Blue Bloods s14e08 Episode Script

Wicked Games

Hey, Sarge.
What have you got?
Perp assaulted a guy on the subway,
sucker punched him right in the face.
I want to charge him
with felony assault.
Felony assault?
What were the injuries?
He gave the guy a black eye.
Is that kid still in high school?
He's an adult.
I'm knocking this down to a misdemeanor.
What? But this is exactly what
the boss asked us
to start cracking down on.
Scuffles between teens?
He hit a total stranger
minding his own business.
Plus, he's got priors.
Officer, I am ordering you to
charge him with misdemeanor assault.
You know, this is
the third arrest of mine
in the past two weeks
that you've knocked down.
Did I do something to you?
It's nothing personal.
It sure seems like it.
If you have a problem,
take it up with the CO.
I will.
Thanks for that suggestion.
JAMIE: Hit it.
Keep your hands where we can see them!
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop!
Easy, easy.
Yeah? Hands behind your back.
I didn't do anything.
Yeah? Then why are you running?
Come on, man, please. Just let me go.
I'm not one of the bad guys.
Is that right?
I'm one of you.
You on the job?
Well, no, not exactly. I'm a CI.
My brother-in-law's a cop.
- I've been working for him.
- What's his name?
Hey, you looking for Erin?
Uh, you, actually.
You know a guy named Billy Berlinger?
Yeah, it's my ex-wife's brother.
What about him?
My team's investigating
a series of gambling operations
run by the Scalino crime family.
He was working at one,
says he's your CI.
You arrested him?
Yeah, well, let him go.
He's telling you the truth.
Great, now I can use him to
take these guys down.
I got my own angle I'm pursuing.
I'll take it from here.
Oh, well, let's pool
our resources, work together.
Not gonna happen.
- Hmm.
I'm sorry, pal.
I got to meet your sister,
and it was nice talking to you.
Well, I'll walk with you,
see what she thinks.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- That's a bad idea.
- Why?
It's below her pay grade.
The Scalino crime family?
I don't think so.
She doesn't know that
you're investigating these guys?
Not exactly.
Why are you keeping it from her?
Look, Billy accrued a big gambling debt,
started working for
the Scalinos to pay it off.
- Yeah?
- Got in deep
before he came to me for help.
So you signed him up as a CI
instead of arresting him
without telling her.
It's all above board.
It's my ex's brother.
I'd rather it not get around,
especially not to Erin. Capisce?
You want me to lie to my sister?
Not lie, exactly.
Well, let me use Billy
in my investigation,
or I got to take it up
with her. Come on.
GORMLEY: And then
we've got Manhattan South
coming in for CompStat
end of the weekend.
That's about it, boss.
This report on the mayor's detail
Oh, right, right. I almost forgot.
Um, Collins and DiAbaldo
are retiring from the detail,
and Captain Jaffe already
approved their replacements.
One of whom is Officer Brian Baker.
Yes, sir.
Where'd that come from?
Well, uh,
Abigail brought it up.
But nothing's going on, right?
No, nothing.
It's just a position on a detail.
You use my name?
Did you use your position in this office
to get him the hook?
Boss, I'm a contract guy.
A good cop needs help, I help them.
And it's Abigail's husband.
Did you even consider the optics?
Well, I really didn't think
it was a big deal.
Well, then why'd you go around me?
Well, I didn't think
you'd want to be involved
in personnel issues.
Yeah, right.
Abigail should've come to me with this.
What's so important you
couldn't tell me over the phone?
Sit down.
Who died?
You're gonna be pissed.
I had to negotiate
- an early release.
- For who?
Sam Evans.
He had information we needed,
got us a gang member on a homicide.
I don't give a damn if
he gave you the devil himself,
this guy's a serial killer.
You only got him on
witness intimidation,
and he had two months left
to his sentence.
What was I supposed to do?
Wait a minute,
you already negotiated it? It's done?
I would've told you prior
but the information was time sensitive,
so, yeah, I had to move fast.
This guy went after
Baez and her daughter.
I know, and I-I know
you care about them both.
Then how the hell could you let him
back on the street?
It was a good trade, Danny.
A trade?
The last time this guy was out,
he almost broke her.
She was gonna kill him.
