Blue Bloods s12e19 Episode Script

Tangled Up in Blue

Okay, well, that was fun and delicious.
And way overdue.
Way overdue.
And I want a doggy bag with that waiter in it.
Good to see you.
Nice to see you.
Mid-'90s, that was a discount shoe store.
Now it's what, 30 bucks a plate for pasta? Well, that sounds about right.
At night, this neighborhood was completely deserted.
Wall Street guys went home, tumbleweeds rolled in.
Now it's like Times Square.
Not quite.
You really don't remember me, do you? Uh, sorry, I mean Yeah, plus, I-I mean, I lost, like, a hundred pounds.
I just got back from Otisville, doing the 12 years you guys gave me.
And I couldn't help wondering, all this time, it ever occur, "We treated Lenny Katz very unfairly"? Oh.
Oh, no, no, I-I don't, I don't blame you.
I You were just, like, a rookie gofer, but the others? Very unfair.
Very unfair.
You have a good night, Ms.
I'm dead serious.
A 911 caller should be required by law to say if there is a convicted felon and/or firearms on the premises.
Our people need to know that before they knock on the door.
And yes, if the caller withholds the information, a felony in and of itself.
"Domestic dispute" just doesn't seem to be enough to go on these days.
What, you need help with one? Come on, give me.
Saw the doctor last week for my physical.
Yeah, I know.
He called this afternoon.
Wants me to come in.
You feeling okay? I feel fine.
But when they ask you to come in person, it's never good news.
And let's face it, I'm probably past my sell-by date.
Will you take me yourself and bring me back home? Absolutely.
I'll even bring a Tootsie Pop in case the doc ran out of them.
Hey, it's Peter Chou's voice mail.
You know what to do.
Hey, Pete, it's Jamie.
Oh, man, I, uh, I ate or drank something and Come on, pick up.
I'm pulling over.
I'm, uh I'm gonna Uber.
But I'd really like to know what I slipped.
I mean, what I got slipped, uh, to me.
I'm pretty baked here and I don't know what.
Uh Oh.
You okay? Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
This is it, over here.
Sit tight.
They're coming.
I got the hood.
Help is coming.
This is the driver.
He's, uh I think maybe he broke something.
Try to hold still.
Try to hold still.
I got you.
Are you okay, sir? Yes, Officer.
Were you involved in the accident? No.
That's my car.
Over there.
I-I parked.
And I c I came and then I helped.
Sir, did you cause this accident? No, Officer.
Driver's license, please.
Sergeant Reagan? - Were you drinking? - No.
But I, uh I got something I ate or I drank.
It had drugs in it.
I bet anything.
Sorry, Sergeant, looks to me like you've been driving while impaired.
I'm gonna get a cab, and I'm gonna give you my keys.
No, sit right here.
Let me request my supervisor.
Who spikes guacamole and doesn't tell anyone? Ben's new girlfriend.
- She's trouble, that much I know.
- I'm-I'm screwed.
What? You pulled the guy from a wreck.
Yeah, while wrecked.
No, you're still the hero.
I'm a cop who got busted driving with THC in his system.
- You got slipped a Mickey.
- Hard to prove.
Think about all the cops who got busted claiming they had hemp oil in their shampoo or poppy seeds in their bagel.
They You ever see them on the job again? It's not like your dad's gonna let them hang an innocent man.
Uh, no, he can't go near this, Eddie.
No one in my family can.
What do you mean? The second it looks like strings got pulled Just looks like I'm finished.
I'll never have the respect of my command again, and every cop who already thinks I get my stripes as a birthday present is saying, "I told you so.
" And he'd be right.
Morning, Frank.
Morning, Doc.
About my dad.
Um, you ask him to come in? I did.
Any heads-up you could give me? Frank.
Well, Kirk, he asked me to come with him for the consultation.
And cops hate surprises.
You gonna say that on your headstone, Frank? Uh, come on.
I'm gonna be there anyway.
I just want to be prepared.
For his sake.
Prostate cancer.
You want to hear the good news? We caught it so early and it grows so slowly in a man Henry's age that we basically don't do anything.
Whatever eventually gets him, it's not gonna be this.
Don't tell him.
What? Well, if you're not gonna treat it and it's not gonna get to him in the end anyway, why curse him with waking up every morning he has left thinking he has cancer? Doesn't work that way, Frank.
