Blue Submarine No. 6 (1998) s01e01 Episode Script


0-3-3, 0-3-5,
0-3-8, no contact.
0-2-1, 0-2-2, 0-2-9.
White three, White four.
Redone, Redtwo, allclear.
Roger. Drop a
They're really
giving this their best.
Wejust got a personal dispatch
from the captain of Blue 6.
Read it.
" lfwe get lucky on our end,
feel free to help us out."
" I'll buy drinks foryou
at next month's party."
On his little salary?
Okay, let's take her down.
Time to drive Zorndyke
out into the open.
Yes, sir!
What a mess
This is no place for
anyone to be living in.
A real hotshot, huh?
Better than me?
Seems he's in the
salvage business now.
A freelance submariner.
Why do we have to
call in an outsider?!
Please don't ask me.
We were ordered to, right?
Mr. Hayami?
Mr. Hayami!
I know you're in here!
My name's Mayumi Kino.
I've come from Blue 6.
Please, come back to Blue 6!
We need your skills
as a submariner!
We can't take on Zorndyke
the way we are now!
We! We're mankind's last
How old are you?
Blue 6 is going to counterattack
Zorndyke's forces!
Enemies killing other enemies.
He's the destroyer ofthe world!
The worst criminal in history!
I don't believe you! I'll
never forgive what he did! l!
You don't agree with me?!
How much?
My guarantee.
Well Maybe ifyou
came back to Blue 6?
I'm headed to Brunei tomorrow.
I landed a newjob.
Now leave.
Please, think this over!
This operation is vital!
Even the captain
You're a friend of
the captain's, right?
This is a personal
order from him.
Your old partner from your Grampus
team is asking you to--
Get out!
I'm not leaving!
I I have a lot riding
on this mission, too!
Ifwe don't do something now, it
really will be too late for our world!
It already IS too late.
No matter what we try now,
it won't work.
What can we do?
Can we change anything?
This ruined world ofours?!
It doesn't matter
any more. Nothing does.
Hey, why don't you
come with me tomorrow?
J ust screw the career
thing and join me.
There's still stuff in this
world worth saving, right?
Didn't you know what I do?
Precious metals, jewels
valuable securities, weapons,
even nuclear materials.
I'm a freelance salvager
who'll go after anything.
You don't need to say it.
I'm a hyena ofthe sea.
Pretty much everything
is sunk under the sea.
Everything became garbage.
And they wanted me to
keep diving into it! Silly, huh?
But I changed. Maybe I
couldn't change the world
but I could change myself
and find a life to live.
No good, huh?
What's WITH that guy?!
He makes me sick!
Wanted some conditions, huh?
Contact the boat.
We're going back.
Aye, sir!
We're now returning
to the boat.
Estimate we'll be
there by 1 4:00 hours, over.
CZ-9i, CZ-9i, this is Mega Mouse.
Please respond, over.
Aye, sir. We contacted the target as
planned, but without success.
We're now returning to the boat.
Estimate we'll be
there by 1 4:00 hours, over.
Damn it!
Yes, sir.
Don't panic.
Let's try to reacquire it.
Turning to 3-0-5!
We can't keep up
with it, can we?
Can't hear it. No reaction
on the magnetometer.
It's going after
Blue 6, isn't it?
This is OU R backyard.
I won't let that thing
lay a finger on them!
Damn that Verg. He's even more
persistent than I thought.
Their firepower isn't as
strong as it was last time.
We'll smash 'em
with no problem.
If Hayami comes back to us.
We don't need a
man who won't come.
We can handle them
fine on our own!
Go to it.
Mankindstands between
the heavens andthe earth
andthere are those whostrain
to hear the voice ofheaven.
In mycase, though, llisten for
the voices ofthesea andthe land.
You're from Blue 6,
right?! Do something!
Blast those things!
Can't you drive them out to sea?
Good luck!
We're counting on you!
Somebody! Somebody,
let us on, please!
