Blue Lock (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The Formula for Goals

Match 9 ended in a draw, with Team Y's
Niko scoring the equalizer against Team W.
As a result, Team Z is now in third place.
Building 5
Top 2 move on to the 2nd Selection
And the only match left in
Building 5 is our final game.
If we draw, we won't advance,
due to our worse goal difference.
So, in short, we need to win to
survive. That's all there is to it.
Hey, Kuon's listening in on this.
Should I kill him?
I don't anyone would
make deals with him now, anyway.
But man, it's a miracle
Team Y came away with a draw.
Come to think of it, was Niko even
the type to take on shots himself?
He got inspired by a certain someone.
So for some, losing makes them stronger.
Anyway, let's move on to the key players
of our final opponent, Team V.
This trio has scored
18 goals in three games,
thanks to their
stupidly good attacking skills.
Tsurugi Zantetsu: five goals.
Mikage Reo: six goals.
And their team's top scorer,
Nagi Seishiro: seven goals.
If we don't stop them scoring, we can't win.
So you can't win unless you try this hard?
Being weak sounds like a hassle.
Nagi Seishiro
He gets on my nerves.
I will win!
Episode 8
The Formula for Goals
Hey, Nagi.
You left practice early today.
Yeah, I couldn't be bothered.
You know something?
If you skip practice too often,
the lactic acid in your knees will
become a burst of bad glucosamine.
Did I get that right?
Sounded like it.
Silly Zantetsu.
Nagi doesn't need to practice.
Reo, you're always spoiling Nagi.
Of course.
After all, he's
my treasure, you know?
My life was a total bore.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Total assets:
705.8 billion
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
You were born to surpass me.
Everything in this world
exists solely for you.
Oh, honey, stop.
Reo, is there anything you want?
I'm bored.
This is no fun.
I could have anything I wanted.
Mid-Term Exam Results
Mikage Reo
Top of the class again?
Reo-chan, I'm so proud of you!
But there was nothing I wanted.
If I could get it easily,
it wasn't worth having.
I wanted a treasure that
would be mine and mine alone
This is it.
I want this!
No way. Forget it.
But why?
You told me I could have whatever I wanted.
You are my successor.
And out of all the kids who play soccer,
only a chosen few get to go pro.
There's no way you'll
make it, starting so late.
He's right, Reo. Become
a top businessman instead.
I'm telling you this for your own sake.
Nothing these people have given me
has been what I wanted.
I will make this school
national champions.
That ought to shut them up.
Then, I'll aim for the World Cup.
But this is a prestigious prep school,
so our soccer team is super weak.
What am I going to do?
I don't want to give up.
Damn it all.
Oh, sorry
Wow! Nice control!
Huh. Guess I didn't die.
Wait, wait! You're amazing!
You on the soccer team?
Aw, I died.
But, like, who are you?
Wanna play soccer with me?
Oh, you're that rich guy's son.
Can I have some money?
I don't wanna play soccer,
and I've never played sports before.
I just want to chill and do nothing
for the rest of my life.
Can I have some money?
But I mean, look at that control just now,
and your physique! You've got serious talent!
Play soccer with me!
If you work hard, you can go pro!
I'd have to work hard at it?
Soccer sounds like a hassle.
I hate things I have to work hard at.
I don't wanna work.
Only a chosen few get to go pro.
There's a chosen one right here.
I want him for my own!
I like you!
You don't need to change.
My life was a total bore.
Let's play soccer!
That is, until I found
soccer and Nagi Seishiro.
That's a "Can we win the next match?" face.
It's a "My tummy hurts!" face.
It's an "I wonder how granny's doing" face.
The answer is: It's a
"What does rain taste like?" face.
How are we meant to get that?!
The Wanima brothers' "What is
this face?" game is really tough!
What the heck are you doing?!
You guys have to focus! Focus!
Hmm An "I'm seriously pissed off" face?
This face is not a quiz question!
Then, let's have a strategy meeting.
Hold on.
I haven't forgiven this guy yet.
You're gonna spill the beans to
someone again, ain't ya? Huh?!
Let's start by taking turns punching him!
Great idea, Raichi!
He needs to be punished!
Hey! Quit it!
You're gonna injure him!
I'm saying we need him so we can
play as an eleven and beat Team V!
Are you stupid?
No way I'm playing!
Even if Team Z loses, with three goals,
I get to advance as our top scorer.
So the best course of action
for me is to just do nothing.
Yup, I'm gonna kill him!
I said quit it!
But if I score three goals
in the next match,
I'll be the top scorer
with four goals in total.
Do you still say you won't play?
You think you can score a hat-trick
playing with 10 men against Team V—
I'll do it.
I'll crush you, fair and square.
If you want to try, knock yourself out.
You can't play soccer alone.
I know that better than anyone.
What do you mean?
Shut up.
I've been working really hard to make my
dream of winning the World Cup a reality.
I can't keep up, Kuon.
You're really overbearing.
Becoming national champs,
being selected to represent Japan
You're the only one
who's serious about all that.