Well, it could work that way.
Look, I know him.
If you do tell him, for the rest of his life, he's gonna be looking over his shoulder.
Well See you in the office.
Thanks for listening.
This morning, too? Where? Uh, Greenwich and Chambers on my run.
- Okay, well, did he say anything? - Yeah.
He said, "Good morning.
" - That's it? - Yeah, that's it.
And then he kept heading east, and I was heading west.
Well, if it happens again, could you at least notify 911? Okay, and what? Have him arrested for walking and talking? There is no threat here, explicit or even implied.
Not yet.
Okay? I mean, what did that A.
even do to this guy Katz? He sent him up north.
I know that.
Anything else? You know, he s He didn't say he was innocent.
He said he was treated very unfairly.
Okay, well, that's what every ex-con in the history of the world says.
Yeah, but the good news is no history of violence at all.
I mean, he truly is the little schmo, you know, with the pocket calculator and the model train set for a hobby.
I mean, even his Fratello family nickname? Scaredy Katz.
So, what's he want with me? Well, that's the million-dollar question.
I mean, what we do know is he was cut off from the Fratello family when he got convicted.
His wife divorced him and took the kids to Orlando.
He's got nothing left except a grudge.
And a guy with nothing is a guy with nothing to lose.
Okay, well, I have a weapon and a concealed carry permit.
I don't need a detail, nor do I want one.
I mean, what do you do when you feel like the bad guy is n-not even a bad guy? Well, I slap myself in the face until I wake up to the fact that most bad guys will always be bad guys.
Dig deep on this.
If this office did railroad him, I want to know the who and the how.
This stays between us.
- Suit yourself.
- Got it.
Front page mock-up.
Tomorrow's Post.
The good news is we're getting some cooperation from them in playing up the "hero" angle.
In exchange for? Nothing.
I wasn't born yesterday.
In exchange for a continuation of the fine tradition of cooperation between my office and the press.
I'm not buying it.
Of all the moles you got to whack this morning, - this is the one you're gonna - You got it.
And what are you up to? Not up to nothing, boss.
- You just riding the bench? - No.
Again, what are you up to? Well, I've reached out Off the record, of course To each link in the chain of command between the arresting officer and the chief of IAB.
Well, reach out again, on the record, and tell them to ignore your first message.
Okay, boss.
And you, Detective? Awaiting orders or guidance from my C.
, sir.
I called the precinct, asked them to release Jamie on a desk appearance ticket.
Okay, here's what we can't do.
Try to influence the press coverage, meddle with the chain of command or put a thumb on IAB or pull strings.
Well, then, what can we do? We can let this play out like it wasn't my son.
And that's all.
How bad a jam are you in? Well, the blood test will show that there was THC in my system.
The hair test will show that it's not a usual thing for me, but they kind of got a one-strike policy.
Which seems kind of arcane, this day and age.
Yeah, I agree with you.
But, uh, that doesn't give any cop a pass, you know? Listen, if there's anything I can do to help, just ask, all right? There is one thing.
I-I called you.
- Left a message.
- Yeah, you did.
I have the time of the call on my cell.
And that message was clearly a guy who didn't know what got slipped to him and was pretty freaked.
That could go a long way, you know? I, uh, erased it.
You Why? Look, I I just made partner at an old-school law firm.
This comes knocking on my door, that an NYPD sergeant, the-the PC's own son, got dosed at my party and got arrested driving home, I'm out.
No way back in.
I'm really sorry, man.
No, I hear you.
Anything else, just ask.
This is me.
This is you.
Thank you.
Lenny, you can't keep doing this.
Reagan, a little taste of justice is all I'm looking for.
Justice was served.
You may think it was overserved.
Bernie Liggett saw to that.
Okay, well, he is long gone from the office.
I know.
You're the only one left from the team.
Well, the next time you see me, I will have a security detail who will arrest you for stalking.
Is that what you want? This can of worms only opens from the inside.
Says you and only you.
Jo Malone.
Mandarin, basil, lime.
What? Oh, I'm so sorry.
My wife, she used to wear that scent.
I-I'm so stupid saying it out loud.
I I'm so sorry.
Goodbye, Lenny.
Total cholesterol's 180, which is good.
Your LDL's down to 92, which is fantastic.
Nice going, Pop.
And the bad news? What makes you think there's bad news? Something bothering you that you didn't tell me? You wanted to see me in person.
