Blue Bloods s14e09 Episode Script

Two of a Kind

On the charges of burglary
in the second degree,
and criminal possession
of a controlled substance
in the second degree,
how does the defendant,
Marcus Williams, plead?
Your Honor, my client pleads not guilty.
Your Honor, permission to approach?
Permission granted.
Your Honor, I offered the defendant
a very generous plea deal
since this is his first offense.
No jail time, and three months
in an out-patient
rehabilitation program.
- Sounds pretty good to me.
- Yeah.
- So, what gives?
- You'd have to ask him.
He insists he's innocent
and wants his day in court.
ERIN: But does he realize that
if this does goes to trial,
he will mostly likely be found guilty
and will be facing state prison time?
He's entitled to a trial.
But does he understand
the risk he's taking?
I mean, we have proof
beyond reasonable doubt
that he committed burglary,
and he had drugs in the car.
Well, that's for the jury to decide.
Now, if that's all,
are we finished here?
I have three other clients
being arraigned today.
We are.
Took you long enough.
Apologies for the delay.
- You two report a burglary?
- Yeah, I'm Kyle.
This is my wife, Paulina.
Yeah, we came home
and saw our door was wide open.
Then we go inside, and so much
of our stuff is missing.
Any of the other occupants
in the building
that might have seen something?
Just our landlord,
who owns the building,
lives upstairs.
- Is she here?
- No, conveniently.
She's always home,
and then, now, she's missing.
Are you implying that she might
have had something to do with this?
- We're sure of it.
- Why is that?
Things were great
when we first moved in.
We got along fine. We even had her
for dinner from time to time,
and then, something just changed.
She's harassing us.
She clearly thinks
she can get a better deal,
so she's trying to make our lives hell
- so that we'll break the lease and move.
- Yeah.
What the hell is this?
Oh, don't act dumb.
- We know you did this!
- Okay
- I did what?
- Hey, hey. Hey, hey, everybody!
- Step back. Step back.
Take it down a notch.
Why don't you two step inside with me?
Oh, my God.
- What happened?
- Their apartment was burglarized.
Did you have anything to do with this?
Of course not. I've been out
all day running errands.
Well, is it true
you've been harassing them
- to move out of the apartment?
- Me harassing them?
That's a laugh.
Kyle is unstable.
I asked them to leave
because I don't feel safe
with him living here.
Unstable how?
You just saw his temper.
Horrible fights all hours of the night.
[SIGHS] Have you
ever reported any of it?
No way.
I'm afraid of what he might do.
I want them out, but I can't do anything
because of their stupid lease.
Okay. We're going to look
into the burglary.
In the meantime, if you're ever
feeling unsafe, here's my card.
Thank you so much.
Don't ask for a name ♪
I could never ♪
- What the hell?
Somebody stop him!
[CHEERING] Go, Pete! Go, Pete!
[CHANTING]: Go, Pete!
Go, Pete! Go, Pete! Go, Pete!
When did you meet O'Keefe?
We worked a case together
a few years back in the Bronx.
I've called on him for intel ever since.
Never call on me for intel.
Yeah, why you think that is?
Reagans, let's do a shot.
I'm good, and clearly, so are you.
Come on. It's my birthday!
O'Keefe, I'll do a shot with you.
I'm a Hill for the record.
Cheers. Whoa. Shots fired.
Who are you? Sergeant Buzzkill? [LAUGHS]
You think that's funny?
Yeah, I do.
Funny and true.
And what's that, "I'm a Hill"?
What's a Hill?
What? What what do you mean?
What do you mean by that?
It's a simple question.
Come on, get off.
Hey. Watch it!
You watch it.
All right, and what's a Reagan?
What is that, huh?
- What is that? You?
- Yeah, I'm a Reagan.
You want to take this outside?
Hell yeah, I do.
Come on.
Turn it off.
Well, they're just any two cops,
end of the day, boss.
Any two cops?
I think Sid means we have
to treat them like any two cops.
Is that what you mean, Sid?
