Blue Submarine No. 6 (1998) s01e02 Episode Script


Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Crash dive! Open vents!
Flood all tanks!
Aye, sir!
A bombardment?!
It's them The Ghost Ship!
Hatch seal, all green!
Ahead full on port and
starboard caterpillar drives!
Near miss incoming 1 -5-0 to starbo--
No, here it comes! It's in the water!
Not bad
We've got a report
from the scout plane!
No doubt about it!
They've surfaced 6 klicks off
ofTateyama and are shelling!
They've finallystuck
theirass out forus.
Let's do it!
Prep a torpedo!
Approaching on course
3-3-6, bearing 3-3-7 low!
Warhead checks out as active!
Holding at twenty meters!
Opening bomb bay doors!
- 2-5-9! 2-4-3! Range: 2000!
- Safeties off!.
Damn, would you look at
that thing! That monster!
Novo system has confirmed
the enemy's position!
Prep U.S.M! Flood
tubes 1 through 4
then fire all
Message from the Narushio!
This isn'tyourproblem!
We'llhandle this!
Hurryup andgo!
This is ourbackyard!
We'lldefendit ourselves!
Come on, lga. Yourown
duties come first, right?
What are you doing?!
Get going!
Cancel blow! Open all vents!
Down trim: 30 degrees!
Depth 1 00! Maximum speed!
Depth 1 00, aye!
Main engine stop!
Full feather!
Shifting engine types!
Caterpillars one
and two, ahead full!
Open all tubes! Run us
on a zig-zag course!
Let's show 'em just what an
old boat's REALLY capable of!.
Got 'em! Direct hit!
Let's cripple 'em!
Second roundFI RE!
Close all watertight hatches!
- Too late!
- We've lost electrical power!
Auxiliary's also gone!
Don't let us down, lga
Forward! Get forward!
Hurry! Once we've recovered the
women, get going after Blue 6!
At last, I can go home
with good news for Papa!
Currently passing Heiseishin lsland.
No ships or planes sighted.
Nothing on sonar.
Course is clear
Commence dive!
Down trim: 20.
Take us to a depth of300
and hold at cruising speed.
Aye, sir.
ETA: 1 620 UTC.
Cut that out.
What is it?
That MSDF boat
Couldn't we have saved it?
Sorry, but could you send some
food down to the dock area?
Sure. I don't mind that.
Although him
Hey! A lot ofthe boat's
still heavily damaged
so how about
giving us a hand?!
Message from base, sir.
Tokyo base was destroyedby
the enemybombardment.
They've decidedto cancel
the next conference.
I see.
So, we're the only
ones left now, huh?
The captain really
takes too many risks.
He nearly got us all sunk!
Would you quit it?!
It's really cramped in here!
How'd a big lummox like
you ever get to be a pilot?!
- Can I smoke?
- No!
I rritated?
Not really.
It's not like we ran
because we wanted to run.
It's just that we
can't let anything
happen to this boat,
no matter what.
You think that's funny?
Ifyou're so scared of losing it,
you should lock it up in a vault.
Papa! Papa! I've done it!
I've destroyed another
Blue Fleet base!
I killed them all!
Everyone did a
wonderful job, Papa!
And soon we'll know where
their main base is, too!
Verg Don't take
too manyrisks.
This time we'll finish them,
Papa! Those annoying pests
They won't get back to the
land alive! Not one ofthem!
Give the order, Papa!
Come homesoon.
Take care ofyourself.
We allprayforyoursafety.
He prays!
He prays
This is no time for prayer!
I heard from your sisters.
You were touched by
one ofthe land men.
You were, weren't you?!
Weren't you?
Blue Dome approach, this is Ryu-Oh,
Blue Fleet submarine number 6.
Request docking
clearance into Blue Dome.
This is Blue base Novo-0001.
identityis confirmed.
Clearedforbase docking.
Welcome home,
"slow turtle"Blue 6!
Warning! Warning!
You're dockingat toogreat
a depth! Danger! Danger!
Stop thatat once! I willinform
sub drivercontrolabout this!
J ust try it! I'll dump you
into the Marianas Trench!
Okay, that's enough.
Frida's serious
about that, Novo!
I don't understand.
You saw the blueprints
for it, didn't you?
Yeah A long time ago.
A really long time ago
God, you look so happy
you're gonna burst.
Like a little kid.
China France I ndia
Aren't you honored?
You're part ofOperation Blue.
The plan that's going to
create a future for humanity.
A future
We lost the Stream Base in
Antarctica two years ago.
What have they
been doing there?
Now that we've
lost our satellites
we aren't able to peek in
and see what they're up to.
With this knife called Stream
Base being held to its throat
it's been all humanity could
dojust to survive.
But it looks as though
our enemy has decided
to make the final cut
and wipe us all out.
I believe you've all seen this.
The aurora which now
covers the entire Earth.
Zorndyke has triggered
a sudden pole shift
which is eliminating the
Earth's magnetic field.
Freed of its influence, the crust
will begin to move freely.
Additionally, this pole shift
is destroying the Van
Allen radiation belt!
Without it, mankind is doomed!
Ifwe don't attack Zorndyke's
Stream Base at once
we have no future!
Well, then,
I'll explain the mission.
We in the Pacific Fleet will
cross the Tonga Trench
and approach Antarctica from
1 70 degrees east longitude.
At the same time,
the Atlantic Fleet
will come around the
continent from the east
attack from 1 20
degrees east longitude
and take control ofStream Base.
Owing to the limited
scope ofthis attack
we should be able to take
Zorndyke's Stream Base completely.
