Blue Lock (2022) s01e20 Episode Script

Super Link-Up Play

U-Uh, if possible, I'd like you
to hit a pass or two to me, too
Th-That was too bold of me,
wasn't it? Forgive me.
Keep it coming my way.
I will score glam goals
and win the game for us.
Hey. Let's get this over
with quickly and move on.
Instant kill.
Sure thing.
Let's go play
some really fun soccer!
Episode 20
Super Link-Up Play
4th Stage
2nd Selection
4v4 Rivalry Battle
What do you use on your hair?
Just the stuff in the communal
bath, like everyone else.
But your cuticles are way too glam.
You must have natural-born glam.
Don't touch my hair.
Oh, sorry. Your hair's just too beautiful.
I obey the laws of glam.
It's an honor to be taking on
a fellow member of the glam fam.
Nice to meet you, Chigiri Hyoma.
He's so tall.
So this is who I'm matched up with, huh?
You have rather a classical-sounding
name, in spite of how you look.
Nice to meet you, Aryu Jyubei-san.
Don't call me that!
That first name is totally not glam!
It oozes with the unmistakable
outdatedness of a Warring States samurai.
It is my only complex.
Let me erase all thought of it
with some glam poses!
Ah, stop, Aryu-kun!
If you move around too much,
you'll use up all your energy!
H-Hey, Isagi, are you sure
these guys are strong?
Aryu-kun? What is it?
Yeah, they're really good at soccer.
Are you okay? You're still stylish, Aryu-kun!
Shut up, all of you!
Get into your formation
already and let's do this.
Yikes! I'm sorry!
U-Um, do you think we could take a rain check?
Well, Aryu-kun's in a state,
so let's wait till we're all at our best—
Get in position or I'll kill you.
Ah, we're done for. This is the end.
An authoritative guy like him
will end up running society.
Confident people will always win
and live happily ever after.
They don't even know our pain.
They just keep winning
without suffering any setbacks.
Isagi, we're changing formation.
I'm gonna end this super-negative shithead.
Who exactly hasn't
suffered setbacks? Huh?!
Oh man, you're terrifying!
I can't budge him?
Is he some kind of super strong herbivore?
Okay. In that case, could you switch
positions with Barou Um, Nagi?
Sorry, Isagi. But can I make a request, too?
I have to do something that excites me.
Otherwise, not choosing Reo was pointless.
I want to play against the number one.
I want to become stronger.
But if you lose, I'll crush you myself.
I'll be the one who devours
everything on this field.
So, with that sorted
Let's do this, Bachira.
Put everything on the line.
Throw everything at him.
The winner
will be me!
Are you ready, Isagi?
Let's start with
Ultra-fast scissors, cranked up to the max?
Just try and take it.
One backward false step
and a quick turn!
What? I used to be able to
shake him with that move.
What happened? Did he read it?
He's looking around the
whole field to position himself.
He's not just focused on our one-on-one.
He's stopping me from going
the way he doesn't want me to go.
Nagi's on that side, so they can recover
if Isagi's slow to defend.
But on this side, there's no one behind,
so if I run past him, I'm through on goal.
He matched up with me, knowing this was
the most critical point in their defense.
His assessment of the situation in
the moment is on a whole new level!
What's up, Bachira? Try and run past me.
I see that how you use your eyes has evolved.
In that case, I'll gamble
on attacking down this side!
Figured you would.
I'll take that, Blunt Bangs.
He read my movement and
came to double up on me with Isagi?
Bachira-kun, hit it back here!
If I must.
Damn it!
Move, bastard!
Huh? What are they doing?
I thought they'd positioned
themselves to work in combination.
But they used the other one and
devoured them while competing for the ball?
Link-up devouring? It's an anti-combo!
How am I supposed to
read that on first sight?
Float one over.
I know just where you want it.
A slice. Nice ball.
So he's not rushing in
because he's wary of my first touch.
I'm not a fan of the awkward
amount of space he's giving me.
If I knock it forward without slowing,
he has time to react.
If I stop the ball here,
he only has to take a step and he's on me.
What superb positioning.
All it took was one game for you to be able
to read my game this well, Itoshi Rin?
That's a genius for you.
Now, what should I do?
You feeling this?
It's the only spot available
Red Panther.
Bring it on. I'll run past everyone!
That was a very glam pass.
If I gauge the distance of Aryu and Rin,
with me running at top speed
In that split second before we all collide
That's the coordinates of my one
and only chance to smash through!
