Blue Lock (2022) s01e19 Episode Script

Dancing Boy

Who do you wanna pick?
For me, it's gotta be Number 50, Kunigami.
He can hold up the ball
in and around the box,
and if he joins our team,
we'll spend more time with it up front.
That way, I can score more goals.
No, Reo in an anchor role can do that better
while also balancing our attack and defense.
If we wanna play however
we want, he's our best bet.
Hm, I guess that works, too.
True, that'd bring the
team together nicely.
But it's also a suicidal act that
would crush all of our potentials.
The correct choice right now is to create
a balanced team. But that's not our way.
Remember, chemical reactions are
the key to clearing the second selection.
We're here now because we were
able to create some in real time.
I devoured Barou,
and Barou devoured me right back.
None of us could've
foreseen a play like that.
That unpredictability is
the essence of our play.
I want someone who can devour us.
Otherwise, we won't be able to beat them.
Well, it's a gamble, but
you make a good argument.
In that case, he's the
only one who fits the bill.
Right? Only one striker
kept up with us in that game.
You're the only one who can join this
chemical reaction without disappearing
Chigiri Hyoma.
Join us.
We need your legs.
Listen, Kunigami.
Don't forget.
We haven't beaten Isagi yet.
I'll hold on to this frustration we share.
I'll be waiting for you, hero.
That last play only worked
because it was against you.
Because you're so good,
we knew you had the skill to pick out a pass,
even in that impossible situation,
so Isagi and I took the risk.
It was a close one.
I knew already, but you're amazing.
So I'm going on ahead, but I know we'll—
Then, why not pick me?
I don't need you consoling me.
Give it to me straight.
You don't care about me anymore, do you?
You've changed.
You've forgotten our promise that
we'd become the best in the world together.
If you're gonna abandon me,
then damn well do it properly.
So if I choose you now,
will you be satisfied?
Then what? We'll be a team,
sure, but it won't excite us.
Is becoming the best in the world that easy?
You're the one who's forgotten our promise.
To be honest
I'm past caring.
You're a hassle, Reo.
I'm done with you.
Hey, Reo.
Become the one who chooses,
not the one waiting to be chosen.
What are you playing soccer for?
Only those with the potential to be the best
striker in the world can survive in Blue Lock.
Don't look down! Watch them go!
If our heads drop now, we're done for!
Kunigami Rensuke
Mikage Reo
Move Back
to the
2nd Stage
Isagi Yoichi
Nagi Seishiro
Barou Shouei
Chigiri Hyoma
Move up to the
4th Stage
Episode 19
An "imaginary friend"?
Yup. That "monster" must be
a friend only you can see.
Am I weird?
Not at all.
This "friend" of yours plays the
soccer you want to play, right?
But, Mom, I want a real friend
who can play fun soccer with me.
I know.
I hope you'll make one someday.
Yeah! I know I will!
If Rin's team is still at the fourth stage,
we can play them next, right?
Hey, you guys listening?
4th Stage
Break Room
(for 4 people)
Your teammate's asking
something real important over here.
What's up?
Um, well
In addition to Nagi and Barou, we now
have the selfish princess that is Chigiri.
Things are gonna get a lot tougher.
Hey, shitheads!
Which one of you left these socks inside out
and this wet bath towel on the floor?
Oh, the socks are mine.
I'll deal with them after I dry
my hair, so leave them there.
The bath towel's mine.
Could you put it in the washing machine?
Do it yourself!
Don't leave them lying around! Do it now!
No can do.
That's a hassle.
Dry your hair properly!
Water's dripping everywhere!
It'll dry eventually.
How long are you gonna take?!
Deal with these first, prick-cess!
I don't wanna be told to do it.
Oh boy.
Put your shit away!
This is the bad type of chemical reaction.
You disgusting slob!
It's absolute chaos!
Don't screw with me, donkey!
All right, guys, stop fighting.
Why don't we go get some food?
I'm good. It's time for my leg care.
I'm gonna watch some videos.
They're so damn self-centered!
I'll come.
You two, clean up your
junk before I get back!
All right.
We came here together,
but he hasn't said a word.
Is he still mad at me because
of what I said during the match?
You donkey.
I was all hyped up when I said it,
but maybe I overdid it
Yo, Isagi.
I, uh, just wanted to ask you what
you see when you're out on the field.
What kind of soccer do you want to play?
Oh, um, well, my weapons are
my spatial awareness and my direct shot,
so I added movement off the ball
to the mix to get myself in position.
So that's how you control the field?
Coulda told me sooner.
Uh, I told you the other day.
Oh, and I realize now I went too far with
some of the stuff I said, even if it was to win.