Two cops, off duty, out of uniform,
letting off steam.
Yeah. Right.
And what are the chances of this
making the local TV news?
I made the case that they both
often work undercover,
and that broadcasting names and ranks
with faces could put lives in jeopardy.
And maybe these "any two cops"
should have thought of that first.
I want 'em up here. Together.
No, end of tours, I don't want
to compound this stupidity
by pulling cops off the street.

They're both so superficial
and Hollywood.
What? No, no, they're real women
with real-life problems.
And they get heated. It's the best part.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- CASTELLANO: Hey, Reagan,
- how's Sean holding up?
- Okay,
as far as I know. Why?
He didn't tell you, did he?
Tell me what?
He's fine, but he got robbed
on campus last night.
He what?
He was smart and had
campus security call it in.
When I got there, he was a
little shaken, but no injuries.
He had his backpack stolen,
laptop and wallet inside.
Why the hell didn't you call me
when you found out?
He told me he wanted
to tell you himself.
It never even crossed my mind
that he wouldn't tell you.
Well, he didn't tell me.
Hi. You've reached Sean Reagan
And now I got voice mail.
Your roommate told me I'd find you here.
And the officer said
he'd let me tell you.
And yet, you still haven't told me.
I know you're mad, but
you don't need to worry.
I had enough money saved up
to replace the laptop.
I don't care about the laptop.
- You don't?
- No.
I've told you a million times,
if somebody approaches you
asking for your watch
or your wallet or your phone
or your laptop
or whatever, you give it to them.
Otherwise, you could end up dead.
Then why do you look so upset?
Because you didn't tell me! I had
to find out from someone else!
- I didn't think it was a big deal.
- It's not a big deal
you got robbed?
Of course it's a big deal.
And I try to reach you,
you don't answer your phone?
I-I'm worried.
I'm fine, okay? And you have
nothing to worry about,
but I have an exam later, and
I got to get back to studying.
The exam can wait, can't it?
I can call your professor.
I'll tell them the situation.
It's not grade school. That doesn't fly.
And she probably
wouldn't even bat an eye.
Apparently, stuff like this
happens all the time on campus.
Says who?
The security officer that
showed up on the scene.
And he didn't think it was a big deal.
No big deal that a student got robbed?
Can't you just let this one go?
No. Who was this guy? What's his name?
I don't need you making
a bigger deal out of this
than it already is.
As long as you're all right.
Marcus Williams has
rejected our plea deal.
You're kidding me.
- No.
- Only an idiot would turn that down.
Yeah, and his attorney
just seemed slammed.
I'm not even sure he explained
to his client
how screwed he's gonna be
if this goes to trial.
Good. Then he will lose
and do time like he should.
Yeah, but he shouldn't have to.
Him and his friend burglarized a store.
He was pulled over with the stolen goods
and drugs in his car.
Yeah, but his friend, David
Rogers, is a career criminal.
Marcus is a first-time offender.
- I'm just trying to help him.
- You tried,
he turned it down, serves him right.
Yeah, but he could serve
real time for this.
All because his attorney
isn't giving him good advice.
It's wrong.
What he did was wrong.
I don't know, something just
doesn't feel right about it.
Could you just look into
his legal aid attorney,
um, a Bryce Turken?
Wait a minute.
Bryce Turken?
Did you know that he's also
representing David Rogers?
Now, that changes things.
Maybe it's more than
just being overworked.
Landlord is lying about her alibi.
What'd you find out?
Florist across the street
said he saw Tina come and go
in the early afternoon.
Well, just because she went back home
doesn't mean she burglarized
Kyle and Paulina's apartment.
This proves if she lied to us.
She wasn't gone all day like she said.
She's clearly hiding something.
My gut's telling me Tina didn't do this.
You're really siding with
the landlord on this?
Her fear felt real.
Ah, I got a different vibe.
Single, living alone in her 40s?
She's probably just jealous
of the happy couple
- living right under her nose.
- Sounds like
you're jumping to conclusions
because she's single.
