Blue Bloods s12e17 Episode Script

Hidden Motive

Looks like we got a First Amendment auditor.
- What? - Anti-authority jerk who likes to pick fights with cops - on YouTube.
- Physical fights? Verbal, hoping we'll overreact.
Just stay cool.
Follow my lead.
Look, the jackboots are here.
- The jackboots are here.
- We're merely responding to reports of a disturbance.
Yeah, it's our job.
Oh, and it's my First Amendment right to say whatever I want, so shut your face and go away.
- All right, let's see some ID.
- Eddie.
Let the record show that Officer Janko here is demanding my papers without probable cause, which is in violation of my Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful search and seizure.
Anything else I can school you on, Officer Janko? Folks, stop paying him attention, he will leave.
- Please disperse.
- Ah, you see? He knows no crime is committed here, unlike his pig partner.
Didn't I tell you you're dismissed? I'm following your lead here.
I called 911 'cause he insulted my girl.
There's nothing you can do? Hey, pal, here's something you can do.
Pull your head out of your ass and teach your ugly daughter that cops are fascists.
- Why don't you leave her out of this? - Sir.
Please, please, just go.
Yeah, right after I punch his lights out.
You hear him, you hear him? That's a crime.
That's a crime.
No, that's a warning.
Like I'm warning you to pack up your crap, and go home.
Hey, you know what? I pay your damn salary, so do your damn job, and arrest him now! Sir, you need to calm down.
Janko, just get everyone back.
Yeah, that's right, run away, little piggy, run away.
I'm gonna have your badge - just like his.
- Hey, hey! That's harassment.
Oh! Hey, hey, hey, hey! - You see what happens? - Hands behind your back.
- Innocent people enacting their freedoms.
- Hands behind your back.
And you know what? They attack us.
They attack us.
- All right.
- That's what they do - all the time.
- Let's go, Mr.
Whoops, I'm sorry.
They attack us.
All right, folks, show's over.
Please disperse.
Move it along.
Dig in, hon.
Thanks, Joanie.
And there goes my appetite.
Come on, we're not friends? After working together to take down your dirty D.
? Yeah, Erin and I did the work.
You went to jail for being involved.
Yeah, it was a long two years, but now I'm out.
Yeah, well, time flies.
Well, Leo's certainly happy I'm out.
My brother Leo? Yeah, he came to me looking for a job the other day.
The hell he did.
I set him straight years ago.
Well, maybe he got twisted again.
Yeah, he came to me saying he needs fast cash and no job was too small.
And no job was too big, if you know what I mean.
Right, and gangsters always show up out of nowhere to tip off cops.
Hey, what'd I say? We're friends.
Well, take your friendship and whatever tentacles come along with it and slither back out the door.
'Cause whatever you're selling, I ain't buying.
You have a good day, Anthony.
Leo going to him for a job.
And I'm a Jamaican jet pilot.
three sheets to the wind.
You mean a little slumped over or a full-on face plant? Passed out, right there into his dessert plate.
Who knew the Department of Sanitation parties could get so wild? I'm telling you, you say no to these things, you miss out.
Hey, boss, you got a sec? It looks that way.
Um this isn't something normally I'd bring to your attention.
In fact, I can't remember ever a time I walked this in here.
So, without further ado? A request from City Hall to a change in the mayor's detail.
There a problem with Lieutenant O'Rourke? Only in that he's no Sergeant Jameson Reagan.
For his detail? To head up the detail.
Coming from the mayor himself, is my understanding.
I get a call from the mayor that I missed? - No, sir.
- Okay.
Boss, normally this wouldn't land on your desk unless there was a problem with the current head.
- So - So? So the channel for the request is by the book.
So, by the book, how do we respond? Well, a request like this should at least run by the chief of intel.
- Walk it by.
- Boss? Tell the mayor's office the request is under consideration, and we need some time for a thorough review.
By the chief? And Sergeant Reagan.
I think I'll just say "by the chief.
" By the book? You're Jamie's boss, the mayor's your boss.
I don't think Jamie has a say in this.
By the book, yes.
Right, well, I-I know they're gonna want Sorry, folks.
No entry.
How about now? Oh, wow.
You beat everyone here.
Yeah, we were a few blocks away when the call came in, so Oh.
Let me guess, first crime scene? No.
I mean, kinda.