I can't let it end here.
I don't want to lose because
of my teammates anymore.
Can it, scumbag!
No traitor will ever be a World Cup winner!
You can say what you like.
Soon, I won't have to look at you anymore.
You bastard!
Hey, hold on.
If the top scorers are tied on goals,
which one advances?
If I remember correctly,
the one with fewer yellow cards.
And if they're tied on that, too?
The one who has the higher
Blue Lock ranking will advance.
Hi. It's been a while. Ego Jinpachi here.
If the team loses and your goals
and fair play tally are the same
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
265\h\h\hKuon Wataru
266\h\h\hChigiri Hyoma
267\h\h\hIsagi Yoichi
268\h\h\hKunigami Rensuke
269\h\h\hGagamaru Gin
270\h\h\hBachira Meguru
271\h\h\hIemon Okuhito
272\h\h\hRaichi Jingo
273\h\h\hImamura Yudai
274\h\h\hNaruhaya Asahi
275\h\h\hIgarashi Gurimu
then the top-ranked player will survive.
See? I'm at the top.
Why?! Why's that traitor at the top?!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
265\h\h\hKuon Wataru
266\h\h\hChigiri Hyoma
267\h\h\hIsagi Yoichi
268\h\h\hKunigami Rensuke
269\h\h\hGagamaru Gin
270\h\h\hBachira Meguru
271\h\h\hIemon Okuhito
272\h\h\hRaichi Jingo
273\h\h\hImamura Yudai
274\h\h\hNaruhaya Asahi
275\h\h\hIgarashi Gurimu
In this first selection,
scoring is the only thing assessed.
And what he did isn't against the rules.
But let me say this, Kuon Wataru
As a striker, you are the lowest
of the lowest of the low.
Basically, you're all crap.
You might feel you've survived
a life-and-death situation,
but it was by pure luck.
Your play had no value whatsoever.
The world's best striker must be
able to reproduce their goals.
The more dramatic a goal is,
the more impressive it is.
But tons of players can
score those one-off goals.
Why can't they reproduce those goals?
It's because those goals were
nothing but the products of luck.
Besides, a rigged goal brought about by
betrayal is trash with zero reproducibility.
What you need right now is the
formula to create scoring opportunities.
Analyze how, when, and under what circumstances
your weapon helped you to score a goal.
How far away was the goal?
How many defenders were there?
Where did you receive the pass?
What did you feel in that moment?
Internalize every detail,
then reproduce it.
Your positioning, your touch,
your dribbling, your shooting
Devise a formula that will
make you shine the most.
World-famous strikers have
their own formulas for scoring.
You still live in the sea of
coincidences. That won't do.
Understand that you can only evolve
once you've nailed reproducibility!
In a match, you can expect
only irregularities to happen.
Someone who can prove their
own formula on such a battlefield
can become the world's best striker,
who will crank out goals, one after another.
Don't rely on chance to win.
Win the game because you're meant to!
Until the
Until the
Anyhow, Kuon, don't do
anything in the next match.
Until the
Do something stupid again,
and I'll kill you for real.
The "reproducibility" of goals
So we have to be able to use our weapons
at any given time and with certainty.
It can't be left to chance.
My weapon is spatial awareness,
but I couldn't do anything alone.
It doesn't feel like
we can win at this rate.
If we don't evolve, we can't win.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
1st Selection
Building 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Top Scorer
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
10 Goals
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
What's up, brainless?
What are you doing here?
Team X
Tell me something, Barou.
How can I be more like you?
Hey, c'mon
Use your brain, you donkey.
Hold on!
You can score goals all by yourself.
You're the strongest player I've ever met.
I don't want it to end here. I want to win.
I want to be someone who can do it alone!
Hey, brainless.
That dream-filled, garbage ego of yours
I'll crush it, right here, right now.
A one-on-one?!
I'm no match for him physically.
I'll watch his feet and the ball,
and steal it when I can.
I'll move when he tries to set it up.
But he hasn't gone past me yet.
More than 20 meters from the goal,
and he aimed for the top-right corner?
His precision is insane.
See you never, donkey.
Hey, hold on!
One more time! Please!
Come on! Don't tell me you're done!
Who do you think you're talking to?
I am the king!
I won't lose him this time. I'll stay on him
so he doesn't get a chance to shoot.
Shit, he's gonna shoot.
But I can almost reach it—
A feint?
Holy crap. Was he aiming
at exactly the same spot?
You're finished, donkey.
A momentary gap is all he needs to
score a goal from wherever he is.
So this is Barou Shouei
The formula for scoring.
But wait.
If Barou has a formula for scoring, then
I'll stop you this time.
Come at me, "King."
I know what you're capable of.
Stop your barking, lowly commoner.
Know your place.
If my hypothesis is correct,
he won't shoot from this position.
Slightly left-of-center.
About 40 to 45 degrees.
At 23 meters out.
From there, an ultra-fast
bending shot to the top-right corner
That's Barou's guaranteed scoring range!
