Blue Lock (2022) s01e16 Episode Script


C'mon, guys. Stop fighting over a silly bed.
We're teammates now, so—
Quit it!
See? You're kicking up dust!
Ventilate the room.
And don't leave your towels and
clothes on the floor. They're eyesores.
Uh, right.
Isn't Barou kinda meticulous?
You're not a king anymore.
You're a maid.
It's the birth of Maid Barou.
You and I don't get along, Mr. Hassle Man.
Huh? That nickname sucks. I don't like it.
Move, Mr. Hassle Man.
Don't call me that. It'll upset my folks.
I see.
He has some absolute rules
that must not be broken.
Oh, and I go to bed at 10pm sharp,
so no turning on the light after that.
It's like everything has to be
just right or he won't be satisfied.
He has a clear idea of
how he wants to lead his life.
What a hassle. I'm gonna play my game.
Yeah, having Barou around might be a hassle,
but maybe his whole "I am the rule" shtick
is the driving force behind his ego
that makes his
exceptional skills possible.
I want to learn more about him,
so I can understand his genius.
Hey, wanna come train with me?
Unless we understand each other,
there won't be any chemical reactions.
Episode 16
I'm fine with practicing,
but why's it just the two of us?
What's he doing?
Apparently, that's his daily
physical training routine.
Isn't it a bit long?
Not to mention, seriously intense.
How long you gonna keep that
up for, Barou? Come join us.
Forty more minutes.
Then I'll grace you with my presence.
Did that guy lose his sense of
cooperation while still in the womb?
I can watch an episode of
a TV drama in forty minutes.
Yeah, or nearly two episodes of anime.
But I guess this strict regime and
his self-discipline are why he's so strong.
Right. It's almost an obsession.
Well, in that case
I'll join you!
Huh? Forget it, donkey.
You can't possibly keep up.
You never know until you try!
Uh, what's happening?
I'll join you, too!
To advance further
To beat those guys
I'll trigger a chemical reaction
with all three of us.
So, um, as you can see,
in the second selection,
interpersonal relations, self-awareness,
and understanding others all improve,
Japan Football Union
BL Supervisor
and each player has to think for
themselves to get their team playing.
This is how they are able to grow into
independent strikers without compare.
That concludes my report.
You've presented all sorts
of plausible arguments,
but it really all comes
down to talent, right?
Japan Football Union
Special Adviser
Even left to his own devices,
a genius is still a genius.
He's right.
What we want is Japan's next star player.
Hurry up and produce a genius
high school player who'll make a splash.
Well, we're only at the
second selection, and—
You want a star that badly?
You old geezers truly are money grabbers.
How many geniuses have been
crushed underfoot that way?
Blue Lock Project
What do you mean, Ego-kun?
All you ever do is create
a temporary genius.
Then the stupid bandwagon fans go crazy
about this domestic-level "genius"
and spend tons of money
on shirts and tickets.
This deluded "genius" goes off to
play overseas totally unprepared,
but two or three years later, he's back,
because he can't produce results
due to "cultural and language barriers,"
Domestic Transfer
and he spends the rest of his days as a
mid-level player in the domestic league.
If you don't break this cycle,
Japanese soccer will forever be third-rate.
Producing the best striker in the
world will remain a pipe dream.
W-We have operation costs to think about!
Making money is necessary to some extent!
Then, let me ask you this:
What is talent?
Is it a natural gift you're born with?
Or is it being blessed
with a splendid physique?
To me, those things make you
nothing but a diamond in the rough.
Make a note. Talent is the skill
to prove one's own ability.
Someone who dreams of demonstrating the
ability he believes in to the rest of the world,
and dedicates his life to it
That's what I call a genius.
I'm creating a genius in Blue Lock.
And I'm dedicating my life
to demonstrating it.
Okay, then! I look forward to
seeing the results, Ego-kun.
Failure is not an option.
This guy
We told him over and over,
but he still took the single bed!
I said we'd rock, paper, scissors for it.
Hey, can I go kick him awake?
But it looks like the room is tidier.
