Blue Bloods s12e18 Episode Script

Long Lost

- "Expectation.
- "Expectation.
The belief that something will happen in the future.
All right, use it in a sentence.
For my birthday, my expectation is to get a ton of video games.
Oh, nice try, mister.
Can I walk the rest of the way by myself? Not today, Jimmy.
All the other kids walk to school by themselves.
Please? It's only a couple blocks.
All right, fine.
But be careful.
Thanks, Mom.
I love you.
Hey, good luck on your quiz! Jimmy? Jimmy?! Jimmy?! Jimmy! Jimmy! Things have changed over the years.
Is that Erin Reagan? Michael Davis.
- How are you? - Alive.
I thought you made a point of not coming to these reunions.
Well, I figured the 20th was mandatory, so Took you that long to get over not being valedictorian, huh? Oh, please.
You beat me by .
What are you up to these days? Still lobbing off the heads of the wicked - down at 100 Centre Street? - What are you, still making sure that the city's murderers - have a cozy bed at Clinton? - Hey, as a public defender, I give a voice to the underprivileged, the people your office runs over with the freight train of justice.
Well, I guess we all have a job to do, right? And only one of them really has to do with justice, doesn't it? You really want to do this right now? I'm just saying your office seems to care more about conviction rates than doing the right thing.
- Speculation.
- Not speculation.
I have a client your office put away for life, but he's innocent.
Well, maybe you should pursue exoneration instead of using your client as a chip in a debate.
You don't want to even know about him? Look, I came down here to catch up with old friends, not rehash whatever this may be, so - It was nice seeing you.
- So typical.
The D.
's office will never admit they got anything wrong.
Makes sense you ended up there.
Ty Williams.
Look him up.
You see a vehicle or anything that might've taken him? No.
I turned back, and he was just gone.
Maybe someone you passed by on the sidewalk? - Did you see anyone suspicious? - No.
Last night, I got this text, though.
"Pay attention or someone might get hurt.
" Sent at 8:04 p.
Any idea who might've sent that? No, none.
I thought it was a wrong number.
What about Jimmy's father Is he in the picture? No, he passed away seven months ago.
- Sorry.
- Sorry - to hear that.
- We adopted Jimmy when he was four.
I never thought that I would raise him on my own.
And it turns out I'm not fit to.
Listen, this is not on you, okay? This is on whoever took Jimmy.
And we're gonna find both of them.
She was just standing there, minding her own business, and this guy comes out of nowhere and shoves her on the subway tracks.
- And you went into action.
- Yes, ma'am.
My first thought was to get the woman out of there, but the guy was standing in my way, so I shoved him on the tracks, jumped down, secured the woman, got her out of there, then kept the pusher subdued until the cops came.
Captain Chuck Phillips, - Brownsville native - Bushwick.
A Bushwick native and a true local hero.
Ah, any other Marine would've done the same thing.
If you could ask one thing from your city as a thanks, what would it be? A meeting with the commissioner of the NYPD.
That'd be it.
Ain't he something.
In a loose-cannon kind of way.
It was a movie, Denzel plays him.
I may be in the minority here, but I think meeting with him is a bad idea.
And why is that? For starters, because his reckless actions could've ended up getting the three of them killed.
Well, also for starters, he probably saved that woman's life.
Okay, but be warned.
He wants something.
Yeah, to meet the PC.
He said that.
Okay, have at it.
He's a United States Marine captain who saved a citizen's life.
I'd just like to shake his hand.
It's that simple.
You speak to her like that one more time, - That's it.
- You and I are gonna have a problem if you talk to me like that.
Why you got to be such a bitch about it? What the hell did you call me? - You heard me.
- What did you call me?! Oh! - Huh?! - Whoa, hey.
Whoa, hey, watch it.
- Whoa, what's this - Huh?! - You are crazy, you know that?! What's this about? - Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell is this about, Sergeant? - This is personal, Sergeant.
- Back up.
Back up.
Not anymore, it's not.
Officer Berner and I had to work out a little misunderstanding, - huh? - Screw you.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's over.
I just watched you assault another officer.
I hope you have a good explanation, Sergeant.
All due respect, stay the hell out of it.