Yeah, you can kinda tell.
I'll finish this.
Why don't you, uh, take me inside, show me what we got, okay? Residence belongs to Robert and Donna Spence.
Apparently a Richie Rich family going back decades.
- You don't say.
- Own half the Eastern Seaboard.
Duh, right? Just peep this place.
Okay, kid.
I don't need a history of the Rockefellers, just the facts.
Let's go.
Partner and I were on patrol, lady comes running out, screaming her head off.
You're talking about the young lady outside being interviewed? Yeah, said she was a friend.
Came to visit and discovered her.
Grace Spence, 22, lives here with her parents.
Possible murder weapon right there and time of death.
See how it stopped on, uh, 8:56? This your first D.
? Yeah.
If you're uncomfortable, you want to go outside with your partner, I'd understand.
No, no, I can Oh.
You check for a pulse? I swear she didn't have one.
Well, she's got one now.
It's not your first D.
, kid.
- She's alive and kicking.
- Uh, I'll call a bus.
Yeah, tell 'em forthwith.
Uh, forthwith, - I need a bus.
- Hey.
Try not to move, okay? We're gonna get you help right away, okay? Stay still, stay still.
Hurry it up! Mr.
and Mrs.
I'm Detective Reagan.
My partner Detective Baez Where's Grace? She's alive, right? And getting the best care.
Here? Uh, uh, no offense, but I know a million specialists.
You were at the airport when we called you, is that right? Yeah.
About to board a flight to Turks and Caicos.
Car picked us up at home three hours ago.
Grace was supposed to come with us.
We think she was assaulted soon after you left.
By who? Who would do this? - We're gonna find out.
- Why didn't Grace come with you? Uh, she's been in a mood lately.
Dropped out of college a couple weeks ago.
Said she broke up with her boyfriend.
He have a name? She wouldn't say, or why she quit school.
God knows Just silly college girl stuff.
Don't minimize this, Robert.
Kids these days are under enormous stress.
And the rest of us aren't? Look, our daughter needs us.
Where is she? She was just admitted.
The doctor over there can take you.
And rest assured, we're on the case.
Start with her best friend.
See if she knows this mystery boyfriend.
I'm gonna get you both fired, because this was a totally illegal arrest.
Also, I want my stolen property back.
You'll get your phone back when you make bail.
Till then, put a sock in it.
See? You're still trying to silence me! - We got a problem.
- You think? My body-cam footage.
Someone's arm blocks it at the moment he hits you.
Maybe you should download yours to see I already did.
I'm too close to see if he touches me.
"If"? The guy was in my face, I had another guy at my back, - and I had a vest on.
- So you don't believe me? I believe you took the bait, even though I told you to keep cool.
Badillo, he put his hands on you.
We can't just let that slide.
- Says you.
- Says the department.
Have you not been paying attention to the new rules? Namely the ones that say the public doesn't care about how cops define "harassment" or "threat" or anything else anymore.
All they see is footage guys like Gertz put on the Internet, and, boom, now we're cooked.
Come on.
It's weird, Janko.
I figured you for a Goody Two-shoes, not a hothead like your brother-in-law Danny.
Anthony, I'm telling you, I didn't ask Mario Vangelis for no job.
Yeah, but you know him, right? Through my old boss Freddy Fallaci.
But so what? So why would Vangelis say that you came to him looking for some fast cash? Maybe prison food rotted his brain.
Hey, hey, hey.
Baby, you didn't say you were coming over.
Yeah, well, I was in the neighborhood getting my nails done.
I figured I'd make us dinner.
Who's this guy? Anthony, this is my girl Amber Zazzarino.
You know, I thought Leo made you up, I never met you till now.
Zazzarino, from Bensonhurst, like us.
Yeah, well, me and Leo met in high school, lost touch for years till we, uh, ran into each other last summer.
But I loved her since way back then.
He's just doing that for you.
You love me, take this stuff and start the oven, 'cause I got to go lie down.
My dogs are barking.
- Nice meeting you, Amber.
- Nice meeting you.
That's why you hit up Vangelis.
Anthony, how many times What, you got to keep on lying? None.
Kid, I get it now.
You got a baby on the way.
You need money.
A lot of money.
It's twins.
And with neither of us having insurance, the hospital bill would be north of $5OK.
I mean, the guy I used to be, a girl said she was pregnant, I'd probably dip.