Did you ever think that I just might like seeing you in person? Said no doctor ever.
Listen, just cut down on the red meat and the dairy and keep your alcohol intake to a minimum.
You've been saying that for years.
And you've been ignoring it for years.
You squeal? Nope.
We have other ways of telling.
Just follow my advice, okay? - That's it? - That's it.
You know what we should do? Take a road trip to the Baseball and Football Halls of Fame.
There you go.
Detour from Canton to Cleveland, you can check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Why the hell would we do that? You up for it? Yeah, it's a great idea.
Maybe see if Diane Lane's still single.
She can come along.
You're so full of it.
Pleasure doing business with you, Doc.
Abigail, it's called reading between the lines! Boss can't say or do what he wants on account of it's Jamie.
Since Okay? It's up to us - to interpret.
- Since when? Since this.
This is like the Super Bowl of can he separate family and duty.
The Super Bowl? - Whatever.
- Sid has a point.
An effective inner circle sometimes takes direction from institutional knowledge rather than a specific set of circumstances.
I think I prefer Super Bowl.
What's with the attitude? There's no devil to advocate for here.
And you two are reading between lines that aren't there.
He's got zero regard for the nods and winks and little codes that grease the rails the rest of us ride on.
It's his son, for crying out loud! Which any of us would ease off for but which makes him double down! You really think that? I know that.
I've seen his birth certificate.
He was found floating in a basket on the Nile.
I just got a call from the corporation counsel.
I apologize, sir.
We were just I can still work a phone.
Yes, sir.
The victim in the crash is suing Sergeant Reagan and the department, alleging that his impaired driving caused the accident.
Are you ready to play offense now? Yes.
I am.
Get a recommendation from the sergeants union for the best defense lawyer they got.
That's it? Told ya.
Katz is not wrong.
I'm not sure I want to hear this.
Look, some higher-ups in the Fratello family flipped on him to get a break on their own sentences.
Well, that's the business we've chosen.
But the lead prosecutor just ate up every morsel that they served.
And they flipped on Katz for stuff that makes no sense: uh, drug trafficking, prostitution, even a contract hit.
But we don't know his wheelhouse for certain.
Did Bernie Liggett seem like a straight arrow to you? - What? - Uh, I stayed a hundred miles away from him.
He was a serial horndog long before it was officially frowned upon.
- What else about him? - I told you.
What else? That's where Katz told me to look.
- Bernie Liggett.
- You know, there is no "now what?" An ex-con accusing a long gone A.
of padding a case ain't flying two inches off of Crawford's desk.
You're right.
Yeah, muddy water under the bridge.
I know.
I just wish Katz was dead wrong and there was nothing to it.
Empty your purse.
Why? Uh, just a hunch.
What's that? A tracking tile.
He's got you on GPS.
Change your jogging route.
Uh, buy your coffee somewhere new.
Get serpentine.
I'm putting a shadow on you.
You won't even know it.
To the best of your recollection Again, you don't have to preface every question with that.
It's not like I blacked out.
Again, we are conducting this interview.
Was your impaired driving in any way a contributing factor in the accident? I don't believe so, no.
- Based on? - Based on two kids racing hot hatches on public roadways is my go-to contributing factor in these kinds of incidents.
I'm sure statistics bear that out.
Sometimes logic is the most logical thing.
Sergeant Reagan, thank you for your cooperation.
That's it? For now.
We'll schedule another interview if and when necessary.
- Sergeant Reagan, we're done for today.
- You guys aren't gonna review surveillance footage or track down any other drivers who may have seen something at the time? That's all part of the ongoing investigation.
- Good.
- Why would you say that? Is there some reason we should doubt your recollection? Well, yeah.
I'm the party in question here.
All of a sudden, my word is golden? Thank you, Lieutenant.
This investigation is still in its infancy.
But this here is a game of softball conducted by a couple of investigators who I know to be pit bulls but are acting like lapdogs.
Sergeant, we understand you're under a lot of stress.
Please be assured the investigation will be thorough and utterly without bias.
What bias? Who said anything about bias? Without favor or rancor.
Again, thank you for your cooperation.
They were all just in the neighborhood.
I bet.
How's everybody doing? Better than you, I'm guessing.
That'd be good.
Back in my day, we didn't blame the sap that got slipped the Mickey.
We looked for the guy who slipped it to him.