I got some 28s for you to sign.
Oh, thanks.
Just put them anywhere.
Everything okay? I just saw McNichols punch Berner in the parking lot out back.
- What? Why? - I don't know.
Apparently, they stepped out after their tours to settle some kind of beef.
He must've had it coming.
Why do you say that? She's a hard-ass, but she doesn't give anyone anything they don't deserve.
You can't report her.
It's not like I have much of a choice.
I witnessed it firsthand.
She could lose her pension.
She's got 19 years on the job.
She should know better.
And they were in uniform.
What if a civilian saw? Or a reporter? It'd be on all the front pages.
But no one did see it, right? Just you? I can't let it slide.
Just give me the day.
I'll figure out what's going on.
Eddie, I know you used to ride with her.
Can you just trust me? Give me till tomorrow.
Then you can report her if you want.
She's a good cop and a good boss, Jamie.
- All right.
- All right.
Did you give birth to a son at New York Presbyterian June 21, 2012? I did.
I gave him up for adoption when he was four.
And have you seen your son since? No.
And it was an open adoption, right? Did you ever reach out to the adoptive parents? No.
I never wanted to bother them.
Why are you asking? Because the adoptive mom received a threatening text from your phone number, that's why.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, she received a threatening text, and the next morning, Jimmy was kidnapped.
- He was kidnapped? - Yeah, and you know something about it.
So why send the text? I-I don't know.
I didn't I didn't think that he would do anything.
- Who wouldn't do anything? - I was just trying to help.
I swear - I didn't know.
- Who has Jimmy? I think my ex, Tommy.
He was just released from prison after a six-year sentence.
He came here looking for Jimmy.
He didn't know that I'd given him up.
So, Tommy is Jimmy's biological father? - Yes.
- Why the hell didn't you tell him that you'd given Jimmy up for adoption? Tommy and I didn't have a good relationship.
We had a custody battle over Jimmy, and when he went to jail, I got sole guardianship.
Did you tell him where Jimmy was? I showed him a photo.
That's all.
I-I thought he'd calm down if he knew - Jimmy was safe.
- What photo? McCarren Elementary.
So, you gave up your son's location and sent a cryptic text instead of calling the cops? I didn't think that he would kidnap him.
Okay, where are they? - I don't know.
- Stop wasting our time.
You got to know something.
I swear, I don't know.
Williams was convicted of murdering his girlfriend Julia about ten years ago.
Apparently, he hit her with his car after finding out she was pregnant with another man's baby.
I hope you have more than that.
Lead prosecutor was a Dean Zora.
It was his last case before he retired.
Between him and an incompetent case detective, this whole thing's got more holes in it than my lucky underwear.
What kind of holes? No other leads were examined.
No one bothered to figure out who the baby daddy was.
- So you think Michael's right? - There's one other thing.
At his second parole hearing, Williams reversed himself and confessed to the murder.
Your attorney here, Mr.
Davis, seems to think my office got it wrong.
He thinks you're innocent.
I had nothing to do with Julia's death.
I loved her.
But it was your car that hit her, is that right? I swear to you, it wasn't me driving it.
To this day, I don't know who that was, but it wasn't me.
Well, that's not much of a case.
You've looked through the details at this point.
My client is the victim of a biased and criminal justice system and lazy prosecution.
There may have been a lack of due diligence, but that does not make your client innocent.
Reagan, from the bottom of my heart, I didn't kill that woman.
She was the reason I got up in the morning.
I'd have killed for her.
And what really gets me is that whoever did this is still out there.
Nice coaching.
He's being genuine.
Was he being genuine when he confessed to the murder? I didn't have a choice.
Conscience finally get to you? We tried for years to have someone review my case.
No one would.
The only chance that I had at parole was to confess, express remorse and wish for the best.
That was the only chance that I had at being with my family again.
And that's the God-honest truth.
You're Tommy Reinhart's P.
, is that right? - Yeah.
Something wrong? - We have reason to believe he may have been involved in a kidnapping.
Tommy? No way.
- Why no way? - I know him.
We've met every day since he got out.
He wouldn't do something like that.
'Cause it's not like he has a felony on his record or anything.
