Blue Lock (2022) s01e17 Episode Script


They understand one another's weapons,
and by bringing out each other's abilities,
they've achieved a tri-fusion
on a higher plane
that even surpasses geniuses
like Barou and Nagi!
Their team is strong.
Their attack and defense are
high level and well-balanced,
meaning they have no weaknesses.
And yet, I can't wait to test this new and
improved version of myself against them,
and find out how well my team's
new chemical reactions work.
Let's go.
I'm always ready.
Don't order me around.
Episode 17
Blind spots and off the ball.
I'm going to fuse these pieces
with my spatial awareness.
This is my new field vision.
My own team, my opponents
I'll take note of where everyone's looking.
I can see each player's movements
more clearly and precisely than before.
My mind is flooded with images
and possible routes to goal!
Hey, over here, Reo.
He's gonna shift his weight to turn
and face me, so I'll go the other way!
I dodged past him.
Now I have a clear run at goal!
Now. Pass it, Barou!
Seriously? He's ignoring me?
The Go-It-Alone King. Even for you
that was too forced!
Oh, man. I'll take care of Chigiri.
Don't let Reo get the ball!
I know that, but
This is bad. If we give Kunigami
the freedom to hit his mid-range shot,
he'll fire it past all of us.
That's in.
Hell yeah!
Nice shot, Kunigami!
Damn. They're crazy strong.
Hey, Barou.
Cut it out already.
Isagi was totally free back there.
Why didn't you pass to him?
Shut up.
Why would I pass it to
someone else so they can score?
Are you dense? It doesn't
matter if we don't win.
Yeah, off my goals.
You two need to move so I can score.
Stop it, you two!
I'll be the passer for now.
Then, pass it to me next.
No, to me.
Those two can't coordinate.
I have to control this team.
I need to re-input the pieces to find
chemical reactions with Nagi and Barou.
I need to update my vision of the field.
I need to lead this team
toward the goal!
Even if I pass it to Barou,
all routes to goal are stone dead.
As things stand, there can be
no chemical reaction with Barou.
Then, what are my passing options to Nagi?
The images of potential goals are endless!
Nagi's on the move,
so he can score if I pass to him.
I've evolved to the level where I can sense
Nagi's off-the-ball movements.
Let's do this, Nagi.
There, right?
That's got some pace on it.
You trying to compete with me?
Do you know something?
No matter how fast you are
humans are unable
to suddenly go backward.
Chigiri came in at top speed,
but Nagi controlled it the other way,
and created a path to shoot.
Nagi's play went beyond my vision.
This is
the chemical reaction
between Nagi and me!
That's one back.
Is he a monster or what?
For real?
He's reached a new level
since last time, hasn't he?
Nice pass, Isagi.
Let's just play and win with the two of us.
No, wait. We're barely
holding our own against them.
The missing piece is the
chemical reaction with Barou.
That'll be the key to winning this game!
Hey, Barou. Listen for a second.
The way things are now,
I'm not getting that goal smell from you.
Your play needs to allow
Nagi and me the chance to score.
Only then can we start to make
the most of each other's play.
I can't create a chemical reaction alone.
How many times do I have
to tell you this, you donkey?
I'll win through my goals.
I'd rather die than play for someone else.
Even so
You passing to me could create
more options for us, right?
And that might let you score more.
"Might" isn't good enough.
"I win how I please."
All other options get overruled.
And I'm saying we'll lose if we stick to that.
Totally fine by me. If I have to change
my core principle, I'd rather lose.
Why can't you see your way of
thinking is wrecking your potential?!
You're better than this.
I teamed up with you because
I knew you could be so much more!
At this rate, your career ends here.
Watch your mouth, donkey.
With my talents, how am I not winning?
The one who's most frustrated with me
is obviously me, damn it.
To hell with your "chemical reaction."
To hell with "making the
most of each other's play."
That's the type of soccer you want to play.
It makes me wanna puke.
"Do what I tell you."
That's all I'm hearing, donkey.
Both of us are egoists, after all.
We can only live the way we see fit.
Don't think for a second
that you can control me.
Well, you said your piece.
Don't get hung up on Barou.
We can win with just the two of us.
Yeah. You're right.
Damn it. Why am I so hung up on Barou?
To win this game?
