Blue Lock (2022) s01e21 Episode Script

I'm Not There

That was sick!
Wait, did he seriously fake shot it
into the air with some crazy spin,
then when it floated down,
took the shot again and scored?
That was a miraculous bit of skill!
Calling something like that "miraculous"
shows just how average you are, Anri-chan.
B-But that was top-drawer stuff, wasn't it?
It's not like you could reproduce that
any time you want. No way.
I don't know about that.
The iron mentality that you will score,
the skills to make it happen,
the situation on the field,
the environment the player is in
If all conditions are optimal, a performance
can go beyond human understanding.
Miraculous events can
be explained, Anri-chan.
And a formula for them awaits
at the end of this selection.
Nagi! Nice goal!
We're only level. We need another.
I finally did it.
I beat Rin for the first time!
With Nagi, I can go head-to-head with Rin!
But that won't help me to become
the best striker in the world.
I want to be able to beat Rin by myself!
This is where the monster party begins.
Okay, the real game starts now.
My spatial awareness
and Nagi's first touch.
We've proved we can beat Rin if
we combine our strengths effectively.
But that goal can't be reproduced unless
we repeat the many moves that got us there.
To beat Rin, it's imperative
we create a condition
where our parameters
become better than his.
And the fact that this is a real seesaw game
is proof that my eyes and brain have
evolved and are on the same level as his.
If we can make it a 50-50 with Rin,
our weapons can work against him!
But so what?
If I can't beat Rin on my own,
I can't become the best striker in the world.
Just being equal isn't enough.
I have to read the play and get to the
future of this field before Rin does!
Wh-Wh-What do we do now?
They caught up to us.
We won't let it end this way.
Stop babbling.
From now on, I'm in control of this field.
If you want to win,
bust a gut to keep up with me.
Uh, is he mad?
He's unusually fired up.
Love it. Show us your
serious mode, Rin-chan.
Okay, let's go.
The second half has kicked off!
What? This way? But wait
In the path of the scary gorilla?
Please get outta my way!
You messed up. I'll get there first.
No, before Barou can get to the ball
the backspin will take it toward Tokimitsu!
Oh, hey, maybe I will reach it.
Tch. A shoulder charge.
His muscles are no joke.
He made Tokimitsu hold up the ball while
he moves to a better position to receive it.
A first-time pass from there?
Crap! He's one step faster than I can read!
Unlike Bachira Meguru's
creative pass earlier,
this is a lofted pass that tests my limits.
I only have one option.
I accept the challenge.
Aerial Chest Takedown!
Neat. Still caught up to you, though.
Sneaky bastard. If you position
yourself there with that timing,
I have no choice but to
pass to you, Itoshi Rin!
Nagi! Block Rin's shooting paths!
I'm already gone.
A two-on-two out in front.
Will he shoot, dribble, or pass to Bachira?
A shot? No
Don't charge in. Just put out a leg.
I know it's a feint.
I won't fall for it a second time!
Huh? A roulette there? That's impossible.
I saw through you.
I got there. I was one step
ahead of Rin's vision!
You're two steps too slow.
Where is it?
You're giving it to me now?
Huh? When did
Wait, he read my thoughts?!
I see. So you weren't reading him at all.
You were being manipulated.
Are you serious?
Tokimitsu's physique, Aryu's powerful jump,
and even my reading of the field
All of us were just
Itoshi Rin's puppets!
So this is Rin's serious mode.
This "puppet master" style of soccer!
What made you think a mere
NPC like you could read me?
Rin-chan, you super sadist.
So that's Rin's serious mode, huh?
He controls everyone on the field,
regardless of whether they're friend or foe.
High five!
Hm? No high five, then?
Don't touch me, NPC No. 2.
Come to think of it, it was the
same when we first faced him.
The essence of his soccer is to control
people by manipulating their thoughts.
He only did it when it
involved himself before,
but now, he's manipulating
everyone on the field!
And he achieves this by
assessing each of our skills
and cranking them up to their full potential
to create the high-level future he envisions.
It's a technique that's only
possible with the right skills,
an eye for tactics,
and the physique to pull it off.
You're really that incredible, Itoshi Rin?
Can I really devour a genius like him?
If we try anything conventional, he'll read it.
We have to break away from
his vision of the field, right?
You said it.
We need to make it so he can't
keep up, even if he sees the logic.
The level of difficulty will be super high,
but if we use our weapons to the max
There's a chance we can outrun him.
Let's go.
It's the only way.
If it doesn't work, then
Read the field. There's no room for error!
I'll trigger a chemical reaction
and launch an all-out attack!
They changed up their defense?
Now Rin's pressing and Bachira's the anchor.
What's the play here?
I don't get it.
I will bet on your speed.
