Blue Lights (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

The Code

What the hell
are you doing with that?
You left it lying
around in the bathroom.
Jesus Christ, Cal!
Mum, you're gonna get the sack
before you've even properly started.
you could kill yourself with this.
- You never even load it.
- That's not the point!
Just promise me you'll never,
ever touch it again, OK?
Well, don't leave it lying
around in the bathroom, then.
What do you want for your dinner?
- Call it in.
- Uniform Uniform, Bravo Lima 72,
southbound approaching Cairntown Road.
Just say we need backup.
- What?
- Just say we need backup.
Backup, backup. Over.
Bravo Lima 72 from Uniform,
vehicle is Op Gulliver nominal. Over.
Does that mean?
What about that backup, Barney?
I'm all over it, mate.
Remember your training, Grace.
Get the rifle.
No. You cover. Yeah?
Help me! Help!
Fuck's sake!
Get me out of here!
I'm stuck.
Please! Get me out of here!
- Look who it is.
- Get me out of here!
Come on!
Get me out of the car!
- Get me out of this car!
- Gordy Mackle, as I live and breathe.
Get me out!
It's grand.
Uniform Uniform, Bravo Lima 72,
stand down backup. Over.
- Roger that.
- Well!
Fuck's sake. Get me out!
First of all, I have to ask you,
do you have a head injury?
- No! I don't think so.
- No?
So how's about now?
Sir, I'm arresting you under suspicion
of taking a vehicle
without consent of the owner.
You do not have to say anything,
but I must caution you
that if you do not
mention when questioned
something which you
later rely on in court
it may harm your defence.
If you do say anything
it may be given in evidence.
Do you understand the caution?
Suck my cock.
Hang on a second while
I get that verbatim for the judge.
- S-U-C-K
- Fuck off!
Do you have any
idea whose car you stole?
You're in deep shit, Gordy.
Deep shit.
No comment.
Uniform Uniform, Bravo Lima 72.
Can you task Recovery?
We've got one arrest, a
Mr Mackle heading back to custody. Over.
Roger that, Stevie.
Blue Lights S01E01
"The Code"
Tommy, I heard you have
to do the firearms test again.
Who told you that?
I hated my probation period.
Just that feeling
you could justscrew up
and be chucked out on
your ear at any given moment.
- He'll be fine.
- Well, let's hope so, huh?
- Very.
- Mm.
Out drinking the night before a shift?
S-So, er,
Colin's code
Tell us, Jen. I mean,
who actually was Colin?
Did he serve here,
like, in this section?
Was he, like?
I mean, was he?
You'll find out
when the time's right.
- See you at the midday briefing!
- "When the time's right."
Jesus! She actually makes
me want to throw up.
If I get through probation,
right, without punching her
in the friggin' face,
it'll be a flippin' miracle.
I mean, you do know, right?
She is only on the fast-track
programme because of who her ma is. Like
what sort of arrogant dickhead applies
for the fast-track programme, anyway?
- Honestly!
- Yeah, I know.
Don't tell me you're fast-track.
Are you?
Fuckin' hell!
That car.
What do you notice about it?
- Er, it's black.
- Ugh
I'm not asking for a
description for the partially sighted.
Come on.
What make and model is it?
It's, erm
- a Volkswagen?
- Passat, 2009, 2010
About12 years old, at least.
But look at the plates.
Oh, yeah.
- It's a newer plate.
- Yeah, but it's only registered two years.
Which is just a wee bit off.
All right.
All yours, Columbo.
Well, go on!
You look lovely.
Come on, you piece of shit.
Good morning, sir.
Can I see your
driving licence, please?
I've forgotten my wallet.
- Would you have another form of ID, please, sir?
- No.
I don't.
Come on! Bastard thing.
could I see your ID, please?
Come on!
Can I ask you both to step
out of the car now, please?
Sorry about that.
It's, er
It's his first time.
Get your act together, will you?
Well, come on!
What was that?
"No records found."
I thought every vehicle
was on the system.
Not every vehicle, no.
They're undercover, son.
Sneaky beakies.
Sneaky fucking beakies!
My turn.
- What?
- Nothing. Nothing.
Go on.
Honey and oatmeal.
People think
these are easy to make.
It's the consistency, is the thing.
You need to put the right
amount of honey so that they
Nah. No, thanks.