I asked you to take back calling me a "donkey,"
but you were right on everything else.
I wasn't mature enough. That's all.
I'm not some chicken who can't change
after learning the meaning of pain.
I'm stronger now because I've died
once and crawled my way back up.
Seriously, dude. You're so cool.
So c'mon, spit it out.
What kind of soccer do you
wanna play with this team?
Thank you, Barou.
I really like who you are right now!
Well, I don't.
I mean, I'm trying to learn more
about you so I can devour your talent
and crush you completely.
If you're thanking a villain, it's only a
matter of time till a new lead takes over.
Yeah, bring it on!
I'll tell you everything about me!
And I'll evolve twice as fast as you!
Hmph. Talk about naïve.
I'll evolve three times as fast.
And I'm not just devouring you.
I'll devour them, too!
Is this mine?
What are you watching?
Some "Sweet tekkers" clips.
I wanna learn how to control the ball.
This guy's really good, isn't he?
I wanna copy him.
Seriously, man? That's Noel Noa.
Who's that?
He's the number one striker
in the world right now.
Oh, that explains it, then.
He's really good.
Are you serious?
You really don't know
anything about soccer, do you?
It's criminal how good you are, considering.
By the way, did you injure
your leg or something?
You mentioned leg care.
Yeah, I did.
My right leg is both a
ticking clock and a partner.
Wow. Does it hurt?
Not anymore.
Though if I bust it again, I'll be in trouble.
But I have no regrets.
Every day, I run with that resolve.
Whoa. That's cool.
There are a bunch of people I need to beat
before I can become the best in the world.
But y'know, Nagi, there are lots more
amazing players with killer first touches.
Really? Tell me who they are.
How much potential do we have?
What kind of soccer can I play with a
reborn Barou, as well as Nagi and Chigiri?
I can't wait to play those guys!
They'd better be cleaning in
It's even messier than before!
Nice. You did it with a shoe, too.
What the hell are you two doing?
We were watching some video clips,
and I had to try it out.
It's Nagi Seishiro's "Let's Control
Everything!" championship.
Hey, that's my shoe!
Wanna try?
Just you wait, Rin and Bachira.
I doubt it somehow.
I'll give in to this surge of excitement
and face whoever stands in our way.
We're gonna win!
Let's go.
One more time!
Nice, Rin-chan.
Are you finally getting serious?
Shut up. You're still half-baked, Bob Cut.
But it's fun to play with me, right?
You'll never beat me with
dribbling that relies on feel.
We won't know that until we try.
But I do know. It may look like you're
having fun when you're dribbling
but really, you're just afraid to fight alone.
You're looking for someone with your soccer.
A half-baked ego like that doesn't excite me.
Bachira Meguru loved soccer.
Awake or asleep, from dawn until dusk,
he had a ball with him at all times.
He especially loved dribbling.
Sometimes, he felt like
Hey, this might work.
he had become one with the ball,
which was the best feeling ever.
"There's nothing in the world more fun
than this." That's what he believed.
This is boring.
Let's go home and play video games.
What? Why?
You should try to be one with the ball, too.
'Cause then you can do amazing stuff!
There's nothing more fun than soccer!
You scare me.
You've got girls' hair.
Let's go, guys. Forget this weirdo.
I'm not a weirdo!
Huh? You creep me out.
I'm not a weirdo!
Shut up, jerk!
You're not a weirdo, Meguru.
I know, Mom.
They're the ones who were doing it wrong.
Well, I wouldn't say that exactly.
It's just they can't feel what you feel.
Then, what am I supposed to do?
I just want to play soccer with people.
It's way more fun than video games.
You're a good boy, Meguru.
It's a wonderful thing to have
something you want to believe in.
Live your life, believing in it.
Everyone wants to believe in something, but as
they grow older, they find they can't anymore.
So they pretend they
can't hear the voice inside,
until eventually, they can
no longer hear what it's saying.
What you're trying to believe in
is so fleeting yet important.
That voice is the voice
of the monster inside you.
Your mom believes in that voice, too.
So it's okay to believe in this feeling of joy
that only I get when playing soccer?
And so, Meguru
started playing soccer with the monster.
Remember our "one team" spirit!
We all fight for our one goal of victory!
All right!
The sky is such a pretty blue.
One team!
Pass to me, Bachira!
But that's no fun.
I wanna pass to three steps beyond that.
The monster would know how to
apply a super-special finish to that!
Ah, too high! I can't reach that!
Bachira! You could've passed it to feet!
My bad.
The sun isn't red. It's white.
"There has to be someone
who feels the same joy I do."
Goal! Noel Noa!
"After all, the strikers on the screen
play like the monster does."