He sold cocaine and the judge made an example of him.
That's hardly the same as kidnapping.
But his ex-girlfriend seems to think he's dangerous.
I'm telling you, you couldn't be more wrong.
He got his GED in prison.
He taught other inmates.
The whole nine yards.
Well, do you have any idea where this saint is staying - or hanging out? - I'll do you one better.
He's my 10:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
You really think he's gonna show? I know he will.
Good to know.
I heard you and Berner got into it.
I'm gonna tell you what I told your husband.
- It's none of your business.
- Come on, Sarge.
I want to make sure you're okay.
I can take care of myself.
- Thank you.
- Clearly.
When we were last riding together, you were getting out of a pretty abusive relationship.
What's that got to do with this? You tell me.
And that's a hell of an assumption to make.
But I just don't think that you would go off and punch a fellow officer if you didn't have a damn good reason.
And I know what kind of guy Berner can be.
I guess I was wrong.
It's about my daughter.
She's the only girl on the Mini Mites hockey team that Berner coaches.
This is about a kids' hockey team? No.
This is about a misogynistic douchebag who makes my daughter ride the bench even though she's better than half the boys on the team.
Hell, she's got the second-most goals of anyone.
That's with him barely playing her.
Is that a reason to break his nose? I threw a punch, okay? But the guy wouldn't let up, and I don't want my daughter following in my footsteps.
She wasn't even there.
You told her.
- Wow, that's some parenting.
- Hey, you raise a daughter knowing how to stand up to guys like that, and then you come talk to me.
You're right.
I apologize.
Denzel's here, sir.
Let's have him.
Commissioner Reagan.
It's an honor.
Have a seat.
Semper fi.
First Lieutenant Reagan, O-27648.
Thank you for your service, Lieutenant.
You, as well, sir.
That was some quick thinking back on that subway platform.
Three tours in Fallujah.
You're either quick or you're dead.
So I've heard.
My son Danny served there back then.
Now he is a detective first grade with the NYPD.
I'd love to meet him.
I'll set it up.
So New York isn't Fallujah.
It was an acceptable risk, sir.
A fellow citizen was in danger.
I couldn't just stand by and watch.
Nor could you or your son Danny, I imagine.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here.
Uh, I don't think you requested this meeting just to shake my hand.
My sense, you'd like to join the NYPD.
That's some quick thinking from that chair, sir.
I'm ready to retire from the Marines.
That Silver Star on your chest said you did your duty and then some.
My family is here in New York.
My home is here.
So, yes, I'm here to ask for your help.
I want to come work for you, sir.
Well, I thank you for that compliment.
But I turn 42 in a couple months, which means I'm too old to become a recruit, even being former military.
I'm aware.
I was hoping that maybe you could make an exception to that rule.
That rule is actually a law, which puts it out of my hands.
I'm sure you know how hard it is for some Marines to land back in civilian life.
I do.
My take is you have all these skills and nowhere to use them, so you feel useless.
It's not like I'm some out-of-shape old man here.
I can't imagine the law was meant to prevent me from joining up.
Not to toot my own horn.
Says the guy playing the trombone.
If there's nothing you can do, I understand.
I just wanted to come here and state my case.
It's a pleasure and an honor to meet you, Captain.
Thank you, sir.
How you doing? Hi.
How can I help you? Fifth of Finnerty's 12 year.
Up top.
Man knows what he wants.
Coming right up.
Man, this neighborhood has changed.
Used to be liquor stores around here were fortified like pawnshops.
A change for the better, I hope.
I hope so, too.
You got another customer.
Let me know if you need help finding anything.
Open the register! Now! - Hey, man.
Hey, be cool.
- Give it up! Right now! Doing what you asked.
Doing what you asked.
Now! Come on! Okay.
What's important? Captain Phillips intervened in a robbery at a liquor store in Bushwick last night.
Shots fired.
No casualties except for a couple of quarts of booze that bled out at the scene.
What'd he do? Perp pulled a gun.
Phillips nailed him with a bottle and then sat on him while the owner called 911.
And yes, the papers have it.
The owner pulled a gun? What? No, the perp's gun discharged in the takedown.
But yes, someone could've gotten killed.
