Blue Lights (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Bad Batch

Two more months of probation left.
How do you feel it's going?
Tommy, I heard you have
to do the firearms test again.
I hated my probation period.
Constable Conlon, you need to
turn on your bodycam every time.
Now his solicitor's down there,
pulling at threads,
and it's working.
McIntyre and his entire family
are persons of significant interest
to our colleagues in the
Paramilitary Crime Task Force.
They're undercover, son.
Sneaky beakies.
Angela, listen to me. Angela!
You're a brave wee peeler, aren't you?
The call sign going into Carrick View.
Out of bounds.
Get them out of there!
They're taking him away from me!
Release Angela Mackle
from your custody.
She's out of bounds to the police.
I'm going to drive you home.
Are you mad?
And holster.
Hands behind your back.
Target are now facing.
Do not react.
Instructor clear, step forward.
Check off the target.
Oh, my God.
You are literally
the worst shot I've ever seen.
You are literally
the worst shot I've ever seen.
Blue Lights S01E02
"Bad Batch"
There you go.
- Well played.
- Cheers.
So which one of yous is the peeler?
Someone says
one of your team's a cop.
Which one is she?
Er, she's She's not here today.
She's injured.
- Good game.
- Cheers.
- Well played.
- Thanks.
Well done.
Annie, you coming out on Saturday?
Monica, I'm working tomorrow.
Och, Annie,
it's our big team night out.
Sorry. I can't, like.
Girls! Well done, great game.
Well done.
Are you out of your mind?
Well, it was raining.
- So you gave her a lift home?
- Well, not all the way.
She should never have
been released.
She should have been referred
to psychiatric services.
And that is none of your business.
Well, she needs
a psychiatric assessment.
And you are aware that the area
is OOB, out of bounds?
Yes, I know that.
You clearly don't, because
if you did, you wouldn't have
went near the place, or her.
From now on, all of
Carrick View is out of bounds.
Angela Mackle is OOB.
But an individual can't be OOB.
- Can I just ask how you knew?
- I'm sorry?
How did you know
that I gave her a lift?
Well, Constable Ellis,
if you'd like to make it
through your probation period,
you can add that
to the very long list
of things that are
none of your business.
C'mon, you know you like it.
You know how Kris Kristofferson
got his first recording deal?
He landed a helicopter
in Johnny Cash's front garden and
asked him to listen to his demo tape.
The balls on him! Brilliant.
Is that who
we're listening to now?
Kris Kristofferson?
You mean you
don't know who Kris?
And who's the other fella, then?
The one whose
garden he landed on?
The other?
The other fella?
Johnny Cash!
For God's sake, son.
All right, then,
what music do you listen to?
I like podcasts.
Bravo Lima 76.
We have a shoplifter apprehended
at the newsagent's on Woodgrove.
Proceed with caution. Over.
Proceed with caution.
What did they steal, Barney?
Just sounds like it's kicking
off a wee bit, Gerry. Over.
76. En route. Over.
You know, thanks. Thanks
for sticking up for me in there.
You want me to stick up for
you for being a complete idiot?
You drove your own car into
Carrick View. I mean, fuck me!
What does he mean, she's OOB?
Out of bounds. Did you miss that
lecture at Garnerville?
No. No, I was at
the lecture where they said
a street or an area could
be OOB for security reasons,
but never a person.
What's going on, Stevie?
It's above my paygrade, Grace.
And if it's above mine,
it's definitely above yours.
Hey! Let him go.
Police! I said let him go.
What are you playing at, Happy?
Come on.
All right.
- We can take it from here.
- We're pressing charges.
- Is that right?
- Aye.
If I have a look at that
CCTV footage, there's no chance
he could make a claim
for excessive use of force?
Don't you darken
this door again. Yeah?
Come on. I got you.
Are we arresting him?
Course we're not arresting him.
Mind your head.
He just needs to get
his head together, that's all.
Scrappin' on the street.
It's not like you.
What's the matter with you, Happy?
The anniversary, Gerry.
And I can't You know, I
I needed to be somewhere
with people,
you know, not
not be on my own.