How do we know the florist isn't
confusing her with someone else?
Oh, he's the neighborhood
Gladys Kravitz.
He knew all about them.
Tina's kind of cold,
Paulina's very friendly
and Kyle comes in regularly
for hydrangeas.
Okay. Then let's go
back to Tina and talk to her
and see if she can explain
why she lied to us.
Excuse me. Detective Reagan.
Are you the one who responded to
the robbery on campus last night?
Yeah, Tom Tofalli,
head of campus security.
I talked to an officer last night.
Yeah, I'm just curious to see
if it was an isolated incident.
Well, it's New York City,
the city's our campus.
Of course there have been
other robberies.
You notice any patterns
or similarities between 'em?
Other than just bad luck?
I don't think so.
Just a coincidence.
Okay. And you reported them all
to the NYPD?
Are you kidding me? Of course not.
Most of these kids would flip out
if we brought NYPD in here with guns
every time somebody lost a backpack.
But you did report it last night.
Ah, the kid insisted.
He wanted a police report.
Well, the kid was
trained well. He's my son.
Well, my kid would have done the same.
Were you on the job?
30 years, White Plains.
I got antsy in my retirement.
I took this gig thinking
it would be a walk in the park.
Turned out to be the opposite?
All these buildings smell like weed,
and I spend my nights
chasing kids out of the park
for blaring music at 3:00 a.m.
Yeah, I can imagine they
don't have a lot of respect
for security around here.
Except your boy. He was gracious.
I'm glad he's okay.
Same. Uh, do you mind if I take a look
at the incident reports?
Just see if there's anything
else to be concerned about?
Yeah, sure. You probably got
bigger fish to fry, but there you go.
Thank you.
Thank you for meeting with me, Marcus.
You better have good news.
Has your attorney explained to you
the generous plea deal
that my office has offered you?
- Of course I did.
- I'm speaking with Marcus.
Yeah, he told me about it.
But he said I'd have to
plead guilty, which I'm not.
Then how do you explain
all the stolen goods
and the two ounces of cocaine
that were found in your car?
I had no idea there were drugs
in my car.
But you admit to participating
in the burglary?
Don't answer that.
Yo, I need to be released.
I got a daughter who needs me.
Then think about your daughter
and accept a plea deal.
Avoid jail time.
If I say I'm guilty,
I'll have a felony on my record forever.
How would that help my daughter?
If this goes to trial,
you will most likely
be found guilty.
I'm not admitting
to something I didn't do.
Those weren't my drugs.
Are you saying those drugs
belonged to David Rogers?
What my client is saying
is that he doesn't know
how the drugs got in his car.
Did they just magically appear?
I'm willing to drop the drug charges
if you tell me who
put those drugs in your car.
- We won't be doing that.
- Why?
To help Marcus or your other client?
If I were you,
I would find myself a new lawyer.
BAKER: Detective Hill and
Sergeant Reagan are here.
Bring 'em on.
Not today.
Thank you, Baker.
Permission to speak first.
Denied. Sit down.
You want to make this about me being
Zip it.
You being what, a hothead?
Or him being an Eagle Scout?
No, I don't want to make it about that.
That would be like talking to children,
and I am talking to men.
At least I hope so.
[SIGHS] We are New York City cops.
We break up street fights,
we don't start 'em.
And I am sorry for that.
Yeah, I'll bet you are,
considering where it landed you.
Stupid thing. It got out of hand.
Yeah, and the sun was in my eyes,
and the dog ate my homework.
My inner circle thinks that
I should treat you
the way I would any two cops.
And I think that's good advice.
And any two cops,
I would give them a choice.
I will take your detective shield
and your sergeant stripes.
But this could take some time,
and, uh, modified duties
mean two less cops
focused on the street.
And we are already bleeding
manpower as it is.
You said a choice?
Hey, look at you, following along.
So your other choice is
a command discipline,
where you're both back in the bag,
driving nights in the scuzziest precinct
on the Compstat board.
Riding together?