He won't shoot yet.
So it's not like he can score
from just anywhere.
Barou gets a ton of goals
because there's an area
where the chances of him
scoring goes up exponentially.
But during a game against opponents, he can't easily enter that area.
So he makes it possible
with his burst of speed.
That's why he needs
that incredible physique!
By doing everything to get to this area,
Barou reproduces his goals.
That's the trick behind his formula.
Only my eyes can see that!
If I can keep him out of
that area, I can stop him!
Don't get the wrong idea, donkey.
My range is actually
27 meters!
He's a monster.
As I thought
He's amazing!
Th-Thanks, Barou. For teaching me.
I didn't teach you anything.
I just made you realize that I'm on the field.
That's more than enough to make a brain-dead
donkey like you quit out of despair, isn't it?
So cool.
Even so, thanks!
Until the
Until the
Only 20 hours to go until the final match.
Absolute Weapon
I get how Barou's formula
for goals works now,
A Situation "A" Can Be Used
Mass Production of Goals
Absolute Weapon
A Situation "A" Can Be Used
Mass Production of Goals
but his weapon isn't the kind I can copy.
+ Burst Power
Precision Mid-Range Shot
27m Range
From Out Front
In Barou's Case
Top of the Scoring Charts
My weapon is spatial awareness.
Mass Production of Goals
But by itself, it's not something
that can help me score.
I'll have to find my answer in the game.
Am I scared?
Everything gets determined tomorrow.
My soccer career might end.
If we lose, I'll
Hey, Isagi.
Tomorrow we'll have our answer.
I can't sleep because I'm too scared.
If I don't become a soccer player,
I have to take over the temple.
Blue Lock is my last chance.
I never knew the prospect of your
dream ending could be so scary.
I see.
I'm shaking because I'm scared.
No, you're right.
We fight because we're scared.
Fear makes us grow strong.
We're gonna win.
We're not done yet.
Until the
Until the
Due to their shooting skills, our front three
will be Kunigami, Gagamaru, and Chigiri.
The other team's offensive
skills are off the chart,
so we'll drop back all the way
and defend against their attacks.
We'll aim to score with
a quick counterattack.
With only ten of us, this is
the only practical strategy.
Hey, Kuon, stand in your corner
and be anonymous for 90 minutes.
Don't interfere or try to help us,
you piece of trash.
Touch the ball in any way, and I'll kill you.
No need to tell me twice.
I don't want to pick up an injury that
might hamper me in the second selection.
The other team already know they're
through, so their guard should be down.
If we take advantage of that,
we can win! We have a chance!
Let's do it!
It's now or never.
Let's go.
Let's win, Team Z!
If we don't win, it's all over.
My whole soccer career
depends on this final match!
Hey, Isagi.
If we lose, does that mean we can't see
each other or play soccer together anymore?
That's way too sad, so I'll give it my all.
Yeah. Let's go win this.
Until the
Until the
Bring it on.
We're the ones who are gonna win!
Until the
We've studied Team V's offensive patterns.
The initiator of all their attacks is
this guy.
Team V
BL Ranking
But I can't stop him one-on-one.
Still, his passing will
lead to goals for Team V,
so I won't let him run free in midfield.
Bachira and I will mark him tightly.
If he can't pass it forward,
then this guy shows up to take it
This left-footed speedster.
Team V
BL Ranking
He tends to score mid-range shots from a
tighter angle on the right side of the goal.
But that path is completely
blocked by two defenders.
And then
It's just as we predicted!
Team V
BL Ranking
We can cut it out there!
Pick up the ball, Isagi!
All right!
Now, we counter.
Let's go, Bachira!
Sure! Let's go.
Without disturbing our defensive setup,
we commit only a few to the attack.
A strong defense and a quick attack
It's a super-long pass, instant-kill counter!
Go for it, Gagamaru.
Can I reach that?
I'm sure I can.
With my foot
No, a diving header!
So close!
But this strategy works.
Nice shot.
Let's try again.
Oh, yeah!
One more time!
Oh, man! Now this is interesting!
Hey, Nagi! Let's give that move a try!
Huh? Sounds like a hassle.
What's he talking about?
Are they going to copy
our instant kill counter?
That's overhit! He misplaced the pass!
He controlled it?
What exactly is this creature?
That was easy.
I don't know why you couldn't do that.
He's a monster
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Hey, Reo. What are the
rules of soccer again?
Wife Material Reo
Wife Material Reo
Nagi Seishiro
Nagi Seishiro
Mikage Reo
Mikage Reo
All you need to do is receive the
pass I hit to you and score a goal.
Hey, Nagi. Which cleats do you wanna use?
Can't be bothered to think
about it, so whichever.
This training session's so tiring.
Let's take a break. I'll give you
a piggyback ride, so come here.
My muscles are sore
Around here?
A little lower.
Must be growing pains.
Coming to practice tomorrow?
Soccer's so troublesome.
I'll come pick you up after class, okay?
What a pain
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