But not her.
Like I said, the moment I met her You got Zazzarino'd.
- I what? - You ever meet her big sister Lynn? She was in my class, okay? One day going down the hall, she smiled at me whammo.
- Zazzarino'd.
- There you go.
So what do I do now? I'll figure something out.
Just don't breathe a word of this to her or anyone else about going to Vangelis.
Are you kidding? Amber finds out I'm talking to mobsters, she'll make sure I never father a child again.
Yeah, goes double for the woman in my life.
Trust me.
Okay, but I already told everything to that other cop.
That I dropped by to see Grace, the door was open, so I went inside.
Well, we were kind of hoping you could tell us about her boyfriend.
Boyfriend? Yeah.
The one she'd recently broken up with? I mean, she never mentioned his name.
Really? Even though you describe yourself as her best friend? Grace is a very private person.
- Mm.
- And this morning, you just so happened to drop by unannounced? No, she called me.
Said that she just bailed on her family's vacation.
She was upset.
Maybe her boyfriend got there before I did.
Or maybe you're lying.
I mean, maybe there wasn't really a boyfriend, maybe just a girlfriend, that was you.
And it was you who she broke up with, then you went over there to confront her about it.
Sound more like it? Okay.
We were dating.
- Right.
- We met in school, but she couldn't handle being known as queer.
In college, in this day and age? At home, to her parents.
'Cause they wouldn't accept it? No, but because they'd parade us around and show their friends how cool and progressive they are.
We just wanted to be us, you know? So after breaking up, she calls you and To say she made a mistake and that she wanted to talk about us.
About the two of you getting back together again? If I'd have just gotten there five minutes earlier, I could've stopped it.
What time did you get there? I don't know.
I I was stuck in the tunnel.
I texted her, saying that I was running late, but If this text was in the tunnel, it was at 9:05.
That's ten minutes after Grace was attacked.
Which means We're still nowhere.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry I didn't call.
Well, since when do you have to call before you drop in here? Something happened.
Phone call, out of the blue.
"Please hold for Mayor Chase.
" We asked for time to consider it.
To consider what? Son of a bitch.
He didn't tell you why he was calling? Yeah.
To invite me to lunch at Gracie Mansion.
Nothing else? He said he liked what he had heard and, uh, that he wanted to get to know me better.
What else? He requested that you be transferred to head up his detail.
I'm just a cop.
So's the head of the mayor's detail.
With the rank of Lieutenant.
By tradition but not by any rule.
Gosh, Dad, you-you didn't think to give me a heads-up? Well, I had no idea he was gonna reach out to you directly.
Well, he did.
So it's my job to give a heads-up to every cop every time they're up for transfer? Or just you? Well, I didn't say that.
I can read a room.
Look, Peter Chase loves to be surrounded by people as smart or smarter than he is, so - take it as a compliment.
- And nothing to do with my last name or that he's got some beef with you? Getting ahead of yourself there.
Well, I'm starting a lap behind, so I'm trying to catch up.
Again, I had no idea he'd be calling you.
Or you mean you didn't know when he was gonna call.
I know some of his tricks, but I don't know all of 'em.
Well, I think I can handle a lunch.
Good night.
Detective Reagan.
My partner Detective Baez.
You got a second? We understand you drove Robert and Donna Spence to JFK yesterday? Uh, first of all, it's Arty.
- Oh.
- And, yeah, they always ask for me.
She gets carsick.
He's a bit of a nervous Nelly, so They know that I'm gonna get 'em there, no muss, no fuss.
How much of a nervous Nelly was he yesterday? Uh Yeah, I've probably said too much already.
Client confidentiality.
Their daughter's head was bashed in right after you all left.
What? Yeah.
I've driven her, too.
She's such a sweet girl.
Well, that sweet little girl's in a coma now, Arty, so maybe you can help us out, huh? Uh Mr.
Spence, he wasn't nervous yesterday.
He was more, like, pissed.
About Grace not coming on vacation? At his wife.
You got to understand, rich people, they like to keep up appearances, you know, even in front of a schlub like me, but he lost it.
Yelling at Mrs.
Spence that their friends were treating him like a leper, that she'd shamed him.
Shamed how? I don't know.
I mean, she saw that I was listening, and she put the divider up.
Uh The last thing I heard her say, though, was that whatever it was she did, she did it because he shamed her first.
