Blue Mountain State (2009) s02e13 Episode Script


And the final seconds tick off the clock.
The Goats have done it, 12 and 0.
A perfect season for Coach Marty Daniels and the number one ranked Blue Mountain State, and they did it behind the arm of backup quarterback Alex Moran.
Simply incredible.
And They said I couldn't do it.
They said I was washed up.
Well, they can kiss my ass because we're number one! Where's Moran? Where's Moran? I gotta be honest, son.
I didn't expect too much from you today.
But you played a hell of a game.
I'm as surprised as you are, Coach.
But it all would have been for nothing if it wasn't for the game-saving goal line tackle by our captain Thad Castle.
Come on and get your game ball, son.
Thank you, Coach.
You know, this might have been my last game ever here at BMS.
There's a lot I want to say about my career here and the season as a whole, but let's save the waterworks for when the reporters get here.
All right, buddy.
Listen So you're just gonna give Thad the game ball? He's the one who injured my shoulder.
I carried this team the whole season.
I should be getting that game ball.
Yeah, shoulda, coulda, woulda.
Hell with this team.
Hey, Radon, wait a minute.
They're going crazy out there.
Who's going crazy? Get that asshole out of here.
It's a riot! What's going on outside? It's probably just the media trying to interview me.
Are you serious right now? Yeah.
You are witnessing what appears to be the biggest sports riot Blue Mountain State has seen in nearly 20 years.
The last such riot at BMS resulted in $500,000 worth of damages, 39 injuries, and of course, the worst tragedy of all, the beloved Mountain Goat mascot was mauled and hung from the football house balcony.
I'm Julia King and I'm reporting live Oh, my God.
Where's Sammy? What the hell are they rioting for out there? We won! The biggest sports riots in history happen after wins.
Iowa State, Maryland, L.
I'll call Alex.
He'll come for us.
Damn it.
No signal.
What makes you think Alex Moran would come for someone like you? If he's coming for anyone, he's coming for us.
We're practically dating him.
Guys, Alex isn't coming for anybody.
He threw four touchdown passes.
He's probably out there partying his ass off with the rest of 'em.
He'll come for us.
I know it.
Look, I can't take this anymore.
I gotta go find Sammy.
There's a good chance he's already dead, Moran.
You should just wait here for the reporters.
I'm sure they'll be interested in talking to you, too, especially if your friend is dead.
Mary Jo? They're at the Goat House.
What are they doing to my house? Somebody call the police! The police? Do you see what's going on out there? Yeah Yes.
The police are useless.
Thad, the only people who can stop them is us.
All the work I've done to turn BMS into a respectable institution is being destroyed on national television.
I think it's romantic.
Us trapped in this room, danger right outside the door.
Anything could happen.
This isn't just about Sammy and Mary Jo.
If the Goat House gets destroyed, we lose everything.
The beer.
The drugs.
Our home.
Stop! You had me at drugs.
Me, too.
Thank you, Donnie.
You guys are gonna need a better leader than Moran.
So you have my sword.
Mine, too.
Great, okay.
Can we go? Do not let our tale go untold.
Especially mine.
I got the game ball today, so All right, so the Goat House is half a mile that way.
We can sneak across campus through these buildings, all right? Moran, the day you save the game with that goal line stand after I fumble on our own one-yard line is the day I start listening to you.
There's nothing to be scared of.
Really? Did you see that? Shh! Don't move.
BMS! Woo! Yeah! Football players.
Football players! Go, go, go, go, run, go! Right here! No, take me! Take me! - No, Larry! No, Larry! Save the Goat House! Save the Goat House! Save the Goat House! Bring out the goat! Get the goat! Get the goat! If they get through that door I'm a dead man! They're so drunk and blinded by joy, they've stopped seeing you as a human being.
To them you're just the goat.
They want the goat's blood.
I want a dying wish.
Well, this brings back old memories, doesn't it? How could you two be drinking at a time like this? This is old hat for us.
We met during one of these.
You met during a riot? Yeah, it was my first year of coaching.
Oh, and I was a freshman cheerleader.
My boyfriend was pinned under his Mustang after the rioters flipped it.
And I pulled her into this very locker room.
How is this happening? I took every precaution to keep things safe.
I even had them stop serving alcohol at halftime.
You did what? You don't cut off a stadium full of BMS fans at halftime.
Now they're drunk enough to riot but they're not drunk enough to pass out.
Don't you raise your voice to me, Marty.
I'm still your boss.
Warren, honey, listen to me.
You're always talking about how the students respect you, right? Yeah.
You need to go out there and talk to them, okay? Fine.
Dean Simon to the rescue, again.
No! No, Larry! He's gone.
Forget about him.
He's gone, man! Can we go back to the locker room, please? No, we've gotta keep moving.
Moran's right.
How else is the world gonna know that I got the game ball? Let's go! Come on, Donnie.
Let's go! Whoa, guys, food.
I haven't eaten since halftime.
Donnie, we gotta go.
You know how my blood sugar gets.
Chips or chocolate? Chips or chocolate? Come on, we gotta go, Donnie! I got it! I got it, guys.
I got it.
Okay, okay, good.
I'm stuck.
What? Alex, I'm stuck.
Alex, help me! Thad, help me! Help me! Donnie! Help me! Oh, yeah.
There it is.
You know, they say you should live each day like it could be your last.