The only path left to
humanity is life or death.
Failure is not an option.
Letme repeat that.'
lfthis mission fails
we have no future!
I hope you all do your
best in this battle.
Dr. Marunami, we have a signal
from Blue 1 , the Coback.
We heardyou, Doctor.
An excellentspeech, sir.
What's the situation
with the Atlantic Fleet?
Noproblems. We hold
the finalcards here.
Allyouguys in the Pacifiic Fleet
have to do is back us up.
We'llbe enough to
As confident as ever,
I see, Admiral.
This ispayback for
ten billionpeople!
Hamurabi taught that the only
payback fordeath is death!
This is ridiculous.
Lemme go.
But, Admiral,you're a
Christian, areyounot?
Somebody's hacked
the l.S.S. Iine!
No! That's impossible!
Zorndyke! It's Zorndyke?!
I convertedthe dayyou didit!
So that I couldavenge my
husbandandmy three children!
Mankind Mankindhas
grown too large.
Ambitions andcravings,
vengeance andhatred
Howlongmust the
accurseddance continue?
must finallyend.
people for that?!
Itis notmurder
Iam merelyadvancing the
hands ofthe clockjusta bit.
Before itis all too late
You think that
you can play God?!
Ofcourse not.
Iam notnearly
so arrogantas that.
Zorndyke, you monster!
Destroyer ofthe world!
- We'll never forgive you!
- Revenge!
We'll make you pay
for our friends!
All right!
All right! All right!
Hey, have you seen Kino?
Oh, she's with that guy Hayami
in the dock again, isn't she?
Lucky stiffs!
Getting a little sweet
lovin' in before we set sail!
How about we do some, too?
By the way
What's the story
with Hayami, anyway?
I heard he got court-
martialed before, right?
I dunno. I know
he's talented, but
I dunno
We've got twelve hours
till we ship out!
Hurry up with those checks!
This is all for nothing
ifwe mess up now!
How's the Lorrenzini look?
Howan's calibrating it.
Get moving! I'm not gonna
be beaten by some little kid!
Calibration, complete.
Okay, lower it!
Slowly! Slowly!
Yeah, that's the way.
Nice and slow!
Don't try to hide it.
Your last cards are nukes, right?
They're all we have
left to use now!
So, in the end, there's no
difference between either side.
Zorndyke's the enemy of mankind!
So we have to kill him?!
You just don't want to get
any blood on your own hands!
There's plenty of
blood on them already
Special head, huh?
Hold it!
Mr. Hayami, it's been a long
time since the two of us
were in the submariner
officer's training academy.
You've always made me sick!
Not because you always had to show off
how goddamned brilliant you were.
Because you have no sense of
responsibility or concern for anyone!
J ust once,
can't you think ofothers
or about what we're
trying to accomplish?!
Like H E does?!
" He"?
We in the Pacific Fleet are going
into Stream Base following his lead.
He's the only man
to ever make it back
from Zorndyke's
base still alive.
He came back
The beast mutation process
is proceeding quickly.
It won't be long now.
You can read about
it in the report.
He became that way because
ofyour selfishness.
Seeyouaround, Hayami
What's wrong, Howan?
Shouldn't you be with Yamada?
The songs I hear the songs.
Songs? You mean dolphin
songs? Or whales?
Dolphin songs are happy.
Yellow and orange
But these They're black
They'rejust black
So many ofthem
I can't count them all!
Hayami, where are you?!
Warning from
Novosystem thirteen!
Fourenemy vessels!
Were you followed, Blue 6?
We've found them!
We've finally found them!
Kill all ofthe Blues in there!
The flags!
Don't forget the flags!
Warning! Change course!
Warning! Warning!
Those idiot machines
Destroy them!
Gameset Gam--
They've broken through the
primary Novo system defense line.
Enemy fleet
approaching zero line!
I ntercept them!
Send out the Blue Fleet!
Can't you open the gate?
We have to get out of here!
At this rate, the enemy'll destroy
Blue Dome and the entire fleet!
Hayami's taking out a trainer!
Hayami! What doyou
thinkyou're doing?!
Howmanyminutes doyouneed?!
Twenty No, fifteen!
Ifthe floodinggoes on,
we can blow thegate ourselves.
I'llsee what I can do.
Hold it! Where are
you going byyourself?!
I'm through!
I'm sick ofdoing it for mankind
or to avenge the deaths ofothers!
I'm going after the Ghost Ship!
If I get him, nothing else
matters! Now let me go!
You'vegotta be kidding!
What, areyou trying to
be cool?! Or to run away?!
Whatareyou talking
about?! Come back!
Garbage! Scum!
Come back, you jerk
Where is it?!
Is she in one ofthose?!
Direct hit on armored gate!
Dock area severely damaged!
Gentlemen, give
the evacuation order.
All hands to
the survival sphere.
- Doctor!
- Do you mean?
I'm going to activate Unit B Push.
You people, get to the pod!
I'll stay here and run
things till the very end!
Have the Musucas fall back!
Weak! They're so weak, Verg!
When they can't send their ships out,
the Blue base is just a lump of metal!
Outta my way!
The Shinha's falling!
Open vents on the
forward trim tank!
Emergency flood!
Get our nose down, fast!
So far
We've come so far!
What about the main gate?!
lsn't it open yet?
Don'tbesadabout this.
This resultis natural.
Whenscience turnedits
back on the flowofnature
mankindfellfrom its hand.
The Blue Fleet can't be lost now!
Marunami,you've fought well.
Can't we bothsee the
future which must come
Kill them!
Blue Submarine No. 6.
Episode 3: " Hearts."
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