Maybe Maid Barou cleaned up the place?
I guess it's fine, then. Thinking about it is
too much of a hassle, so I'm going to bed.
Huh? It's fine?
Man, you're so laid-back.
Wait, I'm on the bottom bunk?
Geniuses really are selfish!
Run, Chigiri!
Piece of cake.
That was pretty good.
Our coordination's getting better.
Nice shot, missy.
Isagi and the others must
have advanced already, right?
If we don't get a move on,
they might clear all the stages.
I realize that, but if we just play whoever,
we'll get someone mediocre.
Losing to Isagi because we didn't improve
would be getting our priorities wrong.
But doesn't it look like the strong guys
are already winning and advancing?
That's true.
What do you think, Reo?
As long as we can beat Nagi, I don't care.
I'm gonna make him say he needs me.
Is that a regret?
No, it's revenge.
So intense. I like it.
You are a genius of adaptability!
That's what Naruhaya said,
but what exactly is "adaptability"?
I won because I was able to emulate
Naruhaya's weapon of getting in behind.
Does adaptability mean getting stronger
to match the strength of the opponent?
Then, my next target
should be this selfish king.
Can I sit here?
Hm? Knock yourself out.
Say, Barou, what's your ideal playstyle?
What kind of question is that?
And what's it to you?
I want to create a
chemical reaction with you.
And for that, I think we need to
know each other's ideal playstyle.
So tell me about the kind
of soccer you wanna play.
Help me so I can score.
That's it. The end.
Well, sure, but
That's why you lost to us, remember?
Could we consider, like,
coordinating as teammates or
Huh? What do you mean?
I would've won if that shorty
had done what I needed him to.
You still lost.
You may score goals by yourself,
but that alone won't make your team win.
Who cares?
"Win through my goals."
I'm not changing my rule.
I mean, if you were looking
to win by using team play,
why didn't you pick that
shorty instead, donkey?
You're not getting it!
Sure, Naruhaya and I
could've understood each other,
Off the ball
Off the ball
but a chemical reaction
would've been beyond us.
Blind spot
Blind spot
I emulated his weapon, so I know.
A weapon I can emulate won't cut it.
A shot range that's over 28 meters.
A bulldozing charge.
You have weapons I could never obtain,
even if I spent the rest of my life trying.
With me, your talents can shine brighter.
Then, all the more reason
for you to do as I say.
Wait, that's Then what's
the point of being a team?
Shut up. I'm taking a bath.
Aw, gimme a break. What's up with that guy?
He's a king through and through.
I'm sure he doesn't have a lot of friends.
In fact, I bet he has none!
He does have talent, though.
But he won't win since he has
no sense of cooperation.
It's like Barou
is a seriously wasteful genius.
Man, my muscles are so sore.
Oh, it's because I did
Barou's intense training regimen.
I can't believe he does that every day.
Oh, my bad.
Didn't mean to splash you.
I didn't know you were here.
No, wait. That's my line.
Why are you still at the third stage?
So long story short, you lost to Itoshi Rin's
team and lost Bachira as a result,
then you stole Barou, condemning Naruhaya,
and now, you're here. Is that about right?
Yup, more or less.
I don't see you for a while
and you go through all that.
Who'd you team up with?
With me, loser.
What were you thinking,
leaving us behind? Stupid Isagi.
Why didn't you wait for me, you jerk?
What he said.
I-I'm sorry. I was gonna wait,
but then Nagi asked me—
You talking about me?
What are you doing?
Huh? This is the easiest way to take a bath.
Well, if Nagi asked me, I'd probably go, too.
Yeah, same here.
Hey, Mr. Hassle Man.
You louse. Don't swim in the public bath.
Ah, a little swim won't hurt.
Look, I'm a ninja.
Stop blowing bubbles!
You're getting your spit everywhere!
Did you all wash before getting in?
I used conditioner, too.
And don't put the towel
in the hot water. It's dirty!
Hey, Isagi, is Barou
really this persnickety?
Yeah. He's super particular about things.
I'm getting dizzy. Can I have some water?