I really hope that helps.
So, for your big lunch today, you gonna change into your civvies, or? 'Cause you ask me, you look pretty hot in that uniform.
Should I ask Dad? Babe, you got to let that go.
Do I? You're in a family business.
Sometimes you're gonna be more focused on family, and he's gonna be more focused - on business.
- And you? What about me? If I leave the house and work for the mayor? Wherever you go, I go.
Today, tomorrow, forever.
Right answer.
- What? - You see Gertz's newest video? No, and why have you? Because other cops started texting me, telling me I needed to see it.
Badillo, the guy's a toad.
Who hopped online the moment he got sprung to announce he's filing a lawsuit against the NYPD, because his video proves he didn't touch me.
And the officer who claims he did attacked him without provocation.
He's lying.
He just wants the city to pay him off.
No, he wants clicks and attaboys from his patriot pals for sticking it to the man.
Mark my words, Gertz is going to milk this thing for all it's worth.
And guess who's gonna have to be on the stand under oath because you just wouldn't What?! I wouldn't obey you? I don't see any stripes.
You're not my boss.
Roll call, guys.
I'm not a Reagan either.
So can we please just do our jobs, keep our heads down, and not try to save the world every minute of every day? Look, since you brokered my mortgage, I figured you'd know the best place to get an unsecured, uh, medical loan, even, uh, though my credit's, uh, not the best at the moment.
Uh Terry, I got to run.
What's up? Medical loans? Eavesdrop much? - It wasn't intentional.
- Yeah, well, uh, bikini season's coming up, and I thought I'd get myself a little lipo.
Very funny.
Seriously, is everything okay? Of course it is.
Even though you seem distracted? Are you saying that I'm slacking? It's just that every time I've seen you today, you're either on a call or furiously scribbling on that pad.
And I did just get word that you missed a witness interview this morning.
Slipped my mind.
Vivian and Sophia okay? Everything's fine, Erin.
You can tell me anything.
You know that, right? I also know that we were gonna set better boundaries after you stalked me with Yelena Popov.
I did not stalk you.
Oh, no? Then why'd you apologize for it a couple days after? Anthony.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I got to hit the can.
Which I wouldn't normally mention, but it'll save you some stalking.
Did you find the boyfriend? Did he do this? There is no boyfriend.
There is, however, a, uh, girlfriend.
Like a girlfriend? On and off, but it wasn't her.
Well, i-if you'll excuse us, we need to get back to the hospital.
Not until you both answer some questions about Mrs.
Spence's, uh, self-care business.
How do you know about that? It took about five minutes online.
Facebook, Instagram It's a little venture I started last year.
Uh, essential oils, detoxifying agents For God's sakes, Donna, c call it what it is.
It's a bunch of crap.
It is not.
It's also known as multilevel marketing, where you make money by signing up people to sell to other people.
In other words, a pyramid scheme.
Which would explain all the nasty comments we read.
Post after post of your friends saying that you ripped them off.
Former friends.
Which also got us to thinking that maybe one of those former friends heard you were leaving town, got the idea that they could sneak into your house and possibly steal back the money you stole from them.
Till they panicked when they realized that Grace was still home.
- Happy now, Donna? - This isn't my fault.
Why sell all that stuff anyway? It's not like you need money.
I was doing something for me, after years of being dragged to every stupid fundraiser and charity ball.
That's why you married me.
You wanted that.
Until I found out you were screwing half the women on those boards.
Okay, folks, do you want your daughter to wake up to World War III? All right, let's put that stuff aside and try to figure out who in your circle may have been capable of doing something like this.
It was her scheme.
She knows the names.
I'm gonna go be with my daughter.
Who does that? Goes behind your back and goes after your own kid? The "kid" is pushing 40, and there's no law against inviting someone to lunch.
What's this, devil's advocate? He's trying to poach your son.
Like I poached you? Or Sid? Or Abigail? Well, I wouldn't call that poaching.
Well, me either.
I saw your value and tried to find ways to pull you into my orbit.
Take the compliment.
Not in the mood.
What's Chase after here? My son is an intelligent, deeply principled man with a law degree from Harvard and a doctorate in street smarts courtesy of the NYPD.
I'd want him on my team, too.
You have him on your team.
Garrett, the mayor has the final say.
Well, maybe we go behind his back.