Whoa. Are these guys for real?
They seized the ball through
the anti-combo of Isagi and Barou.
And the moment they got it, Isagi and
Nagi instantly shared the same vision.
Nagi responded by taking it down
superbly and hitting a killer pass.
And Chigirin's legs were
able to react to all of it.
This is the chemical reaction
they've come up with to beat us.
This super link-up play!
They are truly worthy opponents.
All right!
Nice one, missy.
I've been waiting for you, egoist.
The monster inside me is over the moon.
It's 35 meters to the goal.
Even for Rin, that's not a
distance he can shoot from.
And yet
Is it just me or have they gotten stronger?
The glam in my veins is all aquiver.
There's no way the Top Three
will allow it to end here!
But we'll keep on attacking
so they get no time to rest.
We are
the challengers!
Let's do this, Isagi.
It won't make it so easy this time.
Silky dribbling while
keeping one eye on Barou
It's impossible to take the ball off
Bachira when he's on the move.
Down the wing? Aryu?
No, we'll be fine.
Nagi's in our half and
Chigiri's tracking back.
It's only an issue if he gets past me.
We can handle everything else.
Blunt Bangs!
He stopped dribbling?
Nice one, Barou. Now we can steal it.
Huh? A no-look pass?
It got through! Aryu-kun!
Get it, missy!
That reach is practically cheating.
Don't make me laugh.
This airspace is my territory.
And all I need to do is to release it
before you catch up!
I-It's here! M-My ball!
No, it's my ball, you musclebound dumpling!
It's the scary gorilla man!
Who you calling a gorilla?
This guy
Even with my strength, I can't budge him?
I hate this!
Is his core super strong?
A one-touch pass? But to who?
That's inside Rin's shooting range!
No, I'm here.
I won't let him.
Are you just gonna blast it?
Nagi's seen through it. There shouldn't
be any routes for the shot now.
No! That's exactly why this will work.
A fake shot!
He lured Nagi in.
Rin's one step ahead.
But with the time that took him
I can catch up!
Nice covering, Isagi!
We'll double up on him!
Chigiri, nice!
Now it's two against one.
Crap. Now it's two-on-two!
Will he pass or dribble?
He's gonna shoot it between us?
Talk about getting greedy!
No, you're wrong.
This is a fake out, too!
He didn't give us time to think
after it became a two-on-two.
Tch, it's no good.
Everyone on the field's being manipulated
according to Rin's master plan!
Shooting, dribbling, situational
awareness, an eye for strategy
Rin is a monster who can create
limitless variations by himself,
without needing any chemical reactions!
He's on a whole other level!
Damn it!
Huh. Looks like you finally learned
how to use your eyes on the field of play.
But playing half-baked soccer like that
will never make my heart dance.
Seriously, how are we
supposed to stop that?
No. We might not have
stopped it, but we were close.
In the last match, I couldn't
even grasp why we lost.
But this time, I understood the logic
behind every move Rin made.
If I devour him, I can win!
Come up with a way to neutralize
Rin and take control the field.
N-Nice goal!
I'm giving you one glam point
for that jumping shot.
Are you kidding me?
I had no idea Rin was that good.
Sorry, I couldn't stop him at all.
But how does he even make a play like that?
Maybe his thinking is
just simply next level?
No, I can explain why he
managed to get past you.
In that play just now
Rin positioned himself to receive
the ball within his shooting range.
We lost the initiative because all we could
think about was how to react to that.
Predict the future of the
field a few steps ahead,
and pull us in by making us
unable to think for ourselves.
That's likely Rin's standard operating spec.
Man, I don't know if my operating
system can keep up with that.
But you know, Isagi
Your spec must also be pretty out there if
you can instantly analyze Rin's play like that.
I see.
So I'm the only one on this field who can
keep up with how Rin's mind works?
Then, the only things that can stop him
are my eyes and brain!
It's still 1-1. Come on!
Yes, our attack works.
The counterattack
starts here.
Against Aryu and his long reach,
should we take him on or bypass him?
Rin's taken up a position where he can
respond to whatever Chigiri chooses to do.
Though that leaves Nagi free.
Bachira can't mark both
Nagi and me by himself!
The moment everyone targets Nagi
Run behind and emerge from the blind spot!
Notice me, Chigiri! Pass it here!
Nice. That's perf—
Is he serious?
He read my off-the-ball
movements perfectly!
Damn it!
So my movement was part
of his calculations, too?
He must be seeing the same
vision of the field as me! But
Rin gets there one step before me!