Now, I'm regretting stopping her.
When's his release?
He was released this morning.

Brought your bag from the squad.
You really didn't have to
bring that over.
I could've got it in the morning.
I figured you could probably use it.
Well, thanks.
Do you want to join us for dinner?
I made pasta.
You'll have to put up with
Elena's singing though.
It's loud, but it's cute.
Maybe you should just
have dinner with her,
and I'll take a raincheck
and do it another time.
What's in the file?
It's an old case the boss
wanted me to look at.
Said he could use
a fresh set of eyes, so
I volunteered.
- Well, that's nice of you.
- Yeah.
See you bright and early at the squad?
- See you.
- Okay. Good night.
Get much sleep?
You want to tell me what's going on?
You've been sitting on
my house all night.
Sam Evans was released
from prison yesterday.
This is a joke, right?
Why didn't you tell me?
I came to tell you last night
but you looked so happy with Elena,
I wanted to give you
one more night of peace.
What if he had come for her last night,
and I'm just sitting there,
totally unprepared.
Well, that's why I've been sitting here.
What the hell, Danny?
I planned on telling you this morning.
Where's he staying?
Same place as last time, his mother's.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna get Elena somewhere safe,
and then I'm gonna go pay him a visit.
We got nothing on him.
Never stops you.
Fine, fair enough.
But we do have to be smart.
You almost murdered this guy.
I should've.
Captain, you got a sec?
Yeah, what is it, Janko?
I don't want to be a snitch,
but I got a sergeant who keeps
knocking down all my arrests
this last two weeks.
Sergeant Stone.
Well, he said that
you signed off on them.
I trust his judgment.
And you trust mine?
I do.
Then you know I'd never
inflate any charges just
to make myself look better.
No, but sometimes officers are
too close to the action and, uh,
cooler heads can see more clearly.
It's like he's just
changing this on a whim.
He wouldn't do that.
I am pretty sure that's
exactly what he's doing.
Well, he is your superior.
You supply details,
he classifies the crime.
End of story.
Can you at least
take a look at the arrests?
(SIGHS) I have CompStat coming up.
Okay, Janko, Stone is
one of my best people.
I do not want to hear
anything more about him,
or about your collars. You got me?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Anthony, finally.
I keep telling these guys
I'm on their side,
but they won't believe me.
- How you doing, Billy?
- Good.
Good to see you.
You watch the Knicks this weekend?
Yeah. Horrible.
Tell me about it.
You didn't bet on them, did you?
I gave that up, I told you.
But if I had, I would've lost big.
You talked to my sister lately?
Just when I pick up Sophia.
You guys should get dinner
sometime. Catch up.
She still talks about you
all the time, you know.
She does?
How about we focus
on the gambling operation.
My intel tells me
that Joe Scalino runs it.
Heard of him?
Joe Scalino, Joe Scalino.
No. Doesn't ring a bell.
Goes by the name Average Joe?
Come on, Billy.
I've known you long enough,
you can't lie to me.
You help us, we'll help you.
I said I'd keep my eyes open for you.
But going after Average Joe,
that's a death sentence.
You don't screw with that guy.
We don't need you to screw with him.
Just need you to give us
a location, we'll do the rest.
BAEZ: Caroline Evans?
I'm Detective Baez.
You've already met Detective Reagan.
How can I help you?
Is Sam here?
In the kitchen. You mind if we come in?
Detectives. What are you doing here?
I haven't violated
my parole or anything.
No, you haven't.
But we were just in the neighborhood.
Thought we'd check in.
A wellness check?
Mm-hmm. I'm touched.
What have you been up to
since you got out?
I went to my work program,
and then I've just been here.
I took it up in prison.
- Uh-huh.
- And you're
a new man now, right?
Just like you said last time?
Well, I hope so.
I do appreciate things differently now.
Like family.
You come near my daughter again,
you so much as say her name,
you won't make it back to prison.
(QUIETLY): Easy.
I was talking about my mother, actually.
After everything,
she still cares for me.
That kind of forgiveness
She's a saint.
But we know who you really are.
(SIGHS) Always so angry, the two of you.
Maybe you should try it.
Meditation, I mean.
Especially you.
Well, I understand
Detective Baez's anger.