And I just thought
Yeah. If I got arrested
Promise me
Get some grub in.
Get into the house.
Get your head down.
You'll get through it. OK?
- OK?
- Mm.
Thanks, Gerry.
I'll see you around.
See you, Gerry.
What in the name of God
are you doing?
I'm just going to make
a note of the incident.
What incident?
We didn't even arrest him.
Yeah, I know,
but I still have to
Don't be a notebook wanker, son.
Nobody likes a notebook wanker.
I am so sorry
about yesterday, Gordy.
What is that?
It's your allowance.
James told me to give it to you.
It's your father's
pension from the organisation.
- It's what we are entitled to.
- Just take the money, Ma,
like you always do.
Don't you speak to me like that!
Not in this house!
You mean my da's house?
Come on, we've got a problem.
Don't be telling anybody
you saw me doing this.
Any cops in the family?
What do they do, your folks?
They're academics at Queen's.
So you'd be the black sheep, then?
So why are you doing this?
Well, I studied criminology
at university.
I wanted to see if the
same academic concepts apply
to day-to-day policing.
You know? Like
anthropological, sociological,
even psychological.
You know, can you see
the same patterns on the ground
that the theories predict?
- You're joking?
- No.
76. You fellows in the market
for a noise complaint?
9 Fitzsimon Road. Over.
At this moment, Barney,
it would be most welcome.
76 responding. Over.
We have a male incapacitated,
10 Cavehill View,
lying in the front garden.
72, you out and about yet? Over.
Bravo Lima 72 responding. Over.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Sh. Take a beat, son.
Always take a beat.
Anybody at home?
Pregabalin. Shit.
Son, wake up.
Hey. Hey.
Come on.
76. We need an ambulance.
It looks like a drug overdose.
- Over.
- That's an ambulance
to 9 Fitzsimon Road. Over.
Check the bedrooms.
Check the bedrooms!
- Gerry, there's another one.
- Check for a pulse.
- No pulse.
- Shit.
- ABC.
- What?
Airways, breathing, circulation.
You know this. Do it.
Sir? Sir, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
- Bravo Lima 72, male, 30s.
- Sir?
Appears to be unresponsive.
Sir, can you hear me?
Go, go. Go check inside.
Barney, get us an ambulance
down here right now, please.
Thank you.
Sir, can you hear me?
Is he breathing, 72?
Yeah, he's breathing OK
but let's make it quick, yeah?
Hello? Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Who are you?
Where's Mummy and Daddy?
Can we come out now?
27, 28!
29, 30!
Check pulse.
Check breathing.
Still nothing.
OK, together.
- One, two,
- One, two,
- three, four,
- three, four,
five, six, seven
Thank Christ.
No, no, no. In there first.
- 10, 11,
- 10, 11,
12, 13,
14, 15.
OK. Just the other one.
Did that make you feel sick or dizzy?
Nope? All yours.
Ellie, I just need
to ask you a question.
There is some stuff
on that table. You see?
Those little blue pills
and some white powder.
Did you touch it?
No, we aren't allowed
to touch the medicine.
It's dangerous.
That's good. Good girl.
Are Mummy and Daddy going to be OK?
Yeah. Yeah. They're
going to be absolutely fine.
I promise you.
- Auntie Laura!
- Girls.
I came as soon as
- Auntie Laura
- Hello, girls.
How are you doing. You OK?
They still think
they're 21-year-old ravers.
Now what?
Well, physically,
they'll be fine. But
there will be an investigation, and
obviously we'll have to
get social services involved.
Yeah, well,
if that doesn't stop them,
I don't know what will.
- OK.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Relax, lad. Your first resus
is always a head-wreck.
Thanks, lads.
One should pull through,
thanks to you.
The other one
he didn't make it, I'm afraid.
Which one was it?
No. We don't need to know.
This is a fucking disaster!
You get it from the usual place?
The Dublin lads. Yeah.
They have absolutely fucked us!
How many batches have gone out?
It's all gone out, Da.
But look,
there's something else, yeah?