Take us to Blue 6's
dock! Please!
There are those who callme
to task forhurtingpeople.
that lhurtpeople
theymustsee that l,
too, have been hurt.
God dammit! God dammit!
Thatis natural. Itis the nature
ofthepowergrantedto men.
Itis the essence ofthe beast.
Itis intellect which cloaks it.
J ump!
That was dangerous!
The China Sea
is always dangerous!
Departure route B-3!
Engines, one-third!
Course ahead reads clear.
Message from our scout plane.
They've lost sight ofthe enemy!
Activate Lorenzinni
System! ASW!
ASW, standing by!
Message from Mega Mouse. They'll
rendezvous with us in five minutes.
And it looks like
they have a guest.
We've heard from Musuca!
Blue 6 has left port!
So, they've made their move, eh?
Let's hit them now, Verg!
No, wait. We'll let Musuca
handle this for now.
You won't escape
this time, Blue 6!
Status board check on our
watertight and drainage systems.
Check, okay.
Welcome back.
Well, so you didn't get the visitor
we had planned on, did you?
No, sir. It all went to plan.
It's been a long time, Hayami.
It seems you've saved some
of my precious crewmembers.
I have to thankyou for that.
I was just passing by, so
I see.
Captain, we're ready to dive.
All right, let's go!
Maintain course
on B-3, mode: quick!
Take us down to
40 and hold there.
Maintain main engine
output at one-third!
Flood forward ballast tanks!
Kino! Send out the Turtle!
Aye, sir!
Musuca One. We estimate
it carries 1 2 Kumos.
We think Verg's command
ship is somewhere
outside ofthe bay,
but we haven't found it yet.
We'll handle Musuca. You take
care ofany small fries.
You think it's coming?
That thing?
The Ghost Ship.
Does it take you back?
We'll be launching soon.
Get in back.
I'm staying here.
What are you talking about?!
This is a high-performance machine!
You can't handle the
front after all this time!
Are you even listening to me?!
Chamberfloodin one minute.
Get that thingbuttonedup.
Standing by. Okay.
Tell me why.
come tosave us?
Tell me why.
Why do you try so hard?
Because it's my city.
Myhome is on the
bottom ofthesea now.
- Three Kumos, dead ahead!
- Let 'em have it!
Grampus, moving out!
Goodluck, Kino!
Whoa! Are you sure
you can handle this?!
Two Kumos, right below us!
- Let's take her down!
- Behindus! Behindus!
Only one round left!
You have to be more careful--
Shut up!
Should we switch to active. sir?
No, not yet. Not yet
Headfor theshallows!
With all the terrain clutter, there're
too many noise and heat sources.
- Anything on the Lorenzinni?
- Nothing.
Set enzyme warheads to
homing and deploy launchers.
I don't like this.
I've got a bad feeling.
It's close
Don't! Look out!
Get away from it now!
It's the enemy!
Stand aside!
Don't kill her!
It's begun
Microphone 7.
Are those sharks? No!
Return fire, dead ahead!
Tubes 5 and 6, A.T.C.B. Fire!
Tubes 0 and 1 , C-AD-CAP! Fire!
It's coming right for us!
It's so fast!
40 degrees up trim!
Open rearlaunchers!
Allhands, grab onto
whateveryou can!
Depth now 35 30
25 20 1 5 1 0
We're going through the roof!.
Rear tubes 3 and 4, FI RE!
Another shot.
I ncoming!
It's the Narushio!
Rear tubes 0, 1 , 5, and 6!
Snap shot! FI RE!!!
Why did you let it go?
It was the enemy!
What was that thing?
A monster.
One that Zorndyke created.
One ofZorndyke's
What What exactly has begun?
What they wantis to kill
every last one of us.
Dead! Musuca is dead!
Musuca?! Musuca?!
Not bad, Blue 6. However
Blue 6! Blue 6! Blue 6!
Now they'll be at their
most careless, won't they?
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