Four weeks, you haven't
eaten a thing I've made you.
I've got these.
What are you doing?
You don't want to be wearing
your name badge around here.
Are you serious?
Cover's here.
Make this quick, will you?
- In and out?
- Ten minutes, in and out.
Everything OK, mate?
We had a run-in with the sneakies.
- C4?
- Nah, they were English.
I'm thinking Det, maybe Box.
Either way
All right, we'll make this quick.
Don't fuck this up.
- Hello.
- He's dead, isn't he?
No, Angela. If he was dead,
I'd have my hat on.
Then what? What, then?
Can we come in?
You're a brave
wee peeler, aren't you?
Fuck off.
Mrs Mackle, Gordy's been in
a car accident, but he's not injured.
Physically, he's fine.
- However, the car he was driving
- Which he stole.
Do you know James McIntyre?
Why are you asking me that?
Well, I'm just
I'm just asking if you know him.
Everybody knows
who James McIntyre is.
OK. Well
the car that he was driving,
it was James McIntyre's.
He's on the terrorism
and organised crime watchlist.
Mrs Mackle, do you
know what I'm saying to you?
Gordy could now be under threat
from an extremely dangerous man.
Angela, is there something
you want to tell us?
And fuck away off!
Fucking peelers!
Get to fuck.
Nobody wants you here, you fu
OK. Well
if you notice anything suspicious
or if you and Gordy
need any help, you call me.
Yeah, help.
Justcall me.
Right, OK.
I'll be off, then.
Just cos you're here, um
do you know
a place called the Palace?
The Palace near The Heights?
What about it?
- Gordy's just spending an awful lot of time there recently.
- And?
I don't know.
I don't know.
II don't know.
Fuck you, peeler!
Fuck off!
Jesus Christ!
- Yeah, you go fuck yourself.
- Fucking dirty bastards.
You enjoying yourself?
What did you do that for?
- Do what?
- Give her your contact card.
Well I gave it her because
What if she wants to contact me?
If she needs help?
They're frequent flyers, Grace.
- What?
- The Mackles!
Angela and her kid,
we've been dealing with them for years.
You can't solve
their problems for them.
Well, why not?
- Are you serious?!
- Yeah. I am. Explain to me what the problem is.
Well, if she calls you looking
for help, what'll you do for her?
I'm going to help her.
we do what we can on the day. That's it.
That's where the job ends on the day.
You try and do any more than that,
you're not going to last a year.
You won't even make it
through probation! I'm serious.
What age are you?
- It's none of your business!
- No, I'm not being cheeky.
What age are you?
Late thirties?
I'm 41.
Right. So you had a job
before this one. What was it?
Look, you're my tutor con.
Did you not read my file?
You think they pay me enough
to find out what my probationer
used to do for a living?
I was a social worker.
Of course you were.
Of course you fucking were!
Oh, my God! Of course!
Oh, my God.
Of course you were.
- What?
- Nothing!
I love social workers.
- Oh, yeah. Great. Great job.
- Yeah.
So he's been released from custody
and we haven't charged
him with anything?
There was no complaint.
- But we caught him driving a stolen car.
- Did you?
It's just the owner of the vehicle says
he was driving it with his permission.
Oh, shit.
No way!
Well, what about the licence?
Gordy Mackle passed his
driving test three weeks ago.
He's even on the vehicle insurance.
So from my perspective,
you've caught him in the act of,
what, driving without R plates?
What do you reckon we should do?
Solitary confinement?
Throw away the key?
Come on.
Maybe we should charge
you with wasting police time.
- Come on.
- Yeah
We had another domestic on
the early at the Brennans' on Oldpark.
They own the butcher's shop
on the Waterville Road.
Wife went for the
husband with a knife.
She heard he was doing
a special offer on his sausage.
Yes, thank you.
He's not making a complaint,
but let's keep an eye
on that situation.
Maybe we could do a STEAK-out.
You know, like steak.
Because he's a butcher.
OK, moving on.
Our main incident of interest from
the early shift was that Gordon Mackle
was caught driving
the car of James McIntyre.
For our new recruits,
McIntyre and his entire family
are persons of significant
interest to our colleagues
in the Paramilitary Crime Task Force,
and it's our job to keep
tabs on them as best we can.