Some of it's turned up
way outside of our area.
Right down South Belfast.
Malone Road.
The university area, too.
What? How the fuck?
I don't I don't know.
The peelers
aren't going to let this go!
They'll be all over us by teatime.
This is the last thing
I need right now.
The last fucking thing!
McAllister needs to be in on this.
He needs to be all over this.
McAllister? The solicitor?
We can get it back.
At least some of it, anyway.
I keep a record of the drop-offs
and how much goes out,
dates and amounts.
You fucking what?
- It's all right, it's all in code.
- Code?
There's no names.
It's just to keep me right
in case you ever thought
In case I ever thought you
were fucking nicking it from me?
All I'm saying is it's worth a try.
OK. Go back to all these dealers.
Tell them it's a bad batch.
Get back what you can.
You don't like The Bonnevilles?
I don't really know them.
You stick with me, kid
- we'll get you educated.
- Stevie, will you just turn it down?
So what now?
I'm thinking
about those little girls.
Oatmeal and gravadlax.
Don't you mean slices of salmon?
No, I mean gravadlax.
It's Norwegian.
You are such a dickhead.
Don't be jealous of my fish.
Shut up!
Don't you care about that?
About what happens to those kids?
Yeah, I care
that we got there in time
to stop their
mummy and daddy dying.
But that's it.
Because guess what? That's my job.
a bucket man.
A bucket man?
OK. Come on. Enlighten me.
Society is this big,
Olympic-sized swimming pool.
- Mm-hm.
- But it's not full of water.
It's full of shit.
And we all live underneath it.
But unfortunately,
the pool's all cracked and broken
and the shit keeps pouring down.
And every time the shit runs out,
I go there with my bucket
I catch the shit,
I patch it up with
a little bit of masking tape.
Hopefully that holds
the shit in for a little while.
Then I run on to the next crack
with my bucket
and catch more shit.
And then they pay me
at the end of the month.
I'm a bucket man.
I'm covered in oatmeal.
Jonty wants to see you in his office.
Come on.
I'll come with you.
I'm sorry.
Um, I don't understand.
I know this must come as a shock,
but considering your background,
it's not entirely unexpected.
This can happen from time to time.
When you say a personal threat,
is that like?
This information filters down
to us from our colleagues
in the intelligence services.
Usually it's electronic chatter.
Somebody mentions something
in a phone call or an email or a text.
Mentions they want to kill me?
We don't get that
level of information,
but we think it's
a dissident Republican threat.
So what should I do, then?
Take sensible precautions.
Keep checking under your car.
If you're stationary in traffic,
leave half a car length
before the car in front,
so you can exit at speed,
and try to vary your route to work.
Is that it?
Like, I do all
those things anyway.
Is there nothing else
you can offer me?
Like, no other protection, or?
If the threat was more
specific and imminent,
we would move you from your house.
But for now, we're just
saying be security aware.
Look, most of what you
need to know is in there.
G What?
Just saying hello.
Has anyone ever told you
you've an exceptional pair of tits?
Has anyone ever told you
you are a dirty old bastard?
Just you.
Go on, piss off.
Let me do my work.
- Could she not
- What?
report you for
saying stuff like that?
I think that's
very unlikely, isn't it?
All right. What is it?
You have a face on
you like a smacked arse.
I can't
You can't what?
I can't shoot.
What do you mean, you can't shoot?
You have to pass the range test
to graduate at Garnerville, don't you?
OK. How bad are you?
I got 22 out of 50.
I have to take the test
again in a few weeks.
If I don't get 40 or over, I'm gone.
I'm not going to pass, Gerry.
Come on.
- Hey. You all right?
- Grand, yeah.
How's Stevie Neil, man of mystery?
- What do you mean?
- Well
how can you be in a job for,
what, over ten years,
nobody knows anything about him?
He's not even on social media, like.
Maybe he thinks people care.
Quite a few OOBs today.
That's all of Carrick View,
it's the whole estate.
That's half our district.
Yeah, well,
we live in interesting times.