Hey, you, too, sharp as a tack.
For how long?
I really couldn't say. I don't know.
I guess as long as it takes.
Long as what takes?
Can't say that, either.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I already told you I was gone all day.
I took a yoga class, ran some errands.
I-I don't know what else to tell you.
I've got some receipts
You know the florist across the street?
- Mm-hmm.
What'd that little
gossip queen tell you?
He said you came back.
All right, I know how this looks,
but I swear I did not rob them.
So you admit that you lied to us?
I knew it would make me look guilty
if you knew I was here alone.
Not as guilty as you look lying to us.
I'm sorry, it was stupid.
But I was only here
for, like, 30 minutes,
and I didn't see anything strange.
These are really beautiful flowers.
Hydrangeas. My favorite.
Did you buy 'em from Arjun
across the street?
Kyle bought them, didn't he?
He did.
Why is your tenant you hate,
who hates you,
buying you flowers?
Guess he wanted to smooth
things over. I don't know.
why don't you stop lying to us?
Oh, my God.
It wasn't an affair,
if that's what you're thinking.
It was just a it was just a thing.
- A thing?
- It was j
It was just sex.
I know it was wrong, but it was fun.
Until I could sense him
developing feelings,
so then I just cut it off.
How'd Kyle take that?
Sent him over the edge.
He asked me to meet with him
while Paulina was at work,
and I told him it's over.
And he didn't like that.
He told me he was in love with me.
So I told him I would
tell Paulina everything
if they didn't vacate the apartment.
So why don't you just say it?
Say what?
Whatever it is that you want to say.
Can't a guy just
have dinner with his son
without having an ulterior motive?
Okay, fine. I got the incident report
from campus security on the robberies.
Didn't I ask you to stay out of this?
It's a good thing I didn't.
All the robberies are connected.
Why can't you just let this go?
I'm not gonna let it go.
There were five robberies
in a couple of weeks.
All around the same area,
all around the same time.
Why are you downplaying this?
Because it's embarrassing.
- Why?
I come from a family of cops,
and I can't even protect myself
from some jerk in the park?
Don't let him get you down on yourself.
It's not him, it's you.
It's me?
I just can't stop thinking about
what you would have done
in that situation.
Hopefully, I would have done
exactly what you did,
and came out of it unharmed.
[SIGHS] Okay, look, I get it.
I understand the pressure
that you are growing up with.
But you lived up to it.
You can live up to it, too.
Help me out here.
I got a plan to catch this guy,
but I need you to pull it off.
What's your plan?
The plan is we're gonna set up a
sting in the park tomorrow night.
Why not tonight?
I can't. I don't have approval,
I don't have the manpower,
and most important,
I don't have you on board yet.
What's my part in all of this?
Your part is you're gonna
stand by in the squad room.
We nail the perp, we bring him in,
you pick him out out of a lineup.
- Look at this.
- What's that?
It's the text conversation
where David asks
to use Marcus' car.
There's no mention of drugs,
just the burglary.
And David has prior
drug offenses on his record.
I mean, is this enough?
It's enough for me to bring to the D.A.
to discuss dropping the drug charges
against Marcus, yeah.
That's great.
Oh, no. I know that look.
Well, I'm just pissed.
This is way too easy to spot,
and his attorney's not doing his job.
We need to figure out why.
Sorry to barge in.
You didn't barge in.
My detail rings ahead.
Oh, of course they do.
Um hi.
Want a slice?
Uh, no thanks.
No, thank you.
It was, uh
six years ago
Jamie brought me to dinner at the table
and announced that we were engaged.
Your reactions were
a dead heat between happy for us
and concerned about us
continuing as partners on the job.
It wasn't a dead heat.
From where I sat?
Happy, but by a nose.
Okay, okay.
Happy first, concerned second, fine.
Even though we fell in love
on the job and we knew
everything about each other.
We were able to predict
each other's reactions on the street.
We were just talking about that.
About our engagement?
- No.
About me putting Jamie and Joe
riding together.