Or the double-crossing dame? Oh, that-that was just in the movies.
But can the person come forward? Yeah.
Uh, if they wanted to, I guess, yeah.
But you dose a cop, you're pretty hesitant to take credit.
- So make her.
- I don't know her.
And she could just say that everyone knew the guacamole was spiked.
We'd be right back to square one.
Okay, well, it's worth a shot.
I already went down an avenue and got similar cold feet, so I'm not looking to cause trouble for anybody else.
That's your brother for you.
Well, if it were me But it's not.
Danny, it's me.
Look, I'm just trying to share some wisdom with a guy who looks like he's about ready to throw the book at himself.
That's not what I'm doing.
And the real wisdom here - is coming from Dad.
- How? He didn't think - he should be here.
- That's right.
Exactly, because we can't Reagan this.
We can't just sit around your dining room table, figure out what needs to be done and then go do it.
There's tribes of people that think that Reagans self-deal.
This is not gonna be their smoking gun, not if I can help it.
So we, what, leave it to the fates? What idiot trusts the fates? Pop, I got to ride solo on this one if I'm gonna truly get through it.
Listen, thank you for coming.
I appreciate it.
I love you guys.
I'm kind of beat.
Well Don't look at me.
You guys raised him.
Hey, Pop.
Fish sticks? Baked cod.
It's rich in omega-3, which is supposed to be good for it.
How'd you find out? Called the doctor's office after our visit.
And why did I think to call the doctor's office after our visit? You tell me.
You never asked a single question, and when you don't ask questions, it means you already know the answers.
Um, I'm sorry, Pop.
I'm very sorry.
I I was just trying to do the right thing by you.
I didn't ask for that kind of handling.
I never have, never will.
Look, when I saw the look on your face when you asked me to take you, I just thought Well, you thought wrong.
And who were you trying to do the right thing by? Honestly.
Honestly? You.
Nothing in it for me.
Oh, yeah? Like you never thought that your home life would be easier if I was in the dark? Honest to God, that that never even occurred to me.
Oh, Francis.
I'm too old to say it.
You're too old to hear it.
But I'm really disappointed in you.
You're a good fixer.
But when are you gonna learn that sometimes fixing isn't what's called for? Well, that's not really fair.
I've stayed away from Jamie's problem.
Because protocols require it.
I didn't say you weren't smart.
But not every situation needs a decider or a fixer.
I know that.
No, you don't.
You never just show up, be a wingman.
Sometimes that's the only thing you can do, but it's everything.
And it kills me that I failed to teach you that.
Yeah, but if she does end up running for office, it's not a good look if she has him arrested for calling out a legitimate beef with this office.
Seriously? We're worried about how it looks? Not we.
Look, I-I don't know if you follow the news, but you'd be amazed at how little it takes, uh, to cancel somebody's ticket these days.
I watch the news, okay? And we missed something.
You know, Katz isn't known for violence down here, but he is up in Otisville.
He got good at sharpening his toothbrush, cleaned a couple guys' ears with it.
Then they left him alone? Well, wouldn't you? I mean, so what are we supposed to do now? Just sit and wait? Ask your sister.
Well, I suck at sit and wait.
Well, me, too, but it's her call.
Which one of you shot their mouth off? - Not me.
- Not me.
Look, it was probably him.
But about what? I just got a call from the Organized Crime Task Force that they're picking up Fratello chatter that Lenny Katz threatened me.
You said Lenny Katz didn't threaten you.
Their chatter, not mine.
Old-school mobsters still consider law enforcement off-limits.
They wouldn't want light on them for what Katz is doing.
That's right.
Does any of this chatter involve having a talk with Katz? - Yes.
- Great.
Then why look a gift horse in the mouth? I said I would handle this myself.
Yeah, and I respected that.
Me, too.
Did you? On our brother's grave.
I'm Eddie Janko.
How's it going? Okay.
You're Tate, right? Yeah.
What can I get for you? Hey.
Can we get, uh, two seltzers and whatever he's having? We're Officers Badillo and Janko.
We're from the 2-9.
Let me guess.
Sergeant Reagan's command? Look, I didn't have a choice.
I know.
Sergeant Reagan knows, too.
Then why you want to hassle me? Who said we were gonna hassle you? The way things are going for me? Come on, man.
All I did was request my supervisor to the scene.