Reach out to the detail, get ears on the lunch.
You want me to spy on my son? No.
The mayor.
To both.
So we do nothing? No.
You work your contacts in Chase's office to see if there's more.
More what? Things I don't see coming, the way I didn't see this one.
Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty.
Through Christ, our Lord, amen.
Slow-cooked Mississippi roast.
My favorite.
Especially the way I make it.
You know, you'd think since it's the one thing you can cook that's actually any good, you'd make it for us every Sunday.
- You said that last year.
- I did? Yeah, and then after, like, two weeks, you were begging to eat anything else.
Really? You're losing it, Danny.
Did he ever have it? Har-dee-har-har-har.
From what I hear, it's still only the second most exciting meal of the week.
Oh, yeah.
Really? I didn't tell anybody.
Yet again, it seems like it's common knowledge, and I'm again the last one to know.
Well, uh I may have heard Francis talking to Garrett about it on the phone.
Yeah, and I'm pretty sure I just overheard Gramps mentioning it to Erin.
Yeah, I'm in the clear.
I have no idea what's going on.
Jamie had lunch with Mayor Chase.
Well, it's true.
Well, the way you described it to me, it sounded more like a job interview.
Of which no one needs to know any of the details, even if it affects you directly.
That's how it works now.
Since when does it work that way at this table? Well, ask Dad.
Easy there.
So, you're you're not going to City Hall? I never said that.
So you are? And what if I was? Leaving the NYPD? To go into politics? For a change, yeah.
Come on, I mean, are you saying you've never thought about being anything other than a cop? No.
Not me.
Not once.
- Not ever.
- Okay.
Yeah, except for when you wanted to be a pro hockey player.
I was 12, okay? And thank goodness for concussions.
I changed my mind.
And I'm a lawyer, not a cop.
Who works with cops every day and who, at one point, wanted to be a botanist.
Uh, very briefly.
I'm with Danny.
The NYPD, from day one.
Okay, well, how about you, Dad? Honest answer I loved wearing the uniform.
What changed my path, being upped to PC, happened to me Wasn't by me.
But you still took that job.
Yeah, but I wasn't bucking for it.
And I hate the asterisk that goes with it.
A cop has a book he can go by.
He knows where he stands.
The PC is a civilian who serves at the pleasure of the mayor.
And there's only one copy of that book, and only the mayor has it.
Not sure I'm fully buying that "serves at the pleasure of the mayor" thing.
It's true.
Yeah, in most cases.
But our mayors keep coming and going You're still here.
One could argue, in your case, it's the other way around.
It's a compliment, Dad.
So, not Mr.
And Mrs.
Warner Butterworth.
- Nope.
- Even though Donna bilked 'em for over ten grand with her bogus beauty products.
So who's next? Um, Maude Putnam.
Couple blocks over.
She emailed Donna, "I will make sure you rot in hell, bitch.
" Okay, let's go see Maude Putnam.
Oh, wait, she's 83.
Well, maybe she has vengeful grandkids who are mad that she got scammed.
Do you ever feel bad, Reagan? Feel bad about what, tracking down bad guys? No, how people come apart when we get involved.
Like families like the Spences.
I mean, they didn't unravel because we got involved.
I mean, nobody made Donna run a pyramid scheme.
And clearly nobody made Bob cheat on his wife with every woman he could find.
Well, we kicked over the rocks.
We kicked over the rocks and we found what we find in every case: shades of gray, top to bottom.
Look, does it suck? Yeah, of course it sucks.
But I know what'll make us feel a lot better Tracking down the person that tried to kill Grace.
Come on.
Henry! Hey! If you're looking for Jamie, he's No, I'm looking for you.
I had an idea about that anti-cop guy that you had the dustup with.
Well, then you should probably save it.
Save it? Guy's a jerk.
Yeah, except I'm not even sure that he actually touched Badillo.
The more I go over it, hazier it gets.
Yeah, but if Detective Janko thinks she saw something, I believe her.
I'm a long way off from that.
Just a matter of time.
And after I looked at the video that that Gertz guy posted online, well, he strikes me as the kind of man who maybe needs further investigation.
What do you mean? Anyone who points out the-the world's crimes may be trying to keep the spotlight off his own.
So if someone with actual detective experience were to dig a little deeper, someone whose fingerprints can't be traced back to me Thinking like a gold shield already.