That's where this is going, right?
Well, okay.
How is that a good idea?
I mean, they already
don't really like each other.
I don't think that's it.
I know that's it.
Why, because Jamie complains
about him, rags on him?
Jamie is not exactly a man of mystery.
He says what he means,
he means what he says.
Yes. But Jamie has been charged
with respecting Joe.
And Joe, respecting Jamie.
But their bond wasn't formed
in regular family ways.
It was forged by a death in the family.
and Jamie's.
They're related by blood,
but also
by an awful burden.
And that,
to those two
really chafes.
Well, I'm just
worried, is all.
Well, I could just bust them down.
Make a big example.
My son, my grandson.
That's a big headline.
Look what he did to his own.
Eh, but you're part of the family.
You have a vote.
Yeah, some choice.
- FRANK: Hey.
They chose the ride-along.
It was a choice on paper, anyway.
But what if what you worried
about with me and Jamie
clouded judgement, confused reactions
what if that happens
with Joe on the street?
Eddie, I've got 35,000 cops.
I start thinking of
any given two of them like that,
I don't even get out of bed
in the morning.
They're not just any given two.
They have to be.
From where I sit.

Let her go!
What the hell?
- Get lost!
Oh! Oh, my God!
- Are you okay?
Hey, stay with me, okay?
We're in Washington Square Park.
Please send an ambulance.
It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
Glad you're okay.
Now you want to tell me
what the hell happened?
- That guy cut me.
- I know the guy cut you.
And I told you we were running
an undercover operation
and we were gonna take this guy down.
And I just couldn't wait.
- You [SIGHS]
- I was angry
and pissed off.
And I didn't want this happening
to anyone else.
But you don't go rogue.
Well, I stopped that girl
from getting hurt.
And you could've gotten
yourself killed instead.
But I didn't.
And it was worth it.
Why was it worth it?
I recognized the guy's face.
Do you know the guy?
He works at the dining hall.
JOE: Look. I know you outrank me.
That's some sharp detective work.
Okay, then take this as a
subordinate's respectful request.
- Would you cut the crap?
- What?
All this tiptoeing around. It's
fake and it's really irritating.
[CHUCKLES] Fine. I want to drive.
- Why?
- Just 'cause.
- What are you, ten?
- I don't need a reason.
You do if you want the keys from me.
All right, I suck at being
the recorder, always have.
Your mom took you on a playdate,
you wrestled her for the keys?
Fine. I'm kind of a great driver.
All right? I've never been
in a crash, on or off the job.
Oh, okay, and I'm, what, accident-prone?
You cracked up a car that I'm
pretty sure meant a lot to you.
Right? Your brother's Chevelle?
"Cracked it up," that's what you heard?
Yeah, had to fix up
the frame and everything.
It was line of duty.
Some mook cut the brake lines.
And you mean your father's Chevelle.
Yeah, it broke my heart.
All right, I didn't know
the part about the brakes.
Well, it's in that big fat file
of stuff you don't know.
It was more than just sex.
She's lying to herself
if she thinks that.
But I I did not harass her.
Well, the text messages
tell a different story.
I never thought
that I would cheat on my wife,
but I've been working
from home since the pandemic,
and it got lonely.
Paulina's always at work.
Tina, she was just always right here.
BADILLO: Well, you need to let it go.
She wants nothing to do with you.
I thought I could break it off.
But I-I couldn't.
And how do I explain to my wife
why we need to leave our apartment?
We'll never find another deal like this.
Well, then, you should've
kept it in your pants
- around the landlord.
- She pursued me.
Look, you want to try
to make this right, you got
to start by admitting to your
wife that you had an affair,
and that you tried
to frame your landlord
into scaring her into letting you stay.
No. Hold on, no, no,
I d I did not frame her.
- I swear.
- BADILLO: Then explain to us
why we found all your belongings
stashed away in a storage unit?
What the hell are you talking about?
We found a storage unit
on the Lower East Side
registered in your name,
containing all of your
missing belongings.