"Someday, I want to play soccer like that."
National High School Soccer Championship Chiba Prelims Final
Arashi Technical High
"I want to find someone who can share
this joy with me at its deepest level."
So slow.
You can't beat the monster like that.
What are you doing?
You held onto it too long!
Stop ball-hogging!
Meguru continued to believe
in the voice of the monster
which most others ignored until they
could not longer hear it at all.
And he continued to believe in the fun of
soccer, which can be so easily forgotten.
Sometimes, he'd get scared.
If he stopped making those plays
that make no sense, he could go pro.
He should've passed there!
Pay more attention to us!
What if he never met
anyone who understood him?
What if he continued to play soccer alone?
Am I a weirdo?
That thought made Meguru feel
like he might die of loneliness.
Welcome home, Meguru.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Just a little tired.
Some mail came for you.
Bachira Meguru-sama
You have been selected
to become a certified athlete
Good job! You should go!
Is it getting more fun now?
Noel Noa?!
Hey, Zico. Pass!
Hey! Pass the ball, Zico!
Whoever's struck by the ball is "it."
Whoever's "it" the moment time
runs out will be locked off.
Also, no using your hands.
What? This isn't soccer.
He's still asleep. Gotcha!
Hey, that's a foul.
If this were a game, that'd be a red card.
Only handballs are against the rules, right?
Hey, I'm not a fan of dirty play.
Play fair.
Mr. Strait-Laced, huh?
In Blue Lock, there were sure to be
many players with varying styles,
and there had to be someone
as good as the monster.
You little shit! Get off of me!
Here's your chance.
This place, where he could play soccer
for real, was like a paradise to him.
Get off me!
Oh, shit. Wait, timeout.
Isagi-kun, hit him! Before it's too late!
But then, what if there was
no one here better than the monster?
No one who understood him
That's not right.
If I don't change,
I'll still be the same person.
I came here to change my life.
I came here to become
the best in the world.
I like you.
If that happened, he'd go back to those days
where he felt like he might die of loneliness.
You're right. If you're
gonna beat someone
it should be the strongest one here.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
So even though I'm a little scared
if I don't find anyone here,
I'd be beyond sad.
Okay. Right there.
The true monster I've been waiting for,
longing for, searching for, for so long
If this "friend" exists, he'll be right there.
Found him.
The strongest guy
Meguru felt like he'd been told:
"Pass it to him."
"This is the monster."
That's why Meguru believes in Isagi Yoichi.
Ever since then, I've believed
Isagi Yoichi was the one
who could understand my soccer the best,
and share the joy of it with me.
And that hasn't changed.
It may look like you're having
fun when you're dribbling
but really, you're just afraid to fight alone.
You're looking for someone with your soccer.
Hey, Rin-chan. How'd you know
I was looking for someone?
No one's said anything
like that to me before.
The guy who noticed the monster inside me
I have a monster inside of me.
Huh? What does that mean?
Um, I guess it's like a vision
of the soccer I want to play.
I came to Blue Lock to find
that monster in real life.
Who cares?
Because you're so obsessed
with something that childish,
your play is wimpy and half-baked.
Go play soccer with your monster
for the rest of your life.
In the meantime, I'm going to
become the best in the world.
Maybe he's another monster
I don't fully understand yet.
A different kind from Isagi.
Yo, Bachira. I've been looking for you.
As I promised, I've come to get you back.
And Meguru fights to find out
Let's do this, Rin.
which of these two monsters,
Isagi Yoichi and Itoshi Rin,
can delight his heart more.
Blue Lock, Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Blue Lock
Guess the three of us will
have to team up to advance.
The Team of
Late Starters
Iemon Okuhito
Because of your rep as a traitor,
no one wants to team up with you, right, Kuon?
Yeah, sorry about that.
Kuon Wataru
It's totally fine if you want
to choose someone else.
Nah, it's all good.
Imamura Yudai
Iemon and I are both late starters
'cause we were slow to clear the last stage.
I'd rather team up with
someone I know and move forward,
than get disqualified
'cause we're being picky.
But if you betray us again,
you'll be sentenced to death!
Kuon + Imamura + Iemon
teamed up
Seriously, if I ever do it again,
you can just end me. I mean it.
Ah, finally.
Kuon + Imamura + Iemon
teamed up
I finally get to play in a position
that isn't the goalie!
Looking back, I haven't done anything
remotely striker-like since I got here.
Ah, it's been so long.
But those days of anguish end now.
At long last, I can take
my first steps as a striker
Iemon, you're in goal again, 'kay?
No no I don't wanna
I'm only kidding!
Sorry, sorry. There's no need to cry.
Due to Iemon
passing out,
their start was
even more
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