She fears for her daughter.
But you
You have the same kind of rage I had.
Boundless, unmoored,
without sense or purpose.
You and I are nothing alike, Sam.
Why did you come here?
What were you hoping to achieve?
We just wanted you to know
that we will be watching
your every move.
Uh, good.
Can I have a minute?
Sit down.
I'm sure Sid told you
about our conversation.
Why didn't you come to me directly?
You know why.
Yeah, you wouldn't like my answer.
I came to you, Brian would've been
even less likely to get the job
than going through the normal channels.
Well, you didn't do that either.
He's been getting help
for his anger issues.
He's been better.
Yes, I know. I talked to his CO.
But it doesn't matter.
What? He keeps working
on himself, it'll pay off.
World doesn't work that way.
It can.
For you maybe.
But your dad was commissioner.
You don't think
that shined a light on you?
Well, first of all, Abigail,
I didn't want this job.
But I understand
the point you're making,
and I can't help it who my family is.
(SIGHS) Okay.
And what about the other cops
who wanted this job?
You think it's fair to them
that Brian has a hook in One PP?
Hasn't he earned the right
to ask for that job?
Haven't I?
You didn't ask.
Because I couldn't.
Hey, my door is right there.
And you know how hard it is
to walk through it.
You're intimidating.
is that what's really going on here?
I know how it goes with you.
And I didn't want to face
that same music.
I wanted Brian to have a chance.

- What was that?
- Uh, hey, Janko.
- What are you doing out here?
- Are you following me?
Are you and Stone seeing each other?
You're his commanding officer.
He works for you.
(SCOFFS) You are way out of line.
Kind of seemed a little
more than friendly to me.
Well, that is really rich,
especially coming from you.
You defended him when I told you
he was knocking down
charges on my arrests.
You wouldn't even listen to me.
That what this is about?
Well, I looked into it, and it turns out
I'm not the only one
whose cases he's downgraded.
- You working for IAB?
- No.
Then, what the hell
do you think you're doing?
I mean, you've got CompStat
at the end of the week.
Maybe he's helping you downgrade cases
to make it look like crime is
down in your sector.
So you think we're working together
to what, cook the books?
Are you?
So first, uh, we are in a relationship,
and now we're part of a conspiracy.
Do you have any other theories
you want to chuck in my face?
Why don't you just tell me
what's going on?
'Cause I know you
better than this, boss.
Okay, how about this?
I hear another word about this,
from anyone, and I'm gonna
give you a rip.
I don't know for what yet,
but I'll think of something.
You got me?
Still no sign of Average Joe, huh?
Patience, grasshopper.
And why would he take a meeting
like this in public?
These guys are all about bravado.
You ask me,
those lowlives in the corner,
that's who he's here meeting.
There's an open warrant
for the guy at the end,
Toothless Tommy.
Looks like he got himself
some new chompers.
He's an associate of Average Joe?
They run in the same circles.
I say we move on him
and see what he knows.
No. We wait for the bigger fish.
And what if Billy gave us bad intel?
You got a lot of faith in him, huh?
When I got divorced,
Billy stuck with me,
he helped me get through it,
even though I was splitting
with his own sister.
And not many people would do that.
He's a good egg. He'll come through.
We're just gonna let him
walk out of here?
Excuse me.
Toothless Tommy,
can we have a word?
Hello. (GRUNTS)
Take it easy, Toothless, or
you're gonna earn that nickname.
He set us up.
Who did?
Average Joe.
Heard he'd been bragging
he had a mole with the cops.
Guess for once he was telling the truth.
Did you know?
So you were in on it.
I wasn't in on anything.
A longtime friend and coworker
asked me for advice,
I gave it.
And you told her to go around me.
I listened,
and I helped her navigate
her own decision.
I've known Abigail a long time,
and this isn't like her.
Something's going on.
You know Brian's been
stuck on the patrol,
denied any sort of promotion
for two years now.
It's been weighing on them.
Garrett, I'm getting a little
tired of half answers.
Could you just give me a straight one?
Brian's been staying
at his brother's place
for the last month or so.
Why didn't you tell me?
You're intimidating.
Oh, everybody says that.
(SIGHS) So, Abigail was just trying
to make things right.