I haven't been to that unit in years.
I forgot we even still had it.
I did not do this.
Bryce, you got a minute?
Not really. What is it?
Look, you were right not to accept
a plea deal from Marcus Williams.
Why the sudden change of heart?
Well, after our last meeting,
I reviewed the evidence,
and there was really no solid proof
that he knew about the drugs in the car.
So you're dropping
the drug charges against him?
Yeah, but I was curious
why you didn't notice it,
and bring it to my attention.
I must've, uh, overlooked it.
Look I'm trying my best,
but I'm not always perfect.
Sometimes things slip
through the cracks.
"Things"? This is someone's life
that you're supposed to be helping.
Well, thank God you stepped in
to save the day.
I think you intentionally
overlooked that evidence,
to pin the drugs on Marcus
and help get David Rogers off.
- That's a big accusation.
- You favor David Rogers.
Maybe because you played basketball
with him at St. John's?
How'd you find that out?
I have investigators, Bryce.
I hadn't seen David in years.
Well, life clearly took you two
in different directions,
but that bond is still strong.
So what are you gonna do about it?
Oh, I'm gonna be meeting
with the judge to get you
kicked off the case and then
I'll be reporting it
to the ethics board.
Hopefully, they're not too busy to, uh,
hear your side of things.
DISPATCH: 7-4 George,
we have a reported 10-31,
burglary in progress, 190 Drew Street,
fourth floor, East New York.
It's five blocks away.
Should we hit it?
7-4 George, show us responding.
If you want the collar,
don't hit the siren.
Yeah, I got it.
I'm guessing no one ever
suggested it to you.
What are you talking about?
You don't know this?
All right, let's say you got tickets
or a-a date and you don't want
to make the collar?
All right, hit the siren, warn the perps
you're coming, give them
a chance to flee. Voilà.
No collar,
no paperwork,
you get to keep your plans.
Guys actually do that.
- Yeah, I know that.
- Yeah, there's no way
anyone riding with you
ever suggested it before.
What's that mean?
You're a Reagan. You're cop royalty.
Who's gonna insult you by telling you
how to avoid a collar?
All right, cover the rear,
and I'll flush them out from the front.
All right.
Don't move!
Police. Don't move.
Hands behind your back.
All this over an air fryer? Seriously?
You got any weapons?
criminal possession of stolen property
over an air fryer?
A given cop, you don't know his story,
- could snap over something like this.
- You got a weapon on you,
we don't know, maybe
we risked our lives over this,
over an air fryer.
Well, my mom wanted
an air fryer for her birthday.
What apartment did you take this from?
Uh, 4B.
You mess anything else up up there?
Uh, no, Officer.
I-I just took the air fryer for my mom.
You got any ID?
Uh, back pocket.
I got it.
I'll tell you what,
we'll run your ID, talk to our bosses.
If your record comes back clean
we might be able to take it easy on you.
Maybe we'll buy your mom
a new air fryer.
Come on.
Ricky Simon?
- Police!
CHEF: Hey, what are you doing?
- Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
- Hey!
Not another step.
I didn't do anything.
Come here.
- Come here!
You cut my son.
- That's what you did.
- I-I panicked.
I-I didn't want to hurt anyone.
I-I swear, that wasn't
even a part of our plan.
Who's "our"?
Who's "our"?
Ah! This-this whole
thing wasn't even my idea.
I-I wanted no part of it.
how's Sean holding up?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
I'm on the mend, no thanks to you.
[CHUCKLES] What are you talking about?
How you've been profiling us students
that you think would be easy targets,
then getting staffers to
rob us of our valuables.
Is that what that lowlife told you?
Yeah. Told me
you've been helping guys
with felonies get work.
The only problem is,
it's doing your dirty work.
Come on, you're not gonna
believe some felon over me.
I'm a cop, remember?
You're also an idiot.
And you picked the
wrong kid to screw with.
Turn around. You're under arrest.
Come on.
Did you know about the affair?
I had no idea. I'm shocked.