So? Do you know who you're playing next?
Out! It's because you swam, idiot!
No, not yet. What about you?
We're playing you, obviously.
That's why I teamed up with them, you know.
It's been a while.
Hey, listen, Reo.
I trained so much after that
You and I are enemies now, Nagi.
You didn't choose me,
so I'm going to crush you.
So I guess I should ask
Do you want to play us?
Don't you run away.
With pleasure.
Time Until the Match:
Let's pass it around so
it's easy for Barou to move,
and if the situation allows, Nagi and I will
break them down with our link-up play,
and we can be flexible with the finish.
Okay. So I guess I'm gonna
be scoring a lot, then.
Hey, make sure you pass me the ball.
No. After all, you won't pass to me.
Even so, pass it to me.
No way.
Do it.
I said no.
Yup, these two are gonna find it
impossible to coexist on the field.
Guess it's up to me to be the key man
by adjusting to these two and
triggering a chemical reaction.
But Isagi, why'd you let them provoke you
into answering them immediately?
We could've looked for
some other team to play.
Oh, well, I didn't want them
to underestimate us, I guess.
Our weapons are Nagi's first touch,
Barou's dribbling, and my direct shot.
In order for us to beat Rin's "Top 3" team,
we're definitely lacking in a certain area.
And that area is?
The speedster, Chigiri Hyoma.
I want his speed.
I see.
Wait. We need someone who's good at
hold-up play so they can pass me the ball.
That orange-haired guy's physique
I want someone like him
who's good at ball retention.
True, if we had Kunigami,
the ball would stay up front more.
And he has a mid-range shot as a weapon, too.
I guess I'd have to choose Reo.
I did promise him we'd play together again.
Uh, wait, so we all want different people?
I have a style of soccer I want to play.
I guess we don't have to decide right now.
If we don't win, they'll take one of us.
Okay, let's go over formations again.
So like this, Reo is the anchor
who provides balance.
And Chigiri and I will
attack down both sides.
Okay. We worked on combinations
in our training session,
so in terms of attacking might,
we should be equal.
Right. So onto the question
of who's marking who.
I will mark Isagi Yoichi.
I want to play soccer with him.
I will put him in my pocket and prove
to Nagi that he made the wrong choice.
Okay. Then, given our respective
physiques, I'll mark Barou.
Then, I've got Nagi.
Also, who are we gonna pick?
Isagi's weapon would be great
if we can make it fit our team,
and Barou's individual
skills are appealing,
but going purely on attributes, I'd say Nagi.
I agree.
He's at that level without
even trying, right?
Just from a potential point of view,
Nagi's the only choice.
Don't you think, Reo?
No, it might be better to kick him out,
so he can go through what I did.
Hey now, don't involve
your personal feelings.
This team is more than just you.
Well, maybe we should
take a vote after the match?
We'll find out the answer
we need in the match, anyway.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
4th Stage
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Hey, you guys.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Want to play my team?
W-We'd like a match with you.
What do you say?
Uh, but you have the top three on your team.
No, thanks.
Come on, let's go.
H-Hey, wait up!
How many rejections does that make now?
They all get scared and run away.
Aw, man. What do we do?
No one's gonna play us.
New BL Ranking
What if we run out of time?
Beating players that run away
at this stage wouldn't be glam.
New BL Ranking
They'll eventually get disqualified.
I don't want to play yet, anyway.
New BL Ranking
I'm planning on waiting for Isagi's team.
But, but, but!
What if they don't make it here?
We're finished!
Don't worry. Isagi will get here.
I can't lose anymore.
Let's go, Isagi.
If I want Bachira back,
then I can't get stuck here!
Nice shot, Rin-chan.
Can I join you?
Hm? You're in my way. Leave.
New BL Ranking
You said you were playing soccer
to surpass your big brother, right?
So what?
I told you to leave.
I've never seen anyone look
as blue as you while playing soccer.
Are you picking a fight with me, Bob Cut?
Play with me,
and I promise you'll have fun.
I wonder if a hero gets this excited
when they're fighting bad guys.