The rest was up to the powers that be.
Two seltzers.
One rum and Coke.
Was there anything at the scene, anything at all, that would lead you to think that Sergeant Reagan caused that accident? I don't do collision investigations.
I was just first on the scene.
Anything you heard, then? - Like I said - A collar like this, fellow cop, PC's son? You keep up.
Any of us would.
The surveillance footage had gaps, so they're calling it inconclusive.
Driver came back clean for drugs and alcohol.
He was traveling over the speed limit, but that's about it.
Isn't he married to a fellow officer? Yeah.
So we're both deep in this.
Look, I deal with these rat-racers all the time.
They often have GoPros mounted on the dash to record their run for social media.
There may be one rattling around in the wreck.
I don't know if they found it or if they're even looking for it, but it could show him parked before they blew by.
Thank you, Officer Jones.
You didn't hear this from me.
I don't need any more of this thing.
Copy that.
Hey, Dad.
What's going on? Way too much from what I hear.
Come on in.
Eddie? Out.
So it's just you and me and the elephant in the room.
It's not about that.
Can't be.
I know that.
So, what's up? Does something have to be up? I thought maybe, you know, you could use a wingman.
The 12-year-old.
Sounds good.
I'll get the glasses.
One for me - and one for my wingman.
- You know Pop really kicked my ass.
Told me I didn't know how to just show up.
Yeah, well, here you are, so you showed him.
You know, I was kind of wondering if you ever talked to anybody from the night of.
Yes, I did.
A few of them.
Anybody who could come forward and say you got slipped a Mickey? Those aren't exactly wingman questions, Dad.
More like cop questions, - just so's you know.
- Well I, um I left a voice mail for the guy who threw the party asking what the hell I'd taken, but he deleted it.
Fellow cop? No.
Peter Chou, law school buddy.
Now a partner at a Wall Street firm where drugging NYPD sergeants is a no-no.
You could, uh, get a subpoena, retrieve the message.
Uh, I'm just saying.
Some guys could.
I couldn't.
I'm not gonna torpedo a guy's career to save mine.
Well, you put it that way And he didn't know it was laced, either.
I hate where I find myself, but I'd hate it more if I took anyone down with me.
And you know what would be the-the worst outcome possible? That you helped my case and then it came back to haunt us all.
That the legacy that you and Pop built, that Joe died for, got canceled.
That-that could never be worth it to me.
Guess you found the tracker.
A detective did.
Guess I'm no James Bond.
You need to get lost, Lenny.
Get lost why? Because you know I was treated very unfairly, and it bothers you to see me, - am I right? - No, no.
Because what could I possibly have to offer in return, am I right? Lenny "Scaredy" Katz.
Because the Fratello crime family found out what you're doing, and they're not happy about it.
Liggett may have overreached, but there's nothing I can do for you.
No restitution I can offer.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry, but that's all I've got.
But I was right.
Can you just say it? You could be right, but I doubt we'll ever know for sure.
Now, goodbye, Lenny.
- Get in the car, Lenny.
- Oh, no! Hey, hey, hey! Hey, Lenny.
You don't have time for coffee.
Lenny Katz, Detective Abetemarco.
How'd you get the tracker back? I asked him for it.
- Why? - Hopefully to save your life.
Those guys that snatched you last night? They were gonna give me a beatdown.
I had to.
A beatdown if you were lucky.
And, Lenny, you ain't lucky.
The guy whose eye you gouged out? He's an actual Fratello.
What do you mean, actual Fratello? Lorenzo Fratello's great-great-nephew.
A made guy.
A one-eyed made guy now, - thanks to you.
- How was I supposed to know? They didn't, like, introduce themselves.
Point is a beatdown's not on the menu anymore.
So, Lenny, past the restrooms, there's a service entrance that opens to the alley, where you will find a black, unmarked Suburban that will take you to the airport - But I got stuff.
- where you will get on a plane that takes you somewhere no one will find you.
You're welcome.
Thank you, Ms.
And, Lenny, you may think this doesn't make us even, and I could understand that.
But this makes us even.
Now go.
I'm gonna Uber, but I'd really like to know what I slipped.
I mean, what I got slipped, uh, to me.
I'm pretty baked here, and I don't know what.
Where'd you get that? It appeared in my inbox.
From who? Admin.
I don't understand.
I believe that communication is private and that the owner of the account did not want it made public.