You don't look like a man hard at work doing what I asked him to do.
You mean reading the confidential memo he procured from an anonymous source who may or may not work on the mayor's staff? Let me see that.
My eyes only.
Could you summarize? I'd say Chase recently instructed his staff to identify valuable assets in various branches of city government: Planning, Housing, OMB, FDNY, NYPD.
So it's bigger than just my son.
Though he's right at the top.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
And although Chase framed it all as a way to "reallocate exceptional personnel to better serve our city," it reads more like he's aiming to better serve himself.
According to this, he's funding an exploratory committee.
To run for governor.
With a kitchen cabinet, fully stocked.
So how do we get ahead of this? I'm not sure we do.
For some people, you have to break off the path your family set for you to find your real one.
Yes, but Jamie already did that.
Yeah, you think about it He did the opposite.
He chose his own path, then broke it off and took the one back home.
So is he still the son he was or the man he could become? Can you be both? It's okay, bro.
You tried.
No, it's not okay.
Not until I make good on my promise.
I'll just get another job.
What, so you can pay for the babies but never see them? That's not an option.
What are you guys whispering about? Uh, just bitching about the Mets, hon! Have you not told her about this? I will.
Leo, you're gonna be raising kids with her.
You got to be honest.
Except about Vangelis.
What'd I say about mentioning his name? All right, look I know your old man kept your two families apart his whole life, but there is no way either of you got his gene for lying, 'cause it is obvious you two are up to something.
Now, what is it? Come on.
Baby, you're not gonna like this, but we're facing a bit of a money crunch, - so Anthony - Oh, God.
What? I didn't even say it.
I think it's time.
What? What time? Time for dinner.
I think it's time! Oh, that time! What do we do? Get-get her to a damn hospital.
All right.
Use your freedoms, people! Before they vanish forever! What are you doing, sir? Exercising my constitutional rights.
If you don't like it, go to hell.
You can either stop filming or I'm gonna call the police.
Yeah, call the police! We'd like to see them fired, too.
Hey, Gerry.
I'm a big fan of your videos.
So I thought I'd stop by and help you out against the bad guys.
Well, praise the patriots who still love freedom.
Course, you do know who the real bad guys are, right? The Bilberbergs? The Illuminati? The perverts.
The kinds who think that they're such big stars on YouTube that they can come on to their female followers.
And some of them are underage.
I don't know what you mean, friend.
Oh, yeah.
Chat 'em up, send videos, beg 'em for nude photographs.
It's all right there in the comments.
In fact, I think that I'm gonna start my own channel and post the interviews that I did with them.
Who the hell are you? Just a friend friend.
No one on my list attacked her? Nobody.
They all had an alibi, and none of them were prone to violence.
- So you're giving up.
- No.
We're already checking the neighborhood to see if there were any burglaries, and we're checking to see if your daughter had enemies at her school.
Where have you been? She's awake.
- Is she okay? - Yeah, yeah.
She's okay.
Uh, we're gonna have to have a minute with her first, alone.
All right, yeah.
Grace? Detective Reagan.
This is my partner Detective Baez.
Yeah, I remember you.
You do? Good.
Um, do you remember, by any chance, what happened after your parents left for the airport? Um y-yeah, I was reading in the sitting room and I heard a noise coming upstairs.
So I went to the door.
I ran right into him.
So you saw his face? N-No.
Um, it was all a blur, 'cause I turned to run and there was this pain in the back of my head.
Can you remember what happened next? Bef-Before I blacked out, I heard his voice.
You did? Do you remember what he sounded like? Sounded like he was scared.
Did he say anything to you directly? No.
Um He-he called someone and he said, "I screwed up.
I screwed up real bad, Arty.
" Arty? You ready, Janko? Yeah.
Just about.
There's someone I'd like you to meet first.
Officer Badillo.
It's an honor.
As well it should be.
Then you should hear the good news, too.
Gerry Gertz dropped his lawsuit.
And deleted his YouTube channel.
I mean, he posted some crap about having completed his First Amendment audit work, but then that was gone, too.
Well, I'll be damned.
So weird.
So, I hear you think us Reagans are a bunch of Goody Two-shoes and hotheads.
Uh Well, you're not wrong.
But there are a couple of other colors that we like to show from time to time.
Keep your eyes open.