But, thanks to Captain Phillips, no one was, and the perp was apprehended.
How we going to handle this? I'm not sure we really need to handle anything.
He's a private citizen who stepped up and prevented an armed robbery.
Which gives him another victory lap in the media.
And if he announces he's bucking to be NYPD, any choice you have in the matter is drowned out in the cheers.
I never had any choice.
It's a law passed by the city council.
Who have been known to seize opportunity to grandstand for themselves.
City council could make an exception for him.
This thing kind of has a life of its own now.
Boss, I could talk to Phillips.
- And say what? - And say, "Please keep your trap shut" so you can make the decision yourself.
Well, I won't say "trap shut.
" More like "show you the courtesy.
" That might work.
But asking a Marine who's risked his life for all of us to keep his trap shut so that Show you courtesy.
So that I can save face? All in favor? I talked to McNichols.
- Mm-hmm.
- The fight between her and Berner was about her kid's hockey team.
Kids hockey? I don't know if that makes it better or worse.
Well, McNichols' daughter is the only girl on the team, and apparently Berner's been taking away her playing time - for no other reason.
- Sounds like one side of the story.
You have no idea You have no idea - what she's been through, Jamie.
- What do you mean? McNichols' ex-husband used to beat her.
I think she's still recovering, no matter how brave a face she puts on.
That's horrible.
But what has that got to do with Berner and kids hockey? McNichols is trying to set a strong example for her daughter.
And the way that Berner's treating her and her kid, I think that's a trigger.
I'm very sorry to hear that, and I hope she's okay, but frankly, it doesn't change anything.
Of course it does.
You can't punish her for this.
The law doesn't care what's happening in her personal life.
It's assault.
It's black-and-white.
And to be honest, it sounds like McNichols knew her audience.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Means I think she knew how to make it personal to you.
Well, maybe it is personal.
And maybe you should get your nose out of the state penal law and focus on actual people for once.
'Cause first you're having us salute the front desk for no reason, and now this.
And you know what, Jamie? There's a reason the two of us don't have friends in this precinct.
Has nothing to do with me.
Talked to the victim's friends and family.
I did all the interviews that should've been done the first time around.
What'd they have to say about Williams? The whole spectrum.
Some think he killed her.
Some think he's innocent.
That's helpful.
What I do know is there's a consensus on whose baby Julia was pregnant with, and it wasn't Williams.
Well, who is it? Guy named Maurice Bell.
I had the crime lab reprocess a bunch of stuff out of Williams' car, and guess whose DNA came back? - Maurice Bell? - Bingo.
It's amazing what happens when people actually do their job.
Can DNA tell us he's definitely the father? Mom wasn't far enough along when she was killed, so the M.
couldn't get a sample.
Rumor mill is all we got.
We got an address on this guy? What can I do for you guys? You were best friends with Ty Williams, is that right? Haven't heard that name in a long time.
But yeah, years ago.
And were you close with his girlfriend, too? Julia? I guess.
You guess? Or you were? Yeah.
We were close.
Close enough to maybe get her pregnant? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you saying? No.
Course not.
Maybe you already had a girl, and you were seeing her on the side.
You didn't want anyone to find out.
The hell is going on here? Why are you bringing up Julia? That was, - like, ten years ago.
- So, there was - something between you two.
- No.
No way.
We found your DNA in Ty Williams' car.
The same car that hit and killed Julia.
Maybe you got Julia pregnant.
You didn't want to ruin the good thing you had here, so you took her out.
We were best friends.
Of course I was in his car.
I thought that case was closed.
I bet you'd like to keep it that way, too, huh? Look, I was in Lancaster, PA, the night Julia was killed.
God rest her soul.
I had nothing to do with it.
And I'm not saying anything else without a lawyer.
Tommy Reinhart? Yeah.
Detective Reagan.
My partner, Detective Baez.
- Where's Issraa? - She called in sick, asked us to cover.
We heard about what happened with your son, Jimmy.
Must've been very tough on you.
Going away for all those years, then you finally get out, discover that he's gone.
Crushed me.
- Mm.
- Wanting to be a better father for him is the only thing that kept me going on the inside.
Did you go looking for him after you got out? Course I did.