OK, folks, from what I can tell,
it looks like we've got a bad batch.
we think,
mixed with God knows what.
We've had four unconscious
this afternoon and one dead.
Blue capsules, as usual.
But the powder inside them
is darker than usual.
It's a kind of off-yellow.
Knocking people for six.
Bottom line is, if you see
anybody unconscious,
you'd better start
screaming for paramedics.
This stuff is toxic.
We had a couple flaked out
up in Cavehill View.
Same tablets.
So they must be everywhere.
OK, folks, have a look
over your CPR manuals
if you're not up to speed.
Use a mouth guard if you can.
Don't want you catching anything
you haven't already got.
- Sharp eyes save lives.
- Oh
that's one of mine, you know.
Sharp eyes.
Sarge, I was just thinking.
I have that file
to prep for the court.
- Which file and which court?
- Brennan, the domestic.
The mags.
Brennan, common assault.
So let me get this straight.
We have a city flooded
with a bad batch,
we're already short-staffed,
and you want to sit on your arse
in a warm office
doing paperwork on a case
that won't even go custodial
because the husband
refuses to make a statement?
No. I
Save it for someone
who gives a shit, Jen.
You're 70 with Constable Conlon.
And Jen
stay safe.
We need your stuff back.
We need it back.
You what?
24 packets of blues and all the coke.
We need it back now.
I sold it.
To who?
Just around.
Well, why don't you
tell us who you sold it to?
And we'll go and get it back.
I can't remember.
It's you, isn't it?
What's me?
That's a nice scooter.
How much did that cost?
Hey? How much did that cost?
- I just
- I just I just
We've got punters keeling
over all over the place, right?
Way outside our patch.
Have you been dealing off base?
Have you been dealing off base?
You are in big,
big trouble, wee fella.
Constable Conlon.
I'm sorry that this has happened
so early in your career,
but you will get through this.
I'm not worried about myself.
It's It's my mum.
Maybe it's time you left home.
Look, I could stand here
and bullshit you,
but maybe for your peace of mind,
maybe you move
somewhere less exposed.
It happened to me.
They raided a dissident
Republican house in Derry
about six years ago.
My name was on a list.
My address, too.
And did you move?
I did, yeah.
I was married at the time.
My ex, Declan,
he worked in a bank. And
over time, it became
too much for him to take.
That constant worry, checking
under your car every morning.
Hypervigilance, they call it.
Did you ever consider
leaving the job?
No. No. And neither should you.
Uniform Uniform.
Any call signs available?
North inner city. Over.
Go on, get to work.
Constable Robinson's waiting for you.
That's the lot of it, then.
- All we could get.
- What a fucking day, eh?
Now what?
Dump this. Lennox has
a landfill up behind his farm.
He'll burn it for us.
Yes, you.
Huh? The Dubs are
getting here at seven.
So they'll bring the new stuff.
Then we can get that out again.
And how are we supposed to do that?
The peelers are already all over us.
Don't you worry about it.
We've got it sorted.
My da's going to make sure
the peelers are kept busy tonight.
- You getting in?
- Get in the back.
I'm not getting in the back.
- In the back.
- No.
What the hell are you doing?
He's an Op Gulliver nominal.
Automatic stop and search.
It's on the shift briefings.
- What? No.
- Jen, we don't have a choice.
You need to search that car.
You do it.
You're the observer.
That is literally your job.
Lads, we might have to run here.
- Oh, shit.
- Calm down, calm down, mate.
- Just calm down.
- You put me in the back with the bag.
Why are they not coming, though?
They're not getting out of the car.
Why are they waiting?
Jen, please,
just get out of the car.
Right. Here she comes.
- OK.
- Here she is now.
Shut up.
Just going for a few wee pints.
I'm designated driver.
- Amn't I, lads?
- Yes, aye.
Is there a reason
you're holding us here
Constable Robinson?
This vehicle is a vehicle
of interest to the police.
Is it?
That is fucking
I I'm going to ask you
to step out of the vehicle.
Are you? Definitely?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
They can't help you.
See, your
Your camera's not switched on.
No, no, no. No.