I wish she would've told me.
Told you?
Frank, this is her marriage.
And you are you.
If you had known all of this,
would it really have made
any difference?
You would've signed
his transfer request,
no questions asked?
Hey. Just talked to Toothless.
He's been working with a rival
of the Scalinos.
Average Joe called him there to broker
some kind of a peace agreement.
Well, lucky for Joe, he didn't show.
There never was
any peace agreement, Anthony.
It was a setup.
Your brother-in-law had us go there
to try and take out a couple
rivals of the Scalinos.
No way. He wouldn't do that.
Have you heard anything from him?
No, it's still radio silence.
Come on, the writing's on the wall.
Maybe he tried to help us
and he got made.
I mean, you ever think of that?
Either way, we gotta find him, and fast.
Okay, so where do we start?
Him and Vivian are still close,
maybe she knows something.
Your ex-wife?
You sure that's a good idea?
I wish I had a better one.
How's Elena?
Safe. She's out of town with family.
Do you think it's possible
that Sam may not go after her this time?
What are you talking about?
I don't know.
Maybe that's exactly what he
thinks we'd expect him to do.
I think you're giving him
too much credit.
When I put him away,
I took the one thing
that was most important to him,
his freedom.
Now, he wants to take
what's most important to me.
It's his mother. Reagan.
Detective, can we talk?
Caroline, did something happen?
Is everything okay?
It might be nothing, but
Sam came home earlier
with a bouquet of white flowers.
His calling card.
Where is he now?
left for his work program.
Okay. We're on our way.
I'm going up.
Oh, God.
He didn't leave the flowers.
I think he's saving that
for the main event.
BAEZ: I called the work program.
Sam didn't show up today.
Come with me.
What is it?
Crime scene thinks they found
a listening device that Sam left.
His mom was helping us,
he probably overheard her
We should use it.
Use it how?
We'll go in there and I'll mention
that I'm staying at home with Elena.
You want to use yourself as bait?
- No way.
- Come on, Danny.
If we have a chance to get him,
we should take it.
Look, I'll make a big show
of going into the house alone,
wait until he takes the bait,
and then you come in with backup.
I don't like it.
Do you not think I can handle myself?
Of course I think you can
handle yourself.
But what if it's a setup?
What if he wanted us to find that thing?
Nice try. You're not
gonna talk me out of this.
Do you trust me or not?
Too much.
Anthony, what are you doing here?
Vivian, hi, uh
This is Sergeant Jamie Reagan.
You mind if we come in?
So, uh, what's going on?
You look good, uh,
you been going back to yoga?
What did you do?
Billy's in trouble with the mob.
Why would that be, Anthony?
He's been working for them
and for me as a CI.
You put my brother
undercover with the mob?
What's wrong with you?
He's not undercover exactly.
Look, I was just trying to help him.
Well, what kind of trouble?
We're not exactly sure,
but we need to find him.
He's missing?
Do you even know if he's alive?
He's alive.
You have no idea, do you?
I know he is.
Now, has he come around, uh,
maybe mention a new place
he's hanging out?
Anything like that?
Uh, he came by a few days ago
with a friend.
Who was the friend?
VIVIAN: Never met him before.
Kept making weird comments about
what a nice life I had here.
- Was this the guy?
- Yeah.
Okay, I'll talk to the building
super about security footage,
see if we can see
what car he pulled up in.
Look, Vivian, I-I'm gonna find Billy.
I promise.
Anything happens to him,
I will never forgive you.
Is everything okay?
You've been halfway here since
you walked through the door.
Well (SIGHS)
Baker's having trouble at home.
And she went around me
to get her husband transferred
to the mayor's detail
to fix things between them.
Oh, come on, Dad.
What do you expect?
That she's gonna walk into the office
and pour her heart out to you?
Well, we have worked together for years.
Uh, she has worked for you for years.
Plus, you're not exactly
the easiest person to talk to
about things like that.
Kind of like after a certain age
everything I knew about you
came through your mother?
I mean, who can understand
teenage girls?
Certainly not me.
No, it's just Mom was
easier to talk to about certain things.
And if you needed to know,
she knew exactly how to tell you.
It was her superpower.
Among many.