Or is it because I find Barou's
irritating situation such a waste?
How can I create a
chemical reaction with Barou?
But he's got some nerve.
He's still behaving like a king
when "his way" obviously isn't working.
If you never admit defeat,
you'll never know true frustration.
Hey, Isagi Yoichi.
I don't get it.
Why would Nagi choose a guy like you?
Seriously, what's with this guy?
He's really annoying.
Who cares? Are you saying you
have some amazing talent I don't?
I I don't have any special weapons
like you, Chigiri, and Kunigami.
That's why, in this match,
I'm only thinking about winning!
That move was immense!
He may not have Chigiri's speed
or Kunigami's physicality,
but you need more than just
average skills to stop him.
Isagi Yoichi, I'm going to
deny you by winning this game.
Let's go, Reo.
Damn it.
Crap. They're ripping us apart.
No doubt about it,
Reo's the core of this team.
He's using Chigiri's weapon on his right
and Kunigami's weapon on his left
as a utility player who's
balancing offense with defense.
If Chigiri and Kunigami are
players with specialized skills,
Reo is a player who excels in every area.
His flawless, versatile
style is his essence.
No more getting by me.
Bring it on, Red Guy.
Hey now. Don't go lumping
me in with your selfish king.
Outrunning people isn't my only skill!
He centered it?
I hafta stop him!
I'll get in front of Reo—
Outta my way!
A perfectly balanced tri-fusion.
They're ridiculously strong!
Maybe it's time to give up on Barou?
Then, maybe I should start thinking
how to win with just Nagi and me.
No, that won't work. I'm not getting
any images of how we can do that.
We'll score one or two,
but still end up losing.
How do we come back and win from here?
You're a genius of adaptability.
Does adaptability mean getting stronger
to match the strength of the opponent?
I see. It's not about
making the most of his play.
I've got to devour Barou!
I was wrong.
I thought if I tried to fit
Barou's style, he'd respond.
Don't think for a second
that you can control me.
That's controlling someone
and expecting them to change.
That's not adaptability.
I'm not playing soccer
to change for someone.
I'm here to win.
It's because you're not afraid to change.
Off the ball
Direct Shot
I have to change the way
I use my talent to win.
Off the ball
Direct Shot
Off the ball
Direct Shot
Don't rely on Barou. Don't think
about making the most of his play.
But by devouring his play,
I will dominate this field!
Nagi, you and I are going to win this.
Oh, you finally caught on?
Just keep your eyes on me.
Yes, sir.
The score is 1-3.
We have to score the next goal.
Given how the match has gone so far,
the other team are wary of Nagi.
Reo is man-marking me to
stop me from passing to Nagi.
Even if one does get through,
they've positioned themselves
so they can outnumber him.
Kunigami's marking of
Barou obviously isn't tight.
But Kunigami knows that's all
he needs to do to shut down Barou.
Barou's been useless in
the game up to this point.
And that's the shared
understanding on this field right now.
In fact, the routes to Nagi are getting
fewer and narrower than before.
In that case
I'll choose Barou!
He's dribbling instead of passing?
Good call, donkey.
Time to move, King.
Beg for a pass from me!
Crap! I won't let you!
That's right, Kunigami.
Get dragged away by Barou's charge.
My target is the genius behind him.
It's yours, Nagi!
He got me.
This guy
He dribbled like he was
going to pass to Barou,
but it was a ruse to divert attention
away from Nagi and create a path for him.
Nice, Isagi.
Oh no you don't!
Don't fall for it!
Nagi will evade you with his takedown!
I thought I'd drawn you out.
Man, close one. That's some honey trap.
Nice work, missy!
We'll double up on him!
You're powerless when you're stationary.
Pass to me!
Over here, Mr. Hassle Man!
Like I said, I won't let you!
Nice, Kunigami!
Chigiri and I will stop Nagi!
I see you.
Everyone's focused on what I'm doing.
And in the space only I can see
You were waiting for the right moment
to cut through the darkness
and emerge from the blind spot!
I kept my eyes on you.
Seriously? Was all of this
Was it all so Isagi could
get himself in on goal?
So this guy
was a decoy!
No matter how much you knock on the door
to someone's heart, you can't change them.
So it's always you who has to change.