Until now, Gordon Mackle
has been on our radar
only in terms of petty crime.
From this moment on,
please regard Gordy Mackle
as an Op Gulliver nominal,
same status as the rest
of the McIntyre gang.
Let's put him
on the stop-and-search list,
make his life uncomfortable.
Any spec on his movements?
His mum says he's spending time
at a place called The Palace.
That place is a bit out of
the way for a wee lad from the View.
Yeah. That's what I was thinking.
We could take a drive over there.
Thank you.
Anything else?
We came across
the sneaky beakies earlier.
Is there something
we should know?
Not that I'm aware of, no.
Er, I have a file
to prep for Crown Court.
Needs to be done today.
I was wondering if
I could stay behind to finish it.
No, we're short-handed as it is. Sorry.
We are falling
behind in the court files.
Makes sense to get them done.
We can stand you up
in the shift pattern if we need to.
OK, everybody,
thank you very much.
Probationary Constable Conlon,
Ellis and Foster, a word.
And those of you
on double shift today,
don't forget to log the hours.
Well, it's been a month.
Two more months of probation left.
How do you feel it's going?
- Yeah, all right.
- Fine, ma'am.
Sarge, not ma'am.
Sorry, m Sarge.
Do you want to know how
I think it's going for the three of you?
Not very wellto put it mildly.
Your marksmanship is terrible.
If you don't fix it,
you're not going to make it.
You arrested someone this morning
for a crime they didn't commit.
- And the word is you came in this morning hungover.
- No, II was
It's not good enough from
any of you, not even nearly.
Don't think I won't fail
all three of you if I have to.
Constable Ellis, the Inspector
wants to see you in his office.
You two, get your call sign
and at least try to act
like police officers.
Constable Conlon?
You're with me today.
Jen, the wee bitch!
- Constable Ellis
- Sir?
I, er
I got your email.
My email? What email?
I'm going to step
away from my desk,
and, er, you can come round here
and read the email that you sent me
approximately 30 minutes ago.
I'll remind you that
my office is covered by CCTV.
No. I haven't sent this.
- This isn't me.
- Take a seat.
- No, but I haven't
- Take a seat!
Now, as I see it, there are
two possibilities here.
Either four weeks into your
probation period as a new police officer
and without ever
having spoken to me,
you've asked me out on a date,
- or
- No, sir
Or you left your
login open at your desk
and one of your colleagues
has decided to play a prank.
- Well, I
- Now, if it's the latter,
I suggest you log out every time
you leave your desk.
And if it's the former, well
I'm afraid to inform you
that I am very happily married.
- Well, sir
- Dismissed.
You cheeky, cheeky bastards!
You Was it you? Oh, man!
Don't worry, I'm going to
get you back. Jesus Christ!
You're looking for Colin, aren't you?
He's not up there.
The mysterious Colin
is not a dead cop.
Come on.
The man in the red
ski jacket that just walked past.
Did he have a backpack?
I'm the driver. You're the
observer. Were you observing?
What is an Op Gulliver nominal?
An individual suspected
of being involved
in paramilitary activities
and crime and also
terrorist-related offences.
When we stop and search
an Op Gulliver nominal,
what legislative powers do we use?
The Justice and Security Act
of Northern Ireland 2007.
Cos you're about to use it.
The one on the left
is Gordy Mackle. All yours.
Be careful. The other one's
the son of James McIntyre.
Gordon Mackle?
Bravo Lima 74,
we are at 235 Limestone Way
engaged in a stop-and-search
with an Op Gulliver nominal.
Under Schedule 2 of the
Justice and Security Act 2007,
you have been selected
for a stop-and-search.
ID? Over.
Mo McIntyre.
He's with Gordy Mackle.
You are detained for
the purposes of said search.
Do you intend to
comply with this request?
OK, I'm going to have to ask
you to put your hands up, please.
Right. OK.
Put your hands down.
I said, "Put your
hands down," by your side.
Uniform Uniform, Bravo Lima 74.
We need that backup now. Over.
Sir, I'm going to have to
ask you to step back, please.
Annie! Wait.
Stay! Stay down!
Off me! Get the fuck off!
Annie! Annie!
Stupid bitch!
- Let's go!
- Annie, help me!
Mo! Mo!
Fuckin' what?
What the fuck is in my eyes?