Sticking to the same old pattern, huh?
Shut up.
I'm best at straight-lining it,
but since they'll be ready for that
I'll flick it, cut inside at top speed
and leave him for dust!
Nice, Chigiri!
We broke through their line.
Let's use this momentum to crush them!
Rin. Of course he sensed the danger.
Should I take him on?
No, if he's out here
there's one less player inside!
Go for it, Nagi!
A cross with spin that wakes you up.
It's coming.
A bunched-up two-on-two.
Tokimitsu's going for the tackle,
and Bachira's waiting to see what Nagi does.
So I'll target their blind
spot and run outside!
Then, when Bachira reacts,
I'll change direction
Right here?
and complete the crossover
by running past on the inside!
We're in behind.
Now all that's left is for me to score!
Huh? You're kidding, right?
But how?
Did he read my vision from behind and
recover to the spot where he knew I'd be?
What do I do? Do I shoot?
No, he'll just block my shot.
At least I can keep possession
Damn it. That won't work.
Not with my physique.
Even our perfect chemical reaction
is nothing but a puppet show in his
mind's eye when he's in serious mode!
I win this one, Isagi.
It's mine!
Huh?! He stole it from his teammate?!
That guy
Is he serious?
Did he just steamroll
through Rin's imagination?
He's been waiting patiently
with an empty stomach
for the chance to strike at
his prey from its blind spot
for the moment of the hunt
that will satisfy his hunger!
What kind of soccer is this?
I see.
Stealing from your teammate isn't in
his playbook, so he can't anticipate it.
That's why it worked!
Against Rin's meticulous playstyle,
Barou's playstyle as the
villain of the field is
an anomaly he can't control!
That's the whole basis of King Barou's game!
What's the matter?
Why don't you try to control me
Mr. Absurdly-Long Bottom Lashes?
I need more, Isagi.
I need more to devour.
The King of the Heels.
Barou's obsessed with devouring me,
and that makes him too much of an
anomaly for Rin's genius to predict.
Due to Rin's playstyle of
processing everything rationally,
he couldn't read the selfish soccer
of Barou Shouei, King of the Heels.
I see.
I need to be someone Rin can't read.
That way, he can't control me.
Barou's the bug in this field's programming.
He is the key to vanquishing Rin.
Who knows how this
match will play out now?
What's wrong with that gorilla man?
It's not so easy anymore, is it, Rin-chan?
I've already inputted what I need.
It won't happen again.
We'll use the Barou bug to
create something unpredictable!
Chigiri, can you beast
them with your pressing?
I want you to put pressure on
the ball carrier with your speed.
Okay. I'll make them dance for me.
That means I'm marking the glam guy.
Try and outrun me, genius.
Cool. So you want me to
dribble through 'em, huh?
All right, let's have some fun—
You're keeping your distance?
You're wary that I'll get past you, huh?
Whoa, it's Chigirin.
Damn, man. So fast.
I got it.
So you're using your speedster to press and
making it a two-on-one by doubling up on me.
Oh, hey. Rin-chan's waiting
for the ball in a great spot.
No, Isagi's responding to his movement.
Oh, I see. By using Chigirin to confuse us
and slow down our decision-making,
Isagi's giving himself time to keep up
with Rin-chan's off-the-ball movements.
In that case, I'll just have
to carve open a route by myself.
I've never gone up against
you before, Bachira.
True! Please go easy on me.
It's my dribbling versus Chigirin's speed!
Wow. He's crazy fast.
Even if I steal a yard on him,
he can recover in no time.
In that case
Roll up, roll up!
Which way will I go?
I'm halfway past him. I can pass it now.
Huh? Isagi?
Weren't you over by Rin-chan?
Surely you weren't waiting for me to do that?
Crap. He got me.
No, I can squeak between them
Just barely!
All righty!
Devour him, Barou.
They really got me. It was all to set up Barou.
Isagi used himself as bait and created
a path for Barou to steal the ball.
No! Stop!
Go! Get past him and you can score!
Move aside, Glum Guns.
A chop feint?
This is how to use the anomaly named Barou.
You're not getting through.
The ball is out of play.
Throw-in to Team White.
Aw, damn it!
No, he didn't read that.
He reacted just in time.
Rin positioned himself somewhere he could
respond to Barou's unpredictable play.
One wrong move, and either Rin or I
could have given up a goal there.
I'm using Barou's
unpredictability to its maximum,
while Rin's trying to
minimize the damage he can do.
The one who can control Barou
and this field will win this match!
They're incredible.
They're reading each other and
competing at an unbelievable level.
There are two monsters on this field now.
I'm seeing the soccer
I've always wanted to play
unfold right in front of my eyes.
My dream is finally coming true.
I can play soccer with monsters!