If you want to change the world
that isn't following your plan,
that's the only way to make it happen.
If I can't see the light
that leads to the goal,
then I need to become the light!
Watch me, Barou!
I'm going to adapt to you!
The darkness on the field you created
I will devour it
and turn it into light!
This guy used me
to score the goal himself!
Damn, Isagi.
Did he see everything?
This is Isagi Yoichi.
The egoist Nagi Seishiro is chasing after.
Now, time for a comeback.
And Barou, you just keep
playing the way you are.
Don't drag us down.
I'm saying don't get in our way
you donkey.
Who is he calling "donkey"?
I'll kill him.
I'm going to prove to you
that the king on this field is me!
His whole aura has changed now.
What exactly is he seeing?
Since I have no idea,
it'd be risky to go all-in against him.
They know that, too, and they're wary of what
Isagi might do, so they're waiting for a pass.
I shouldn't be the guy setting this one up.
This is the link-up play we practiced.
And straight to Kunigami!
Got it.
If the ball won't come to me, I'll go to the ball!
Seeing you this desperate
is a rare sight, King.
This is a physical battle,
and I'm gonna win it!
Just you watch.
It's my ball!
Pass it, Barou! We can counter!
Screw you! This one's mine!
Why don't you listen to the
common folk every now and then, King?
What he said!
I lost it again? Damn it.
I'll go again
Wait, what's he doing there?
No way.
Did he take up that position knowing
that would happen when Barou won the ball?
Isagi's evolving at an incredible speed.
I refuse to get left behind!
A pass? How calm can you get?
Thanks for this.
Good. We've caught up.
He's reading all of our moves?
Right now, this field is
totally being dominated by these guys!
We'll lose if we don't do something.
If we just keep relying on our weapons,
they'll read us and shut us down!
Go, Chigiri!
Like Nagi said, my weakness
is the moment I control the ball.
I know how to stop you, miss.
No matter how fast I run,
I slow up when I take down the ball.
He's aiming to use that to block my path.
In that case
it's all or nothing!
This first touch
will propel the ball forward
without stopping it!
It works! I can maintain top speed and let
the ball run ahead of me at the same pace.
This is my "no slowing" dribbling!
Just try and stop me, Barou.
I'm not like you.
I'll draw him into the realm of my
top speed. That's my new technique!
Me and my speed
You can't dominate us!
Did he just evolve?
This is awesome.
An egoist who gets buried before us
can't possibly become the
world's best striker, right?
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
Additional Time!
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Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Damn it.
Raichi Jingo
Raichi Jingo
Another Team of Three
Another Team of Three
It took me ages to clear that stage.
Who should I team up with?
Oh, Raichi.
Gagamaru Gin
Gagamaru Gin
No one's here. Seems like
everyone moved on already.
Like Naruhaya. And Naruhaya.
I wouldn't team with him
anyway, so it's whatever.
So are you the only one left?
I'd love to team up with, like, Nagi or Isagi.
By the way
You're so annoying, Big Bro Wanima!
Wanima Junichi
Wanima Junichi
What the hell do you want, huh?!
Wanima Junichi
Wanima Junichi
Wanima Junichi
Wanima Junichi
Wanima Junichi
Wanima Junichi
Oh, I see.
Your little brother
used to interpret for you.
Let's try to decipher
what he's trying to say.
Read the facial expression of Wanima (Big bro)!
Where can I get sushi?
Where can I get sushi?
Where can I find samurai?
Where can I find samurai?
He's not some tourist from overseas.
I couldn't care less
about that other traitor.
Bet he's complaining about something.
Hold up!
He talked normally!
Listen to me, you two.
Raichi Jingo!
First of all, I love how hard
you are to shake off.
Not everyone can pull
that off at this level.
Despite your rough playstyle,
your insight and persistence shine through.
It's no exaggeration to say your
qualities are why your team survived.
And Gagamaru Gin!
Your totally unexpected and
original plays make you a one-of-a-kind.
It might look like you're
doing stuff randomly,
but you pick the optimal choice, backed by
your flexible yet strong physical abilities,
and that captured my heart!
I can't help but feel
we would be a good match!
Therefore, we should team up.
Wow. You think so?
Hmph. If you insist.
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Raichi + Wanima + Gagamaru
teamed up
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