It's in my eyes!
Oh, shut up.
- Annie!
- Argh! I can't see!
Shut up!
- Ow, my eyes!
- Just shut up.
The Palace.
What a shithole.
- Assisted pathway living.
- Huh?
It's a stepping stone
for kids coming out of care.
Helps them make the
transition into the real world.
Although a lot of
them never really make it.
They just
fall through the cracks.
Tell me about it.
You all right?
I'm Grace. This is Stevie.
- Do you mind if we come in?
- Erm, I'm not sure
I just want to have
a quick look around.
So, how long have
you been living here, then?
Erm Sorry, I've
I'm sorry. I'm just gonna
Oh, visitors' book.
Is thatShakespeare?
Come on.
Constable Conlon, you need to
turn on your bodycam every time.
I'm too far back to pick up sound.
And now his solicitor's down there
giving Sandra all the shite of the day.
Look at it.
Just please look at it.
He assaulted me and her.
Do you want the bones of it?
"I was approached by a police
officer who did not verbally provide
- her shoulder number." Did you?
- I quoted
the legislation right.
I quoted the legislation
"The officer then
misidentified the legislation."
- No, I fucking didn't!
- Excuse me?
I'm sorry.
I didn't. I didn't
I'm sorry, right?
- I didn't.
- "The officer then misidentified
the legislation under which
she was stopping me"
- No
- "citing Schedule 2
of the Justice and Security
Act of Northern Ireland
- instead of Schedule 3."
- No, I
I think
I can't remember what I done.
"The same officer then
entered into an aggressive
verbal altercation with my friend."
No, I did not. I didn't.
I swear to God I didn't.
Did you hear what was said?
Not clearly.
The traffic was heavy.
No-one is doubting your
version of events, Constable,
but these bastards know the
law better than we do half the time,
and now his arsehole
solicitor's down there
pulling at threads
and it's working.
There's also a
further allegation here.
- An allegation?
- "The officer took
three steps towards me,
putting me in fear for my
personal safety,
thus assaulting me."
Assaulting him?
Assaulting him?!
By putting him in fear
for his personal safety. Yes,
assault, as the law defines it.
Oh, Jesus.
"After defending myself,
I turned to escape the situation,
only to be violently
tackled to the ground by
the second police officer
in a second act of
unwarranted police brutality.
I will be filing a very serious
complaint to the Police Ombudsman."
I need your statements
by the end of the day.
You make up a single detail,
you stretch a single fact
you're out.
But you know what?
I can promise you this now.
We will get
Mo McIntyre in the long grass.
Not today or tomorrow
but we'll get him in the end.
- All right?
- Yeah.
Get to it.
I froze.
- It happens.
- No, but I literally couldn't move.
It happens.
Colin's code.
- What?
- The threat rate chart in the storage room.
Do you want to
know who Colin really is?
Do you play golf, Sandra?
No. I meet enough
arseholes at work.
Right, Da?
In the back.
- I don't hear anything.
- Exactly.
I've worked in three places like this,
usually it's chaos. Why is it so dead?
Maybe because it's daytime and
they're sleeping, you know? Like bats.
This is her room,
the girl from downstairs.
How do you know it's her?
Her key fob.
I can't talk to you!
- Why not?
- I just
I can't.
I'm busy.
Do you know Gordy Mackle?
Bravo Lima 72,
we have reports of a disturbance
on Northtown Parade in Carrick View,
female brandishing a knife. Over.
Received. Over.
Northtown Parade,
that's Angela's street.
Listen, I don't know
what's going on here, but
I want you to know
that if you ever feel threatened
or in danger, you call us
and we'll come immediately.
All call signs, report
to the female in Carrick
View estate armed with knives.
Any available call sign,
come in to Uniform. Over.
Paperwork, eh?
Bravo Lima 72 responding. Over.
Can you task Police 77,
see if any top cover?
They should wait for cover.
Shouldn't they?
72 from Uniform. Be advised,
- we have reduced call signs.
- Shouldn't they?
Police helicopter 77 tasked elsewhere.
No immediate backup.
OK. We're en route.
Try and get us that
top cover when available. Over.
- What are you doing here?
- We have a problem
or, rather, a series of problems.
Today, your officers have arrested not
one but two Operation Farset principals.