What? I'm right here, and yet
I'm no longer alone, and yet
In the world these two inhabit
I don't exist.
Why are you two playing soccer
in a place unknown to me?
Don't leave me behind.
For me, you two are the
monsters I've been looking for.
But what am I to you?
Was I the one being tested?
The ball is out of play.
Throw-in to Team Red.
Nice, Chigiri!
Sorry. I was actually
planning on passing to you.
I'm sorry, too. If I'd been one step faster,
I could've gotten the ball.
Hey, are you all right?
Is it your knee?
No, I'm just running on empty.
But don't worry about me.
If you lose to Rin, I'll kill you.
I know.
And you keep those legs
motoring until you keel over.
You don't need to tell me.
That was already my plan.
Thanks to Chigiri's pressing, I'm able to
keep up with Rin's reading of the field.
But it's impossible to keep
running around at that speed.
And it's not just Chigiri.
Everyone's stamina is draining
at a rapid rate, me included.
If we keep up this kind of maximum-level
performance and end up tired,
the quality of our passing and
initial movements will be affected.
The one who catches these changes will
dominate the final phase of this match!
Wah! I-I'll return the ball, Rin-kun!
Me again?
What is this attack?
These two are forging upfield.
This is a new pattern.
They're moving the ball before Chigiri
can press or I can make a decision.
But it's not like Rin's doing
anything special with his passes
No, that's not true!
The player making this
breakaway possible
is the only one who hasn't slowed
at all in this final phase of the game,
Hold it!
and who keeps moving in
response to Rin's passes.
Stop him, Barou!
It's the guy with the monster
physique and unlimited stamina!
There's more to Tokimitsu than his muscles!
Ah, finally. The pass into the
box that'll open things up
Oh no you don't!
Wait, huh?
For a tackle from behind
and malicious sliding respectively,
Barou Shouei and Chigiri Hyoma
both get yellow cards.
Huh?! I was just hugging the guy!
I went for the ball!
Do your job properly, you useless VAR!
I-I'm sorry, Rin-kun. I only got a free kick.
Damn it.
That chemical reaction between
Rin and Tokimitsu just now
could've been avoided if
I'd caught it before Rin did.
But it's not like they scored from it.
This free kick won't go
the way they want it to!
I'm not liking the distance.
It's totally within range for Rin.
Scooch this way a bit.
Right. A two-man wall, huh?
Will he go for the shot or choose to pass?
Those are Rin's only choices.
My choices are: be part of
the wall in case he shoots,
and if he passes, dart to the side
where we're outnumbered.
But if I jump, I'll be slow into the press.
I need to wait for the
moment he kicks it to decide.
Is it a shot? Or a pass?
Which one?!
A topspin shot that starts
dipping just above my head?
He got me.
He didn't give me time to react.
It was an ultra-fast pinpoint
free kick just above me!
You wavered between
pass and shot, didn't you?
Your analysis is so off.
This situation was never
two choices to begin with.
My goal.
That was the only choice.
I see.
Both Rin and Isagi are listening to their
own egos and scoring goals for themselves.
Then, why am I playing soccer?
To find the "true monster"?
Because I want "a friend"?
No, I won't catch up to
those two with reasons like that.
What is my ego?
Episode 21
I'm Not There
Blue Lock, Additional Time.
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
Additional Time!
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
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Blue Lock
Additional Time!
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Blue Lock
Additional Time!
Another Team of Three
Another Team of Three
m 50 0 b 100 0 100 100 50 100 b 0 100 0 0 50 0
m 50 0 b 100 0 100 100 50 100 b 0 100 0 0 50 0
Niko Ikki
Niko Ikki
I need to think long and hard
about who to team up with.
The clever choice would be to pick
someone with a weapon I don't have.
Someone useful Someone useful
Oh, hey. He's super-fast and super-dumb.
Tsurugi Zantetsu
Tsurugi Zantetsu
Zantetsu-kun, have you decided
who you're going to team up with?
Well, for now, I'm waiting for Nagi and Reo.
Maybe he'll fit the bill.
Are you sure they haven't moved on already?
I guess there's a logic to that.
Aw, man. Now I have to zero-base reschedule.
I don't think he'd
entertained that possibility.
Well, what about teaming up with me?
What would be the merries
of this commitment?
Do you mean "merits"?
Yeah, those.
I can use you better than anyone else can.
I play
Go! Zantetsu-kun!
I don't really make mistakes.
Deadly Striker
I can hide my stupidity and look cool!
Very well.
They do say, "Yesterday's
friend is today's friend."
You mean "Yesterday's enemy."
He really is dumb.
So? Who else do you want to pick?
Our other member should be
+ Niko
teamed up
some guy who actually makes sense.
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