We had our tech guy follow up.
It's legit.
- How? - Sergeant, have you ever heard of the expression "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"? Yeah, and I always wonder why it doesn't end with "unless you're a Trojan.
" - You lost me there.
- The Trojan horse.
The Greeks pretend to bail on the siege of Troy.
Then a guy named Sinon convinces the Trojans that the big wooden horse he wheeled up is a peace offering that'll make Troy impregnable.
Trojans buy the story, wheel the horse in.
Out pop a bunch of Greek soldiers, and so Troy fell.
The moral of the story being always look a gift horse in the mouth.
The account user remains anonymous.
Someone steered him in a direction he could contribute to your defense without fear of any exposure.
What am I watching here? Footage from a camera mounted on the dash of the wrecked car.
As you can see, your vehicle is legally parked with the hazard lights on before and during the collision.
Also from Admin.
Gov? No.
A tip to the C.
detectives led to a more thorough search of the vehicle and the discovery of a GoPro camera that had dislodged upon impact.
Sergeant Reagan? Guess it's just my lucky day, then.
Effective immediately, you will be restored to full duty, as this new evidence has cleared you of any wrongdoing beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Hey, uh, wait, wait, wait, wait, guys.
Hold on a second.
That's all you got? I mean, that's Nothing? You guys got nothing? You guys got to give me something.
I can take it.
Let's go.
Is that an order, Sarge? Yes, that's an order.
All right, dismissed.
Very nice.
Off the diet already, huh? If I start serving cod and kale at Sunday dinner, they'll stop coming.
I won't tell the doc, I promise.
My new motto? Everything in moderation, especially moderation.
Well, that makes sense.
But they'll show up for dinner on Sunday no matter what you serve, as long it's you who's serving it.
It's the truth, Pop.
Are we good? I'm good.
Don't know about you.
I said, "Are we good?" You tell me.
You wised up any? The events of the week? Yes.
And I appreciate the guidance.
Thank you.
And I'm not afraid of dying, just so's you know.
The great Chief Tecumseh had it right.
Fear of death is for those who have regrets and want more time for do-overs.
Do-overs? I'm paraphrasing.
Me, I could wrap up my do-overs before the bank opens.
I will face death like a hero going home.
I bet you will.
Did IAB find for Jamie all on their lonesome? You mean did I pull strings? No.
Not even a little tug? I stayed true to my sworn oath and my son's wishes.
If I happened to point someone in a direction I knew it.
No, you didn't.
And nobody ever will.
- Could you pass the potatoes? - Sure.
Would you prefer baked or fried? Oh, boy.
Those potatoes, please.
Taters coming right up for you, Sergeant Snoop Dogg.
- All right.
- Wow, this is never gonna get old.
Sorry, Officer Buzzkill.
Is your whole eighth grade class funny or just you? Just me.
Uh, try third grade.
Hey, if Sean thinks you're being juvenile, you better pack it in.
Excuse me? Take it as a compliment.
- Yeah.
- You know, there's an old saying that tragedy plus time equals comedy.
Maybe minus you it does.
Jamie, I want to ask you a serious question, and I want an honest answer.
Shoot, Pop.
Do the events of the week make you pro-marijuana for cops? Never entered my mind.
'Cause I'm guessing there are some activists that might try to make you a poster boy.
- Me? No.
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, he has a point.
Look at you, Pop, getting ahead of it.
- Thank you.
- I'm for whatever gets anyone through a night as long as it's legal.
Except it is legal.
Just not for cops.
Which is why I can't be the poster boy.
But everything always changes.
Exactly right.
If you like things just the way they are, take a picture for your scrapbook.
You really think it might be legal for cops one day? Well, they outlawed booze in 1920 to '33, and then it was legal.
Did cops stay dry? But we are forgetting the most important thing here.
Sergeant Reagan, despite his condition at the time, did what great cops do.
He took the risk.
He ran towards the fire.
That's called courage.
So Sergeant Reagan, as your commissioner, it is my great honor to present you with this commendation for outstanding service in the field.
- Hear, hear.
- Yeah.
- Hear, hear, indeed.
- A commendation.
Maybe I should get high.
- Mm.
- What? Way to go! Great.
Yeah, you saved the day! Yay! - Let me see that.
- Well-played, Dad.
That's great.
- Oh, I love that.
- Yeah, that's great.

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