We've had two of your officers visit
the home of a surveillance target,
Angela Mackle.
It's almost as if we'd not
come to an agreement on this.
- Look, I can't stop every single police operation.
- Yes, you can.
And you must.
And now we have a call sign heading
straight back into the middle of it.
Call them off.
Call them off!
Oh, jeez, yeah.
It's Angela.
Get them out of there.
What? Who?
The call sign going into Carrick View.
It's a set-up. It's OOB
as of this minute. Out of bounds.
Get them out of there!
Barney, tell Bravo Lima 72
to withdraw immediately.
Their location is OOB. Over.
Roger that, Helen.
Put that down.
Put that fucking down!
- Angela!
- Bravo Lima 72, withdraw immediately.
Your location is OOB. Over.
Everybody step back, please!
- Stay back, please.
- Do you have a problem with me?
Stevie, you're OOB.
Withdraw immediately. Over.
Ahhh, you called the police, did you?
Angela, listen to me. Angela!
Step back! All right, Angela.
Angela, listen to me. Angela!
Back! OK, sir. Just get
on the pavement, all right?
- What do you fucking want?
- Angela, it's Grace.
- Can you fucking
- It's Grace from earlier today, sweetheart.
Can you put the knives down, OK?
Just put the knives down.
- Angela
- Grace.
- put the knives down. Angela, please.
- Fuck off!
- Grace. Pull over. Yeah, pull over!
- It's Grace from earlier today.
- Angela!
- Grace.
Oh, you're protecting
your wee policewoman, are ya?
Yeah, get her into the car there.
- I need you to put the knives down.
- Don't fucking tell me what to do!
- Take her back with you to the cops. Yeah, go on!
- Grace, go now.
Let's go.
We're out of bounds.
It's OOB. It's a credible
imminent threat. We need to go.
- Now. Let's go. Come on.
- No. I'm not leaving.
No, it is real!
Grace, this isn't real.
It's fake. It's a set-up.
She's doing this to lure us in.
We need to go now! Let's go.
- Come on.
- What?
- How long have we lived beside each other?
- Years!
Years we have
lived beside each other!
- No. You called them.
- No, it's real.
You call themand you say that
I bring problems to this estate?
Grace, this isn't real. It's a fucking
set-up. Look, we need to go. Now.
Stevie, it is real. OK?
Grace. Gr
Angela Angela, sweetheart,
you need to listen to me.
Uniform Uniform, 72. Over.
That is a negative.
You're going to have to override
the OOB and get us some backup. Over.
Working on it, Stevie.
Look, I was with you.
I was with you this morning.
- We were sitting in your kitchen.
- Step back!
I am not a threat. I promise you.
I am not a threat.
Get back!
Fucking tired of it!
It is time you listened to me.
Angela, you need
to put the knife down.
Fuck off back!
Who called her?
Out. Now.
Tell them again.
They can't leave now.
It's Article Two,
Right To Life.
They need backup.
It's OOB.
We can't just
leave them there alone.
Go get them.
Er, I need to finish this.
OK. Er, yeah.
Constable Robinson, you stay here.
No, we need every driver we can get,
and that means you too.
Fucking go!
Fuck's sake!
Multiple Op Gulliver nominals.
The entire McIntyre gang
just showed up. Over.
Backup on the way.
Name badge.
James McIntyre,
Mo, the son, both here.
Shit. You OK with this?
Yeah. Yeah, it's fine.
Fuck 'em.
I have a son.
I have a son and he is
the same age as Gordy.
You don't know what
it's fucking like around here!
- I promise you I'll help you. I promise you I will help.
- Bullshit!
You can't fucking help me.
- It's not
- Tell him to back off!
OK. All right.
OK, just back off.
- I'm backing off.
- Stevie, I promise you. Just back off.
Listen, it's not bullshit,
I promise you. I can help you.
- What's happened? Just tell me.
- They're taking him away from me.
They're taking him away?
Who? Who's taking him?
Who's taking him?
You can't help me!
No-one can help me!
You don't understand!
They're all fucking together,
and there's that nothing I can do!
You are a mummy, OK?
Get the fuck out of here!
No, hold on.
Helen, it's my job.
I can do this.
I'm going to have
to ask you to step back.
Listen to me, OK? Listen to me.
I have a son, OK?
Back for more, are you?