What Kelli did was horrible.
Giving away our child without even telling me? - Tore my heart out.
- It's understandable.
What did you do when you found out - that Kelli gave Jimmy up for adoption? - Honestly? Cried.
But I've accepted that he's gone.
Hopefully, now he'll live a better life than I could ever give him.
Where were you Tuesday morning between 8:00 and 9:00 a.
? Tuesday.
Uh I would've been down the block at St.
Mary's, the soup kitchen.
Anyone that can verify that? Dana runs the place.
You talk to her.
We will.
Why you guys want to know where I was? Because Jimmy's gone missing.
What? You knew that, didn't you? I do now.
Look who decided to come down from Mount Olympus.
Take it easy.
We're here for your help.
Oh, really? You-you want my help? I want to hear her say it.
Pretty please with a cherry on top.
How can I be of service? We've hit a wall looking into your client's case.
Because your office did a terrible job the first time.
You're right.
We had to redo a lot of the casework.
Look, testimonies change in a couple of days, let alone ten years, so So you want my resources from way back when? Uh-huh.
Well, lucky for you, I'm a bit more thorough than you A.
We better get started.
My client didn't have an alibi, but Yeah, so, we have another angle.
Um, Maurice Bell.
Maurice? What about him? We like him for this murder.
He and Williams were buddies.
I'm pretty sure I ruled him out - as a suspect.
- Well, maybe you weren't as thorough as you think you were, Michael.
Let's get started, shall we? Long story short, the city council approved an exception to the age limit for Captain Phillips to join up.
Any strings attached? No strings, really.
More like loose ends.
The final decision is up to you.
Boss, I been thinking.
42 is like the new 30.
Isn't that what they say? No.
No one says that.
Well, they say something like that, right? And you're still against bringing him on? But I seem to be a lone voice shouting into the void.
Well, I'm listening.
I just don't see how a combat Marine's skill set translates to a modern-day New York cop's.
I do see a front-page story.
Starts, "He survived three tours as a Marine in Fallujah and three days as a cop in New York," God forbid it went south.
That's a grim outlook, even for you.
But what if the very thing that makes him an effective Marine does make him an effective cop? Why would that be counterintuitive? - I'm with the boss here.
- Big surprise.
He clearly has the reflexes and the sharp eyes for seeing 360 degrees around a problem.
Proved that twice in three days already.
All true.
What am I missing, Garrett? Law of averages.
The enemies on our streets hide in plain sight among eight million innocent civilians.
He's batting a thousand so far.
But nobody bats a thousand for long.
He's earned our consideration.
Hey, Pop.
I brought some yams.
Want to put them in the fridge? Wherever there's room.
Everything good? Yeah.
So, uh, this is not the classic Reagan cry for help? I mean, yams? What's going on? Two cops in my precinct got into a brawl.
Turns out it was over their kids' hockey team.
- Did it draw a crowd? - No.
I was the only one who saw it, but the aggressor is a sergeant who has 19 years on the job.
That's close to retirement age.
And you don't know whether or not to report them.
Law says I have to.
But she's a single mom, and if I take official action, she could lose everything.
Part of moving up the chain of command is making these kind of decisions.
They're never black-and-white.
But what's the point of the law if I just pick and choose when to follow it? Sometimes leadership means trusting your own judgment above anything else.
These are real people.
- Eddie said the same thing.
- There's a reason you came to me and not to your father on this.
You wanted my answer, not his.
Your mind was made up before you walked through that door.
- I don't know.
- Jamie, great leaders don't lead according to words on a page.
Great leaders lead with their heart.
Can't believe Tommy's alibi - actually checked out.
- It is thin.
The soup kitchen was packed.
He could've slipped out the back door for an hour at any time.
- Nobody would've noticed.
- Either this guy's putting on a show, or he became Gandhi in prison.
Whatever he's selling, his P.
's buying it.
Yeah, like reverse Stockholm syndrome.
Though I do have to admit, the stuff he said about his kid and wanting to be a better dad, that did ring true.
Hey, Detectives.
It's okay.
Let her in.
What's the matter? Somebody dropped that off at my house today.
Looks like somebody took him to Albie's Ice Cream.