No, that's better,
Constable Robinson. It's better.
Cos now you don't have to cause
an absolute nightmare
for everyone here
for no reason, do you?
You can just walk away.
So go on back there to your friend.
Tell them that you talked to
us and that it all checked out.
And then you just walk away.
All call signs.
We have multiple ODs
at 4 Gethsemane Drive.
I repeat, multiple ODs
at 4 Gethsemane Drive.
Respond. Over.
There you go.
Bravo 70 responding. Over.
Well done, Constable Robinson.
Well done.
And that, gentlemen,
is how it is done!
Well played, kid. Well played.
- What are you doing?
- Hmm?
Why didn't you search the car?
Because we have
an emergency call.
Jen, it's an automatic
stop and search.
It doesn't matter what
you're hearing on the radio.
Do you know what
a 360-degree appraisal is?
Before you pass probation,
a survey is sent round
to every constable
you've been on patrol with.
We're asked to detail
any reservation we might have
about you passing out
to full constable.
We're asked to be
as honest as possible.
You wouldn't.
You never mention this to anybody,
Fuck's sake.
It's this week, Gerry.
It's a hard one.
I know.
I don't think I can do it any more.
C'mon now.
I've had enough, Gerry.
Alan Kelly
I am arresting you on the charge
of being intoxicated
in a public place.
Anything you say may be taken down
and used as evidence against you.
Sure you know I don't even drink.
I'll get you a psychological
assessment when you're in custody.
It's not much, but
at least it'll be somebody
to talk to, you know?
Thanks, Gerry.
Come on, fella. In the car.
And for Christ's sake,
try and act pissed, will you?
- Thanks. Thank you.
- Well, there you go. That's it.
- That's it.
- Don't overdo it, for Christ's sake.
Watch your head.
So, the doctor will be in
to see you shortly. All right?
And if you need anything,
you just ring the bell. Yeah?
Thanks, love.
Thanks a million.
All right, go on.
Make yourself at home.
You couple of muppets.
No-one's been arrested on
a charge of simple drunkenness
in this district in 30 years.
Especially not when they're sober.
- God, you massive softie!
- Sure that's why you love me.
Seriously, though, Gerry,
I mean, it's great
that you look out for him, but
he needs proper help.
Well, I'd love a private jet,
but neither of those things
are going to happen any time soon.
Hmm. Well, will you try
and at least make it home
without any mercy arrests this time?
I'll try my best.
What do you want for dinner?
Cab sauv. Large.
See you later.
If you're gonna watch
those dirty websites,
do it in the comfort
of your own bedroom.
Gerry, II'm obviously
not watching dirty websites.
Come on away home. You're
making the rest of us look bad.
What are you doing, anyway?
These OOBs it's all streets
where the McIntyres live,
and their associates.
I mean, why would they
be off limits to us?
Aren't they the people
we're trying to catch here?
- Close that down.
- Huh?
Close that down
and stop poking around in
things that don't concern you.
Gerry, it doesn't make sense.
You don't need to be asking
these questions, OK?!
What you need
to be doing right now
is learn how
to shoot a fucking gun
so you can stay in this police force
beyond next month.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Do you remember Happy from earlier?
Well, this is back in the '70s.
Happy's about
eight or nine years old.
So, one Friday night
he goes to the fish and chip shop
with his da and his big brother
and his wee mate from school.
So Happy and his mate,
they stay in the back of the
car parked down the street
and they watch the dad and
the big brother go into the chippy.
And then
they watch a car that's
parked outside the chippy explode
and blow everyone
in the shop to bits
including the da and the big brother.
Car bomb.
I know.
I was the wee lad that was with him.
There's enough bad things in life
that'll come looking for you, son.
You don't need
to go looking for them.
How are you, love?
Nice holiday?
A wee bit of sun, anyway.
What the fuck
are you doing in my house?
I need a favour.
Don't fuck this up.
Mr and Mrs Corrigan?
What are you doing here?
My clients have asked me to be present.
What happened yesterday
was an accident,
because of some
prescription medication I take.