See, you must be
the type that likes it rough.
Somebody's getting shot the day.
Is that all you can do?
Spit in my face?
Just put them on the ground
and follow me. You can.
We're just going to put
them on the floor. I promise you,
it's going to be fine. All right?
Don't worry about him.
He's just here to help.
You just need to put
them on the ground.
Just place them on the ground.
That's it.
That's it.
OK, that's it.
Come here.
- What are you doing?
- Cover.
The rules of cover are you have
a driver in the vehicle at all times.
Get out of the car, Jen.
You're under arrest for
possession of an offensive weapon.
- Stevie, what are you doing?
- Let's go. Let's go.
Where we going?
What is he doing?
Let's go.
Get her to the car.
You're hurting me! Stop it!
You're hurting me.
No, no, no. No! Let's go.
No! Come on. No!
Let's go, Grace. Go.
Do you ever wonder what you'd
do if you weren't a police officer?
What do you mean?
I would have liked to devote
myself to the subject of theology.
I could have given my life to it.
What about you?
Well, go on. I'd like to know.
Maybe something like a
like an outdoors instructor,
you know, er, hiking,
abseiling, that sort of thing.
I could see that.
Although I did hear that you are
rather good at showing
the younger officers the ropes.
What do you mean by that?
Release Angela Mackle
from your custody.
Get her out and back to her house,
get your people away from her.
From this moment on,
she's out of bounds to the police.
Or, alternatively
you could go and join
the fucking Boy Scouts.
My pate's too moist.
It's sweating.
Did you know pate can sweat?
No, I did not.
That was pretty impressive,
by the way.
All the shit you said to her
to get her to drop the knives.
Well, it wasn't shit, Stevie.
I meant it.
I am going to help her.
You do know, if you keep doing
this job the way you've started,
you're going to get yourself
into a lot of trouble?
Have you ever thought that maybe
there's a different way of doing this job?
It even sounds sweaty.
Were you scared?
- Of course I was scared.
- You didn't look scared.
- Did I look scared?
- You looked fucking terrified.
You did well, mate.
So, do you want to know
who Colin is? From Colin's code?
- What? You know?
- Mm-hm.
He was a new recruit three years ago.
Three years. Is that all?
Three months into his probation.
He's doing OK, no major issues.
He's on patrol on Halloween night,
out on the edge
of Carrick View with Gerry.
- What, Gerry. Gerry?
- Your Gerry, yes.
Erm, Gerry is the driver
and Colin is observing.
So, some kids
manage to sneak up
behind the car
and throw fireworks underneath it.
They think it's
a gun attack, obviously.
Gerry puts the foot down,
but he looks in the rear-view mirror
- and sees the kids running away
- Right.
works out pretty quickly what's
just happened. It's just a prank.
But then there's thissmell.
Colin shat himself.
- No!
- Colin shat himself because of a firework!
- What, and Gerry told everybody?
- Nah. Gerry kept schtum. Partners' rules.
But, er, Colin had to get
new trousers back at the station.
Word got out. It always does.
Colin, well, he doesn't show up
for work the next day
or the day after
or the day after that.
- No?! No!
- He resigned.
Then he moved to Australia.
- No!
- They never heard from him again.
That's why it's called
Colin's code. And that's why
the highest alert level
isn't red.
Oh, no!
What are you doing?
- I'm going home.
- Angela, get in the car!
Wise up.
Oh, come on.
Look, it's lashing.
Just get in!
Lough Point?
That must be nice up there.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah
So what happened?
What, did they just release you?
They didn't give you
a mental health assessment.
- And they didn't charge you with anything.
- No.
Look, I am sorry
because I know you should
be getting some practical help,
I don't know what's gone
on here, but I promise you
that I will look into it. OK?
I'm going to drive you home.
- Are you mad?
- Well, you're not walking home in this,
not after today.
Look, we'll make it quick.
Come on.
- Just stop here, it's fine.
- What?
- Just stop here! Here! It's fine.
- No, I'll take you further.
- No. No. Here. Please. OK.
- All right, OK.
Thank you.
I will make some calls. OK?
You all right?
Oh, my God.
Come here.
Ooh! Yes, please.
I am starving.
Your wish is my command.
Cal Ellis, you legend.
So, how was your day?
Oh, you know.
The usual.
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