We're so sorry you had
to hear it from us.
All due respect,
is that why you called me here?
I don't see how this is
any of your business.
Kyle tried to frame Tina
after she broke it off with him,
and then, we found all your belongings
stashed away in a storage unit.
BADILLO: He was adamant
that he didn't do it, but
we arrested him.
What do you mean?
Y-You can't arrest him
for stealing his own stuff.
JANKO: No, but we can,
for lying to the cops
and filing a false police report.
Really? You're gonna arrest him
for a misdemeanor?
All he's gonna get
is a desk appearance ticket.
How do you know all this?
This isn't what was supposed to happen.
He is innocent.
Okay, then, why don't you tell
us what was supposed to happen?
I learned about the affair
and I wanted to get back
at Tina, so I framed her.
She destroyed my marriage.
Mm, your husband ruined your marriage.
But don't worry, we didn't arrest him.
You didn't?
We're arresting you.
- What?
- Sure, you'll be released
on a desk appearance ticket,
- but you did commit a crime.
- Turn around.
Let's go.
What is it?
Marcus Williams got shot
outside his apartment last night.
By who?
They're not sure yet.
But if I had to guess, word got out
that he blamed the drugs on David.
All right, I want to see him.
He didn't make it.
You're saying he would've been
safer if he'd just stayed in prison?
Look, you did the right thing.
He deserved to be released.
But if I had stayed out of it,
he would still be alive.
- It
- Well, you couldn't let him serve time
for something that he didn't do.
His attorney
has blood on his hands, not you.
I was just trying to help him.
I mean, was there something
that we missed?
Like, was there something more
that I could've done?
You did everything you could.
And I know it's hard for
you to see right now, but
you got to keep doing
exactly what you did here.
JOE: Does he always
make you wait this long?
Yeah, we're on his time.
She nice, your mom?
Your grandma? Oh, yeah.
What was she like?
She always put us first.
Made sure you knew you were loved
even when she was mad at you.
Also, she could've run
the United Nations.
How so?
She raised four kids
while serving as our ambassador
to our father.
No salutes, sorry for the wait.
Have a seat.
I thought maybe putting you two together
as ride-along partners
might be a good idea.
I mean, I made lifelong pals with guys
I was in detention with
at school when I was a kid.
But I got to say
I haven't had
a decent night's sleep since.
Sorry about that.
The reports concur.
The night of, you were off duty,
neither of you drew your weapons
and no one was really hurt.
The only real damage
was to your own reputations.
the penalty for both of you
is time served.
Return to your commands.
Now would be a good time.
We can get along.
Yeah, you won't have
any trouble from us.
I'll take your word.
JANKO: What did you do
when he pulled the knife?
Apparently, the wrong thing.
Yeah, you should've ran.
I didn't think he was gonna use it.
They always use it.
DANNY: That's right.
I don't know, man. I'm impressed.
Sounds pretty badass.
ERIN: Can you just stick
with being a student, please?
Believe me, I would be happy to.
So, no future in law enforcement?
Uh, no, I've had my fun,
but not for now.
I'll leave it to the
professionals around this table.
DANNY: Yeah.
Besides, he got what
he wanted out of it, anyway.
Which is what?
A date.
- A date?
- Oh.
- SEAN: You just had
to bring that up, didn't you?
Yes, I did.
Come on, spill it.
Uh, the girl who was
getting robbed asked me out.
You mean, the one that saved you?
She thinks I saved her.
When's the date?
So, where are we going?
Uh, you all are staying here.
- I'm going bowling.
- Oh.
- JANKO: Ooh.
Yeah, it's having a moment.
You want some pointers?
I know how to talk to women, thank you.
I was talking about the bowling.
Sean, she is a ringer.
You two went bowling?
Oh, yeah. Just once, and
she kicked my butt.
Well, your dad taught me well.
FRANK: Well,
hopefully, Sean, you not only inherited
the Reagan brave heart
but our chops for bowling.
So, will you call us later
and tell us everything?
- Absolutely not.
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