No, look at the back.
Let's go.
Tommy missed his meeting with Issraa.
She hasn't been able to reach him.
We should've arrested Tommy when we had the chance.
On what charge? We didn't have anything then.
Frankly, we still don't.
Well, maybe there's some connection with this ice cream spot.
- Where did he grow up? - Astoria.
But he did take two collars in high school one summer here in Gerritsen Beach.
Well, maybe he's got family there.
I'll check for any Reinharts, but even if he does, it's a gamble.
Rather send the local precinct to the ice cream shop so we can stay one step ahead of Tommy instead of one step behind.
- What can I do for you? - Detective Reagan and Baez.
We're looking for a Mr.
Does he live here? - Yes.
- We need to speak to him about his son, Tommy.
Oh, they just headed out for the afternoon.
Reinhart and Tommy? No, Tommy and his son, Jimmy.
You mind if we come in? Mr.
- Hello? - These detectives are looking for Tommy and Jimmy.
They went to Jane's Carousel.
- A carousel? - Yeah.
The big one down in DUMBO.
I was telling Jimmy we Reinharts have been going there for generations.
Looks cool.
- I went to surf class.
- Yeah? What beach? - Uh, Rockaway, - I think.
- Oh, fun.
- Uh, I go I love surfing.
I did some surfing last summer.
I really enjoyed it.
Hear the airplanes coming from LaGuardia? Get to be Hey, Tommy.
Who are they? They're friends.
All right? No need to worry.
- Step over here.
- Come with me, Jimmy.
Everything's fine.
All right? He's okay.
Just keep your hands where I can see them and relax, all right? Please, don't do this in front of my son.
I don't want this to be the last memory he has of me.
You knew we were coming, didn't you? I wasn't trying to run from you.
Just wanted to spend a little more time with Jimmy, that's all.
So, why didn't you just ask someone if you could see him? Think they let me anywhere near him? I'm an ex-con.
When I found out my dad was dying, I just wanted us to all be together.
So you kidnapped him? It's not like there's anything left for me on the outside anyway.
Not anymore.
At least now he knows who I am.
This version of me.
If you want to say goodbye, now's your chance.
Go ahead.
Come here, bud.
I really missed you, pal.
But I got to go away again.
I'm sorry I can't stay with you anymore.
Wh-Where are you going? Be good for your mom, okay? Come on, Jimmy.
Come on.
Thank you.
You had relations with the victim that resulted in an unwanted pregnancy.
And you say you were not in New York.
Is that right? That last part's true.
And during the initial investigation, you never gave an alibi.
I never had to because I was never a suspect.
Right, and now you're saying you were in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? Yeah.
That's right.
Home of puppy mills and the Amish.
Pretty obscure place to have been, no? Well, what's even more strange is that even though you didn't speak to the cops, you did speak to Williams' defense attorney, and he has you on record saying you were in New York.
I said that? Sure did.
Week after Julia was murdered.
I can't remember where I was yesterday, let alone ten years ago.
You can't remember where you were the night your best friend's girl was murdered? The same woman you were sleeping with? The same woman that was carrying your unborn child? Maybe your wife will remember.
She was your girlfriend back then, that right? Don't say a word.
Y'all are so sure Williams is innocent.
But you don't have a clue who you're dealing with.
Maurice, please.
Whether or not you think Williams whacked his girl he's done far worse than that.
You got to be kidding me.
My nose and I are out.
- I spoke with Captain Espinoza.
- What the hell? Jamie, you talked to Espinoza? Even Berner didn't rat.
Didn't want to get rocked in the face again - by Sergeant McKnuckles.
- I'm gonna lose my pension.
- No, you're not.
- Yeah, I am.
What are you talking about? You're gonna be riding with Officer Berner for the next month.
- Wait, what? - Wait, what? Yeah, boss thought that your pitch for mentor-mentee tours was a great idea.
You're kidding me.
Turns out you guys will have a lot of time to work this thing out.
Oh, this is great.
I mean, it's terrific.
Get punched in the face and get rewarded by driving the person who did it.
- That's not all.
- What else? We get to cook dinner for each other, - maybe sing a little "Kumbaya"? - See? Don't you want to punch him, too? You guys will be riding together for your Thursday night tour of duty.