Maybe you'll see 'em.
You two take care out there.
You ready to roll? Sure am.
Appreciate you coming in, Arty.
Is this gonna take long? 'Cause I-I got a pickup in an hour in Midtown.
Just got to clear up a few things - and ask you a few questions.
- Oh.
Starting with You remember your old pal Roy Dupree.
- Right? - Uh, I don't know this guy.
Of course you do, Arty.
Just shut your mouth, Roy.
All we needed was a warrant to dump your phone, which showed us that, ten seconds after Roy assaulted Grace Spence, he called you in a panic.
Kinda screwed up your little scheme the two of you had going.
Arty would take 'em to the airport.
And then, knowing their place was empty, Roy would go back and rob 'em.
We wanted to give you a chance to add any details to help your case against this other clown here.
Whole thing was Arty's idea.
- 'Cause you never had one.
- See? He admitted it! This is not the first time Roy's hurt someone! - This guy's a damn menace! - Enough! Put it in your statements.
Both of you.
Now you start writing.
Hey! Start writing.
You, get the hell out of here.
Give him a good toss.
Throw him in a cell.
Goodbye, Arty.
You think solving this will help patch things up with the Spences? Lot of shades of gray in that relationship.
So, no? Honestly, I just want whatever's best for Grace.
- Yeah.
- I'll go take care of Arty.
Well, it took you long enough.
You knew I'd track you down? Does the sun rise in the east? Okay.
Well, then why not save me the hassle and just tell me what the hell is going on from the get-go? It's complicated.
Oh, you-you think? We're in a maternity ward.
It ain't for me.
It's for my brother Leo.
For Le Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing here? Don't-don't even answer.
Just go.
Wait, he's why it's complicated? Erin, what a nice surprise.
Well, maybe for you.
Oh, come on.
What, I can't drop in and say hello to Leo's new family? Well, I didn't know you knew him.
Did you know? I mean, I might Leo and I go way back, to when we were in the same line of work.
Of course, we both cleaned up our acts since then.
Well, I knew he had.
But you? Oh, yeah.
I have.
Because of you.
That's right.
After you took the D.
down, you could've reneged on our deal.
But you didn't.
You honored it, and he gave me a softer landing than I deserved.
Still, those long nights in prison I started thinking about how I was living my life and that some changes had to be made.
Like? Well, like finding the kindness that had been buried for so long in my heart.
What are you saying, Vangelis? What I'm saying, Anthony, is that your brother's family is not paying for any of this.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- The pediatrician Ah, Leo said that.
And I said to him, "Fine.
"Try to pay the bill.
You'll find there isn't one.
" Except for what he now owes you.
Not a dime.
No favors.
And, you know what, it's a great feeling being a good guy.
I'm not even finished.
I'm gonna pay for every new baby in here today.
Call it the Vangelis Family Fund.
I'll call it a crock.
Well, I don't blame you a bit.
But like I said, I'm a new me and it's all thanks to you.
My good friend.
I'll be seeing you.
You think he's on the up and up? Probably not.
Well, if you're involved with whatever that was, I hope it was worth it.
I think it was.
Got a minute? Yeah.
Come on in.
Have a seat.
Can I get you anything? You want a drink? No.
Just your ear.
Whether I've got, uh, good news or bad news really depends.
Mayor's less interested in me being a great guy than having my name in his lineup.
It's not that black and white.
You stand out without your last name, and Chase sees that.
We'll see.
Who's your source? Called a friend of mine on his detail.
Always know what's on the other side of the door before you enter.
Where have I heard that before? Yeah.
So you'll be walking through it? Would that piss you off? Because of who the department would be losing, yeah.
But that's the least of my concerns.
What's the most? That one of my kids would make a tough decision based on what I might think.
That would piss me off to no end.
You're so good at that.
The managing of people, their expectations.
Conflicts of interest.
All the calculations that go into each move you make.
How do you know when it's honesty or just another useful angle? It's hard.
We judge ourselves by our good intentions, but we are judged by our last worst act.
But if I'm dealing with someone I know trusts me then I sure as hell know whether I'm being honest with myself or not.
I, um I don't know my next move, but I'd like to make it how I see fit.
Will you keep me in the loop? Always.
You were the only one at Sunday dinner who wouldn't say what they dreamed of becoming.
I'd love to hear your answer sometime.

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