Unfortunately, there was
a misunderstanding, and
my wife and I ingested too much of it.
So yous both have
the same prescription?
And yous both took too much
of it at the same time?
If you'd like a detailed
description of what happened, then
perhaps you can ask your
superiors to send a detective
and they can speak
to my clients under caution.
Look, I recommend you all
go back about your business.
I mean, there must be
real criminals to catch.
You'd probably know more
about that than we would.
Look, folks
we all know nothing's
going to happen here.
Martin here is one
of the most successful
and respected businessmen
in Belfast,
a major employer, vice-captain
of the Drumstewart Golf Club,
and on top of
I think we're done here.
I'll make arrangements
with Ciara's sister to have
the children returned forthwith.
We take it that will be
the end of the matter.
No, no, I'm sorry,
but that's not how this works.
Unguarded Class 1 pharmaceuticals
is an automatic referral
to child protection services,
and that referral
has already been made.
Your children will stay with their aunt
until you've been interviewed
by a social worker,
and that interview has been
scheduled to happen on Monday.
- You told us this would not
- This is outrageous.
The decision of the social worker
on the future welfare of
your children depends significantly
upon my statement as the first
attending officer at the scene.
And that's not just what I saw,
but my inferences from that.
My opinion.
Would you like to hear my opinion?
- You are going to regret this
- Shut up! Just shut up!
I should never have let you
talk me into this.
Go on.
Go on, please.
OK. Well, this is obviously
off the record.
Mrs Corrigan, I think
that you and your husband
are addicted to opioids,
and I think that that addiction
is severely impacting
your children's welfare.
Those two little girls yesterday,
they were so shaken.
And if this happens again,
you are risking your children
being taken into care.
And that is why I have
made some recommendations
to the social worker
who will visit you on Monday.
I urge you to adhere
to those conditions.
One, you enter into
a drug rehabilitation scheme.
Two, you agree to regular
random drug tests.
And three, you submit
to unannounced visits
from social services. OK?
Yeah, we can
We can do that.
We can do it.
Yeah. We can.
You should take this chance, OK?
Cos it's probably the only one
you're going to get.
All right.
Oh, I
I played Drumstewart a couple of times.
It's shite.
Grip. Both thumbs forward.
No, both thumbs forward.
That's right.
Now, keep your sights level.
At the bottom of the breath
you're going to squeeze
the trigger softly
and slowly.
Go ahead.
Holster your weapon.
Do not touch it.
Stay there.
Oh, here we go.
Ooh. You're for it now.
- All right. What's so funny?
- Oh, come on, Gerry.
- No, no, no. What's the joke?
- The kid's a disaster.
He's not going to make it.
He's not a police officer.
You know it, I know it.
Well, I'm his tutor.
That's my call.
And it's my call about putting him
out in the street with a gun
on his hip. There's no way.
Would you say I was a good shot?
Not bad.
Well, back in the day,
I wasn't much better than he is now.
He'll get where he needs to be.
His test's in three weeks.
Knock yourself out.
OK. Well
we're going to be spending
a lot of time in here,
and I'd appreciate it if you guys
didn't take the piss out of him.
Thank you.
Unholster your gun.
OK, the Dublin lads say
this new stuff's top quality.
We need all of it
back out there tonight.
Someone just shot at my house.
Straight through.
I thought this place was OOB.
Not for shots fired.
Then we come.
Yeah. But who'd shoot at the house
of James McIntyre's wife?
Estranged wife, apparently.
But, yeah, your point stands.
Who would?
Oh, you cheeky, cheeky bastards.
Stevie, what?
This whole thing is a distraction.
It's all planned.
Did you see the vehicle
as you returned?
- You didn't see any vehicle?
- No.
All right, Murray?
I see you brought
the big crayon tonight.
Do you mind, Constable?
I'm interviewing a victim here.
Are ye, aye?
You a victim here, Tina?
Tell us what you saw, then.
It all happened so fast.
Oh, I bet it did.
Look at my hanging baskets.
I'll be putting in a claim for this.
Full compo.
It's all there, yeah.
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