Uh, I don't have a Thursday night tour of duty - this week.
- You do now.
That's hockey night.
Is it? Well, who's gonna coach? Come on.
We're gearing up for the playoffs.
For God's sake.
The kids are nine years old.
Something tells me one of the other parents will be able to step in like you did.
Thanks, Reagan.
And, you know, it's wrong what they say about you.
You don't have a stick up your ass all the time.
Yeah? You sure about that? Good luck at the game.
Tell your daughter I said to flaunt her flow.
Flaunt her flow? Really? Too much time around you, I guess.
Dinner at Luger's tonight? Dinner? I'm already thinking about dessert.
So, the town council has offered me a waiver on the age limit in your case.
That's great news.
It's rare that they offer me anything but a sharp stick in the eye.
But it is you who earned their consideration, not me.
I was in the right place at the right time.
Or the wrong place if you're those criminals, I guess.
Uh, my signals are jammed.
How so? I can't tell if I'm at a wedding or a funeral.
One of, uh, my company C.
s back then had a saying.
Probably kept some of us alive.
Fight the fight, not the fight plan.
- Sounds right.
- Yeah.
And it was, believe me.
Until I got to the NYPD.
Where you fight the fight plan? Well, where the enemy doesn't wear an enemy uniform.
The guy on the subway platform, you took one look at him, and you knew.
But there's a guy on the next platform, looks just like him.
And that guy's a decent man who's down on his luck and wouldn't hurt a fly.
I feel like I can tell the difference.
But when you miss, we don't bury it as collateral damage around here.
These days, our mistakes make the nightly news along with multiple videos for all the world to see.
And judge.
So we have a fight plan.
99% of the time, our job is not to fight a war but to keep the peace.
I understand.
99% of cops never once fire their weapon in the line of duty.
Their whole careers, they don't.
I think I would be doing you a disservice by granting your request.
Little like making Jeff Gordon a school bus driver.
Be a great photo op, but what a waste of an extraordinary talent.
So, that's that? No.
Not at all.
That's just my reasoning.
Feel free to push back.
It is important to me that you understand.
Seriously? But just with words.
I'm too old for those lightning reflexes.
I can't say that I agree with your reasoning, but I guess that's pretty obvious.
But I'd be showing disrespect if I did push back.
I'd be saying that I know better than you about this, and I can't say that.
So It's an honor to have met you.
The honor's mine, Captain.
Would you do me a favor? If I can.
I'm meeting my son Danny for dinner.
We would love to have you join us.
I'd like that.
Thank you.
Clarke's, 1900 hours.
Sir, yes, sir.
So, you got to meet Captain Phillips? What was he like? A credit to the Marines.
And I'm guessing he wants to be a credit to the NYPD? Oh, he wants to join up? Yes, he does.
I could show him the ropes.
- So, what'd you tell him? - Well, we decided the NYPD wasn't a good fit for him.
We? I did.
And it's not sitting very well.
You feel guilty about turning him away? I have learned not to second-guess calls like that.
Like you did with Witten when you let her back on the job? Not really the same, Eddie.
Feels like you are second-guessing, though.
Not all Marines are wired to be cops, despite the fact that we'd all love to believe otherwise.
You can't let guilt stop you - from making the hard decisions.
- Well, I thought that listening to your guilt was the whole thing with you Irish Catholics.
Wrestling with it is.
Looking around this table, I can see there's plenty of that going on.
You know what I'm wondering? Do people change? Or are we just who we are? I think people can learn from their mistakes.
- Start new chapters.
- Eh.
- Not so much.
- I've changed.
Oh, really? Yeah, I used to hate yams.
Dad, are you worried Captain Phillips couldn't change? Is that why you didn't want him on the job? No.
I wasn't wondering about him.
I was wondering about me.
You mean if you've changed? Couple of years ago, I would've been proud to have him on the job.
Now I've sent a man away who's cut from the same cloth as almost everyone at this table.
Well, we all got to make choices we don't like sometimes, Dad.
Unfortunately, you have to do it a little bit more than most of us.
Yeah, I know.
I'm just finding it harder and harder to live with them.

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