Baker has been one of your
most trusted advisors for years.
I'm sure she just feels
like I did when I was going
through my divorce with Jack,
which was:
you're the last person
I wanted to know about it.
I hope that isn't true.
It's just that you set these
standards for yourself, Dad,
that are impossible to meet,
but somehow you do,
but it's a hard measure for others
to put themselves up against,
especially at their
most vulnerable time.
For such a smart guy
I sure didn't handle this very well.
Well, you can't change
who you are to her.
All you can do is show grace.
You're still reading that?
What's it called, again?
The Affair.
The Affair
Not really feeling it anymore, though.
Why not?
Too close to home.
Don't worry, I don't have
a secret love interest.
I-I think McNichols might.
Sergeant Stone.
Damn, McNichols.
Oh, do you think he's cute?
All I'm saying is I'm
impressed with the boss.
Didn't know she had it in her.
I think they might be working
together to cook the books.
Do you got any evidence?
Nothing firm.
But enough to go to IAB?
The numbers are one thing,
but I would feel like such a hypocrite
if I was the one who
exposed their relationship.
That's the way that we met.
Yeah, but I wasn't your boss yet
and we weren't breaking the law.
Reducing charges isn't
the worst crime in the world.
Yeah, it might be fudged numbers now,
but who knows what'll
slip through the cracks next.
It's just she hasn't dated anyone
since she was in that horrible marriage.
And what if I'm wrong about the numbers?
Then all I'm doing by reporting her
is ruining her relationship.
Nothing yet.
Maria, TARU's still got nothing.
You heard him at his mom's house,
everything he said
was just veiled threats.
Yeah. There's no place like home.
Yeah, but he hasn't shown up.
Because we're at the wrong house.
Hello, Detective.
Surprised to see me?
Not really.
It was a nice little trap you set.
But you used the wrong bait.
I bet you'd like to get back over
to that gun right now, wouldn't you?
Had a feeling
you'd be coming after me, Sam.
Baez's daughter isn't
the only thing precious to her.
What about your mother?
Wasn't she precious to you?
I mean, she did bring
you into the world, after all.
How many have you killed, Detective?
Only the people who deserve it, Sam.
Who decided that?
A judge? A jury?
No. Just you, playing God.
Kind of like you're doing now,
playing God here?
Playing God, killing your mother?
I hate to break it to you,
but you're gonna be going away
for a long time, Sam,
and it won't be for trespassing.
I ain't going anywhere.
Well done.
He's gone.
Security footage
showed them getting into
a black Toyota Corolla.
New York tags, Thomas-0-1-0-8-9-Charlie.
Yeah, them and every other
Uber driver in the city.
How come you didn't tell
my sister about any of this?
I thought you guys were close.
Do you know her?
She can be a little judgmental.
You don't say.
Growing up, it was like having
a third parent.
One that went to the same school as you
and could report back
every little slipup.
No wonder why you're wound so tight.
Brother and sister like yours,
I don't know how you do it, pal.
We just got a hit on the plates.
LPR picked them up,
at 44th and Astoria Boulevard.
Looks like it's down near the bridge.
They're taking him to
the waterfront. Let's go.
Police! Don't move!
Don't move! Let him go, Joe.
Drop the gun!
You drop yours, or I'll kill him.
You do that and I'm gonna
blow your head off.
Jamie, he's been hit.
- Stay with me, Billy.
- Central, I need a bus.
- Waterfront at Clinton and Sullivan.
- Deep breaths.
Put a rush on it. I got a man shot.
Okay, man, stay with me.
Stay with me, Billy.
- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah.
You gone to IAB?
(SIGHS) Are you going to?
No, I'm not.
Well, you were right.
Stone and I were
seeing each other,
and I checked the cases,
and he was fudging numbers.
Ad you didn't know about it?
I should've. I was distracted.
He probably noticed
how stressed I'd been
and thought he was helping me out.
You said you "were" seeing him.
You're not anymore?
I'm transferring him out.
Oh, you really liked him, huh?
It was fun. That's all.
I'm sorry.
I messed that up for you.
Wasn't going anywhere anyway.
Plus, I mean, I don't know
what I was thinking.
He's 15 years younger than I am,
and he really, really showed that
by the crap he tried to pull.