But we never really do Oh, my God! Holy shit! Wow! God damn it! Wow! Sammy, I know what you're doing.
And I love it.
What can I do to help? Mary Jo, I've got everything under control, don't you - 12 and 0! Right.
You protect the Goat House, I'm gonna try and go bang those cheerleaders.
Remember, don't use condoms.
They're a waste of time in a situation like this.
Harmon, get the door.
Oh, great.
The book room? Can't we find somewhere else to hide? This is my least favorite room on campus.
This is the safest place on campus during a riot.
No one parties in here.
I can't stop thinking about the drugs and the booze, you guys.
I mean, the hardest part is not knowing.
You know what I mean? I remember the first time I did 'shrooms.
I was 10.
My uncle Dennis sold them to me at my mom's birthday party.
I was tripping so hard I thought the deviled eggs were trying to suck on my balls.
Do you know what? I let 'em, 'cause it felt fantastic.
The first time I met Sammy I thought he was dead.
We both went to summer camp together.
The big kids kept dunking his head in the lake over and over again, and his body went limp.
Everyone thought he was gone.
Then the nurse gave him mouth-to-mouth and brought him back.
Found out later he was faking the whole thing so he could make out with the hot nurse.
That's when he became my hero, my best friend.
I've lived in the Goat House since my freshman year.
And I carry the flame of all the captains that have gone before me.
I will not let that go out on my watch.
They're storming the library.
Get up, get up! You said nobody comes here.
I didn't know they were gonna find us! Maybe they read my blog.
You gave our whereabouts to them on a blog? Wait, you write a blog? How else is the media gonna know where to find me? The bottom line is that the nation is watching.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
I forgot how much I like you after a big win.
It's the only time we ever got along.
That's true.
You know, I had a heart attack last week.
I know.
I almost died.
Would have been nice if you had called me.
I prayed for you.
Did you Did you touch yourself? It's the leader.
Praise the leader.
The leader's here.
Oh, shit.
Look who it is.
Oh, God.
Thank God it's you.
We need to go to the Goat House.
We need your help.
Can you help us? Of course I can help you.
I've got enough tear gas and tasers to get you to the White House.
But why should I? You guys didn't need me earlier today.
Oh, come on! What's it gonna take? I want that game ball.
What? No way.
Charge! Hold on! Hold on! Look, I'll get you something better.
Yeah, if you help me save Sammy and the Goat House, the papers aren't gonna say anything about game balls tomorrow.
No, the headlines are gonna read, "Goats 12-0.
" "Radon Randell saves the day.
" I'll do it.
Move out! Okay, but we've gotta hurry because there's no telling what Sammy's going through right now.
Come on, Alex.
What's taking so long? How do we even know they're gonna kill Sammy? You think what's going on outside this door is a joke? If we sleep with him, it's only going to be out of pity.
Is he gonna be okay with that? I wouldn't have it any other way, ladies.
Now quick, get upstairs and bang my brother.
Go, go, go! Thank you.
You can thank me when you're done laying pipe.
Now go.
till I was 24 years old, I had no idea - 12 and 0! You're pretty good at this.
- I'm from Detroit.
Our sports fans invented rioting.
Where'd you get the police gear? From a police officer.
Harmon! Stop the cart! No, no, no.
You gotta keep going.
You gotta keep going, man.
If we stop, it's over.
Go, go, go, go! - Go! Save the drugs! Let's go, bitches.
All right, you two are kissing each other at the end of the bed, staring at me.
You, you're in the corner touching yourself, watching them watching me getting double-teamed by Kate and Kara.
Maybe we should hurry this up.
Yeah, um It's my dying wish, Kate.
I kind of want to get this right.
So maybe when you're about to die, you can have your own fantasy.
You two, start kissing each other at the end of the bed.
You, get in the corner and start touching yourself.
And you two, get on top of me.
The rest of you, just fill in where you see fit.
And action.
They're animals.
Marty You've got to talk to them.
They respect you.
You can put a stop to this.
Get on your knees.
Excuse me? Get on your knees and ask me again.
Marty, will you put an end to this riot? Let me think about it.
Wait a second.
Where's Debra? Debra? What the hell are you doing under there? We're in love.
Sorry, boss.
Shit happens.
Sammy! Silence! Let's hang the goat! Hang the goat! Hang the goat! Back up! Back up! Sammy! Sammy! What we accomplished today was great, as a team and as a school.
And we did something that everybody said was impossible.
We fought and we clawed our way out of the abyss into the promised land.
And we did it not because we became champions again, but because we remembered we always were.
We did this together, as one.
And as one, we will celebrate what we achieved.
Is he gonna be okay? I mean He's gonna need a miracle.
We knew you'd come for us.
Excuse me.
You saved my life, man.
Radon, give me back my game ball.
Hey, hey Under one condition.
If you promise to come back here with me next year and help me tear this school up again.
Hey, we could be a dynasty, man.
You have my word.
Thad Castle, Radon Randell.
A few words about what's happened here today? Yeah, it's really been a whirlwind kind of a day.
Today represents the rebirth of Blue Mountain State.
We rose from the ashes.
And sometimes you have to come to the brink of destruction before redemption can truly be earned.
Thank you.
Yeah! Woo! Yeah, baby, I did it! And now there's only one other thing I have to say to you, Blue Mountain State.