You're excited because you've
teamed up with me, you dumb hero.
We'll win this, Chigiri.
We sure will, Kunigami.
I'll outrun everyone.
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Blue Lock
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
2nd Selection
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
3v3 Rivalry Battle
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
m 1 -1 l 1 -1 l 8 5 l 6 13 l -4 13 l -6 5
Somehow, I'm not scared.
Is it because I'm shoulder
to shoulder with geniuses?
Or might it be because
I've gotten stronger?
The answer to that
will be revealed by winning this game!
Go, Barou!
Our chemical reaction with you will
be the key to controlling this game!
Hey, King.
New BL Ranking
I'm here to dethrone you.
Give it your best shot, soldier boy!
New BL Ranking
That weak press won't stop me.
What's the matter?
Too scared to get close?
Come at me if you want.
What's with this defense?
Getting in close, then pulling back
What's he up to?
Off you go. You're free
to roam in that direction.
It's impossible to stop you
one hundred percent of the time.
I get it now!
He's letting him go if he
dribbles away from goal,
Let go
and saving his physicality for stopping
him from getting into range for his shot.
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
It's a Barou-exclusive man-marking
that utilizes Kunigami's physique!
Though I'm barely able to stop you,
even with this tactic.
A meathead soldier boy like you
is trying to outsmart me?
Pass it to me, Barou! Over here!
Shut up and stop ruining it, donkey.
I can outrun a guy like him myself!
Man, how selfish can you get?
Isagi, what do we do?
Don't drop back! Stay in their half!
I'll back up Barou and
keep us going forward—
What did you say you were going to do?
Prepare yourself, Isagi Yoichi.
Nagi's a treasure I found.
I'll take him back from you in this game!
New BL Ranking
What the heck is this guy's problem?
New BL Ranking
Barou, pass to me! Now!
Shut up! Don't distract me!
Use me, Barou!
But you won't, King.
Don't think you can beat us alone!
Took your time, Reo.
Good work, Meat Wall.
Tch. Damn it!
See? Told you.
Let's go, Kunigami!
I'm going!
Are these guys for real?
Knowing Barou wouldn't pass,
they doubled up on him.
And they switched up
the play seriously fast!
It's now me versus Reo and Kunigami,
meaning I'm outnumbered.
I'm the last line of defense.
I have to stop them.
Is he going to dribble all the way
or pass to Kunigami?
Which is it?
Wait till the last second.
Keep your distance to
react to either eventuality.
Read the timing when
Reo makes his decision!
A pass to Kunigami!
If I can intercept
He passed it to
New BL Ranking
Right on the money, Reo.
You were bound to slow up
when taking the ball down.
I caught up to you, Red Panther.
New BL Ranking
Sure. For a moment.
Happy with yourself, genius? Well
Now you get to step on my shadow!
Seriously? This is my first one-on-one
against him, but he's annoyingly fast.
Our formation has been ripped apart!
Kunigami's physique,
Reo's tactics, and Chigiri's speed
They understand one another's weapons,
and by bringing out each other's abilities,
they've achieved a
tri-fusion on a higher plane
that even surpasses
geniuses like Barou and Nagi!
Eat it!
They're a great team.
Now I'm definitely fired up.
Now I'm definitely crushing them!
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Maid Café
King Barou
Welcome back, master!
Maid Café King Barou
Maid Café King Barou
Baro, baro, kyun!
King Barou
Barou's specialty: the King Love Omurice.
With extra hearts!
Baro, baro, kyun!
Baro, baro, kyun!
This is what "Maid Barou" means, right?
Yikes! That's super gross!
Stop doing weird stuff to me
in your imaginations, shitheads!
Oh, wait, that might work.
"Swearing Maid Café."
Oh, true!
King Barou
Maid Café
With Swear Words?!
King Barou
Maid Café
With Swear Words?!
Please get the hell out
King Barou
Maid Café
With Swear Words?!
you donkey bastards!
That might actually catch on!
It's a real business opportunity!
I think it'll work.
No, it won't! I'll kick you to death!
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