You're gonna find someone.
Yeah, maybe.
No, you are.
And if you ever need a wing-woman,
I'm the best in the game.
I don't doubt that for a second.
Thanks. You're welcome.
You doing okay?
- I'm good now.
- Good.
That trap was a good call.
Yeah. Sam wasn't as smart
as he thought he was.
I can't believe you sat
on my house all night.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you
that he was released sooner.
I should've.
You were just protecting me.
I always am.
So, how many times did you
fall asleep out there?
- None. Not a wink.
- You sure?
And you didn't want to just come in?
No, I did.
Well, maybe next time, just come in.
Maybe next time I will.
Hope I haven't kept you waiting.
Please, sit down.
I'd rather stand.
I spoke to the deputy mayor,
and we both agree that
putting Brian on that detail
would present needless complications.
How so?
Well, apparently, the mayor
has gotten the idea in his head
that I'm planting a mole near him.
Which isn't surprising,
being that's what he would do.
I see.
I think Brian should stay
closer to home.
Yes, sir.
I mean, making the changes
he's made takes guts,
and I don't want to
lose a man like that.
So, he'll be stuck on patrol
the rest of his career.
Well, Abigail,
I didn't say that.
May I sit?
There is a position
under the Chief of D's.
It's administrative,
but it takes someone who's had
a lot of time working the streets,
and I think Brian is a perfect fit.
I thought you said
we don't use this office
to give anyone a leg up.
He's earned it.
Thank you, sir.
He will be transferred
via telephone message
effective 2400 hours today.
Unless, of course,
you want to go around me
and tell him first.
I don't think I do.
I'll see you around.
How's he doing?
Awake and talking.
He said that Average Joe
threatened to kill Vivian
if he didn't help set those guys up.
So, you were right, he did use us.
Sounds like he didn't have a choice.
You gonna tell Vivian he's okay?
Nah. Billy will call.
She don't want to hear from me.
- No, you should talk to her.
- Nah.
It's obvious that
she still cares about you.
Is that what you got
from that visit? Really?
Yes. And I think that
you still care about her, too.
More than anything.
So tell her.
I want what's best for her.
Turns out, that just ain't me.
Take care.
ALL: Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts
which we are about to receive
from thy bounty through Christ,
our Lord, amen.
You want brisket, Pop?
No thanks. I think I'd better pass.
What's wrong, Gramps?
You watching your figure?
No, Erin and I are going
to the movies later, so
if I eat that, I'll fall asleep
during the previews.
- What are you guys seeing?
I don't know. Pop was gonna pick.
Thirty-Six Days.
That's that war movie about Iwo Jima?
Based on the true story, yeah.
A war movie?
Well, maybe there'll be
romance involved.
I doubt it.
I heard it's three hours long
and just as intense
as Saving Private Ryan.
- Excellent.
- Well, not excellent.
You said you were gonna pick
something for the both of us.
You'll love it.
Hey, Pop loves war movies.
Straightforward, to the point.
Good guys win, bad guys lose.
Yeah, we don't have enough
of that in real life.
Well, it wouldn't have been my pick.
No, you would've chosen
a boring legal drama.
Yeah, she used to make me watch
The Verdict every weekend.
Yeah, and you would never
shut up about Mighty Ducks.
Because it's a classic.
Well, I prefer horror films myself.
- You're kidding.
- Really?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre,
The Ring, Saw.
- Bloodier the better.
- Yeah!
Well, I would never have
thought that for you.
Give me Batman
any day of the week.
There you go.
The gopher,
he does it for me every time.
What about you, Francis?
It's got to be a western.
Something with John Wayne in it.
Yeah, or a police documentary.
The Thin Blue Line?
My money's on Godfather.
Well, all wrong.
And, with apologies
to Galaxy Quest,
a very close second,
- it's When Harry Met Sally
- Ha.
What? Wait, but that's a romance.
Yeah. It's romance
and an ode to New York, it's got it all.
You're serious?
Don't judge a book by its cover.
Just don't tell anyone
because I don't want people
to think I've gone soft.
Don't worry, Dad, we won't tell.
Yeah, oh, yeah, we wouldn't think of it.
Secret's safe with us, Dad.
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