I won't let you.
Stop showing off, brat.
Oh? You're passing it to me, Rin-chan?
Now take the ball toward the goal.
Yessir! Aye-aye, sir!
Get back! It's a counter!
Damn it!
Amazing, Isagi. You've improved so much,
you can even face Rin head-on.
No fair. I want in.
Lemme introduce some more
ideas to this field!
A shot? No
It has backspin on it?
It started off as a daisy cutter,
then flew up. Is it a super-long pass?
But it's not to Rin. Bachira's target is
Sublime vertical spin. Sheer poetry.
But Chigiri will catch up
to him with his speed!
Hey, glam jackass. I'm gunning for you.
I'm here, too, you know.
Nagi's also back in front of the goal.
Nagi can match Aryu for height,
and Chigiri can get to where
the ball will drop before he does!
This pass isn't getting through!
Notice it, Mr. Glam.
See the line of the pass,
instead of a dot on the field.
I see.
If I wait for the ball to reach the end
of its arc, someone else will get it.
That's why I must meet the ball
in the middle of its arc.
Only I can reach
this midair end point!
Jumping already?
You're kidding me.
I dance.
Crap! This is the chemical reaction
between Aryu and Bachira!
The Top Three who were only
fighting individually before
are now starting to link up as a team!
I thought we could win if we stopped Rin.
Bachira's ideas are accelerating
the evolution of this game.
I'm grateful, Bachira Meguru.
Your pass led me to glam
that I hadn't yet explored.
My pleasure.
This is the final showdown!
What a game!
This game is crazy.
Isagi and Rin are going at it,
battling for control over the field.
On top of that, we have our
hands full just dealing with Rin,
but now his ideas are becoming the catalyst
for the Top Three's chemical reactions!
So half-baked.
Bleeding stemmed.
We came back to lead.
Aw, man. Now they're more than
just a team of individual skills.
They're seriously strong.
Man, oh man
I really want to crush them!
The only reason I can be so fired up
is because Reo introduced me
to this world back then.
Hey, Reo.
Maybe you were right about me.
I came to Blue Lock, played soccer,
learned defeat, and yes, I changed.
But I want to get stronger.
I'm sorry, Reo.
I'm sorry I'm not with you.
Nagi, we won't let them run away with it.
I'm sorry I'm changing without you.
Let's devour them all.
I'm sorry I'm fighting alongside Isagi.
Please, for now, let me do this.
We can do this all day.
We'll stop you every time.
Hey, Chigiri!
Pass me the ball!
No! You can't do that!
Get lost!
Isagi's always looking
for a pass from Chigiri.
Plus the perfect position for his
direct shot that even Rin can't touch
by using Barou, who's constantly
buzzing around Chigiri, as a decoy.
But Rin can see through that.
Quite frankly, I don't really
know what those two are seeing.
But maybe the level of vision
they're seeing is the same.
So the reason Isagi can't beat Rin is due
to the differences in their physical skills.
Spatial Awareness
That's why Isagi can't take that last step.
In that case, I will be
the final piece!
Isagi. Rin.
The future of the field you two
are envisioning and drawing
I'm going to obliterate it!
Come on. Try to respond.
Don't assume I'm the type of person
to stay within your expectations!
That was a quick response!
I'm within reach for him.
In that case, I'll leave it.
C'mon, Isagi. Read the battlefield situation!
So that I can score a goal
Redraw the future of
this field in an instant!
Go direct behind Rin.
Whoa, him again?
Even though it was a perfect pass,
he read it and caught up, if just barely.
In that case
I'll shoot!
Or rather, I'll control it.
And then
My two-stage fake volley!
Are you a god or something?
With Isagi, there's no limit
to how strong I can get.
Sorry, Reo.
Now that I know how good this feels,
I can't go back to how I was before.
What was that?
Big glam, that's what.
They got you, Rin-chan.
Still think this is half-baked?
Shut up, Bob Cut.
I also get fired up when I'm frustrated.
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Blue Lock
And therefore, uh
Nagi's School Life
Nagi Seishiro
O-Oh! This bit is very important,
so pay attention!
Mikage Reo
1st Period
Nod off
2nd Period
3rd Period
He's totally asleep.
Wait, is he dead?
M-Minovsky particles!
This is World History! No one would ask about
that! You're going to fail this class!
Test Scores World History
Mikage Reo
Nagi Seishiro
You're amazing, Reo.
You're in first place.
No, you're more amazing for coming second.
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