything? - Yeah.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We're gonna go get you checked out over here, okay? - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Good thing I didn't let you get blown up.
Dad would have killed me.
You know I'm the only person at our family dinner, aside from Sean, that's not a cop.
And every week I listen to every one of you unload on the D.
's office.
Well From where I sit, you give as good as you get.
But your department isn't perfect either.
Far from it.
And I don't air in public, out of respect for you.
I called out Crawford, not you.
But you made it impossible for me to talk about the issue with Crawford without her seeing me as the commissioner's daughter.
So going forward, if you have a need to call out my boss I will give you a heads up.
Thank you.
And the reason why I'm not running for D.
is not because I'm afraid of winning.
What's the reason? It's because I'm afraid of losing.
And that's your fault.
For raising me with three brothers.
How are you doing? Waiting for Force Investigation to rake me over the coals.
- It was a good shoot.
- Uh-huh.
Witnesses even said you had no choice.
How's the store owner? She's gonna make it.
Newiler is stable, too.
I've always been a collar guy.
I keep my head down and make arrests.
- Hmm.
- But you were right to make a big deal about releasing Newiler.
Did you just admit that I was right about something? Because I think that was the first time.
Officer Badillo.
We're ready for you.
I didn't say you weren't a pain in the ass.
Just that this time you were right.
Give 'em hell, collar guy.
I-I got your message.
Is there any news on Soli? Yeah.
We can talk in here.
Oh! Mommy.
Oh, my God.
Thank God you're okay.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I'll never be able to thank you.
You just did.
Hey, you ready to leave? Just about.
- How was your day? - Uneventful.
- That's not what I heard.
- How about yours? Same.
That's not what I heard.
Well, you tell me about yours, I'll tell you about mine.
How about you show me yours, I'll show you mine? You know how much I love show-and-tell.
What are you doing here? Just came for a little closure, I guess.
I heard the charges are gonna be federal.
Munoz will never get out again.
You doing okay? Doing okay.
The reason you called for a medic instead of a bus when Elena was killed 'cause it reminded you of something that happened? Private Patricia Murphy.
23, single mom from Boston.
Lived for pepperoni pizza and the Red Sox.
Similar to what happened to Elena? Very similar.
I'm so sorry.
I heard that nobody from Elena's family came forward to adopt that beautiful little baby.
I also heard that one of the heroic detectives who caught the guy who killed her mommy did come forward to adopt that beautiful baby.
Well, she's very lucky, 'cause you're gonna make one hell of a mom.
I hope so.
I never thought that I wanted kids, but yeah, after seeing her, I just I couldn't stop thinking about her.
If you need anything ever, I'm here for you.
I know that.
We got a full house tonight, huh? Anthony brought enough food for three family dinners.
I figured an Irish family trying to cook Italian might need a little help.
I was wondering why we have two sets of meatballs.
That is no way to talk about Anthony and Joe.
Oh Very funny! Anyway, thanks for coming today.
- And thanks for having me.
- And me.
Thank you.
There are some rules for the table.
Anybody? No eating before we say grace? - No electronics at the table.
- Ever.
No language that would make Sister Margaret Mary blush.
And no subject taboo.
I thought you never speak about politics or religion.
Nothing's off limits.
- We just try to keep it civil.
- All right.
A good point, considering the news coverage this week.
Which I want to address before we all eat.
Anthony, I didn't invite you here for dinner just because we're friends.
I invited you also because I wanted you here when I told my family I'm throwing my hat in the ring for D.
- All right! - Wow! Congratulations.
No better person for the job.
Great news.
Why, uh, why'd you decide to run? Um, well, I guess I realized that one of the reasons why I wasn't running was I may be afraid of losing.
But I think that if I have your love and support, I'll be unbeatable.
Spoken like a true Reagan.
- You're gonna kick some ass.
- Yeah, she is.
And we'll all chip in.
Amen to that.
So, who wants to say grace? I do.
I've got a lot to be thankful for, starting with everybody at this table.
Bless us, O Lord and these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord.

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